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  • Morning Bell: Solutions for America

    Last night at the Beverly Hills home of  “West Wing” producer John Wells, after the string quartet quieted down, President Barack Obama told the assembled Hollywood elite, who paid $2,500 a person for cocktails and $30,400 a couple for dinner: “We have been able to deliver the most progressive legislative agenda – one that helps working families – not just in one generation, maybe two, maybe three.” Half an hour later, after the President concluded “Even as the other side wants to offer fear, we’re going to offer hope,” the Beverly Hills crowd responded with loud applause.

    But as much as the decadent Hollywood left may love Obama’s progressive agenda, the American people have soundly rejected it. Yesterday, for the first time in his Presidency, the Gallup daily tracking poll found that a majority of Americans disapprove of the job Obama is doing as President. Even worse for him, last week Gallup found that a majority of Americans disapprove of the President’s policies on eight out of thirteen issues. And according to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll 58% of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track.

    There is little wonder as to why. Since 2000, federal spending has grown across the board. Discretionary spending has expanded 79 percent faster than inflation. The federal government now spends $30,543 per household compared to $21,875 per household in 2000. Under President Obama’s budget, Washington is projected to spend $3,618 billion, raise $2,118 billion, and run a $1.5 trillion deficit in 2010. By 2020 President Obama’s budget would double the publicly held national debt.

    On every issue, the left has only two answers: more federal spending and more federal control. Conservatives have not, and should not, shy away from opposing these policies. But conservatives also must offer an alternative vision of America’s future; one that is consistent with our nation’s founding principles and empowers the people to compete in the 21st century. Today, The Heritage Foundation is releasing just such an alternative: “Solutions for America”

    Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner describes Solutions as “a comprehensive guide for getting our nation back on the right track. Some of the policy recommendations are groundbreaking. Others are familiar. Some are being debated right now. They all have two things in common: They return power to the people, and they are all transformational ideas.” For example, Solutions recommends:

    Cap Federal Spending: Washington has no enforceable limits on its spending and discretionary spending has nearly doubled since Congress let its spending caps expire in 2002. Congress should enact a firm cap on the annual increase in total government spending, limited to inflation plus population growth. Lawmakers should exert all effort to keep overall federal spending to less than 20% of U.S. GDP, the historical post–World War II average for federal spending.

    End the Era of Entitlements: Spending on the Big Three entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) is on autopilot – increasing automatically every year without any budgetary scrutiny. Congress must bring entitlement spending into the congressional budgetary process. We should raise the Social Security retirement age, and encourage people to work longer by eliminating payroll taxes for those over the retirement age. We should let needy families choose how to spend their Medicaid dollars and establish a new Medicare “defined contribution” system as we transition away from today’s costly and inefficient fee-for-service system.

    Restore Our Free Economy: Our corporate income tax rate, currently the second highest in the developed world, must be cut to restore U.S. competitiveness. The corporate tax rate should be set at or below the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development average of 26% to eliminate the incentive for businesses and jobs to move overseas. We should also stop taxing businesses as individuals, but rather reduce rates to 25%, which would help business to grow and create jobs.

    Revive Federalism: Over the course of the 20th century, the administration of government has been increasingly centralized under the federal government. In 1900 almost 60% of government spending took place at the state and local levels. Today, the federal government spends more than twice as much as all other levels of government combined. Washington must cede vast swatches of its policymaking authority—and the funding that goes with it—to states willing to reassume leadership in traditional state roles such as transportation, education, health, homeland security, and law enforcement.

    Invest in Peace through Strength: A robust military is the surest way to deter aggression and reinforce U.S. diplomacy. To accomplish this, the Pentagon procurement holiday must end. Congress must refurbish our armed forces, especially our depleted Navy fleet and vital missile defenses.

    These are just some of the ideas contained in the more than 20 chapters and over 120 specific policy recommendations contained in Solutions for America. Contrary to what the President says, these ideas are not based on fear, but on faith in the American people and the vision of our nation’s founders. The policies articulated in Solutions are calculated to make that vision a reality, to build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish.

