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  • Obamacare Proponents Running Scared

    A new messaging strategy, based on public polling results from top Democratic pollsters, suggests that congressional lawmakers should wave the white flag when discussing Obamacare in their election campaigns. The PowerPoint presentation, released in a conference call organized by Families USA, encouraged officials to “keep claims small and credible: don’t overpromise or ‘spin’ what the law delivers.”

    In other words, abandon ship on claims that lawmakers made for months during the health reform debate—that the legislation would in any way reduce the nation’s deficit or lower health care costs (in fact, this was a recommendation in the presentation’s “not-to-do” list).

    But wait, weren’t those the main reasons why President Barack Obama in July 2009 pressed for a fast-track passage of a massive overhaul to our health care system? At a prime-time press conference during a contentious summer when many Americans expressed uncertainty, here’s how the President justified the urgency:

    “If we do not control these [health care] costs, we will not be able to control our deficit,” Obama said. “If we do not reform health care, your premiums and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket.”

    Well, the Obama Administration got its “reform,” and the public was left with revised projections of higher deficits. Plus, workers can expect smaller paychecks next year as many businesses plan to pass higher health care costs onto their employees.

    The new findings highlight what many pollsters have been reporting for months following the passage of the new health law:

    • Many don’t believe this health reform will help the economy.
    • Voters are concerned about rising health care costs and believe costs will continue to rise.
    • Women in particular are concerned that health law will mean less provider availability—scarcity an issue.

    But that’s okay, because Obamacare proponents can use “transition” or “bridge” language to let the public know that “the health care law is not perfect,” Still, since it supposedly does “good things and helps many people,” all the liberals have to do is “improve it.”

    Heritage’s newly released “Solutions for America” counters that the nation doesn’t need any more liberal “improvements.” Instead, we need to get our country back on track with a full repeal of ObamaCare along with free-market policies that promote tax equity in health insurance, fix our broken government health programs and encourage states to take the lead.

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    51 Responses to Obamacare Proponents Running Scared

    1. Patriotson says:

      We the people are already seeing notices that healthcare premiums are going to increase this next season. Proof positive that Obama lied to America about the positives of this socialist european medical screwup. A very good reason to vote these corrupt politicians out of congress.

      To lie for the purpose of getting kudos in history is the worse crime that can be conducted on the American taxpayer and voter.

      Obama and company is sure to bring to you more and more higher taxes and higher national debt because there is no spending discipline in the congress or WH. Spend and Tax is the political agenda of these union pandering democrat's I know because I am a registered democrat. Get my vote? When the moon turns into green cheese.

    2. Terry Gee Missouri says:

      The majority of Missouri recently voted to opt out of Obamacare and our Senator
      McKaskill said” I hear you!
      She sure wouldn,t listen to us before she voted for it.
      She will be up for re-election in 2012 and we will not forget what she did to the voters she was supposed to be representing.

    3. dannyroberts Phoenix AZ says:

      if this guy Obama would just stop with the lies and promote American
      values, stop acting like a communist wanna be and act like a man. it’s so frustrating having a guy who doesn’t really know whats up as a commander and chief.the guys not in touch with reality. the third world sees it , by now the fourth world probably sees his incompetence.only a true idiot would give this guy a pass at this point in time.

    4. Joseph Steiner, Gran says:

      Good article, thank you.

      How can any normal working person not have at least a little idea of a lot of what you mention here regarding increased costs and less effective coverage? Are there really so many liberals among our populace that there seems to be no effective way to combat this administration effectively? I don't get that they still have so much power over common people. I haven't read it yet but I do have the book "The Road to Serfdom" and am thinking it may become recommended reading for all Americans.

