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  • Morning Bell: Under Obamanomics, Government Workers Win, You Lose

    Today the House of Representatives is expected to approve yet another bailout for those states that have proved incapable of controlling their spending on government worker pay, benefits and pensions. The $26.1 billion price tag will be funded in part by $11 billion in tax hikes on U.S. companies that compete internationally. From his trillion dollar economic stimulus to his $3 trillion tax hike it has become clear that President Barack Obama views the private sector the same way the Huns viewed a city – as something to be sacked and plundered for the benefit of public sector workers.

    The effect of President Obama’s policies is becoming clear. The Wall Street Journal reports that personal incomes fell across the U.S. last year except in areas with a high concentration of federal government jobs. Washington D.C. was one of just three metro areas that saw both net earnings and personal income rise. And those gains were due entirely to the growth of the federal government; private sector compensation in the Washington metropolitan area actually fell. Nationally, private wages fell six percent in 2009 while government pay rose 2.6 percent. And USA Today reports that federal employees’ average compensation has grown to more than double what private sector workers earn.

    Responding to the new numbers, National Treasury Employees Union President Colleen Kelley told USA Today: “The data are not useful for a direct public-private pay comparison.” And it is true: federal workers often are better educated and more experienced than private sector workers. But after controlling for education and experience, The Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk found that federal employees get paid 22 percent more per hour on average than private-sector workers. Throw in the lavish benefits that federal government workers receive, and federal employees earn approximately 30 to 40 percent more in total compensation than comparable private-sector workers.

    And it is not just federal worker compensation that has been insulated from the current recession. Unlike the private sector, the federal government has actually been adding jobs, too. According to Heritage Foundation analyst Rea Hederman, since the start of this recession in December 2007, private sector employment has fallen by 6.8 percent while federal government employment has actually increased by 10 percent. Even after factoring in state and local government job losses, governments, on net, have added 64,000 jobs during this recession while the private sector has lost 7.8 million jobs.

    Also according to USA Today, while President Obama may have ordered a freeze on bonuses for 2,900 political appointees last week, he also requested a 1.4% across-the-board pay hike for the other 2 million federal workers who are also eligible for additional seniority pay hikes.

    This is why Obamanomics is failing. Instead of forcing federal, state and local governments to make the hard decisions on government worker pay, benefits and pensions, President Obama is bailing them out. Instead of cutting and simplifying taxes, the President wants to raise them and use the tax code to punish American companies that compete overseas. Instead of cutting the marginal cost for private employers to hire new workers, the President is creating new taxes and regulations that make hiring more expensive. At 9.5% unemployment, every private sector worker must be worried about their job under the Obama regime. But not government workers. President Obama will always have a bailout ready to protect their jobs.

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    71 Responses to Morning Bell: Under Obamanomics, Government Workers Win, You Lose

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      In there attempt to be – "clever"

      HF has coined a new word – "Obamanomics"



      Recovery is what is needed,

      HF, WSJ, and FOX News Don't want that.

      They continually undermine confidence.


    2. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Another huge pool of supporters. Toss out some more money. Where's the union? Got to have a union. Try to make pay cuts in that environment. This is called a "network" or "community organizing."

    3. Brenda Cregor, Centr says:

      Government employees win.

      Small business men and women lose.

      As a teacher, and a public servant, I fall under the former category.

      My dear husband, unfortunately falls under the latter.

      A recent development for his business, and at the very possible worst time, is that one branch of the many construction unions in California is snooping around thinking of ways to "unionize" his workers.

      My beloved sat down with the union representatives for two hours to see how their proposals would "benefit" his business.

      This is what they came to:

      (1) His employees would have to shoot for 60K in monthly production as opposed to 20K, so he could pay for their increased benefits and salary.

      (2) His employees would receive healthcare, retirement, and "protection".

      (3) My husband's role in the process would be to pay for it all, but he would receive no additional…anything.

      There are no unions for the independent small business man/woman.

      As much as I despise them, as a government employee and "forced" union participant, I suppose I should be grateful that one of us might be able to survive this economic recession, and some of my husband's hard earned tax dollars will wind their way to my government funded paycheck and go towards making sure we don't end up in a tent by the river.

