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  • This Just In: White House Disappointed with America…Again!

    This morning, the U.S. State Department announced that the U.S. had submitted its “Report of the United States of America” to the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights. This report was submitted as part of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) conducted by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC). In November, the U.S. Administration will formally present the findings of its report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Judging from the content of the U.S. report, that November presentation will consist of much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the inadequacy of America.

    The U.S. report is revealing of how the current administration views the American people and America’s place in the world. The first section of the report (entitled “A more perfect union, a more perfect world”) begins by quoting the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and Obama White House documents, including President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Though presented as coherent and harmonious thoughts, the intellectual inconsistency among these documents is striking.

    Whereas the Declaration and the Constitution assert American independence and a realistic assessment of human nature, the U.S. UPR report declares that America’s international role is to help “build a world in which universal rights give strength and direction to the nations, partnerships, and institutions that can usher us toward a more perfect world, a world characterized by, as President Obama has said, ‘a just peace based on the inherent rights and dignity of every individual.’” With this in mind, the White House, cannot be satisfied with imperfection at home in America. Addressed to an international audience, the report contains many statements of dissatisfaction with America’s record, including:

    We are not satisfied with a situation where the unemployment rate for African Americans is 15.8%, for Hispanics 12.4%, and for whites 8.8%, as it was in February 2010. We are not satisfied that a person with disabilities is only one fourth as likely to be employed as a person without disabilities. We are not satisfied when fewer than half of African-American and Hispanic families own homes while three quarters of white families do. We are not satisfied that whites are twice as likely as Native Americans to have a college degree….

    At our UPR consultations, including the meeting in Detroit, Michigan, Muslim, Arab-American, and South Asian citizens shared their experiences of intolerance and pressed for additional efforts to challenge misperceptions and discriminatory stereotypes, to prevent acts of vandalism, and to combat hate crimes. The federal government is committed to ongoing efforts to combat discrimination: the Attorney General’s review of the 2003 Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies (discussed below), as well as efforts to limit country-specific travel bans, are examples….

    In addressing the war against Al Qaeda, the UPR report stated, the White House has “directed that individuals detained in any armed conflict shall in all circumstances be treated humanely and shall not be subjected to violence to life and person, nor to outrages upon personal dignity, whenever such individuals are in the custody or under the effective control of the United States Government or detained within a facility owned, operated, or controlled by the United States. Such individuals shall not be subjected to any interrogation technique or approach that is not authorized by and listed in Army Field Manual 2-22.3, which explicitly prohibits threats, coercion, physical abuse, and water boarding.”

    Disappointed in both America’s history and current situation, the UPR report declares to the world that the Obama Administration looks “to the future with pride and hope.”

    When reading the UPR report, the salient words of Alexander Hamilton should come to mind. In Federalist No. 6, Hamilton warned Americans not to listen to “visionary or designing men, who stand ready to advocate the paradox of perpetual peace” and who wish to “soften the manners of men.” If someone can honestly believe that perfection and peace is possible through politics, then that person, according to Hamilton, “must be far gone in Utopian speculations.” It would appear that the White House is fundamentally dissatisfied with life on planet earth, and the United States of America, in particular. Yet, there are things government can do, and things government cannot do. The Obama Administration should focus on the former, and stop lamenting the absence of utopian peace on earth.

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    78 Responses to This Just In: White House Disappointed with America…Again!

    1. Loral Orow, Plymouth says:

      Everyone is disappointed in life. We aren't God but merely human beings doing the best we can.

      I don't feel responsible for Africa or any other nation. I donate what I can but they have to do something about their own government.

      I don't think it's strange that white people have homes & other ethnicities do not. I think it's a matter of priorities. I don't drive the biggest most costly car, drink alcohol, do drugs, or wear designer clothes – and that allows me to put money aside for a home. If our priorities are different whose fault is it?

      I'm equally disappointed in having a president who believes, even while war, hatred, and murder resounds around us, that we have reached the time to take on responsibility for the whole world.

      Let's first just take care of America.

    2. William Duffy Sloats says:

      Why would an American want to placate the UN ? It is probably the most racesist organization in the world. It would seem by this governments statement that the cause of all our trouble is the white race? our present government is in a total disconnect with its people and hopefully it will change in November. Hope and change is really needed now for the present change was nothing but a Kabuki show of words and the actions taken only hurt or divided our country and the ONE is a complete disaster. Did you check out the new CBS poll? These are the real figures. Thanks. keep the word coming

    3. Hector Ronda says:

      screw the united nations

    4. Cap Bate, Nashville says:

      Same old tired liberal agenda. Take from whites GIVE to others.

