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  • Morning Bell: The Age of Entitlements Must End

    The latest Democracy Corps poll, performed by Democratic pollsters Stan Greenberg, James Carville and Bob Shrum, shows that by a 64% – 29% margin, the American people believe that things in this country “have gotten pretty seriously off on the wrong track.” But nobody seems to have bothered to tell President Barack Obama who, on the second-to-last leg of a $4 million fundraising trip for Democrats, told a group of supporters in Columbus, Ohio: “Slowly but surely, we are moving in the right direction. We’re on the right track.” And that wasn’t the most completely divorced-from-reality statement that the President made yesterday. Responding to a question about Social Security, the President insisted: “So here’s the thing. Social Security is not in crisis.” Oh yes it is.

    The debate about whether Social Security needs to be fixed is over. The 2010 Social Security Trustees Report, released on August 5, shows that the program will run cash-flow deficits in both 2010 and 2011 due to the effects of the recession. Then in 2015, Social Security will begin to inflict massive permanent annual deficits on American taxpayers. And Social Security is just one of the Big Three entitlements (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) that is set to bankrupt our country. Unless major reforms are made, spending on just these three programs alone will consume all federal government revenues by 2052. According to the International Monetary Fund, over the next 20 years the United States will experience the second highest projected increase of all the G20 countries in health care and pension spending as a share of GDP.

    If we really want to get our nation back on track, one of our top priorities must be to end the age of entitlements. Under current law, Congress does not review and approve the level of funding for these programs annually or…ever. Rather, their expansion is on autopilot, fueled by demographic changes and rapidly rising health care costs. Unless major reforms are made, these entitlement programs will crowd out all of our other national priorities. The Heritage Foundation’s Solutions for America chapter on The Entitlement Crisis recommends:

    Put These Programs on a Budget: Congress should set firm and enforceable budget caps for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Put these programs on a firm, long-term budget—say 30 years—and require Congress to review these budgets regularly. Triggers or other mechanisms should be deployed to enforce budget limits if Congress fails to act.

    Fix Medicare: Establish a new Medicare “defined contribution” system as we transition away from today’s costly and inefficient fee-for-service system. New retirees, just like federal workers, would receive a government contribution to purchase the health insurance that best meets their needs. The contribution, or “premium assistance,” would be capped but reviewed periodically. An individual’s contribution would be adjusted according to income and underlying medical condition.

    Fix Medicaid: Healthier families should be allowed into private health insurance with their share of Medicaid money. We need patient-centered care to give the disabled, elderly, and their families a say in the care and services they receive. Medicaid’s long-term care benefit must be transformed from an open-ended entitlement to an insurance-based model of private coverage as part of a general strategy to boost long-term care insurance.

    Fix Social Security: To boost savings, we need to include a system of voluntary personal accounts within Social Security. The system as a whole should be made solvent by transforming the remainder of Social Security to “real insurance,” focusing benefits on those who really need them during retirement while strengthening the safety net for poorer retirees. Incentives such as removing payroll taxes for workers over the retirement age should accompany these changes.

    Increase Retirement Savings: Automatic enrollment, whereby workers are automatically enrolled in employer-sponsored retirement savings but allowed to opt out, should be expanded, and automatic IRA, a simple payroll deduction system that small businesses would offer to employees, should be created.

    President Obama told his supporters in Columbus yesterday that Social Security only needs “some modest adjustments in order to strengthen it.” It is exactly this type of head-in-the-sand denialism that has caused the vast majority of Americans to believe that our nation is “pretty seriously off on the wrong track.” Ending this country’s entitlement mentality is not just an economic challenge, but a moral one. It is simply wrong to make unsustainable promises to today’s adults by shackling our children and grandchildren with crippling debt or heavy taxes.

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    103 Responses to Morning Bell: The Age of Entitlements Must End

    1. West Texan says:

      Why can't these domestic programs be returned to the individual states where they rightfully and constitutionally belong? There needs to be a constitutional amendment clarifying for our leftist leaders what limited powers mean. Such needs to block federal interference into states' affairs so that the FDRs, LBJs and Obamas can never again ideologically abuse their elected office.

    2. Jack E Lohman says:

      Balance the Budget? The Ryan Way? Cut Social Security and Medicare so they can send the money to the special interests that funded their elections? I don’t think so.

      Two things will help fix the system and balance the budget:

      1) Put the politicians on a “pay for performance” basis. Balance the budget without harming social benefits and we’ll double their salaries. Don’t and we’ll introduce term limits.

      2) Get them off the special interest payroll with public funding of elections. At $5 per taxpayer per year it’d be a bargain.

      See http://fairelectionsnow.org/about-bill

      Jack Lohman …

    3. Steve Wold, Cameron, says:

      Is the Nation on the wrong track? Yes! That's been obvious since FDR.

      But some of us are working to invent the Post-Dysfunctional America, beginning with this November's elections.

      We're just going through the labor pains of a new birth.

    4. Tom Charron, Battle says:

      Just one question: Where in the Constitution is the federal government authorize to establish a "safety net"?

    5. Phyllis Fields Cedar says:

      I LOVE the ideas the Heritage has come up with to put this nation back on track. They are really quite conservative in the preservation of programs while at the same time capping spending and gradually giving people control of their money once again. Kudos to all of you who had a part in this–I will urge my Senators and Congressmen to adopt these policies!!

    6. Andrew, VA says:

      Lot of good ideas here. But what about means testing for Social Security? Why should Bill Gates, Barba Streisand or Rupert Murdoch get a Social Security check when they clearly don't need one?

    7. Linda, Massachusetts says:

      I DO NOT think that we are going in the right direction….right now it feels like we are on a "slippery slope" and going fast!!

    8. Walter Moore says:

      The term "entitlements" is used to categorize benefits paid out by the federal government and includes what honest citizens have earned and paid for – Social Security Retirement, SSDI, and Medicare – and those which are taken from tax revenue that is not earned – AFDC, Welfare, Medicaid – so who is responsible for the bankruptcy of the Social Security funds and who will be held accountable?

      Someone is stealing these funds, misappropriating them, using them to support people who otherwise would not be qualified to receive them. Who's responsible for the wrong that's being done and what can we do to make them stop? They owe those who paid their dues for their benefits and met the statutory qualifications to receive them. We are only "entitled" to receive that which we contributed to and in the same proportion as our contribution.

    9. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      Where is "Mr. Presidents" head? Let's say he hasn't the ability to read the people….where are his advisers?….Where is anybody with views and solutions to help this country mend it's wounds. We can find them in November.

    10. Ron in Cincinnati, O says:

      Words are inportant – He says, I believe we are on the right track – HIS right track. We should all know by now who he is and what he is doing. Socialize America and be like Europe. One can take this path to where ever you want to.

    11. Dennis Georgia says:

      The state of the economy tells all of us that we are going the wrong way. America is not and never will be socialist state. I do not believe the American people will roll over and play dead for this to happen. I agree with Kim and her comment, jobs should and must be the first thing to fix. With jobs there will be more tax moneys to the government, the entilements are the next fix. Then the tax code must be fixed, with all the illeglas in this country, the under the table pay for work, and all the benefits that the dems and repubs are giving away, we can not survive. We need the Fair Tax, if you buy it you pay the tax, stop the federal income tax deduction the state deduction and money will go in. Of course the dems will fight this, they know that the majority of the people have no idea how much tax they pay, if you do not see it in your hand you do not miss it. This would also cost jobs at the federal level, therefore the unions would loose their pull, and cause more money be deposited in the treasure.

      The next fix is for the American people to get off their butts and go to the polls, show some care and concern about this country and its future, as well as the future generations. We must also take pride in our country, the liberals must be shown they do not controll all, the federal judges must interpit the law, not make laws, we must also get back to God, allow the pledge of alligence in schools, at sporting events, teach the children what it means to be American. We as parents must take an activity part in our childrens lifes and their schools, teach them what it means to be responsible. That what they do , if wrong, has an effect on them, they they alone are responsible for their actions, good and bad.

      We as tax payers and workers can not keep giving to all that think they deserve what they want, not what they need. Drive into your local public houseing areas, look at what these people drive, look at the markets and see what these people buy for food, see how they dress, look at the cell phones, computers, internet use, clothes, shoes, hair styles. See how many goe to expensive restaurannts and eat, all on our money, not a few times a month or year, but and a regular basis. Ask the politican and they will tell you they deserve it, they are buying their votes to remain and power and controll of the rest of us. I am all for helping those that need help, but do feel the majority need to help themseves also.

    12. Rhonda H. Orlando, F says:

      Before we start penalizing the hard working folks that made their contributions to SS and Medicare we should analyze and review all recipients to determine how much we could save by eliminating those entitlements and/or costs:.

      How much are we paying for Anchor Babies and their families?

      How much are we paying in welfare to those who are capable of working but don't?

      How much are the illegal immigrants costing us?

      How many people are working but do not pay any taxes?

      We need to do the research to find out who should not be entitled and start there.

    13. rcraft says:

      Concerning social security: If the government would stop giving away the money to people who never paid int it we would not have to worry about running out of money. I have paid into it for almost 50 years and it makes me sick to think I will not get what I have in it. It IS an entitlement, I am entitled to retire knowing I would have to worry about living reasonably well. My employers paid into it, I paid into it and the government gives it to anyone they choose for any reason they choose. This is wrong , it will always be wrong.

    14. Jack E Lohman says:

      Linda, we ARE on a “slippery slope” and at no time in history have the special interest contributions bought so many government favors. Nothing is going to change until we have public funding of campaigns. What is it about political bribes do we not understand? They work, or the CEOs wouldn't spend their money on them.

      If politicians are going to be beholden to their funders, those funders should be the taxpayers. And at $5 per taxpayer per year it would be a bargain. Even at 100 times that. We MUST lobby our senators and representative to co-sponsor the bill at: http://fairelectionsnow.org/about-bill

      Jack Lohman

    15. Zeke, Tampa Fl says:

      "Morning Bell: The Age of Entitlements Must End"

      Headline 100% accurate. One way or another all entitlements ARE going to end. The only question is weather we come to our senses and end them in a controlled fashion or our financial collapse brings the end.

      Every thing after the headline is hopeful drivel. If Congress was ever going to be able to control entitlement programs don't you think they would have done so at least once in the last 100 years?

      We have to face up to the fact we have created monsters in these programs and take responsibility for saying the truth; The Age of Entitlements Must End.

      Then backing that statement up with plans to actually end them, not "Congress should set firm and enforceable budget caps for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Put these programs on a firm, long-term budget—say 30 years—and require Congress to review these budgets regularly. Triggers or other mechanisms should be deployed to enforce budget limits if Congress fails to act."

      That is pure fantasy, as seen in our current mess.

    16. D.Smith says:

      I agree with the Heritage solution for putting the programs on budget. In addition to the Heritage solution, they need to put ALL Social Security Funds back into the lock box it was orginally in before LBJ so generously opened it to every politician and whatever special interest that came along. If need be make another Amendment to the Constitution to fix this. Along with putting it back in the lock box do away with providing funds for any reason to someone that has not paid into the program. I would remind everyone that the term "Entitlements" has three potential meanings according to Merriam/Webster Dictionary, they are:

      1 a : the state or condition of being entitled : right b : a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract

      2 : a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group; also : funds supporting or distributed by such a program

      3 : belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges

      It is my beleif that the 2d definition applies in the case of Soc Sec. Where did these funds come from. Not the General Tax fund. No, they are monies each of us have contributed to what essentially equates to a retirement fund and the direction by law of the US Gov't. So my question is why would we use these same funds to pay to illegal or even legal immigrants that have come to our country and never contributed one single red cent to this program? Yet when we opened the lock box this is precisely what we began to do.

      If this insane practice is stopped the fund would likely last much longer and secondly probably reestablish its self for future generations.

