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  • Morning Bell: The Left is in Full Retreat

    Last Thursday, a who’s who of the progressive movement met for a conference call organized by Families USA and hosted by the advocacy group for government-run health care, The Herndon Alliance. The Alliance’s partners include AARP, AFL-CIO, SEIU, MoveOn and La Raza, among many others. Democratic pollsters John Anzalone, Celinda Lake and Stan Greenberg were the call’s main event, and they were there to deliver some bad news. Politico reports: “Democrats are acknowledging the failure of their predictions that the health care legislation would grow more popular after its passage, as its benefits became clear and rhetoric cooled. … The presentation also concedes that the fiscal and economic arguments that were the White House’s first and most aggressive sales pitch have essentially failed.”

    Health care is not the only issue where the left is retreating in the face of strong disapproval from the American people. Versionista, a Portland, Oregon-based company that tracks changes to the White House website, reported last week that the Obama administration had made “whole-cloth” changes to its “Energy & Environment” issues page. Out are any references to a cap on carbon emissions and a campaign pledge to spend $150 billion on clean energy technologies. In its place the new White House site includes a three-minute Earth Day-themed video from President Barack Obama. And across the country, leftist Senate candidates in Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana have all come out against President Obama’s impending trillion dollar tax hike, due in January.

    As satisfying as it is to see Obamacare’s supporters come to terms with the failure of their grand plan, it is not enough for conservatives to just say “no.” Conservatives must have real plans for reform if the American people choose to empower them. The Heritage Foundation’s Solutions for America chapter on Getting Health Care Reform Right recommends:

    Repeal Obamacare: There is a precedent for repealing highly unpopular and misguided laws: the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988. Recently, over 70% of Missouri residents rejected a key provision of Obamacare­—the requirement that individuals purchase a health insurance plan designed and approved by government bureaucrats. The House of Representatives even voted recently to repeal one provision of Obamacare that will impose draconian paperwork requirements on millions of small businesses. The easiest way to address all these grievances: repeal Obamacare.

    Promote Personal Control Through Tax Equity: Today, workers who purchase coverage through their employer receive an unlimited tax break on the value of their health care benefits. However, those who purchase coverage on their own receive no comparable tax break. Ideally, the current tax exclusion should be replaced (or at the very least capped) with a system of universal tax credits for taxpayers. Medicaid and SCHIP spending should also be redirected to help low-income individuals and families purchase private health insurance

    Fix Current Government Health Programs: Medicare should be reformed into a defined-contribution system in which the government provides a contribution for benefits and seniors are able to apply their contribution to the health plan that suits them best.

    Promote Federal–State Partnerships: A one-size-fits-all federal solution cannot accommodate the unique and diverse health care challenges facing the states. The federal government should promote interstate commerce in health insurance, extend certain protections for those who maintain continuous coverage, and provide states with technical assistance and relief from federal rules that inhibit innovation.

    Provide Portability: Individuals—not the government—should be able to choose the health coverage that best suits their needs. To accomplish this, private health insurance must be portable—that is, owned by Americans so they can take their package from job to job.

    There is no better symbol for the overreach of the progressive movement into the daily lives of all Americans than Obamacare. Repealing this intolerable act and replacing it with the foundations for a truly market-based health care system is one of the best ways conservatives can capitalize on liberalism’s retreat.

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    85 Responses to Morning Bell: The Left is in Full Retreat

    1. S. Carruthers, Ohio says:

      Don't forget about tort reform.

    2. Ryan Kopp Evansville says:

      Love this country!

    3. Carl Jernigan says:

      Why not add Tort Reform and cap liabilty in a reasonable way

    4. Dan Weiss says:

      I noticed a piece in your quick hits about the mortgage relief program. This is worth greater investigation, perhaps by your staff. I know two people in that program and from what they tell me it is designed to fool people into believing they had their mortgages restructured while simultaneously preparing the foreclosure papers. They do this by lowering the payment for a "trial" period, but at least for my friend, that department never communicated to the foreclosure team. She got simultaneous letters of acceptance into the program and notice of foreclosure, even after making her trial payments on time for six months. It was my sense that the lender could simply opt out of any of these restructured arrangements at any time without cause. I'm sure I don't know the half of it, but it also seems no one has really looked into why this program is failing the people it was designed to help. Like any other Obama program, it is more facade than substance where it counts.

    5. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Provide Portability: Individuals—not the government—should be able to choose the health coverage that best suits their needs. To accomplish this, private health insurance must be portable—that is, owned by Americans so they can take their package from job to job.

      This can be coined B-Y-O-B

      Bring Your Own Benefits

      Emphasize that both the public and private sector employers would no longer have HR departments plagued with this task. Each employee would go to a Broker on main street to package up their personal benefits the way they want them by private sector professionals. This package can be taken from broker to broker or from employment entity to employment entity. The bargaining chip here only needs to be how much that package the employment entity will be willing to pay for the employee. This puts the entire benefits industry on main street for full competition. I would only say that public employment entities be restricted to pay only the average percentage paid by the private sector. By setting limits on how many years a public employee can work in the public sector (remove the job security factor), this puts public employees and private employees on the same risk level – thus allowing both to be paid comparable salaries. Benefits would then be become a personal choice for each person.

