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  • Video of the Week: "Shut up! You Can't Sing the National Anthem Here!"

    Take heed, America. The next time you visit Washington, D.C., feel free to stand in awe of the monuments to our greatest leaders, but do not — DO NOT — sing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial. It turns out that doing so is a violation of federal law.

    A group of high school students from around the country learned that lesson the hard way on June 25 when they sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Lincoln Memorial. A United States Park Police officer told them to pipe down because their singing was considered an illegal demonstration, as Fox News reports. The students, who are members of the Young America’s Foundation, were visiting the city for a conservative leadership conference.

    What law, exactly, was being violated? According to Fox News:

    U.S. Park Police confirmed that the students were in violation of federal law and their impromptu performance constituted a demonstration in an area that must remain ‘completely content neutral.’”

    Evan Gassman, who was one of the attendees, says of the episode:

    This is a perfect example of political correctness run amuck. I would hope that displays of patriotism would be encouraged, not censored.

    Park police say the students would have been in the clear if they sang 25 steps from where they were standing. Keep that in mind the next time you want to celebrate what America means to you in our nation’s capital.

    Here’s your turn to talk back! Do you think it’s inappropriate to sing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial? What would YOU do if you were told to cool your vocal cords? Leave your comments below.

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    236 Responses to Video of the Week: "Shut up! You Can't Sing the National Anthem Here!"

    1. gerrit, dc says:


    2. Therese, New JErsey says:

      That is absolutely ridiculus to not be allowed to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Lincoln Memorial. What has this country come too? Too many libs and not enough true Americans. We need to take back this country and quickly before it is too late. Vote in November.

    3. Billie says:

      a demonstration in an area that must remain ‘completely content neutral.’”

      In other words there are Americans that choose not to tolerate the American National Anthem with GOVERNMENT BACKING, HOLDING THEIR INFANT HANDS! that's despicable, ugly leadership OF AMERICA! GOVERNMENT MAKE-INTIMIDATION-WORK!

      thank you to the beautiful singing of the young patriots. Their voices do not fall on deaf ears!

    4. Mary says:

      Unbelievable!! I'm speechless!!

    5. James American In Ne says:

      I was astonished when I heard this. My father served 4+ years in the Navy on World War 2 and he, if he was living would wonder what he preserved. The law obviously needs to be changed and if Lincoln was alive today he would make the proposal to change it. If his spirit is aware of this it has to be troubled about the state of our democracy.

      Here in New Zealand such laws do not exist and patriotism is promoted. Perhaps it is time for some new social change to bring back the origianl rights of Americans and stop this silly political correctness. If you live in America you support America and if you can't, then I suggest leave. God Bless America

    6. Steve, Pennsylvania says:

      I could not believe what I was reading. This shows that this country is definitely going in the wrong direction. It is sad to think that something like this can happen here.

    7. David Rogers, Atwate says:

      This isn't political correctness run amock its legalism run amock too many laws, rules, and regulations in this country. It's getting where you need a lawyer just to cross the street the right way!!!

    8. Mark, NM says:

      Liberalism at its finest. Can you imagine what Lincoln would say about this happening at HIS memorial?

      "I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him."

      "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."

      "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

      — Abraham Lincoln

    9. Scott Galbraith, Cla says:

      Greetings, This is just ONE MORE example of how my country has degenerated to. I will sing where I please because I am an American, and I would welcome a chorus to gather and sing at that hallowed place any time…let me know "let freedom ring"…this is our heritage!!

      And I have the time to go to DC….and why? I was forced out of State Governement in North Carolina by Liberal Trash that just wanted me gone….and used any means until I was fired, but the changed to a resignation (based on a appeal). But since then I have not been able to get a job in my chosen profession, teaching emergency management in community colleges….every time I secure a class, the Division I worked for has found out and and told the college not to hire me….I am not free. I am a Navy veteran (officer) and served my country honorably , and this means nothing to the people I appeal to for honest work.

      My Mom and Dad (Navy pilot veteren, WWII) died about the time I was fired…I've spent the following month attending to their affair, so there may be a blessing in being fired. But now I am down to nothing and the final straw is the IRS is going to garnish my bank account $200 a month for taxes on my "unemployment benefits"….I can't get work, and I am now close to losing my house (I have 2 grandaughters that that I have been taking care of).

      I talk of this to offer an example of what thousands are going through now. I have tried to work with my congressman (Etheridge…the one who punches students) and although he said he would help me with the IRS, he has now renegged….Where does a patriot who has paid the price go for help now? I am sick and tired, and don't know where to go for help. The President's wife is galavanting around Spain at my expense…I can't wait for November…although I have faith that God will help me….but I am lossing faith in my country. I hate what I see Is there anything for a patriot to do to help our country get back to what was great!

      Is anyone out there who cares? I have given all that I can to this country, and now I am being kicked around. The IRS can try to get their money, but there isn't much left in the account. There are those of us who have given our full measure for this country, and I am about to join them in the streets, homeless because opportunity has gone away….I hate to say it, but I am hoping that a hurricane will come along and make me more marketable….but that is not how it should be. I only pray that I do God's will and nothing more…I am horribly disappointed with where my county is heading.

      Please let me know that there are people who have not forgotten the values and the courage it takes to make life an adventure and to not waste the time we have left on stomping on others…Is any body there who understands what the "common man" is coming to now? And what is the lesson I am supposed to teach my grandchildren, about honor and service and pride in one's country….faith is slipping, but I will try to hold on to those values….they are lost in Washington now….they are lost

      God bless you all. Thanks for tolerating my rant. I hope someone hears…but I doubt it….God speed any way! Now I am tired and need to regain some strength to fight for my life and heritage tomorrow. Are you feeling secure America?

    10. Kevin Forrester, Enc says:

      And there's no dancing at the Jefferson Memorial, either:


    11. Janelle Parry says:

      Another reason to feel angry and heart broken at the same time. Soon you will not be able to display a video of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument or the National Cemetary with the National Anthem playing in the background!

      I hope the next election will help us take our country back to the values we have fought for over the years. We need to take back this wonderful country based on "WE THE PEOPLE", Enough said.

    12. gary, Peoples Rep of says:

      I was asked to put away my American flag which was sticking out of my backpack for basically the same reason while walking in the open space around the Washington monument. Park police laughed when I mentioned the flags on display on polls around the monument.

    13. Ed, Washington says:

      Would a mime troupe be okay?

    14. West Texan says:

      I was walking by the Pentagon shortly after 9/11 and saw what appeared to be a Muslim woman, couldn't tell for sure due to the Burka, standing there like a statue in either prayer or protest. Security stood by a good distance off and simply observed. From a military veteran, I say sing our nation's anthem on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, surrounding the Washington monument, in the halls of the capitol building or wherever one wishes while visiting DC. The larger the group the better.

    15. Eddie, Miami says:

      I bet if they were burning the American flag, reciting passages from the Koran or maybe stomping on tea bags and told to stop the left-wing media would have been in an uproar. They would have been demanding answers, investigations and wondering whose ass was going to be kicked. It makes me cry the way this country is being destroyed.

    16. Myron Miller Chapel says:

      Methinks I would say unto those who would oust me from the sacred premises "A pox upon thee."

    17. Reggie, Omaha, NE says:

      I spent 26 years in this great countries military defending the rights of all americans. I will sing the praises of this great nation any damn where I please–I"ve fought for and earned that right.

    18. Allen Scott says:

      The first amendment protects the builders of a mosque at ground zero but not to American citizen's singing the national anthem at a national monument? The constitution somehow provides illegals immigrants with citizenship rights but it does not allow for a legal citizen to express their American pride by singing the national anthem in a national park, paid for by taxpayer money? Yes indeed the inmates are definitely running the asylum. Beam me up there remains no intelligent life in D.C. Eagle Out!

    19. Mike, Clarksville Tn says:

      It is time to fire all the politicians AND gov't bureaucrats who make and twist rules that punish people for being real Americans.

    20. Frances Coe West Vir says:

      l feel sad to see this in USA. Americans need to wake up, Vote the bad people out of the government. Get the ones in there that are going to listen to the people.

      Remember to vote.

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    22. L Nettles says:

      Would it be Illegal to recite Lincoln's second inaugural address?

    23. Bill, Pittsburgh says:

      People at all levels of government, particularly those slithering around in Washington, seem to have forgotten the fact that it is our country and not theirs!

    24. Doug Santo, Pasadena says:

      I support singing the national anthem, but the students should have moved the 25 feet to be in accordance with the rules at the location. What if a group of anti-war protesters during the Vietnam era led by Jane Fonda decided to stand in the same location and sing the North Vietnamese national anthem? I can envision other such scenarios. Laws, rules and regulations are a balance between an individual's or a group's freedoms and the freedoms of the rest of the people. What happened to common sense?

