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  • Morning Bell: A War We Can't Afford to Lose

    In December 2009, President Barack Obama delivered his long-awaited decision on the way forward in the War in Afghanistan and pledged 30,000 additional troops for the effort under the condition that they would begin to come home in 18 months. While praising the President’s decision to send more troops, conservative lawmakers blasted the President’s announcement of a deadline for withdrawal, arguing that it would undermine our allies and embolden our enemies. Yesterday, the President’s policy met with another high profile critic, retiring U.S. Marine Gen. James Conway, who told reporters that the July 2011 withdrawal date has given a morale boost to Taliban insurgents who now believe they can simply wait out NATO forces.

    General Conway confirmed what Heritage Foundation analysts have been warning about for the last nine months, that the deadline is “giving our enemy sustenance.” Conway revealed that indeed the U.S. has intercepted communication of Taliban insurgents telling each other that they only needed to hold out for so long.

    Conway is right. As we noted last year, the President’s decision to impose a timeline was purely a political one, meant to appease the leftist base of the Democratic Party, not to ensure the security interests of the American people. But there are signs the Obama administration now recognizes the damage the timeline has done to U.S. strategy and is seeking to walk it back. That’s good news for America as it fights a war we must win.

    Last week, Gen. David Petraeus, Commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, indicated that any troop withdrawal would depend on the “situation on the ground,” and on Monday, he noted that next year’s deadline is “not the date when the American forces begin an exodus.”

    Vice President Joe Biden, during a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Indianapolis earlier this week, also signaled the Obama administration is changing its message on Afghanistan. During that speech, the Vice President said, “We are not leaving in 2011, we are beginning a transition.” Biden also called for allowing the new strategy in Afghanistan time to succeed and gave a ringing endorsement of Gen. Petraeus. Biden said, “Don’t buy into that we have failed in Afghanistan…We are now only beginning, with the right general and the right number of forces, to seek our objectives…We needed the best general we had, and we now have him.”

    Announcing a timeline for withdrawal of U.S. troops even before they had deployed was bad policy. Hopefully the Obama administration now recognizes this fact. But in order to reassure our allies and signal our enemies of U.S. commitment to the war, President Obama must unequivocally revoke the timeline.

    Succeeding in Afghanistan will require more patience from the American people. A summer of high casualty rates and reports about corruption of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s administration are casting doubt among Americans about the effort. A recent poll shows six in ten Americans oppose the war. But the United States and its allies cannot walk away from Afghanistan before the job is done. The military’s new strategy is sound, and our troops should be given the opportunity to succeed. As The Heritage Foundation’s James Carafano writes:

    Fighting terrorists in South Asia is not easy. But it is a worthwhile effort that offers the promise of a more enduring peace and a safer world for our civilians and allies. Now is the time to vanquish al-Qaeda and its affiliates, not give them a second lease on life. Running away would end nothing. Indeed, it would be but the prelude to more 9-11 style misery.

    Maintaining that commitment won’t be easy, either. While President Obama is facing criticism for imposing a withdrawal deadline from the right, he is also facing criticism from the left for backing away from his withdrawal pledge. But there is more at stake for the President than scoring political points. Hanging in the balance is the future of Afghanistan, where failure would spell the return of the Taliban, a resurgent Al-Qaeda, a new wave of terrorism in South Asia, increased potential for conflict between Pakistan and India, and the makings of the next 9-11.

    For the United States, failure is not an option, it’s a choice President Obama shouldn’t make, and it’s a result the American people should not accept.

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    50 Responses to Morning Bell: A War We Can't Afford to Lose

    1. Christopher Popham S says:

      It would seem that the 'Afghan conflict' will continue in perpetuity as long as the

      military/industrial comlpex maintains control. Meanwhile, without any concerns

      whatever for the drainage of our treasury and the return of flag-draped coffins,

      the current Administration and Congress allow this abomination to go on.

      It is a known fact, that the reason for our entry and remaining in Afghanistan is the

      planning and security of a 400 mile long pipeline that will run through Afghan

      territory from oil and gas rich Southern Siberia to the Indian Ocean and from there

      to hungry-for-oil/gas far east countries.