    Quick Hits:

    • In its annual report to Congress on Chinese military capabilities, the Pentagon said China is investing heavily in ballistic and cruise missile capabilities that could one day pose a challenge to U.S. dominance in the western Pacific.
    • North Korea has taken its propaganda war against South Korea and the United States to a new frontier: YouTube and Twitter.
    • In The Washington Post, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow in Public Policy and Chairman of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies Ed Meese details how Judge Vaughn Walker’s same-sex marriage ruling ignores precedent, evidence and common sense.
    • 98% of the $3.2 billion President Obama’s failed stimulus earmarked for building weatherization has still not been spent.
    • According to U.S. Chamber of Commerce economist Martin Regalia, the impending Obama tax hike “is going to be a bullet in the head for an awful lot of people that are going to be laid off and an awful lot of people who are hoping to get their jobs back.”
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    54 Responses to Morning Bell: Solutions for America

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Obama = "We have been able to deliver the most progressive legislative agenda –

      one that helps working families –

      not just in one generation,

      maybe two,

      maybe three."



      ONLY the GOP Hate Group would -

      "soundly rejected it"



    2. Mary.... WI says:

      Will Heritage Foundation be presenting these proposed solutions to Congress? Ed Fuelner for president!

    3. Kirk W. Fraser, Clat says:

      Yawn. Try my book when it comes out http://biblek12.org/cbs or if that's too much, at least try Newt's http://AmericanSolutions.com to help your thoughts.

    4. toledofan says:

      I think it would be a great idea for the Republicans to develop another Contract with America and establish a list of ten priorities of what they promise to do if they regain control of Congress. I think that Heritage has done some exceptional work in providing the real facts and understanding of what the Democrats are and have been trying to do. Using all avenues, it's time for the Republicans to put a stake in the ground and mark our claim. RINO's need to stay home, it's time to get serious about our future and to make us again into that shining light and the beacon for all others to follow. Great article and keep up the good work.

    5. Tom Dornfeld, Columb says:

      One of the things we need the most that has to be right at the top opf the list is term limits. None of these other things will ever get passed because everyone on both sides is always working to be re-elected.

    6. Don Lambert says:

      I think it should be NOTED S.S. is not an entitledment , it is a retirement paid for by the seniors that have worked all thier lives and paid in for it.

      OF COURSE the exception is the freebees Congress is send out to the illegal's SS was never intended to be an entitledment,.

    7. Keith Derby, Yorktow says:

      "Solutions for America" is guide Independents, Tea Party, many Democrats and Republicans can agree takes America in the right direction. I was disapointed to see nothing about the "Fair Tax". Simply reforming the current tax system is not enough. Americans are sick and tired of both parties and party line Republicans are part of the problem not the solution. Maybe we can move the Reoublican Party to the left but I am worried many in the party are simply following and not leading America in the right direction. Thank you Heritage Foundation for your steadfast support for conserative principles.

    8. Roy Wagner, Westervi says:

      You have some great ideas for stopping the bleeding but much more is required to re-build America. It is not just Tax Policy that is the problem as so many Republicans seem to be mentioning. We, as a country, must undo the damage that Washington's bureaucrats have done over the past 50 years under the guise of making jobs safer for Americans, cleaning up the environment, improving health, education, etc.

      We need to elect Conservatives who are going to cut funding for OSHA, EPA, Education Department, etc. by 90% or more. We need to eliminate whole Agencies of the Federal Government and eliminate the outrageous regulations that are destroying jobs in this country by the hundreds of thousands. We all like safe jobs and clean environment but we do not need over-paid federal czars and thugs to kill jobs by their over-reaching for their idea of goodness.

      Manufacturing jobs are what built this country and the Politicians have combined with bureaucrats, the regulators, the unions, and the short term management focus to destroy our manufacturing base. Only a drastic reversal can put America back on a track to prosperity.

    9. Gail GR MI says:

      Too bad Hollywood is so far removed from America, and along with them, Obama! Much of the wrongs in our country have their roots in Hollywood's twisted thinking and perverness!