      Doug Santo

      Pasadena, CA

    25. Peggy, Oklahoma says:

      I don't care what anyone says–if I want to sing the National Anthem in my backyard or on any government land in this country, I will do so and NO ONE is going to stop me. My son has been to the bowels of the earth in Iraq and Afghanistan four times since 9/11 just so we can have the right to do this. I will NOT disappoint him or any other of these valiant, brave men and women who are giving their all for us. People, get to the polls in November and stop this mockery of a "free" government that is being pushed down our throats. We have the power to do it! We still have the right to do that. Let's get things changed before we get to the point that we can't turn back.

    26. MarkJ, Lafayette, IN says:

      To paraphrase our Boy President: "Just keep singing the damn anthem."

      The "Park Polizei" can't arrest us all, can they?

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    28. John Carlson says:

      If they're really awful singers, yes. Kidding.

    29. Elliot Johnson, San says:

      There are two sides to every agument. I'm just as patriotic as the next American. I've served in Korea and Vietnam. But what would happen if an Islamic group sat down in the same area and started to sing a song from their country?? I'd really be upset and want to drag them out of there. I don't go for political correctness, but I think the law is fair. I sing in church but only from a hymnal.

      Elliot Johnson

      San Antonio, TX

    30. higgins1990 says:

      Everyone has missed the point. The kids were attending "a conservative leadership conference". There are different rules for conservatives. If it had been an Obama Community Organizing Conference, the kids could have stripped naked, drank from beer bongs and recreated Woodstock, and the police wouldn't have said anything.

    31. Barbara, LA says:

      Nothing is surprising me anymore. I just hope it's not too late.

    32. JS, London, UK says:

      Do I see a 1st amendment lawsuit coming, perchance?

    33. Kelly Waldron, Kaysv says:

      What the heck is "Not" neutral about the National Anthem? I realize that the president thinks it is too marshall. What if they's sung "I'd like to teach the world?" Bet that would be neutral.

    34. Mike in McLean says:

      As stated in a comment above, America's downfall will come from within, not without! We desperately need to stop this mad rush to "political correctness." WWII and Korean War veterans must be shaking their heads in disbelief — those few of the "Greatest Generation" left to do so.

    35. Boondoggie, NC says:

      I'm surprised the statue of Abraham Lincoln didn't jump down and kick that ranger's behind all the way across the mall.

    36. Brian, Atlanta says:

      If ever a flash mob was needed…

    37. Randall Eslick says:

      After spending 25 years in the US Army Getting out after Desert Storm. I fought for freedom and your better believe I will always show my patriotism.I am fed up with what is politically correct. And I am sure I am not the only one.

    38. Perry, Wilmington, N says:

      Yeah, I'd sure hate to hurt someone's feelings by singing the national anthem at the memorial of the guy who made sure there was a country of which to sing. Can't be too careful. Of course, we could, presumably, sing the "Barney" theme song. It must be content neutral enough.

    39. Mike, Arlington,TX says:

      Judges rule to support freedom of speech by allowing the burning of our flag but somehow government policy does not extend that freedom to include displays of patriotism. I suspect this event will not get the national coverage it deserves so, my suggestion is that any "patriotic" group that visits the Linconl Memorial plan a civil disobedience chorus. Perhaps the arrest of a couple of dozen girl scouts would generate enough reaction for the general public to see how rediculous we have become with this "politically correct" malarkey. "Content nuetral" my aunt Fanny!

    40. Ann Mere, Los Angele says:

      This is typical of multiculturalism–everything is good except American exceptionalism. I'm a teacher in Los Angeles. I deal with this everyday.

    41. Jeffersonian says:

      Well, it's not like they were doing something perfectly permissible, like burning a flag…

    42. Mark in NC says:

      Mark in NM …

      The quote from Abraham Lincoln was a great find … and oh so true!

      I'll bet the Roman Empire was guilty of the same kinds on politically-correct nonscense shortly before their demise …

    43. Clay says:

      What about the Chinese national anthem? Or if someone were walking around with a small Canadian flag? Would they be asked to "neutralize" themselves? Or is it just Americans? Shall we put the DC police to the test and see how universally they apply their laws?

    44. Ellen, Minnesota says:

      Eh, what do you expect of a government that's ashamed of America, and even more ashamed that some of its citizens like it?

    45. Mike says:

      As the park officer mentioned, they would have been fine singing 25 steps away. I see no issue here, and I'm grateful for this policy. Our memorials are solemn reminders of the sacrifice of individuals and groups for our country. Free expression is great, but there should be a zone of sanctity around these memorials that allow the other observers and chance to remember and reflect in peace. The content, patriotic or not, is not the issue.

    46. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      This park policeman is a Federal employee. Americans pay his salary yet he

      is instructed to harass Americans that want to sing this nation's anthem, at a

      National monument. Has this country sunken to that level? Will this rent-a-cop receive any reprimand or is he a union member? What would he have done if the students would have broken into a choirs of "OBAMA, HUM, HUM, HUM"?

      I sincerely hope HF follows-up so that we might learn if justice still exist in this country.

    47. William Anderson, Wa says:

      Well, now we know exactly what to do whenever we visit a patriotic shrine. Sing lustily, and with good courage! This is the perfect opportunity for effective civil disobedience. Free men scorn to yield!

    48. Walter Hood Atlanta says:

      I'm speechless. We cannot show our patriotism to our country in our nation's capitol? A group of students can't sing their own National Anthem in their capitol? Someone explain that logic please.

    49. George. Los Angeles says:

      Its the law created by judges that have no brains. "If we allow the national anthem in celebration of freedom and the country, then we must allow Jihadist demonstrators, feminist crazies, tin foil hat types predicting black helicopters and everyone else to demonstrate and sing. So, we allow nothing. Not even the national anthem at the Lincoln memorial." Lincoln gave his life defending the country and is an inspiration to every American. But we dare not sing the anthem near the memorial. Why? Because these judges believe that the US Constitution provides the US national anthem and the US flag with no priority over anything else. We have to treat them and all else as neutral. "Otherwise we'd be violating the first amendment."

      Of course this makes sense only in an academic construct. Men did not die at Okinoawa to save a "content neutral" United States. But this sterile thinking is why men who are smart in a narrow intellectual way (would have made good scribes in the middle ages but would never have done a thing to advance civilization) could decide that "god" in the pledge of allegiance was illegal. One day they'll want "In god we trust" off the currency too. They are the types that can never understand the power of symbols. The desire of people to be free. The difference between the US where the people have the power ("all is allowed that is not prohibited") and Europe ("all is prohibited that is not allowed"). To many such judges, the idea of such a patriotic display is more embarrassing that being caught stealing.

      Sad. Kids who want to sing the anthem near a patriotic memorial can't. Bloody sad.

    50. West Texan says:

      PS: The far left despises the Star Spangled Banner and would rather adopt "I'd like to teach the world to sing" as an anthem. Ah! the leftist mind, far to stupid to comprehend.

    51. Steve, Bangkok says:

      Gee, I wonder if Americans/schoolchildren are allowed to sing the National Anthem at the Ft. Sumter National Monument?


    52. In Finksburg, MD says:


    53. Steve, Bangkok says:

      Damn, copied the wrong link -

      Gee, I wonder if Americans/schoolchildren are allowed to sing the National Anthem at the Ft. McHenry National Monument?


    54. Drew Page, IL says:

      If the area is to be "content neutral", perhhaps Lincoln's likeness should be removed and the site be renamed "The Presidential Memorial". Perhaps the American flag being flown anywhere in the Capitol should be considered a violation of "content neutrality". Perhaps using the term United States of America is a similar violation.

      In the Capitol of our country we should all understand that our country is not really OUR country, that the country we inhabit really stands for nothing at all, has no opinion on anything and is tolerant of anything and everything.

    55. J. Daniel, Chicago says:

      It has never been so clear that "big government" has a pejorative term describing all three branches of the federal government. These branches rarely reduce the number of laws, they just make more until the sublime becomes the ridiculous. The power of making law is all that is relevant to them. We need start electing those who will reduce the federal government's reach, not more of the same.

      Patriotic Americans: we must act politically to change the mind set of "law makers" by electing conservative constitutionalists in all branches at all levels. Please stay informed, be proud of your beliefs and act during this and all upcoming elections. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    56. Dave, Illinois says:

      Hold on, folks. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

      Having first-had experience at the Memorial, I'd suggest to these young people not to sing, too. Because the Memorial experience is to REMAIN SILENT while inside the structure, in deference to the words and memory of President Lincoln.

      Sing outside all you want, but keep the reverence of the Memorial intact.

      There are signs posted all over the approaches and inside asking visitors to respect the request for silence. Of course, many idiots who can't read or don't give a damn ignore this request. But if you can get a few minutes of silence inside, the effect is powerful.

      Keep THAT in mind, please.

    57. Josh Heggen, Tampa says:

      Having just returned from a two-day jaunt around DC, I noticed a fair number of "Quiet" signs around, and specifically one located at the Lincoln Memorial. I'm wondering if that policy may have had something to do with it, rather than one of content-neutrality.

      Also, I found it amazing to see the number of foreign travelers visiting our nation's capital. I heard more people speaking foreign languages in reverent tones than English speakers, especially around the monuments. Whether the press believes it or not, people from around the world still marvel at and are drawn to our nation's capital for the symbol that it is and continues to be.

