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  • Morning Bell: We Can't Spend Our Way to Recovery

    When President Barack Obama was selling his economic stimulus plan to the American people, he promised that, if enacted, the legislation would prevent unemployment from rising above 8%.  $3 billion in Cash for Clunkers bailouts, $10 billion in government union bailouts, $16 billion in Medicaid bailouts, $13 billion in home buyer tax credits, and $814 billion in stimulus act spending later the nation’s unemployment rate stands at 9.5%. And now the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says that number is not going to come down any time soon. Yesterday, the CBO released its 10-year budget baseline predicting that the economy will grow at an anemic 2% next year (half the growth rate it predicted last summer) and that unemployment will remain above 9% through the rest of this year. And that wasn’t even the worst news.

    The CBO also said the federal deficit will surpass $1.3 trillion this year, and predicted an additional $6.2 trillion in deficits over the next decade. But even these numbers are too rosy. By law the CBO only analyzes federal budgets as written ignoring almost certain policy changes that include the annual “doc fix” (stopping cuts to doctor’s Medicare payments), rising discretionary spending, and tax changes. Using more realistic assumptions, The Heritage Foundation’s Brian Riedl shows that: 1) annual budget deficits will never fall below $1 trillion and will reach nearly $2 trillion by 2020; 2) the national debt held by the public will pass 100% of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020; 3) by 2020 half of all income tax revenues will go to pay just the interest on our $23 trillion national debt.

    Even leftist economists are now admitting that this administration’s borrow and spend economic plan has been a complete failure. But instead of cutting their losses, the left wants to double down … with your tax dollars. Last month, Vice President Joe Biden told ABC News that the only problem with the Obama administration’s economic policies was that they failed to spend more and drive us into debt faster. This is insanity. It must stop. To get our country back on the right track The Heritage Foundation’s Solutions for America chapter on Reining in Runaway Spending and Deficits recommends:

    Stop Digging: Washington should repeal the remaining stimulus funds, which have failed to create jobs and growth. Any new unemployment assistance should be offset by spending cuts elsewhere. Remaining TARP funds should be rescinded before they can be allocated to new spending. Most important, lawmakers must repeal Obamacare, a ticking spending and deficit time bomb.

    Rein in Entitlements: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are driving long-term deficit growth. It is impossible to rein in runaway spending significantly without fundamentally reforming these programs.

    Enact Spending Caps: Congress should enact a firm cap on the annual increase in total government spending, limited to inflation plus population growth. Lawmakers should exert all effort to keep overall federal spending to less than 20% of U.S. GDP, the historical post–World War II average for federal spending.

    Empower States: Washington taxes families, subtracts a hefty administrative cost, and sends the remaining revenues back to state and local governments with specific rules dictating how they may and may not spend the money. Instead of performing many functions poorly, Congress should focus on performing a few functions well. Most highway, education, justice, and economic development programs should be devolved to state and local governments.

    Empower the Private Sector: Anyone who has dealt with the post office or lived in public housing understands how wasteful, inefficient, and unresponsive government can be. Government ownership of business also crowds out private companies and encourages protected entities to take unnecessary risks. Any government function that can also be found in the yellow pages may be a candidate for privatization.

    Ban Corporate Welfare: Even before the financial bailouts, Washington spent more on corporate welfare ($90 billion) than on homeland security ($70 billion). There is no justification for taxing working Americans to subsidize profitable companies. Lawmakers could start by reforming America’s largest corporate welfare program—farm subsidies, which are overwhelmingly distributed to large, profitable agribusinesses rather than struggling family farmers.

    Bring Federal Pay in Line with the Private Sector: Federal employee total compensation—hourly wages plus benefits—is 30 to 40 percent above that of comparable private sector workers. Congress should bring equity to federal pay and align federal compensation with market rates. Doing so would save taxpayers approximately $47 billion a year.

    These spending reforms may not be easy, but the alternative—record government debt and historic tax increases—is even worse.