      As always, the sacrifices that we make IE: money and young troops is perpetrated

      by the greedy and corrupt in our military/industrial comlex. President Eisenhower

      warned us of this phenomenom in the 50's.

      Good luck, America.

    2. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      A fundamental principle of warfare is "Objective". If we must "win" in Afghanistan or any other "stan", what is the definintion of victory? What is the objective?

      It is a corrupt tribal nation and has been so for centuries. The population has no demonstrable desire to adopt a Western-style government and Sharia law will continue after we leave. What are we doing there that is worth the life of any of our sons and daughters? Iraq there is hope for. But the only justification for continuing as we are inAfghanistan is that BHO claimed it as the "right" war during his presidential campaign.

    3. toledofan says:

      I think the article, along with many others, points to, and clearly shows, the lack of leadership, the poor management, the lack of a comprehensive plan and the plain arrogance not willing to listen by our President. It's sad to say, but I think it's true, that Obama really doesn't care about what happens and will cut and run before he has to take a solid stand and do what it takes to win. Examples abound, you can't call a terrorist a terrorist, we're not really at war, only a few want to hurt us, we need to just get along, etc. The reality is that there are alot of people who want to see America destroyed and brought to her knees; nothing will change until Obama is voted out in 2012.

    4. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      The "war" in Afghanistan is over, we, and all free people lost, again. Just as he said, Kharzi has made his deal with the Taliban, wouldn't you? Now, "they" are just waiting, killing a few Americans, once in a while. They know how "tolerant" we are, and helpless to retaliate.

      The future of the Afghani's was sealed by the discovery of Lithium, a key element in the future of technology. The large Inperial Dragon of the

      East, will need this mineral to fuel it's future. The Chinese will move in with three soldiers for every Taliban, take their AK47's, and give them shovels.

    5. Sue Marie, Detroit says:

      The United States does not have any leaders in Washington. We have corrupted politicians who have distane for American and Americans and are only concerned about their personal wealth and worldly reputation. Our politicians want the average American's Freedom destoryed.

    6. Walt Moore, Natchito says:

      How will this administration finally address the indurgency already on US soil? Continued enabling of the illegal alien situation will do more harm than pacifying the advocates of the Ground Zero Mosque..

    7. Patrick, Charlotte, says:

      With the way that the Federal government is gradually taking over every aspect of our daily lives, I don't believe that our troops should be sacrificing their lives for that. What are they fighting for? Freedom? What freedom? If Obama gets his way there will be no more freedoms for the private citizen, only government workers. Everything that the Obama administration is doing is to benefit the buildup of government agencies and government jobs.

    8. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      How does anyone WIN a WAR?

      THEY DON'T.

    9. Mary.... WI says:

      I have many feelings with regards to the war in Afghanistan. Of course I want the US to win but Russia was not successful. It seems like this country keeps producing more and more Taliban or Taliban-like "warriors" over and over again…..they seem to be coming from all across the mideast! Apparently Kharzi is a crook neck high in the drug production of poppies……too bad he was not defeated in the last election…..more corruption I expect. Sometimes I think the Taliban is only trying to preserve their culture as barbaric as it is but then why do they team up with the terrorist muslims that want to destroy the US…..Taliban must then be considered radical muslims intent on destroying the US. But then while we're busy in Afghanistan what prevents the US from being attacked from Syria or more likely Iran…por missle defense has been decreased. All this stuff makes the brain wheels work overtime searching for answers or just trying to make sense of it all.

      I know the US can go in there and end this war in a day if they were given permission but then so many innocents would be killed in the process. It must be frustrating for our soldiers to not be allowed to be fight like soldiers.

      I think BO ansd Biden should keep their mouths shut with regards to any pullout dates and transitioning dates and continue the course as outlined by Petraeus….they need to trust their general and not appease the left, right, or anyone in between. And I think the "wikileaks culprit" should be tracked down, tried for treason, and sentenced accordingly for leaking official US army business about Afghanistan over the internet.

      I pray for the safe return of our brave soldiers and thank them for keeping this country safe…so far. As commander in cheif, BO needs to step up to the plate and do whatever is right to prevent this country form being attacked again.