      Just my two cents from the middle of the country. I know this may be difficult for those from the coasts to grasp and understand but think about it.


    17. Jim, California says:

      Social Security is used as an integral part of the Federal Employees Retirement System. Govt would have to change to retirement system also. I also think govt should keep their hands off the SS money.

    18. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:



      Updated the – THE More GOOD OBAMA IS DOING FILE


      Consumer Protection on Credit Cards Starts.



      More US Troops leave Iraq.

      WHY doesn't the HF EVER REPORT ON GOOD NEWS?


    19. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      It more and more apparent that the HF is living in a dream-like utopa to think and

      suggest this Government will end or reduce "entitlements". Demacrats depend on "entitlements" as bribes for votes from the almost 50% of this nation's citizens that depend on "entitlements" as a "right", thus depends on only

      that because many are receiving more money than if they had the pride to hold a job. Why do you think almost 90% of blacks and over 70% of Hispanics vote Demacrat?

    20. Ruth, St. Helena Isl says:

      I salute West Texan, John Lantana, Christopher Kirby Katy, Jack E. Lohman and Walter Moore. Phyllis, I don't know your age but IF you have ever worked, you have obviously never looked at how your paycheck is distributed. If you did, you would certainly call your Congressmen and Senators and tell them that you are tired of the ENTITLEMENTS: Medicaid and Food Stamps. If you saw the women come into the doctors office with six kids (all with different last names) to see the doctor and be checked(most often for nothing worse than a splinter) you would reguritate your latest meal. Not only that, but they are expected by the program to pay $2.00 a visit, that would be fourteen dollars. 9 times out of ten, they don't have it. What they do have however are perfectly manicured nails, perfectly coiffeured hair, gold rings on both hands, gold earrings and sometimes even a gold capped front tooth. In the interest of being politically correct, I do hope that you are getting my drift. Now, how about the doctor? After years of schooling, an enormous amount of money to pay for it, sacrifice in all aspects of his life before becoming a physician and after (ask your doctor how often he gets to REALLY see his family), he is paying SS and Medicare and taxes and then he is seeing these people and litterally taking care of them for free and now the government is planning to cut Medicare payments to doctors (while they themselves have just raised their salaries and benefits). Then there are the FOOD STAMPS. You have to be in my town and watch three women fill up grocery carts to well over overflowing, two with meat (the best cuts) and one with everything else, pay for it all with food stamps then roll it out to their brand new vans (to hold all those different named kids). When they are out alone to the manicurist or the hair dresser, they drive, Jaguars, Lexus and Cadillacs (all brand new every year). And what are the men doing while the women are abusing the system, they sit around in their cars at Wal-Mart listening to the radio, or gather in public places to talk ( and more than not plan some criminal act which is evidenced by the front page of our paper every other day and more recently the woman who strangled her two toddlers and pushed her car into the river with their bodies strapped to their seats-usually they don't even have seats and are never cited because the cops know it is useless). The men don't have to work because they feel it is their right to sit and give their masculine services to the next generation of 'ENTITLEMENT' recipients. And how do the women get this Welfare? All they have to say is "Ah don know who the daddy is." This is not to say that there are a small number who are hardworking, taking responsibility for the children they sire and actually marry.Unfortunately

      the numbers would keep their side of the see-saw up in the air. We have been chumps as a nation, having been convinced that we need to take care of those less fortunate. Those less fortunate come under the category of serious birth defects, serious work-related accident (not the – I think I pulled a muscle in my back lifting that box of spaghetti while I was putting it on the grocery shelf and that should entitle me to at least three months out of work paid by my employer. When are we going to get the FACTS and stop penalizing the people who have been supporting the whole system on their backs like Atlas holding up the world?

      I now CHALLENGE any small business owner to relate how the government uses them to do exactly the same thing. As for Bill Gates etc., if he pays into the system and doesn't need the money, he should be offered an alternative. He should be given a fair tax break, After all, he has WORKED for his money as have all the others mentioned.

      By the way, what I have offered above is just one very small community. Look at Philadelphia, New York, etc. and multiply their black reciipients for the past 36 years and there is no question as to where the money has gone. Oh yes, our President is what nationality?

    21. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Earl & Elaine -

      Send me an EMail.


      More and More HF readers are working



      Things would be A LOT BETTER


    22. walter says:

      All three were supposed to be set up that way. The government saw a cash fund for the taking and now we are in a fine mess. Smaller government, (an honest government,) no liberials. Problem solved.

    23. Mike, Chicago says:

      Food stamps, medicaid, subsidized housing and other government programs that benefit people who contribute nothing need to change as well. Many of these people pay little or no taxes even though they have paying jobs. At least people contribute to medicare and social security, although it's still disproportionate. Make the people who benefit the most, but pay the least pay their fair share.

    24. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Someone on FBook posted –

      "What do we make here,

      Hamburgers (manufacturing)

      and derivatives"

      *** I posted –

      I KNOW what a hamburger is,



      Does anyone REALLY KNOW?


    25. Elmo Lovett, Alaska says:

      What is the value of the iou's the government holds. Lets start cutting the entitlements first by cutting the salaries of these political leaches on the public by 75%. They steal monies from social security to give themselves even greater health care and raises.

      We the people, their employers, have no say in their pay or benefits except we pay the taxes they use to pay themselves. I think everyone in America would like to have a deal like that.

      Since we the people are the financial providers for this corruption we should start withholding our financial support, it would only take a short while to bring this so called government of the people under control.

    26. Ed, Philly says:

      Can someone please explain to me why I should not fill entitled to social security after paying into it for more than 40 years.

    27. David A. White says:

      The liars and theives are out in force. First, social security is not an entitlement, the huge financial companies use the trillion dollar retirement money to make billions a year, they don't want any competition from the federal government. The finanicial giants are like a huge vacuum system, they will never be satisfied until they have complete control. They have robbed the American public blind over the last 3 years, and give billions in employee bonus's. The Social Security would be billions ahead if Congress would pay back the money they have stolen.

    28. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      What do you call it when your neighbor looses his job? A recession

      What do you call it when you loose your job? A depression

      What do you call it when Obama losses his job? A recovery.

      Make November 2010 the month we came to our fiscal senses and began taking the road out of debt.

    29. Greg says:

      It is time to stop referring to Social Security and Medicare as "entitlements." What they are is federally mandated and (mis)managed retirement accounts. I have paying into SS now for 44 years. Had I been allowed to manage my own retirement, well, I'd be retired by now. What must happen is put an end to the theft of our national pension funds to, among other things, fund a Lawrence Welk Museum, 160+ vacation rooms at a Spanish villa, Nancy Pelosi's private airforce and Barack Obama's private gifts to his buddies at the NEA and AFL-CIO.

    30. toledofan says:

      Some great solutions, but, until Washington understands the real problems we face and they start to do what is best for America and not just about what is best to get re-elected, nothing will change. Creating jobs and individual wealth is paramount to making our country work and until Obama and his minions understand their redistribution theories don't work and actually depress the economy, nothing will change. It's becoming very clear that the Democrats are on the wrong side of America and they have no solid ideas or the willingness to make any changes to make things better. To them it's all about spend until you can't spend anymore, even if the money is wasted.

    31. Warof2010 USA says:

      ntitlement Spending

      CBO http://bit.ly/9lB1xt

      SocialSecurity|Medicare|Medicaid (in trillions)

      ………….SS….M care..Mcaid..Total.. …Increase/yr.

      FY1996 .314 + .281 + .xxx = 0.595

      FY1997 .358 + .305 + .xxx = 0.663……..0.068

      FY1998 .372 + .314 + .xxx = 0.686……..0.023

      FY1999 .383 + .211 + .108 = 0.702 …….0.016

      FY2000 .402 + .218 + .118 = 0.738……..0.035

      FY2001 .426 + .241 + .130 = 0.797……..0.059

      FY2002 .448 + .256 + .148 = 0.852……..0.055

      FY2003 .467 + .277 + .161 = 0.905……..0.053

      FY2004 .488 + .300 + .176 = 0.964……..0.059

      FY2005 .514 + .335 + .182 = 1.031……..0.067

      FY2006 .548 + .378 + .181 = 1.107……..0.076

      FY2007 .577 + .374 + .191 = 1.142……..0.035

      FY2008 .607 + .389 + .202 = 1.198……..0.056

      FY2009 .659 + .428 + .251 = 1.338……..0.140

      FY2010 .xxx + .xxx + .xxx = x.xxx……..0.xxx

      Entitlement spending, alone, for SS, Medicare, and Medicaid,

      in 2011, will approach $1.6 trillion Dollars

      2010 TOTAL FEDERAL REVENUES = $2.1 Trillion Dollars

    32. Warof2010 USA says:

      Social Security

      Social Security: Celebrating 75 Years of Mismanagement http://yhoo.it/9YU66v

      Social Security Benefits and Contribution Base:

      Probably No Increase for 2011
      http://bit.ly/cCtr4a http://bit.ly/c6Eqzd http://bit.ly/aJYsps

      Social Security was created to provide supplemental income to

      elderly and disabled people who could not work,

      and was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt Aug. 14, 1935.

      Old-Age/Survivors (OASI), Disability (DI), Hospital (HI) Trust Fund

      ……………….. ………OASI……. ..DI………….HI. ………….SMI… (trillions)

      Assets (FY2008)…$2.2029.. .$0.2158 ….$0.3213…….$0 .0603

      Income (FY2009)…0.6982… ..0.1093 ……0.2254…….. 0.2828

      Outgo (FY2009)…..0.5643. ….0.1215 ……0.2425…….. .0.2665

      Net increase……….0. 1339….-0,0122 …..-0.0171………0.016 3

      Assets (FY2009)…$2.3368.. .$0.2035…..$0.3042 …….$0.0766

      ……………….. ………OASI……. ..DI………….HI. ………….SMI… (trillions)

      Assets (FY2009)…$2.3368.. .$0.2035…..$0.3042 …….$0.0766

      Income (FY2010)…

      Outgo (FY2010)…..

      Net decrease……….

      Assets (FY2010)…

      Social Security through July – 10 months (Trillions)

      Total Revenues 0.894 minus Total Expenses 0.965 = $0.071 Trillion


    33. Warof2010 USA says:


      Deficit Spending http://bit.ly/cos9zf
      the story in a nutshell

      CBO http://bit.ly/9lB1xt

      Federal Revenues, Expenses, Deficit

      YEAR……REV…..EX P…DEFICIT (Trillions)

      FY1996 — 1.458 — 1.560 = 0.1074

      FY1997 — 1.579 — 1.692 = 0.0226

      FY1998 — 1.721 — 1.651 = 0.070

      FY1999 — 1.827 — 1.705 = 0.122

      FY2000 — 2.025 — 1.788 = 0.247

      FY2001 — 1.990 — 1.863 = 0.127

      FY2002 — 1.853 — 2.011 = 0.158

      FY2003 — 1.783 — 2.160 = 0.378

      FY2004 — 1.880 — 2.293 = 0.413

      FY2005 — 2.154 — 2.472 = 0.318

      FY2006 — 2.407 — 2.655 = 0.348

      FY2007 — 2.568 — 2.731 = 0.163

      FY2008 — 2.524 — 2.983 = 0.459

      FY2009 — 2.105 — 3.518 = 1.413

      FY2010 — x.xxx — x.xxx = x.xxx

      FY2010 Budget Deficit = $1.174 Through July (10 months)

    34. Ron Derry Nh says:

      Yes one must KEEP THE FANTASY alive to allow reality to be ignored…and to accept failure as promise.

      America is suffering under too many years of defrauding worth to the point where lies need to be accepted for one to herald success!

      Bailouts reduce worth across the board, reform that spreads debt to all consumers is bad, fooling the public into a belief that financial seizure to pay back this debt will be put off indefinitely as if money grows on trees are imaginary thoughts of the insanity of our times.

