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  • Morning Bell: The Gulf Recovery Obama Does Not Want to See

    Next week, for the fifth time since July, the first family will board Air Force One for yet another luxury vacation, this time to an exclusive Martha’s Vineyard estate that rents for up to $50,000 a week. But before they head north, the Obamas will first grace Panama City, Fla., with their presence this weekend for what is being billed as a “solidarity vacation to the Gulf Coast.” While in Florida, the President is expected to meet with local business leaders to discuss the effects of the spill before departing on a cross-country trip around the United States including stops in Los Angeles and Seattle to raise cash for Democrats and a stop in Wisconsin at a renewable energy factory. Not on the agenda? Any meetings with oil workers in other Gulf states who are now unemployed thanks to President Obama’s Gulf oil drilling ban.

    If the President really wanted to see the economic damage his policies are causing in the Gulf, he could first stop in Pascagoula, Miss., where idle oil rigs in the Signal International shipyard have formed an eerie floating ghost city that locals have dubbed “Rig Row.” Instead of being deployed at sea where they could be creating wealth for this country and jobs for Gulf residents, these rigs are wasting away idly in port as a direct result of President Obama’s oil drilling moratorium – a moratorium that when first issued on just deep sea rigs, a federal judge ruled was “arbitrary and capricious.” Undaunted, the Obama administration doubled down, issuing a broader oil drilling injunction that is killing even more jobs than the first ban.

    Gulf residents are extremely unhappy with these policies. An ABC News poll found that Gulf Coast residents disapproved of President Obama’s oil drilling moratorium by a 60-38 point margin. The issue has also dominated the hearings of President Obama’s own oil spill commission who, when they first convened, said they would spend no time investigating the rationale, effectiveness or impact of the oil ban. But faced with passionate opposition at hearings in New Orleans, former Florida Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham (D) and former Environmental Protection Agency chief William Reilly (R), have done a 180-degree reversal. Last week the commission sent a letter to the Obama administration demanding a detailed justification for the ban by August 23. The commission shouldn’t hold their breath: the President is on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard until August 29.

    Why is President Obama so eager to see Florida recover but doesn’t have the time of day for the other Gulf states? Eric Smith, a professor at the Tulane University business school, told FOX News: “The administration is in thrall to the environmental community, unfortunately, and as a result, they’re playing that card, and I think to try and slow up, or increase the cost of, hydrocarbons. I don’t blame them for doing that; I just think that’s the reality….After the [1989] Exxon Valdez accident, after the [1969] Santa Barbara accident, we certainly did study the accidents to figure out what went wrong and then take some corrective action. But we didn’t shut down the industry in the meantime.” The Obama oil ban isn’t about safety, it is about permanently shrinking our domestic oil production capacity as quickly as possible.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel, the Wall Street bailouts funneled billions of dollars to foreign financial firms.
    • After reading a Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan op-ed in the Fresno Bee claiming Obama’s policies are decreasing foreclosure in California’s Central Valley, Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) told Politico: “For him to try to convince my folks, who are suffering on a daily basis, that he’s right because he’s read some statistics in Washington when he doesn’t get it, it’s really just absurd.”
    • According to Gallup, by an 11-point margin, Americans want labor unions to have less power than they have today, and labor unions are less popular now in the United States than they have been for most of the last 70 years.
    • In San Francisco, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that same-sex marriages could begin next week unless an appeals court intervenes.
    • Also in San Francisco, the city council is considering legislation that would ban Happy Meals.
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    67 Responses to Morning Bell: The Gulf Recovery Obama Does Not Want to See

    1. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      You get what you deserve. Americans are lazy, even those out of work and facing ruin are not doing anything to reverse the political situation

    2. Jake, Washington Sta says:

      See you in NOV sucker O, A defeated obama crat is a WIN for the USA and the WORLD.

    3. B. HAMBLEN says:

      Isn't it intereseting – San Francisco wants to ban Happy Meals but okay same sex marriage – WHERE IS THEIR THINKING?????????????????????

    4. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Just look around, BHO shows his face and support for those states that supported him, he's hoping for a repeat in 2012, let's show him that this the UNITED STATES, for one who said he wanted bi-partisim, he sure plays the other way. We the people, need to show him we don't want a divided country we want to be the republic intended by out forefathers.

