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  • Obamacare: A Parent's Worst Nightmare

    Nothing is more important to Larry Patterson than his family. His four kids, who range from a 2-year-old to a college graduate, shape his outlook on life. They’re one of the primary reasons he’s concerned about the devastating consequences of Obamacare.

    Patterson has good reason to be worried. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act diminishes family choice of coverage, limits parental involvement and strikes a blow for family values in health care.

    Even with many of the new provisions years from implementation, Patterson is already bracing for the harsh realities of life under Obamacare.

    The North Dallas businessman operates a franchise called the Glass Doctor, which repairs auto glass, windshields, windows and shower doors. He’s fortunate to offer health insurance to his employees and enjoys good coverage for his family. But with uncertainties about rising health care costs and the outsize impact on small businesses, the future is bleak.

    “I don’t know so much that I’m afraid Obamacare would interfere with my doctor and our relationship, as much as I am certain that it will,” Patterson said. “At some point, the doctor is going to have to decide whether he wants to follow the Hippocratic oath or the Obamacratic oath. When the interest of the patient and the doctor are not in alignment, how is he going to make a decision as to what is the right thing to do when faced with the realities of federal law that says something different?”

    The question weighs on Patterson’s mind. He wonders what it means for his own health care and the life facing his four children, Ashley, Jamie, Tatum and Willy.

    At the heart of Obamacare is more government regulation. While it’s true that more families will be covered under the law, the new entitlement comes with strings attached. Families that take advantage of the affordability tax credits won’t have the option to purchase cheaper insurance plans across state lines and aren’t allowed to buy family-friendly plans.

    Patterson said the likely result means inferior care to what he and his family receive today.

    “It’s going to reduce choice because now we have politicians deciding upon who are the winners and the losers, what treatments doctors can perform and get paid for, and what treatments the government says, ‘No, this is not a valid treatment and we’re not going to pay for this,’” he said. “That’s absolutely going to reduce choice — not just in the quantity of doctors, but in the available treatments.”

    He’s seen the impact firsthand. His cousin, who is in his 50s, decided to retire early from the medical profession rather than face more government regulation. Patterson said the additional bureaucratic burden for him and his staff was just too much to take — even though his cousin had planned to work 15 more years.

    Patterson’s concerns extend beyond a reduced choice of doctors and treatments. He also fears the government will expand its role in the lives of his children, forcing him out of the equation.

    “When I was growing up, my parents had absolute control over what I did, when I did it, and how I did it, until I reached the age of 18 and left the house and started taking care of myself,” Patterson said. “If my daughter were 17 years old and became pregnant, the last thing I need is a government consultant telling her what to do.”

    Under the new health care law, that’s exactly what could happen. Obamacare undermines the role of parents by encouraging contraception and abortion without respecting parental consent. School-based health centers will receive $50 million per year to promote such options as contraception and abortion. An additional $75 million per year funds Personal Responsibility Education grants to help states reduce pregnancies.

    With the government taking on a greater role, where does that leave a parent like Patterson? He talks frequently about the law’s consequences with his family and employees so they are fully aware of what it means. At home, it might result in less choice and greater regulation. At work, it could cause higher premiums and co-pays.

    Policy issues aside, Patterson said he worries about how his children will view America differently under Obamacare. It’s one of the reasons he’s rooting for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to succeed in his lawsuit against Obamacare’s individual mandate.

    “This law sends a message to my children and future Americans that they’re not competent, they can’t take care of themselves, government has to step in to take care of them,” Patterson said. “I look at this legislation as we are delegating basic moral responsibilities we have in our communities to take care of our aging parents, to take care of those that are less privileged in our communities. We’re taking these basic moral obligations away from ourselves, from our churches, our synagogues, our civic organizations, and we’re delegating these responsibilities to government. I don’t understand that.”

    Patterson called himself the “most optimistic pessimist you’ll find.” It’s one reason he’s hopeful about the repeal of Obamacare and why he harbors a faith that his children’s generation might be able to put the country back on track — restoring the principles of limited government, individual freedom and traditional values when it comes to health care.

    This story originally appeared in The Washington Examiner.

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    21 Responses to Obamacare: A Parent's Worst Nightmare

    1. Blue Dog Michigan says:

      The basic concept of obamacare is socialzed medicine. If you want to see the total failure that socialzed medicine is just look to the United Kingdom where they are now, after more than 60 years, trying to extracate themselves. It is their worst nightmare!!!

