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  • Morning Bell: Death, Taxes and the Failure of Obamanomics

    Benjamin Franklin famously said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” With America’s stagnant-as-a-swamp economy still stuck at 9.5% unemployment, an unexpected 484,000 new jobless claims, and reports of a slowed recovery, it might be time for old Ben to pull out his quill and add another certainty to his list: the continuing failure of Obamanomics. Judging by the words of one of President Barack Obama’s economic advisors, it doesn’t look like the Administration is going to change course anytime soon.

    On ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour,” Laura Tyson, a member of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, called for even more of the same tried-and-failed Obamanomics stimulus policies, when asked how to get the economy moving faster:

    We have to continue to do everything we can to stimulate demand in the economy… Invest in people. Invest in infrastructure. Invest in knowledge,” she said. “Invest, invest, invest is really what we must do.

    “Invest, invest, invest” is Obamaspeak for “spend, spend, spend,” which the White House and the Pelosi-Reid Congress have done plenty of already, to no great effect. Never mind all that; Tyson made clear that she believes we should stay on that one-way road to perdition, paved with taxpayer dollars. As The Washington Examiner editorialized on Sunday:

    They’ve spent nearly $8 trillion since 2007, including nearly $2 trillion on economic stimulus programs and an equal amount for the Troubled Asset Relief Program and similar bailouts. They’ve effectively nationalized Fortune 500 corporations, taken over the health care sector, and set the regulatory stage for more bailouts and takeovers, but the needle is still stuck. Worse, recovery isn’t likely for many months ahead because those same politicians are planning more of the same failing policies.

    There is hope for the U.S. economy, but it doesn’t lie in more Obama stimulus spending. The answer is in the private sector, where billions of dollars in pent-up cash could be unleashed to fuel new investment and more jobs, if only Washington would get out of the way. The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk writes:

    Congress must recognize that a strong recovery and new hiring depends on the confidence businesses have in the future. Uncertainty is a fact of life for all businesses, but when Washington adds materially to that uncertainty, businesses invest less and hire less. The most powerful, no-cost strategy Congress can adopt is to stop threatening those in a position to hire—no more taxes, no cap-and-trade legislation, no government takeover of private health care, and no massive increase in the public debt.

    Unfortunately, the White House doesn’t quite see it that way. Last week, the President blamed Europe’s economic struggles for the cool U.S. economy, all in an effort to shift the blame from his policies. Press secretary Robert Gibbs said, “The trajectory of where we were in April is different than where we are right now, and certainly Europe was one of the first signs of that.”

    Instead of spending time tailoring his rhetoric to explain away the soft economy, President Obama ought to bite the bullet and see Obamanomics for what it is – a Titanic of a failure that is sinking the U.S. economy. Death and taxes might be inevitable, but staying the course on failed economic policies doesn’t have to be.

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    63 Responses to Morning Bell: Death, Taxes and the Failure of Obamanomics

    1. Doug, Utah says:

      Lift the moritoium, cut taxes deeper, stop spending, cut entiltelments, give back TARP all three of them.stop sending our tax dollars over sea. The list could go on and on, but I think I have made my point.

    2. Vicky Jackson Dayton says:

      Solve the economic time bomb: Give every legal American over 55 1 million dollars with two requirements: 1.You must retire and give your job to someone qualified but unemployed. 2. Pay off or buy a new home, thus helping the building industry and the mortgage industry. Problem solved.

    3. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Obama knows exactly what he his "policies" are doing to America. Remember "fundamentally change," and "Tighten our belts?" This, is what he was talking about. This is intentional.

    4. toledofan says:

      I don't think, no matter the sound business logic and common sense, that these Democrats can change course and, it's sad to say, but, it's obvious that they don't want to. Some say that it's part of a bigger strategy to change America to a socialist European style of governance, but, I think, this Administration is so far over it's head, not only don't they know how, they don't have the leadership skills necessary to make it happen; they are stuck in a failed ideoolgy that if they admit it's a failure, then they really become the problem. Just look at everything from TARP through the last emergency spending bill; why all the chaos and confusion, is it part of a sinister plan or just ignorance on how on how the world really operates?