    5. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      My fellow Americans , we must realize that President Obama marches to a much different drummer than any previous President. Mr. Obama dislikes our system of a Free Market Economy. He also dislikes our Constitution that restrains him from forcing our citizens to bow to his socialistic agenda.

      His unamerican policies coupled with our unamerican far leftist national news media spells deep trouble for America.

      Never in our entire history has American faced such political danger from our President and his gang!

      Our best hope comes in this November Elections where we can change direct and find a sane course for our Congress to follow!

    6. Jocko James says:

      Why does he want to visit Florida, kiss the air around them and pretend he cares?

      Maybe, just maybe it could the incredible amount of potential Latino/Hispanic/Cuban/minority voters in the state.

    7. Why Bother says:

      Under Obama catastrophic oil spills miraculously disappear from the headlines.

    8. Bette Overk, Bridgew says:

      He doesn't want to see the economy improve, he wants to destroy our America. I truly believe he hates white people (just uses the ones he has to) and the United States.

      He should be impeached and charged with treason!

    9. Alan says:

      This has been indeed a curious event to watch along with the confused rhetoric. One interest group wants this disaster as it contributes to their position that is opposed to petroleum extraction, production and consumption. However, the same political allies who secretly welcome this event are in the process damaged by the disaster as it damages the very political mindset which welcomed it as helpful to their agenda. In the context of the recovery, the same special interest groups which want to see petroleum production stopped risks it political future as that very petroleum production is necessary for the economic health of the citizens whose votes these special interest groups' political allies need.

    10. toledofan says:

      When you put everything into perspective, TARP through the latest gaffe in the Gulf, it is clear that the Liberals or the far left have finally been able to open Pandora Box, now they don't know how to control all the things spinning out of control. November will be the first step to slowing down the train, but, I beleive the Democrats have shown too much of their hand to early and the backlash over the next many years is going to cause the party to disinegrate; I mean, if you can think, read and see, why would you vote or want to be associated with the Democratic Party. THe Democratic party has no soul, no integrity and no compass for making America better; their entire platform is based on fear, misery and the destruction of freedom, that's something I'd really want to be a part of, right.

    11. Mary.... WI says:

      For Whicket Williams…..I don't believe all Americans are lazy. I do agree that for those that have job possibilities and not taking them is just dishonest. But then some folks are making more money with unemployment than if they were to hold down a job. I know carpenters collecting unemployment checks and on the side remodeling people's basements, and bathrooms for cash under the table never to be reported tio the IRS. How do you stop it? Politicians are the ones that set the example of being dishonest when it comes to finances…..and this administration has proven this more clearly than any administration in the past because they are so dishonest and corrupt. You reap what you sow. Serfs of the government scarfing up all the free crumbs from "the ruler" they can find.

      This country needs someone with a strong backbone willing to say no to spending, etc. like Gov. Christie is doing in NJ. BO and his administration are intentionally deceiving Americans because they want this country to fail….period. Case in point the idle oil rigs sitting in the Gulf. Is this the New World Order?!?! No thanks.

      The Obama's better enjoy their umpteeth vacation this summer because the American people are tired of all this c–p!

    12. Bob in Boston says:

      So how do we stop this madman?

    13. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      As many of you KNOW

      I get Emails from HF readers


      HF position of

      BAD BAD BAD.

      But, today I got the Ultimate GOP REPLY -

      "there are worse things than dying."


    14. Oregon_Trail says:

      Cloward and Pivens. This whole party (Democrats) is rotten to the core. Although the Republicans must thin their herd of corruption. It will be far easier to clean up than the wholesale dismantling that the Demorcrats must do to root out the Liberal Progressives within their ranks.

      Remember in November, 2010 AND 2012!

    15. Jon in Missouri says:

      Drill anyway – !!!

    16. Mrs. Jo Dermody says:

      How many of the people along the Gulf voted for Mr. Obama?

      They voted for someone who really never worked in a real job.

      Anyone with money backing can run for political office. Anyone can

      be a neighborhood organizer.

      What did the people in the Gulf expect from a man who hasn't a clue

      how to run anything, let alone this country, let alone any disaster, he only

      causes them.