    58. Larry Elrod, Ypsilan says:

      I would obey the park officer because as an American citizen I learned to respect the law. Then I would write my senator to change that insane law! Which I am going to do that right now.

    59. Andrew Lale says:

      Then he is saying that singing the National Anthem is a partisan activity. He is right in a way of course. The Democrats don't believe in patriotism.

    60. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      What will they do next!!!!! HMMMMMMM

      Every day I wake up and wonder what have they done while I was asleep.

      I am very scared for my country, hope we make it to November!

    61. Abilene 7, Maryland says:

      Patriotism is now illegal according to federal law at our national monuments in DC. Another federal government blow against the traditional values most Americans hold dear. We can send the feds our money to pay for their salaries, healthcare, retirement and perks, and defend them with our lives, but they rule according to their version of political correctness.

    62. Brian, Wisconsin says:

      ARE YOU #*!%?^$ KIDDING ME!!


    63. SeanNC, Earth says:

      I will give you one guess as to which political party is the one which would want to make it a crime to sing the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial. Need a hint? It ends in "crat." That's all the hints I'm going to give.

      What? You need another hint? Okay. The same political party was the one whose congressional leaders, vice-president and president spoke continuously of WMD's in Iraq during the '90's, but conveniently forgot that they had ever given proof Saddam's WMD's in the 2000's.

    64. Mike, San Jose CA says:

      The issue isn't sneaking anti-Americanism; the issue is that if you give some people an inch, they'll take a yard, and then they'll scream like pigs if you say anything. Easier to just ban everything than to spend twelve hours a day explaining why it's okay for a bunch of kids to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" but not okay to set up a megaphone and yell about how Bushitler Lied Peeple Died, Ban Amerikkkan Israel Support, Whites Are All Racist, etc…

    65. Brian, Wisconsin says:

      To: Doug Santo from Pasadena, CA

      Why don't you and your liberal buddies give it a "spin" and see how far it takes you! I bet you would get about as far with that as singing the anthem of the National Socialists Party in front of a WWII veteran who fought for your such freedoms!

    66. martin says:

      They should have concluded by singing the "Battle hymn of the republic"

    67. Connecticut says:

      This is down right awful this is America not some other nationals being against law is wrong. This is a slap in the face to all the Americans who died for our freedom. We are losing america

    68. Alpheus says:

      To those who talk about Islamists and Chinese and what-not, singing their own country's songs at the Lincoln Memorial: So? I don't see why that would be a Bad Thing. What is it about the Lincoln Memorial that makes it so sacred, that it ought to be a refuge from free speech?

    69. Dan, Tallahassee says:

      No singing allowed at the monument dedicated to the president previously most dedicated to centralized Federal authority and crony capitalism, and most opposed to states' rights? Quite the coincidence, given who is in the oval office now. (As for Lincolin being responsible for "a country of which to sing," not quite — there would have continued to be a United States after the seceding states left. The USA just would've been a bit smaller.)

    70. Bill. Kansas City. M says:

      Let me see, we can't sing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial, we can't pray on the steps of the Supreme Court Building, and New York wants to put a mosque almost on top of the 9/11 disaster. Time to take the country back from the demoncrats and ratpublicans. We need term limits and campaign finance reform, and we need it now. We should wipe out the idea of career politicians.

    71. Dave, Virginia says:

      Unbelievable!!!! We can't sing the National Anthem in our nation's capitol, but our kids have to sing praises to Barack Hussein Obama (umm umm umm) in our public schools.

    72. Beverly Harrold, Bay says:

      This is outrageous. Never would have happened under any other President of the United States other than this horribly corrupt administration.

    73. BTB, Oklahoma says:

      George and one other have realized that this is not a law prohibiting singing of the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial. That would be a content-driven law, and would violate the First Amendment.

      Instead, what the law says is that no demonstrations are allowed within a certain distance around the Lincoln Memorial. 36 CFR § 7.96(g)(3)(ii) ("No permits may be issued authorizing demonstrations or special events in the following other park areas . . . The Lincoln Memorial").

      Why? Because the feds want to protect the physical memorial itself, and preventing large groups of people from gathering there furthers that goal; and because preventing only certain groups would violate the First Amendment.

      Note that no one could burn a flag or pray there (this might not be exactly right–you can pray, but not if you intend it as a message; this includes Christians and Muslims), as "demonstration" is defined to include any activity that would tend to draw onlookers.

      I hope this clears the issue up for those of you who are frustrated with the outcome here.

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    75. Trea Graham says:

      What a travesty! What is happening to our republic? We must take our country back and follow the directives of the Constitution. Aaaahhhhh…….

    76. richard40 says:

      This sounds crazy on the surface, but we have to look more carefully. I suspect the rule against demonstrations at that location.was originally passed to prohibit the kind of demonstrations in the Lincoln memorial of which we would not approve, like burning the flag or chanting that america is evil. The problem is to pass constitutional muster with present 1st amendment law, these kind of bans must be viewpoint neutral, thus also resulting in the national anthem being banned there. Thus, to those of you who say this ban is rediculous, you must answer the question, would you want somebody burning the flag or chanting that america is the great satan in the same location where they were singing the national anthem. If you want the kind of speech you like, you must also live with the kind you dont like.

    77. Darrell Goodman, Tor says:

      I would love to see the US "Park Police", whoever the hell they are, trying to arrest 100,000 people for singing the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial. Good bloody luck.

      Hell, I'd come down and sing it myself, and I'm not even an American.

    78. Rick Caird in Florid says:

      This is just another example of "zero tolerance". Zero tolerance takes all decision making away from the bureaucrat so he cannot be faulted for a bad decision. Zero tolerance is designed for cowards.

    79. Keith, Georgia says:

      People……do you hear yourselves????? Have we been so disarmed, mentally and physically, that all we can do is cry? If November doesnt change things then you must decide if you are willing to let this country go to the degenerates or salvage it for your children and grand children. I heard it the other day on a talk show…"America is in a Pre-Revolutionary state" Soon I predict that America will be bought by blood again. I hope it doesnt come to that but I suspect that the liberals and minority interests have such a hold on this country that nothing else will set us free. God Bless America and sing it where you damn well please. And for those of you that think Im promoting a revolution thats not what Im saying …Im simply saying that just because its not being said doesnt mean that people arent thinking it. Do you honestly think that this insanity will prevail before America wakes up and a grass roots movement rises from the belly of this land? Oh and for the lost one "Alpheus" I invite you to go with me, a GA grad, into the swamp at the Gator Bowl. Into the bowels of the beast and sing my GA fight song in the locker room of the GATORS. Maybe then your ignorant a.. will figure out what a dumba.. comment you just made.

    80. Nate Whilk says:

      This is what we should sing there:

      My country,' tis of thee,

      sweet land of liberty,

      of thee I sing;

      land where my fathers died,

      land of the pilgrims' pride,

      from every mountainside

      let freedom ring!

      MLK used that last line in his address there. Marian Anderson sang the song before he spoke.

      Let the liberal Nazis arrest us. At they take us away, refer to the cops by saying, "Ve vas just following orders!" It'll look real good in the media.

    81. 'Nita, Texas says:

      Battle Hymn of the Republic….not good, I believe the word 'Lord' is mentioned some where in there and we know how 'bama' and his folks think about that word.

    82. Milhouse, Brooklyn N says:

      The rule actually makes sense, if you think about it. Without such a rule, I guarantee that there will be people wanting to sing Dixie, or Maryland My Maryland, and how do you stop them? You can't allow pro-Lincoln songs and forbid anti- ones; there's that pesky first amendment. So the only way is to make it a no-demonstration zone.

    83. jill -Maine says:

      Maybe they should have dressed in Berkas and Turbins. UMM UMM UMMM

    84. Stacey, Granite City says:

      This is absurd. I find it completely irrational that we can't sing a patriotic song at a memorial built in our nation's capital. What should it matter where we are standing at a historic landmark?

    85. Frank, Massachusetts says:

      IF and this is a BIG "if', we had a President that believed in freedom of speech, and American values, the Park Police cop and the department's chief would be fired. Political Correctness will be the downfall of this country. The next Congress and the next President should review all the PC laws that have been passed and remove them. Because the current President and Congress are about as PC as you can get.

    86. Jeanne Bell, Cincinn says:

      Keep singing!

    87. Jill Maine says:

      If they were wearing Burkas and Turbins no one would have bothered them at all. UMM UMM UMM

    88. Norm, Delray Beach says:

      I was there as a tourist 35 years ago, about dust, someone started reading the inscriptions out loud, then we all started singing, totally moving and inspiring, We were inside right beside the statue, where our voices echoed and sounded beautiful. There were tears in most eyes. We then quietly left to go our own ways.

      How simple, how moving. What has happened to our country?

    89. Diane Winston, Wythe says:

      Political Correctness has reached the point of being ridiculous and unconstitutional. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? It's high time that our legislators put a stop to this kind of nonsense. Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble is being ignored by some order of a bureaucrat, no doubt, and I for one am sick of it!!!