    10. Dennis Georgia says:

      When a person is placed in the role of leadership, they must have some form of leadership. This time American made a huge mistake, one that will cost us dearly in the future. When obama stated a time line he gave away the chance for sucess in the war, as well as a chance to be a world leader again.

      During WW11 if FDR had said we will end the war in one yaer, or we will pull all troops out, where would we as Americans be?? We would not be living in a free society, nor a world leader. The dems as well as the American people are not willing to stand for what is right, what needs to be done, not willing to sacrafice the needed things to see this through. Tghe American people do not believe in the right to freedom, it costs. They want all the benefits and non of the costs. Vietnam is a prime example, we cut and run, those that gave the most won nothing. The politicans with their quest for power and controll were the only winners. The USA lost face in the world, lost the chance to be an example to all that freedom is worth the fight and the blood lost is payment to win.

      The dems, obama, pelosi, reid and clan will give it all up. The American people will let it all go for nothing. The instant society, with their wants, not needs, will demand it, the vocal minority will yell loud and long. The politicans will give it up for power and controll.

    11. John, Texas says:

      I usually agree with what you folks say, but in this case, enough is enough, we need to leave to middle east and tend to our problems at home of which we have more than enough, but in saying that I will also add this keep our powder dry, and watch them closely….

    12. Richard Irish, Edmon says:

      Personally, I see absolutely no evidence that Obama has any intention of WINNING this war!

    13. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Either BHO has bad military advisors or, which is most likely, he doesn't listen to what they are saying. Since he believes he knows all about everything, as Sean calls him "The annointed one" he will push his way regardless of his advisors. If I were one of them I'd leave, like a rat off a sinking ship. He is bad news.

    14. New York City says:

      *************** OBAMA LIED – SOLDIERS DIE *******************

      *************** OUT OF AFGANISTAN NOW *******************

      ————— No Blood and Treasure for Worthless Dirt —————

    15. Brown Derby, Iowa says:

      Please articulate just what will constitute victory in Afghanistan? When will we know that we have "won?" Your justification echoes that applied to Vietnam and it has the same lack of validity.

      We have killed numerous #3 terrorists and perhaps a #2 now and then. They proliferate with ease and we can not kill enough people to stop that. We are not wanted and collateral casualties only increase resistance to our presence. Winning the hearts and minds of the populace is fantasy.

    16. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Under Bush, or most any other President, I would agree that we should stay the course in Afghanistan. But under this socialist, it's a complete waste of American lives. Whether or not he retreats from his July 2011 withdrawal date, make no difference. The Taliban knows that's all they have to do is wait. They know Obama will cut and run the first chance he gets to appease his radical left. They know the only reason he approved addition troups was because when he bashed Bush and call Afghanistan "the good war" he had to protect his position regardless of the number of American troups will die for his political gains.

      With Obama as a fraudulent Commander in Chief, we should get the hell out now!

    17. Sam Gross - Idaho says:

      Our national debt,or is this issue is our priority? Regarding National Security.

    18. dannyroberts Phoenix says:

      why do most of us here in America usually know what to do in a given situation, and our own President has to play catch up.

      does he really have the gall to play politics with our young men and women overseas we are at war, or is he just a highly educated dumb guy??

    19. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Liberal Progressives are all traitorous fools living in a dreamer's world of utopian bliss. They are always off the mark and miss the point of everything, not to mention their disjoint from reality! The people of this country bemoan the the nonsense of the left, yet as we have seen in yesterday's democratic primary run-off in Arizona, they gave it to the incompetent incumbent McCain. He has been one of the contributors to the USA's current standing (behind the eight ball)!

      New blood is needed in Washington which must be cleaned out and candidates who promise AND DELIVER total reformation must be voted in. If we are to survive and save America as the land of the free and the home of the brave, the voters MUST smarten up by the November elections!

      No more McCains and Lindsy Grahams and other insincere republicans. We NEED Conservatives and the candidates supported by the tea parties are our best bets!

    20. Richard K. Elsey, Ha says:

      No nation has ever secured Afghanistan and nither will we.

    21. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The Afghan war is now Obama's war of choice. Need I say more?