      Jo Dermody

    17. Bonnie, FL says:

      I live in Florida and I want Obama to stay away from us. I Agree with Jocko James this is a campaign stomp because of the Latino/Hispanic/Cuban/minority voters in the state. That's all Obama can do, with teleprompters in tow, he goes around bashing everything good in this country and ignoring the people, conservatives, that have plenty to say about his policies. The lame stream media goes right along with him. Guaranteed, Charlie Crist will be glued to his side. Another phony wanting to represent us in DC the District of Corruption. I would love to see every state in the country vote in a governor like Cris Christy….

    18. Beth Florida says:

      Why is American putting up with this lavish first family's nonsense without a uproar that can be heard around the world…..Where is Gen Washington?

    19. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      BO is a charlatan weasel but not an idiot. Just as you should "pick your battles" so should a politician "pick your photo ops." He just wants this disaster to vanish because it happened on his watch, and so it will if he totally ignores it – so will the corrupt, in-the-tank-for-BO media.

      For example peolosi ground Joe Wilson up and spit him out for his outburst when BO was BS-ing the nation on his health care bill. THEN she blatantly called the FBI and CIA a pack of liars saying she was never told about waterboarding prisoners. That went away with no apology or consequences. Now you watch the maxine waters and chuckie cheese rangel debacles go POOF like the Barabara Eden in "I dream of Genie". We desperately need to clean the swamp (not like pelosi did?). I don't trust any of them right now…

    20. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      "Permanently shrinking our oil production, as quickly and as permanently as possible." Yes, and why? The ONLY thing that will recover the American Economy is the same thing that built it in the first place, that is plentiful cheap energy. The basis for our economy, and not having it, the basis for the collapse of our car industry.

      Last week it was reported that China surpassed the USA in energy usage. They have more availability at cheaper cost, which means their economy will increase, fast. They, collectively, know this is a window of opportunity for them against a weakened and weakening America.

      Personally I've had a good run, lived the heart out of a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. But, I see my greatgrandkids playing in the pool, and I worry. We've got a lot riding on November, a lot!

    21. Jeff Shumate, Florid says:

      You guys are always worth reading. The convoluted lengths you will go for an Obama conspiracy are ALWAYS entertaining!

    22. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ben Quayle's advertizement says it all. "He is the worst President……….."

    23. gary sheldon says:

      The carbon footprint ponzi scheme and the twisted thinking promoting such ignorance has gone far enough in the destruction of our one nation under God

      I just wonder why the business of retrieving natural resources continually caves to the EPA and the environmentally ill dictators like Soetoro. Are we so "civilized" that we avoid confrontation with the likes of these who would submit our soveriegnty to the likes of the U. N. and knuckle under to what seems almost Nazi like in dictatorial demands on this nation?

      Don't offend the world Soetoro and America best not offend the likes of Soetoro, the Commie in Chief!

    24. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      It is about time that all people realize that Obama does not represent or serve the USA and its people. He has continuously violated his oath of office and has not been held Constutionally accountable! Why not ?

      He serves his World Progressive Socialist Masters and strives to effect a Marxist Progressive agenda and to hell with all things American, including the American people.

      Blind idiots elected him and morons continue to support him in his anti-american purposes!

      If the voters don't begin the reversal in November, I think we will see an even more dictatorial and arrogant Comrade Obama. (He does not deserve the title of Mr. President!)

    25. G. Collier says:

      So…Obama has enacted a moratorium on domestic oil drilling, what means of alternative fuel is being used to get him to all these socials he's attending. Has he started using bio-diesel or some other form of American-made fuel or is he helping his Arab colleagues by banning domestic drilling. Mr. Obama, don't you think it would be wise, that, before you do something that affects thousands of jobs, shouldn't you have something in place to compensate the loss of jobs. I actually feel you have your eyes set on the destruction of this country, not it's well being.


    26. Laurie Hawaii says:

      I Wonder if anyone in this DESTRUCTIVE administration/congress cares about the horrible pain and loss of the last free country on this planet? They only care about their expensive vacations to Martha's vinegard and spending the trillions for more campaigning so he can become the American-Soros-Jarrett Empire in bed with all the money terrorists in the world. God help us before we go completely underl like the Roman Empire. Silent Majority, rise up before it is too late!! WE MUST STOP THIS TYRANNY.

    27. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Woodrow Wilson and BH Obama are cut from the same progressive socialist cloth which believes that we commoners are too stupid to understand what's best for us. I believe differently. I believe that all us common folks understand where huge deficit spending will land us–the poor house for generations. Just like the folks in the gulf we won't be snookered in November.