      This should get rid of the animosity the private sector has always had on the public sector. We all become equal

    6. Bob H. Syosset, N.Y. says:

      I am very suspicious of liberals all of a suddenly "switching positions" on anything just before an election. I fully expect them to switch back to their previous stance after the election, unless of course they loose their majority in one or both houses this november.

    7. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      The plan outlined by Heritage contains thoughts about health care we should all be able to agree on — Americans and democrats alike.

    8. Tanna Kasperowicz, C says:

      You guys are the best.

      DEMS in Massachusetts are so frightened of the mid-terms that they're trying to get party designations (D, R) taken off the ballot. Many others are running for myriad of seats as Independents.

    9. Jeanette Walker says:

      We have yet to learn what exactly is in the Obamacare health/insurance bill. When will we know what to expect?

    10. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "Retreat" from what?

      More SICK people are being covered by ObamaCare every day.
      And that is GOOD.

      When the NEEDY NEED help
      they turn to the Democrats.

      The GOP ONLY care for the RICH.

    11. Mary.... WI says:

      Sounds like a well thought out plan. Now all you have to do is convince Obama and congress.

      Unfortunately, all those organizations listed at the beginning of your article aren't going to like any changes to Obamacare because they have so much to lose….everything they gained with Obamacare would be lost.

      But I say tough…..majority rules…… or at least in the America I knew it used to. November is coming soon! Our "voices" will be heard!

    12. James A - Longdrycre says:

      Solutions for America is an appropiate path. I have my doubts, however, the Michael Steele and John B. and Mitch Mc have the intelligence or the unshakeable will to see this thought to success.

      As part of the Imperial Establishment and Congress, these folks are always for cutting deals and spending money. I have little confidence in the Republican House or Senate leadership. Just another collection of empty Oxxford suits on parade.

      However, there are some Republican senators with gumption: DeMint and the guy from Oklahoma. The rest of them appear as timerous mice.

    13. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I WAS WRONG.

      Some of the REALLY POOR will get – "FREE HCare"

      my concern is – Will they be smart enough to use it?

      Hope so.


    14. LeRoy says:

      The government as we now come to know it, must be stopped!! Vote them all out! Start over!! We hope the Republicans get in that they realize if they continue on this same path of destruction of our country, THEY will also be out!!! They had better not keep putting all this money into their own pockets, just to make sure they remain in office….. We are so sick of the mess obama has gotten us into. Republicans help cause it too. but obama has made it worse!!! I really beleive he wants the US to go under, so he can become a dictator……

    15. Chuck O'Reilly says:

      Additional items for getting health care reform right are as follows:


      A. Limit the amount of the awards for malpractice;

      B. Eliminate the necessity for unnecessary tests.


      A. Medicare is currently prevented from negotiating the price it will pay to the sellers of the drugs that are purchased for Medicare patients. Direct Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate with all of its vendors for the best price for all of the drugs and products that they buy.

      B. Require that the members of congress and all employees of the federal government be covered by the same insurance policies that are available to the citizens of the United States.

      C. Create a consumer-directed health insurance option, or Health Savings Account (HSA), to the conventional plans available to all employees and federal and state workers.

      D. Have competitive bidding between the private health plans for Medicare that enroll Medicare beneficiaries—known as Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.

      E. (I’m sure there are more items that should be listed here.)


      A. Established enforcement and use E-Verify to insure that illegal immigrants will not benefit from any government subsidized health insurance.

      B. Established enforcement and use E-Verify to insure that illegal immigrants will not benefit from any type of health car. Hospitals should use E-Verify for all new patients to ensure they are eligible for the care they have requested. Illegals should be turned over to the sherriff after receiving care.

      C. Use E-Verify for individuals applying for low income subsidies or those enrolling in Medicaid or Medicare.

      D. Send quarterly reports to Medicare members who have been reported receiving benefits by Medicare providers so that they may report fraud when their identity has been misused by a provider.

      E. Require that states, before they may participate in Medicaid, must have in effect a law that meets the following requirements:

      1. Establish liability to the State for false or fraudulent claims described in the False Claims Act (FCA) with respect to any expenditures related to State Medicaid plans;

      2. Contain provisions that are at least as effective in rewarding and facilitating qui tam actions for false or fraudulent claims as those described in the FCA;

      3. Contain a requirement for filing an action under seal for 60 days with review by the State Attorney General;

      4. Contain a civil penalty that is not less than the amount of the civil penalty authorized under the FCA.

      F. Improve policy and procedures to prevent the theft of Medical identity (like one’s name, Social Security number, and Medicare or Medicaid numbers) to obtain medical care, buy drugs, or submit fake billings to Medicare or Medicaid.

      G. (I’m sure there are more items that should be listed here.)

    16. dennis morell San Di says:

      Let Freedom ring,no more govt. influence than allready here ,we do not want imposed factions of healthcare

    17. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Amen to this, we do not need the federal gov't. in our daily lives, this is what communism is.