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    46 Responses to Morning Bell: We Can't Spend Our Way to Recovery

    1. GenEarly,Ret.1865 ,F says:

      "The fact is, we'll never build a lasting economic recovery by going deeper into debt at a faster rate than we ever have before. … Inflation is the cause of recession and unemployment. And we're not going to have real prosperity or recovery until we stop fighting the symptoms and start fighting the disease. There's only one cause for inflation — government spending more than government takes in. The cure is a balanced budget. Ah, but they tell us, 80 percent of the budget is uncontrollable. It's fixed by laws passed by Congress. Well, laws passed by Congress can be repealed by Congress. And, if Congress is unwilling to do this, then isn't it time we elect a Congress that will?" –Ronald Reagan

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      Recovery will ONLY come when

      ALL American's WORK ON IT.

      Why does the HF, and Murdoch's WSJ and FOX NEW

      spin any news to BAD



    3. William Downey, JD L says:

      Empowering the states or rempowering them is a key element in resotring not only fiscal but governmental sanity to this country. Who has greater knowledge of the needs of the people, the federal or state governments? Who has the greater responsivness? Who is more accountable? The obvious answer is the state and local government.

      The United States Consittution specifically reserves the superiority of state government, with limited exceptions. So lets get real and begin the work of returning the power for many of these programs to the states.

    4. Nancy Miller Toledo, says:

      I agree with all of the opinions given in this article with the exception of two of them.

      While I agree that Medicare should be monitored for abuse much more stringently to lower costs and abuses should be more strictly punished, Medicaid is so urgently needed by the truly ill. These people should have all the help we can give them.

      In regard to the Prescription part of Medicare, I can only offer what I discovered when I found that I needed injections of a product in my knees.

      the cost of each (each) shot, and i had three in each knee, was over $850 per shot just for the product. in checking as to what these shots would cost in canada, and it was the same product, the cost would have been around $350 per shot.

      i would suggest and demand that the drug companies not be allowed to charge us more than they do abroad. either that or charge them an export tax to make up the difference and give that money to medicare.

      note: avoiding all caps is probably the most irritating thing i have had to do in a long while.

    5. Barbara, LA says:

      I understand your comments on Social Security and Medicare but are they REALLY entitlements? It seems to me that if somebody pays into their whole working life, then shouldn't they draw on at least SOME of the benefits when they retire? I am 61 and am really torn on the idea of applying for SS when the country is in this financial mess. If only SENIORS were paid Social Security and not every Tom, Dick and Harry, wouldn't that help? And can you tell me if there is some way I can opt OUT of paying into SS and Medicare? I would like nothing better than to have that money that's taken from my check every 2 weeks, put into a CD or something for myself, instead of looking to the gov't when I retire. And why didn't you mention welfare, food stamps et al. And the biggest entitlement of all…the public sectors retirement/medical benefits.

    6. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      We can't spend our recovery. Right? WRONG! Obama and the Democrats seem to

      think just that. The actual number of "jobs saved or created" is zero. As in zip, nada,

      and bupkiss. It takes $74 grand to make $44 grand. Businesses aren't hiring because

      with Obamacare, it's too expensive.

    7. Ray Morgan , Lenoir says:

      We need to go further than just reforming the entitlement programs – we need to eliminate them!!! They are all fundamentally unconstitutional, socialistic, and immoral. Why keep them?

    8. Dr. Duck Naples FL says:

      President Atrocity is oblivious to his destructive policies. He just tiltes & secures his Crown which apparently has blame other seeking antenna hidden it. dduck

    9. Robert says:

      The Heritage plan is good, especially the 20% of GDP cap on federal spending – which they would bypass with more mandates to the states. I would only add that unemployment should be slashed to zero at the federal level – and leave the states to pay as they choose. Same for Medicaid. WELFARE is Corporate welfare and vice versa. Do you think any of the food suppliers (from farmer to corporation) or food retailers want to see cuts in the food stamp or WIC programs? Of course, not. Do the wealthy owners of section 8 housing want to see cuts to that bogus program? No. The average American family has had to face reduced incomes and rising expenses negating around 20% of their purchasing power. And yet, welfare recipients, government employees, government retirees and social security recipients (legitimate and illegitmate) have seen increases. The only people that need to "wake up" are these bums that steal from the taxpayers. And after they wake up, they can go to work like the rest of us!

    10. John Arizona says:

      Thanks HF for the information – old information, but still very true. Problem is, you're preaching to the choir. Aren't there any Democrats currently in office who see what havoc this administration is causing?