    90. Jim Nichols, Portlan says:

      You have to admit that something like the National Anthem is relatively "content neutral" only so long as you approve of and are proud of the United States. Otherwise, it's offensive to some people — especially those in Washington D.C.

      Has anybody checked the drinking water in that city?

    91. Dan K says:

      My wife, when she was in college, visited the Lincoln Memorial along with her traveling music quintet. They were to perform on the mall. She was in the Lincoln Memorial and was playing her french horn when a park service officer stopped her and said it was against the law. I don't think her playing scales was considered a "demonstration" and most certainly would be considered "neutral". She complied, apologized to Abe and went along her way.

    92. kandy ribelin brazze says:

      Where did usa go wrong when we can't go sing our national anthem. The people in charge of this needs to shut up and quit trying to change the values of our country. Go somewhere where this is accepted. Or go back to where u came from. Or just leave the usa along. In god we trust. Sorry if u don't. But later u will see when christ returns and u are left behind

    93. David,GA says:

      I justs visited DC two weeks ago and have two comments about this:

      1) The memorial is treated as 'hallowed' ground. People are instructed to keep their voices low, show respect, etc. You wouldn't go and sing in a cemetery (yes, I know he's not actually buried there).

      2) On the other hand, I don't see why Park Rangers would prohibit the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial but right down the mall we saw Rangers allowing kids to splash around in the pool at the WWII memorial.

    94. Ann Marie Rideout says:

      I'd sing it again, and again, and again…….

    95. California says:

      Oh I just cant wait to see what happens on 8/28 then!!

      Poor kids just got a lesson in what's REALLY WRONG IN OUR GOVERNMENT…and how being Patriotic is no longer accepted by the rules of the U.S….the new Socialist States of America.

    96. BillR, Illinois says:

      Does anyone know where this law came from and who was the author of it? I think we should find out and publish the information everywhere we can.

    97. Linda Giles says:


    98. Doug, North Carolina says:

      not even politically correct. If it offends then find somewhere else to live.

    99. jm says:

      Okay current administration bashers, this law was passed BEFORE this administration……. I agree with it only from the standpoint of what Mike said. Having been to national monuments this summer with my children, it's nice to have some quiet to be able to reflect on what we're seeing. But hey, it's also you're right to sing, so if the mood hits ya, go for it.

      Mike on August 11th, 2010 at 11:36am said:

      As the park officer mentioned, they would have been fine singing 25 steps away. I see no issue here, and I’m grateful for this policy. Our memorials are solemn reminders of the sacrifice of individuals and groups for our country. Free expression is great, but there should be a zone of sanctity around these memorials that allow the other observers and chance to remember and reflect in peace. The content, patriotic or not, is not the issue.

    100. Douglas Byrd , Elkto says:

      Hats off to those kids, they stood up for something that should not be an issue in this country. I bet the fathers of this great country are rolling over in there graves over this one. where was that park ranger from Iraq?

    101. DJ, NC says:

      What's next? No Star Spangled Banner prior to sporting events?

    102. Joyce, Texas says:

      Our young americans can’t sing a song, but the young people from mexico can show disrespect to the american flag all they want. Does anyone else see what’s wrong w/our government? American kids showing respect for the country they love versus illegals show of disrespect to the country they take benefits from & come here illegally.

    103. blackavenger raleigh says:

      Fear not America, this will soon be settled in a hurricane of violence towards the leftist communists and marxists and liberals and muslims and aclu and acorn and panthers. It must end this way, there can be no peaceful way to settle the issue of the overthrow of america by corrupt politicians. the winner will be either red or blue.

    104. Diana Wells, Pennsyl says:

      Oh my, thirty years ago (yikes) 10 youth and 3 youth leaders went down the steps of the Memorial, skipping and clapping the song "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" from Godspell. It was early evening. Scary to think what would happen today. I was a youth leader.

    105. Scott, Trenton, NJ says:

      Bet a Muslim could prayer for the destruction of America there….what a "great" country this has become.

    106. Justin Zoldyck, Vene says:

      What's the world coming to?

    107. Melanie, N UT says:

      Unless this was a protest, I think they were possibly incorrect in their interpretation of the law. I'm trying to find the specific law, but according to this site, I can't see that a permit would be required to spontaneously start singing the National Anthem.

      This is from the Washington Peace Center's site:

      "When do you need a permit?

      Protests of 25 people or more on the National Mall require a permit, as does any event that requires streets to be closed. The Metropolitan Police, because they lost an important court case, are required to allow permit-less marches in the street as long as they stay within a single lane. Sidewalks are supposedly public property, but some activists have experienced severe police harassment for protesting outside of private businesses."

      I'm trying to find the actual code or regulation with no luck so far. Curious now.

      And since the National Anthem is "content neutral" as far as political issues are concerned, I totally don't get that part at all.

    108. Chuck, Left Coast says:

      "Dying societies accumulate laws like dying men accumulate remedies"

    109. joe parker st.louis says:

      well this goes without saying obama is a hater to the untied states and everything she represents and stands for. its clear now there are seperate laws for liberals and conservatives and we the conservatives are being treated unlawfuly and discrimanted against as well. there will be civil war or somthing worse no laws where it every man for himself. its comming and we need to stand up for our country and our freedome and our liberty. i have said from the start obama is a ratical militant like his jackson, sharpton, and wright. these men are dangerous to the untied states and should be sent to affrica….amen to that

    110. Laura in AZ. says:

      This is really messed up, our country is messed up, it's upside down and backwards! I'll sing the National Anthem where ever and whenever I feel like! I'm very proud of those kids for standing up to that "lab rat" of a park ranger!

    111. p reardon chicago says:

      Why is it when a cop does something dumb he suddenly becomes a 'liberal' tool instead of just a dumb conservative cop???

    112. Maureen Hebron, Bran says:

      Boy!!!!! This takes brains to make this requirement & I would say the brains are in the butt & not where they are suppose to be! Idiots wrapped in a moran!!! But God Bless these nuts anyhow………… :)

    113. Caryn, Mesa AZ says:

      Absolutely, hideously disgusting. "Content neutral?" The monuments themselves are patriotic. This is America. Every day I hear something worse! It's great that the kids wanted to sing our national anthem! It makes me very angry that they were stopped. A demonstration? What are they smoking???

    114. FRANK VERHEY COLO SP says:


    115. Schnittshow.com says:

      F! the USA and its Communist and even Nazi like policies, Revolt now kill your leaders and rebuild this country the way it was truly meant to be.

      Power to the People!

    116. Tom Donald Allendale says:

      Not only should it be allowed, it should be encouraged ! Poor Abe must be spinning in his grave !

    117. Robin, Springfield says:

      I don't know what happened to this country I grew up in, but is becoming increasingly hard to recognize.

    118. L, PA says:

      First of all, why are we now just hearing about this? It happened over a month ago. Can you say….cover-up? Secondly, I'm quite impressed the kids even knew the words. Wouldn't want to get another Roseanne fiasco on our hands! But, seriously, I am just appalled at this and hope the kids don't get disheartened. We are a great country….just a bit lost right now.

    119. James Alvan Barrus, says:

      CONTENT NEUTRAL? Wonder when they will cover or remove the memorials!!

      I thought that was property of the PUBLIC!

      Singing is a demonstration?? Just showing their patriotism!

    120. Cathy - Texas says:

      I'm repulsed at our ANTI AMERICAN ADMINISTRATION! Patriotism is not allowed, but it's OK to be a corrupt greedy politician on the grab at taxpayer's expense. I'm sooo disgusted fwith our leadership. YUCK.

    121. bob, clyde hill says:

      more evidence of the lack of common sense on the part of government employees. I'd keep on singing. If they arrested me, I'd take my chances with a jury of my peers.

    122. David says:

      If there is such a law then I guess Congress passed it. Remember in November!

    123. Steve, Chicago says:

      Arrest me, then be prepared to defend yourself in court for violating my first ammendment rights!

    124. Pingback: Singing National Anthem Illegal?!

    125. mary ann says:

      it's maddening; time to rise up for the great American Revolution.

    126. Melissa TEXAS says:

      I would sing at the top of my lungs..this IS AMERICA!

    127. KodysGrandma says:

      I do not agree that we would be bound to allow other nationalities to sing their anthems at OUR memorial. Equal protection is to be extended to "Citizens" of this country, not every visitor to our shores. Terrorists shouldn't get that right, it defies common sense and logic. BUT, of course there is very little common sense left in government.

    128. charles Wiseman says:

      where is the written law that says you can't sing,is it just the national Anthem, or any songs. It's OK the Bible tells us what the end result will be.

    129. Charles Wiseman Atla says:

      The Bible call these legalistic laws. Lets make laws that overide the Constitution. God already knows,and knew this was going to happen. If you read,or know the scripture in the Bible. You already know that those who make and enforce these laws will be judged by God. Without repentance there is everlasting life, but not in heaven.

    130. David Fahey, Maryvil says:

      I believe our nation's National Anthem should be allowed ANYWHERE in the United States…period! If someone is offended or disturbed by such, they are entirely free to return to their country of origin.

