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  • Video of the Week: Where is Your Congressman?

    Heritage’s sister organization, Heritage  Action for America, recently released a video asking this very question. It is  a humorous video (starring veteran actor Clint Howard) that points to a more serious problem. Where are the congressmen in August? Are they holding townhall meetings to address constituent concerns? If not, what are they hiding? Are they ashamed that they did not pass a budget? Ashamed of the vote on Health Care?

    We have written about all this Congress has done in the last two years, and the August recess is a time that Congress is supposed to take time to address constituent concerns over their performance over the last year. If townhalls are not held it takes away an important part of the democratic process. Congress works for the people and the people deserve to be heard.

    If you do choose to attend one of the few townhalls his summer, remember to take a copy of The Heritage Foundation’s Solutions for America. With over 20 chapters and 100 specific policy suggestions, Solutions has plenty of ammunition to keep any congressmen on their toes.

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    17 Responses to Video of the Week: Where is Your Congressman?

    1. Mark Thompson says:

      Ike Skelton robo called my home today and said they would have a conference call and to wait on the line and soon the conference would start. I waited 20 minutes and then it said the conference was over! What conference?? These people in Washington don't care about anything you have to say. These people are your boss and they own you, you are their slave. Don't believe me, then why do you pay taxes to a group of people who don't care what you have to say? NO MORE MONEY FROM ME UNTIL YOU DO THE PEOPLES WILL!!! You don't listen, I don't pay. Print your own ####### money!

    2. Bill, Kansas City says:

      It is time we, the people, demand term limits for Congress. We also need to demand campaign finance reform. The time is now.

    3. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      It is time that we, the people, demand term limits for Congress.

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    5. M. Hammond says:

      I'm feeling rather pessimistic this morning because McCain won the primary in Arizona. He can't be trusted with his flipping and flopping with the wind on important issues. He cares too much about being friends with the democratic socialists. I think the majority of the people in this country are ignorant about how bad things have become and those who are informed may not have the stomach for hard choices to force constitutional compliance on our lawmakers.

    6. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      After last summer's town-halls where Democrats were pounded over and over again, can you imagine what they would face this summer after they passed

      what the town-halls attendees were against? Remember these are Obama, Democrat lackeys. They don't have the guts to face their constituents. In some cases, they may have faced something more that getting yelled at.

    7. PAT MITCHELL. CT. says:


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    9. John Bucelato, Yorkt says:

      My Letter to the Editor was published in the Daily Press, Newport News, VA on 8/24/2010 (More people need to put pressure on our Legislators):

      Has anyone seen my Senators??

      I continue to call the Capitol and local offices of Senator Webb and Senator Warner to see if they have scheduled any local meetings for their Constituents and the answer is always … the schedule is not out yet. It will be published on the website when it’s available …I haven’t seen one yet!

      As of this afternoon, 18 August, I was advised that Senator Webb’s schedule is being worked BUT I was told he was on a radio show in Roanoke recently. A call to Senator Warner’s local office was even more interesting. The Senator does not publish his schedule –so my question is “when will he be meeting with his constituents” The answer from the other end of the phone: I don’t know.

      It is a serious concern that our elected officials are NOT interfacing with the Voters BUT when election time comes around the Senators will surely see their Constituents and request our time to discuss their positions, ask for money and our Vote.

      It will be interesting how many Virginians will answer their call when their reelection is imminent… personally, I’ll have to check my schedule!

      Our Senators and Representatives will then realize the true power of government is in the hands of the people AT THE BALLOT BOX and that they should have been meeting with the Voters all along.

    10. ROBERT mcdaniel CLOV says:

      If the american people and their representives continue to vote the party line, with no thought as to the importance of the issue, this country will continue to stalemate for the next thousand years.So much could be done if each one of us had the courage to vote what we believe and not just follow the dam party.

    11. Larry White says:

      Thank you again Heritage for your concise direct message. Maybe the voters should hold townhall meeting without the congressmen…. in the Congressmen's office!

    12. Meredith J. Martini says:

      A VERY strong effort towards term limits would be an excellent start

    13. Diane L.Lowell Long says:

      All of the actors are great and the message is right on; please do more of this and put the videos on YOUTUBE.

      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        @Diane: Thanks for writing. Actually Heritage Action's video is on YouTube and as of tonight, is up to roughly 83,000 views. Thanks for doing your part in spreading the word!

    14. Diane L.Lowell Long says:

      Why have there been no comments posted since 8/24???? Get this thing out! Maybe TV? Diane

    15. Ken Hartman, Nashvil says:

      Who said that Congress is interested in serving their constituents? I thought they went to Washington to get rich and do nothing.

    16. Marilyn, Palm Beach says:

      THROW THE BUMS OUT! I will not be voting for ANY incumbants this fall (unless they are Republicans!)….

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