      People who would like to think GOOD TIMES are here at the hands of tyranny, fascism and ambivalence are as dangerous to our country as the silent majority that has always predicated the slaughters that the fanatics, unchecked through history, have insured with their defrauding of society worth.

      You go Ken keep bragging for the silencing of the only voices who recognize reality and you keep cheer leading and we will get what history always…not sometimes, brings out of such ignorance.

      This great countries only hope is voices of dissent and resistance to what is perceived as evil to our civilization by predictable causes that history has proved with out doubt.

      You go right ahead and cheer for the communization of economics, and the fascism of thought against free speech until no one has a voice left because people chose silence or worse adoration over challenging what is obviously the wrong path for protecting liberty and human worth as predicted by history time and time again.

      We will if not resisted get what an unchallenged authority always succeeds at doing…crushing society in favor of politically positioned worth through coercion, fraud and deception….something the free market has protected us from until socialism's folly over burden the system and political favoritism oppressed the meter of individual merit and responsibility.

    35. New Orleanian born & says:

      The condition this economy is in I would like to know; 1) who is paying for Obama to fly around the country to help democrats raise funds? 2) Who is paying for the many vacations of the Obama's, millions or the millions (or trillions) that is borrowed from China? I would be paying for my own vacation, if I could afford to take one, why doesn't he??? He should get 1 a year paid by the taxpayers then it's on his nickle and these vacations SHOULD be taken in the U.S., why should we be paying our borrowed money to Spain, et al???? 3) Would this plan help fix Social Security? For VERYsmall business owners (under 250k) and their emplyees that Social Security should NOT be collected on people making less that $30K, that $1800 + a year would make a big difference to these earners, plus the matching funds NOT paid would help the small business, if these people making under 30k work for a company making over $250k then the business pays 6.2% of the employees earnings, and I agree, there should be NO cap on any salary. That way if the Gates, or Streisands, or Clooney's of the country want to get a check thay will have paid their share. 4) my suggestion on fixing welfare is to pay a woman based on the amount of children she has when she gets on welfare, no increase if she has any more children. People will NEVER get off welfare if they are rewarded for having more kids. If they have to support their own kids they may quit having so many on the taxpayer's back.

    36. Don Lambert says:

      S.S. is not an entitlement, it is an earned payback for those that paid into it.

    37. Henry says:

      When I can look out my window and see 5 families that are and have been on the government take all their lives and all are strong and healthy. One draws s. s. disability and has all his life, but works construction on the side, build houses, cuts trees, hunts, plays golf, rides his horses and has two children that also gets s.s., under his disability. Another family not married, three children by three different men and gets s. s. for being crazy. She moves in and out of her parents home every three months to stay on s.s., there are more just like these two families…

      They have new government homes and cars paid for by the working tax payers.

      Get government out of s.s., put all these people to work. This is what is draining the system.

      If you don't work, you don't eat. AMERICA HAS BECOME A FAT LAZY NATION.

    38. Kim in Northern Virginia says:

      Although I agree 100%, it has to start with Jobs. Without one the system works hard to digest you whole.

    39. Jean, Providence, RI says:

      The problem with Social Security is that Congress is using it all up on PORK BARREL PROJECTS and not leaving it alone. That is criminal! They are robbing us of benefits we paid into over our working lives and they need to KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF our Social Security. According to the Seniors Coalition, if Congress put a LOCKBOX on Social Security, we could recover our money…at the very least we could maintain our benefits. I want term limits and get the wasteful spenders out of Congress. You have to remember that Congress has exempt themselves from Social Security, Medicare and “Obamacare” and they couldn’t care less about our financial futures. We will clean house in November!!!

    40. James A - Longdrycreek Ranch, Texas says:

      End entitlements. Balance the national budget. Cut the federal work force by 80%. Reduce pay for elected officials and bureaucrats to the average pay for
      U.S. workers. Reduce congressional staffs by 80% and cut the WH staff by 90%. Follow Cal Coolidge’s model.
      Close the departments and budgets of Education, Commerce, Energy, Transportation, and reduce the funds for the State Department.
      Increase honest defense spending to face China and a hostile world.
      Tell the states and local governments: best wishes as you fund your priorities.
      No federal money available.
      Unless there is a radical retrenchment on funding, there is not way we will rid ourselves of the Imperial Presidency and the Imperial Congress. Both must go.
      I doubt any Republican has the guts to do either: power is addictive but destructive for the Republic.

    41. paul, the villages,f says:

      Why do you consider my coments too rapid? there have benn four enrties in the time I typed minn

    42. John Lantana, Fl says:

      What about the cost of welfare, is that not expected as an “entitlement” since 1964? At least recipients of social security and medicare have paid their fair share of the cost during a lifetime of deductions from their pay checks. Welfare is just expected and accepted as a birth right, paid for those who also bear the burden of their own expenses.

    43. Christopher Kirby Katy, Texas says:

      Fix the generation of wealth! not the programs. Private individuals and businesses can generate more than the government can take if the system allowed it. What has happened to our country? The government generates nothing but taxes and waste. How many great leaders came from poor disadvantaged families? How many are a product of the government? Only people empowered to do what they are inspired to do can fix the issues. The Government no longer serves the nation.

    44. paul collins, the vi says:

      Why do you consider my comments to rapid, four othres have been entered during the time Ityped mine

    45. Winlock, WA says:

      If the federal government would stop stealing money each year to off set the overspending they do Social Security would not be in trouble. It also needs to stop giving non deserving people Social Security benefits. Problem solved!

    46. Earl Beam says:

      It upsets me that you and others characterize social security as an “entitlement” when it really is a return of money I paid into the program on the basis of being paid back during retirement. An “entitlement” to me refers to something I did not pay for but want somebody else to pay for me. With social security, the government took my contributions and spent them on other pork and special interest programs. Now they need to borrow to pay back to me what I paid in rather than borrowing over the years if they would have put my social security contributions in a secure account for me. Please change the way you characterize this because it seems to say I am the problem because of an entitlement mentality when it is the politicians who absconded the money I contributed.

    47. Elaine L. Fisher - Salt Lake City, Utah says:

      Why doesn’t anyone ever suggest taking the salary cap off the Social Security payroll deductions? An individual earning less than $106,800 contributes 6.20% of his salary to Social Security whereas an individual earning say $200,000 contributes the same dollar amount ($6,621.60) which equates to 3.31% of their salary. Seems to me that removing the cap would solve some of the problem.

    48. D. Jackson,Vallejo,C says:

      I'll do my best to keep this "Short'. All this crazy spending by our government is Paid by "Working People" Both the Workers and the Companies. When we send Billions of dollars to help other countries, and to recieve certain rights to their resources in return, we pay for that,then we bail out all the bankrupt crooks with our money in this country. If we the Taxs Payer pays for all of this Fraud by Our Leaders, why can't we take some of our tax monies and reinstate the money taken from the Social Security Fund that we've paid for? The same way we send all the Special Stimulation Money to Bail Out All of the Crooks that stole the Social Securty Fund to began with? The bottom line, It's Our money, and we Dam well should have the Legal Right to tell these Idiots where to put it. God Help the Working Man. We make others Rich with Our Labor, Pay for Our Old Age Insurence, and end up with nothing when we can no longer produce ! We should stand Proud of the Fraud inwhich we Live By.

    49. Nancy, New Hampton, NY says:

      Social Security was never intended for multi-millionaires and billionaires. Remove the cap and set a limit on the earnings of retirees to determine eligibility. If a person is extremely well-off in retirement that person should not receive Social Security. Everyone should pay in to it but people who are extremely wealthy should be ashamed to get a check, Millions of people, myself included, would find themselves homeless and starving if Social Security, which I earned with my meager contributions, failed. Use contributions for the purpose set by law. Congress, STOP THE THIEVERY,

    50. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Let's be perfectly clear here. The Social Security System wasn't meant to be an entitlement. It was meant to be a pension for people who were 65. It was conceived

      75 years ago at a time when life expectancy was only 65. (So was the retirement age.) The first check wasn't even paid out until 1940. Since 1972, it's become the largest Ponzi scheme, or pyramid scheme, in history. If it fails, it will be larger than

      Bernie Madoff and Baby Madoff. Then what will happen? Juvenal, quoted by Robert

      A. Heinlein, in his second young adult science fiction novel, Space Cadet, said it

      best. "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" Translation? That depends: Either "Who will

      keep the keepers themselves?" (Traditional translation), or "Who will watch the guardians?" and "Who guards the guards?" The answer? Nobody. There's a bumper

      sticker that says the following: "DON'T STEAL, THE GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION."

    51. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Awesome post Ron Derry – simply awesome.

      Remember, Social Security started out as an optional program with the intent of providing "security" for widows and those unfortunates that were penniless senior citizens. Compassionate. Then payment via taxation became mandatory and the cap has been continuously raised to cover the growing number of beneficiaries. Social Security was never intended to be a blanket retirement program – but that is the perception of the “Ken's” of the world. Something for nothing as the saying goes.

    52. M. Groves, Brandon F says:

      Social Security Insurance and Medicare are NOT ENTITLEMENTS they are FORCED Government INVESTMENTS! The government took money from every paycheck I ever made to INVEST in these programs, an entitlement is something people receive simply because they exist and never pay a penny into, can't you recognize the difference between free and paid for? You are falling into the progressive trap of mislabeling people and programs in order to neutralize them and the Citizens who paid their fair share are who they are neutralizing in favor of non working parasites simply to buy votes and build another demoncrat voter base, Stop insulting recipients by mislabeling SS and Medicare, we worked for it, we paid for it and yes we are ENTITLED to a return on our forced investments. Words have meanings, they are weapons when used improperly, please check yours.

    53. Elle Seymour, Connec says:

      Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements – we have paid for these things from the first day we were employed. If the government would have kept their fingers off the money that was supposed to have been set aside we would not be in the position we are now. The solution ? Cut the salaries of those who work in the federal government – cut out the perks that Congress and the President enjoy that we taxpayers have been paying through the nose for – let them pay for their air fare, vacations, cars, gasoline and parties out of their own money. Have the government repay every dime that they have stolen from Social Security and Medicare funds – hold them all accountable for the monies they have stolen from us and have jail time for those who refuse to pay back the money. Term limits on Congressmen and a strict budget that the government must follow – with all the lobbyist money those people take, they don't need us to pay for their existence. Our government is corrupt and has been for some time – we should not have to pay for a rich life style for those crooks and then be the scapegoats for when the government cries poor. Cut off those on Medicaid who don't deserve it – the "players" who pop out a child every nine months so they can stay on welfare and get free medical care.

      I like many others worked 60 hours a week and paid into Social Security and Medicare for over 55 years and barely get by on what Social Security gives me – however I am grateful for what I get. My idea of "fixing" Medicare and Social Security is this : The government should tally up the monies that all of us have paid into the system – pay all individuals a lump sum of money ( plus interest ) – we would all have plenty of money to get our own insurance, choose our own doctors, etc. – only then can they attempt to make changes that won't affect those who have already put money into those programs. Will this be done ? No – the government is greedy so it will never happen.

    54. MN J says:

      There’s another program that comes into play: the “professional left” with their laziness. They have their fingers in far too many government programs and foundations, originally established by “free-market” entrepreneurs. Sad, very sad. Go here to read the Pajamas Media article on the “professional left.” http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/the-professional-left-vs-the-amateur-right/

      IF we got some leaders with backbone and hutzbaa to cut the entitlements, this “professional left” would be cramped but not removed. They are the silent powerful. We need a conservative billionaire to fund conservative ideas. Unfortunately, the majority of billionaires and mega-millionaires are lefties. There’s a reason the left thinks it’s better than the rest of us.