    28. Catherine, Rayne, LA says:

      To Mrs. Jo…John McCain carried the Gulf States, and that's why we're being punished.

    29. Susan Shumway Phoeni says:

      I find it amazing how George Soros and Obama + friends want to give millions to Petro Braz for deep oil exploration at the same time he cuts jobs in the Gulf region. He is doing to them what he is doing to us here in Arizona, ignoring the situation and hope you will all just go away so he can get on with destroying this country piece by piece. No one really knows who this man REALLY is. He and his czars don't care one iota about the average folks of this country. They care about keeping the DEMS in power forever. They are going to grant amnesty the next thing ,you watch!!!!

    30. Ellis W. Moses, Conr says:

      Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the Repubs and Indepents. But if successful it is going to take a long time to undo the wrongs of this administration and it will be up to us the voters to not allow the pols to revert back.

    31. walter says:

      I see, I hear all these lies from odamna and his gang of crooks. Things are getting better, All is well. I am the best thing for this country. Believe me.

      We get a huge debt, no jobs, more taxes, an envasion of privacy and a lying BASTARD for the chump- in- chief. All this S O B has done for us has been unwanted, unneeded, objected to and rejected. Throw all of them to the hogs. A pig has got to eat too.

    32. Elaine says:

      Everyone just seems to think that Obama is not thinking and we can be sure we can get enough votes in November to unseat a bunch of Progressives, and that we can get him out of office in 2012. I have this sickening concern that all the polls are going to be surrounded with Union people, Acorn people, and Black Panther people that are going to do everything they can to change peoples minds, threatened people, have dead people voting, whatever it takes to keep these people in office that are destroying our country. I hope I am wrong but I hope that we can get coverage of the polls from our side to make sure this does not happen. I believe that is what happened the last time Obama was elected but there is no way I can prove it.

    33. Gray Stroke Republic says:

      The Dems will win again…….reason?

      1) GOP wins will give BO an excellent alibi that HIS plans failed due to the party of NO!

      2) GOP has no vision, no leadership, no courage to educate the uneducated and reach the working class.

      3) Hispanics like myself and others are left behind, and I'm disgusted at the lack of core competencies the GOP has brilliantly left on the table…

      4) Michael Steele- that should be self explanatory but if not let me sum it up for you Graduates and PhD types……he is the perfect example of why affirmative action will never wok….but you will pander for a few crumbs and pieces of Eight…

      5) GOP lacks a copy of "The Road to Serfdom" Oh wait Ron Paul gave me one personally I'll gladly donate to a literate GOP member

      Need more reasons?

      6) Sarah Palin is an opportunists that lack guts to support conservatives. She supports politically expedient incumbents like McCain…… When will the Tea Party cut her loose?

      7) I will not support the Tea Party……why, see #6. I refuse to add my vote for anything Palin endorses unless it's a conservative an not a convenient RINO.

      OK, that should do it, good job Democrats you have shown true courage to lie with a straight face, use the false Racists card with victorious impunity, boldly proclaimed it is all the GOP and Bush's fault.

      The GOP has refused, even the fair-n-0balance channel, to call out the hypocrites like George Stephanopoulos, to boldly counter charges of racism, etc. All under the color of "being above the fray". Well the conservatives will lose this nation because of it.

      Middle class workers like myself do not see you 'above the fray', we see you all as gutless, and leaderless.

      OK, come on November……let's see this race will finish on 03NOV10……….

    34. Suzanne-Florida says:

      Cap & Trade………they are finding a way with our new ruler. As for Panama City, it was not affected from the oil spill. The beaches as beautiful & clean; too Florida has a ban against drilling thus no one associated with the oil industry will be around to harass this most brilliant ruler of our time.

      My heart breaks for the damage to the soul of our country.

    35. peggy moore- Blossom says:

      I literally despise this skinny ape! His smile is so fake; so is everything he is, does or stands for! I will be glad when BO and the BIG ape are off the planet. I never knew trash this low did exist.

    36. cdsonnier, LA says:

      To Jo…John McCain carried the Gulf States, and that's why we are being punished.