    5. Cap Bate, Nashville says:

      Same old liberal agenda. Take from the whites who have earned their way and GIVE it to the freeloaders

    6. Cap Bate, Nashville says:


    7. MJF, CT says:

      Well, if the White House doesn't like America, may I suggest that you all go find a nice Muslim country to reside in and get out as soon as possible!

    8. PShoptaw says:

      The administration may be disappointed with 70% of us. We don't won't global governance. We would like to see our laws adhered to, both for the citizens and the ruling elite. We would like less feel good legislation and more common sense direction. Oh and could people take responsibility for themselves?

      Why for hundreds of years have people come to America from their home lands?

      Freedom! Why are we letting our elected officials give our freedom away? Why are we letting other countrys tell us how to live?

      Have a good day America.

    9. A Conservative Teach says:

      You left out my favorite part of the report- when Obama asks for help from tyrants and dictators around the world on how to make America better!

    10. West Texan says:

      Doesn't a "more perfect union" mean respecting states' rights to manage their own domestic policies? Absolutely! The "more perfect world" desired by Obama and company either admires or abhors our constitutional guarantees. Obama has decided to side with the part that abhors our way of life as such is tailored to his own thinking. For this reason, he's abandoned his custodial role of preserving our sanctuary in order to appease his worldly audience of ideologues and tyrants. He and his leftist gang must be shown the door come 2012.

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    12. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      "We are not satisfied when fewer than half of African-American and Hispanic families own homes while three quarters of white families do. We are not satisfied that whites are twice as likely as Native Americans to have a college degree"….

      Well then, Mr. President, instead of denigrating those who have worked hard all their lives to have these things, perhaps you should tell the African Americans and Hispanic families to go out and earn their own way. It is disingenuous to subliminally blame Whites for these statistics, especially when every minority in this country can receive some type of government program benefit to achieve these goals. Whites have no such recourse.

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    14. Steve S. California says:

      This is what happens when the people vote based on anything but common sense. Since when does a President act this way? The answer is, a President does not. We need to start a campaign. Let's send Mr. pantywaist some cheese to go with his whine. Maybe with a few tons of cheese on their front door step, it will give them pause to think. Too bad, when confronted with all that cheese, instead of finding folks here in this country that need it, the Axis of Morons will, if true to form, give it to the UN instead.

      I will, in my own one man campaign, send him a gold plated label maker, so that such a distinguished fellow can execute what he thinks are the duties of his public office with the proper excess!

    15. Tim Az says:

      They stab America with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast of freedom.

    16. Dennis Georgia says:

      The un is not our "guvment" yet. If the dems, hitlary and obama get their way we will be ruled by the un. I think it odd that the UN supported by us the tax payer, housed on American shores, is always lead by some one that barley speaks ENGLISH, and has a name no one can pronounce.

      If obama and clan are disappointed in AMERICA, I do believe there is a plane leaving in the next few munites. They can get on and I will help buy the ticket. I am sure they are not nearly as disappointed in American as I and many others are with them and their socialist agenda. Leave today, you will not be missed by many.

    17. curt in Columbus says:

      On a scale of 1 to 10, the sick feeling in my gut is about 37.

      Rush was right; there's no way a real man can be a liberal!

    18. Ron Nord, San Ramon, says:

      The United Nations consists of 191 Nations around the world which over 70% kill, torture, rape and suppress their own citizens. Is this an organization that we want to be a part of, to give them part of our Sovereignty or the right to change any of our laws? They are the lawless, the killers, the intolerant and rapists, if we keep voting for the likes of Obama with his not so hidden agenda anymore our country will be changed to something out of a nightmare.

    19. Wisconsinite says:

      It is heartening to know that the White House will remedy the disparity in unemployment among the races. Soon Hispanics and whites will join their African American brothers and sisters at the 15.8 % unemployment level. Obama will make us all equal one way or another. Yea!

    20. Bryan says:

      I fear the image that our country will have by the end of Berry's term. However, the image is nothing compared to how much I fear what this country will be forced to recover from. This administration is devastating to our way of life, on so many levels.

    21. Jill, California says:

      We the people are exceedingly disappointed with this administration … far more so than this administration could ever be disappointed with us.

    22. Steve, Minneapolis says:

      The salient feature of America today is that the liberal elite have more in common with the elites of other countries than they do with their own people. Baring a miracle, this will ultimately result in a form of totalitarianism or revolt or both. I'm hoping for a miracle but I'm not counting on it.

    23. Drew Page, IL says:

      The furure of Fannie and Freddie can be seen clearly in the first paragraph of the report to the U.N.