      These solutions are reasonable to those of us who work hard for a living and maintain solid values along with our work ethic!

    10. ThomNJ says:

      I would also like to see the de-coupling of Medicare and Social Security – like they are supposed to be. Why does the federal government punish someone who doesn't want to use Medicare and have their own PRIVATE insurance plan? In order to do that, the feds (illegally) make one sign away Social Security in the process. So not only do they take the money away from you all those years, but then if you don't want their healthcare plan, you don't get back the money you put into social security either. Why can one not have social security benefits alone and NOT have Medicare – one would be doing the government a favor in the process….but then they wouldn't have control.

    11. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      The answer is the South should rise again, but this time it will need to consist of 75% of the states as independent states but working together to regain control and insure the Federal government abides by the US Constitution and governs with the consent of the people. If they don't all is lost and we are just another China, France or Greece.

    12. Mike, Oklahoma says:

      Great start. But to be really bold we must move Social Security to a defined constribution type of system as well.

    13. Douglas Thompson, In says:

      As radical as our government has turned out to be, I believe your suggested solutions do not go far enough to reel in the out-of-control congress, and this is on both sides of the aisle. Let me ennumerate what I believe to be lasting, reasonable solutions:

      1. A constitutional ammendment to limit govt. spending with a required balanced budget. This is imperative!!!

      2. Replace the IRS and the federal income tax with a fair tax, that is, a national sales tax of 12% on all retail items with the exception of food items and medications. This will eliminate the need for exemptions, loopholes, marriage penatlties, and will include taxing all inhabitants of the USA, including citizens, visitors, migrant workers and illegal aliens.

      3. National ID cards should be issued to every citizen. Separate and distinct ID cards should be issued to legal resident aliens. A Temporary and distinct ID card with expiration date should be issued to legal alien migrant workers when they cross the border with proof of invitation to work in specifica areas of the country. Nobody will be able to function, buy or sell property, procure drivers licenses, SS cards, or get a job etc. without the ID card. This is not an unreasonable requirement. Nearly all major countries in the world issues these types of ID. I have lived in Mexico, Honduras and Chile, and they all require ID cards to be able to function within the country legally.

      4. Our borders must be reasonably sealed and controlled, however with the ID card requirement, border crossings will diminish drastically.

      5. The health care bill must be repealed and replaced with reasonable limits and protocol for private insurance companies to include the "uninsurable and uninsured". Medicare and Medicaid need to be totally revamped and a system of maximum reviewable payments for surgical, dental, and general medical procedures established nationwide. No treatments without ID card!!

      6. The social security system must be restructured so that congress cannot touch the funds collected for this purpose. Individual control and contribution to private SS accounts need to be established as an option to the Federally exclusive imposed system that is presently in existence, but woefully inadequate.

      7. The "federal" reserve needs to be abolished. It is a privately owned and operated entity that holds the U.S. economy hostage according to its whims and board decisions.

      8. A definitive plan of debt retirement must be established and strictly adhered to by congress.

      9. The Federal Govt. should get of the education business. The Dept. of Eduction should be abolished completely, and states should determine the direction of their children.

    14. Carl Bowhay, Red Oak says:

      i worked and paid into social security from age 18 to 72. Is is true or not that social security would not be in trouble if the government hadn't transferred it to the general fund and then gave it to foreign countries, illegal immigrants etc.??

    15. Ted Stein says:

      Effective corporate rates, those actually paid, are a more meaningful gauge. Also, if the wealthy paid the majority of the taxes, wouldn't they own the majority of the debt, meaning that your debt burden calculation is incorrect.

    16. gary kuhn, san anton says:

      Why doesn't Mr. Feulner include "term limits" as a solution?

    17. TheRowan, Ma. says:

      I want to commend you for all your wonderful work. I have just downloaded "Solution for America." I will be reading it carefully and when appropriate, I will print it out to pass along to all who want to take this country back to its founding ideals. I plan to print it out and bring it to my next local Tea Party meeting. Thank you again for all your wonderful insite and dedication to making this a better America.