      My company has already taken some action, without a lot of explanation, on healthcare premiums I contribute to in two ways and it is not even 2014 yet. They are "self insured" so have a fund management company handle the accounting, claims processing, payouts and whatever else self insured companies are required to do so there is not a major health insurance company involved I would presume. Firstly they have eliminated a level of coverage the plan made available, (there used to be 3 tiers of coverage based on benefits provided and costs). So there are fewer options in your choice of coverage, the first step in making healthcare less available. The second, increased premium contribution for all participants. In my individual case, my wife and I had the highest level of coverage and that suited our needs just fine and was still affordable to us. Now we no longer have that level of coverage available, not even a choice about it. It now actually costs us less from my paycheck but we will not get the coverage we may need and in the future when Obamacare kicks in (2014), I am sure at that time, with this current action by my company, my costs for premium contributions will really increase with even more reduced coverage! An interesting note here on this action from my company is that no employee participating in this program complained to management or to another employee in any way shape or form! How scared of this type of change in healthcare reform we as workers have become and it is not really in effect yet!?!..

      The questions I have on this are: Why are these actions already being taken by companies ?? Where can this really go ?? And what can really be done about it ??

      Apparently Americans are still not being heard and are not making enough noise about it, YET ! Working people are really angry and I find it hard to believe that there is so much ignorance among our Congress people and this abominable administration..!!

      God Bless America ! Thank you for your tireless work.

    5. FJLeMat says:

      and just wait until everyone discovers that starting in 2013, there is a 3.8%

      federal tax on real estate transactions. So if you think you are underwater on

      your mortgage now, just wait.

      At some point, this will hit the front pages of the MSM, when it does, look out!

    6. SpeakupAmerica says:

      Americans need to do their part and vote out the sell outs in Nov! If you dont vote to get rid of these "reps" that are determined to destroy America and turn it into a high tax, socialist country, then you have nothing complain out. Voting is your only voice! Vote them out!

    7. Brian Loss: West Laf says:

      How could it have been any other way. Much of the country was in the sway of the Obamite cult of personality; fed by a media that was complicit in the mass hypnosis and terrified by economic chaos, those who were of hope and change had a "tingle down their collective leg". And then they woke up. The man who was elected to heal the nation has done the opposite. The man who promised to govern from the center has governed from the far left. He was however what we knew he was: A far left, inexperienced politician from a political sewer. There was a mass willing suspension of disbelief based upon his deft but unspoken deal: "Vote for me and your racist sin will be forgiven. He is a charismatic orator who didn't let a good crisis go to waste. The uncomfortable analogy is Germany during the early 1930s.

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    9. BK in VA says:

      Downplay it now? What a joke. It's too late to backtrack now with smooth talk and carefully-crafted nuances. They own it.. In two short months, The American voters will hang this monstrosity around their collective necks and make them wear it.

    10. Michael Hart, Indian says:

      OK. There are so many tactics used in this one article, I don't know where to start. First, the title is meant to convey a truth which is assumed but clearly a matter of perception. Second, the picture … could you have picked a less flattering image of the president? Third, one conservative organization referencing another conservative organization's report as positive proof of your opinion? Fourth, many half-truths … regarding the health bill … yes, it has many limitations which could not be passed because of conservative idealogy, but to lay all of the blame as Obama's door? And no mention of the positive aspects of the bill?

      This is obviously another bullet in the war on the Democrats and liberals by proxy, meant to "frame" the discussion to your advantage and promote an idealogy.

      And you wonder why some of us are "disenchanted" with politics in general?

    11. SAL in North carolin says:

      all I want is have obama a one term president

    12. SAL in North Carolin says:

      obama is killing our country

    13. ropati, Long Beach, says:

      TRANSLATION: We screwed up royally, but we won't mention it if you vote for us again.

    14. Ray New Jersey says:

      Improve it..what a joke. As my late father used to say " you can't polish a turd."

    15. Greg, wilmington nc says:

      You are ridiculous.

    16. Ted Savas, Californi says:

      In all seriousness, no one can be surprised about the level of incompetence emanating from this White House. Whether you voted for him or not, think about it a moment.

      President Obama has never run so much as a Cinnabon stand. He has never met a payroll, never hired or fired anyone, never balanced a budget, never overseen a major project from start to finish, never managed a company, never analyzed a balance sheet, likely cannot read a profit and loss statement (I have no proof that he can given his background). The list of even these "minor" accomplishments that prepare someone for the real world and work of a high level executive is completely absent from his resume. If you ran a company, would you have hired him to run a major department? Based upon what? Of course not. Community organizing, academia, and a handful of days as a Federal senator do not make the grade. (There is a strong reason why America traditionally does not elect senators as president: they do not have executive experience. Hence, we tend to elect governors.)