    5. ThomNJ says:

      Our country might not survive obama and the dem-controlled Congress if we don't oust them all as quickly as we can. The oil drilling moratorium alone is a killer. We currently get about 60% of our oil supplies from foreign countries and obama shut off the Gulf – which is 30% of our supply. Nice going pres, you and your gang of fools are quite effectively destroying over 230 years of work and dreams.

      What happens when the biggest enemy of the state is the president himself?

    6. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Which is BEST?

      Optimism, or Pessimism?

      It is EASY to see HOW to –

      "explain away the soft economy,"

      It is a 24/7 BAD BAD BAD Spin

      the HF, WSJ, Fox News and Murdoch

      put on THE ECONOMY.

      If they tried to MAKE THE WORLD ECONOMY BETTER





      OR FAIR.

      I am surprised HF Readers do NOT

      Understand that, and Jump on HF about it.


    7. Mary.... WI says:

      So now Bush is off the hook for Americas economic demise and now it's Europe's failed economy…..BO and his administration can't see even two inches in front of them. If BO and his administration would study WHY Europe is in such turmoil they might finally understand that the policies Bo has in place for our country is exactly what is destroying Europe! But I forgot…..BO wants this country to fail.

      More spending is NOT the answer. The Americans that are working CANNOT support everyone else PLUS all these ridiculous programs with their tax money. There is NOT enough tax money being collected to sustain it all! But it fits the plan….destroy this country and make everyone totally dependent on the government……the European way.

    8. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I'll try again.

      Which is BEST?

      Optimism, or Pessimism?

      It is EASY to see HOW to –

      "explain away the soft economy,"

      It is a 24/7 BAD BAD BAD Spin

      the HF, WSJ, Fox News and Murdoch

      put on THE ECONOMY.

      If they tried to MAKE THE WORLD ECONOMY BETTER





      OR FAIR.

      I am surprised HF Readers do NOT

      Understand that, and Jump on HF about it.


    9. Jack E Lohman says:

      Look, it is what it is. The elite CEOs have the citizens exactly where they want them; fighting over jobs. And now they are paying off the politicians so the top 3% save 3% on their taxes.

      Nothing is going to change until we have public funding of campaigns. What is it about political bribes do we not understand?

      If politicians are going to be beholden to their funders, those funders should be the taxpayers. And at $5 per taxpayer per year it would be a bargain. Even at 100 times that. We MUST lobby our senators and representative to co-sponsor the bill at:

      Jack Lohman "

    10. West Texan says:

      Matthew Continetti's The zombie economy, http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/zombie-eco… highlights well Obama's failing economic policies.

      The federal government grossly overreached into states' domestic affairs. The worst damage being caused by progressive socialist wannabes.

      These far left democrats have successfully managed to pervert and undermine our constitutional representative republic. And it didn't start with Obama. FDR and LBJ contributed heavily to the corrupted system we face today. According to Jame Madison, today's form of federal governance is basically illegitimate. Governors please take note.

    11. Mary, Tucson says:

      The President is never going to change "Obamanomics" He has his eye on the prize, and it is not the USA…

    12. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      The article uses the words 'perdition' and 'Titanic' which are what describe Obama's wishes for America. He has no love for this Country.

      Any person with half a brain can see that Obamanonics can only produce disaster for the USA. Yet, under the mantle of 'respect for the Presidency' and the Constitution, this sorry excuse for a leader is allowed to continue his Socialist destruction of the USA! Why? Is there no one to stand up to the bullies in his Administration?

      Republicans need to stop whining about Obama's terrible intentions and cry out for his impeachment! Even Europe is wising up to him faster than people in this Country!

    13. Michael / Iowa says:

      This "man-child" imPOTUS is a true believer, which is what makes him dangerous. He is not concerned with consequences, and the ONLY reason polls and opinions concern him is because he wants to keep enough of his people around to continue to create the Hope and Change he desires for the country. Political pundits can shout from the mountain tops all the many things that Obama and his administration should do until the cows come home, but the only thing that will stop him is to get these anti-American criminals out of power. Fortunately, this absolute disaster of a political administration has, at the very least, awakened a large chunk of the population.

    14. Prudent Man, CFA says:

      A point missed by many: The retired saver and unemployed is using their capital for daily needs as interest rates are manipulated too low. Bernanke's policies are not only horrid but criminal to the saver class. The Fed has created risk aversion. That "money on the sidelines" won't be invested as it is being used to survive.