      It's unfair that less than 50% of minorities own homes, while 75% of whites do. The ability to pay should have nothing to do with home ownership. Maybe under Mr. Obama's plan to redistribute the wealth, enough homes could be confiscated from whites and given to minorities until the balance becomes equal. Or perhaps, if Mr. Obama can raise taxes high enough where no one will be able to afford a home of their own, thereby making minorities equal with whites. Sounds fair, doesn't it?

    24. Slick - Nebraska says:

      I am sick and tired of working hard, paying my taxes and taking responsibility my lot in life. I am REALLY sick and tired of having to hear our President say repeatedly that his "brothers" of every other race (except white) is being disadvantaged by living in this country!!! How about they get up off their duffs, educate themselves, show some pride and endurance by getting a real job instead of expecting those of us who do work to provide for them? Does this discrepancy have anything to do with the lack of work ethic or the lack of self responsibility for their own success or failure? "If you teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for the rest of his life. If you give him a fish, he only has enough for one meal." Hmmmmmmm.

      Perhaps it is time to deport all those who don't like living in this country back to where they came from where they surely are guaranteed the same freedom of life, liberty and the PERSUIT of happiness as we have here in America!!! All they do is bitch and moan because they aren't receiving more "freebies" from the rest of us like it is OUR responsibility to finance their existence. The more they get, the more they want and expect.

      I don't think I have ever witnessed in my 63 years the kind of racism that has been displayed in the last 18+ months. Our current administration is doing absolutely everything they can to make SURE that there is going to be an uprising among the citizens of this country – the pot is at a full boil. From Day One this President has made speeches, especially overseas, about the less-than upstanding behavior of the United States and has in general, done everything he can to undercut the goodness of our country.

      When this racial pot boils over . . . and I have no doubt that eventually it will . . . I hope this President is ready for the consequences. You know you can only poke a dog with a stick so long before the dog has had enough and bites you! Who is going to take responsibility? You can bet it is NOT the President or his henchmen. Oh I forgot, it will have to be those racist Tea Baggers, the Republicans and those greedy ugly white folks!

      And by the way, it is time to DEPORT the United Nations to any other country who will have them!!! We have endured their arrogance for much too long, and now it is time for some other country to be their "host" because, quite frankly, their VISA has expired!!! These people delight in trying to bring us down to their level of inhumane treatment. Have you ever wondered what would happen if we taught the rest of the world a lesson by cutting off the money flow of subsidies and aide? They would scream bloody murder!!!

      Maybe it is time to recognize that we are just the cash cow for the rest of the world. They literally HATE us but tolerate us to get our money! Once again, the more they get, the more they want and expect. It is way past time to get our house in order!!!!

    25. Tadpole, Wichita, KS says:

      Further evidence that Obama is campaigning for his next position – king of the world. Anything he does to bring America down to the level of other countries increases his chance of being popular with those that will be voting. Look for Obama to run for Secretary General of the UN either right before or right after he completes his term as President of the US.

    26. Richard, Edgewater, says:

      What a shame that America and Americans cannot rise to the level of perfection envisioned and demanded by Chancellor Obama and his band of propaganda ministers.

    27. Drew Page, IL says:

      Who can we personally thank for the State Department's report to the U.N., identifying America as the racist, hateful and unfair country she is and white Americans as the root cause of all this, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton or her boss, Mr. Obama?

      Perhaps Mr. Obama's plan to redistribute the wealth will arrange for the confiscation of the homes of whites and the redistribution of them to minorities. With a little more of his help, perhaps white and hispanics will achieve equality of unemployment with blacks.

      Let's not forget to make our act of contrition to the U.N. for our misable record on human rights. We could indeed take a lesson from our Middle-Eastern/Muslim and Asian/Chinese neighbors on human rights, the treatment of women, religious minorities, homosexuals and political dissidents.

      We're not worthy, we're not worthy.

    28. john parry, KS says:

      the white house got it wrong again !!! its not how you feel about us dummy ! it's how WE feel about you

    29. Michelle, Mass says:

      SCREW the UN. They have no rule over us and I don't care what they think. i don't even know why we belong. they should be kicked our of New York. Oh and by the way mr. president I am disappointed with the white house, you, your staff, and your actions. you are an embarasment to this country.

    30. Neal Wooley, Maine says:

      Ditto, Ditto, Ditto..

      Obama, the UN, the GIMMEEEE's and all bleeding heart liberals..pack your bags and leave !! That includes all members of the Democratic Socialists of America, especially those who are members of our US Congress.

      Let the (I don't care what color) legal working person stay behind, in what you consider to be a terrible country. We'll clean up your mess and get our country back in tune with our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and AMERICAN laws. Please don't miss your plane!