    4. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Ken Jarvis, how is it ok for Obama's policies to be Bush-like to the 10th power? I guess it is the Democrats turn to f*** up the world, real good like. I have no confidence you have a clear perspective, only revenge.

    5. Mary.... WI says:


      When this country becomes socialized and people become nothing more than robots/serfs, of the "great ruler" I'm sure you'll blame that on Bush too. You are NOT doing your homework Mr Jarvis. You need to look at both sides….closely…with opened eyes and opened mind.

      Heritage Foundation is right on and honest. Fox is gutsy enough to broadcast the truth after looking at it from both sides.

      Sorry HF….I got carried away and broke your rules.

    6. Jay Wilks - St. Loui says:

      By, "federal workers often are better educated and more experienced than private sector workers", I believe you mean a bunch of people with Masters and PHD's who have worked for the government for decades (this passes for experience).

      Should pay be based on education level and (protected) tenure or on performance?

    7. Dan - Fort Riley says:

      I'm one of those "government workers." I have been a "government worker" since I graduated from college. More than 20 years of active duty in the Army and now working for the Department of the Army. I work hard for the money I earn. I'm in an area with low unemployment, all credited to the fact that we have a strong federal government presence here that directly and indirectly employs lost of the people in the region.

      And the Department of the Army is looking to reduce the number of people employed. Lots of us DA Civilians are looking at the distinct possibility of losing their jobs.

      On another note, every time I turn around there is another move to reduce the benefits I receive as a disabled retiree. The promise of life-long free health care made when I joined the Army has disappeared, and now yet another study recommends increasing what I pay out-of-pocket for my health care. Tell me again just how much I don't deserve the money I earn as a "government worker."

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Mr. Jarvis, Congress is the one that got us in the mess, the Dems have been in charge since Jan 2007, they passed all this mess and continue to charge like a teen with a credit card on a shopping spree. The feds can keep bailing out states and companies and in the long run go broke. States need to live within their budgets, just as we have to, huge bonuses and perks need to be stopped. We are going to be worse off, at this rate than we were during the big depression, and what got us out of that was WWII.

    9. Alan says:

      Just like ourselves, everything we construct is imperfect and temporary.

      That said, how long will it take for this imperfect and temporary system being expanded collapses under its own weight and at what expense to us all?

      The danger is that we all under this system. When it falls, it will fall on us all.

    10. Gary Orphey says:

      Ah yes! And so the systematic legal plunder of American society continues unabated. As our economic edifice crumbles all we can do is just sit and wait for another election praying all the time that we do not make this type of mistake again and that it is not to late to correct the error of our ways.

      The Great State of Texas

    11. Dennis Georgia says:

      It is amazing that people still want to blame Bush for our problems, yet they are intent on taking up for obama and clan. I do admit that President Bush shares some blame. The truth of the matter is that Congress was controlled by the dems, [pelosi, reid and clan. The approval for spending had to include them as well. At the same time you have to admit that President Bush managed to get the economy to grow after 9/11, obama has not managed to get jobs created or to get the economy to grow except in the federal job made.

      The federal job market is a great position to be in, we the tax payer foot the bills, the employees union mandates the salary and the benefits, and we pay. The unions are the down fall of this country and our business. They are only after more handouts for everyone. The only ones that make huge salaries are the officals for the union. The more people they manage to force into the union makes them more money. They have no mercy for the companies, yet bad mouth the CEO"S for their salary. I ahve yet to hear obama say anything about the salary for the union boss's. He has said plenty about the salary for the CEO of companies. Everyone wants to talk down the companies that move overseas, yet the union's want more from those that remain. The corporated tax rate is awesome, one of the highest in the world. The tax rate on those high salaries is more than most of us make. Yet obama and clan want more from the companies and the CEO.

      When will obama grow up and except responsiblity for what has happened during his watch??? I think never is the right answer. The socialist way is his answer to all problems, keep the handouts going, increase them, and add people to the "guvment" way of life. Well the working person is in the minority now and will remain for a while. I wish some one would tell me what happens when all people are on the "guvment" roll of handouts?????


