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  • Obama's Tax Hike: The Movie

    As we have been reporting, President Barack Obama is set to let tax rates increase at the end of this year. Obama’s tax hike will have devastating effects on an economy already on the ropes. There have been a lot of myths spread by the left about the supposed dangers of keeping taxes low and letting people keep more of their money, but the reality is that this is no time to raise taxes on all Americans. Along with the reinstatement of the death tax and the multitude of other taxes imposed by Obamacare, this tsunami of taxes will slow the economy even more, hitting America’s job creation engines—our small business owners—especially hard.

    To highlight this looming threat, we’ve produced a short movie trailer spoof to highlight the danger these tax increases pose. Please take a minute to watch it and help us get this important message out by sharing the video with your friends and family.

    It’s imperative that Congress act to prevent this massive tax hike. Rather than blame the tax rate for our economic woes, Congress must recognize that their out-of-control spending is a much greater threat to any possible recovery.

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    15 Responses to Obama's Tax Hike: The Movie

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    2. Billie says:

      I love spooky fictional movies with eerie music, not a government leadership force of real spook with real consequences on America and her people.

      I'm sure there's something up their sleeve because America and her people show to know better to stand strong.

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    4. Jay Goldblatt, Sprin says:

      Great Video –

      Both in terms of information and marketing. Short Videos are becoming a standard in communication – read: youTube, etc.

      So, i applaud Heritage for potentially increasing it's audience via this medium.

      The only minor critque I have is a technical one and only for the betterment of heritage and its efforts like this. The timing and wording of the punch line: " If they don't…The Obama Tax Hike will be one blockbuster you wish you could miss" gets lost on the listener.

      The wording seems cumbersome for a first-time/one-time listen and the pause time between the previous sentence: "Congress must act…" is too long and interrupted by many other engaging speeches to maintain focus and carry that subject word forward.

      now i am not saying 'dumb it down', but I am saying due to the various interruptions, you need the subject word of 'Congress' again in the punchline. ie) "If Congress doesn't act…"

      Also, instead maybe reword the sentence to be " The Obama Tax Hike will be one blockbuster you DON'T want to see."

      Direct. Clear and Scary, I think.

      lastly, and i know I am pushing it here, with no offense intended to the voice over guy, but would a deeper "James Earl Jones" type voice be available from the pool of available talent that loves Heritage as much as I do? That would really nail it, I think. :)

      Anyway, just a humble production opinion from john q public.

      G-d Bless you for all you do and keep up the fight!

    5. Richard Raborn MD says:

      We will be in the streets of Washington DC Aug 28th. Where will you be?

    6. Renny MD says:

      With the Chicago Gang ruining the economy, the judicial departmant accepting liberal viewpoints, the muslums taking over our country as they did in europe and the lack of love of our country and giving up our Christian heritage,


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    8. Bruce Carter, Housto says:

      Bring it. Obama will finish himself off when he proposes this. The one thing liberals love more than their causes is their money. This will unify the whole country against this dangerous socialist.

    9. Clarence Crosby ,Hub says:

      I hate it , but people deserve what they vote for . I hope they are tickled to death , or should that be taxed to death .

    10. Sharon Oakdale, Ct says:

      A president who shreds the constitution and ignores the rule of law after swearing on a bible is not only a LIAR he is a terrorist!!! Every thing and ANY THING he did or does should be null and void!!!! Including his nominations to supreme court interpret the CONSTITUTION!!!!

    11. MARK DAZEY SR. MEDFO says:

      Informative. I am a staunch Conservative. I feel we need more of this type of video,(more in depth). Some leftists are turning our way and starting to listen. I have listened to a lot of them and after explaining the Constitution and what Obama and his regime have done, some have started going to our Tea Parties. Love those little pocket Constitutions., and being an American Conservative! God Bless America!

    12. Janice Jones Bloombu says:

      Clarence , I read yoour comment and yes we all hate what is happening to our country. And NO I didn't vote for President Obama but there were alot of good people who voted for him but alot of acorn people an union's done alot that was not right and they didn't care as long as he got in office. Well we were lucky to have FOXS NEWS we got both sides of the news and saw alot more about President Obama. And I know they regret it but don't be so hard on them . We all make mistakes . As Glenn Beck says we had all better pray and pray hard for this COUNTRY ! An I"m with you Mark Dazey ,GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THE ONE'S IN ARM FORCES AND THE ONE'S TRING TO RESTORE HONOR TO THIS GREAT COUNTRY ! AMERICA !

    13. john geiger westbury says:

      get rid of tax hikes

    14. Carol In CA says:

      Obama wants to destroy this country economicaly.

      Understand this and you will understand everything he does.

      He will not let America drill for Oil, however he has donated/given our hard earned tax dollars to Brazil so they can drill for Oil.

      Our money. Brazil will have the Oil/ our money and America will be a third world country that will not be able to afford the Oil.

      Apply this to everything Obama does and you will get what he is up to.

    15. Kevin C.Massachusett says:

      This man and his group of liberal dictator fools should be run out of town tarred and feathered. I have never in my life seen this countries constitution rapped so badly. Does anyone want to see this country end up like Cuba or the former soviet union. Europe has a 60% income tax rate and we won’t be far behind with this fool in office.

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