    22. Helmet Head says:

      I disagree with the administration's announcement for a timeline to bring the troops home, but I understand. Like the article states, they did it to appease the base of their party. With that said, how ignorant are these people? Did they really believe what Obama told them about the date for bringing the soldiers home. Obama is so arrogant that he believed that he could get away with this. He's learning the hard way.


    23. George Wardwell, Mid says:

      It is tragic when the majority no longer rules. The special interest groups prevail. The man on the street is only concerned about what the Government can give them and are basically not concerned about Afghanistan or any other third world Country or their inherant internal problems.

      I agree that signaling a pullout timeline is detrimental to our strategy and should not have been promulgated. The folks hiding in caves have waited a long time to kill Americans and could wait a little longer with no problem.

    24. Laurie Hawaii says:

      Pres. Obama must do the right thing or go down in history as the president that brought the U.S. down in ruin.! Beg the silent majority to wake up and understand it is not the war that is costing us money, it is the bail-outs and the taxes on investors that ruins growth and jobs. IT MUST BE REMEMBERED THAT REDUCING TAXES ON EVERYONE ACTUALLY INCREASES REVENUES FOR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE EARNING MORE PROFIT AND THEREFORE PAY MORE TAXES. LOOK AT HISTORY, MR PRESIDENT AND YOU MATH-CHALLENGED SILENT MAJORITY. BETTER WAKE UP BEFORE YOU END UP WITHOUT PROPERTY, FREEDOM, LOST IN A CONCENTRATION CAMP LIKE THE CHINESE, SOVIETS, GERMANS. THEY WOKE UP TOO LATE. LET US LEARN FROM THEIR DEATHS.

    25. Jim Buzzell says:

      Remember Vietnam, and its fail Pacification Program; you cannot Pacify without enough committed ground troops to hold and defend what you Pacify, that in part was the Vietnam failed attempt to take, hold, and secure areas captured.

      No war of attrition will ever succeed on its own merits. Afganistan has another element to over come, and as one the earlier posters commented, no one, including the elements in power have ever succeeded in unifying the country. Kabul is the capital, and that is all that the ruling party, or invaders have ever really been able to control; the balance of the country is ruled by the War Lords of each area; and that will not, in my opiniion, ever change; they simply do not trust each other to unify under one governining authority.

      Watch the smoke and merrors that will follow over the next months to put a good face on this conflict.

      Our soldiers, sailors/marines, and airmen are the losers in this fight since their mission was changed from the hunt for Al-Qaeda, and the other terrorists, that attacked this country on9/11, which was the original mission.

      We curently have no Commander in Chief, only an Imposter in Chief.

    26. Norm Klevens says:

      "On time" and "on schedule" Just like a train or a bus ? That is how the man child and his war weary buddy in the Senate, John F Kerry [who went to Viet Nam with his camera] think. Of course General Conway is correct; I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a McChrystal moment. Although I heard this general has already decided to retire, Can we imagine what Gen Lee would have done if US Grant told him when he would leave the field ? And this is how the supposed respect that the US lost around the world because the General's Marines liberated 25 million people in Ira

    27. Norm Klevens says:

      "On time" and "on schedule" Just like a train or a bus ? That is how the man child and his war weary buddy in the Senate, John F Kerry [who went to Viet Nam with his camera] think. Of course General Conway is correct; I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a McChrystal moment. Although I heard this general has already decided to retire, Can we imagine what Gen Lee would have done if US Grant told him when he would leave the field ? And this is how the supposed respect that the US lost around the world because the General's Marines liberated 25 million people in Iraq ? Obama wants the General to win fast to meet the tr

    28. Tom,Helena,Montana says:

      Our current strategy in Afghanistan will only drain us of resources if Obama continues his policy of apology and appeasement to the Muslim world. He is doing everything opposite of what Bernard Lewis,Phd,Princeton expert on Islam, would advise.

      From the New York mosque issue to our restricted rules of engagement, from denial of the Christmas day bomber as a terrorist to the essential dismissal of the victims of Major Hassan, this President lays America prostrate to the whims and schemes of radical Islam. He seems to ignore the well known fact that lying to the enemy is a cherished Islamic tenet, dating back centuries.