    18. Steven Wittenberg Go says:

      I must express my disappointment with HF's so-called solutions. These "ideas" only perpetuate the status quo under the guise of being conservative. Here are some REAL solutions:

      - Allow people to opt out of Social Security & Medicare. For those who stay in, their contributions should go into individual accounts and they would only get out what they put in plus interest if any. Upon the death of a recipient, all money in his/her account would go to his/her heirs.

      - Don't cap spending. Just don't spend! Have a little discipline!

      - End Medicaid. It doesn't work–another failed experiment. I know–I'm a doctor. Replace with charity.

      - Why tax corporations at all? Get rid of the corporate income tax completely.

      - Getting back to Federalism is a good idea. The only realistic way to do that is to remove the federal government's power to tax income. Repeal the 16th Amendment and replace it with NOTHING. Then the States will HAVE TO assume the roles that the feds have usurped.

      - Peace through strength is not a bad idea. Our Navy and Marines should be strong always. However, each state should have its own militia and air force. We should disband our federal standing army and air force, but keep a small "space force" at the federal level to coordinate our space assets. This way, if the federal government wants to go to war, it will have to ask the States nicely–just as the Founding Fathers intended.

    19. Bill Anderson says:

      This "Solutions" presentation distills well the problems we face and essential solutions. I see, however two very substantial problems in their implementation. 1) These solutions generally require Congressional action to implement, and; 2) the reduction of "Federal" influence and participation in our laws and lives, will simultaneously reduce the power and influence of those same congressmen and women who must take the required actions. In part, because of the latter, the former is unlikely to occur. Further, the voting population, as a general rule, does not understand, nor will they take the time to learn about, these critical issues. So, while in some races, like that for Nevada Senator (Reid vs. Angle), foundational principle candidates (who might respond favorably to the changes the Solutions require) have been nominated, in most primaries established candidates, supported heavily by the Republican Party establishment, have been nominated (R.E: Missouri and the nomination of Roy Blunt – virtually no votes for foundational principle candidates). RINO's will not vote in the necessary changes, will not vote to limit Federal power and authority, nor to reduce their individual influence and power. While the Tea Party supporters understand and advocate for real change and a return to our Federal Republic, the general voting population does not! And there are more of them than there are of us. While I truly respect and support your positive approach in stating the belief that Americans will do what is required for change, I question it's reallity. From where I sit, I fear we have waited too long, and our previous apathy and inaction have brought us to the threshold of the abyss of tyranny. My prayer is that God will hear our prayers, bless our actions, and, as He has done before (R.E.: WWI and WWII, etc.), lead from the abyss and into the light of a government of rational law and order. Without that divine intervention, while our cause is just, our army may be too limited.

    20. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Those you can afford 30K for dinner are so far removed from reality they don't have a clue. I am tired of the pseudo-intellectuals deciding what they think is good for my family and me. Let them enjoy their 30K dinners with the POTUS but leave me out of it.

    21. John Matey N. Ft. My says:

      Put the business tax no higher than 25%? I don't think so. The business tax should be no higher than zero%. The business tax is the government forcing businesses to collect taxes for government. Businesses have never paid taxes. They just raise their prices every time the government raises their taxes. And when there is no more IRS (soon I hope), and then the businesses are collecting taxes, they should keep enough of the collected taxes to pay for the accountants they have to hire. We the people…not we the government.

    22. Brad O says:

      A little late to the party Heritage. Also, what happens next – is this just another pile of ideas and ideologies that vanish into thin air?

      Final comment: why should we allow discretionary spending to grow at inflation + population? We're starting at a bloated base level so this formula still puts too much $$ in the hands of the politicians. You're being too generous and it contradicts the notion of putting power back in the hands ofte people.

    23. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      I totally agree with SOLUTIONS. However, the problem is that none of it can be achieved – as long as this current leftwing Democrat regime is in power. Thus the best solutions are the 2010 and 2012 elections, in which now we really need HOPE and CHANGE!!!! It’s obvious the American voters made some foolish mistakes in 2006 and 2008. And the latter was a real disaster!! Hopefully these voters will wise up and correct these errors. Better yet, why can’t they learn, and avoid repeating such errors in the future?? My only mistake was back in 1976, when I voted for Jimmy Carter. Since then, I’ve only voted for 2 Democrats (on a state level) endorsed by the NRA. But sadly many Americans seem to have short memories!!!!!