      Now Obama is telling the world how to organize its finances, how the best health care system in the world (ours) should be radically changed, lecturing us on deficits, debts, interest rates, how to run car companies, and so on. This from a man who has no real world experience that prepared him to be anything suitable or capable of running a small company let alone America. Seriously, when he talks, I find it hard to believe people don't laugh and walk away.

      When you do not remain at a level you attain in life long enough to carve out real, honest to goodness achievements, and then work your way up, you get . . . what we have today.

      What is surprising is that so many people I know who voted for Obama are now professing shock at how incompetent, weak, polarizing, and boring he really is. As my neighbor told me just yesterday, "I used to think he was so inspiring. Now I can't even listen to him." I wish a few million more people had paid attention.

      Still, there is some hope. The Emperor indeed has no clothes, and even those "subjects" who voted for him are finally admitting as much.

      The republicans got us into a lot of this mess. They better darn well earn my vote in November and beyond and do a 180. We need our country back. Otherwise, we are about to do a "Thelma and Louise" right off the cliff.


    17. Lowell Ross, Massach says:

      I have seen much but this gang of criminals currently ruining this country and housed in DC have slithered to lows unimaginable.

      This country may survive this loathsome line-up of dregs, bottom feeders and low-lives, but how confidently can anyone believe we can prosper let survive with the electorate that put them there.

      Obama and his ilk are sordid fools of the worst caliber, but imagine what they assess the electorate to be?

    18. fred ohio says:

      Obamacare will be a miserable failure just like obama.

    19. Cindy Merrill, Owls says:

      Some of us are already preparing for the inevitable hard times ahead. Have you read the book "How to Prosper in the 21st Century" by Howard Ruff? Ask them to order it for you at your local library- Thanks to his advice, my husband and I have managed to claw together enough funds to buy a home- on a cash sale, paid in full: In our snug cabin on ten acres of deep woods, John and I will survive, even if Obama manages to destroy what's left of our US government.

    20. Tom from Pennsylvani says:

      Hey Mike Hart – What planet are you from? You are drowning in the liberal KoolAid! Who should we blame for this mess- The Dumbocrat in the White House or those in the SUPERMAJORITY in Congress. No, you want to blame the conservatives. Who promised Obamacare was going to lower costs, lower the deficit, promised you could keep your doctor, etc. It was NOT the conservatives, you idiot! Remember, " we need to pass the bill so we can know what is in it". No congressman read or understood this monstrosity! Remember, we were able to watch the health plan being formed on CSPAN? Who left out the billions for doctor "fix" so they could manipulat CBO projections? Who caved in to the insurance and drug companies so there is NO cost containment? Who promised the "Stimulus" would keep unemployment < 8%? You, sir, are in denial.

    21. tom falconi says:

      To bad Bush didn't do anything to fix the healthcare system. All he did is create even more entitlements. So much for the "Party of limited government.". This left the door wide open for Obama to come in and push us into full blown socialism.

      I pray to god each night that ou country will survive after 8 years of Bush and god willing 4 years of Obama.

    22. Virgil, California says:

      If people just used their "common sense", you would have seen this healthcare

      sham for what it is! How can you add another 30 million people into the healthcare system, gut Medicare by taking monies out of it, make people pay before even they get benefits from it and still make it cost effective? Seniors have been hoodwinked not entirely their fault but, relying only on the endorsement of the AARP without doing your due diligence falls on people's heads. After all, you do read contracts that you are about to sign. What about your healthcare? Isn't it important to know the facts instead, of relying solely on the say so of the AARP? If you have been fooled, shame on you! I never for one minute believed all the lies put out by the AARP. The clue is when they took off

      posts and barred negative postings against the sham healthcare reform. You knew then, that they were lying so, cannot let the truth come out!