    15. Arvid Myhre says:

      I sit here and compose a comment only to have it disappear and be told I am commenting too quickly AGAIN. This time I disappear.

    16. Jay says:

      Sherk should have included reduce the cost and time burden the private sector bears for paperwork related to senseless regulations by the administration

    17. James A - Longdrycre says:

      Obama and his academic advisors on the economy are conducting an experiment. Unfortunately, Americans are out of work and will continue to

      unemployed as long as Obama is president.

      We need an "American" president, not a Kenyan imposter and a Marxist to boot.

      Until we turn the Ship of State around 180 degrees, we will flounder and fail.

      Obama wants failure because the community organizer mentality, based on the destructive instuctions of Sol Alinksy, understand how to destroy, not how to build. Hope and Change are merely code words for failure.

    18. Andrew Brandt says:

      POTUS does not want the economy to recover. He wants it to fail so everyone is more dependent on government. We need to make government responsible to the people again. Writing articles saying what is failing is not good enough. Need articles showing his distain for his country and throw him out.

    19. Richard, Erwinna, Pa says:

      I am sure Obama and his ffollowers know exactly what they are doing and have no interest in changong their agenda. They are destroying our once great country piece by piece. I just hope and pray that we elect the right conservative republicans in the nov. election. The repubs have to get dirty like the dems, They have to show us they are fighting for us and not be such wimps.

    20. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      We had all better quickly understand what Obama is doing is deliberately destroying the American economical system so that he can replace it with socialism. That is his final goal. His open attacks on America has gotten to the point where complaints have been filed with the Commission of Oversight and Government Reform by Darrell Issa (R-CA) pointing out Obama is using every possible means to lie, distort, and hide his true intention by using Government agencies, corporations, and the media to promote his agenda. Again, these socialist have made it very clear they will do or say anything to force Obama's ideology down the throats of the American people.

    21. david miller ca. says:

      The president and his people know exactly what they're doing, it's all part of the plan. It is working the way they intended, what I do not understand to why the American people sit and take it. This used to be the land of the free but only because it was the land of the brave, people have lost their will partially because we have no leadership. The problems we face today started to at least 70 years ago slowly but surely the government has become larger, with larger government comes less individual freedoms. We have been told we should negotiate problems that's fine as long as both sides use reason, when one side refuses time for talk is over. There should have never been a debate over Health Care, when it was found out that the government's people would have a different plan than ours that should've been end of story. That in and of itself proves it was not a good plan, why negotiate. You cannot have a guarantee from the womb to the tomb and have much individual freedom.

    22. Meridee, Ft. Mitchel says:

      Ever consider that Obama and his team know exactly what they are doing? That from their vantage point, even if they do lose many seats and perhaps the Presidency in the upcoming elections, they will count all as a huge success? For they will have accomplished precisely what they set out to do, that is, the sinking of the US economy and the dismantling of the American system. They've been at this for a very long time. Remember Khrushchev. America can only be conquered from within.

    23. Alan says:

      If these people are going to persist in using the "invest" canard, we must insist they produce evidence of a return on investment.

      If they are going to pilfer business terms, then they must practice business methodologies.

      If they cannot show that a return on investment is possible, then the investment is not a good idea.

      Clearly this crowd in power will not abide by such principles as such practices would demand a level of transparency and clarity not compatible with their politics.

      As is often stated, the government spending must be cut and the taxes cut or rescinded on many levels.

      That means we must be understand accept certain government agencies are not really needed and should be dissolved with the subsequent savings returned to the taxpayers. Accordingly, the requisite head count must be cut. The age old shell game of eliminating a bureaucracy only to have the employees turn up in another department does nothing to reduce government but allows for the prospect of yet another department expanding while its basic responsibilities do not. This dangerous cycle results in these newly expanded agencies artificially expanding as they conduct "make busy" work intended to justify their existence through a series of new and contrived mandates created purely by executive order rather than demands of the taxpaying electorate.