    24. Russell Sebring, Fl. says:

      ? With the economy in the tank, all the pundits, the left, right and all the ones in between, are exalting
      their cause and solution to the problem. But nothing has stopped the ebb and tide of the economy.
      I guess I will weight in with my opinion. To start with, the ratio between goods and services is
      proportional or relative to technology.
      When the pilgrims first came to this country, they had to grow their own food and build their
      own house. They had little or no food to exchange for a service. While we are talking small, we can
      describe the problem. If the farmer takes the family to a restaurant The only thing the farmer could do is
      to charge the dinner. If the farmer had a little technology and grew more food than he could use then he
      would have something to exchange for his dinner. So the only way to measure the ratio between goods
      and services is debt.
      In theory all debt is bad. But in practice we have to put up with some debt. Is a mortgage really a
      debt? The bank owns the property. As the monthly mortgage payment is made the ownership is
      gradually transferred. Where the debt comes in is when the income is below the requirement for the
      monthly payment. This goes for autos, appliances, etc. Debt for short lived goods like food, vacations
      etc. is bad.. This debt has no collateral.
      In the public sector the spending on service was held to what was affordable, that is until the
      credit card was introduced.. The government sector is a whole different story. The Government as a
      whole is a service industry and is a monopoly. Therefore the cost of government must be added to the
      service of the private sector. The government has grown immensely and getting bigger. How big does
      the government have to get or has gotten to unbalance the ratio of goods and services? Because of the
      huge government debt, I would say that the government is way, way too big. The negative balance of
      trade has some effect on the debt. When the trade is in balance then the income and taxes of the exports
      balances the lack of the income and taxes of the imports. When we have a trade deficit we lose the
      income and taxes of the imports.
      “In economics, the Laffer curve is used to illustrate the idea that increases in the rate of
      taxation do not necessarily increase tax revenue. . Increasing taxes beyond the peak of the curve point
      will decrease tax revenue….” Have we reached this point on the curve?
      The only way to pay down this debt is to reduce the size of government.
      When a politician is elected to office they take an oath to uphold the constitution.
      Once they are elected they think they can do anything without regards to the constitution. Where is the
      judicial branch of government?

    25. Jack E Lohman says:

      Cap federal spending??? Interesting. Nowhere in the Heritage’s 58 page report does it mention campaign reform, and until that happens none-of-the-above will occur. Government spends because the politicians (of both stripes) are PAID to spend more by the Fat Cats that fund their elections. Get used to it, or fix it with public funding of campaigns.

    26. Tom Georgia says:

      Folks, it is time to get face to face with the reality of what has happened to our once great nation and to our Constitutional system of government. We should stop pretending that it will be possible to remediate and make right a federal government that has been increasingly FUBAR for more than a half century. We can disown it, scrap it out and replace it but there is no way it will be remediated and be made the federal government that we and our country need and must have if we are to be the nation that we should be and can be.

      The United States Federal Government is the largest, most lucrative orgainzed crime syndicate that has ever existed. Our government, supposedly on our behalf, has perpetrated larceny on the grandest scale that larceny has ever been perpetrated and our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations are the victims of todays larcenous scumballs to whom We, The People have entrusted our government and its policies.

      The powers that be in Washington and the captains of Wall Street act as if they have been able to form a self-supporting, self-growing symbiotic relationship with each other that is able to thrive and grow by them feeding on each other's excrement. In fact, each has been increasingly enabling and facilitating the other to feed on the rest of the nation and on the lives of the nation's people.

      When governments spend more money, the rich will become richer. That is where the additional spent money goes before it stops. The wealthy can then use their increased financial resources to contribute larger amounts to political parties and to political campaigns. It is a symbiotic relationship between and among the rich and the politically powerful, but it is a partnership that is predatory and parasitic in its relationship with the nation at large.