    37. KC - New Mexico says:

      It just does not get any better! America is in a downward spiral and will continue along the path as long as we vote for the "professional politicians". According to statistics, most democrats come from the legal profession while most republicans come from the business sector. Bottom line, American voters need to make sure they are voting for someone who really represents them in Washington.

      The direction for America should be based on some very hard decisions that are based on the majority. The special interest groups and those who have lots of money to buy votes should not be part of the decision making process by our leaders. At this point, I do not see much in the way of leadership in the political individuals running today – either side!

      Getting the dead weight out of Congress in November is critical but we need to be very careful about who will replace the current dead weight. Bottom line, we need Americans who are not afraid to make a difference and who will stand up and get the job done!

    38. Jack Waldron, Brooks says:

      If Obama wants to shrink our oil production ~ and if our need for oil remains

      constant ~ then Obama is deliberately diverting more dollars to his friends in

      the Middle East, and also to the likes of Chavez on the hope that this maneuver

      will make them like him more.

      Sounds silly? Not when we stop to realize that this pathetic egomaniac possesses an arrogance unequalled among the preceding 43 presidents put together!

    39. Maj James M MacFarla says:

      My opinion. Obama has the freeze on drilling in the gulf because he wants the oil coming here from Muslims in the Middle east because he is truly a Muslim

      because he was not born here. USA will never be taken over militarily, but it could be taken oner from within and all the indicators are out there and the

      Congress and Senate have hweads in the sand!! We must stop all immigration

      of Muslims into this country just as the Brits are about to stop all from India immigrating into the UK but it won't happens while Obama is in office!! The Muslims are trouble makers. 100 Mosques in NYC ..Bah Humbug!

    40. S. Chunkman (Atlanta says:

      Can someone at the federal level do me a favor and tell me just which laws that are on the books that not only don't have to follow, but I can sue people who try to make me follow them and the precisely which federal court rulings are binding and which aren't?

      I feel like such a schmuck actually following laws and court rulings.

    41. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Obama won't dare show his face in South Louisiana. Even those that come down here from other parts of the US are surprised at the pure hatred the people feel. They now know that Obama deliberately prevented and delayed measures that would have made the environmental damage much less. They know he lied and

      deceived all of us in believing he cared. They now know he used this "crisis" to

      stop offshore drilling, to appease the radical left environmentalist, knowing full well tens of thousands of oil patch related workers would loose their jobs plus deep water drilling rigs would be moved overseas. They recognize Obama actions were propmted by the fact that Louisiana voters choose McCain by a large majorty and that our governors (Bobby Jindal) is a prominate Republican.

      Obama had better stay out of Louisiana and that goes for all of his lackeys and


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    43. BWad - Massachusetts says:

      What should we expect when uninformed Americans voted Obama into office with the Main Stream Media carrying his water. He is by far the most unqualified and inexperienced person to ever hold the presidency in our history. No one knows anything about this man prior to seeing him campaign. His school records, his college records or even where he was born are unknown and he is keeping all those records in a locked box. It is clear at this point that he is not a Christian and does not like America and wants to tear down everything that America stands for. This coming election period is critical that we get rid of all of those who have sided with this mans far left wing radical policies and we must regain control of both the House and the Senate and stop this insanity and repeal everything that he and his minions have done. That is the Hope & Change that I am living for. Wake up America !!!!

    44. craig says:

      If we fail to vote the Democrats out of both House and Senate in November, then turn around and impeach Obama and get his useless carcass out of Washington, we are truly done for as a nation. Ever wonder about life in a crappy socialist third world country? Well keep the Democrats in power and you are headed for that kind of living quicker than you think. Obama is doing everything in his power to bring down this nation down economy and defense wise to say nothing about the fact that he is chipping away at your freedoms at an alarming rate! With all of the oil exploration being cut off in the Gulf I wonder how long it will be before gas will hit $5.00 a gallon or more. If Obama cared one whit for the future of this nation we would not only open up the Gulf for exploration, but we would also be drilling like crazy in the Bakken formation In the Dakotas and Montana! Truth is Obama wants to enslave us to the Middle East oil. He has more control over our destiny that way!

    45. Debra, Missouri says:

      This may seem "off topic" to some, but to me it should be the main topic regarding anything that is going on in our country.

      I am a Christian. Rather than simply being afraid, depressed or angry – I pray and I pray A LOT! We are a nation that has often let ONE person or group push our Christian heritage and founding beliefs right out the door.