    24. Albert, Vallejo, CA says:

      "Congress must recognize that a strong recovery and new hiring depends on the confidence businesses have in the future. Uncertainty is a fact of life for all businesses, but when Washington adds materially to that uncertainty, businesses invest less and hire less. The most powerful, no-cost strategy Congress can adopt is to stop threatening those in a position to hire—no more taxes, no cap-and-trade legislation, no government takeover of private health care, and no massive increase in the public debt." Is this quote a joke? Does anyone really expect Congress to stop spending? To build "confidence"? Congress is a morass of corruption and venality. The Democrat leaders in Congress do not give a damn about the People of the country, their prosperity, their feedom, or the economy. They only see government as a system to provide THEM with the high life they crave, but do not earn, with the means to heap praise and worship upon themselves. Congress is a mass of sleazy, greedy slugs who leech the economic lifeblood out of the People just to spend it on themselves in a massive vote buying fraud. Congress as currently made up will never "recognize" anything about a strong recovery or what it takes to get one. They simply do not care.

    25. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Obamanomics spend what you don't have = huge debt + economic melt down

    26. Joe, Minneapolis, MN says:

      Cut Spending, make the Bush Tax cuts permanent, then cut spending some more. Then repeal Obamacare and finally, put permanent meaningful incentives in place for businesses to do business in the US. Win back our manufacturing sector by making this a business friendly place to do business. Did I mention, eliminating all Unions in public sector jobs? The fox needs to quit guarding the hen house. In essence stabilize the political landscape so business can plan and execute.

    27. Richard, Erwinna, Pa says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      I am sure Obama and his ffollowers know exactly what they are doing and have no interest in changong their agenda. They are destroying our once great country piece by piece. I just hope and pray that we elect the right conservative republicans in the nov. election

    28. Drew Page, IL says:

      I used to think that Mr. Obama was just inexperienced and naive. I now believe that he is inexperienced and diabolical.

      In many regards Mr. Obama has been a horrible president. But yet, in another way, he may be the best thing that's happened to this country in the past 50 years. why? Because his presidency has shown us what political correctness, liberalism and voter apathy gets us.

    29. KC - New Mexico says:

      I want a government job so that I can retire and enjoy the benefits of working in a socialistic America.

      I am tired of working for the private industry – reduced benefits, reduced funding and spending, reduced pay and no pay increases the last 2 years – thanks primarily to BO administration. The private sector only cares about survival at this time – no wonder – but the employees are suffering!

      Bottom line – get out and vote; tell everyone you meet to vote since most do not read the HF. This current economic and socialistic approach is killing America! Time for real change!

    30. Russell Sebring Fl. says:

      I think that we have gone down the socialist road too far to returned to pure capitalism. There are too many subjects getting government largess to vote against any one who continue to promise more and more largess. The only way to reverse this trend is for the judical to enforce the constitution that does not allow the goverment to take from one and give to another that does nothing to earn it. That would mean that politicians could not promise and give (bread and circus). This would curtail despots desire to seek a seat of power.

    31. Ted Stein says:

      Maybe the money being spent in California to win races for the Republicans would be better spent if the former business executives invested that money in new enterprises. The truth is, both became CEO's of established companies. Neither is an entreprenneur. Both require very large organizations to support them. The Tea Party would be better served if they too expended their energy in starting productive, successful businesses instead of protesting. Unfortunately, they too counted on the largess of corporate business to survive. Our workforce is comprised of those that look to government for handouts, and those that look to corporate business for jobs. The future of our capitalist society rests on those who are willing and able to build their own future, independent of corporate business or government.

    32. Nancy, New Hampton, says:

      First, in November, get rid of all Bumbama's stooges in Congress, his faithful zombies. Next, elect people who will vote NO MORE STIMULUS. Set term limits for Congress, as the founders would not have approved of career politicians running our great country. Fresh ideas do not come from entrenched, power-hungry ego-maniacs. Then, in 2012, finish the job and clean up the Congress again. Next, get rid of our constantly partying, always campaigning, inexperienced community organizer who is well on the way to destroying America, And never again elect a president who's only skill is using his charisma.

    33. Keith Arizona says:

      Although Obama is hugely responsible for the healthcare debacle and the current ruinous economic policies, I'd love to see them called Demcare or Demonomics in order to have the failing policies tied to the democratic party. This way, as soon as Obama is gone, the problems are still tied to the Democrats.