    55. Fredy Lowe, Ocean Co says:

      Your term "denialism" to describe obama's positive statements regarding the state of our Social Security System is incorrect. Alinsky taught him deniablity, means and ends; and the Qur'an taught him taqiyya, which in Islam means deceive. The truth will set us all free…

    56. Greg in St. Paul says:

      I must object to the Heritage denigration of the term "fee for service". Fee for service is the amount exchanged between a willing buyer and a willing seller. Under the current health care system, "third party payment" is the actual problem. Be it private sector insurance, Medicare or Medicaid effectivewly shields the ultimate buyer of health care services from the actual cost for the service. Specifically, "first dollar coverage" eliminates any out of pocket expense at the time of service. Under thiese conditions, there will be unlimited demand for health care services due to the lack of direct cost to health care consumers. I suggest that health care spending will cease to be a problem when the majority of health care consumers have a direct expense associated with each dollar associated with health care services. The only first dollar coverage in Dentistry is Medicaid. I have witnessed the effectiveness of this process for 30+ years as a dentist in my low income community.

    57. Drew Page, IL says:

      To begin, I agree with the comments of Earl Beam and Don Lambert, expressed above. Social Security and Medicare are not in the same class of government benefits as Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamp and Rent Subsidy programs.

      Social Security is a government sponsored retirement insurance annuity program that is funded by taxes paid by working people and their employers. Medicare is a government health insurance program funded by taxes paid by working people. Benefits payable under these two programs were supposed to be limited to only those people who paid specific taxes into the system over their entire working careers. In other words these benefits were supposed to have been earned. SO DON'T CALL THEM ENTITLEMENTS. "Entitlements" should be a term applied to government benefits that have not been earned, such as Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamp benefits and Rent Subsidies.

      Second, I also agree with the comments of Jean, in Providence, R.I. and Walter Moore, included above, who correctly say that the problem is not that S.S. is paying out too much, but that the funds paid into S.S. have been embexxeled by the federal government with no accountability. Our government has been stealing S.S. funds from the "Lock Box" and leaving worthless IOUs. How long would a bank teller remain out of jail for taking funds from the bank where he worked leaving an "IOU" that said "Don't worry, future banking customers will make up what I took"? How much was stolen from S.S. funds? Who exactly took the money, or authorized the taking of it? What was it spent on? And this same government now wags its finger in the faces of all those who paid in over 40 or 50 years and tells them they (those expecting the benefits they paid for) have an "entitlement" mentality that must be ended.

      Before we start telling people who paid into S.S. and Medicare for 40 or more years that they need to forget about "entitlements", we need to take a look and at other entitlements such as the amount of money being spent on anchor babies, illegal aliens, welfare payments to the able bodied, food stamp and rent subsidy programs. These for the most part are unearned entitlements.

      Third, there were several good suggestions made in the above commentaries by which Social Security insolvency could be remedied. Government "borrowing" (theft) of S.S. funds must be stopped and the Lock Box be re-established. S.S. taxes could be levied on 100% income. I also like the idea expressed by James A., in Texas, that being to reduce Congressional and White House staff by 75% to 80% and elimination of the Departments of Education, turning these responsibilities over to the individual states, exclusively.

      In addition, I believe that serious consideration should be given to rolling all current federal pension plan assets into the Social Security "Lock Box", begin taking Social Security taxes out of federal employee paychecks and for those federal employees who have not retired replacing their federal employee pension benefits with Social Security pension benefits. I will guarantee that if and when this happens, we will never again hear about the possibility of Social Security going broke.

    58. mr norman says:

      I don't consider Social Security as an "entitlement". It is suposed to be a repayment at retirement time to those who have contributed to the system . It is bought and paid for and would not be going into the red if it hadn't been tapped into several decades ago for "Entitlements". The drains to the Social Security system are "Entitlements" payments for things unrelated to the original concept of Social Security. I believe AFDC is one of them. These "Entitlements" need to be funded from another source. They should not have come from the Social Security funds.

    59. Rich Bolton says:

      I am at the end of my rope…Are we really helpless to correct the direction this once great country is going in?

      This is really getting scarey with no one to turn to

    60. Joe Dunst says:

      Without American manufacturing industries, our "Standard of Living" will become

      lower than undeveloped countries. I have ofton wondered(?): who's minding the

      store? This is one of the reasons the Tea Party became popular.

      Every politican has a price tag.

    61. Tom K says:

      They're on the right trac, for their agenda,which is not good for AMERICA,or the AMERICAN people,It's time to put down your crack pipe,( this is for the folks that voted for this idiot) and get your head out of you know where and vote these liars out of office in November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. Steve, CA says:

      Also, quit giving benefits to illegal immigrants and sending Soc. Sec. payments to Mexicans and other foreigners who illegally entered the system. Illega immigration related costs just about match most states' deficits. Cut them off and most states will be solvent this year. Californians voted for Prop. 187, but some activist judge shot it down. Reinstate the will of the people.

      Also, we must get public employee salaries, benefits and pensions under control. I say we should fire everyone of them and rehire half of them with new plans. The old plans are bankrupt and no longer enforceable. Start over.

    63. Mike, North Carolina says:

      "Age of Entitlements Must End"…Statists, such as the so-called "Progressives"/"Leftists" have, yet again, been allowed to insidiously and otherwise make that so very painfully evident and obvious, this time in the United States of America.

      In fact, yet again, as repeatedly shown in history to this day, such power-grabbing politicians and other promoters of government dependence and control have so insidiously and otherwise done so that even things which some people write as if to oppose them, including the article "Age of Entitlements Must End" in Heritage's "The Foundry", "The Morning Bell", one moment point the, as always, predictable results of such mentality and things as "government (so-called) safety nets" (i.e. Social[ist] Security, et al), and perhaps also the antics and machinations of such politicians, but then proceed to recommend things which are in effect "placebos" which may fool with some of the symptoms but don't really lay a glove on the cause of the disease.

      Such fooling with the symptoms instead of really going to knock out the cause, the disease, is to not only forget or refuse to heed the fact that, as the Bible says, "A little leaven, leavens the whole lump", or, as the saying goes, "Once the camel (in this case government) is allowed to stick its' nose in the tent, that camel will take over the tent

      So it is that those who speak, write, and otherwise make the same mistake, whether or not they are members of any political party, are caught presenting the people with no or practically no difference, (which some call "Democrat" and "Democrat-lite"), which feeds apathy, which always has, does, and will further help certain politicians, in most any party, either completely or in some ways promote or not really oppose government dependence mentality to get themselves into and, for as long as they choose or can, keep government power; all of which always has, does, and will prove true what Benjamin Franklin said: "Those who surrender liberty for a little (imagined) security, deserve neither and will lose both".

    64. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      After forced payments int Soc. Sec. and Medicare when you retire there is over a $100 a month deducted from the SS check for Medicare part B, then if you don't want to go broke paying for other medical care you pay almost another $200 for a supplement policy, last year and next there is no COLA, but medicare deductions and supplement fees will go up they do every year. Congress voted themselves and their staffs a raise, they voted to give illegal aliens SS, they pay fraudulent cases without checking and Yes Medicaid is out of control, there are families that have been on Welfare since it started, for 4 or 5 generations. Food stamps should not be given to illegal aliens and non citizens. When my father came here as an infant his parents were already on way to citizenship, they came in 1800's and had to first speak English and sign an oath of allegience, and that they would never be a burden to society, in other words PROVE they could take finacial care of themselves and their children. My grandfather and Uncle sure made some good Danish pastries, the bakery was in Fords ,N>J> for many years.

    65. Wayne, Georgia says:

      2 Thessalonians 3:10

    66. Dorothy, Wisconsin says:

      I agree that entitlements must be stopped but my husband and I have paid into Social Security our entire life (working), which started at age 16 or even earlier. What do you do with those of us who have paid into this program all of these years? Also when I applied for Social Security, at age 65, we were surprised with the amount of people (foreign) who were applying for SS (some who were not able to even write their names but had to sign an "X"); they did not look the age of 65 or even 62. There were many young people in this same office also. We have been to other SS offices and the same thing applies. Also our Medicare insurance and our supplement is costing around $500 a month. We think this is appropriate and we also have co-pays with this plan. Our co-pays for prescriptions is $30.00/month for each drug. This is added onto the $500 a month that we pay for health care. Obama's plan is going to make this worse and we realize that care will be rationed. BUT, we don't feel like this is an entitlement as we have paid into these programs during our "working" days. Also, we have quite a few close family members who never received SS or Medicare due to early deaths.

    67. DP, Detroit, MI says:

      The elitist group running this country into the ground is on the take….Chicago Style. Everyone comments on the intelligence of BHO…..doesn't take a lot of brain power to be a puppet ….the man is lazy and "feeling so entitled"…..after all aren't we suppose to be paying reparations to one grou…..this is our reparation….Obama Style…

    68. Charlotte O'Har says:

      Within the culture of entitlements the Democrats are buying their voter base. They have no incentive to end the gravy train. Where have the Republicans been on this issue? Missing in action or busy passing Medicare Part D.

    69. John Wahlgren says:

      You failed to say that ssi should be untouchable funds ,not for any body to touch and it would automatically fix itself. The congress has been stealing that money from the American people for a long time.

    70. Dale, Oklahoma says:

      I'm no economist, but it all seems very simple to me on the subject of

      entitlements. It all goes back to the expression about giving a man a

      fish and you feed him for a day. TEACHING the man to fish ( providing

      he or she isn't a lazy bum ) feeds him for a lifetime.

      It seems to me that it all comes down to teaching and getting a really

      good education. The problem is that public schools just seem to get

      worse in this country ( especially compared to many educational systems around the world ) no matter how much money the politicians

      throw at it on our behalf. Will it take getting rid of unions in education?

      Probably. Does it mean more home schooling? If need be. Does it mean doing away with all of the social engineering, politically correct bs

      and returning to math, science, English, non-pc history and so on?


      We need politicians with the courage and the political WILL ( and voters

      holding their feet to the fire ) to take on the encrusted, failing, political

      establishment in our local, state and federal educational systems. If we

      don't do this, our country will be a 3rd world nation in the next hundred


      I believe the Bible says something about those who don't work, will not

      eat. We should have compassion for those who CAN'T. But educate

      into self empowerment those who CAN. And let fate or kharma or prison deal with those who WON'T.

    71. John Wahlgren says:

      SS disability is getting as corrupt as welfare ,with many undeserving individuals living off the taxpayer.

    72. James R, SC says:

      Social Security is the only retirement income some of the low wage citizens of this country will have after they retire or are no longer able to work. And it is calculated by a formula based on the highest three years pay they received. Most of them will get less than $1000 a month. On the other hand, our 535 elected representatives, their staff and the retirement programs set up for them, which are different from SS, is a government ENTITLEMENT that should be looked into for possible cuts. Anyone can google 2010 congressional salaries and find several government publications, blogs and websites on the subject. It makes for really interesting reading.

    73. MiHi, Omaha says:

      This article is UTTER CRAP!

      That's all that needs to be said.

    74. D.Berg, TN says:

      I personally know of a family, across the street from me, that lives off the fat of the land and always has! First it was the daughter who had 4 children with her husband and then had an affair and had another son with someone, who is now being raised by her mother and father. I am sure they get money for the child, for raising him. But, she was married and now I guess divorced? and is back living with her new beau, of which has 4 children of his own living somewhere else, and the parents and the child and has had another child with this new guy. Not only that but the whole family, except for two of the elder mother' daughters live in the same, one bedroom, one bathroom house, which now includes 6 adults, one minor gradeschool child, and a newborn baby! TALK ABOUT "Entitlements"! And to beat all, the sheriff comes to the house at least once a month to collect child support for her other children and they conveniently leave before he gets there. They live in filth. And have purchased another car, which doesn't run, and the one that does is so messed up it hardly runs, and blocks my driveway so I have difficulty backing out to go somewhere. The logic behind the other vehicle escapes me. The new beau thinks he is going to sell a '69 Galaxy for $6k, when he only paid $500. for it? Talk about NUTS!? I have in all my days never seen so much waste and trash in one house, that all live off entitlements. And these are not people of color! They are white as the day is long. I swear they were raised to live this way because someone else said they could. These two are not stupid, well that is to be examined, and should be WORKING! What kind of citizens are they going to release into this world? Degenerate Entitled Teens, that think the USA owes them a living and a place to park their deadbeat butts. Only to make more? PRAY FOR AMERICA EVERYONE!!!! There is so much more to be afraid of!!! G-d Bless ALL America Working People! Thanks for listening. This has to stop. amen.