      He ignores. as does the media, the historical threat implicit in the very term "Cordoba initiative" applied to the New York mosque (every islamic center is in effect a mosque) issue. "Cordoba" refers to the city in Spain conquered by the Moors.

      Hello? Is anybody paying attention to the signals?

      So the first fundamental weakness in our Afghanistan strategy is the lack of toughness to our enemies and our problem with guilt and self loathing,fostered by the media.

      The second weakness is Obama's complete mismanagement of relations with Russia and China. First, he drops the missile protection for Eastern Europe as a "goodwill" gesture. Russia responds by now supplying nuclear fuel for Iran.

      China and Russia undermine us at every turn, and quietly witness us expending our wealth and human treasure in the Middle East,while they build up their military and make deals with our very enemies.

      Obama is at best incompetent, at worst an Islamic Trojan Horse. Either way, the nation's future and our freedom are at stake.

      So should we stay in Afghanistan? We cannot do nation building. If it is in our interest to suppress the Taliban, it is probably impossible unless our chief adversaries stop undermining us.

      History will probably tell us that the open free trade policy with China,the foolish notion that the "market of a billion people" would make America rich as suppliers of goods, in the end leaves us in a supplicant and vulnerable position to potentially lose the very freedom fought for in the War of Independence.

      Not sure Afghanistan can turn that around.

    29. Norm Klevens says:

      "On time" and "on schedule" Just like a train or a bus ? That is how the man child and his war weary buddy in the Senate, John F Kerry [who went to Viet Nam with his camera] think. Of course General Conway is correct. Hey Hiro Ito; we will leave Saipan on November 1st. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be a McChrystal moment. Although I heard this general has already decided to retire, Can we imagine what Gen Lee would have done if US Grant told him when he would leave the field ? And this is how the supposed respect that the US lost around the world because the General's Marines liberated 25 million people in Iraq ? Obama wants the General to "win fast" to meet the train so Obama can campaign for re-election.

    30. Gary Wise says:

      As sure as I will die, if you pull out now, your children will be fighting another war on the same issue again. Ever since WWII, we have run from every war and conflicts and lost every one of them loosing credibility with the world Everyone who has been in the military knows how they laugh at our stupidity. Every nation in the world knows that all they have to do is bloody the US, prolong the war and the US will run. Politician get us into the wars and fail to tell the Military what is considered a win. Generals know that they are being played but can't do what needs to be done as some jack ass civilian tries to run the war for them. The only way to commit troops is to say the objective is to take over the state waring against us and arrest and hang all the dictators and govt officials. Then strip the country of resources and leave it broke. No rebuilding, fixing the gov, etc. Get out! For you jack asses who think it is too harsh think of the soldiers who gave their lives to get the job done. Think of what these nations have done with others. We lost half the world to dictators and communism and now we have a illegal alien in the black house. Wake up America and vote the bums out and retake America. Then bring the traitors to justice or become slaves to the state! The only thing the military is trained to do is kill people and break things (quote Limbaugh) it is NOT a police force! Thanks to the military you still have your freedom – now honor them and kick out the traitors in DC.

    31. russ says:

      it is not a war congress can declare war and has not had the nuts to do it since WWII…. either declare war win and come home or BRING the troops HOME

      Retired ARMY SFC

    32. rhurt, California says:

      Obama cannot afford to have more of his Muslim comrades die, therefore, he must signal for them to back off and wait. Probably, Obama will have the military fighting on three fronts-so that the US military cannot win or destroy the enemy. Obama has stated that he will stand with the Muslims when the political winds get ugly, and he has been following their agenda for the past year-destroy Capitalism, especially the US economy. Also, Obama has supported his Muslim comrades with various acts of Obstruction of Justice by stalling investigations, failing to properly id the enemy and support groups that he wants to fund, and getting off Muslim Terrorists form foreign jail sentences and having them sent back to Libya. We have a Muslim sympathizer or even an Islamic-Saudi plant in Obama-these two have had a connection from his college support days. We have heard from Victor Mordecal that his wife monitored Saudi telecasts as a part of her Israeli job-that the Saudis would have a Muslim in the White House in 2008. There can be no more hesitation by the Conservatives-we must Impeach this Islamic traitor-Obama-and all of his accomplices-Liberals, Progressives, and willing Democrats. You might think that this is too broad of a blanket, but think about how their agendas coinside with Obamas', and how easily they are used by Obama to push their agenda and America to a point of no Republic, and no freedom. Wake up Democrats, Black Christians, and Liberals-you had better be prepared to convert to Islam or you will not be allowed to live.