      It may be possible to rebuild and reincarnate this once great country. If so, the first requirement is that the predators and parasites of all stripes and spots must be eliminated so that the hard working producers can again enjoy the fruits of their labor and be able to pass on to subsequet generations the legacy of a great country the way our parents and grandparents and previous generations built and passed a great country on to us.

      We, the people, are and have been the enablers that the scumballs needed to enable their predation and parasitism. It is time for that to end. Do we have the gumption to bring it to an end?

    27. R.Thompson, Houston says:

      Sympathetic as I am with those who urge term limits, where it has been implemented, it really hasn't worked as intended. Here in Houston we have term limits on the city officials. When the term is up in one office, they simply run for another. there are so many state, local and federal elective offices it is easy to keep this up for an entire career.

      If the goal is to prevent officials from becoming entrenched, and to force them to think about a return to the private sector where they will have to live under the laws and policies they have installed, we need another approach.

    28. Nancy Husch, Herndon, VA says:

      Is Heritage Foundation working on the problem with the Military Voting? This is a very serious problem and I have been working on it since Senator John Warner was in office. In 2009 Congress passed the MOVE act that requires the election boards to mail absentee ballots within 45 days of the election. Now the Justice dept. plans to allow the states to apply for a waver that would allow them to mail ballots in as few as 30 days. You and I know 45 days is cutting is really close for the Military personel to receive, complete and send back to the states. Additionally we know that the Democrats don’t really care because most of the military vote Republican or Independent, I assume this is why the Justice Dept. is allowing wavers. This is an outrage, these men and women are putting their lives on the line and their votes haven’t been counted in to many of the last elections. Is the HF doing anything to bring this into the public eye and lobbying Congress to inforce this MOVE act to guarantee their votes will count this November and beyond?

    29. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I would consider this a modest start. There is no reason why we could end up with a federal government consisting of the three branches, teh DoD and the Sec of state department. The sec of state department could contain offices to take care of international commerce concerns. There would also need to be a department to manage standards between the states (not a big office mind you) and a minor office to manage governmental revenue – free of personal income taxes.

    30. Dennis Georgia says:

      I read the Solutions for America, and can not agree more. The “guvment” as it is so ofetn refered to, has gone beyond what the founding Fathers intended. Those thatn have been put in DC are after all they can get, many have been there for so long they believe themselves to be supreme to the common man. We the people are also at fault, many believe their vote does not count, they will do what they want to anyway. We have to go to the polls, we have to get the message across to all those in DC that they work for us. As it is now what the American people want is ignored, we have let those in power believe we do not have the ability to think, nor make our own decisions.
      The rights and freedoms that have been fought for and died for are being taken away. We the people have allowed this to happen, just because we do not get involved. The “guvment” makes new regulations on a daily basis, we the people are subject to these regulations, some are necessary just because we the people have given up the right to think, we have lost what is called “common since”.
      LBJ asked for and promoted welfare in the 60′s, we now havw generations of the same family that depend on us the tax payer to support them, they actually believe they have a right to this support. Most of those on welfare, food stamps, medicare, medicare have the ability to work, are not disabled, but have found the way to ride the system. They then passed this along to their children, and grandchildren. They have learned well. The dems know this and use the programs to buy votes. It is not just the dems, but the republicans too. Power and controll is all that matters.
      If America is to survive, we the people must take back our government, stop the “guvment” mentality. We must regain the pride that built this country, we must regain pride in ourselves, the job we do, the things we produce, the families we have, the attitude of “me”, must change to one of “us”. We are all in this mess together, and it will take all of us to change the direction and perserve a way of life. The majority must stand and be heard, we must not be afraid of the vocal minority, the politically correct bunch, the supposed “tree huggers” that are dictating policy to all of us.
      We also must get over the “micro wave” mentallity, instant society. The way back is going to be long and hard, it will require sacrafice on all our parts. We must be willing to give a part of ourselves to regain what made America great. I THINK WE CAN, DO YOU????