    2. MMM, forney says:

      I have already experienced. Obamacare.crap…we were signed up thru bluecross/blueshield tx. Their rates went up 38%!! So, our company moved to ughhh united healthcare! Old copayments=$30 bcbstx. United healthcare=$50 copays. Plus larger deductibles! I hate this crap. Now young women CANNOT receive, by law, a female papapsmear just to check & make sure all is okay.NO.NO.NO. These young girls from 17-21, by law, Must wait until they are sexually active or of the age of 21! What abt eearly detection? I've had cancer what if she has it? We had to deal with all this newcrap this past week. Sincerely, mmm

    3. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Regardless of Patterson's pasion concerning ObamaCare, he is wasting

      his time to think the November elections will change anything. Like so many millions of other Americans that think voting will stop this Communist take-over of our nation and the Democrat Party, Patterson is living in an elusion! He had better recognize that we have been infiltraded by a radical sect that was developed in the "60's and has now reached it's full intent with the fraudulent election of Obama. That's all one has to do is just listen to Obama and any of his

      lackeys lies to understand that they have ACORN, SEIU, AFL/CIO, NBP Party, and others to do whatever they must to not allow votes to stop their

      distruction of our America.

    4. myob1776, new york says:

      Worst nightmare? That’s unnecessarily hyperbolic. Patterson is among the lucky elite, and will always be able to afford all the choice he wants to pay for. The real worst nightmare is having no coverage whatsoever. The health care system is broken, with insurers and the medical profession conspiring to escalate costs far beyond reason. Obamacare is a weak attempt – an attempt sabotaged by our own Congress – to fix that system. Many of its problems can be traced to legislative efforts to undermine it, not the original concept itself.

    5. Mark, Lansing, Michi says:

      Lloyd, et al: Cheer up, this is still the United States of America. Consider how this country was founded and the overwhelming challenges it has withstood since then. It has saved the world from tyranny and the enemies of freedom on numerous occasions. We're just getting up to speed at identifying and fighting back this current menace. As for ACORN, SEIU and others, I compare these groups to the crew on the program 'Whale Wars' whose incompetence borders on comedy.

    6. JoeBama says:

      The delusion of a Federal Umbrella over the entire healthcare system will reduce costs is exactly a delusion. Federal involvement always involves additional regulations which adds to the cost of everything because of addition time in implementation and interpretation.

      Thinking that the Republicans have somehow sabotaged the legislation because it was watered down is rather humorous and considering this Patterson guy as "an elite" is delusional at best. Somehow someone thinks once you have a business you are always successful and have everything you need and want. Tell that to Chrysler stock and bond holders.

    7. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      The main problem with government intervention into health care is does NOTHING to address costs. Yes, it will probably restrict choice and insurance companies and medical professionals will flee the industry because of “over-regulation”, but the problem with health insurance in general is the 3rd party payer system. When the end-user is buffered from the true cost of a service, there is absolutely no incentive to shop around, find a better price or for the supplier of that service to become more efficient. Period. Fix that, and you fix the system.

    8. Drew Page, IL says:

      MYOB 1776, N.Y. — It is obvious you know nothing of how health insurance is priced. You see conspiracies between insurance companies and the medical profession to excalate costs far beyond reason. The problem with that statement is your use of the term "reason". What's unreasonable to you may be very reasonable to someone else.

      YOU SAY the health care system is broken. It isn't broken, it's just expensive.

      Yes, I can sympathize with people who can't afford health insurance, or a home, or a car, or food, or clothing, or heat in the winter, or air conditioning in the summer. It sucks to be poor. But, my sympathy goes only so far. I don't feel I owe the world's poor, or even this country's poor, the necessities of life. If you feel that you have this obligation, fine. Sell all you have and give it to the poor. I'll salute you and praise your unselfish efforts. But don't, even for a moment, presume to tell me that it is my obligation.

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    10. jeb says:

      Everyone, this does not have anything to do with healthcare or taxes or anything other than a POWER GRAB. BO and his cohorts do NOT care about the American people and it’s not that they do not hear us. What it is has only to do with POWER. They want to dictate to us and make us sheeps that will follow blindly. SOMEONE with POWER AND GUTS will have to become the leader and take the onus on themselves. No Republican is bright and gutsy enough to take the government on so we will NEED A LEADER that has wealth and charisma to take a stand so that he can implement what the PEOPLE really want. I don’t see anyone that fits the description. One day maybe some will be angry and frustrated enough to take the government on.

    11. L Bratton Carmel CA says:

      There were no captions for those of us who are deaf??????
      I clicked the CC (captions on) yet nothing happened

    12. Don Croson says:

      I'm 82 and have been through the healthcare system from its inception…from a monthly premium of $7.49 to today and its extremes. People!!! the problem with healthcare or any non market regulated system is STRANGULATION…GOVERNMENT STRANGULATION. The huge problem is "how do we stop this train wreck" and get back to "THE GOOD OLD DAYS"?