    12. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The more government employees, the bigger the government. The bigger the government, the more power and control over the people. Does anyone NOT recognize Obama's final goal?

    13. Czeslaw Colo says:

      This is a very misleading article. Do not try to pit the federal worker vs the people to what this administration is doing. Many of us have been working for government for years, way before 2008 and this regime. As for the lavish pay hikes and benefits, it isn't for the average federal employee who deals with the public and private sector. Try starting with the top layers of management in all agencies and that is where you find the excess of wasted money for pay and bonuses.

    14. Char Kolzow Bend, OR says:

      As far as Obama is concerned, his policies are NOT failing, they are

      succeeding VERY WELL. His set intent and purpose is to run our nation totally out of cash so that he can "change" us over from our constitution and our economy.

      We need to wake up and see that every time he spends billions or trillions that is "SUCCESS" to him. He, nor his czars have no concept of how to "run any business". The DO "have a dream" and it is coming true!! We need to WAKE UP! "Let the peasants eat cake" is one of the philosophies exemplified by the first family vacation extravaganza while so many of our families are in VERY deep hurt.

    15. Dick Baxter says:

      It's frightening when I read that same old mantra, "it was Bush who got us in this mess", denying the responsibility of the Democratic Congress during Bush's last two years in office.

      It frightening when I see people deny the nightmare spending of the current administration.

      Worst of all, it scares the Hell out of me when I realize the ignorance this kind of thinking displays. I can only hope that, in their ignorance, they are also harmless.

    16. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      What is it going to take for some politician that isn't in Obama's back pocket and who doesn't agree with this idiot and others in d.c.

      I am so sick of what has happened and continues to happen.

      It's been the same old crap for how long now with these unions that take and take and are nothing more than the middle guy which seams to be what people out there don't want but yet all the stupid dem's and liberals want to give to them ONLY because it's votes to keep them in office and THAT'S IT!!

      These are people who DON'T care about this country.

      If you don't like it here LEAVE

    17. KC - New Mexico says:

      Gee – I want a government job! The problem is I like to work, but most government workers I observe exhibit low productivity. I do not think I would fit in well with this unionized group that does not understand business or customer service. Oh well.

      I met a 90+ year old lady at a yard sale this last weekend – she is mad as hell as she put it with the president and congress. I asked her if she was going to vote in November – hell yes! I also was forwarded a letter from a 95 year old veteran in Hawaii – from Pearl Harbor – he is also madder than hell at the current administration and will vote in November. The consistent theme was their disappointment in congress and the president about tearing apart this great country.

      I watched a school superintendent who was overjoyed by the $26B bailout since it will help this year’s school budget. But what about next year? The city and state government are doing the same – very happy about the bailout money but have significant concern about next year. As I have said before – there are just so many pushing the merry-go-round. You can take from those who have until there ain't no more. Then what?

      Ken in Las Vegas – get your history straight – it was your senator Reid and other democrats who controlled congress during the last part of President Bush's term. They and the policies of President Clinton drove the economic issues. It is thinking like this that keeps our country from recovering. This is not a democrat or republican issue – it is a survival issue of America, its economics, its power, and its culture. When Obama and congress gets this straight – then we can start to recover.

      Come November – vote the bums out! We do not need politicians, we need true Americans who can make a difference.

    18. Etaya, Minnesota says:

      First, @ Ken. I believe you meant "Their" not "There" since there is a location and their is a possessive. There is truly no excuse for using the wrong word and when people use improper grammar in their posts it just makes them seem less intellegent. Of course, maybe you are in which case, carry on so that we remember who you are.

      Also, what is the point of pointing fingers at who is to blame? To distract people from the fact that Mr. Obama is making some really stupid decisions on his own. And you cannot convince me otherwise. How else would you explain the following passage:

      "Also according to USA Today, while President Obama may have ordered a freeze on bonuses for 2,900 political appointees last week, he also requested a 1.4% across-the-board pay hike for the other 2 million federal workers who are also eligible for additional seniority pay hikes."

      Entities at the Federal, State, County, City, and Family level have got to learn to be more fiscally responsible instead of just blaming previous administrations and passing the responsibility for correction elsewhere. Let me give you an example from my personal life to show what I mean.