    31. PersonFromPorlock says:


      1. Set a date after which all laws passed since, say, 1950 are repealed. Enact new versions of the most needed laws before the set date arrives.

      2. For the rest, start over, with the wisdom of hindsight.

    32. robert j. cloney, pasadena, maryland says:

      I agree with the points made, however the solutions require that congress acepts what has been said here and this they will not do. Not now not while the Democrats are in control..

    33. lola says:

      Though I’ve only glanced at portions of the plan, I must say that while it’s going in the right direction, it isn’t bold enough to stop this nation’s downward slide toward bankruptcy. Nor does it seem inclined to reduce the power and extent of federal government to anything near its Constitutional limits. For instance, why should there be a Department of Education or federal education programs? Why should the federal government be involved in education at all? Education is the province of states and local communities. This plan niggles over trimming a leaf here & there, when in fact, the entire branch ought to be lopped off. The same can be said for many programs, NEA, HUD and the Department of Labor among them. We can simultaneously restore freedoms and significantly cut spending by eliminating several federal departments and programs entirely. Anything less is not solving the problem–it’s simply buying time till the next catastrophe.

    34. Drew Page, IL says:

      I like Doug Thompson's list and I also think term limits (no more than 2 per person, per lifetime) in an elected federal office. I would like to see his itme #2 corrected where he suggests a "Fair Tax" for all, including illegal aliens. Here I disagree. I don't want illegal aliens paying any kind of tax and using that as an excuse for staying here and claiming "rights". I believe that the only "right" an illegal has is deportation.

    35. Elmo Lovett, Alaska says:

      Why not let the people decide by putting these solutions on the November ballot, along with term limits.

    36. SenatorMark4 says:

      Nice thoughts. "bring entitlement spending into the congressional budgetary process" Instead of waving your hands around about what you think might be good ideas why don't you write the actual legislative proposal and start passing it around. This generic verbiage is nothing that a politician will work towards without goading from the money people. So you've broken some ice, but you're still all wet. If you start waving the actual defined legislative proposal around you might be able to dry off. Since Obamacare has redefined 1099-MISC to basically say all free transactions must be reported, how about: "All grants of any kind to individuals from any government agency at any level of over $600 per year MUST be reported by an IRS Form 1099-GOV." Short. Sweet. Fair. Simple. Actually defined!

      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        @SenatorMark4 Thanks for reading! I just wanted to be clear that this is just the beginning of our Solutions project. This is not merely a wish list, but rather an actionable to-do list of conservative solutions. For the rest of the year, we will be fleshing out these proposals in greater detail and working with Congress to ensure that these ideas can be put in to practice. We will continue to update you as the year continues.

    37. Tot, Santa Clara, CA says:

      The Futurist wrote, a year ago, about 8 ways to supercharge the US economy.

      They, of course, require putting political correctness aside.

    38. BR, Wyoming says:

      "Simply reforming the current tax system is not enough."

      Agreed. Taxing needs to be connected to spending.

      I like the FairTax and support it, but it will not be enough either. Taxation needs to be connected to spending, so if spending increases, the tax increases too, completing a feedback mechanism that FairTax can leverage.

      When the effective price of a can of Coke goes up every time the US Government sells a bolus of bonds, the Man on the Street will understand what's wrong and who did it.

    39. KLIMAX Baltimore, Maryland says:

      Its about time to get ideas that make sense and that the everyday American Citizen can understand instead of the things NObama and his puppets write that you have to be a philadelphia lawyer to understand !!! We need to make Social Security off limits but raising the retirement age across the board will not work because there are people (construction workers for example) who will be lucky to make it to 66 years old (my retirement age per the Feds) let alone 70 or higher !! There is a big difference between working in a climate controlled environment and freezing or roasting on a construction site along with the physical beating you take doing these types of jobs !!!!

      We need to introduce the American Citizens to this “Solution” A.S.A.P. so they can see for themselves there is a common sense “Solution” to OUR problems that if enacted would turn OUR Country around !!!
      The way to get this message out is to collect donations from the true believers and take out full page adds in the major newspapers across the country and dare the American Public to see for themselves the way out !!!!!!!

