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  • The Fake Jobs of Obama's Government Union Bailout

    When President Barack Obama signed the latest bailout for spendthrift states and government unions, he claimed the $10 billion earmarked for education spending would save the jobs of 160,000 teachers. But as we pointed out before the bill was signed, this number was completely made up. Since local governments always exaggerate the number of government workers they will lay off, only a tiny fraction of teacher jobs was ever in real jeopardy. And even then, layoffs could have been avoided if teachers unions would have just agreed to pay freezes or cuts.

    Undaunted by this reality, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) took to the floor of the Senate last week and claimed that the state bailout bill would save 3,300 teaching jobs in her state alone. There is one problem, though. The Washington Professional Educators Standards Board surveyed school districts last spring and found that just 445 teachers in the entire state received reduction-in-force letters last spring. Oops. So how did Murray come up with her 3,300 number? The Tacoma News Tribune reports:

    Congressional math, it appears. Since Washingtonians are a bit more than 2 percent of the nation’s population, we’ll get a bit more than 2 percent of the $10 billion appropriated for teacher jobs.

    Divide the average pay and benefits for a teacher into the $206 million and you get 3,300 jobs. From that, Murray extrapolates to claim thousands of threatened layoffs.

    Murray was not the only one making up fake “jobs saved” numbers. The Washington State Democrat Party then added the $206 million in education cash to Washington’s share of the national $16.2 billion Medicaid bailout ($340 million) for a total of 6,400 governemnt jobs saved. But again, there was no connection between the bailout dollars and jobs saved. The News Tribune contacted both Gov. Christine Gregoire’s (D) office and House Ways and Means Committee Chairwoman Kelli Linville, D-Bellingham. Neither would support the 6,400 jobs number.

    Faced with these realities, Washington State Democratic Party spokesperson Anne Martens on Friday admitted the 6,400 jobs number was completely fake and apologized: “You had every right to call us out for that and I’m embarrassed about it. I apologize and we’re going to vet everything more thoroughly from now on.

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    15 Responses to The Fake Jobs of Obama's Government Union Bailout

    1. DanJ1, Suburban Detr says:

      I was talking with a couple staff at a local restaurant who are recent graduates with teaching degrees. Needless to say they could not find any jobs and they didn't know anything about the 4,400 new teaching positions in Michigan created by the $300+ million.

      One thing they mentioned was that the school districts are using permanent substitute teachers instead of hiring full-time teachers. I suspect some of the funny math will be backed up by changing those teachers' status and claiming them as new hires to justify the bailout funds which will then be used on other wasteful programs unrelated to hiring.

    2. Concerned, Mequon WI says:

      Am I surprised about the lies…nope. I'm glad to see Heritage is working for the people of this country.

      • Ken says:

        It's good to know at least someone is.

        Like they say, 97.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Or, you lie and I'll swear to it.

    3. Bill, Orlando Florid says:

      So 445 actual jobs saved at a cost of $206 Million. That comes to $458,427 per job saved. That is like paying $4000 for a toilet seat.

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    6. Art, Texas says:

      I can see November 2nd from my house. God Save America.

    7. Jeanne Stotler, Woodbridge, Va says:

      Again with smoke and mirrors, I know several teachers who’s positions were eleminated not due to finance but that they were becoming outdated or combined with other programs. These teachers applied for positions in other schools or programs and will return to the classroom for the new school year. No one doing the math took into consideration retiring teachers as well. All states need to follow New Jersey and Virginia and tighten theier belts, just cutting the waste would help. All the welfare and medicaid rolls need to be scrutanized and the cheats removed and fined, there is a lot of duplicity in both federal and state business, this cost money, lots of it.

    8. Lloyd Scallan (New Orleans area) says:

      Obama, his administration, and his lackeys in Congress will use any and all
      tactics to complete Obama’s socilaist agenda. They will lie and distort, feeling no shame, because it is their ideology. These people have no soul. They are relentless. They have been working for this day for decades and will never stop. We had all better realize anything they say cannot be trusted.

    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      Don't you just want to scream every time some politician tells you that more money is needed for education, or for the schools? It's always "for the children", never for the unionized teacher's salaries, benefit plans and pensions. From Obama on down to the union backed local school board members, it's always "for the children". Well, it's a damned good thing it's "for the children" because it's going to be up to your children (and their children) to pay for all of this.

      All those politicians who have been bribed by the NEA and its local state chapters will be dead or retired when the bills come due to your children and grandchildren. I think it would be only fitting that we all leave a written explanation to our children and grandchildren explaining why it is that they must survive on 25% of what they earn and who they can thank for it. Of course if you aren't terribly fond of your children and/or grandchildren, perhaps this will be a fun letter to write.

    10. Don Mitchel says:

      Jobs,cost, going green,!!!!!!!!! Do the American people not realize we are letting mainly foreign ships use our shipping lanes to pollute our waters trough ballast dumping and a carbon footprint, while they bring foreign manufactured goods into our country putting Americans out of work? Do they not realize that the cost of imports would rise with action by the Senate, to overcome Senator Boxers state rights objection to the legislation passed in the house 395-7 in 2008 for the change we needed to make America more cost competative manufactures. Do they not realize that the longer we wait, the edge we could have, is disapearing as foreign ships scramble, towards new technologies? The Senate through their lack of action is helping to destroy our environment and economy at the same time, as this obvious delay, benefits only economic globalization, over economic Americanization. Do the American people not realize in these though economic times States are being put in economic competition with each other, having to spend vast amounts of money to protect their waters against an international organization of primarily foreign economic interest, because of lack of national ballast water legislation? Dose President Obama care about any of this, since he has not bothered to address the states rights issues of just one Senator Boxer who held up the house legislation passed for the change we needed in 2008 to protect our environment and our jobs. Or as commander and chief dose he believe America can aford to wait for his purposed two decade military plan to start with yet another study for 14 months while many American suffer?

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    12. mike swann says:

      If you voted for Obama, don't complain. If you didn't vote, don't complain. Oabama made it clear he woud raise taxes, electrictricity, have cap and tax, no parts of drilling here, enoviromentalis ae one of Demos biggest buddies as are unions and Wall Street. His spreading the wealth is Marxism. No one looked at his past, his Marxist friends. No one got angry when he went to Fraqnce and Germany and apologized for us, before his election. He was caught lying about so much and everyone gave their rock star a pass. The liberal Demo media kept so much dirt hidden. Still do. Rev. Wright spoke volumes and his bitter, racists wife. Now the rest of have to put up with this sealing and lying and pay for someone else stealing. Thanks, America. Mike s

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    14. moonlitknight says:

      Much as I hate to say it, America is already finished — it's simply a delayed collapse of what we once were. When people seek a utopia, tyrany is ALWAYS the result. I would love to have one person anywhere articulate what is good for America in ANY democrat party policy. Is it the murdering of millions of unborn infants every year? Is it Unions, who subvert and extort companies from within? Is it the near total control of people? Is there someone out there with something, anything in the "party" that can state what is good and pleasing to God in and within the democrat party? I expect I will hear nothing but crickets chirping.

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