    18. Wayne Mieth, San Die says:

      One major improvement for use during the selection of insurance coverage would be a standard list of coverage options and cost that could be used to compare competitors. Insurance coverage is complex and confusing for the average consumer who typically only looks at health insurance plans once a year. Too much latitude is available to insurance providers to obfuscate (conceal or confuse) coverage information (try comparing five car insurance coverage plans to determine the cheapest!). If the insurance providers have a quality, competitive product they should have no problem providing comparable information that can be used by the informed consumer as a selection tool. The information would be selected by an unbiased group or organization (not employed by the insurance business) and required for all insurance competitors.

    19. dennis morell San Di says:

      Freedom is not free our brave men on the battle field allow us to be responsible citizens so lets not disappoint them and do our part! Please !!

    20. curt in Columbus says:

      Meanwjile. The FDA is prepping us for another 'historic and tranformative' power grab.

      If we're still brainstorming a Contract with America for November, how about the complete severence of government and healthcare.

    21. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      There are a host of Bills, Laws, Regulations that have come out of Washington that are stifling the lives of American citizens. These must be undone for a healthy America to exist. But the one thing that absolutely needs to be done to insure that America stays healthy is to dismantle the "ruling class" ideation that permeates politicians' thinking. This can only be done by forcing them (somehow) to bring about very limited term-limits via an amendment to the Constitution; an amendment which directs that all elected officials must be subject to the same laws and extent as all citizens; no special dispensations for politicians; no special lucrative pensions, health benefits, or living like royalty should be allowed and no waste of the taxpayers money on themselves, special interests or foreign welfare! They are the servants of the people! We must stop their forcing us to serve them!

    22. Dennis Georgia says:

      The "govment" is way to big already, this thing with pel;osi, reid and obama is nothing more than bigger "govment" more handouts, and more burden on the working person. The people need to make their own decisions about their lives and health care, not some idiot in Washington. The American people have been brain washed into believing that that do not have the ability to make decisions about their life. The bigger "guvment" gets the more we as citizens give up or freedoms to make decisions. We must take back our country, our lives, and our future.

    23. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Not About "health care," never was. Always was a pure Communist takeover of the economy. November will test to see if our vote has been compromised by the Marxists. Use your Dollars,

      while it still has value, to Gear Up.

    24. Brian Paris, Boise, says:

      Congress should pass no law that doesn't equally apply to congress. That includes Social Security and all the other self serving perks.

    25. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      If the Republicans get control of one of the houses of Congress, I hope they make one rule and stick to it — before a bill is debated or passed, it MUST BE READ by all the members. The only way Obamacare got rammed down our throats was by democrats insisting bills must be signed before they were even written down in debatable form. No nore of dingy Harry's speedreader throwing page after page on the floor. READ THE BILL!!!

    26. Ray Davenport Portla says:

      The Democrats are no longer mentioning Health Care. Nor are the Republicans.

    27. KC - New Mexico says:

      II wish that I could believe what is in today's HF, but I can't. The mainstream media is consistently driving the other side of this message. This is the media and information that the majority in America receives. Everything is just fine and the president is doing a great job – even deserved the 6th vacation at tax payers’ expense.

      If the republicans or independents are going to make a real move this year in November, they need to get the word out to the majority of Americans. This is not happening. Without significant media coverage of what is really happening in America, get ready for the same old stuff come November!

    28. Ed Angelo, Quakertow says:

      Remarkable–bash Pres. Obama like you've bashed him since even before he took office. We all had to stand behind Pres. Bush in the wake of 9/11 or risk being called unpatriotic, or even pro-terrorist. But now that we are facing the worse crisis since the Great Depressioin, all you right-wing republicans can do is wish and pray for a return to Bushism and for Pres. Obama to fail. Isn't that unpatriotic?

      Amazing historical revisionism: you've all convinced yourself that Pres. Obama has got us in this economic fix, totally erasing and ignoring the historical fact that Obama had to dig the country out of the mess that Bush and republicans and the money class got us into.

      And as usual you criticize, but have no plan of your own. Your plan is the same old crap: let the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and your only morality is greed! Your God is mammon, though so many of you wave the flag for Jesus. Hypocrites!

      We must get behind this Pres. like we did for Bush in 2001.

    29. David, Portsmouth, V says:

      Ken, you're clearly on crack. Did the government pay for that too?

      The line has been crossed between "needing help" and "government takeover".

      The bailouts, healthcare, stimulus, etc., etc., all sound good on TV, and even sometimes look good on paper. However, everything B. Hussein has done so far equals little more than turning this country into a corporation.

      Americans have been screaming so loud against this man's agenda for so long, we have no voice left. We barely had one to begin with as far as "government" is concerned.

      Democrat, Republican…it doesn't matter what letter is beside your name anymore. Washington has been slowly PURCHASING the American people for decades…it's just that Hussein and his D.C. mafia have grossly sped up the process, d*mn near to a point from which we're not going to be able to recover.

      WE THE PEOPLE need to take back this country, exercise our Constitutional rights, and stop this "government" from turning the United States into communist Russia.

      We're running out of time!

    30. Mary.... WI says:

      Ken Jarvis….even before obamacare there were government healthcare programs for the "really poor" or those unable to pay. PLUS many doctors, dentists, hospitals and clinics provide services for free for many in need. The question is why haven't these folks been directed by social workers in the past and will they be there for these folks in the future ( it's not because the poor aren't smart enough as you put it). And surely many churches have this information as well to pass on to members and folks in their communities. But don't confuse this with what illegals are doing to our system which is abuse and unfair to our legal citizens. Just wanted to clarify.