    31. odmartin, greenville says:

      Historically, most of my ancestors were farmers. Some were tradespeople. Many worked in textile mills. Money was a scarce commodity. Education was a luxury. Yet, if you really had the motivation, you could change your apparent destiny. Realistically, opportunity is not the same for everyone. It may be near impossible for some, but no one should apologize because she/he got an education, job, opportunity, but someone else, less motivated, did not. I always thought this was the real American Way, where there always were possibilities. If you take away initiative, and its results, we are truly lost. Mr. President: You do not speak for the American people when you apologize for absurdities.

    32. Barbara Gray Springf says:

      I believe this UPR report was released at this time to shore up Obama's largest constituency, the Afro-American and the Hispanics. Why now, and not in November? Could it be because of our November 2, General Election? What better way to energize his" people" than to suttlely promise them housing, college education, jobs, without asking anything from them; except to blame the White race. I believe it is known as divide and conquer. He may just energize the very ones he is trying to destroy.

    33. wallace peeler says:

      Outstanding. Words that sould be said. very good

    34. wayne bilbo, vidor, says:

      Ever think for a minute if the figures are right on black & hispanic having less is maybe because the socialist Democratic party have been exploiting & keeping them protected on welfare programs for the past 30 years. Yes you obama, yes you Bill Clinton. yes you Barney Frank, yes you Peloski. Even the likes of their own people like Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton. Shame on them especially for exploiting their own people for personnal gain. Put that in your pipe & smoke it. HOW MANY BLACKS DO WE HAVE IN SECTION 8 HOUSING PERCENT WISE FOR MORE THAN ONE GENERATION. ITS A WAY OF LIFE FOR MOST BY CHOICE. Obama & Company if you don'T LIKE AMERICA, I HAVE A ONE WAY TICKET TO KENYA FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. mlhtmilldr, missouri says:

      Send the U N packing. There is no reason or purpose to have them here in the United States.

    36. Denise, Utah says:

      Obama is lying to the American people every time he opens his mouth. Educated Americans now know that Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. The way socialism works it will be more like share the poverty. You can't make the weak strong by making the strong weak. If every man, woman, and child in America would buy one ounce of silver it would thwart the UN's plan for America (to bring our standard of living down to the rest of the third world).

    37. Mutantone Key west F says:

      It is more to Obamaommunist, liking that we become a third world nation, establish Shariah laws which allow him to follow Taqqiya in order to get his way. So far the group has ruined the economy with inclusion of the Heath care bill that will cost more than stated, not cover preexisting conditions, have panelist decide when your health care cost to much to keep you alive. Sell out companies to the unions. Open the borders to an increased number of illegals then grant them amnesty. Back a monument to the attack twin towers murders, no matter how unfeeling or tasteless such actions are. Push for a small arms treaty from the UN that in effect bans all weapons from the hands of Americans. Ignore jobs creation for Union payments knowing that they will be returned as campaign donations. Block all other business from donating to campaigns they see worthy of support. Weaken our nations defensive abilities as a cost savings. Spread the wealth about from those that worked for it to those that do not. The over all goal is to ruin that nation to make us a third world power, so far he is doing a bang up job of it.

    38. Terrence @ Ohio says:

      First, I agree with Hecto Rhonda 'SCREW THE UNITED NATIONS'

      Second, I also agree with PRAGMATIC 'Many whites [and blacks] have worked hard for years to buy a home and all the other possesions they own'

      Third, Half of the hispanics in this country are ILLEGAL……so how do you expect them to own a home? As far as the legal ones [consider their actual percent of the U.S. population and their education] an appropriate number of them own their own home. [What does the White House want...100% hispanic home ownership?]

      As far as the black population, there are quite a few blacks that own their own home. Once again, consider their actual percent of the U.S. population an appropriate number of blacks own their own home.

      Now, you take into consideration all the blacks that are out on America's street selling drugs, robbing innocent people/businesses, raping young females, kiling each other, etc, etc, their percentage is higher then any other group in America!

      Of course, they blame their sinful life on whites, the local and/or state and federal government.

      The again, maybe it is the governments fault! Afterall, the government continues to give welfare to all these teen HOES all over this nation when they are pregnant. The welfare departments in every state states 'If you are single and do not have any MINOR children in your home you cannot receive money'. That explains why these teen HOES are out there getting pregnant by the 'boatload.' To bring in more money [and food stamps] to the house that they live in [usually their mom's house].

      You see those idiots [called representatives] stand up in the capital scratching their head and ASSES asking each other "Why can't we control teenage pregnancy"…….its because they pay these teenage HOES to get pregnant…..rather those dumbasses know it or not!