    33. Steve Savoie, Traver says:

      Certainly naming an exit date was stupid. It is also stupid to say we can win this war, especially with the ridiculous rules of engagement placed upon our troops. All that aside, remember the Russkies could not defeat the mujadheen and they played with zero rules. No holds barred as they leveled whole villages and towns with ruthless efficiency, women and children be damned. Get out of there I say. We can't win there and shouldn't expect too either as no one has conquered those people since the days of Ghenghis Khan. What makes us think we are any different than the Brits, Russians, and all those that came before? Keep a minimal presence in the area to knock them back down from time to time and keep them in their place. That is the best we can hope for in the long run.

    34. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      As I read this article it brought back memories of Vietnam, a war we neither won or lost !! We can not continue to kid ourselves if we stay in Afghanistan for 10 more years we will not come out the clear cut winners !! The Taliban will be there 100 years from now, just look at Iraq if things continue the way they are going we will have troops back in Iraq in less than a year and we can not continue to borrow money to police the world !! NObama has his priorities backwards he should be spending the Billions being spent in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect the most important people the "American Citizens" !!! If 10 or 20 Billion is what is needed to secure OUR borders it should be spent without hesitation NObama does this for other countries when WE should have top priority but sadly we are not !!! Secure OUR Borders first then worry about the other countries !!! CJK

    35. JPR, San Jose, CA says:

      These type statement articles just leave one cold. Where is the current justification to continue in Afgan after over 9 years and billions spent? Why spend more billions when it is added to the deficit? Where are the security risks? What are the Goals? Why continue? Obama made the escalation of the Afgan War while proposing to exit Bush's Iraq, part of his election platform. We are now stuck with his politics and have forgotten common sense. How many more must die because of some poorly conceived political decision? We supported the entry into Iraq, then exiting Iraq after Saddam was taken care of and the nuclear threat found to be non-existent. Iraq was terribly mismanaged and this one is too. We say, enough is Enough!

    36. Paul K., Spokane, WA says:

      One of the problems of keeping the American public's interest up for saving Afghanistan is the dysfunctional culture of Afghanistan. Who feels that it is a country worth dying for? There is no base to build a modern, or even a self-benevolent, country on. What have you won when you win in Afghanistan? It is a nightmare culture in the best of times. It seems impossible to stop them from slicing each others' throats if a peaceful time can be imagined. They hate us for being there and would hate us if we left. I am a conservative but I think our best policy may be to pull out and contain the self inflected violence in country. Maybe someday their appetite for their own blood will be satiated, call it quits and begin to join the rest of the world. It would take a long time to integrate them as they integrate like water and oil. Their's is a hopeless culture that brings few benefits to the rest of the world. Even their own brethren keep their distance from Afghanistan. Is it our task to fix the unfixable? Is there a better way to keep our risk in Afghanistan?

    37. Geppetto says:

      Problem is the "war in Afghanistan" is not what it seems. This is as much a war against Iran and our "friends" in Saudi Arabia and neither is on the list of benchmarks for declaring victory.

    38. KC - New Mexico says:

      I agree with John from Texas – enough already. We cannot win a religious war and the middle east is just not going to get any better. It is time to pull out totally! This means all advisors, military, medical and industrial help, etc. Let the middle east live without our money being poured into their infrastructure. Put the effort and money back into America and help those in need (who are Americans – not illegals). We need to tighten up the boarders and quit trying to help out all over the globe. Let the middle east dry up and move back into their 3rd world desired state!

    39. Lloyd Welch says:

      Most of the time I agree with the HF but, this is not one of them.We cannot win this war and should have never gotten involved to start with. I say we should pull out of ther middle east all together. I don't really think Israel wants us but if they do maybe stay there but that is all. All our troops should be brought home and make a wall of tanks and machine guns on our southern border. Remove all illegals whatever their country of orgin. We will never win the hearts and minds of the middle east. They hate us and have for 1500 years. They use the billions and billions of dollars we buy their oil with to destroy us within. The only way to win over there is total genocide because they will fight as long as there is one left.