    31. Howard says:

      I don't agree. The left is not in full retreat. The left(Democrats, traitors, Marxists, Fascists, radical Muslims, progressives) has the final goal of tyranny and total domination of you from cradle to grave. RINOs are just as bad and unfortunately, the RNC still supports many of those who include Collins, Snowe, McCain, Gramnesty, etc.

    32. Judy Wood, Indiana says:

      The only way to really reform the government is if "We The People" put some much needed limits on politicians. Currently, the political life is financially enticing – we need to change that. They will not be the public servants they need to be until we make some changes. Here is what I propose: 1) No government official may make more than the average of his/her constituents. Yes that means that some will make more than others because they represent a wealthier area, however . . . 2) Each official MUST actually live in (not just have an address in) the jurisdiction in which they are running. They must have established their physical residence (meaning more than 6 months of each year) in their jurisdiction for a minimum of 10 years before running for any office. 3) There will be a term limit – no more than 2 terms for any public office. 4) There will be no lifetime pensions – that includes for the presidency. All of these things, put together, make it a losing proposition financially. So, the only ones that would be willing to serve are those that are truly interested in serving – which is as it should be.

    33. Bill Brownfield, Bev says:

      Congrats to Heritage and Conn Carroll to condense the health care problems and solutions into one concise and meaningful program. This evaluation should be in the hands of all senators and reps.

    34. Ray Burke, Houston T says:

      More government, less freedom.

      Less government, more freedom.

      It,s your choice. Choose carefully.

    35. Ron Derry NH says:

      It is hard to think that a couple dozen self appointed defenders of crony capitalism have finally admitted that their hijacking of a burdened economic system that has been corrupted by politicians and thieves called special interests groups, has conclude that their selfish arrogant agenda based economic plan has failed ……you mean they may have actually woken up to the fact that corruption, embezzling and defrauding worth that imbalances value and need so badly even when you double down on the same logic with a new sales pitch, doesn't work??

      I'm shocked that reality is even playing a role here as American College graduates schooled in Keynesian economics, are known for sameness of purpose that usually equates to continuing the theft of worth in their favor even when the reality proves otherwise.

      And as usually there is always one person still repeating brainwashed rhetoric that has no intellectual value, serves no purpose, has no historical evidence to back it and is based on the same fantasies of "NO economic IDEA" of how economies work that got us here.

      We need an economic solution that brings worth back into the hands of the market place where losses are not added to the people and where value can be measured by need….Socialism doesn't address that neither does allowing corruption to grow to be the governing force of the ignorant too willing to shed responsibility to be enslaved by those who would invent worth by government decree.

    36. V.T.Turk says:

      Anyone jumping for joy at the bad news Demo pollsters delivered to their leaders need to calm down and collect their thoughts quickly.Our country the USA is in dangerous waters.Exactly as former president Thomas Jefferson said it could be if voters allow the Fed Govt.to get so big they promise to take care of us by giving citizens what they want and at the same time being able to take everything given away. Listen to the past! If the GOP wins a majority in both house's come Nov.let history guide us. Voters remember very well when the GOP won both houses in 94 with the Contract for America then proceded to "spend" record amounts of deficit dollars! We voters remember.

    37. Dr RJ Williams says:

      The Left is _never_ in full retreat, as we have clearly learned repeatedly: e.g., the reputed fall of communism with the failure of the USSR brought into high relief how it is the advocates of that corrupt system slink there plotting way yet deeper into the bowels of Russian politics, renaming and restructuring in the dark nights that are their usual planning mechanism, and has finally sprung back to life in the false reformation of the Russian government led by a man who need not play second fiddle to anyone in Russia but would have the Russian people and officials at all levels play second fiddle to him, no excuses given or allowed.

      This method has been so successful that it often appears the lesson has been well-learned among the American counterparts who would have our own systems restructured and refitted to serve their own self-admiring purposes and ends. They are never in retreat, only in chrysalis — but what always emerges is always the same old worm whose intentions always turn blacker and blacker. The electoral map and national elections results tell the same story: those who would take are now numerous and concentrated enough that all the life giving water of the votes of an entire nation seem more and more often unable to dilute their poison.

    38. toledofan says:

      We can only hope those running as Republicans are paying attention and understand the wants and needs of real Americans. Repealing or just not funding the healthcare bill would be a huge step in the right direction, implementing a budget and spending freeze would help. We are the ones that can either slow the train or let it go full speed, so, the elections this November become the ace in the hole. I just have to say, that if you look at everything from TARP through the Gulf, all the mis-steps, the lies, deceit, corruption, arrogance and the general mismanagement of everything, why would anyone vote or even be willing to say they are a Democrat in the first place?

    39. Kathryn James, Colle says:

      THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Hopefully, a new Republican Congress will either REPEAL OR DEFUND this obamacare travesty. I assume they are kept informed of your info and recommendations. There is much more that needs to be repealed, defunded or cancelled altogether; tough to do and it will take strong character and determination to get the job done.