    34. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      It's a shame that the American voter and apparently The Heritage Foundation itself fail to notice that this economic destructothon is entirely intentional. The American middle class is being destroyed by its own government and will continue to be economically bludgeoned until it finally learns to beg for One World deliverance.

      The U.S. is bankrupt. Any policy is now too little, too late. It is time to set aside provisions for your family because the "Summer of Recovery" is headed straight to Desolation Row. The pathetic realization that we freely voted for this hasn't even dawned on us. "We ain't seen bad; but it's comin'."

      It certainly appears that The Heritage Foundation is just another CFR termite in the rafters. This is a sad way to see the U.S. brought to its knees. For The Morning Bell to continue suggesting that this economic calamity can be still be fixed is either denial in the ninth degree or intentional misrepresentation.

    35. Norbert, Ohio says:

      It is really too bad we can't prosecute this administration and the democratic leadership in congress for graft, money laundering for election campaigns, bribery, malfeasance in office, and theft of the future of the next several generations. If we in the private sector had done what these jokers are doing we would be in jail awaiting trial. Well their trial is in November and their sentence will be carried out.

    36. RoDan says:

      Cutting spending and reducing the deficit without tax increases necessarily means cutting wages and laying off federal employees. Zerobama has no courage to do that, and is instead motivated to hire more over-paid gov't workers to tighten his tyrannical grip on us ever so slowly.. so slowly, he hopes, that no one will notice the gradual transformation of a democratic republic into a dictatorship. We must get him and his foolish followers out of office! We want a political opposiotion that will abolish and/or diminish the size of most federal government bureaucracies, repeal wasteful laws, eliminate pork and reduce entitlements.. Only then can we truly reduce spending and eliminate borrowing without raising taxes.

    37. William V. Moyer, Al says:


      Why do you insist on repeating the bogus unemployment numbers? True unemployment is 21% or more and inflation is 8% or higher figuring in food and fuel. Food in my area has almost doubled within the last year but no mention of that from the magic negro.

      Remember, the magic N was installed in office by the foreign elite to destroy America. He is doing a great job!!

    38. patriot77 says:

      He HATES this country and its fundamental vision of freedom. His quest is to destroy what he was raised to despise.

      PS has anyone ever witnessed him eating a prok chop? Just curious.

    39. joel says:

      country involved in wars, but the Congress was controlled by Democrats. Also, it was Democratic leaders who pushed for Fannie and Freddie to approve home loans for people who were not qualified leading to the collapse of the system.I think most Republicans and moderate to conservative independent voters recognize the ineffectiveness and destructive nature of Obama's policies. However, as I learned this weekend talking with an elderly Democratic couple from Long Beach, ca and previously Nebraska, they are still convinced that Republicans and Bush specifically are responsible for the state of the economy. Furthermore, they were so inflexible that I was unable to get them to even consider that the principal problem is the economic policies of the current administration.

      Younger Dems and liberals are even worse. Not only are they unwilling to be open minded and consider an opposing viewpoint, but they are nasty about it as well. Republican leadership needs to consider this in their political advertising and in particular emphasize that during the years of Bush spending, not only was the country involved in wars but the Congress was controlled by Democrats. The same Democrats who pushed for Fannie and Freddie to approve home loans for those unqualified leading to the collapse of the system.

    40. bob h syosset n.y. says:

      From where obama sits his policies have been a great success. He has set about to fundamentally change the the way the US works, and if we let him continue down his path know one will recognize the country we all love.

    41. Norm Klevens says:

      More spending will only get us more of the same; 10% unemployment. The foreclosed homes could have been bought and just outright given to their owners for the money spent. None of these so called senior members of the Obama team have worked in a business as outlined by Heritage previously. They do not understand what history has shown to be true so they blame everyone else. Take the ties off of the private sector. And as been said, this is intentional. Obama wants to break down our country to where his vision is. We have to turn out in huge numbers in November to out do Acorn [no matter their current name], the unions and Move On. An overwhelming victory and House and Senate control is the only way to save our country. And those who are the winners must be Jim De Mint and Paul Ryan types who do not care about what the so called Media Conservatives say.

    42. ozziemesa says:

      You just can't fix Stupid….only vote it out….