    75. D.Berg, TN says:

      This is nothing new. It has been going on for decades. They raise their young to believe that this is what/how it should be! The only way we will get these people to work again is if the Social Workers of USA start doing their jobs! They need to followup on every household that is reported, and assist them into getting everything in order! And as far as children….well behavior breeds behavior! Populate the earth is one thing, but illegitimate is another, and you don't have to be from another country to be illegitimate! Think about it. Wake up America! Teach your children right from wrong at the age of 1 year old to 12 and that is usually the way they will stay for all their life! Training begins at home.

    76. Ron in Poland says:

      I take exception to classifying the retiremement portion of social security as an entitlemement program. That portion of social security was funded by the workers of this country and it is their money – unlike all the other entitlement programs which were not funded by the programs' recipients. Cut every entitlement program that dispenses funds to those who never contributed but leave the retirement portion of social security alone since it is not an entitlement program. That is our money funded by us. If you do cut it, then social security is nothing more than a second income tax.

    77. Lloyd Welch says:

      Mr. or Ms. Brandon in Fl.

      You are absolutly correct in what you are saying. We have been forced to put money into this communist style program all our lives. every check I have ever earned has forced this on me and now someone wants to call it an entitlement? My answer to this is yes it is an entitlement. I have contributited and I am entitled to get it back. Its not our fault congress has abused our trust and misused this money.

      We will win this fight. truth and right is on our side and I for one are willing to die as much as I am willing to live and fight.

    78. jack says:

      The most politically palatable SS reform is increasing retirement age to the point the system becomes solvent.

      Medicaid should not be available to anyone with over $25K income or illegals, and it should be a fixed voucher system.

      Medicare should be transitioned to private insurers, like Medicare Advantage and MSAs.

      Republicans need to develop some backbone when they have some clout again. This tactic of letting unconstitutional programs that benefit mostly Democrat constituencies continue lest they offend someone is stupid and self defeating.

      Then maybe we can move on to the hard problems.

    79. Bonne Bete Cape Cod, Massachusetts says:

      I work in healthcare and routinely see able bodied persons walk into our facility and present with permanent, unmonitored, forever!! Medicare and Medicaid full benefits, better than my own health insurance!, and I want to scream! Actually, I want to turn them in! But then I would probably be fired for invading someone’s privacy! Privacy to steal from you and I and every other hard working, tax-fleeced individual in this country!! Put me in charge of Medicare and Medicaid, I would straighten it out real quick! (I’m sure most solid citizens feel this way, that they’d like a chance to straighten this mess out) Thanks for letting me vent.

    80. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Two (2) things are obvious about a number of the responses here.

      First (1st), the results of what was once altogether virtuously intensely identified, reviled, and actively avoided (along with, more often than not, the politicians who sought power through them), as "government relief" and "relief mentality", then "welfare" and "welfare mentality", and now "entitlements" and "entitlement mentality", and the abuse, deceit, misleading, fraud, malfeasance, and every other such destructive thing such politicians have done and continue to do to get into and keep ever more power, for which all or nearly all of us, the people, would be not only "fined" but also imprisoned if we were to act at all similarly. Evidently, for not the first time in the history of the world, such politicians have it so that it’s ok for government to do such things, but not for the people (including private businesses) to do such things.

      Second (2nd), same or similar to among the responses above, "I (or we) have been paying into our account, it's ours, and so you're darn right I am (or we are) entitled!", and "I (or we) can't help it if some politicians have misused all that money, but I am (or we are) still entitled to it!"…such responses are at once understandable, albeit misled attitudes and beliefs, again the result of certain politicians, regardless of party, grabbing for more ever more power through promoting and misleading for government dependence and entitlement mentality.

      However, "the dirty little secret “ is, not one of us, the people, have such as a real "Social Security Account", like a bank account with our name and number on it and money going into it…and neither they nor the money supposedly in them, have been there for many years now, if ever. So, the money supposedly paid for such so-called "Social Security", by you and I and most everyone else still existing, has been and is instantly going into the "General Fund" and spent before it gets there, all for the vote-buying "pork" and other spending, including deficit spending more than ever before, which, along with the national debt and the interest payments on it, are now into the trillions of dollars; which brings to the fact that not only is all such taxing, spending (including “entitlement spending”), and debt unsustainable, but it is all also robbing both current and subsequent generations of freedom, resources, and security.

      Plus, the fact is, such deceit, fraud, and spending has been perpetrated by such politicians for so long that those of us who've paid SS taxes, into accounts which don't really exist anyway, couldn't possibly be repaid all or even much of that money without politicians raising taxes so far that that alone could trigger, or at least make them fear, such a taxpayer revolt that they, with the help of their accomplices in the media, would use that as an excuse for the doing away of our 2nd Amendment while they're at it!

    81. Kris, Small town Tx. says:

      I have lived in the same house across the street from the same family for twelve years. Mom, Dad, and three children. Mom and Dad have never worked, he receives disability for a back injury that the suffered several years ago, that back injury that keep's him from holding a job doesn't keep him from going four-wheeling with his buddies on the weekends in the 4×4 that's newer and nicer than mine. I doesn't keep him from playing first base on his softball team, it only keeps him from working. Mom receives foodstamps, social security, and housing. If there is anything wrong with her I can't figure out what it is. They both drive vehicles that are just a couple of years old (his tires and rims cost more than my wife's whole car) Their kids always have the newest and most expensive clothes and the oldest son just told one of my kid's that his parent's just bought him a new four door Jeep wrangler, he's justg waiting on it to come back from the custom shop where it's getting a new sound system. All of that to sway this. Why? I leave the house at five thirty in the morning and don't come home until after dark, my wife works nights as a custodian. We work our butt's off and don't have it nearly as good as the people living off of the government. The government has got to take that away from people. I realize there are people who need help but these people are just leaches.

    82. Faith Springfield MA says:

      Eliminating all aid to illegal aliens would be a good start before we start discussing cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for UNITED STATES CITIZENS.

    83. Faith Greeberg Sprin says:

      I think eliminating ALL aid to illegal aliens would be a good start before discusssing making cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    84. Alex says:

      Seems if we are going broke and everything it is long overdue to stop giving massive welfare payments to countries that regularly betray us….like Israel.

    85. Rick H Battle Creek says:

      I heard today on one of the FOX business shows that SS was 20% of the U.S. annual budget. I only have one question that no-one seems to be able to answer, If we have a "social security trust fund" then why are SS benfits 20% of the fed budget? Shouldn't that money be covered already from this so called trust fund? Yeah I know that fund has been stuffed with IOU's by the politicians since they first realized how much money was coming into it. That money is also paid out to people who have never contributed a single dime, drug addicts, alcoholics there are people in jails all accross the country drawing checks. So do people whom have long since died. It is just flat out another ruined liberal pipe dream.

    86. cindy, oregon says:

      I have a solution. STOP all welfare, social security, medicare, etc. First of all, the ONLY entitlements you receive in this country is to be free. Free to bear arms, free to speak, etc.

      Regarding social security. It must stop. Anyone who is on SS now, should be able to stay on it until they pass on. Only those, however who have paid into it. And, after they have received the exact amount that they paid into it, it stops. Anyone who has not started receiving SS, would be reimbursed over the next 10 years for exactly the amount they paid in. We're handing out money like crazy anyway, we might as well hand it out to people that have actually paid into the system and could use the money and deserve the money. If someone turns 65 earlier than 10 years, say in the next 5 years, they would receive the amount they put in over the next 5 years. When you receive your money, you can do whatever you want with it — set up your own retirement or blow it. It doesn't matter, what matters is, that you are responsible for your own retirement – the way it should be.

      Regarding Medicare and Mediaid – Stop It Immediately. No one, absolutely no one is entitled to medical care! I want a boat. So does that mean that everyone in the US should be required to purchase a boat or you go to jail??? And, even if you don't want one, can't fit it in your home or on your property, you should be required to have a boat? Absolutely not. It's the same with medical care. If you are so inclined to go to a doctor, that is your decision and right. I don't want to pay for your medical bills and for heaven's sake, i don't expect you to pay for mine! If I want insurance, i'll go buy insurance. If i want to go visit a doctor, i'll go visit one, do you reallly want to pay my medical bills??? You shouldn't. And I don't want to pay for yours either.

      Parents of disabled people – you had your child – not me. It's not my responsibility to pay for your defect. People should think about this before having kids – can I afford a/another child? Can I afford a disabled child – things do happen. If not, SAY NO. Just don't have anymore. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. I had two kids because I thought I could afford 2 kids. Did I want more – yes, but I didn't because I didn't think I could afford them.

      I think you should be able to have as many kids as you want. However, after 2 kids, you don't get the "deductions", you actully have to "pay taxes" to have more than 2 kids.

      As for the unfortunate, poor people – you live in America. the land of the free, home of the brave. Free enterprise. you have the right, anytime, to go out and be who and what you want to be. Where there is a will, there is a way. But, I guarantee that if you sit on your hindend, do nothing and expect something to happen, it's not going to. yes, obamination tried to just hand you over cell phones, refrigerators, etc. but you're still poor and you're still losers. It didn't help – handouts don't help. Decide what you want and who you want to be and go for it. Figure it out. the rest of us did/do. You can google a milllion success stories in this country. People figured it out – if it's going to be, it's up to me.

      It's time to get this country back to where it should be. I believe all entitlements should be stopped immediately.

    87. Hal Cooper says:


    88. Gene Tyce Florida says:

      I'm "entitled" to my Social Security; I paid in the maximum for 45 years.

      The criminals in DC printed a Trillion dollars to bail out Wall Street,

      those same criminals can print another Trillion for what they stole

      from OUR Social Security Trust Fund building bridges to no where.

      K Street corporate interests NEED cheap labor and the taxpayer footing

      the bills for everything so they can report those EPS every quarter.

    89. Nance, Illinois says:

      Entitlement mentality must end. Social Security must be grandfathered out. But what cannot be done is "means testing", that is punishing those who saved something for retiremen, who did not over-indulge and over-spend during their productive years. Besides, who determines what the "means" cut off is and how will this be manipulated year to year? And will one's house be included in determining one's "wealth"? I doubt it – another housing subsidy! We MUST stop penalizing people who do the right and prudent things, as we have been doing during this Age of Bailouts, from corporations to individuals ad nauseum. Here's my solution. Buy me out. Give me back my and my employers' contributions with an average interest rate and we have nothing more to do with each other. Period. End of story. In other words, I believe people should get back what they paid in at this point. Nothing more, nothing less.