    40. James Hay ( Louisian says:

      Don't Believe What Biden Says He's As Much An Lying Bastard As Obama And The Rest Of The Far-Left Subvesives Who Are Holding Our Country And Us The American People Captive. They are Are Running an Active Deception Scheme Against Us To Throw Us Off While Continueing With Their Ultimate Elaborate Plan To Destroy Us. The Withdraw Plan Is Still On The Table They Just Want Us To Believe That It's Not. Trust your Instincs Not the News Media's Pro-Regime Propaganda.These Bastards Have Been Lying to Us From The Get Go.

    41. James Hay ( Louisian says:


    42. William Taylor, San says:

      If the United States is serious in forwarding the proposition that it is in Afganistan to make it and the world a more safe place, then the beginning place is to erradicate the poppy industry. As of 2001 the Taliban had virtually eliminated opium production in Afganistan. Following our invasion, the U.S. and British re-established opium production and as of 2007, the British owned/controlled Opium consortum was supplying 93% of the world's opium.

      The British, in recent years, even advertised for Poppy workers. If our troops trample poppy crops we must pay reparations!

      The Taliban now extract a 50% tax on the poppy farmers and the tax supports their war effort.

      Are we really there to protect the 200 plus year old British opium monopoly?

      How many lives have been and are being destroyed world wide by the Afganistan opium and heroin production? Do we care?

      If protection of the opium/heroin trade is not the underlying political purpose, prove it. Destroy the poppy fields. Remove the Stupid Rules of Engagement which Obama's administration has imposed on our troops!

    43. 2dokie oklahoma says:

      We can only conclude that if we get real representation in Washington, they will have abundant evidence to pursue impeachment and treason proceedings against a large group including BHO& JB, and charges of high crimes and malfeasance in office against several present and hopefully formal members of Congress. As for the Afghan situation,GWB started the right solution to the Muslim delusion of world dominance,taking out Saddam, with sons Ooey and Gooey.But we need to condition the rest of the muslim world to descend into total panic at the very mention of the U.S. The halfwit that talks about the Mil./Ind. complex needs a brain transplant. Without our military and industry the Muslims would have butchered our male population raped all the females and achieved the Saudi dream of Wahabiism.

    44. Howard Hart, Free Un says:

      I am a retired CIA officer. I set up and ran the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan for almost four years. Every advantage we had against the Soviets in that war is now operating against us. We cannot "win." There is no credible "acceptable" Afghan Government, and cannot be one. If by some miracle there were, there is no credible army/police to defend it or execute its mandates. There is NO repeat NO validity to the assertion that we must fight this war – endlessly – in order to prevent the resurgence in Afghanistan of Al Quaeda. Finally, our continued presence will continue to destabilize Pakistan, which, unlike Afghanistan, is a country that DOES matter to US interests.

    45. Anton, Graham, WA says:

      Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them – a famous person once said that.

      When I read the history of the Muslim world, I am made painfully aware of the wide-spread brigandry which has been practiced by many within their' ranks. Centuries of barbarism and piracy have continued in spite of the modern day spin that their religion is one of peace. There is a reason that the Marine Hymn includes the line "to the shores of Tripoli…" And, it isn't becuse they have been open to dialogue; but, because it seems that the only diplomacy their' leaders seem to understand is the diplomacy of over-powering force. I wish to point out what should be painfully obvious to us all today…that such behaviour has continued right up to the present. What makes us think that they will change? Of course, now, we are presented with a major complication to their' seemingly endless thirst for blood-letting…that they now have entered the age of modern warfare; and of modern technology. The complication being that, now, they can export their' terrible culture of oppression to the rest of the world quite easily. And, it may be that the vast majority of those living under the shadow of the dictates of Islam really are peaceful people who want nothing more than to simply live their' lives without event; however, they don't seem to be very minded toward revolting against their self-appointed, religiously oppressive leaders, in order to establish more peaceful forms of governance and culture. So, they need help. If we do not stop these evil beasts from their' relentless pursuit of enslaving the whole world; then, not only will innocent men, women, and children suffer torture and death in Muslim-dominated countries, who have put their' trust in our word – that we would come to their' aid and deliver them from their' oppressors – but, eventually, we will be put to the inevitable trial of our very lives – a trial that will greatly rival what we endured at the hands of Germany and Japan 60 years ago. While I admire the peace-niks for their' devotion to world peace, common sense – some call it wisdom – tells me that we need to deal with this right now, while we have the chance to do it somewhere besides home. We cannot afford another Vietnam experience; therefore, we should let the military do what they are there to do without excessive political meddling and interference from our elected officials in DC. While we wring our hands over every innocent life lost in Afghanistan, we continue to hold onto the leash of our military who is there to protect the innocents by destroying those who torment them. Give our military what the ask for, unleash them, and lets get this over with quickly; instead of dragging this out by constantly restraining them from doing what they are paid to do.