      The hispanics [and those muslims] have caught on to what the black and white HOES have been doing for over 3 decades. Thats another reason why we have such an illegal immigrant problem.

      As far as the whites owning more homes….could it be that 65 percent of the population is white? And, most of them have worked hard all their life. After WWII there was a big explosion in the home construction in our nation for ALL our veterans returning home.

      Many blacks have chosen to live off welfare and to not better their life. Washington and the states have 'dumbed down the public school system' [and colleges] to try and equal out the graduating rates [on paper] amonst blacks, hispanics, and white students.

      Many blacks during the last decade [and the present] just don't want to study, do the home work, etc. required in order to get good grades so Washington dumbs down all schools to try and make students look smarter [on paper] then what they really are.

      Another fact, it was never meant for everyone in this country to own a home. I, personally have chosen to never buy a home [I have worked 35 years]. It takes a lot to own/buy a home. There are gas, electric, water, taxes, maintenance, insurance, etc etc. I choose not to deal with that BIG headache. I think its cheaper to rent and so do millions of other workers. And I am happy!!!

      Remember America, about 3 decades ago, Washington bureacrats, thought it was a civil right to own a home and therefore they made many [NEGATIVE] decisions [as it turned out] with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to start giving loans to people that could not afford to buy. Thats right, it started with the democratic Carter Administration….and we are just now seeing the results of the democrats 'lame brain' ideal the last two years with hundreds of thousands of foreclosures.

      I have always thought that from the 1980's on the houses have been over priced. It was just the banks, real estate and mortgage, insurance companies getting over on the taxpayer…….again and again and again!!!!

    39. Bobbie says:

      How dare the American government disrespect their oath. How dare the government play dumb to the intelligence of the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution.

      How dare they recognize America's unemployment rate by skin color, culture or creed. For what purpose is this besides potential racism and discrimination and when we are all Americans under one percentage? The government is effortlessly attempting to build racial tension. Refusing to see us created equal and unaware that people are coming to realize that what they can do for themselves has been demeaned and corrupted by intentional misguided, government racist leadership. Yuck. I don't like this government or their conduct of leadership at all. They like weakness and show it.

    40. George, Nebraska says:

      It's time that USA stops giving money to anybody including UN, the most worthless organization in the world. Than after few years we will see how much better the rest of the world is doing. It's time for separation, some Nationalism on the part of the Americans and eye opening for the rest who hate us. Our Constitution was not written for other countries but for us only. Other laws don't apply to us and this country will never bend to the outside ruling. UN left lousy mark in Africa; totally inept organization full of financial abuse and abuse to Black people. The Blue Helmets never will walk through the streets of this Nation.

    41. Anita says:

      He just doesn't have a clue that most Americans are not only disappointed with him but are totally disgusted by him and his Socialist agenda.

    42. William Wheaton says:

      This statistic below is not true. The unemployment these days spread across America, hitting us all Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian all the same. If fact I believe it hit White harder.

      This president cannot tell the world the truth. He lies to Americans days in and days out. I think if he does not like American people, why don't he leave.

      "We are not satisfied with a situation where the unemployment rate for African Americans is 15.8%, for Hispanics 12.4%, and for whites 8.8%, as it was in February 2010. We are not satisfied that a person with disabilities is only one fourth as likely to be employed as a person without disabilities. We are not satisfied when fewer than half of African-American and Hispanic families own homes while three quarters of white families do. We are not satisfied that whites are twice as likely as Native Americans to have a college degree…."

    43. Barry N. Schmidt says:

      To Obama, a "more perfect Union" is tantamount to a larger government. The man is really a piece of work. Such a shame that he completely fails to point out the accomplishments of this country and the sacrifices we have made to make the rest of the world a better place. Instead, he continues to denigrate our country in order to get more black and Hispanic votes. What a slap in the face! What is really dangerous is that so many people believe this charlatan.

    44. Ralph Kimball, Alexa says:

      Marion, you don't know me, but I love your family. Your dad was in my 13 year old sunday school class when he was 13, and I think I taught your mom also.

      I am proud of you and your stand for what is right. I recieved your bulletin from your uncle Frankie, a very close friend of mine. Please include me in your email list to recieve your blog and keep on keeping on.

      I am a member of the Heritage Foundation and support their efforts as much as I can in thought, word and deed. God bless you.

    45. Mike B New Hampshire says:

      If this country is so bad , why are so many people coming Here ?

    46. John in Texas says:

      So much has already been said, so I'll be brief:

      The UN should be dismantled. 80% of Americans will not submit to UN governance. That violates the US Constitution, the Texas Constitution and my PERSONAL Constitution. bo hands us over, like the head of John the Baptist, on silver platter.