      When my husband and I started dating, he was newly divorced. His ex-wife had poor money management skills and they were forced to declare bankruptcy. When I came on the scene, he had several credit cards not included in the bankruptcy that he was trying to deal with. I looked over the financials and managed to show him how to pay off 2 of the cards right away and to pay down the others ahead of schedule thus avoiding high interest. I did not wallow in the situation that the previous administration left for me, nor did I increase his spending in unproductive ways. Instead we (oh gosh, dare I say it?) CUT SPENDING and lived within a strict budget for quite some time.

      Government at every level need to do this, and immediately. Procrastinating and blaming others will not correct this problem. Only appropriate actions will. And Mr. Obama is not making the appropriate types of changes to cause a turn-around of any sort.

    19. Norm Klevens says:

      I agree with this article. And this is a part of the objective for Obama as he wants to demote America to the level of economics, ingenuity and dependence that exists in Europe. In his eyes, America is not exceptional, as it always has been. And some only read or see things that are only in print in the NY and LA Times. HF published an article about the so called Bush era spending, including the majorities he had in the congress. Bush's aim was defeating the external enemy to protect the country and signed bills with democrat pork to fund wars. He was too congenial toward the internal enemy; the democrat party. Essentially some think Obama does not have all the authority to spend money, but apparently Bush did. The plain and simple fact is the congress appropriates spending in all administrations. The democrats were in charge of money from Jan '07. Prior to that those evil Bush tax cuts paved the way to 14 million jobs. Although the democrats said they were only low paying jobs, some of us unemployed today, would take one of those jobs. It was the democrat party that got us into this mess [CRA, Fannie and Freddie], the democrats are continuing these same policies into 2011. Those who walk around with one eye open need to get real.

    20. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      If I hear the lefties blame Bush one more time I will have to vomit.

      They just don't have any other legitimate argument or solution.

      Obamanomics has been at work now for almost 2 years. The results are quite obvious. Let's stick with what has worked in history. Smaller government, less taxes and regulation and the private sector will recover and thrive. But the left wants socialism and mediocrity, not the beautiful freedom and ingenuity of capitalism.

    21. Barack, Washington, says:

      "Their", "there" and "they're" have three distinct meanings. Learn them.

    22. Kevin Habib says:

      Wow, I had no clue conservatives were so misinformed. Dennis and others blame the Democratice controlled congress of 2007 and 2008 for the economic recession and the debts and deficits.

      Obviously, you have not looked back at the last decade of Congressional action.

      90% of the debt and deficit over the next ten years are absolutely the sole fault of Republicans and President Bush. There are 3 main factors:

      The stimulus packages of 2001 and 2003 – costing $2 trillion. The tax cut stimulus packages were passed through use of reconciliation (you all remember complaining about the Dem use of that earlier this year?). The Republican congress let pay-go rules expire, then used reconciliation for the first time in US history to add to the deficit and debt.

      Then there were 2 unpaid for wars that President Bush launched – and he and the Republicans hid the cost by refusing to account for it in their budgets.

      Then there was the 2003 Medicare part D bill – another one the Republicans created and passed without paying for it – adding hundreds of billions to the debt and deficits each year.

      All these items that Republicans refused to pay for, along with their fiscal policies and economic choices – gave the economy a quick initial jolt, then, as many Dems and economists predicted, it all came crashing down.

      The facts are simple – the Clinton/Democratic budgets were the most succesful and fiscally responsible since the great depression. They had a balanced budget for 4 straight years. 4 straight years of balanced budgets – and not a single Republican votes for the 1993 omnibus budget bill. And much like republicans say now – they said then – calling it job-killing, economy killing, etc.. And as usual in matters of economic policy, the Republicans were incredibly wrong. 22 million jobs created under the Clinton/Dem plan.

      How many jobs did Reagan create? How many did GW create?

      Still amazed the Republicans can keep proposaing the same ridiculous ideas. What do they say about people who don't know their history and destined to repeat it?