      God Bless America

    43. Tom Berquist, Pennsy says:

      The Obama administration believes it's economic policies are going well. The intent is to collapse our economy and crush capitalism. Spending is just one of the many ways they are attacking our country. The so called financial reform act was just another vehicle to gain control, in the white house. They now control 71% of our economy and have the boot on the economic throat of this country. Cloward and Piven would be proud of their Marxist in the white house.

    44. Cindy/California says:

      I have to agree with Gary from Alaska. Obamanomics has nothing to do with recovery. Its all about the purposeful government take-over of everything it can. What did Obama's naive supporters think his campaign promise of "fundamental transformation" meant anyway?

    45. dannyroberts Phoenix says:

      civil society is on the edge and most real patriotic americans are very aware of the situation this president has put us in, and by watching him closely ,most of us are embarassed by him and the fools he has surrounded himself with.he and his henchmen are on the wrong road.

      he is by far, worse than Jimmy Carter and by most accounts probably

      the worst president this great country has ever had.

      God bless America.

    46. Scott Morrison, Pion says:

      Capitol None, What's In Your Wallet?

    47. Shirley, TX says:

      I wish the Heritage Foundation would start referring to the unemployment rate for what it really is – over 17% and stop using the misleading figures the obama people put out.

    48. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Where is Calvin Coolidge when we need him?

      For the unflinching Democrats my response is: "who writes the checks – the President or House of Representatives? Typically they don't have a clue.

      Lastly – its not optimisim vs pessimism, its reality vs fantasy.

    49. EON, Stillwater, MN says:

      Construction is 30 percent of the economy and it is running at 30 percent of 2007 levels and falling. So what does the government do? They destroy the market with onerous appraisal rules, onerouse lead abatement rules, lending restrictions, insane government spending is using up credit for the private sector, etc. Demographics should have already taken us out of this mess, but the government has no intention of the economy improving. The powers that be said the only way for the world to catch up to the US was to lower our standard of living and they are doing it. They growth of the Chinese economy is built from US and European companies and consumers. The Chinese have created nothing.

    50. Kewn, Calif says:

      Why don't these companies that are currently saving all of thes millionsof dollars contribute to electing NEW politicians that will initiate more effective policies and get the economy moving again?

    51. Judith in Michigan says:

      This administration will never change it's course, and do what is right to improve our economy. To do so would be to admit they and their policies are disasterous. To even extend some of the Bush-tax cuts would admit failure on their part to understand economics. . They would never do that. Besides, that doesn't further their goal, which obviously is Socialism for America.

      Several things come to mind that illustrate just where the Democrats and this administration wish to take The United States. Hillary Clinton's statement from 2002 that "I want to take those profits" in reference to oil company profits. And her statement in 2004, "We are going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good", in reference against tax cuts.

      Then there is the famous quote by Mr. O himself made in Ohio 10-12-08,"Spread the Wealth Around".

      Then to add insult to injury, my senator, Debbie Stabenow has recently introduced a bill that would add an additional 20 weeks to the unemployment benefits of the current 99 weeks Way to go, Democrats. There was major cheering from those on unemployment. But, would it ever occur to them that if not for "The Failure of Obamanomics" and free-market principles were allowed to function, the economy would be humming right along and there would be no need for all of these unemployment benefits? Apparently not.

    52. Billie says:

      Obamanomics Advisor, Laura Tyson:

      We have to continue to do everything we can to stimulate demand in the economy… Invest in people. Invest in infrastructure. Invest in knowledge,” she said. “Invest, invest, invest is really what we must do.

      Please… they spew the same memorized ignorance. The minds of these people have been obliterated. the only way to get us out of this mess government got us into, is to remove government who thinks nothing through only to have wasted tax dollars paying for ignorance on top of more wasted dollars for government waste work… oh, and knowledge is nothing compared to wisdom, which can't be bought and to which the president and most of congress lack.

    53. DenofYork, York, PA says:

      "President Obama ought to bite the bullet and see Obamanomics for what it is – a Titanic of a failure that is sinking the U.S. economy. Death and taxes might be inevitable, but staying the course on failed economic policies doesn’t have to be."

      You've got to be kidding… Obama will never admit to anything he's ever done Not when he can blame Bush or whomever else he wishes to denounce.

      By the way, Obama is Kenyan for "One-Termer" Did you know that???