    23. billy sol says:

      November 2 will be the FIRST REAL voters' mandate on Moscow Mutual Socialized Health "insurance" AND, there are more hidden agendas in the bill, as it unfolds democrats will continue to bleed supporters. Earlier this month In Missouri we voted 70-30 anti socialized medicine, in 2012 mc caskill along with Barry will suffer the 2010 voters wrath, and toss these poltroons out!

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    25. rigdum_funidos. rock says:

      you left out what really caused this tragedy: the complete failure of the main-stream press to explain this monstrosity to the public. article after article repeating Administration lies about what was in the bill. how are the people to become informed if the news media loses all objectivity and becomes a cheer leader for Obama?

    26. Nomasir, Columbia MD says:

      They dang well ought to be running scared. This was a massive and IMMORAL overstep on the part of the federal government. The sooner it is repealed, the better for the freedom of the citizenry. That said, I think the federal government has been rolling back freedom for some time: http://bethsaidafigtree.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/

    27. Janet, Mehlville, MO says:

      Terry Gee, you are exactly right. I'm from Missouri, too, and I voted for Claire McCaskill. Big mistake!!! One I WILL NOT repeat in 2012.

    28. cadt says:

      obama will never stop lieing he is supposed to lie to the unbleievers and the infadiles as per the muslim relgion or sharia law allow for the muslims to lie to advance thier agenda , that is why obama is a natural lier .its part of the deception to win over the world to islam , so get use to obamas lies its a honor for him in his world to lie .

    29. Dave Cox, Indiana says:

      You people are disgustingly prejudiced and worse: simply wrong!

    30. Dave Cox, Indiana says:

      Scared of the truth?

    31. Allen, Arizona says:

      The worst thing about this mess is that it was avoidable. Elections have become about spin and popularity. Americans do not take the time to educate themselves on the issues. Also, when we do take the initiative to educate ourselves, most of what we read is spin and propaganda. Arizona "clean elections" publications are not worth the paper they are printed on. Another reader pointed out correctly that Mr. Obama has no resume to show that he has managed anything. That should have been very obvious in the election. "Hope and Change" rarely lead to results. The correct response should have been " Ok, define change".

    32. barbara frances delo says:

      The more we know about the bill the more problems we see. It will be expensive because of the tremendous number of jobs it mandates that really have little to do with patient care and the restrictions on conservative plans. And its answer…cut funds from the elderly and long term care patients. SCARY!

    33. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Dave Cox,

      Go somewhere else to throw up your liberal straw man arguments. We like to deal with facts on this website, not posting drivel.

      Sorry, you are wrong. Go watch some more Keith Olbermann or read some more Paul Krugman to become even more mis-informed.


    34. Dennis Georgia says:

      "Hope and Change" the dems and obama delivered on their promise, it was not the right thing to do on their part. I just hope we give them the CHANGE theyr deserve in November. VOTE!!!!!

    35. vivo Florida says:

      To Dave Cox: No we are not afraid of the truth but all we are fed are lies from the Obama administration and the democratic leaders for their own purpose.

    36. JAB, Spring Lake,Mic says:

      To those few still suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome; Pres. Bush was not perfect, but did you know the first Tarp bill he and Paulson presented to the corrupt democrat majority in Congress was five pages long. The out of control, drunk with power Nancy (H. pylori, look it up) Pelosi, ran with it to her conressmen and encouraged them to load it with thousands of pages of pork., And so they did, including republicans.

      That was only the beginning for the besoted Pelosi, and her progressive leader Mr. Obama, the Smoke and MIrrors Man. Who, by-the-way, was raised as a socialist/communist, and educated by progressives, whom he sought out, according to his own words.

      As i always tell people, one day you will wish that W.,the scapegoat for Obama was still running the country. In this age of information-at-your-fingertips, a majority of the eletorate live in Gimme Land. Babies who seek self gratification, with no sense of responsibility for themselves, and their progeny. Check the most prominent sources of entertainment, even the commercials promoting decadence. Too many citizens have been thoroughly Dumbed Down.

