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  • Unmasking ACORN: Former Leaders Reorganize with New Groups

    ACORN might have disbanded, but the risk of vote fraud in the November 2010 elections is still real.

    “Desperate men and women will do desperate things to maintain power when the public threatens to take that power away from them,” said David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union. “That means that, more so than in other years, [some candidates] are going to be relying on whatever kind of assistance they can get from whatever quarter that assistance might come.”

    That assistance will come from ACORN-like groups, Keene explained at yesterday’s Bloggers Briefing at Heritage. Keene said the people who were a part of ACORN and who used that organization to mobilize on behalf of their favorite politicians “aren’t going away, haven’t gone away, and can’t really be expected to go away.”

    To track and expose former ACORN leaders and the various reincarnations of ACORN, Keene and the ACU recently launched the ACU ACORN Action Center.

    Anita MonCrief, a former ACORN employee who blew the whistle on illegal activity within the organization, has joined ACU on the project. Like Keene, MonCrief thinks it’s “business as usual for ACORN.”

    “The voter registration arm of ACORN – Project Vote – is not going anywhere,” she said. “It will still be doing the same things it’s been doing since its inception in 1982.”

    In 2007, ACORN registered 1.4 million people to vote. As it turned out, MonCrief said, half of those were either duplicate or fraudulent registrations. Since 2000, the organization has registered 6 million voters – the margin of victory for President Obama. All of those registrations were to support the Democratic Party.

    Today, former ACORN activists work for organizations with different names – for example, “Communities Voting Together” or “America Votes” – but they’re still not above cheap tricks, MonCrief said.

    “If we’re going to stop them, it’s going to take a massive effort,” she said.

    That’s why the ACU ACORN Action Center site features photos and descriptions of former ACORN leaders, videos, an in-depth fact sheet and the Action Desk contact information so site visitors can deliver reports of suspicious activity to ACU.

    Keene and MonCrief said they hope the site will serve as a clearinghouse for information about any irregular and illegal elections activity.  That includes any actions intended to intimidate or keep eligible voters from casting their ballots.

    Keene and MonCrief are realistic. They know a perfectly fair election is unlikely. But they said citizens have to at least try.

    “We can’t stop all of it, but we can stop a lot of it,” Keene said. “And if we stop a lot of it, we can keep them from stealing the November elections – and that would be a real-world accomplishment for us and for the country.”

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    13 Responses to Unmasking ACORN: Former Leaders Reorganize with New Groups

    1. Jim in Atlanta says:

      Where is the Justice Department? Where is the voice of Eric Holder (can you say dereliction of duty and failure to uphold his sworn oath?) EVERY person involved in this, or who is derelict in their responsibility to protect against this, should be sent to prison for no less than 3 years.

    2. Billie says:

      Unaccountables have no reason to know right from wrong. Why is there any TAX dollars going to a government bias program? Democrats won't win unless they cheat. They bribe people for votes which tells you the deceitful, weakened people they are. Of course they don't bribe with their own dollars, they have plenty of tax dollars taken out of social security, medicare or anywhere there's (somebody elses) money. It's amazing democrat states are the worst run which makes them failures of leadership.

      Really, when all the government answer is burdening to *obama's select of" people while stealing their time and or money, is failed leadership caused by indoctrination and limited thinking with limited or one idea… more money.

    3. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      This should not be a surprise to anyone above the age of five. Just run down the list of Democrat Congress members (and Obama) ACORN's fraudulent votes put in office. Does anyone really think a group that has that much power is just going to ride off into the sunset, when so many Dem politicians owe their very existance to that group. ACORN (or whatever they call themselvies now) is the Dems "ace in the hole"! Ever wonder why Dems don't appear to be in a panic over the November elections? They know the "fix is in"! Why else would they continue to ignore the American people?

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    5. Phil, Pearland, Texa says:

      This article leads us to the false assumption that anyone in the leadership of the DOJ would lift a finger to stop any voter fraud in the Nov. elections or in 12. If they are not willing to investigate and/or enforce the laws concerning voter intimidation stemming from the Philadelphia case, why on earth would they go after groups that have grown out of ACORN?

    6. Saundra Waecker, Oce says:

      Our government as it is currently constitued does not care about most of the American populace, and we know it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Is there an honest Democrat in the party? Aren't Democrats patriots too? Is their vision of a Marxist, socilist America more powerful than the future of their children? They must believe that their families are better when government rules. They will lose power or die and some other bureaucrat will rule their children or their childrens children. Is that really what they want for the future of America? I still can't believe they really understand what they are destroying.

    7. Drew Page, IL says:

      If we are waiting for Eric Holder's DOJ to do anything about the ACORN voter registration fraud cases that have been pending since the elections of 2008, we are in for a longer wait, as in never. Just like there is no such thing as black-on- white voter intimidation, per U.S. Deputy Asst. Attorney General, Julie Fernandes, there is no such thing as fraudulent voter registration. (Yeah, that's the ticket.)

      The only way to scatter cockroaches is to turn on the lights and keep them on. ACORN won't go away, they will simply take on another name. Their leaders and organizers need to be identified and their activities exposed to the light of day.

    8. Renny MD says:

      I can't beleive we talk about "knowing something illegal" is going to happen then ask the "voters" to watch out! I keep saying everyone is focused on the November elections, well the chicago gang is "now" preparing to over throw the voting process! What is sad is, WE KNOW IT AND ARE TALKING ABOUT IT AND NOT "PREVENTING" IT!!!

      How can we pray to our God and ask for help and we do nothing???

    9. Spiritof76, NH says:

      If your body is detected with cancer, the medical protocol is to kill off the cancerous cells. We must rid of all the fraud-loving orgnizations like ACORN and their members including ACLU just like we treat cancer in our body. We don't show any sympathy for cancerous cells. Neither should we towards all the communist and anti-American organizations.

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    11. D Carter America says:

      VOTER FRAUD: Hello Sen. Sat Night Live Joke Al Franken (D) MN

    12. Fred Fla says:

      Where is the voice of Eric Holder?…he's a coward!

    13. Fred, Fla. says:

      where is the voice of Eric Holder?…he's a coward.

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