    40. stlgretchen, St. Lou says:


      This is a followup to Mr. Pollock's appearance at Kirkwood Baptist Church and his talk on Families USA healthcare stance. There will be video forthcoming of his rather interesting remarks. What he said a few weeks ago vs what he is saying now is vastly different.

    41. Judy says:

      Add Tort reform to this and we have the formula to start repairing the destructive agenda of the Obama regime.

    42. Mike Riordan, St. Lo says:

      I'm a staunch conservative and hope existing Republicans in both houses of congress hear the people loudly and clearly. We're sick of back room deals. We're sick of the spinning on a dime. (Hello John McCain). I wish Arizona would get him out. He and his ilk have been the problem. Gang of 14, immigration, McCain/Feingold. You lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. Stand on principle or get out of the way.

    43. Tom,Helena,Montana says:

      Unfortunately,reforming the healthcare system is coming too late for medical doctors,myself included,who are leaving the profession early, not to retire, but to work at another job.The public has persisted in its stereotype of doctors being "rich". The fact is that there are tens of thousands of union workers with wages and benefits, and pensions which many doctors would envy. Just so you all know, in real, inflation adjusted dollars, I currently receive TEN PERCENT of the fee I received in 1989 from medicare for the surgical procedures I do. My overhead has risen probably two hundred percent. over those years.

      You are going to have a health system with "nurse specialists", "nurse doctors". The story of students training into their thirties to become doctors continues currently, and many of these students are racking up two or three hundred thousand dollars in debt. It is a tragedy that they will not realize until they have been out a while and compare their situation with peers and friends in other professions.

      While I am all for free enterprise, the fact is that in the past ten years my practice was only "private" in the sense that all my expenses were in the private sector. My income, my fees were determined by Medicare, and most insurance companies offered me ten or twenty percent LESS than Medicare, as their CEOs made tens of millions.

      But I have to say that the way the "marketplace" has treated physicians leaves me cynical.Unfortunately the only government program I would support would be one where the government builds the clinics, hires all the staff, and then, and only then, I would be able to compare my wages, benefits, and pension to all the other drones in government to see if it was worth me making the daily effort.I know the patient care would not be as good. Of course government would never give physicians the benefits of civil servants, and so we would continue to face private sector overhead while trying to see as many patients as possible for dwindling government fees. A bad deal for patients and for doctors.

    44. Earl Beam says:

      Your label of "intolerable act" (Repealing this intolerable act…) is very appropriate as a parallel to the label the colonists put on new British taxes by King George prior to the American Revolution. Could we be heading to a parallel set of circumstances now as with those that preceded the Revolution?

    45. Tomas New Mexico says:

      Don't just vote an incumbent repub back in because of party. Remember that they are mostly RINO's. Vote them all out and start clean with people that really want our government to function as it was intended. The various local Tea Parties are doing pretty fine jobs of vetting folks. Get involved and stop believing ANYTHING that ANY of these lying professional politicians tell ya! If they are talking, they are lying.

    46. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Is anyone that foolish to think the left is "retreating"? Do they think they will give up their socialist utopa dreams after they have manipulated Congress, the White House, the media, and so much more? Give it all up when they are within sight of their goals? Not a chance! They're regrouping! Preparing for the final onslaught in November, and the lame duck session, until the new Congress is sworn into office next January. Don't be fooled into believing they don't have "plans" to continue their destruction of this country. Just remember they have sworn they

      will do or say anything they must to get the Obama agenda passed the people.

    47. Adrian Go says:

      I agree with Judy.

    48. Jack E Lohman says:

      >>> "Why not add Tort Reform and cap liability in a reasonable way?"

      Because there is no reasonable way. Can you imagine ending up in a wheelchair for life? Better to convert to a three judge panel of experts and get rid of the 12 man jury of emotional idiots.

      Jack Lohman …

    49. Drew Page, IL says:

      I agree with the Heritage advice that Republicans must be able to offer more to the public than just saying "No" to the Democrats. Health Care Reform is a good place to start. Instead of calling for a complete repeal of Obamacare, revisions to it might make more sense, not the least of which would be tort reform in the area of punitive damage awards due to medical malpractice. To maintain the original intent of punitive damage lawsuits was to financially punish wrongdoers. This could still be done by Channeling any awards to charities such as the American Red Cross, or the National Cancer Research Foundation, or other such research foundations for the cure and prevention of diseases. Victims of medical malpractice (or their immediate families) by doctors and hospitals should be compensated for their medical bills, loss of income and pain and suffering. However, neither lawyers not plaintiffs should receive punitive damage awards.

    50. Steve Stone, Tucson, says:

      As others are saying–we must have tort reform and meaningful caps on liability as a KEY component of any alternative healthcare proposal from the Republicrats.

    51. marileigh schulte, s says:

      Where are the republicans on these issues ? They are silent . I want to hear some noise or they will NOT get my vote.

    52. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      I just talked to the M.D. who cared for my 97 year old mother who passed away a few months ago. He told me that under the rules of Obama care my mother would not have been given the care that allowed her children and grandchildren to gather and say good bye to a noble woman who had given so much to her family. The thought that other families will be denied this opportunity is sad. And my self employed 40 year old son's health insurance premiums just went up 29%. The company told him it was to pay for all those that Obama care said they now had to insure. His earnings went up zero.