    46. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Maybe it's time for someone to introduce the Monroe Doctrine to BHO, we need to secure our borders, limit the incoming and keep track of those who are here on various visa's and send home those who overstay and are here illegally. We also need to question the motives of those who stay here after school and work visa's expire. Remember the 9/11 bombers were here on legal visa's but for ulterior motives. Also watch those southern borders, many non-spanish have come through this way. This administration had down played what is really happening in Texas, So. Calif. and Ariz. as has the ex-gov. of Ariz., now a cabinet member, the big question is WHY are they trying to fool the public??

    47. Geppetto, Raleigh, N says:

      Problem is the definition of "victory." How is that defined? How long will "victory" take to achieve? Who, really, is the enemy? A bunch of rag tag anarchists who've "high jacked a religion" or a well funded surrogate army backed by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and who knows else, coercing dollars from gullible politicians confiscating same from the American tax payer; foreign aid that funds what can no longer be mentioned according to our current supreme leader but what is finally becoming blatantly obvious; Islamic terrorism.

      How do we claim victory over an enemy we cannot even name; over an enemy that is global in reach, over an enemy determined that Sharia supersede all man made laws; an enemy that is and has been in the process of world conquest right under the world’s politically correct noses? What do you think the Ground Zero mosque is all about?

      Afghanistan is a problem but it is a small part of The Problem and we are committing our best and bravest to a conflict that has gone on for 9 years and worse; we've tied their hands behind their backs and expect them to achieve……..what? And after shedding buckets of American blood and billions of American dollars, then what? World peace? How many decades do we expect these men and women to continue with this hell we put them through while we sit here and wring our hands over "collateral damage" and bend over frontwards to win the hearts and minds of people that live in a part of the world that hates our guts?

      Want victory? Give them a real reason to hate our guts and add to that hatred a deathly fear of incurring American wrath, ever again. Turn our military loose and I don't give a damn what the rest of the world thinks, especially those who have no blood or capital in the game. America is a world superpower, a benevolent superpower, perhaps the first that has no desire for world conquest. It's time to stop being ashamed of it and use that power as only America can.

      God bless the American soldier and God bless America.

    48. Wes in Cincy says:

      we probably will never win in afganistan. but the real reason to keep fighting is to keep the fighting over there. once we cut and run the terrorists will follow us home. they are not going to quit until they conquer the world. I would rather fight them over there with soldiers and weapons that to fight them over here. i don't think americans would handle the car-bombs very well.

    49. neel123 says:

      @ Howard Hart, Free Union, VA ,

      Pakistan is the deciding factor in the AfPak conflicts. It would be very useful for the readers to get an insight into the American compulsions with Pakistan.

      Will you please explain why Pakistan is a country that DOES matter to US interests ?

    50. lolmuly says:

      As we are approaching the brink of religious war, and this threat is poised only to grow, we must take action to avert this conflict.

      As both Western and European nations have been built on religious freedom, outlawing any or all religions remains impossible.

      To preserve this fundamental right, and avert future war, all religious organizations must be outlawed.

      Citizens may still hold beliefs, they may gather in their homes, and they may discuss religion freely, however no religious buildings or organizations shall be deemed legal. (i.e. churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc.)

      All current religious buildings must be either sold to legal businesses, or demolished. All countries that do not adopt this policy will be placed under total embargo.

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