    54. Marcus ALABAMA says:

      "We have to continue to do everything we can to stimulate demand in the economy"……We are not buying what you are selling… Send it to a large Corp. see if they buy it…. We have problems you can not imagine at this lower level of the economy… more crooks like the one's in Washington stealing our money and violating State constitutions!!!!!

    55. Wanda Georgia says:

      It still baffles me about Wills and the Taxes kids/family members have to pay because thier relative leaves them on money THEY HAVE ALREADY PAID TAXES ON WHEN EARNED! And a few of my family members (including me) and friends have been shaffted by the courts. Example: a friend, one kid (young adult) father died, (had great $} he left his 2nd wife and her 2 kids quite a bit, including the step-mom got the 500,000 house and even left HER 2 adult kids $, and he said in his Will, "anyone fights against my Will gets nothing", well the 2nd wife fought his only bio daughter and it took 4 years and she wnded up with nothing. And she should have. She would have been happying with the over $500.000+, but no she wanted it all! At least this one worked, But I have another friend the opposite happened. Ok 4 kids (48+ ages) the mom left a video will and the 2 (adult boys 45+) contested because Mom left them out. I met this nice lady and the 2 sons sent her a note saying how much they DID NOT care about her and even gust her, and was not going to help, sister and other brother take care of her. At death they went to court and ended up with 1/4 of the estate, HOW WRONG IS THIS? So if the Will doesn't count then why make one?

    56. William Casey, Ellis says:

      Failed policies are not necessary unless failure of the economy is your plan and I think it is his plan.

    57. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Mark Twain once said that "There's nothing as certain as death and taxes." He was

      right then and he's right now.

    58. superdave,Shreveport says:

      That person that was elected to be our president. He needs to get out of the office. He has no idea on how to run our country, He has screwed around with our economy that we and our children and their children will be paying on it for years and years.

    59. SBridges379 says:

      Come November we need to pray about who we are gonna vote for.It shouldn't matter what party someone is a member of, all that should matter is whether they are qualified for the post they are running for. Here in this city we have a black, Democatic mayor. He is running for re-election, and I am proud to say I, a white, Republican woman, will be voting for him again because, as I said when he ran the first time, he is the most qualified of the bunch. When Nobama ran, I did not like any of the men running because none them had anything to say that sounded like a good, viable plan for getting the country out of the bind we were headed for. If there had been a man running who was qualified, I would have voted for him, black, white, oriental,or Hispanic.

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    62. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      After reading this article and the associated comments it is my assessment that most who commented understand the magnitude of the problem relative to our nation’s economy and the level of deception used by elected as well as appointed officials to achieve disastrous results.

      One of the remarkable observations contained a change of their assessment concerning BHO’s being stupid or incapable of doing the right thing to simply being “diabolical”. That single comment identified the crux of the problem we have with those currently in office or appointed positions. Others have commented on previous occasions, like I have that he appears to be criminally negligent or absolutely un-American or even nefarious, however, the concept of diabolical seems to capture BHO’s standard methodology. Keep in mind he is not the only one working in that same vein as he has surrounded himself with like minded people in many of the closest roles to consult with the President (his staff & administration) and his Czars. Let’s not forget the other elected officials in both houses of Congress who fully support him and do not forget his Supreme Court nominees who also are imbued with the same disdain for this country.

      I would like to take a moment to briefly acknowledge (and answer) or even emphasize the comments of three previous individuals that commented about this article including Kolinsky (location unknown), Ozzie (from Mesa) and Norbert (from Ohio). First, for Kolinsky and Ozzie, I agree with the fact that you can’t fix stupid, however, voting them out in November 2010 and again in 2012 is NOT the only way. Review our American history (as well as many other countries in the world) and you will read once again of what others have done before us to correct an untenable situation. Many before me have written about the coming of the 2nd American Revolution and that is a more dramatic approach than surviving the pain while voting them out then repealing those laws from the present back in time to those which have been identified as the root causes to our loss of personal liberties and freedoms. Remember that our founding fathers sacrificed their wealth and their lives but none sacrificed their honor! I was recently on an American military base that proudly displayed a banner that announced, “Decisive Victory” as their mantra. How true that needs to be today more than ever since our first American Revolution.