    53. Ralph, Michigan says:

      I am not trying to burst the bubble here, but…

      There are still quite a number of days until the election, and liberals are getting desperate. Remember, a very popular military tactic is to convince your enemy you are retreating and when they pursue you, spring the trap.

      There is a grat deal of very dangerous legislation sitting on desks in the House and the Senate. If anything, we need to be more vigilant and aware than ever before. Or we may wake up in Barrack's vision of america.

      And for those of you who are still wondering where we are headed, find whatever information you can (from good sources) on Saul ALinsky and his book, :Rules for Radicals." It may help to clear the fog.

    54. Thurman Judd, Tempe, says:

      Republicans must advance some specific plans. It is not necessary to address all issues. But there needs to be plans for health care, immigration and taxes.

      Keep up the good work, and do not for a second believe that a Republican resurgance is assured for November. The Dems have lots of money to spend.

    55. sue maxwell, Provo, says:

      Many of us pay for our own health care anyway, as we go to alternative practictioners that the FDA disapproves of; more people actually use alternative types of care than traditional present approaches because they are successful, yet we still pay for our health insurance. Fortunately, chiropractic has been paid for, and I could not live without that. There certainly is a need for physicians when there are accidents and other similar emergencies.. But, there is so much politics involved in our present system that if people knew about it they would rebel at that, also.

      My husband's great grandfather was a country doctor who delivered 3000 babies and didn't lose one. Door to door service. He said that if he ever had been paid for all of his services, he would have been a millionaire. Today, many go into medicine to become millionaires and you cannot get out of an office without forking over the money. I think that physicians and politicized medicine have created most of our problems- too much ego, money and politics involved in the entire system. And we have handed over our own responsibility to take care of our health to our physicians. We have made them into gods!

      A real overhaul would bring back old fashioned, personalized medicine, open the door to any type of service that works, teach people how to stay healthy and reward those who keep healthy by living in a healthy life style. I think if physicians were only paid if their services helped, then there would be alot of changes.

      And now the situation will get worse if this new plan stays. It is a horror, if you know anything about it.

      If Obama's plan is not repealed, I will be still doing the same thing- paying for my assistance out of my own pocket. If it takes out my chiropractor, I won't be able to go and I have a genetic problem.

      I think Obama is out to wreck this country and doesn't give one hoot about us. I agree that one should be suspicious of changes in extreme liberals before an election. You hear what they say, but watch what they do.

    56. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I believe it. I think Obama ran just to prove that he could screw up the economy even

      more than Bush did. I admit it. I didn't like Bill Clinton when he first ran for President.

      But compared to Obama, he was the closest thing to a Republican president we had in the '90s.

    57. DGHarrison, Minnesot says:

      I read and hear all the time that "Republicans have to have a plan of their own." Okay, yes, I agree. But aren't we close enough to the mid-term elections to be hearing them state this plan rather than just hearing pundits' pleas for such a plan? Can you provide a list of Republicans that actually endorse a plan not only to rescind ObamaCare but to provide for at least the following:

      1. the elimination of state mandates regarding insurance products (state meddling is responsible for increasing healthcare costs more than any natural market force)

      2. interstate commerce for all insurance products (no more caveats: "not available in some states")

      3. tax deductions for all insurance premiums (or none — including union plans — if we change our tax laws to allow for, say, a national sales tax in place of the income tax, which would obviate the need for tax deductions)

      4. portability of all insurance plans (bringing healthcare insurance on par with homeowner, vehicle, life, and any other insurance product retained by free Americans)

      5. tort reform (though what we really need is a house cleaning in all our liberal judicial chambers)

    58. DGHarrison, Minnesot says:

      Ken Jarvis thinks ObamaCare has already been implemented.

    59. George - Syracuse NY says:

      Tort reform is badly needed, but with 75% of the Congress being attorneys, where will this go. Also if they were good attorneys, they would not have time to run for office. In essence we have the bottom of the barrel representing us! What we really need is to get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank and any others that do not have the interests of our Country foremost.

    60. Rhonda H. Orlando, F says:

      Seniors, please look closely at who was on the conference call:

      The Herndon Alliance. The Alliance's partners include AARP, AFL-CIO, SEIU, MoveOn and La Raza, among many others.

      AARP is NOT your friend! Just look at who they are in bed with. Cancell your membership and do not support them.

    61. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      For those interested in a good read, I suggest "We Have Been Had" by James Kenna. It is an in depth study into the origins of the socialist movement in the United States and how it has infiltrated the current Democratic Party. The book is referenced and is as factual as possible. The book is available through Amazon.com and even though it reports the book is out of stock you will get it in a week or so.

      For those who think socialized health care is a good thing – look to Canada or England for answers. I'll stick with our system.

    62. Peg, Massillon, OH says:

      Democrats and company (SEIU) who wrote the "Obamacare" bill, left out one very important issue. They failed to safeguard the whole by neglecting to include the caveat that one part being repealed or deemed unconstitutional by the courts, will not nullify the entire bill. So, when the court decides that even one part of the bill is unconstitutional, the entire bill will be unconstitutional. If one part of the bill is repealed by congress, the entire bill will be repealed. Watch what happens when they realize this huge loophole in their creation.