    131. Chris, Toledo, OH says:

      @ Reggie, Omaha, NE–

      Because you spent 26 years in the military; I, too, will sing the praises of this great nation anywhere I damn well please, and so should those students. Thank you for giving us that freedom.

      "I spent 26 years in this great countries military defending the rights of all americans. I will sing the praises of this great nation any damn where I please–I”ve fought for and earned that right."

    132. Mark says:

      Excuse me, but are we living in a communist country??? This is the land of the free and the brave, and buddy I defend her!!!

    133. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Defund the Park system and fire all of them. Then, have Congress enact a law that will prohibit anyone from any patriotic expression anywhere in the Parks or monuments. If the communists and socialists in Congress won't comply, kick them out. It is America and we will sing our national anthem as we desire. We need to stop complaining about it and start reclaiming our country and heritage. Deport all the communists, socialists, Islamicists and any other Anti-American crowds.

    134. Eva Deanne Colliers says:

      What the heck?????????? This goes to show that America better start remembering where they were 20 years back and promote religious events -no matter what!!!!!!!!!!! We are on the verge of losing everything that we cherish so very much and we have soldiers overseas fighting for the very freedom we are about to lose-what do you think they are going to say when and if we do lose that freedom? Every life that has been lost and everyone still fighting will have a right to be angry with us if we don't keep the freedom they so cherish that they will fight for it. In other words, it will be a losing battle. Do you want all of these fighting men and women to have died and fought for nothing????????? Come on AMERICA!! wake up!!!

    135. Don Davis says:

      Welcome to the USSA! Progressive liberals have taken the capitol of the country which was once considered to be the focal point of Freedom, and turned it into a wasteland. If you, an American cannot stand at the steps of a monument that is itself a symbol of Freedom and America, and sing the National Anthem, then all I can say is, you are no longer in America, but a version some wish it to become. A place where you have no freedoms, no voice, and no life.

      Remember those three things which were mentioned in high regard in the Declaration of Independence? 1. Life, 2. Libery, 3. Pursuit of Happiness.

      Clearly #2 was being denied in the place where the federal government resides. That denial is a violation of of the Constitution, in particular, the Bill of Rights, Article #1, Freedom of Speech. And, if the park officer insists that it is a federal violation to assemble, what happened to another part of the 1st Amendment, The RIGHT to peaceful assembly???

      These were students, not activists holding a parade…

      YEs, this country is in trouble, when you cannot exhibit your prode in your nation by singing the anthem on US SOIL, without risk of arrest.

      Perhaps the last revolution was too long ago, and a refresher is now in order.

    136. CJ Casey, Newport, R says:

      Well, I'm probably going to be in DC this weekend, and I say, "let's organize a singalong." Not a demonstration, not in unison, just a whole bunch of innocent tourists moved to randomly start up the anthem. Say, preface it with a brief reading of the Bill of Rights, the "All Men Are Equal" paragraph of the Declaration, and the Star-Spangled Banner. Maybe an encore of "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" would be in order, too. cjkc2@yahoo.com

    137. Melissa Ritchie, Tex says:

      Wow, how sad is that? This country was founded by things much stronger than the national anthemn, and yet the kids of our country who know the song, as I'm sure it's probably not taught in schools much anymore since our leader believes we don't need to be a fighting country or one to take up arms, were singing the song of our country, in the capital of the country and were made a showing of. This is down right unacceptable and I don't think we should stand for it. We, as Americans, black, white, yellow, brown, red, green, pink, purple, blue need to stand up for the reasons this country exists today. Most countries governments only lasts for 200 years max, this one, obviously much longer, we need to celebrate that. We need to teach our children about it and we need to take back our country!

    138. nancy in Virginia says:

      Well, I dunno. The rule is no public demonstrations at the Lincoln Memorial without a permit or something like that. We live in a Country with first Amendment rights of Free Speech, where everyone can say what they please (and trust me, they do!) and then someone posts that you DO NOT SING on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. But this choir COULD HAVE MOVED A FEW FEET AWAY and sang what they pleased. Even "Dixie." So these folks consider this a problem?

      If the singers don't approve of the US Constitution, they shouldn't be singing the National Anthem anyway. Do they want the park service to start saying, "OK, you can sing this song and not that song." I am sorry, but our Constitution guarantees that we can sing whatever we please. As for trying to sing what we please wherever we want to or whenever we want to… in the middle of a funeral or while the baby is asleep, or so forth….I think that singing group showed very poor manners in complaining because they couldn't do what they wanted to do in a "very special" place.. Is it OK to litter if what you are throwing around is copies of the Declaration of Independence? Is it OK to sing the National Anthem or anything else in the middle of….you fill in the blank. Of course not. And I think that whoever was leading that singing group showed a very poor understanding of US Government…one nation, with respect for all. Was it a teacher who wanted to violate the Park Service rule? Too bad.

      Sorry, guys, their wanting to sing (or demonstrate) anywhere they please is not PC run amuck but "Patriotism" run amuck…"me first" disguised as "patriotism."

    139. joseph brown says:

      communist slowly taking over one law at a time its crazy and inconsiderable to think it was our ancesters who won our freedom did the ones that made that law have anything to do with the declaration and what would abraham lincoln say

    140. Granny Lizzy, Long I says:

      guess i would have gotten arrested. I did sing, alone,America the Beautiful at the Lincoln memorial, and read aloud his words, drew a little 10 or 15 folks, crowd, no one bothered me.

    141. tim; honolulu, hawai says:

      Isn't the presence of Lincoln a content statement as well? duh. Someone — the park ranger — hasn't got enough to do.

    142. Sue Bailey says:

      I feel that is appropriate and admirable to sing ANY song that shows patriotism to our country. Far too few people are willing to show pride in being Americans. The left is too willing to slap down any ort of patriotism, and the right is far too quiet and willing to let the left bully them into a decline in freedom,

    143. Debbie Suica says:


    144. Rolland Doxey FL says:

      I'll go there again someday…I'll sing the National Anthem…and I'll roll my eyes at will…

    145. PortHuronPunk, Michi says:

      Silly, silly kids, the cop was just doing his job. Next time try singing la cucaracha and wave a Mexican flag

    146. Laurie Davis, Columb says:

      See these are the events that Mr. Gibbs at the White House should be asked about…… what does the President think of preventing these young Americans from singing the national anthem? Does he believe the park police should have stopped them? What would happen if someone sang "We shall overcome" in the same place?

      America needs to take its country back…

    147. Brian S. says:

      Wow, that is really something, to think in America, at one of our memorials to one of our most revered presidents you are not allowed to sing the national anthem, wow, I am almost speechless and almost unable to type due to my hand wanting to form a fist in anger at the treatment of these patriotic students. What the heck is wrong with America today? How have we gone so far off the path of sanity? Unbelievable, simply unbelievable.

    148. Rob Martin, Spokane, says:

      I'm sorry, but whoever wrote this law is in vioation of my 1st Amendment Right of Freedom of speech. In Gods Holy name WHAT individual or 's has the right to sensor how I feel or choose to express my belief's and feelings about the Greatest Nation on this planet??? Oh, I know, those who at one time protested our country but know are in positions of authority. Elected officals?? If you don't love this Nation and it's Constitution and disagree with our Bill of Rights, do the honorable thing. Denounse your citizenship and move to a country that supports your Socialist beliefs. That would be the Honest action, not covertly trying to change OUR Nation through deception and rewritting our Laws. MOVE!

    149. Andy Atlanta says:

      You can't sing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial but a group of terrorist can build a mosque at a site where 3000.00 americans were killed. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.

    150. Will, Canada says:

      Hey Yanks, I thought you all lived in a free country.

      Maybe you might want to take it back from the thugs rulin' ya. Just sayin'.

    151. J.T. Passalaqua New says:

      Excuse me Sgt.Sclosser of the United States Police could use please show us a copy of this law ! I mean, we meant no disrespect!! We love this country and just wanted to honor it! I think an addendum should be added to the law , such as, It's OK if someone wants to sing our Countrys' Praises!!!

    152. mark d. scherer Erla says:

      Well..it's MY plan to sing away on Sept. 12 right in front of Ole Abe! I want to be the first one in jail under Federal charges for the song…anybody else is encouraged to join me…maybe they'll run out of cell space!!

    153. Robert, Seattle, Was says:

      Political Correctness is nothing but thought control at its best. If they can control how you think then they can control how you act. May God Bless this great country and return her to the values, morals and beliefs that created her, Freedom.

    154. JC, Minnesota says:

      As I recall, Paul Harvey broadcast a similar story 30 years ago; I believe the locale was the Jefferson Memorial.

    155. Colleen Jones says:

      I find it hard for me to understand how we can be expected to be "completely content neutral" and expect this site to be "completely content neutral". It is not a neutral site. It is there for a specific purpose — a national memorial to a US president who represents freedom — to help us remember our freedom and our unity as a nation. Lincoln represents honesty, hard work, freedom from slavery, the uniting again of our nation after the Civil war, and everything good about our United States. I can see how protests and demonstrations against our Nation, our freedom, unity, or racial demonstrations would be disturbing there, but I think that Lincoln would be proud of any American that wanted to sing songs of patriotism at his memorial.