      You two stay with me as I include some encouragement for Norbert from Ohio as I too have wrestled with the legal aspects of what those officials in our Federal Government are doing concerning relative to economic treason relative to BHO’s following of the Cloward & Piven’s strategy to bring down the United States of America by doing specifically what BHO and his corruptocrats in crime inc. are doing. I think we as concerned solid citizens need to work within the established system to our fullest ability before we even consider any other course of action. In order to provide all of you with some information I found either useful or motivational or both, you are invited to go to these three you tube videos to see what has already been done, some of the indisputable evidence and what many who think like we do are doing about this abhorrent situation across our nation. Turn your speakers on and (especially for the last two) turn the volume UP. The first one identifies the highly probable illegitimacy of the BHO presidency and can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwhKuunp8D8&fe…. The next two (AMERICA RISING parts I and II) will be informational as well as highly motivational and can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0bh77k2Wdk and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apQukuaXGs4&NR…. I did not put these messages together but found that they resonated with me and will resonate with many of Heritage Foundation readers/members.

      The first one may make you ill at first but then realize the possibilities while you will certainly enjoy the remaining two. If you need some additional soothing motivation go to the 912 website and after the video presentation about 8/28 view and listen to the next one in the queue by Krista Branch entitled, “I Am America”.

    63. Mike, North Carolina says:

      From the bottom line of "Death, Taxes, and the Failure of Obamanomics", quote: "President Obama ought to bite the bullet and see Obamanomics for what it is – a Titanic of a failure that is sinking the U.S. economy".

      That bottom line at least appears all too similar to futile wishful thinking built on, at worst, being in denial against, or, at best, somehow still managing not to feel and see the painfully evident and obvious…Obama and those of his ilk want to see, among other things, the "sinking of the U.S. economy".

      How can that be? Why say such a thing?

      First of all, not only could it be and is in fact that, among other things, "sinking the U.S. economy" is part of a plan which Obama and his accomplices are apparently following to "overload the system" to help cause and even expedite its' collapse and "replace it with a (Statist) one", as in that prescribed by Cloward and Piven, or a "dictatorship" on the way to "(Statist) Utopia" as laid-out in the Weatherman Underground's "Manifesto", and also, in case some still somehow either don't know about or aren't aware of the unethical and even illegal behavior of such politicians and their henchmen, in accordance with Saul Alinsky's "anything goes"/"the end justifies the means" standard prescribed in his "Rules For Radicals".

      Secondly, we, the people of the United States, along with freedom-loving people around the world, have indeed been repeatedly warned of all this, by the lessons of history before and since our founding fathers and their writings, including Thomas Jefferson who said "Even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow (or fast) operations, perverted it into tyranny", and we have indeed been warned, by Obama himself, of how he would do and is doing so.

      How so? Question: What did Obama write and say that he "went out of (his) way to find" and associate with? Answer, in his own word: "Marxists". Question: Who is it we are truly said to be and/or become, and tend to prove that true? Answer: We are who we associate (or surround ourselves) with. Question: Who is it, who is now in the Presidency of the United States of America, who said "You want to know who I am? Look at who I surround myself with!" Answer: President Barack Hussein Obama. Question: And who does Obama surround himself with, including "Special Advisors" or "Special Assistants to the President" (a.k.a. "Czars"), with whom he now bypasses both the will of the majority of the people and even Congress, and practically all of those that he has "nominated" to be members of his "Cabinet", whether their unethical behavior and/or legal problems were allowed to prevent their "Confirmation" or not, and with whom he also now bypasses the will of the majority of the people and, when he chooses to do so, even Congress (such as by “executive order” and/or when Congress is out on a seasonal “recess” or not in session)? Answer: Statist Marxists/Communists/Socialists, who certainly continue to act as such Statists, whether or not they now deny they are such with their words, and so cause us to realize and say "What you do speaks so loud, I cannot hear a word you say".

      Of course that gives both Obama and those with whom he surrounds himself about the same amount of credibility as when he denies with his words that he is a Statist Marxist/Communist/Socialist, and would deny that he wants to see the U.S. economy "sink"…when that is and always has been a dream of Marxists/Communists/Socialists, which includes those whom Obama has "gone out of (his) way to find" and associate with, those he now "surrounds (himself) with", and others he actually acts in agreement with (including The Weather Underground, Cloward and Piven, and Saul Alinsky, et al)…zero, as in none!

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