      I don't believe that God causes things to happen as much as I believe He allows things to happen (and that includes the election of our current president), based on our actions or inactions. It's time to sit at the dinner table with our children and thank God for the food. It's time to get everyone ready for church and make time for our creator – that is ONE DAY for ONE HOUR!. It's time to tell your school board that you insist on a prayer or spiritual quiet time before the football game. Say what you mean and be willing to stand up for it! TEACH your children by your example.

      We are a nation that is "on our knees" whenever we suffer a 9/11 attack or natural disaster. For some reason it's ok then – WELL IT'S OK NOW!

    46. Linda H, California says:

      To Jeff Schumate in Florida:

      What part of the Democratic Tit are you suckling??? We don't have to go at any length for an Obama conspiracy, his actions speak louder than any words ever could. Wake up moron!

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    48. Darrell says:

      So many conservatives, so few correctly spelled words.

    49. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      Someone or someones in either party immediate should file articles of impeachment on Barack Obama for any or all of a litany of reasons beginning with gross incompetence and abuse of tax paper money. He is beyond any doubt whatsoever the worst President to ever occupy that office. Perhaps he should legally change his first name to Adolf since it has much truer and accurate reflection of the person at issue. Heil Obama!

    50. Baal, Texas says:

      One interesting thing to note about all this is how a deep water drilling disaster compares to others. The fact of its depth and remoteness seemed to diminish the impact of all the spilled oil. I think the industry has learned a lot from this spill and I'll bet that deep water drilling could put an end to the idea of Oil Shortages!

    51. jack, San Francisco says:

      I suspect that Obama and his wife think/know that they are one term occupants of WH.

      So, they are in a hurry to take as much possible VACATIONS on the taxpayers' account while they could.

      Remember? he was talking that he wanted rather to be a one term GOOD pres. than two term BAD one.

      I don't think he won't make either one.

    52. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Well, his next stop with his family is in Florida, to prove to America that it is now safe to visit the now "Oil Spill Free State", by walking with his family on the beach. I for one hope he goes swimming, and gets eaten by a shark, a Great White shark. Just for the irony.

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    54. Army of Davids says:

      Democrats have a problem.

      Here it is…..Reid and Pelosi have overseen a 40%+ rise (in 3 steps) of the minimum wage since taking control of congress. $5.15 to $7.25. During that time teen unemployment has gone up huge. It has been particularly brutal to African American males.

      econ 101 Higher minimum wage = higher unemployment

      In a normal economy a higher minimum wage is bad economic policy. In a recession it is economy stupidity.

      It also damages long term earnings potential for marginal employees who can't get access to the job market and develop work skills that pay off later.

    55. paul Agostino wilmin says:

      cripple our oil production ,it becomes more evident that obame is the manchurian canidate and since obama ben lauden promised to kill our economy it would appear our traitorius presiident is working for the saudi oil company and kissing the royal familys — what a disgrace obama is

    56. toojust says:

      why couldn't her majesty vacation in the Gulf instead of Spain? I mean, even California… how many jobs might her million dollar jaunt have saved? When his highness goes to Martha's vineyard, does he realize how many places inthis cuntry could use even a bit of support?

      The royal couple is really starting to seem out of touch. I wish they were listening. But what can we do, other than gripe at the House of Commons?

    57. Jeff,AL says:

      So Obama put a broader offshore oil moratorium…who say's anyone has to listen to what he has to say? What's he going to do if we ignore him and continue to drill,send out the Navy and Air force? What then if we still do not comply,will he give the orders to to use force?…(we can't even defend our borders)!

      I say every state has a right to govern itself in it's own interest,especially when our very own president is making deliberate decisions to do harm in his own interests.It' is the United States that make up this union and not Obama and his administration or any other career politician.

      When or will we decide to make a stand for our "Liberty and Freedom"? We know Obama will not oppose using force against the people of this Nation because he did not oppose Iran's use of force on their people.That may not be a fair comparison to make but it would be interesting to see how far they are willing to take this.I say force his hand and let's see what happens or we can just sit idle and watch or freedoms turn into servitude to this regime. Laws are made up by men and put on paper and there not always just and honorable…they can be broken!