      Let it be a lesson to all Americans: the liberal spending policies brought to bear by the Obama administration do not work. Further, this administration is full of high brow professorial elitists who are using the USA as a huge experiment in governing, and the experiment has proven to be a failure.

    11. toledofan says:

      I think, again, Heritage has hit the nail on the head; great suggestions, but, I think for Obama and his Administration to accept these would mean their ideolgy and life experiences are wrong; they would never accept the premise that their agenda is totally flawed and doesn't work. It really is sad for America to have an unemployment rate of over 10%, for this long of a period of time, and not have anyone really working on any solid solutions to make the economy grow. The number of people who are suffering is just not acceptable and Obama should be forcing the things to happen that will have a positive impact on the economy. It's hard to believe and see that we actually have an anti-American President leading America.

    12. Lioness, Wisconsin says:

      Hearing a lot of right thinking from the right — eventhough the Prez. says he doesn't hear any ideas from the right (perhaps he's not listening). But, it seems useless to talk as though the Dems. are going to respond with reasoned change in policies. Therefore — good ideas need action steps to make them happen — without the support of the current administration or Dems. America has got to stick up for itself.

    13. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      "Obama promised!" the only thing this guy "might" know is, has ever known in his whole life is, what's for lunch? Maybe.

      How can the so called "intelligentsia" still write articles with the underlying theme that Obama EVER wanted America to succeed, on ANY level? To bring this nation of Crackers to it's knees is, and has always been Obama's only goal. The ONLY people Obama represents is Wright, Farrakhan, Shabazz.

    14. arnie jr, west virgi says:

      The "Solution for America" has got to be the elimination of the giant political football called INCOME TAX. Taxes are kicked around every time the power in congress changes from one party to another. IT MUST STOP NOW!

      It's time for the FAIR TAX and the elimination of the IRS. The tax system is definitely broken and this is the perfect time to DO IT! It will get us back to the industrial and economical GIANT we once were.

    15. Mary.... WI says:

      BO will only install the VAT and do away with the Bush tax cuts thinking this will solve the money problem he has created. It will finally destroy this country. BO, Pelosi, Reid & Co. will all be joyous and take an extended vacation to some obscure location while Americans struggle and pray for the America they once knew. Hope and Change my butt…..only in the eyes of BO and the Liberal Dems. To me it's only Pain and Destruction for Americans.

      All dems and rinos MUST be voted out in Nov. if this country has any chance of survival. If they are not voted out this country as we have all known it will be lost forever.

    16. Turner says:

      Yes we can, spend to recovery! Once we break the bank we can start to recover. Bankruptcy or a severe war will stop the madness.

    17. John Dyslin, Illinoi says:

      Well, we are in an incredible pickle with no easy solutions. Over time, government must become smaller, spending must be lowered, taxes must remain the same or lower, incentives to bring jobs back to the U.S (whether manufacturing or customer service), fewer government workers and no more unionized government workers. No one who receives a paycheck via taxes should be unionized. And, while in the grand scheme of things the spending is rather small, we need better discretion as to which countries receive our aid.

      But, first and foremost, we need to make this country THE top economic engine in the world once again.

    18. Drew Page, IL says:

      I find myself in agreement with most all of the above "Solutions For America". However, I would like Heritage to expand upon their idea of "reforming" Social Security and Medicare, listed under the caption of "Rein in Entitlements". Exactly how would Heritage suggest doing this?

      Yesterday, the Morning Bell posted an article about the same subject. I wonder if Heritage bothers to read the reactions of those who responded to this article. The overwhelming majority of those responding bristled at the notion that Social Security and Medicare were "entitlements". In the strict sense these programs are entitlements, however there is a perception in the minds of many that there is a serious difference among government "entitlement" programs based on whether or not such benefits were earned through the payment of specific taxes (such as the Social Security tax and the Medicare tax) or whether entitlements were not earned, as no specific tax was paid for those benefits.

      I, for one, would like to know exactly what Heritage would propose as "reform" measures to Social Security and Medicare. I have a few ideas of my own, including:

      * Restoring all Social Security and Medicare taxes to a real "lock box" where those funds could be used for nothing else but the payment of Social Security and Medicare benefits.