    40. Pingback: Instapundit » Blog Archive » WELL, WE NEED ‘EM: Solutions For America….

    41. Jimmy J. says:

      You left out that we need a new and better energy policy. Our economy floats on a sea of energy. That energy must be secure and reasonably priced. We need policy that opens up our oil reserves to drilling. Open ANWR, Santa Barbara Channel, the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, both coasts, and any on shore acreage that is now off limits. Additionally, we have to forge ahead with nuclear power for electrical power needs. Finally, we need to encourage development of our huge natural gas reservoirs for reasonably priced, secure energy for home heating and as a backup for vehicle power. (The Boone Pickens plan.)

    42. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      To those who believe Obamanomics just wait till the repo-man comes to collect from our kids and grandkids. Knew a woman who lived through the Weimer Republic, Hitler then the Russians in Eastern Germany. She used to tell me, worry, really worry when the government can't control its debt and starts buying its own debt. Well I'm worried, how about you?

    43. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      With China poised to take over from us, as the world's number one economy in ten

      years, we should be ashamed of our President. Obama's Debt will make us slaves to

      the Chinese for generations to come. All China has to do is snap its fingers and we're

      more screwed than we are now. You get what you pay for.

    44. Gregory Kasper, West Allis, WI says:

      The situation is that we are losing our God-Given blessings. The blessings that we received under the Abrhamic Covenant were conditional that we maintain our moralities acdg to His Word.

      Our School system is called Progressive and that’s the same as Socialist as far as I’m concerned. Socialists do not want the 10 commandments posted in our classrooms.

      Biblically we could be considered the Sons of Jacob…Manaseh and Ephraim…One was to be a Great Company of Nations (England) and the other a Great Nation…both separate from the 4th and last World Empire, The Roman Empire which is resurfacing again! (book of Daniel)

      England’s Flag, The Union Jack is symbolic of the crossed arms of Jacob. On a shelf under the Queen’s throne is a Stone, named “jacob’s Pillar Stone” (pillow, ok is the meaning)

      I greatly appreciate the Solutions Plan and Program and agree with it. I wouldn’t be able to write out any of this plan myself, ok, as I’m an electrical Construction Worker; and not that well studied enough to be of any helpfull contributions, other than to support it. Which I can do of course.

      However, we are literally fighting against Spiritual Powers and Principalties in High Places, acdg to Scriptural Teachings.

      Fighting on this physical plane will help our anxiety factors, knowing that we are doing something…But, the spiritual problem will not go away.

    45. frank z says:

      I enjoy reading these notices as well as the suggested remedies but you have no more solutions than obama's pack. I find your suggestion of raising the retirement age absurd, it's ok for the pencil pushers/non performers but hell for the poor working class that 65 is a hard age to reach in a working environment. Let's take care of the poor folks who've paid their dues for all these years. Mr Reagan's folks robbed the ss system by raising the tax to pay for star wars and since he got away with it just kept spending for whatever. Mr Bush's tax cuts have helped the wealthy far more than the working folks. Why can't we find a fair middle ground and work from there. As for the illegals, deporting them is far cheaper than paying all their bills. It's awful that all the brainpower is being spent on non productive solutions; let's try another approach.

    46. Bobbie says:

      Heritage's solutions sound reasonable, practical and productive! Maybe only low-income freedom lovers see this… without obama's trap settings, there would be an expansion of the established working environment. Who cares who stoled what before 20001 at this point, it continues to be thieved…

    47. John Bynum Greenvill says:

      These are all good ideas. One more good idea would be to get back to the gold standard and get rid of the Federal Reserve. Every new dollar they print deludes the value of the dolar because it is not backed up bt anything which causes inflation. Getting back to the gold standard would eliminate this cancer to the monetary system.

    48. John Bynum Greenvill says:

      We need to get back to the gold standard and eliminate the Federal reserve. Every time they print another note it's value lessens because they re not backed up by anything which causes inflation. The gold standard eliminates those problems.


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    51. Billie says:


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