      We are not a neutral nation: We stand for something here in the United States of America. We took a stand long ago and fought long and hard with the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and the Civil War to unite and preserve our freedom. We fight still today to protect our freedom and lives. Laws that demand complete neutrality or tolerance today need to be changed and we need to be allowed to stand for something good. We need to remember who we are, how and why we are the country we are. I'm glad those students took a stand like many of our founding fathers long ago. We are not and should not become neutral.

      Taking a stand does not mean that we will not be respectful of other countries and cultures — we are a good neighbor and should respect all within our own country. But it does mean that we know who we are, we remember who we are, and we do not become so tolerant that we give up our values, and heritage in the name of tolerance and political correctness. Our Freedom, our unity, and heritage was won on the backs of many soldiers who left their families, were wounded, and died for us –don't let them down.

      Let us all take a stand for our country and be proud of it.

    156. Elizabeth, NC says:

      This administration authorized the celebration of 60 years of PRC (People's Republic of China) communism celebrated within our highly historic Ellipse, the geodetic center of our nation, in DC—- ADJACENT 2nd Infantry Division's memorial to those who lost their lives fighting the spread communism during the Korean conflict, but our own high school students are not permitted to show true patriotism within our own national monuments. Treason! Treason! Treason! .

    157. John Pummell, Alexan says:

      So Martin Luther King, Jr. was breaking the law when he gave his inspiring "I Have a Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? That certainly wasn't "content neutral."

    158. mark allen says:

      Is this the same Park Police who wouldn't let the press photograph code pink (or some other such puerile group) chain themselves to the White House fence! It's getting pretty bad when the police don't understand basic civil rights.

    159. John G White says:

      Pound salt would be my words and keep on singing. This is no longer America but I will always be free

    160. puppy, Florida says:

      Freedom of assembly made illegal. Where else but Washington D.C.?

    161. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      "Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…"

      Our Constitution was written and approved to limit government not the individual or groups thereof.

    162. Terry Wall, Californ says:

      Change I could believe in would be to change this obscene rule. It's time to take back our country.

    163. EDWARD F> McKIERN says:

      I'd advise them that I pay for that monument through my taxes and I would like to know the origin the origin of that rule and then seek to find a lawyer or group of lawyers to fight this in court. It is time to take back our country

    164. frank carbajal in di says:

      tell all those kids at walter reed what they were injured for; ridiculous left wing

      crap that has taken this country. if we don't wake up the obama ites and the ayers, and the wrights and the rest of them, we will lose our country.

    165. Brian, Newberry, SC says:

      Our national monuments are to be politically neutral. They represent totally the Republic itself. Not conservative, liberal, or nationalistic views. It does appear, at face value, that they were just feeling patriotic and began to sing the …national anthem. I can see the point of the officials too.

      The national anthem has become more of a nationalist anthem now. An anthem for the conservative movement. Those who are liberal or not nationalistic are viewed as hypocrites (by the nationalistic conservative movement) if they sing the anthem or say the pledge of allegiance.

      Our national anthem has been embraced as a symbol of the conservative movement by the conservatives rather than viewed as a symbol of our nation. In this case, the kids were part of a conservative leadership conference. If it was a mixed group of random citizens, the outcome might have been different. Who is to say it wasn't an informal demonstration promoting the conservative movement?

      We should have been protecting the symbols of our nation (namely the pledge, the flag, and the national anthem), but we have not . We are all at fault since we are a democratic republic. We had the power and we did not use it. Sure it is easy to blame one side or the other, but what did you do?

    166. Rich - Florida says:

      I think it's pretty pathetic that it's actually against federal law to sing the National Anthem in our nation's capital. I would love to know who supported this law. I think it's a disgrace and anyone that is in favor of it is not worthy of being an American. Our founding fathers are probably rolling in their graves. God help this country and the direction in which it's going. Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw that said, "Where am I going, and why am I in this hand basket."

    167. Jo, Illinois says:

      I was always taught that the reason the area must remain content nuetral is because that location is NOT dedicated to the greatness of our nation, but to the greatness of one man. The monument is to serve as a testiment to Abe Lincoln's greatness and contribution to our nation and is not to be used as a political platform or demonstration for any person or group trying to shape our nation. In the eyes of some, these kids have turned themselves into living martyrs. They were there for a leadership conference, so they know more about the laws than most kids their age. I find it hard to believe that none of these kids knew about this law, especially when I consider that I've known about it since 8th grade. My honest opinion is that at least one of the kid's knew about the law, but did not know or understand the reasons that the law was instituted, and decided to be a smart ass about it… unknowingly, the rest just followed. Like I said though… just my opinion… which here in the US we are still entitled to those right?

    168. Jim Draper. Utah. says:

      When was this "bullshit law" enacted? I can not believe that such a law is even on the books. We sure have some lame brained law makers in Washington. Be sure and vote "Green" this November and remove every one of them, and then in 12 make the final change so we can get back on track in this country.

    169. nancy lee says:

      Welcome to the Land of Decree and the Home of the Slave!

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    171. Jaywall, Pocahontas says:

      Things like this make me feel sick at my stomach!!! What is going on in this wonderful, FREE country of ours that we should be told not to sing the anthem? We DO have a free speech right, correct? js

    172. James Weaatherford, says:

      Time to stand on the unalienable rights of the Constitution.

    173. Jack Boyle, Southamp says:

      I am afraid that had I been there I would have been arrested. People are given political jobs and they have no concept of what America stands for. Sucj as the fool whotold the students they were committing some sort of violation.Since when is honoring our coutry wrong?since Nov 2008?

    174. Lee, south carolina says:

      So too sad that we cannot celebrate our national anthem on a national historic site. If not american citizen and singing other anthems, would be reasonable, but to not allow americans to praise their own country in public is a crime, or should be.

      You know, when we get the conservatives in the house and the senate, many of these stupid, ant-ameican laws will be reversed. Americans should be active in thir voice, call,write you congresspersons. Be sure to vote. Your vote does count!

    175. Gail Lander Wyoming says:

      This is insane. Where is our freedom of speech and pride in our nation??? Who passed this dumb law?????

    176. D Carter-Oregon says:

      As a permanent resident here for many years now, my heart goes out to you as you watch your country being systematically destroyed. But the warning was "this country would only belong to a nation who served GOD. No Prayers,No nation under GOD " Means GOD is being put out and the adversary is free to come in. Its GOD you want to put back and his counsels, then all WILL be right again. "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" Human laws must not be put over Eternal Laws. Choices and Consequences………………..

    177. Kay, San Antonio, TX says:

      Are these people crazy?!?!?!? Are we living in America?!?!?!? Vote Congress out!!!!!

    178. Will Wharton, Housto says:

      I am curious about the behavior of the officer. Reasoning dictates that if he didn't have his head up his butt, he should explain the correct protocol, even though it is stupid. Will

    179. Chelle Virginia says:

      Who would have thought?? How redicilious and stupid it is the Monuments are in our(the people) NaTioNS Capital, The Star Spangled Banner is OuR (the people) NatIONal Anthem, seems to me the 2 go together, if we can't sing it there then where should/can we sing it? What are the Leaders (if that's what you want to call them) of this world thinking? Oh that's right their not! It's so OBVIOUS.

    180. Jaywall Hornyak, Poc says:

      Anyone who is a child of an immigrant (and I am one!) would be heartbroken to think they must not sing our national anthem – anywhere, any time – at a national memorial. This is not a 'rowdy' song, but a reverent one! And it is a song of joy! If a person does not want to celebrate our country, they don't need to be on the steps of that or any other memorial. Let them go to the 'land of the not-free' and the 'home of the not-brave'…

    181. Phil, Detroit MI says:

      This is absurd!! Political correctness has cost Americans too many civil liberties, now including expressing our patriotism at a National Monument. I guess let them build the Mosque by the 911 site, "I don't want to be a buzz kill for the Nation of Islam." This is why I "dislike" our government as it stands right now. Can someone in Washington please explain the reasoning behind all of this. Government officials can't understand why more and more groups are forming that oppose big government like the "Tea party," "liberal independents," oh and yes statewide militia groups. So much for the freedom of anything!

    182. Patti - Massachusett says:

      Imagine you can be proud to be Hispanic. Show pride if your African American. Parade for your rights if your gay. If your an American on American soil do not show pride or you can be arrested for it. How pathetic it is that being an American who gives hand outs to everyone in the world are told to hang our heads in shame. It makes me sick I AM AN AMERICAN AND PROUD TO BE ONE…GOD BLESS AMERICA

    183. Denise Clark,Colorad says:

      This is just plain BS we need term limits and to vote all the asses out of the White House and Congress & Senate get them all out.

