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  • Commerce Secretary Exaggerates Obama Administration's Aid for Gulf Oil Spill

    Earlier this week Commerce Secretary Gary Locke descended on Louisiana to announce a $30.7 million grant for a coastal restoration project near Port Fourchon. He called the funding a sign of the “administration’s commitment to help the Gulf Coast’s economy and environment recover in the wake of the BP oil spill.”

    There was just one problem — funding for the project was approved months before the oil spill. And according to the state agency in charge of coastal restoration, there was no action even necessary by the Department of Commerce for the project to progress.

    That didn’t dissuade Locke from using his Louisiana trip to boast about the administration’s role in the Gulf — even if it was exaggerated. The public-relations strategy appears to be working. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey this month showed Obama’s approval rating on the Gulf oil spill improve from 42 percent in June to 50 percent in August.

    A press release from the Department of Commerce hailed the $30.7 million grant as a vital step to protect the property in Lafourche Parish from storm surge and erosion. While it’s true the department’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provided some of the funding for the project, Locke wasn’t announcing anything new when visited Louisiana.

    The project’s own website says it was approved for engineering and design in October 2006. And the state’s Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Task Force authorized funding for the West Belle Pass Barrier Headland Restoration on Jan. 20, the same day Obama was inaugurated.

    Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) announced the task force’s approval that same day, noting the project would benefit 305 acres at a total cost of more than $42 million. He called it a “first line of defense to Port Fourchon and Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes.”

    A spokeswoman for the Department of Commerce did not respond to a call or email seeking clarity about Locke’s announcement.

    It’s not that people in Louisiana were unfamiliar with the restoration project. At its January meeting, the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Task Force (CWPPRA) approved it along with eight other projects totaling more than $230 million. The New Orleans Times-Picayune covered the story.

    Meanwhile, Louisiana coastal scientist Mark Schexnayder mocked Locke’s announcement as “a grain of sand on the beach in the grand scheme of things.” To put it in perspective, Jindal said last month that Congress has authorized $9 billion in coastal projects, but they lack funding from the federal government.

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    10 Responses to Commerce Secretary Exaggerates Obama Administration's Aid for Gulf Oil Spill

    1. Antifa, USA says:

      So . . . 75% of the oil in the Gulf is gone while 75% remains.

      Why, this here is just good old Texas figurin' boys. You take your 75% and your 75% and you get one plus a whole nuther half.

      And the Gulf of Texas is plenty big enough for three halves. Aww, sure it is. That's how that oil can be mostly gone while it's mostly still there.

      It's about optics. You know, the way when you look at a fish down in the water it isn't actually where it seems to be. It's actually over there a little bit. It's there but it's not there.

      Same with oil. When you look at oil in the water, it isn't actually there unless you know how to get it out of the water. If you savvy how to get it out of the water then it's plain to see that it's all there, and it's all BP's. Why, even the gummint will back that.

      As soon as Kevin Costner or some other feller figures out how to get that 75% that's not in the Gulf back out of the Gulf it'll be BP's oil instantly, and he'll have to buy it from 'em at their price just as fast as he pulls it out. Any oil he misses isn't theirs and isn't there.

      It's all about optics.

      And as for the safety of Gulf seafood –

      no. It ain't safe to be seafood down there, not no how.

    2. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      When will we all realize the Obama administration has no honor or ethics. They will continue to lie and distort to achive their socialist agenda. Gary Locke is yet another lackey taking instructions from Obama. They will use any and all means with no shame or thought that they are being completely dishonest with the American people. Those that voted for Obama have to take responsibility for infecting the office of the President and put our nation at the brink of deliberate financial disaster.

    3. Tim Az says:

      This could be the first time Bush isn't getting blamed for something he did. How is this possible?

    4. Tim AZ says:

      This could be the first time that Bush is not being blamed for something he actually did. How can this be?

    5. Dave Aldridge says:

      What the h____. Why waste a good spill, right? Let's get some positive PR for the boss, even if we have to lie.

    6. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Obama calls you for a cabiniet post first question, Are you a good liar? That's the #1 qualification for the job. BHO even said on "The View" he's wants things done HIS WAY, the rest of us be dammed. Now we have about 84 days left until election, this will be the time to let them know that we want this country to be the Republic intended by the founding founders, ruled by "WE THE PEOPLE". GO VOTE AND OFFER TO TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU.

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    9. waynne wilson,salina says:

      i would really like to believe that thing's will change after November,but do you really believe in your heart deep down that America really wants to be free. do they even realize how socialist our country really is and want to change it. it's easy to talk about it , but to actually live it is a totally different thing.myself i would love to get the government out of our lives,but i truly believe it will never happen America is to use to them telling us what and when to do what they want us to do.

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