    58. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Yeah Jeff in Fla: the "obama" conspiracy is different than the left wing "kill bush" conspiracy HOW?

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    60. Dan in Arkansas says:

      If you know anything about Biblical prophecy, you would know that all of these world and national events are trending to an end time, one world government, guided by the Devil (Lucifer), who wants to bring back Babylon and its one world leader, language, culture, and economic system. Go to church, join with your fellow Christians in studying the Bible, fulfill our responsibilities as Christians and American citizens —– VOTE ! !

    61. Ron Brown says:

      Just got back from the west Fla. beach’s they were fullm we were told by some they were 20% more booking than last year. The Point is, vacationers are going some place, if not La. than Fla. or the next beach, one persons lost is an others gain. The world ix not coming apart.

    62. Roger from CA says:

      On the subject of their Highnesses' vacations, I have not seen how much of their travel (on Air Force One of course?) is being paid for by our taxes and is the Democratic party paying part or all of the cost when they travel to campaign?

      How about someone (Heritage?) publishing a list of all of their vacations and campaign trips, the cost for each trip and a running total that we the taxpayers have to pay for?

      And an answer to Darrell on spelling: I figure that there may possibly be 4 causes for poor spelling and incorrect grammar.

      1. Some don't proofread their material.

      2. Others may have come from another country so they are not too accurate in this area.

      3. Some may have been raised in an area where grammar was not important or correct and they never changed.

      4. It is just an indication of how poorly our schools are doing in teaching English.

      P.S. Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes.

    63. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      Yet another lavish vacation for King and Queen Obama rubbing elbows with the chic lefties that helped elect him. Does Obama ever really work? All while the hard working tax paying citizens in the gulf region languish due to the King's edict to simply shut down an industry that he dislikes. From where does he assume that power? This is no president to aspire to and he is certainly no American. Gulf coasters, go ahead and drill and see what great publicity it would be for King Obama to send the national guard down to suppress you! A president that goes to war against his own country's states and people! It would be a fabulous display for the entire world to see!

    64. Pingback: Must Know Headlines 8.16.2010 — ExposeTheMedia.com

    65. Sally, Texas says:

      Obama treats Florida differently from the other Gulf states because Florida voted for him.

    66. Mike, North Carolina says:

      From "The Gulf Recoverty Obama Doesn't Want to See", quote: "The Obama oil ban isn’t about safety, it is about permanently shrinking our domestic oil production capacity as quickly as possible"..True!

      Now…to those of us (U.S.) Americans whose knowledge and learning of the economic facts of life isn't as pathetic and thus perfect for costly manipulative power and money-grabbing demagoguing and pandering as certain politicians (including Obama) would have it, here is a question straight out of both the facts of life in the real world 101 and academic "Economics 101": What happens when the supply of something is exceeded by need, and/or, especially in a case such as this, when the supply of something (in this case oil and petroleum products and byproducts [including everything from energy sources and/or products for everything including businesses, jobs, pay, transportation, taxes, and modern life in general]) is artificially forced to be massively exceeded by need?

      Answer: The cost of that something, in this case both energy and everything else in modern life, is forced to "skyrocket", exactly because of what Obama warned us all about when he said “Under my plan”, before the majority of those legally eligible to vote failed to vote and keep him out of the Presidency.

      So now we, the people, are seeing and suffering the consequences of yet another of the increasingly innumerable ways and means in which Obama and his so-called "Administration" (Regime) and their politician and bureaucrat accomplices are costing and hurting us as they demonstrate how willing they are to perpetrate, or at least go along with, the agenda of such “Progressive” politicians as Obama and his mission to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” through subverting and “overloading the system” to destroy it, as Cloward and Piven urged, and replace it with a Statist system.

      Of course, as they do so, such politicians and their accomplices, such as Obama and his accomplices, are not only showing and proving how they are most definitely not "looking out" for "the working man (and woman)" or anyone except, of course, themselves and their rich and powerful cronies and their flunkies (but only as, and only so long as, such cronies and flunkies are useful to them), but so also they are showing us, the people, more examples of how such "Democrats", and all other such politicians, etc, regardless of party, are neither "the Party" nor the guardians of us, "the people", the majority of whom are not among them and their rich and powerful cronies, and don't want to be so joined with or otherwise beholden and controlled by them!

    67. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama wants to blame Bush for the Gulf oil spill.

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