    90. Joanne, Atlanta says:

      This is what is happening now to the older people on S.S. They have frozen their wages for the past two years. No cola at all for the past two years.. The gov't also has been taxing their S.S. over like 1000.00 a month for years. My mother who does not get S.S. but has a private pension and Ins. of her own for working 50 years her medical premium went up 26% in one year. last year. We're waiting for this year. They do not use dr. and hospitals because they are still young at heart. My father could use a new knee seriously. But as the good Marine that he is , he trudges on. A WWII and Korea vet. He does NOT get VA monies since he didn't retire form the marines. He left and worked in the private sector and paid all their lives for these entitlements. What I want to tell you younger boomers is this. WHY are you letting the gov't DOUBLE tax you now? You are taxed on the GROSS amount of your pay check which includes your S.S. and Fica distributions. Then when you receive your entitlement of S.S. they tax it again. Ya'll need to fight that. My parentsare too old to do this. Now as for the lady talking about the blacks and the medicaid, food stamps, wica, fed housing, section 8 plus they also get winter and summer heating and fuel costs per season. And you are absolutely correct: they have new 10 inch nails, 6 inch heels, gold teeth, sparkels in their orange hair, real gold or diamond earrings?. But they aren't all black. AS I have to go to S.S. office w/my father as they do check(means test) every thing he has in finances about once a year. When I am at the S.S. office I see muslim men there about 40 years old in their white robes, over slacks and sandals with their hijab covered woman there getting S.S. benefits. Why? these people have never put into the system! Also Asians of every creed there doing the same thing getting S.S. who are younger than I am. As well as Mexicans whose mother qualifies because she has an anchor baby. Now I tell you go to any fast food gas mart and it is owned by muslim or arab or Indian. They hire ONLY their kind-muslim. Now once I got to know one of these guys working behind the cash register. He showed me his S.S. card( NOT a green card or visa) it clearly said on the S.S. card 'NOT ALLOWED TO WORK" So I asked him how he was able to work here at this store. Oh mike puts me on the pay roll under another number and I work the hours and he gets a cut.(his arrogance and clarity in telling me how he and owner cheat the system was astonishing) I swear to you I called the fed tax office and reported this what I had seen with my eyes and they could' ve cared less. Then I was infuriated so I called the State TAx dept. They also they could do nothing about it. To call the county. So I did call county and they said Im sorry we're overloaded we can't check out each individual in such a small store(less than 25 employees.) The audacity of these govt employees.

      NOw I say to you as I have lived the last 57 years every time we hear about the S.S. being low on funds–what happens in a few years it's forgotten about and we miraculously have S.S. funds. So as I believe it to happen that BaracAss wants to use the medicare and S.S. funds to pay all the states he promised three years for taking on the new medicaid recipients(these new Medicaid recipients can earn up to 88,000.00$ a year.) This is the new health care plan of Barac Ass. and you can find it in the new Health care bill. Before this Medicaid was only given to disabled people who had earned less than S.S. requires before they pay you any thing on disability. Medicaid is a band aide for heart surgery. In other words if you've got a heart problem they're going to give you a band aid for it since the dr. don't get reimbursed for their services to that great amount and the recipient only pays a 2$ co-pay.At least the Hispanics know who their father of their children is but blacks don't. So when you go to get food stamps they do means test you but they do not include the car that you have any more. So I met a girl that used her disability to buy a brand new car of course on payments and she could not afford her hospital bill because her car payment was due and that was paid by her disability!! I drive a ten year old car. I own my home which I paid off. I use my spare time to help my parents drive to appointments and groceries and scripts etc while I work full time. My parents have one good eye each. So on their tax forms they do not quality for the blind credit because both of their eyes are NOT blind. How about that? But as I said the young muslim was getting S.S. at only I would say about 40 years old? How is this possible? I know these things because I also work at a hospital and I have taken the night shift so I can help my parents in the day time. So I've seen it all. And that is not ALL these recipients get. When they go to the public school system they tell the Bd of ED. that they are (get this)Financially and Socially Disadvantaged. What do they get here at the school for this? a free education. they do not pay for books, pens, paper etc. they get free computers which other kids with working parents have to pay for. They get free lunches while other kids have to pay 2.95$ per meal. They get breakfast and lunch. THey get free sports uniforms and equipment for band or orchestra plus we even have a clothes closet at our school just for these kids.And don't forget the bus ride even if they live within a half mile of the school. The black parents tell the Bd of ED it's too dangerous for my kid to walk a half mile to school. And if they are failing by FEd law mandated on the school, they get free tutoring!!! Then add to this mix the illegals in the school system who also get these benefits and we're washed out down here!! These are the recipients of the largess of the school board-blacks, hispanics refugees from Africa etc. we've got them all.We never hear them say one word of thank you . Their kids refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag which now by law they can do. And when one of the blacks gets on the school bd over site committee she shouts racism or their all richer than I am so I will not give up a part of my salary like the rest of the school board has done in this economic crisis. Then she turns around and files a justice dept discrimination because the school system wants to close 4 schools in her neighbors hood which have less than 15 kids per class room. State law mandates that you have to have at least 22 I think if I understand the suit. However if you come to the north side of the county the "rich"racist schools she says; has more than the schools in her neighbor hood they have 30-40- kids per classroom now due to the economy. And even before economy got bad.The Asians also get when they come here a$15,000.00 scholarship to start a business.(they never have to pay this back) Which after seven years in the business they are supposed to start paying taxes on the business that they set up. Well what did the Asians figure out to beat the system? The Asians then sell their business to the brother or sister or uncle who's been getting all the above benefits and as the new owner being his /her first business in the states doesn't have to pay taxes on the business because this qualifies as his grant/scholarship from the feds.So for fourteen years this particular business has not paid any taxes, state, fed or county or city taxes not to mention employee S.S. or Fica. Then on top of that the Dept of Housing and urban renewal gives counties so much money to help homeless and this money goes to section 8. Which will pay up to1500.00 a month for an apt. or home or condo anywhere these recipients can find a home they can afford with(plus) this extra added payment straight from the govt. HOw do they then pay the phone bill , gas, elec, car note, insurance , sewage/water, trash bills for the home/apt/condo? I haven't figured that out yet.OUt of this same money the county sets aside 700.00$ a month to give to men coming out of prison to get them into an apt or condo.And the county will pay this money to the xprisoner even while he gets work and works for a period of two years. This is your fed govt at work! Distributing your hard earned taxed dollars. NOne of these people deserve this largess. There are half way houses that x-prisoners can release to and let me tell you , good old Jimmy carter with habitat for humanity is going into the great neighborhoods where people earning 200,000.00 a year will be living next to a habitat for humanity home who doesn't even have to pay interest on the H.H. home while you in your home are paying a substantial amt of tax and insurance and interest on your home. Also Sect.8 can get into your neighbor hood ,too ,even in your 200,000.00plus home neighborhoods if your neighbor has signed up for sect8 housing/rental.Or the home is in foreclosure and the bank thinks sect 8 is a good risk., This is how your govt has decided to spend your hard earned tax dollars. Go to your kids school hang around and you will hear exactly what I am talking about among the teachers and principals. They cannot tell the students about the neediness of the other students this would be not only P.C. but a law suit might enjoin them. Take your parent or your disabled neighbor to the S.S. office next time they need to go and see what I am talking about. REad your county's monthly budget and note the amt of money budgeted from the FEds. for sect8 etc. Any day you want to and have the time to go and sit at the AFDC (aid to familys with dependent children) dept where medicaid and food stamps are distributed in your county you will see the people there with their kids who are supposed to be in school and you will see what we are talking about here. Why should I have to limit myself to two children in my life while I am being taxed for a woman who refuses to leave her children and go to work and just sits at home and has more kids on the govt welfare check for EACH CHILD she has. Usually 6 or 7 kids, and no father!. They started a new program for these younger girls who have left home are 15.16.18. 19 years of age. Who work primarily burger joints and have two or so kids already who get medicaid and food stamps etc and welfare. The county/state has implemented a program where they get the medical shot to prevent pregnancy if they want to stay on the program.They have to report every three months to AFDC and prove they got the medical shot and prove their income which according to the income they have their food stamps can go up or down-tho usually up.YOu never hear a thank you from these people or nothing of any kindness to you for working your ass off to pay for their fat ass to sit home, not even trying to improve their self by trying to get at least a GED. Some tech training. Anything.Maybe some exercising. Maybe some attention and discipline to their illigitimate kids? NO it just soaps or the beauty parlor all day for these lazy women. Is your wife allowed to sit home and just breed and eat and watch tv? Or as a single woman do you have this kind of luxury time? And you know what KILLS ME when I see them come to the hospital–They are SMOKING> Yep ! they can afford those cancer sticks(4.50$ A PACK now) but not their hospital bill!! But watch how you phrase that because the next thing you know we'll be paying for their education!! Which of course we already do.Pell grants and many more govt grants our there pay for their upper education.They've been given the brass ring as far as I am concerned! Even living off the largess of our higher income neighborhoods. If they haven't grabbed the brass ring by now and pulled their self up or given their kid the discipline to make it through high school. I am beyond tired of caring for them and outraged to have to keep paying taxes for them and especially those x prisoners. And that SMOKING absolutely destroys anything of compassion I could feel for these people who want to sit back and say my great great grand daddy was a slave. I ask one of them one day -are you a slave. She said no. I said to her well then why are you enslaving your self to the govt? reporting to them every three months. She said they pay my bills and now with OBAMA and I swear the girl said this-I'm going to get my home paid for and my new car and my insurance paid for with him as president.!!(this particular girl happens to work p/t at the waffle house where I some times go to eat. Guess what she quit the job I heard and I asked the guy there why . He said she quit because she was due to report and had to report less income to the govt. to get food stamps, welfare and medicaid.(they only check your last 30 days of work pay) He said I expect she'll be back in about a month. This is the attitude you and I pay for . When there is no responsible parent in the home this is the child we are paying for to have yet another child of her own. HOw ever these are recipients. WE the workers are the Entitled ones. I sure as hell want mine. As I have put in for over 32 years now and that doesn't count all the odd jobs I had as a teenager and college student. If I had all the money I have put into S.S. and FICA and taxes I'd be fairly wealthy and I'd have probably had more children myself maybe 4. I only have two. They are well adjusted. Know there father is there for them and are highly productive in society. But you can freely go to the places I have named here in and see all this for yourself. If you sit quietly no one will bother you and you can pick up an ear full. However I still feel OBAMA is telling us S.S. is broke so he can take the S.S> and medicare money and put it all into medicaid that will also eventually cover you and me when we retire. I doubt that we will get any check for what we did put in there. So before you start jawing off(as we say) about cutting the elderly entitlements and disabled entitlements Look at the full picture of where your tax dollars go. These recipients of welfare etc. Do not deserve what they get and it's past time they were forced off their butts to get a job ,any job before they get any more largess from the fed, state and county treasury. They tend to think they are living the "movie star life" and expect "their savior" Barac ASS to pay the bills!! Let's put a stop to this before we yank your mother and my father off of their hard earned S.S. and medicare. Let's be fair to those who do deserve it. Who didn't have any other choice!! Let's address the double taxation that they endure and you endure now and we who come along later will endure. We've got to stop that double taxation for sure. I also want to say for the disabled person I helped out-I helped her by taking her to a private instruction class she was taking to help her find new employment because there was no way she could ever do the job she used to do before she was injured and received a broken neck in a head on car crash by a DUI drunk–who as usual HAD NO CAR INSURANCE or property for any impending lawsuit for her to attach to him. She's finally looking up from the deep end of a very serious inoperable injury to her neck. I was proud to help her out -even tho it felt like I did very little for her.

      Like that other girl was saying it's the recipients of welfare that we need to close off the money flow to not your 'greatest generation' who did make it thru the depression years. And certainly not you or I who have been MANDATED to be taxed to put into the system. We also did not have a choice.