    23. jlo, Montana says:

      As long as the republicans continue blaming Bush's woes on Clinton, and the democrats blame Obama's problems on Bush, we will never hold our current POTUS accountable for the mess du jour. We elect presidents to solve problems, not blame the previous administration. Both parties have been complicit in generating the economic problems we are currently facing the the greater economic woes that will come as a result of borrowing and spending money we do not have. In my state, both our senators brag about the amount of pork they bring home. And as long as our politcal system treats the national coffers as one huge feeding trough, then we'll continue to vote in the biggest hogs!

      The problem I have with the bailout of government jobs and the unbelievable pay raises and benefits packages government employees receive, is there is no improvement in productivity or services associated with this increased spending. Everyone knows it's virtually impossible to fire a government employee and nearly as difficult to make one perform if they don't want to . I have lost several employees to the government from my private business. Their reason for leaving? They wanted to work less and receive greater benefits! I have also hired several employees away from government jobs. Their reason for leaving? They got tired of red tape and working with others who were never held accountable or made to perform for their paychecks. I place the blame for this unfortunate situation squarely on the shoulders of government unions, which exist solely to collect union dues and influence politics, not to provide the best work force money can buy.

    24. toledofan says:

      I still can't believe the number of people who don't have a clue about who does what in the Federal government. First, Congress is responsible for spending our tax dollars, period. The President either agrees and signs the bill or he vetoes it. Once a President is elected he becomes responsible for the countries problems. If we're going to cdontinue to blame this all on G. Bush, then we should ask him to come back and fix the mess and once things are back in order we'll let Obama take over again.Keep in mind that Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reed were in charge staring in 2007, so, guess whop has been managing the economy; they both have 'D's behind their name don't they. So, please enough already, if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

    25. Tim says:

      It would be nice if the facts and figures from story to story supported and reinforced each other. It is really unfair to compare job growth and government employment statistics (percentages) with hard numbers from other stories. Put them both in the same context. If the US gov't increased by the percentage the sources in the story stated, what are those actual numbers? I would bet that a huge part of those were census numbers, used to inflate the percentage to unbelievable levels. And, yes, I work for the government, as a contractor. No, I don't make anywhere near 30 to 40 percent over my civilian counterparts, if you could even find one. Not too many people who work in the militarized sonar and weapons systems in the outside world. Not a fair comparison at all, so don't blanket me with that one. I am a conservative, and mostly vote Republican. It remember when pro-gov't people always voted Republican…when did my own country turn on me?

      • Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

        Please do click through to Hederman's analysis for the full context. You will see that the federal government numbers do not include temporary census jobs.
        Thanks for reading.

    26. Bob H Syosset N.Y. says:

      To Mr. Jarvis…Thos numbers from H.F. did not include members of the military. Furthermore gov't workers do not make anything, Every penny comes not from manufactureing of goods and services but from the taxpayers who actually produce things.

    27. Norm Klevens says:

      Facts are stubborn. Clinton enjoyed the tax rate cuts implemented under Ronald Reagan. And it was not until the '95 Republican congress that Clinton's economy prospered with Republican controlled policies. Republicans in the congress denied Clinton spending. The wars were voted for by democrats and were paid for through normal budget processes, unlike today when democrats have not even drafted a budget for the current fiscal year. And the tax cuts implemented under JFK and Ronald Reagan increased revenue to the federal coffers, as did the Bush tax cuts. For the creative writers here, try going on line to the Bureau of La

    28. Norm Klevens says:

      Facts are stubborn. Clinton enjoyed the tax rate cuts implemented under Ronald Reagan. Clinton's tax increases slowed the growth somewhat. And it was not until the '95 Republican congress that Clinton's economy prospered with Republican controlled policies. Republicans in the congress denied Clinton spending. The wars were voted for by democrats and were paid for through normal budget processes, unlike today when democrats have not even drafted a budget for the current fiscal year. And the tax cuts implemented under JFK and Ronald Reagan increased revenue to the federal coffers, as did the Bush tax cuts. For the creative writers here, try going on line to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see the jobs created and reductions during those periods,