    63. Dorothy Curley, 12 M says:

      I'd like to comment on a recent email from a friend that printed an excerpt from the health care reform regarding that it includes a 3.8% federal tax on the sale of your home. What does that have to do with health care? With the real estate market hurting, how does that help the public? Do the calculation – that's a lot of money! I don't read anything about this item. Just one more bad idea from this administration.

    64. Samwise, Connecticut says:

      AARP has long been ripping off seniors for their own financial benefits. They are running a blitz of ads everywhere, tv, radio, newspapers, magazines…spending millions they should be spending on their subscribers…I hope it won't be long before this radical leftist group is completely put out of business. Seniors should get informed about the rip off and spend their money elsewhere…

    65. Greg Norton, Boise, says:

      Special tax treatment for medical insurance and medical care is the source of the problem, expanding tax-deductible and will not solve it. Expanded tax-deductible treatment only gets the government more deeply involved as. rent seekers lobby to expand or contract exactly what services and what payments are deductible. Will someone be able to deduct the expense of flying to the Riviera for specialized treatment? What about the airfare to fly to another region of the US or the treatment is much less expensive? Will vanity surgery be deductible? How about routine pedicures?

      The only insurance I have a special tax treatment is medical insurance, and that is the only area that seems to be in trouble. Tax policy should be for the raising of revenue, not for providing incentives for certain kinds of behavior. Furthermore,without tax deductibility of policies, or medical procedures would be paid for out of pocket leading to increased price-shopping, reduced paperwork for doctors, and lower medical costs.

      Why doesn't The Heritage Foundation realize this?

    66. Randa Perry, Tenness says:

      Tort reform… tort reform… tort reform.

    67. Kaye Nock says:

      I read in the WSJ this A.M. that even if a bill was passed in the House and the Senate that would negate the Health Care reform, Obama's veto pen could cancel all the Republican/Independent conservative efforts. Is this true?

    68. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Even the article "The Left Is In Full Retreat" appears to be yet another promotion of more of the same "playing out in the middle of the road"…full of more of the same "Leftist/Statist-Lite" which not only at best lightly pokes at some of the agents and symptoms of the disease called Statism, which is in fact more of the same for which Republicans, whether truly Conservative or not, have been kicked out of power for either out-spending or going along with their counterparts, all for fear of being called names…which never stopped anyway.

      When will some people, including some writers in Heritage's "The Foundry", "The Morning Bell", ever learn the wisdom in our parent's trying to warn us against "playing out in the middle of the road", such as pushing more of the same "Statist/Leftist-Lite"? Or must all of us, the people, and our freedoms, resources, and security be "run over and killed" first?

    69. Vernon Watson, Idaho says:

      Re: Ken Jarvis – Las Vegas

      Since the benefits of Obamacare aren't slated to kick until 2014 and this is only 2010, please name one sick person who is better off today because of Obamacare. Further, even though I am sure that a lot of folks would love to be supported at the expense of others, the Federal government has no authority to do so. Invoking "interstate commerce" as a rationale for a huge socialist federal power grab is a ludicrous stretch of the imagination, which is why it is so unpopular with all American people except the "Entitlement" folks.

    70. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      It is refreshing to see the 1988 Catastrophic Illness Act repeal cited to reassure people that this can be done.

      I think it would help if Heritage went into some detail as to the mechanics of getting something like that bill repealed. This would further underline the fact to the public that it can be done because it has been done.

      Also I think it would be informative to carefully look at this current bill to locate the "time bombs", "land mines" and other devices hidden in the text to deliberately derail attempts at repeal. You can "make book" that this legislative nightmare is loaded.

      The Financial Reform act should follow Obamacare to the ashcan but with the same warnings in affect. We do not want any disabling injuries due to hidden explosives.

      Tort Reform and Fraud are separate issues and need to dealt with after the primary "trash" that is Obamacare has been "taken out".

    71. Barbara, Woodbrindge says:

      We are on the right track, we just need to stay focused and inspired for November……talk to your friends about voting and make sure we get as many people out there as possible! Let's take back the House and the Senate!

    72. Ray, Buffalo NY says:

      The Obama administration was doomed from the start with his one sided strong arm tactics. He's proven himself a liar and master of deception, a very costly disaster to the USA.and he isn't even eligible to be President under the constitution. The only credit Obama deserves is for infiltrating our country, courts and government and pulling of the biggest scam on the citizens of the USA in the history of our proud nation. He and those responsible for this will be held accountable to the people.

    73. Anonymous, North Tex says:

      Dr. Tom in Montana is correct, years ago there was a medical industry risk analysis predicting the trend that he and other physicians currently face. There is a belief in governmental and insurance industry circles that persistent negative propaganda regarding traditional doctor -patient relationships, and subjecting physicians to increasing regulation, and diminished reimbursement would diminish the physician pool and allow the public to be more receptive to care by non physician NPs and Nurses.Does anyone believe that it is merely coincidence that private insurance rates are tied to Medicare? The democrats and republicans are both "tools" of the insurance industry lobby. Dr. Tom, while you are getting starved out ,the current CEO of UnitedGroup made $101.96 million in 2009.There is a belief among industry insiders and academics that use of NP/Nurse health care providers will increase profits and diminish costs. This is as usual wrong for several reasons. Nurses can and will unionize(Docs are subject to antitrust laws). Providers with less training 1) make more costly errors and 2)Providers with less experience order more and often inappropriate medical testing. The Dems have to go,but the republicans will not make your healthcare any better because of longstanding lobbying conflicts of interest with the bloated insurance industry.