      Pray daily for the survival of our Republic, the United States of America. Most successful form of government ever in history. Watch and listen to Glenn Beck.

      A Culture cannot be conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself from within. William Durant, Historian. We are at the precipice.

    37. Jill, California says:

      To Joseph and other who wonder why companies are reacting and making changes now … They are acting while they still can. I don't agree with it, but I understand the mentality. It's no different than the credit card companies raising rates on everyone, because the new regulations keep them from imposing drastic penalties on people who miss payments. Everyone is looking for ways around the huge losses and financial burdens that Obama and his ilk are foisting on us.

    38. craig Maryland says:

      Don't forget that the Health Care bill was also supposed to be a jobs bill too!

    39. craig Maryland says:

      Don't forget that the Health Care bill was also supposed to be a jobs bill!

    40. Steve, OH says:

      Mr. Cox, are you suggesting that people are racially prejudiced because they disagree with a completely misguided law? Why does it matter what color of skin someone has if the arguement is with that person's actions? People don't "hate" someone or become racist if they are outspoken about the fact that they don't like what a person (Obama) or a group of people (the Dems in congress) are doing to our country. I am personally fed up with liberals throwing up the proverbial "race card" as soon as they run out of inaccurate facts to argue with, in the hopes that the receipient of said card will shut up to avoid being called a racist. ENOUGH with trying to equate "disapproval of policy" with "racism" or "hate". Inciting more emotional turmoil with this tactic will only make things worse for our country during a time when we all need to be more objective

    41. Ron Nord, San Ramon, says:

      We really need a more intelligent electorate, how can 55 million people fall for such a complete financial idiot as Obama. The only thing we knew for sure is that he had no experience at all to run a 7/11 franchise, just that should have been enough but we also knew that information on his background was important to our well being and that it had been suppressed. To this day we don't know his grades, his friends, the associations like Bill Ayers and the others. We now know that there was a real 'cabal' of JournaLists out there to skew the election to someone with hatred in their heart for our country but this only after nearly two years of tenure in office. The Democrats will not be given trust so freely ever again, they have shown themselves capable of 'anything' in the lie, cheat and steal category, smoothed by a Pelosi stupidity of "you have to sign it first before you can read it" trope. The Democrats have shown themselves to be political criminals against the Constitution and the People, dangerous doesn't even begin to describe their actions.

    42. Drew Page, IL says:

      I for one have had more than I can stand of Mr. Obama, his czars, his apologies for America, his misrepresentations and his outright lies. I have had more than enough of his attempts to "spread the wealth" through health care reform and the raft of taxes that accompany it. I detest his need of an ever growing federal centralized government taking greater and greater control of private enterprise through federal agency regulations and taxes. I resent his constant pandering to unions like SEIU and to groups like ACORN. I resent his attempts to interfere in the lives and activities of citizens, telling restaurants what they should and should not serve and what we should and shouldn't eat.

      John F. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic. I can recall most of his speeches throughout his three years in office. Never do I recall his constantly quoting from the Bible, or invoking messages from the Pope, or for calling for special tolerance for Roman Catholics, or Christians in general. I don't ever recall him talking about the beauty of the mass or the call to prayer. I don't recall him talking about the many contributions to human achievement, the arts, music, science, or to the development of civilization that the Catholic or other Christian denominations have made. He didn't make those comments because they would have been inappropriate for a president to make them. He kept religion, whether it be Catholic, Christian or Judism.out of his speeches to the nation.

      Contrast this to Mr. Obama who feels compelled to routinely quote from the Quran, calls the most beatiful sound he ever heard as the Islamic "call to prayer" and touts the contributions of Islam to civilization in his public speeches.

      I have had more than enough of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Dick Durbin, Diane Finestein, Barbara Boxer, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Charles Rangle, Shelia Jackson, Patrick Leahy, Olympia Snowe and Lindsey Graham. I have had enough of John McCain who, when he had the chance to stand up for conservative principals, folded like a cheap suit showing that he wanted to seen as the "great compromiser" reaching across the aisle to meet the Democrats and liberals half-way. And he wonders why the conservatives stayed home and didn't vote. If he showed half the passion for conservative principals then as he pretends to have today, he would have been president.