    29. AMB says:

      I am all for teachers and social workers etc. they are important jobs BUT…what about us small bsuiness owners and private sector individuals? We are the backbone of this country and our work has been created with our own blood, sweat and tears. No one is offering me any bailouts and times are very hard right now. I am perservering, I am busting my butt every day to keep my business going as well as raising a family and working on an advanced degree. Who is paying me for this NO ONE but me. I think helping others when they are down can be noble but I also think that when you make a people dependant you are creating modern day slavery of sorts and especially a great voting pool. If people are always bailed out how do they learn to stand on their own two feet?? They DONT they learn to depend on being babysat by big government and will give up their rights as Americans to work and prosper on their own in order to be bailed out….it is truly sad to me. I am raising my children knowing the importance of hard work and tenacity in the face of adversity instead of sticking out the white flag and giving up before even trying.

    30. Joe O/North Carolina says:

      We are to blame ourselves for allowing our government to grow disproportionately. We thought our Representatives/Senators had us in there best interest. But, they fooled us, as we were busy raising our families or building our careers. We are to blame for buying a new car or the new house, and paying ridiculous prices because we want it. Is a corvette actually worth $50,000, a 3 bedroom 2 bath house $500,000. We let marketing tell us what we needed, and fell for it hook line and sinker. We allowed so-called liberal experts tell us how we should live our lives. Why? Because they have Phd’s and MSd’s. Really!!! Or was it easier to just do it. Democrat or Republican, there should not be a label/title such as freshman junior or senior Senator. We need term limits now. But, right now we need to clean house and hold these fools responsible for their need for power. Both sides, business and union buy the vote, and tell us “it’s for the employees”, or “what Americans need” but, the money goes back into their pockets. CEO’s, Union bosses, and congressional friends and family. Ask them how hard they work for it. We don’t need to, we can see it for ourselves. So now let’s dig deep. Muster up the blood, sweat, and tears we have suppressed and do what we must come November. It’s the least we can do for those hundreds of thousand who gave life and limb, so we can enjoy this free privilege.

    31. `Al Wigand says:

      Prez BO is trying to bankrupt the U.S.

    32. Ken Kaiser, Battle G says:

      Two points:

      1. It is useless to want or wish that those that blame Bush will change. That requires education, and the ability to think critically. That requires more effort than they want to expend because it interferes with their daily lives.

      2. I have worked in the private and public sector. The public sector covers skill sets ranging from warehousemen through engineers and other highly skilled professionals. Thus some may be overpaid but the professional side has traditionally been underpaid, as pointed out by Tim. It also includes those working for folks like the CIA NSA and others in interesting positions.

      Another individual has said that the government worker does not produce anything. The government can develop a prototype but it cannot by law go into production as that would be competing with the private sector.

      In the sector that I worked there was a need for an arbiter, a integrator and for a certification arm that was independent of a given industry. Systems requirements are complex. Out of necessity a given vendor will assemble a system based upon the capabilities of their firm. In some cases another vendor may produce a superior component. In other situations the vendor may produce something that is proprietary thus running the risk of tying the user to that firm in perpetuity. In some cases the architecture is such that it will not work in a Joint environment, in others the design runs the risk of disclosing sensitive information to uncleared individuals or conversely the information is too late or not integrated. These are but a few examples of where the arbiters or the other skill classifications should be government because they have no financial stake or proprietary stake in the product.

      As I said, I worked both sides, I lived better as a private sector employee, had more satisfaction as a government sector empoyee, but then that was me.

    33. Robert M, St Louis, says:

      Ready for some change of our own? Heard about the class action lawsuit against ObamaCare? Find out more at:
      http://www.obamacareclassaction.com (or)

    34. Robert Mounce says:

      It would be of great benefit if the American people knew who is responsible for controlling this growth in government. We know who causes it. It would help us direct our opposition

    35. Jeff, California says:

      Once you further adjust the figures to reflect the fact that the educated and experienced civil servants generally work 40 hour weeks while their (white collar) counterparts in the private sector work closer to 50 – salaried and "unpaid" for the additional time worked, the wage disparity becomes even larger.

    36. Robert says:

      Just another progressive slush fund.

    37. Clyde Kirkbride Broo says:

      Allowing unions to set wages and benefits for government workers amounts to unions setting taxes. It was not allowed until JFK installed it. It should be eliminated.