    91. Joanne Atlanta says:

      Cindy from Oregon. Your attitude could really use an adjustment and it sounds like you could use some history. In the first place what if (GOD forbid) something big, inoperable happened to you or your children(like th e broken neck received by a DUI driver w/no Insurance and no property for the woman who received the injury that happened to her)What would you do. She used up all the insurance she had. Where was she to go? She did not ask for this Head on DUI to hit her. Her husband is working. She had no choice but to be in hospital ina confined unmoveable traction for many months with what we call a halo which is surgically attached to your skull to keep the head and neck immobilized. It is screwed straight into your skull and then your neck is surgically operated on to 'PACK " it. They cannot fuse the vertebrae at this 'cervical juncture of the neck.THis is NOT your typical visit to the DR. I was proud of this woman. She made it thru and rather than sit on her butt and woe is me attitude she found she could do something other than what she used to do for a living and started to try to get training for it -ON HER OWN!! her husband took care of her two kids and she was there in hospital for six months and had to have extensive physical therapy. She was within a nano second of being a paraplegic for the rest of her life and having to blow into a straw to breathe!! As it was the physiotherapy helped relieve the paraplegic condition on the lower part of her spine and today she doing well crippled I guess you would say. There was not one penny of damages awarded to this woman because there could be no court case because the person that hit her head on didn't have one red cent!! NO insurance , no property. I guess your going to tell me well it has never happened to you and you don't believe it ever will .Well honey I work in the ER of the hospital and they say they never expected this to happen to me.Sometime they can't even say it because we are already calling the undertaker. GEt a heart. The disabled could tell you that you are only abled bodied for so long even if it doesn't happen to you now. It will catch up with you in your senior years.

      As for History. The USA implemented this 'retirement 'plan and taxed every worker back after the depression. I think it was. This country barely made it out of the depression years. These senior citizens on S.S. now survived those depression years as children. They didn't have toys and clothes and extras like the movie stars wear. Then came the WWII which they were old enough to bear arms for this country. Some came home "Disabled". Some made it home alive. Some never made it home. These children of the great depression all worked. If you've never heard of the dust bowls in the midwest that desimated their crops and they had no food. THose people left home and farm to come to the cities to look for work which there was none and so they got into the food lines that maybe a church had or a neighbor with a city garden had extra for her neighbors while she canned the rest of her harvest and gave to hobs who were jumping off trains to find FOOD. THIS actually happened right here in AMERICA and it wasn't that long ago. AND it is in the collective memory of a lot of people who either lived it or studied it and that is what they keep warning us about–if you don't or can't live within your means- your going to see this country go into another great depression even worse than the one these on S.S. live on now. I do not begrudge them their due on S.S. I have worked and been taxed for 32 years. Do you honestly think the federal govt has that kind of money to pay me back even in ten years? You are mighty shallow person then. My parents the depression kids and the WWII kids and korea kids kept your butt from speaking German under a Marxist system of govt and if you were not blue eyed and blond at birth you'd be dead now. This is what they fought for your freedom to now tell me they don't deserve what THEY WERE MANDATED TO PAY INTO THE S>S> system for over 50 years–both of them-each. So that is a total of 100 hundred years they were forced to pay into the S.S. system. How did they know that their gov't would say to them.Well now we have the disabled to take care of-from the WAR-WWII, Korea and Vietnam and now Iraq I and II and Afghanistan. Many of these guys are highly productive today. But in the new wars that we have had. THere have been inflicted upon them severe injuries and mental health issues such as PTSD. The military does not take care of these guys for all their disabled lives. They help them about as much as they can medically but it is no where near the care level these guys could get on the private sector.That's just a short history lesson. IT was ALL MANDATED by the PRESIDENT at the time it was introduced and it has been mandated by every PRES> since then. NOw he wants to cut back the funds to the military and guess where that money will go my dear–to your social welfare programs. FOOD stamps, medicaid, wica,welfare checks, clothes,dental care, section 8 , fed. housing.etc.All these programs were predicated on white supposed guilt for our ancestors having slaves. My family did not have any slaves in it. AS a matter of fact it was one of the better paying jobs in the depression era to pick cotton out of an owners field to make money for the family. Do you have any idea of how much these kids were paid. about 2cents a bag. HAve you ever picked cotton on a hot summer day in GA? Try it sometime.

      YOu cannot just stop a program that has been promised to people who have been forcefully made to pay into it just because your selfish butt wants it done. These senior citizens were forced/taxed to pay into the S.S. program. It was Lyndon B. JOhnson and the Kennedys's who said you are white therefore since you have received the largess of this country and your ancestors enslaved these black people we are going to have the "great society" Pres.johnson called it. As such he set aside S.S. funds to pay blacks welfare, foodstamps, wica, dental, sect 8, fed housing etc. This was supposed to be our payback for our sin Pres Johnson said and the kennedy's agreed. So now we have not secured our borders and the hispanics, asians, indians, muslims, etc have all come into the great society and guess what there is no money now!!

      Obama has pledged to every state that The fed. gov't under his health care plan will pay each billions of dollars to take on millions of new medicaid recipients(and these new recipients can earn up to 88,000.00$ a year) and still be on this medicaid plan. I don't even earn 88,000.00 dollars a year and I work at a hospital ER room on the night shift. THIS is a part of his new health care plan. READ it. THe only way each state can pay medicaid to these new millions of persons entering the rolls for health care under medicaid is Obama is going to take all the money from S.S. and Medicare and give it to the states to help them pay for medicaid for three years he said the fed govt would do this. aFter that it's up to the states to wholly pay for all of these millions of people themselves alone. Where else is barac ASS going to get the money to pay for these millions of people to receive medicaid.From S.S. and Medicare. It used to be a two party pay system medicaid. It was a joint fed and state program for people who had not earned enough money under s.s. rules to receive their worked for S.S. With the baby boomers coming on board to also collect their MANDATED BY LAW TAXED ENTITLEMENTS that they have worked for at least 30-35 years to receive from the fed govt which they were PROMISED-how do you expect to implement your plan to pay every one who has ever put into the system the money they earned PLUS the interest that it has gained over all those years. YOU MUST NOT FORGET THAT INTEREST, my dear-God bless your heart- because the FED govt sure hasn't forgotten it. They've been earning interest onS..S. funds since it's inception!! There's NO WAY in HELL that the FED gov't can go along with your idea .FOR this they just do not have the money to do so.These funds have been stolen by many presidents-politely -taken out of the S.S. funds to pay off the fed. debt and other obligations of the fed. govt. THat's why I agree with the nurse who also said we should STOP completely these SOCIAL PROGRAMs-WELFARE,FOODSTAMPS,WICA,DENTAL CARE,CLothes,FED> HOUSING, SECT * and outright paymentas to x prisoners for two years to have an apt until they find work. THESE are the people who are having the 6,7,8, kids off your tax dollar and do nothing for it. THey don't even try to pull them selves up by the boot straps. They say my great great granddaddy was a slave so I deserve this. Well I looked at her and I said well if you don't discipline your child to do nothing more than go to the beauty parlor who is going to be your next ER DR when you come in here for medical care? Im sure retiring. And I may retire sooner than that and live off my own skills and only take those who have private insurance until BaracAss makes it impossible for them to have private insurance because he has made the new health care plan too lucrative for all under earning individuals. I CAN CHOOSE TO DO THAT AND NEVER TAKE ANOTHER BLOODY MEDICAID Patient again!! YOur post only shows your lack of compassion and your lack of life experience and a definite lack of education. I am willing to give to those who put into the system but I am very tired of paying extremely high taxes for those who sit on their butts and just breed another voter for the savior OBAMA-that they call him. AT least the Mexicans try to work even at lower wages in the hope of maybe making more one day and they DO KNOW WHO THE FATHER OF THEIR CHILD IS. So I would even give them a helping hand up even in higher education if they can compete at that level. BUT WHAT REALLY KILLS ME IS the SMOKING of these welfare mothers. I mean they smoke like feinds at 4.50 a pack. HOw they afford those CIGARETTES plus that orange sparkled hair and 10 inch nails and 6 inch heels all while they get food stamps and wlefare and medicaid is beyond me. I can see that they do not eat correctly . THEy have BMI's of well over obesity. Or do you in your little world even know what a BMI is?YOU better get acquainted with your BMI because that is in the new health care law ,too CINDY. YOur DR. is going to have to report your BMI to the FED gov't. In a perfect world we would all compete for a job after school/education. and what we earned would be ours to do with as we pleased. But that is not the way of life. I was so discouraged to read your post when you said 'YOU pay for your defect". GOD, the cruelty in you is unreasonable. If a baby is born with a defect as you call them. THe child cannot help it. It may be so rare that the only treatment for the defect is highly expensive. And sure they may have gotten insurance before deciding to have a baby but insurance doesn't cover everything. THat is one of the highlights of this bill that insurance is going to have to cover 'defect' babies. WHich they didn't have to before. That 's what was breaking families of their income. BUt what I have noticed is most people don't work very hard . THey didn't struggle at school , college, medical school and pay back a whole sh*t load of loans. NOt grants or scholarships-loans from a bank- just to get thru the 4 years of medical school then another bank loan for specified training which i had to get to be in this ER for the day you come in here and say I never expected this to happen to me. Where would you be if not for my skills to keep your rotten selfish soul alive. Should I just walk away from you and say this person has no insurance therefore I don't have to be a dr for her since she can't pay my bill? I have bills myself to pay. But I live within my means. granted some dr. get an attitude and drive fancy cars and live in mansion type houses after they pay off those required school loans. THen they have to take out another loan to just start up there business. So what I see is people don't work this hard. They don't put in 36 hours shifts and get 8 hours off. But they still feel they are entitled to the "movie star' life. Well I tell you if you ever got involved in life and knew people and IMPROVED yourself then you wouldn't have time to pay to see those hollywierd movies and waste your hard earned money on gay holly wood. YOu might be doing something productive with your life and have money to go on trips, besides wanting to strip senior citizens who are of the very 'greatest generation' that we have ever known in this country to sacrifice so much so so MANY could have much more than they will ever know in life. I feel no compassion for you what so ever out there Cindy in Oregon. your post doesn't even deserve what the time I have given it here.When you get to your old age and that could be even in your fifties and you find your self going blind and then fully blind within a year of that HOW will you take care of your self Cindy? HOw will you get around? Insurance doesn't pay for the things you need when you are blind. It is not even covered under insurance. And yes people go blind every day and especially the more they sit in front of these computers. How will you see to even sign a check Cindy? How will you see to go to the grocery store just to get food. And suppose we are in another depression cindy how will you see to plant a garden and harvest some crops for you or can them to have over winter when you cannot have a garden/crop how will you even make it to the bathroom cindy. As the disabled say CINDY we are all only temporarily ABLED. When your body can no longer function cindy how will you even be able to pee? Sometimes even while you are alive and in a nursing home cindy they literally have to press down on your abdomen to allow you to pee because your mind has forgotten how to release the pee in your body due to the onslaught of your last years of alzheimers or lou garrigs disease. How will you manage then to take care of YOUR DEFECT CINDY FROM OREGON. Insurance sure doesn't cover these costs and those girls in those untrained nursing homes sure aren't that hep on wiping your ASS full of s**t for you. YOur so blinded by your greed Cindy. Health doesn't stay with us forever. NO matter how they might try to blind you to that in your pure state of Oregon which I know has a health program. You can never budget for these things and they are not included n long term care. Sometimes you'll be in so much pain just to pee but you will have to wait for the nursing assistant to get to you cause she has a whole lot of other patients before you to see to on her schedule before she gets to you. Im just telling you that's how it is. Nursing homes are indeed hiring anyone who will just come in the door. Haven't you seen those black medical tech school ads that say you don't even have to have a high school education to get your education at our school? THat is what is happening. WE cannot stop it because we are not the accrediting organization for the school. But that's a what your going to get in many areas of the medical field now. Nurses assistants without a high school education or a GED working to assist the nurse who may only have a 2 year degree. Or working in nursing homes. It's coming to that Cindy because our recent pres. wanted a great society but they didn't plan for the small details. Yep. I know GOD will give you your come uppence. I'll just wait and watch it happen as it so often does around arrogant people who simply think the world revolves around them, ONLY. I'll just have to let GOD deal with your selfish ugly heart!!

    92. Maria Folsom says:

      Cindy is great. She really has an insight on the problem. There is no "fixing" of these programs as Heritage Foundation always suggests. They cannot and SHOULD NOT be fixed; as Cindy points out, they are immoral.

      Heritage Foundation is conservative, not libertarian, and that is where they fail to enlighten their readers.