      * Excluding from Social Security and Medicare benefits any and all illegal aliens.

      * Taxing all income for purposes of Social Security.

      * Discontinuing the defined benefit pension plan for federal employees, including all U.S. Senators and House Representatives effective 1/12011, freezing the benefits earned up to that point in time and from that time forward, such employees and elected officials would begin paying into Social Security and Medicare and be eligible for those benefits. Any new federal government employee hires and any newly elected officials would immediately begin paying into Social Security and Medicare exclusively and not be eligible for any other government paid pension plan, or health plan after retirement.

      In addition, I would recommend ending all welfare payments, food and rent subsidies and any other government subsidies to illegal aliens. I would recommend the development of welfare programs that required some sort of meaningful work be done by any able bodied welfare recipient, such as working in a government day care center so that others on welfare could find and hold jobs without worrying about who would care for their young children. I'm certain that there are other government jobs that could be found for able bodied welfare recipients so that the welfare checks they are given are EARNED.

      These are some of my ideas of how to "Rein in Entitlements", what exactly are yours?

    19. Jim Furlong Geyservi says:

      All farm subsidies should be halted immediately. The feds should not be favoring certain commodities over others. I am a farmer and rancher, I do not take money from the government.

    20. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Stop scratching your heads! Obama and the liberal democrat socialists want to spend us into destruction not recovery. They despise all that America is and want to install an entirely new form of government, based on marxist principles and international socialism. Obama is not a president FOR America! He is everything bad in a President and the people must resist his blarney and stand against him. He must fail, if America is to recover! Politicians are too whimpy to really call him out for what he is and is doing to our Country. He was elected to PRESIDE over this country, NOT CHANGE it to his ideologic image. He has violated his oath over and over by trashing the Constitution repeatedly. Yet, no one calls him out! WE the people, his victims, must continue to unite and oppose and call him what he is, an anti-american. We must vote all Progressive liberals out in November and then the Kingpin of the Soros-funded socialist movement, Barak Hussein Obama, in 2012 that is if we fail to impeach him before then!

    21. Judith from Michigan says:

      HF, Your recommendations in today's Morning Bell and on previous days are all excellent and based on logical and sound economic principles. The one issue that is rarely addressed is that tax-and-spend liberals, in both houses of Congress, must be "retired" and populated with people who also understand these economic principles. They must believe and support them, too.

      Our fiscal chaos cripples America, not just economically but the future for our families, our ability to have a strong national defense, and national security policies that actually secure and benefit our country . America's very foundation of freedoms and liberties is in jeporady.

      So far, all we are seeing from the majority in Congress is the priority of power, control and getting re-elected.

    22. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Despite what we have all seen during the past 19 months, I can't believe so many

      people still do not understand that what is happening to our economical system is directly from the Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinski manifestos from the 60's. Obama actually taught those tactics. He is using those outlines to deliberately

      destroy our capitalist economy. Obama is on a ideological

    23. Mark Groves, Brandon says:

      Heritage, get your facts right!

      Social Security and Medicare are NOT ENTITLEMENTS they are FORCED INVESTMENTS that were STOLEN by the federal government. AFDC, Welfare, those are entitlements, you get them because you exist in the United States, you are NOT supposed to get SSI or Medicare unless you PAY into it!

      You MISLEAD people and MISDIRECT public opinion by grouping these programs we PAID into with free programs given to anyone who applies, including illegal aliens. We have to continue to pay for medicare even when on Social Security Insurance, I believe I am entitled to a return on my forced investment and want the thieves who raided the SS 'Lock box' PROSECUTED for grand theft!

      GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!! If Heritage can not see the difference we are all lost.

    24. Tom Berquist, Pennsy says:

      If you understand that Obama is trying to collapse our economy and destroy capitalism then his economic policies and the health care and financial reform trash makes more sense. Obama is not a babbling idiot, HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING. Check out Sal Alinsky, Clowerd and Piven and the Weathermen manifesto and you will know all you need to know about Obama and his policies. Look and the radical groups that have support him throughout his career. Now he surrounds himself with the same Mao, Marxist and Communist rift raft. These people are dangerous to our country and many should be put on trial for treason including Obama.