    38. Drew Page, IL says:

      Save your breatyh on Jarvis and Habib, they are hypnotized kool-aid drinkers who will continue to blame Bush and the Republicans for as long as they live. Nothing you or I say will convince them other wise. Unfortunately, there are millions more who blindly follow the same thinking.

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    40. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obamanomics is bad for the country because workers and unions win while corporations, bondholders, and stockholders, lose. We need a better President.

      We need a President who doesn't blame his predecessor for HIS failings. Any


    41. Bill Dayton, OH says:

      LVKen7@Gmail.com, Yes it is the proper liberal response to all of Obama's shortfalls to blame Bush. Go stick your head back in the sand. A liberal Democratic Congress got us into this mess, but never fear most of them will be gone after Nov 2010, and Obama will be gone in 2012.

    42. Mike, Chicago says:

      obama is trying to destroy this country as we know it.

    43. TOM D. TULSA,OK says:

      Ken has expressed and restored my faith in the intellectual capability of the majority of Dem. voters whom put Obama and his socialist cabinet in office, and use the "blame someone else for your mistakes" tactic. God, If only rocks had brains!

    44. Thomas GOODRICH says:

      ken jarvis, who was the start of today's comments is just like every lib you talk to! when are they going to get out of the past, come to the right now and realize that if you can show just something positive to us we will try to help!!!!! but all i see is more unemployment, me encluded i've tried erery thing and still can't get empolyment!! P.S. i was working every day when bush, clinton, bush, and all the past presdents enen carter, all the way back to truman never had to draw unemployment!! why now!!

    45. BigKev (NC) says:

      People like Ken Jarvis are totally lost. $11 billion of this bill will be paid for by companies that compete overseas. How many US companies is that? I would say over 85% of them do some form of competition overseas. So all this moron in the White House is doing is forcing businesses to pay more to operate and that means less capital to hire more workers here in the US. It is amazing how the libtards do not understand the trickle down affect of these kiss butt union vote buying bills have on the rest of the contry.

    46. Ron Derry NH says:

      Sadly the brainwashed minions of the democrats still don't get it. The 2007 budget was done by a DEMOCRAT congress and NO president passes a budget… CONGRESS does, The fiscal insanity that has become GW legacy IS THE DEMS in Congress who started unraveling the spending machine into hyper debt mode. George wasn't good but the DEMS are far exceeding their worth as leaders.

      How anybody can blame Bush at this point is deeply troubling and quite near insanity.

      This CONGRESS and its reign of terror before Obama and during Obama is set to destroy the economic structure of this country for well into the future with no sign of them or their DEMOCRAT followers ever coming out of the drunken stupor to take responsibility for their regression into Socialism.

      All the Heritage and us sane people can do is keep asking the minions to learn basic civics and read something about our economic history and please stop crying BUSH DID IT long enough to get an education based on REAL facts not wishful thinking and hate filled accusative fantasies.

    47. Matt - Shreveport says:


      The main thing we want the federal government to do is protect us from foreign enemies. That is accomplished through our armed forces. We salute you for your service and want to see you benefit from it. What we are angry over is that the liberals controlling our government will cut our national defense so that more bureaucrats can be hired and that more regulatory agencies can be created to control every aspect of our daily lives. No one is begrudging you for what you so rightfully earn, our attention is directed towards the civilian federal workers.

    48. Paul San Diego says:

      To Dan from Fort Riley… nothing wrong with government employees… i was one for 8 years in the army at Ft Riley as a matter of fact, but the fact is that the government needs to take money from the private sector to pay for government workers. There's nothing wrong with that, but it is a drag on the private sector no matter how you slice it. The public sector does not create wealth or create anything. The country is in trouble and doesnt need more tax burden put on it to pay for more gov workers.

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    50. Hermes Liberty, Wash says:

      What is sought is actually much more dangerous and ominous than just despising the private sector. It is a yieldind to the insatiable thirst for power that those behind Obama nurture. It is time to know those, M and its SF for they are the true suckers of everything.