      And as bo has committed treasonous acts and signed treasonous laws, why has he not been arrested? He is not above the law. He is the Anti-president.

    47. dave says:

      You can only improve yourself if you are honest about your flaws.

    48. Steven Glenn Poyzer says:

      That's okay, I'm disappoint with America for allowing an administration like yours to exist. I'm more disappointed that America citizens would allow your administration and Congress to destroy or Republic, Constitution and Economy.

    49. Charlene Sanford says:

      i have had it! this administration has got to be the most discriminatory bunch of people i have ever seen. they are also the most divisive. i believe this "foolish" administration has managed to divide this nation not seen since the 1800's. nothing good can come out of what they're doing. may god have mercy on america.

    50. Denise, Oregon says:

      On so many levels, I am disappointed in Obama. Where to start? Now, he is not the only reason that our country is in the shape it is now, but he is a huge part of why we are not in recovery. Vote he and the people in the Senate and the House that are adverse to getting our country back on track out of office this fall. Give our government back to us…the people. The UN has no business in the affairs of this country…we need to withdraw from them. We will never be able to appease the global rights of individuals…the best we can do it to get this country back on track and let individual people help as they can. The government does not know how to spend my money. The infrastructure of this country is falling apart and Obama's administration is sending money out of this country to fix mosques…unbelievable!

    51. GW Grant says:

      WELL IF OBAMA is disappointed here why don't he go back were he is from and not Chicago. We have had enough of him and his IDIOTS here in Illinois.

      As far as the UN keep your nose out of them and worry about the things here if you are to be our LEADER.

    52. Kathy in Kansas says:

      We will not recognize this country after 2 more yrs of Obamanomics…..it totally amazes me how unfit to be president he is. The UN is a corrupt, useless waste of time & money. If MR Obama is so ashamed of this horrible country of ours, GET THE H___ OUT!!

    53. Micah Groome, Richmo says:

      As a college graduate, a HVAC tradesman, a white man and most important an American, I am still employed and always will be. I stand beside Americans that are black from America, American from Africa, American from india and the list goes on. We have all worked hard, formulated a plan, budgeted our time an money conservatively and are weathering this destructive goverments attacks quite nicely. Those without a means of supporting themselves may want to review their past and regroup. There are always opportunities under our constitution, our declaration of independence, democracy and capitalism. I served my country to protect the freedoms I enjoy and paid for college in the process through my sacrifice. Why would one not have the ability to gain a college education or trade if they were mentally and physically able to serve their country and recieve this same benefit. I have personally witnessed all races, creeds, colors and religions excel after they invest themselves in their own futures and invest themselves in the well being of this great country. Mr. Obama and his crew have an agenda that is becoming more and more transparent everyday and I am becoming less and less shocked. Drug test those recieving tax dollars as we are tested before employment, cut welfare for those with the ability to serve their country and kick back and watch the lazy and addicted die off find a job or start up a little thing we call a business. And by the way, quit taxing small to medium businesses to death and watch the unemployed disappear. Let us all see how short our memories become in the near future. I personally will never forget the way our president and elected officials have tried to sabotage our liberty.

    54. Vic, Ohio says:

      It's all Bush's fault !!! He missed the best opportunity in the world.

      On 9/12/01 he should have announced that the UN building on the East River was being closed effective immediately. ALL inhabitants will be evicted now and physically cleared out in one week. On 9/19/01 the former UN building will be available to any and all American companies who lost their offices in the collapse of the trade tower. PERIOD!

      Thanx, VGS

    55. Angela Stevens, Omah says:

      Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” –That’s in the Constitution of the United States of America

      Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that ALL men are created EQUAL. – That’s in the Gettysburg Address

      Benjamin Franklin was asked at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention, “What have you wrought?” He replied, “. . . . a Republic, if you can keep it.”

      Barack Obama has failed miserably as President of the United States.

    56. Chrisann, UT says:

      Disappointment can't even sum up our feelings Mr. President. You need to take a long hard look in the mirror before you open your mouth any longer. You are a disgrace to the title and office of President and can't wait for 2012 or sooner to be done with you.

    57. Leesa says:

      I don't know how Obama has time to care about our failing economy and our borders – he's always on the golf course or playing basketball. I still cannot believe that our Nation has degraded from electing President Reagan to electing this administration in a short 20 or so years. We conservatives have to make sure that Obama's socialist, Alinsky administration is voted out of office. This is serious business.