    25. Tamir, Houston says:

      Dahhhhh tax cuts !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Or maybe w should “fix it for good” with Fair Tax !!

    26. Norbert, Ohio says:

      I agree with everything that was written. This administration and this congress will not enact any of these common sense ideas because it would diminish their power and control over us . There is only one way out of this, short of a rebellion, is to vote these people out of office and replace them with true servants of the people of this Great Nation. They are there to serve us not us to serve them.

    27. Bill Grant, New Jersey says:

      If you force people to depend on the Government for their subsistence, that’s what they will do. That’s what survivors do. Only a fool has the appetite for risk when he can’t afford to put food on the table. That’s what Socialism does to people. For this Country to thrive, we have to cast off this yolk of enslavement, and become once again the great economic engine we can be.

    28. James H. Snooks says:

      Where is your spirit of citizenship? You know that In January 2009 over 700,000 jobs wer being lost each month. The efforts made by the Democratic Administration reversed the jobs bleeding. Now there is job growth each month. Not enough, but the downward spiral has been checked. The hole was deeper that anyone realized at the time.

      Your spirit of citizenship should be praising this reversal of the terrible downward trend, instead of this constant bashing and resistance from the right. Why don’t you reflect on your contribution to the economic situation in which we find ourselves and make a positive contribution of cooperation in the effort to pull ourselves out.


    29. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Social Security is an entitlement program for those who have not paid into it. As stated many times it is a giant Ponzi scheme that dwarfs Bernie Maddof’s scam. The problem is that SS/Medicaid is not self sustaining by design and in this context it is an entitlement program. For all to experience a return on investment the whole program requires a complete restructuring and growth of the program to be defined by the limits of investment. If allowed to continue as is the resulting civil unrest in Greece will be viewed as a church ice cream social.

    30. Bill Baker says:

      We need to remind ourselves that our previous President also believed we could spend our way out of our problems…

      I does not work…

      We need Leadership…those who will tell us the way it is, even when the hard road is the one we need to travel.

    31. KC - New Mexico says:

      I agree with the solutions for America. These need to become consistently communicated through the media in all 50 states. I even agree with Ken J except the part about what President Bush left us with.
      The current issues are not about what someone did in the past or present – the issues are about survival of America. The issues are about doing the right things for America and not for the special interest groups, unions, etc. The issues are about how to revive America into the great nation that it was – economically, militarily, and spiritually. The issues are about how American citizens can contribute to the society, not just take from the society. The issues are how American citizens can again use their creative talent and be rewarded for their intellectual power.
      How to get there is not a question of being a republican or democrat. It is about needing a “political” leader who can plan, deploy, and maintain change for the good of America. This is what we do not have today in either party. True change does not come from the professional politician – it comes from the dedicated leadership that our country has lost. We need a leader who can make the tough decisions that are for the good of this great country and to put us all back on track to recovery.
      Obama is not that leader – neither are many of the republican and democrats who serve us in Congress. This is why change in November is so critical.

    32. Renny MD says:

      Bring government wages in line with privet sector, no way, these government workers work “hard” and deserve your tax money! Besides, where would the union leaders get their money from??? Just keep working and “harder” so these people can keep their jobs and “benefits!!” Renny

    33. Donna Maynard, Chapel Hill, NC says:

      I agree with almost everything you have said in this article. My Husband and I are both retired and our only source of income is Social Security to which we have both paid into our entire working lives. My biggest concern right now is how in the world do we reverse all the damage Obama and his cronies have done and how can we prevent more damage during the lame duck session. Everyone keeps saying to get out and vote which we will do, but in the meantime is there anything that we can do to prevent further damage?

    34. Deborah says:

      Under the subject of reining in entitlements, I, as a retired social worker feel there is a lot we can do. Over the years I realized that most of the people I served who were collecting social security and had never paid into the system, were abusing social security. These people were drug addicts and malingerers who were collecting social security purely because they didn’t want to work and did not really care too much about their standard of living. They would claim back pain, anxiety and many other feigned mental problems so that they could get social security monies. I know one man in particular who initially received social security because of alcoholism, then when they dropped alcoholics he very successfully acted out an anxiety disorder and continued collecting benefits. When his parents passed he collected $750,000 and was together enough to get this into a Special Needs Trust. So with 3/4 of a million he continues to collect social security welfare and he has never paid one penny into the system. He takes thousands of dollars every month out of his trust, collects his social security, has section 8 housing and medical and medicaid. He is now in his 60s and lives very nicely off of taxpayer’s backs. I made a complaint to social security and they reported there is nothing they can do.
      The only justice there might be is that whatever the state of CA pays out to him in Medical payments will be reimbursed when he dies.
      I have worked hard all my life, paid into social security, and have a lousy $760 a month for my retirement. He collects many thousands more a month in welfare entitlements.