    184. Lisa Lawrence Browns says:

      I was born a free american and will sing the National Anthem, God Bless America, where ever I want to!!!!! No one will tell me that it is illegal, if they don't like it then they can go back where ever they came from!!!!! It should be a blessing to be able to come here and enjoy this FREE COUNTRY!!!!!!! Please Mr President get back your senses

    185. donna johnson el caj says:

      i think we should be able to sing the national anthem anywhere we want to now your going to tell us we cant say under God well its not fair and we should be abl to chose want we sing or say you better fix this right or we wont have the rights of anything in this country i thought we had freedom but now it seems like we dont have that anymore HELP US TO HAVE THAT FREEDOM

    186. Ron Babiineau, Lynn, says:

      Utterly ridiculous ! We have our freedom because of men like Lincoln ! Now as Lincoln enjoyed "wrestling" I'm sure he would ahve bitch slapped that guard and made sure those kids sang the National Anthem at the top of their voices !

    187. Kathy, Georgia says:

      If the federal government owns it; I wonder who paid for it and who makes these stupid laws?

    188. Denise. Michigan says:

      The one place we should be allowed to express our love of country is on the national monuments. What ever happened to freedom of speech? I thought this was the United States of America. Seems like we're becoming the United Socialist States of America.

    189. June McCord, Marylan says:

      This is the biggest crock of crap i've ever heard, AGAIN. I think it's time to take back our country from the politicians and athiests and give it back to the PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    190. Brad, Texas says:

      I suggest we place the same laws on Ground Zero in NY. The Mosque is a serious violation and definitely constitutes a demonstration in an area that must remain ‘completely content neutral'.

    191. Alton, Little Rock says:

      Content neutral, huh? Un-bleeping-believable! This goes way beyond p.c! We cannot sing our patriotic national anthem at a patriotic memorial! That whirring sound is Ol' Abe spinning in his grave….

    192. Vicki Burgans says:

      So it is illegal for Americans to sing our National Anthem at our national monuments but it was ok for the muslims to have an enmass day of prayer supported by the usurper in the white house on public lands. I do not understand how this can be allowed to continue. Way past time for political correctness to be ended before this country is!!!!!!!!!!!!

    193. Janis Wash Mesa Ariz says:

      Well for one thing, no one shuts me up. I would KEEP on singing, take about 10 steps forward, and then sing louder. Does the police and government FORGET that all that land is owned BY AMERICANS?? It's the same thing as singing in your front yard. Washington administration will NOT take ownership of what is RIGHTFULLY Americans.

    194. I would've call the local & national news and said that a crimes was going to be committed at X:00 o'clock, and when everyone showed up, I would walk right back up to the monument and begin to sing at the top of my lungs!!!

    195. Sharon Wilmington, N says:

      I'm going to the Restore Honor Rally which takes place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I hope we sing the Star Spangled Banner. I may even start it myself. I hope Glenn Beck has seen this.

    196. David "Big Bear says:

      This has got to be one of the most assinine laws I have ever heard of!! I think we should get as many people as possible oh…. I don't know 3-4hundred thousand and stand on as many monuments as possible and sing our national anthem and tell the politically correct liberal nutcases to go blow themselves!! As Americans We'll bloody sing our National Anthem where ever the hell we want and as in big a numbers we want. It's called Freedom of Speech!!!

    197. Darren, Salt Lake Ci says:

      Has anyone actually seen the law in writing? I worked for Park Service and found they make up most the laws as they go simply to prevent from having to deal with any possible issues. I would have called this guy's bluff and sang even louder and prouder! While Law Enforcement is turning a blind eye to illegal immigration, they certainly have no problem with harrassing American Citizens who just happen to have a constitutional right to assemble. Seems like a very Communist thing, not being allowed to sing your national anthem in your nations capital and especially at a momunent that stands for the very freedoms were guaranteed!

    198. Greg Smith, Richmond says:

      I find that 9 out of 10 conservatives write with bad grammar.

    199. Curt Bremerton, WA says:

      I'd probably opt for being arrested. I'd love to see a judge find me guilty of patriotism.

    200. Kathy Jo Rudnicki says:


    201. Paul Shea in Westmin says:

      Wow! For Real?!?!?! What is this, if you go no the national monuments and you become offended to hear someone sing your national anthem then leave MY national Monumental area you two faced hypocrite!… My great grandfather served during world war two and was one of the people that captured the Nazi flag that is on display at the Eisenhower Farm. What did he fight for?… Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and the right to have the Freedom of Speech. If you were to look up that meaning of freedom of speech it means anything that is not defacing to another person. I think that this is an insult to all of our past hero's that served in the historic battles that has made America the nation that it is right now and is a major slap in the face to our hero's that are fighting currently because if we are not even allowed to sing the praised of our nation in our nations capital in front of the historic monument giving honor to the man who made our nation one undivided nation, than were else can we sing it where it would make the same impact. And we wonder why their is going to be a new mosque near ground zero,… its because we Americans are tolerant to lay down and just let the politically correct crowd run us over. This is the most crazy thing I have ever heard. If this truly bothers you take the time and right your state congressmen a letter and make them stand up for your rights, after all that is what their job is, to make sure that the peoples rights are not violated by an overpowering government. it is their jobs to know what their state wants and to do everything in their power to make something work for the states people withing boundaries that will continue to grow our nation.

    202. Ron, Texas says:

      Many people here have stated that they can't wait until November. For what? So that the same old recycled Republicans (backed by the RNC) can have the power again? What did they do when they had the power before? Did they secure the borders? Did they limit spending? The less of two evils is still evil. I'm not saying that the GOP is corrupt. I'm saying that those that incumbants are corrupt….from BOTH parties. Congress has an approval rating somewhere around 25%, yet we keep recycling the same politicians into positions of power, inus a few that lose their jobs. But who replaces them? Yet another candidate financially backed by the RNC or the DNC. We moan and complain about the system, but them we cast our votes for the candidate that is financially backed by "the establishment".

      We are ALL being played….on both sides My guess is that, should the GOP regain power in 2010 and retake the WH in 2012, the borders will STILL remain wide open and those Republicans in power will try to be "Compassionate Conservatives" once again. We will have 'thought' we won something by electing Republicans, but all we really did was put the GOP establishment and the RNC back in charge. We should have rejected these career, establishment candidates in the primaries. Instead, we will again see John McCain, Harry Reid, Lindsey Graham, etc. Because that's who the RNC and DNC financially backed, or who the talking heads endorsed, and we voted accordingly. Same ol' – Same ol'.

    203. Philip S; Stranger i says:

      The plan that is being executed by liberal progressives seems to rely heavily on instilling a deep sense of guilt and embarrassment about being American. They desire to isolate and beat down what has traditionally made this nation strong. When that is accomplished, they can take complete control. Consider well this excerpt from a 1928 speech by Joseph Goebbels (yes, that Joseph Goebbels):

      Adolf Hitler rightly answered the court in Munich in this way when he was asked: “How could you think of establishing a dictatorship over sixty million with such a tiny minority?” His reply: “If an entire nation has become cowardly, and there are only a thousand left who want something great, and who have to power to transform the state, then these thousand people are the nation.” If the others let a minority conquer the state, then they must also accept the fact that we will establish a dictatorship.

    204. CulturesMDcom says:

      Welcome to America…and so what are you going to do about it?

      Not a darn thing but sit on butt complaining about it…It's the american way now days….LONG LIVE THE KING….. :-)

    205. Mike, CA says:

      If I sang it in Spanish, would that be ok? Remember in November. Vote em OUT

    206. Van & Lou Quick says:

      It is time to arrest the park police.

    207. Zoe, Virginia says:

      I would think that singing the National Anthem anywhere would be embrased with heart and soul. I am saddend by what is happening, I wish I could turn back time and correct it all. Instead, I am supporting the Tea Party and their values, I at least feel like I am part of something good and wholesome again. Thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns here!

    208. Jill, Pittsburgh PA says:

      I didn't realized that the First Ammendment to the US Constitution does not apply in "content neutral" zones of America. Did the Founding Fathers ever envision "content neutral" zones? Every honest American will admit the answer to that rhetorical question is a hearty "NO!" Our founders welcomed and indeed, insisted upon, vigorous debate in all areas of government and public life. Certainly, no public access area in Washington, D.C. would EVER have been considered by them to be "content neutral."

    209. Paul A Mayo, Grand B says:

      Disgraceful. As a USAF Vietnam War Era veteran I fought and served my country for this? Enough of this stupid political correctness. It is helping to ruin my country, taking away my freedoms and my liberty.

      November 2, 2010 is coming and will be the first step for us common sense Conservatives to start taking back our country.

    210. Jim Smith, Canada says:

      It's simple. The next time I am at the memorial I'll sing the Star Spangled Banner.

    211. Gerald Fleming Mesa, says:

      What is going on here? We sing the National Anthem and stand while doing it in our Chruches, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    212. CPO(HM) M. J. Ashcra says:

      I don't give a DAMN about the law, what about COMMON SENSE? If I want to sing the U.S. National Anthem, I'll sing it where and when I please. As a retired vet, I feel the 1st amendment has been trashed by this illegal regime….And btw….I can see november from my living room window. Vote in November, and let's all TAKE back America!!!

    213. Ruby Stobie, Hot Spr says:

      The students certainly should have been able to sing the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial because he was the president that fought to keep the United States one nation and the song honors him.