    13. KLJG, IL says:

      DREW PAGE IL is so right on. I have often wondered if those who want to socialize medical care have ever helped to pay for the expenses incurred by those who cannot afford to pay for them.

    14. jim dougherty Ft Mye says:

      Obama has to go with his 'Progressive mentors" and his other "drivers' of his messages!. People! Please unite as we are facing Most "Bad times!" Please vote these 'bad people" out!! It is our future people! Live as a Republic" or die! Me? I'd rather live; how about you? My Thoughts, My country. I'm not ready to give it up! jimbo

    15. tommyc says:

      The law was put in place to help the millions of Americans that don't have and can't afford healthcare. It's purpose isn't to beneift "wealth" business owner types such as Mr. Patterson and the author of the biased and opinionated article. You and I already have and can afford healthcare.

      What happens when Mr. Patterson and/or the author of this article get run over by a bus and crippled and can't work to afford healthcare for their kids??

      What will you do then Mr. biased opinionated glass doctor and arcticle writter??

      Guess what?? With the new laws you and your kids will be afford healthcare. I'll bet you will be praising the new American healthcare laws then.

    16. Larry Patterson, Dal says:

      Elite…….that is pretty funny…..I had a scholarship and worked through college…….. started my first business with $4k and lost 30lbs the first year cause I couldn't afford to eat……..live modestly………drink beer (Shiner Bock),,,,,drive a pickup truck…….listen to real country music…….wear boots and jeans to work……go to church on Sunday…………what is elite about that? I am always amazed when people's arguments are based on an unverified assumption about their opponent. If you are going to attack someone's viewpoint, know the facts MYOB1776! May God Bless America!

    17. Sheri says:

      I'm a pharmacist and I've read much of the health care bill. It's obvious that this law will cause health care to degrade in this country and care will be rationed to our disabled child. Our premiums are already going up and we are already losing benefits. Private insurance companies are going to be run out of business by this law, and then those in our government plan to force us all into single payer government controlled health care.

      The only option we are going to have is to try to come up with the money to pay private doctors cash for our daughter's medical care. We have saved for our childrens' college and for retirement, but we will have to spend that money for our daughter's care if we can't get Obamacare repealed. My family financial situation is going to be made much worse off by this law.

    18. Dee, Georgia says:

      Unfortunately we have experienced the effects of Obamacare first hand. My husband and I are trying to purchase a medical insurance policy for my 8-year-old grandson. We recently received legal custody of him and both of our employers family insurance premiums are beyond what we can afford–nearly $800 per month just to add children. In searching for a policy, we found a policy with a reputable company with a premium of only $119.00 per month. Problem is, within two days of getting the quote, we were informed that no insurance company is selling a child-only policy. We are an honest, hard working family, willing to buy a policy and not drain the government, but that choice was taken away. So, we currently have no insurance for our grandson and are sick about it. What a sad state of affairs. Everything about this administration seems to hurt families who really want to work hard and provide for their families. Very sad.

    19. Charles Hux MD says:

      Obamacare is nothing less than a total destruction of our Medicalcare system.

      The problems we have with prior illnesses , those persons with no care ect.. could be divided by those medical ins carriers depending on the percent of the population cared for by their company supported by the government.

      The reason for OBAMACARE is simply control and power which will result in close to half on todays doctors leaving medicine being replaced by nurses, foreign trained doctors and newly trained doctors. Medical research in not being funded by Obamacare.

      Decisions concerning care and treatment will be made by the government —not by your doctor. Say a prayer—Do anything you can to attempt to repeal this bill.

    20. Jill, California says:

      I may soon join the ranks of the uninsured, because Blue Shield has imposed three hefty rate hikes since Obamacare was passed.

      Blue Shield whines about escalating healthcare costs. But they don't seem to understand that (1) we the people have no more to give in this horrid economy, where incomes are declining and expenses are skyrocketing or (2) the insurance companies themselves are a big part of the problem.

      I'd love to pay my doctors out-of-pocket and have Blue Shield stay out of the way. But because doctors have to run their bills through the insurance company, it makes the whole process more complicated and more expensive than it needs to be. Insurers should merely publish their approved rates where doctors and patients alike can find them, then stay out of the billing process. If I can check a web site to see that my doctors are charging the right rates, I'm happy to pay them cash for their services before I leave the office. No overhead for billing services. No finance charges for running a credit card transaction. It's a win-win solution.

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