    35. Donna Maynard, Chapel Hill, NC says:

      One more thing…I have read through some of the above comments and find that I totally agree with those who disagree with Heritage that Social Security is an entitlement. When it was set up many years ago, it was set up incorrectly…they didn’t take into account that future generations would live longer for one thing. When the amendment to Social Security was made to cap contributions if your salary reached a certain amount was also wrong. By letting those employees who were fortunate enough to make much more than most of us quit paying into Social Security, BUT letting them draw out Social Security at retirement even though most had other retirement income, wa also wrong. But the worst thing was that the government didn’t keep their greedy hands off the SS Trust Fund….!!!!! No sireeee, SS IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT!!!!!

    36. Tryinhawaiian Hawaii says:

      Aloha all: Come November 2010, the citizens of America that have a chance to remove from office any incumbent that voted for Obamacare or that doesn’t support the Fair Tax movement, should vote the bums out! The only way “we the people” can regain control of our destinies is to show solidarity and conviction by bringing these politicians back to reality. Our wallets have been raided and our children and their children’s futures are extremely bleek. Each day it gets worse. We need to take back our lives and return control of our nation’s finances to THE PEOPLE. Remember, the federal government has NO money of its own. All that cash they so easily throw around willy-nilly is OUR money, OUR freedom, OUR future. We must get control over this monster the only way we can…. VOTE THEM OUT!

    37. Griffin, TN says:

      Not only cut spending, but remove the heavy regulation on business. You cant start a business for the regulation. Home Depot CEO said it would be impossible to start Home Depot today because of the regulation

    38. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      Comrade Obama keeps claiming that the "other side" is not coming up with any solutions to America's economic woes. Well, he is very wrong. He is just not listening to one rising star Republican Congressman from Wisconsin named Paul Ryan. Mr. Ryan has for a very long time been proposing his fiscal comprehensive "Roadmap for America". Go to his website and learn about his plan to restore fiscal health and solvency to our nation. The best part is watching Comrade Obama bristle when they are in the same room together. Ryan can logically out-argue the pants off of Obama. Congressman Ryan has more fiscal knowledge in his little finger than Obama has between his ears.

    39. Dottie Albanese New says:

      If Congress hadn't voted to opt themselves out of Soc.Security, it wouldn't be in such dire straits. I would like to know how we can get all their lifetime salaries and benefits stopped once they are no longer in office. When they are in office as elected official, they are entitled to salary and benefits. Once their constituents vote them out, they are no longer entitle to any taxpayer money!!! Do you realize that for every state, we are paying salaries and benefits to the sitting congress and all other living ousted congress and if they died, we are still paying if their wife is still alive. This is ludacrist. It must be stopped. How do we do it??

    40. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      Vote in Term Limits, even if it takes a Constitutional amendment.

    41. Les Stewart, South C says:

      If Congress would repay the IOYs to Social Security there would not be a problem funding it in the foreseeable future. They should confiscate the fat retirement benefits of every former and present member of Congress that went along with stealing the SS money.

    42. Bonne B. Cape Cod, M says:

      Who can we elect to make this happen???

    43. Anti - Liberal Santa says:

      Liberalism is destroying this country , plain and simple ………

    44. paul collins, the vi says:

      Social security and medicare are not entitlements. I’m still paying for them. The deal that congress has is an entitalment.
      Obama knows exactly what he is doing.He wants to destroy this country.The things that need to be done by the next congress. 1 term limits and of payments to those no longer in office. 2 keep our military strong and let them do the job they are sent to do. 3 shut down the border and deport the illegas that are here.Forget about this comprensive nonsence which is nothing but amnesty.4 stop this stupid spending on earmarks and start getting us out of debt.

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