      November can't get here soon enough.

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    44. A Conservative Teach says:

      Obama and the Democrats have always been a fraud- they tell everyone that they will do everything for you, do it by spending money they don't have that is either taken out of the economy in increased taxes and fees or taken from my grandkids, and then spread myths and lies about their opposition.

      But reality is reality, and the reality is that if you vote Democrat, you are voting for a lower standard of living, less protection of your private property, less protection of life, and less freedom and liberty to make choices.

      Don't vote Democrat in the coming elections, at any level. Just don't.

    45. Lou Broussard, Louis says:

      My husband and I hold the liberal media responsible for the election of Obama. Not once did they tell you who this man was. We had paid attention when he was hailed as a Super Star Politician at the 2004 Dem. convention and were not too impressed. When he ran for Senator from Illinois, we noted that he ran over his Democratic opponents without comment from the media. We were appalled and felt he had stolen the Dem. nomination. When he attacked his Republican opponent by using sealed custody documents about the opponent's 4 year old child, we could not believe no one said a word. The little information we gleaned was so disturbing .. then he was a US Senator who did not do anything but run for President. We kept shouting at the TV … WAKE UP AMERICA!

    46. A Retired American, says:

      America is in this current mess because Americans have not been taught (in our public schools and through the censored-main-stream-media) to pay close attention to who we vote for, and what they represent. Instead we were/are taught that it's impolite to discuss politics and religion, that it would make for an "uncomfortable" conversation. This false premice of being polite is what gave birth to "Political Correctness". Instead we should all be taught how to discuss these very things so we can clear the air of all untruths and end up with the real facts. Democrat, and Republican representatives should not be blaming each other, they are both equally at fault in their own way, because they are the only ones who have been voting ON THE HILL for all of us everyday Americans. They are the ones who invent and make the laws and the amendments to those laws. AMERICA…….KNOW WHO and WHAT YOU ARE VOTING FOR.

    47. Jim - Pennsylvania says:

      @retired American, sorry there, but you're almost right. Republicans and Democrats are not "equally" at fault. There are many, many faults in the Republican party. Some criminal, just like the current administration. However, the Democratic party is largely to blame for the very financial mess we are in, they oppress minorities just so they can "help" them and be their heroes. They are mostly communists, acting for now like socialists, and have created their own dependent class to vote for them. Democrats have largely promoted filth, and every other form of debauchery. Yet they love to make laws. If we get these very bad people out of office, then we can work to clean up the Republican party. I'll not list their faults as I see it at this time, because the blathering hand-wringers will use it to their advantage. Pelosi said she would "drain the swamp." Her head must have got stuck in the drain on her way out. We need to push back hard. We were always afraid to do what the left calls censorship, yet they seem to think it's okay. The First Amendment was not written to allow media to tell absolute lies and deceptive reporting in such a treasonous manner. The U.S. Constitution is the core of our country's values and the MSM has distorted it to the point of treason. Yes, treason. To be enlightened, read David Limbaugh's book 'Crimes Against Liberty'. Pelosi wanted to "drain the swamp." Well we need to flush the toilet. We need to have our educational system back. We need to absolutely silence the treasonous media. We need to impeach many, many federal judges.

    48. Jason Van Helsing, A says:

      As a black Tea Partier I'm so sick of Leftists dividing our country along racial lines. This law is bad for everyone. But like all things government, it's going to be doubly bad for poor people, most of whom are black. Just like project housing and inner city public schools, there is now going to be Jim Crow healthcare.

    49. Roy Gas City, IN. says:

      Thie election will be dirty…same as they did to Sarah Palin We need to vote for some one who will listen to us not on party lines as we know one party take all 60 shut them up in a room plead, and bribe till all 60 come out and say how high Obama .. inherited the first 2 years of Palousi and Reid not Bush and we gave him some more of them …he is taking us down same path Hitler took Germany We need to vote to take our country back we need an American to stand up for us not what our prez is doing

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