    58. James in Texas says:

      The problem is that Obama and those like him want to look at result and decide it's unfair. Equal opportunity doesn't mean equal results. Hell, the minorities have a better chance of succeeding in America if they try. However, when most young Black and Latino youths only concerns are with who can speak the worst english, wear their shorts the lowest and join the meanest gang they don't have much time for getting an education. The fault is 100% with their parents and the segregated (and un-American) society they have selected.

    59. Andrews,Los Angeles says:

      It is sickening just how much Obama and his cabel of crims looks down on and despises Middle America. With the hollowing out of jobs in the USA by outsourcing

      to low wage countries and allowing illegal aliens to take jobs that could not be outsourced it is no wonder the far left Obamatons are saying they don't need the Middle Class in the USA anymore!

      Remember in November! or prepare for the Road to Serfdom.

    60. Crystal in South Dak says:

      In the late '60s when the hippies were protesting the war in Viet Nam and talking about how awful the United States was, I had a tee shirt with an American flag on it that said, "America the Beautiful, Love it or Leave it".Today those same hippies are older and are running our country into the ground. The message is still the same. "America the Beautiful, Love it or Leave it". I would add, "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

    61. Wes in Cincy says:

      weak presidents, make weak decisions, that will turn us into a weak nation.

      I have yet to hear anyone truthfully explain why the rest of the world panicked

      when wall street imploded. It's simply because, as a country boy would put it,

      the rest of the world has been sucking off the hind tit of America for the last

      100 years and they were afraid that their free lunch was going to disappear.

      and that includes the u.n.

      In 2012, I think we ought to replace mr. "hope and change" with mr. "common sense" for president. It's going to take this country 10 years to reverse the damage this guy has done. how can a guy that graduated from harvard make so many dumb mistakes. ( no common sense ) Of course he did graduate from

      a college that teaches "euro-centrism" as part of their core-curriculum.

      anybody that buys into that garbage is brain dead.

    62. ???? says:

      The UN should be dismantled. 80% of Americans will not submit to UN governance. That violates the US Constitution, the Texas Constitution and my PERSONAL Constitution. bo hands us over, like the head of John the Baptist, on silver platter.

      And as bo has committed treasonous acts and signed treasonous laws, why has he not been arrested? He is not above the law. He is the Anti-president.


    63. Neal Palmquist OH says:

      I was always under the impression that our sovereign president will represent anybody body else from anywhere else in the world to Americans before our president will do his real job and represent America to the world.

      This story gives me a glance to see how Obama will represent America to the world. I have no idea why it is important to divide the unemployment rate, home ownership and education levels by race. For example, these words show the world that the unemployment problem in America is secondary to racism. I'm lost to understand if the President thinks whites should lose their jobs to fix the problem or if the President thinks the problem will be fixed by a stronger economy.

      I think Obama taking America on a race to hit the lowest common denominator wherever that bottom can be found in the entire world. It is his goal to break us down. He must be thinking like this: if he could bring down whites to the same level as natives americans in education, then his next pursuit would be to drag us down lower than that and match the college education level benchmark of the worst third world country. Obama is on a hunt to find the bottom and drag everybody down to it!

      Does the United Nations require that all these stats be presented to them in terms of race? Or does the president choose to present those stats in those terms? The United Nations is a racist organization or President Obama is a racist or both parties are racist.

    64. MOM in GA says:

      I cannot understand this obsession that BO has about everyone having a college education. Isn't the actual issue the poor elementary, middle school and high school education our kids are getting? If they can't make it to college, it isn't for lack of money. The government has thrown all sorts of college scholarship programs etc. at them. They can't get into college because they can't graduate with enough knowledge to get there in the first place! How about we worry about that first?

      Secondly, if every one has a college education, what will that make a college education mean? It simply will become the new standard. It won't raise anyone's earning potential because a) it won't be unique, and b) having a degree isn't what increases you earning potential, it's what your level of talent and ambition is.

      Third, I read a book the other day that stated that people who work in trades (ie. electrician, plumbing, etc.) are having a very difficult time trying to find new workers to train to replace them because no one wants to do this type of work. Despite the fact that there is a really good earning potential for these types of jobs, there are not many young high school graduates opting for this because they've been convinced that they have to go to college. If all of this is true, why are we trying to push all of our young people to go to college and making that some sort of standard for equality? And isn't this more an issue of industriousness and laziness?

      These statistics that are cited in this article as some sort of "proof" of the evilness of America are ridiculous and can only be traced back to one thing: The incompetence of the Obama administration.

    65. chip says:

      Fook off and get real job.

    66. Doc, Missouri says:

      I pray that a conservative federal congress (both houses) in January 11 has the nerve and will to make Obama reveal his true citizenship and ties to the Muslims…and his staunch stand against the United States. We've got to clean out the current congress in November!