    93. Jerry Johnson, Palme says:

      Please advise Americans the healthcare bill has a provision to commence charging 3.8% on all real estate transactions.

      This will effectively discourage sellers to use brokers and will further reduce sales prices.

      Also the increase in capital gains taxes when the Bush tax cuts expire will further discourage initiative to invest in real estate.

    94. Bill Webb, Phoenix, says:

      The government spending spree is over. Less than 90 days until the mid-term elections. Make sure you vote for people that are going to do the right things. We need to secure the border and stop the invasion – clamp down on the illegal aliens – a cut in federal pay and benefits across the board from top to bottom – line item veto on the budget – cuts in foreign aid. Get our house in order!

    95. Janice, Gretna, Loui says:

      Instead of taking away from the programs that hard-working Americans have paid into all their lives, how about taking away from the programs that keep handing out money to those 5th generation, lazy "America owes us" mentality, welfare – food stamp recipients that the Federal government keeps building houses for and doling out my hard-earned tax dollars to. No one ever "gave" me a house. I worked until I could buy one for myself. No one gives me "living expenses" and "food stamp" money. I earn it myself. The Federal government needs to stop supporting those who refuse to support themselves. If the government took out $50.00 each month from every welfare check and $50.00 from every food stamp card, the amount of revenues generated would be phenomenal. Maybe then those life-time recipients might find the motivation necessary to actually go out and work for a living and start paying taxes like the rest of us. And if Congress would finally pass the bill to end the "anchor baby" syndrome, perhaps the illegal aliens would find it less attractive to come into our country in droves in the first place. Term limits for all members of Congress, as well as the same income tax regulations that are imposed on every other American, also need to be put into place. Time to pop that little "bubble" that separates the D.C. "elite" from the "common-man" constituency that put them there in the first place. No one is going to pass a bill they wouldn't want to have to live under if they weren't somehow "exempted" from it. As the old saying goes, "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander". And finally, anyone who does not pay income taxes due to being gainfully employed should not be allowed to vote. If you are not contributing into the money pool, why should you have any say as to how it is being spent. Those of us who have worked hard and paid taxes our entire life are just like the story of "The Little Red Hen". We have planted the corn ourselves (you didn't help), we have harvested the corn ourselves (you didn't help), we have ground the corn ourselves (you didn't help), we have baked the corn ourselves (you didn't help), and now, we are going to eat the corn ourselves (go plant your own).

    96. Billie says:

      "entitlement" use to be earned and respected. What a demeaning and demoralizing word it has become.

    97. John Witty says:

      Republicans can scream all they want but until they become really "conservative" nothing will change. Americans must understand that a good congressman is not one who "brings home the pork" but one who resists the temptation to become a hero to the home folks. Being a hero is one who says no. In order to preserve social security as the safety net it has been for decades we must face some hard decisions. How about some of these…

      *Loose the Department of Education

      *Close the Postal Service & auction the properties to private interprise

      *Set realistic limits on Medicare & Medicaid

      *No one on welfare can have and keep more than one child. If you can't support yourself you certainly can't support a family. More children born to welfare recipients should be put up for adoption. This also gives the children the opportunity to grow up in homes not steeped in welfare culture thus breaking the cycle.

      *Through the use of DNA technowledgy, force Fathers to pay for out of wedlock children through mandatory deductions of paychecks or welfare checks.

      *Since public schools have become more and more dispensors of religion, (progressive humanism in particular) the same should be gradually done away with. If atheist want to continue the school system as it is, they should raise the money to pay for them. The current public school system is outdated, unproductive, and most of all wasteful.

    98. George Rhombus says:

      Worried about entitlements for US citizens? How about foreign aid? Tens of billions of dollars to support foreigners and foreign governments. If you are

      worried about ending entitlements. Why start by ending or reducing foreign aid? In addition, why not put an end to immigration or at the very least a quota? With an economy in crisis and jobs in short supply. Employment should go to our county's citizens first and foremost. Entitlement money should go to our country's citizens first and foremost. We can preserve many entitlement programs by eliminating or reducing overseas expenditures. Social Security

      included. Many special interests have raided social security funds over the years.

      Get these people to pay back the funds.

    99. Josef R. Soper; Gran says:

      According to your analysis, Social Security is already running a cash deficit. However, according to Economic Policy Institute Briefing Paper #273 (August 6, 2010), the fund is running a $77 billion surplus and by 2024 that will hit $4.2 trillion. And EPI authors cite the 2010 Social Security Trustees Report for their data.

      Regardless of who is correct — and with enough spin you could both be right — this is one of the major reasons that the general public is mad at government: There's no one providing a completely unbiased analysis of anything.

    100. Its ended for Profit says:

      The Players and whats up for grabs. Profits United Health Group 2010 $4.293 billion

      Here are some other 2010 budget numbers: Wonder what it cost CMS ( Can't Manage Shit) to operate each year.$453 billion Medicare///$290 billion Medicaid ///$78.7 billion Department of Health and Human Services/// UnitedHealth Group Awarded TRICARE Managed Care Support Contract … Jul 13, 2009 … UnitedHealth Group Awarded TRICARE Managed Care Support Contract for more than $20.3 billion. BILLIONS awarded and still to be awarded United's AmeriChoice unit is the largest government contractor administering state Medicaid programs for the poor and federally sponsored plans for children. AmeriChoice's revenue rose 34% last year, to $6 billion.

      United Health Group and its subsidiarys must be exhausted from signing Corporate Integrity agreements each and every year and as reward for their violations well what happens? they are awarded more contracts and more money and maybe even an ambassadorship here and there and if anybody should question what the heck is going on, then send them a Elmo doll.(Americhoice sponsors Sesame Street) Up side, Billions to be made, down side pay some fines (cost of doing business) move on and nobody goes to jail or gets excluded from the game. Get up the next day put on your Elmo costume and its back to work as usual. WOW, even in the Casino world or Mob world this would be a no no, suprised Hollywood has not done a movie on this or maybe even great TV.

      Full Name: Wayne Berman Title: Vice-Chair; Finance Co-Chair; Adviser

      Over the course of three years, Berman’s lobbying firm was paid $660,000 to lobby on behalf of UnitedHealth subsidiary Americhoice, a managed care HMO providing health insurance to Medicaid, Medicare, and SCHIP recipients. Specifically, according to the lobbying report, they lobbied on Medicaid issues in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.[Americhoice Lobbying Reports 2004 – 2007; Americhoice.com ] Berman Also Lobbied For “Absurdly Low” Rates for Medicaid Managed Care Companies to Pay Out of Network Hospitals. Also included in the DRA, and mentioned as a lobbying issue on Berman’s Americhoice lobbying report, was a provision setting rates managed care companies must pay to out-of-network providers — mainly hospital emergency rooms — for care received by Medicaid beneficiaries. Rather than forcing managed care companies to reimburse out-of-network hospitals an amount comparable to network providers, the legislation set the default amount to the state’s “fee-for-service rate,” which often is “absurdly low.” The provision thereby shifted financial responsibility for services to Medicaid beneficiaries from the managed care companies to the hospitals themselves, permitting managed care companies to rake in huge profits, while hospitals incurred added losses.[Modern Healthcare, 1/29/07; Text of S. 1932] To Save Money, Bill Cut Services to Medicaid Beneficiaries, But Left Managed Care Providers Untouched. Under the final budget package, substantial Medicaid spending cuts were achieved by imposing new premiums and increased co-payments on Medicaid beneficiaries; some costs were also shifted to the states, who in return were awarded new powers to drop coverage or reduce benefits to certain beneficiaries. In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, the AARP CEO decried the final bill, saying it “protects the pharmaceutical industry, the managed-care industry and other providers at the expense of low-income Medicaid beneficiaries.”[Inside CMS, 12/29/05; Los Angeles Times, 12/22/05; World Markets Analysis, 12/21/05; The Hill, 12/20/05]

    101. Lynn says:

      I also agree that entitlements should such as SNAP, AFDC, Section 8, etc. should stop, or how about this; everyone who draws an entitlement check should have to do some type of work to receive it (sort trash, sort recyclables, spend time in schools, etc.)

      I would also like to see the FARL (free and reduced lunch program) stopped. We are teaching parents that they don't have to provide meals for their children. The forms, along with the guidelines, encourage people to lie. If they do not get the decision they want on the first application, they are free to send in another one with different information, and are allowed to do that until they get the desired decision. School systems are paid enormous amounts of money from the Federal government for implementation of this program. The Title 1 program monies depend on the number of Free Lunch recipients.

      It would be wonderful to see personal responsibility exist once again.

    102. Chris says:

      I am from Europe, and the welfare, entitlements and forced redistributions are the same ill-minded and sick scam over here. I love the USA, at least what it was 200 years before and the values, freedoms and principles this great nation was established on.

      The consequence of all that redistribution to people who never paid in anything, along with the corrupt stealing from the contributions, will be confiscatory high taxes and criminalizing of business owners who just will try to stay in business and not being bankrupted by taxes. If people will not awake and recognize what a shitty idea that whole socialism scam is, it will result in severe economic persecution and a hunt for the few "haves" by the masses of "have-nots".



      The very core to the problem – in my eyes – seems to be, however, that our current generation is not a generation of people that want to be free. Unfortunately most people just want and prefer security, and don't care if other people are financially persecuted and ripped-off by ever poor excuses.
      The people do not value freedom anymore. You can see it.
      They want security.
      They want something to eat, and prefer to let somebody else work for it.

      If this does not change, i have little hope that we will have the power to end this mess.
      Don't get me wrong. I am for the liberty to have and public a free opinion.
      However, most of the population has betrayed the very values the USA were founded on.
      In embracing security and not appreciating FREEDOM, they basically are COMMUNIST and hence TRAITORS to the very principles the USA were founded upon.

      Keeping these traitors in the country, giving these traitors the right to vote … that was MISTAKE number 1 !!!!
      I really don't get it … but criminals should not be allowed to vote.
      And it should be crime to publicly call for or encourage any kind of money redistribution sceme.

      Only too bad your founding fathers did not write it in the constitution, as something that is UNCHANGEABLE and every try to change it, punishable by death by who attempts to do so.
      It really could have saved your country.

      Anyway, the USA at this point isn't in a much better situation than socialist Europe.
      It will become worser on both continents, i am pretty sure.
      We can "thank" all these damned, cursed, dumb and needy people for the mess we are in.

    103. tedbohne says:

      the operative term here is "entitlement." these programs are the very first targets of the republican party, a criminally insane cabal. the republican party is directly responsible for the current debt crisis during the Bush squat given the historic fact that George W. Bush was never elected.
      the people are entitled to these programs, not that some clarity isn't necessary, and some behaviors of the american people must be changed. The republican party is largely responsible for the loss of jobs in the US by allowing the changing of the US's basic industry, manufacturing, to a service based economy. I wonder whom these rodents plan for the americans to serve? further, the offshoring of Corporations DOES make jobs. just not in the US. so for the republicans to foist that canard clearly demonstrates their contempt for the american people and the idea of democracy. the entitlement programs are paid for by the american people. because the republicans and some democrats who knew far in advance of the aging "baby boom" generation continued to spend money they didn't have to give corporations and the wealthy elite tax breaks they didn't need, decided on taxing the american people via the federal income tax of 1913, instead of corporate income tax that was originally the fuel for the US government. The government has become bloated beyond comprehension with automatic pay increases, perquisites in the many millions of dollars, and are bought and owned by the Corporations and large investment banks. Sadly, only the people can roust these thieves. however IF this "sleeping giant" can be awakened, and that's doubtful, no force on earth will be able to stop it. the United States government as it currently stands must be dissolved and replaced by a more nation and it's people oriented social control paradigm. the playing field must be leveled. until it is, we will continue with ever increasing velocity to the total collapse of this nation. socially and economically. time is short. the american people cannot take austerity measure any worse than the present social condition.

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