    74. Chris says:

      Hey Idiot! Obamacare does not go into affect for several more years. not till after he dips into your pocket to fund it then you get to pay for it twice. Once in hidden taxes and another out of your pocket.

    75. Donald L. Wheatley - says:

      Rhonda H., Orlando, FL You are absolutely right about AARP. My wife & I were

      members of AARP for almost 7 years. When they came out and endorsed Obamacare, I immediately canceled our membership.

      I can't begin to tell you how many times I get letters from them wanting me to pay my dues. Know to know wheat I do? I take their postage free envelope, cram it full of trash mail to make it heavy as possible, so they have to pay higher postage rates, and write on a piece of paper, UP YOURS!!!

    76. Barbara Baker says:

      IF ONLY!!!! translated: If only enough of us will continue to join, read, and then take some type of positive action towards the repeal of this GIANT NIGHTMARE, called OBAMACARE – ( READING ESP. FROM THE EXCELLENT RESEARCH THAT THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION MAKES AVAILABLE ) —- this current attempt to SOCIALIZE AND CONTROL THE LIVES OF ALL AMERICANS will become a very bad memory – or thing of the past! THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST MISTAKES ANY US PRESIDENT AND ADMINISTRATION HAS EVER ATTEMPTED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! There can be no doubt about the true and destructive motivations behind this administrations' plans for the future for Americans: COMPLETE CONTROL OVER EVERY FACET OF OUR LIVES. PLEASE VOTE IN NOVEMBER, 2010 – then —— watch, read, study and act to make certain that in the November 2012 elections that Americans will demonstrate to the Federal Government that a return to our Constitutional principles has occurred, never again to be taken from us by any means. Thank you, Heritage Foundation – from one very proud member. bbaker

    77. John PA says:

      Re; Ken Jarvis……..from his comments, I thought he was using some very good stuff!!! But then I found out he was on a different planet when Nancy Pel-loser was reading the Healthcare Bill……..Oops!!! Maybe I'm wrong because Nancy has still not read the bill!!!

    78. John Leggat, Phoenix says:

      I liked your list of suggestions but we need also to add tort reform. The lawyers need to be restrained sufficiently that docs don't have to constantly practice defensive medicine. Perhaps a Workman's Compensation-type schedule of payments matched to classes of injuries should be implemented to lower lawyers' expectations. Frivolous suits would in large measure thereby be diminished.

    79. Paul, Maryland says:

      Two words (and it does worry me a little that they weren't in your post): TORT REFORM!!!!

    80. Johann Wolfgang von says:

      To Ken Jarvis from LV

      Dear Ken,

      Please learn there is no free lunch, not even the government can make you (ar anybody else) a free lunch! You have a very low understanding of basic economics and would do well to educate your opinion before offering it! Government run health care simply transfers the burden of cost from the present system that requires the private sector to pay the greatest part of indigent health care to the public secotor. I cannot think of a poorer steward of any resource in the history of humans than a government. Private individuals have always provided better care for personal resources than governments. Ask the satisfaction rate of those with their present private health care and those with government health care i.e. VA, Medicare, Medicaid then compare the results. For one additional and horrific problem, also remember that government run health care is never any farther than one congressional vote away from perpetrating a public "evil": (such as euthanasia, abortion, forced sterilizations, etc.) or determining first the funds for care and then telling the operatchicks and bureaucrats "make do, use it up, or do without." In turn these results come to us all and all will not fare the same. The wealthy will go elsewhere even if it is out of the country and the rest of us are powerless. Please review economics, your data, personal freedom, and then inform your opinion before you put it in print!

    81. Michael Kirsch, M.D. says:

      The more folks learn about Obamacare, the more they will realized that the snake oil won't cure them or the health care system. We physicians were on to them from the start, but the government juggernaut could not be halted. As the costs rise and the promised benefits dissipate, the public will remember who to crediti with this fiasco. http://bit.ly/d19Era

    82. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      I have 2 comments, 1 every congressman should have to take an oath to uphold the constitution as written and mean it, second they MUST read each law before voting on it and sign an affadvit that they did such. As for health reform, I am a retired nurse and I left hospital nursing yrs. ago due to the paper work required by the goverment. I spent more time doing paper work than patient care so I went to private duty nursing, where I could hold a patients hand, give a back rub and take the time ti listen to them and assure them. This is not available in a hospital, you are lucky to see your nurse once a shift, answering call lights from the desk not in person, it's going to get worse if this Obama care is allowed to continue, and more good nurses and doctors will leave the professions.

    83. Angel says:

      great work Ro…lets pray we take our Nation back!

    84. adam christian, dall says:

      Glenn Beck is a muslim. we deserve better of our commentators. he is very unpatriotic.

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