    214. Puneet Madaan, Euras says:

      I heard that yesterday via some FB friend, but was not able to watch the Youtube video linked to it…

      Youtube said "This Video is not available".. though this time they don't have a some "Copyright" stuffs bla-bla highlighted as a reason for the unavailability..

      its just shows how much control these site are trying to put over transfer of information .. especially when it shows the bigger people how the big boss and big leaders are trying to control our lifes and freedom…

    215. Pat, Asheville says:

      Of course, this is not true but like lemmings, Fox viewers will believe anything they see.

      Common sense, people…..it is NOT illegal to sing the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial….However, if a large group wishes to do so as part of a protest or demonstration, they must first secure a permit.

      The national anthem has been sung THOUSANDS of times on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial….and you can even see it on TV….look up: MLK I have a dream speech and watch a million people sing along

    216. Fat, Old Guy says:


      Please listen to this song. It says it all!

      "I Want My Country Back"

    217. Joy, NC says:

      If this had happened to me I would stop singing too… AND START SHOUTING THE ANTHEM AS LOUD AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! How disgusting and disgraceful that anything as absurd as this could happen in our great country.

      Remember in November folks! That's all I can say!

    218. Mary McLeod, Houston says:

      You should be able to sing the National Anthem any place in America.

      This is our country. God bless America

    219. AC, Pennsylvania says:

      I believe it should be against the law to sing that unsingable song anywhere! Why did we never make America the Beautiful our anthem? Let's do it now! Then let's change this ridiculous law and sing it anyplace, anytime we darn well choose!

    220. Patrick Mason says:

      This is ridiculous. Nationalism and patriotism should be encouraged. If we can't promote these things in our nation's capital, then we are in real trouble. It's like we are ignoring the lives that our forefathers gave (especially in Lincoln's instance) in order to not "offend" anyone. If someone is offended by demonstrations of patriotism in our nation's capital and at our national monuments honoring national heroes, then those persons can be free to leave.

      Back in the 90's, I happened to be in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada on July 1 on the 125th anniversary of Canada's founding. In a public place, there was a Canada 125 cake and a group of Canadians singing their national anthem, and I was there. I thought it was really great and wasn't offended in any way. I would expect the same response here.

      If someone does not want to hear the national anthem, there are over 150+ other countries in which they could go to where they won't have to worry about that.

    221. Patrick Mason, Annap says:

      I have performed lot of national anthems at various events, including professional sporting events, and I can say that I've only had positive comments about it from those in attendance over the many years I've performed. No one has ever complained that the anthem was sung, that I've ever seen. People want to hear this song here in America. It is, after all, OUR anthem as a nation.

      At a professional baseball game, for instance, it is safe to say that there are people there from various nationalities, political affiliations, interest groups, religions, etc. So, does that mean that someday one of those people are going to contact the stadium or MLB and say they are offended? Will we end up not singing this song anywhere public because of this? Where will it end? 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 people, etc….everyone stops what they are doing and for a minute, an entire stadium of diverse people groups pay homage to our nation. They seem to 'get it' at sporting events. I witnessed the same level of reverence back in 1994 when I had the honor of singing Canada's anthem at a CFL game in Baltimore, even though it wasn't "our" anthem – people still showed complete respect. Overall, people treat anthems as songs that have a measure of sacredness and as a demonstration of respect and reverence to a nation and its history.

      I totally understand the "solemnity at the monument" argument that some bring up, but I believe that singing this particular song is actually a show of solemnity and reverence to Lincoln and America. I just don't get why we would be trying to prevent such devout displays of non-violent patriotism in a city and monument dedicated for exactly that purpose.

    222. Seattle says:

      The outrage over this strikes me as both manipulative and disingenuous; a trumped up "patriotism" test to use to attack political opponents by those so "hurt" by not being able to sing a song in a specific location.

      Never mind that the *law* is neutral, and is designed to protect the sanctity of the space, not to restrict speech. The singers could have moved mere foot steps to sing, and in fact *THAT* could have produced a powerful emotional experience for the people in the memorial, with the faint strains of music wafting in.

      I assert that the reaction is akin to that of spoiled toddlers prevented from some gratuitous act. Noise beyond a certain level is excluded from the memorial whether it is the anthem, a bull horn, a rap song, or simply a long string of curses.

      Patriotism and Freedom also demand personal responsibility. That responsibility includes weighing honestly and appropriately when, where and how we express ourselves.

      I'm sure there were patriotic people in the memorial at the time the singers were there. I'm sure they were probably offended by the intrusion. It was egotistical, selfish and self aggrandizing, and dishonors the spirit of both the place *and* our anthem.


      If a guard or anyone else told me to stop singing, I would let go with you a few choice words, and keep going until they took me to jail or backed off. I would have been more than happy to go to jail, and then court to state my views and Love of this Country! The other people here don't care if I like or dislike their views, and I don't care if they like or approve of mine. But I will voice them… this IS STILL AMERICA isn't it? free speech and all? Even your little note on the bottom of this page reads, "While we respect your first amendment rights, we are obligated to our readers to maintain these standards." We can't even speak our true thoughts or make a comment on YOUR site without being edited. So what your saying to me is you only want to share the views that YOU approve of also? Let the people speak their minds.

    224. Larry San Antonio, T says:

      Hey Asshole, show me that in writing, or is that another typical liberal tactic

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    226. Rev. Dr. Myron E. Cr says:

      Political "Correctness" at its best!

    227. Matthew, Oklahoma says:

      As a Full Time Police Officer I have a certain thing called common sense, and also something called discretion…This is obviously a case where the officer in question is a retard.. way to make us all look like a bunch of jack booted thugs. Thanks retard.

      In addition, I hope that the actions of this one moron don't disuade the rest of you from showing your patriotism and from engaging your local law enforcement in conversation to see what their views are. I think a lot of you would be surprised.

    228. Mary says:

      While this may seem like overkill, I see where the police officer and the law are coming from. While people might be singing one minute, they can be promoting an agenda the next. National monuments have to stay neutral so all people can enjoy their history and what they represent without the potential for others’ political beliefs being forced on them. Even with my strong free speech beliefs, I see the sense in this since its a rule that applies equally to everyone and every demonstration, no matter the content. You wouldn’t want abortion advocates putting up posters around any monument, just like others wouldn’t want to see the things that pro-life people would do. No one is allowed to do anything, no matter how innocuous it may seem at first.

      When a rule applies equally to everyone, like the laws for drug possession do (or are supposed to, you can get away with a lot if you have money), its fair. It doesn’t matter why you have drugs or what you’re planning to do with them, it matters that you have them. Just like it doesn’t matter what you’re doing here, it matters that you’re doing it. If some people get to have drugs or do things just because they want to wherever they want to, everyone should be able to. Unfair application of a rule leads to anarchy.

      Bravo to those who enforce the laws, however unpopular, for everyone. Once again, it doesn’t matter what they’re doing, it matters where. That is the true crux of the matter, not the “unfair” application of a fair rule. Its not political correctness or anything else, its simply enforcing the kind of law that conservatives are supposed to love (and as a matter of fact, had a hand in enacting) but rail against without thinking about the practicality when its packaged in such a way by Fox News to become a reactionary news story meaning that the liberal government (liberals, who are known for their free speech advocacy) is being mean to children.

      Think about it. Don’t just react to it. There’s a time and a place for everything. But this place is not the place for anything that disrupts the peace any more than your local church is the place for atheists to dance down the aisles in protest. Again, think about it and you will see that it makes perfect, logical sense.

    229. cynthia Jackson from WA. says:

      I would do what they did. SING!!!! SING with all ur heart!!..isn’t this still America….the land of the FREE!!!
      I would sing loudly and proudly…if I’m jailed so be it…

    230. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      Well maybe we should then just whistle Dixie, as Lincoln loved that tune and the South has now risen to lead the Second American Revolution and save our eternal Union.

      The United States of America is forming a more perfect Union by seceding from the "New World Order" of the international bankers, who hold all nations in a dominance web to usury.

      This Second American Revolution will send the carpetbaggers of the Yankee Nation packing, for good. That sound money policy of debt-free money advocated by Presidents Washington, Jackson, Jefferson and Lincoln, will finally come to fruition with the overthrow of the communist government which allows a Muslim temple to be built on the sacred Ground Zero site while at the same time banning the National Anthem.

      Power of the purse belongs to the people and not to robber barons who exact Dane geld from the American people, as if they were serfs under fealty to feudal lords of high finance.

      The true American heritage is of Rebel pedigree.

    231. Matt Shreve, South C says:

      I will be at the Lincoln Memorial next week and rest assured, my pipes will be well rested and ready to belt out that sacred song for everyone to hear, come jail or death by billy club/taser!

    232. Linda H, California says:

      Is it just the National Anthem, or The Battle Hymn of The Republic too? And what magical thing is supposed to happen just 25 steps away from the Lincoln Memorial? And from what direction? Don't they think that the singing can be heard anyway? When is all this schizphrenic behavior from the left going to end!

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