    67. Moe Monette, Lithia says:

      Anything the UN puts out is idiotic…. Syria in charge of UN Human Rights… sheer stupidity and a waste of tax payer's money.. Get out of the UN and move the HQs to another country… we don't need them… they are worthless…

    68. Bob Stickel, Michiga says:

      Blake Shelton has a perfect song out for the UN and Obama. You can kiss my country ass!!!! Neither one could find their own ass standing in front of a full length mirror.

    69. Bob Stickel, South H says:

      both the UN and Obama can kiss my country ass. I didn't spend 2 tours in Vietnam fighting for OUR country to let some Idiot give all our freedoms away. And the UN can mind it's own damn business.

    70. 13th Generation Amer says:

      This is nothing new! BO has complained about what we Americans stand for from the beginning.

      He did so as an organizer for Acorn. He did so as a Senator from Illinois. He did so as he campaigned for the Dems nominee for Presidential Candidate. He did so while running for President. And a majority of the voters agreed with him. Because they did, he now does so as the leader of the free-est and most compassionate nation ever to exist.

      So now he's the President; what makes anyone think that being sworn in as President has miraculously changed his stripes? There is adequate proof that he is and always will be America’s Greatest Liar.

      In his mind, he is perfectly divine and always was from the beginning. Also, Soreos and the libs ALL TOLD HIM HE WAS as they pruned and primped him to be their puppet president!

      And, I for one do not expect him to ever stop believing he “HAS ALL THE ANSWERS” nor will he ever stop appointing himself the savior of all the earth.

      Satan has him so under control that even if he really is a Christian (which I strongly doubt) Satan, through pride, has deemed him null and void of any evidence that he is a Christian. I see none of the fruits.

      The only way to stop him is to take away his power by changing the control of the House and the Senate. Then we need to get our new representatives to reverse the damage he’s done to this country by repealing his bad laws, removal of his bad Executive Orders; most of which laws and orders are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Then we can impeach (the joke he played on American Justice) Elena Kagan.

      When he has finally suffered severe and meaningful defeat, he may become despondent enough to resign and go back to the foreign country that he originates from (whichever one that is).

    71. greenwood lake ny says:

      screw the white house like they are screwing the american public

    72. Charles , California says:

      More Koch family right wing distortions

      I am disppointed billionaires can spend lavishly to spread propagnada so they can keep their polluting industries unregulated

    73. Linda Maddox, Carlsb says:

      Wow! After reading the comments, do you think the American people are a little upset with this President?

      It's so bad that when we see him on t.v. we turn red! We get sick to our stomach and want to throw up!

      Ron Paul has a plan to stop our involvement in the UN. Why isn't anyone talking about it?

      Oops, the President stuck his foot in his month once again! He's showing how much he hates America!

    74. Barbara Sajko Wiscas says:

      I do not see how America can be a strong leader ,giving direction when we ourselves are floundering in debt economically, divided as a nation politically, and off course spiritually, forgetting the One who created this nation in the first place!

      There will not be any peace until the prince of peace returns! Obama is the disappointment as far as I am concerned. He has not "changed" the economic situation one iota. He promised "change". He also is leading this country in the wrong direction in regard to health care.

    75. Lloyd, Orlando, fl says:

      Governor Brewer needs to fight back against the federal government.

      Pass a state law requiring Obamma to present his birth certificate thus questioning his citizenship. As he said recently on a tv show, "Do I have to wear my birth certificate on my forehead." This will cause a problem.

    76. Lanell Jones, Alexan says:


    77. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Hey! Obama is lying about America! We love America. Glenn Beck is right that we must restore the Love of America. That is what Obama and his ilk have always attacked. They abuse Statistical Analysis to lie convincingly and that means they know what they are doing, they know they are undermining America. Our Nation is unique in going to war to save other nations and not taking their territory for our own. We are a Christian Nation by our Founding Documents, and to hate God, to hate Religion, to hate the Constitution and indeed, as Obama does, to hate every good thing about America, well, gosh! It is Un-American. Absolute confirmation is what Obama's apologies mean, the confirmation that this guy is a Traitor! The United Nations makes a fine counterpoint to what America is, and it is perfect to have the likes of Venezualan Dictators and Iranian murderers decide what is humane. See? That is who the U.N. is. The only thing to hate about America is the Socialism and Communism clogging our hearts and stealing our lives.

    78. Carol, AZ says:

      Our former community organizer with Acron funding behind him, is the man behind the curtain.

      This week he has tried to kill the messenger using the UN as his newest prop for distraction.

      But America isn't buying tickets any more to see the show.

      The show will cancelled in NOV.

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