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    52. Charles, Texas says:

      As retired Army and retired Dept of Army civilian, I wonder where all the "lavish benefits" went. Under the new retirement system ,FERS, employees are encourgaged to contribute to an IRA/401 ro supplement reitirement. Under FERS, retirement benefits were reduced from the old CSRS system. Federal employees pay into social security, as well Federal and state taxes, just like everyone else. And, based on longevity, they get sick leave and general leave. And unions DO NOT determine pay schedules for Federal employees; that is managed by the Office of Personnel Management. A few years ago, the Dept of Defense attempted to implement a new pay system for DOD employees, NSPS, which based pay on performance, not time in service. The unions complained because members would have to perform to their job descriptions, and this current administration halted NSPS. As a manager I welcomed NSPS because it gave me some tools to get poor performers to improve, or released. Unions that have Federal employees exist to ensure poor performers keep their job, so that they can continue to pay dues.

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    54. Billie says:

      Kevin habib, you are so drunk on Kool-aid, you spin everything only willing to open your eyes to anything, but truth. Unwilling or unable to grasp.

      Your president claimed "change" everywhere that since, has been made WORSE BY YOUR HARD WORKING TO DESTROY AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Obama served his time in congress, so to blame Bush, who didn't step over his bounds of his duty as president, like Obama, the only president of America, that is and continues.

      …and Ken Jarvis, "Obamanomics" has been around for quite some time…

    55. Billie says:

      Kevin habib, you are so drunk on Kool-aid, you spin everything only willing to open your eyes to anything, but truth. Unwilling or unable to grasp.

      Your president claimed "change" everywhere that since, has been made WORSE BY YOUR HARD WORKING TO DESTROY AMERICA, PRESIDENT. Obama served his time in congress, so to blame Bush, who didn't step over his bounds of his duty as president, like Obama, the only president of America, that is and continues.

      Just because you are (I think) a man that refuses to live up to your own human existence, using your own human abilities with your own brain, then you should move where freedom isn't possible. You clearly do not want the responsibilities or own the dignity to live free.

      …and Ken Jarvis, "Obamanomics" has been around for quite some time…

    56. Henry says:

      Any politician that runs on a platform for government workers, that have a life time job (tenure) . obamba had not let signed his union teachers raise $26 billion more, than our state was pushing for a raise.

      The private sectors do not have jobs, yet the teachers want a raise and more benefits. Poor teachers have to work nine months out of the year and have a job for life.

      America spends more money on education and has the dumb down kids.

      Vote someone in that will fire some of the teachers and their bloated education system.

      Cut their salaries and benefits, close the post office to three days a week, send have of washington home, bring home all troops and close all foreign bases, tax every american company that out sources or has american jobs in foreign countries.


    57. Cindy Baker Waldport says:

      I'm a government worker. When I applied to work for the USFS, I had heard it was a decent paying and secure job. So I chose to work in the government sector. Anybody could have. I'm a GS-5 making under 40,000. per year. Yes, it's a good living wage. I chose job security. There shouldn't be anything wrong with that. Why are we being demonized? There are thousands of government jobs still open and available. Sometimes I just want to say, "Quit whining!"

    58. Lisa in Beaufort says:

      Obama is destroying the economy deliberately. He has to tear it down in order to impose his socialistic ideas on all of America, whether we like it or not.

      My husband has worked in the Avionics field for the Gov for 30 years. He's flown out to aircraft carriers at a moments notice and repaired equipment that keeps our jets flying safely in the air. He deserves every penny he earns. We do not have a huge retirement fund. Both of our vehicles are 1995 models. We pay our modest mortgage each month without fail. We live within our means more than most, yet we don't have much to show for it. The people you need to be focussing on are the ones he's hired to build stupid, ridiculous 15 mile long walking paths to push an environmentalist agenda on the American people. They would like everyone to take public transportation, ride a bike or walk while living in green townhomes with no yard. Everyone should be paying close attention to what's going on in their own cities.

      Additionally, my husband has noted the sudden appearance of Homeland Security guards on the base. We have seen military vehicles with no markings when traveling upstate. If you live in a predominately Republican state with military bases I'd wager the same is happening in your town. Is this the private army that Obama slipped into the healthcare bill that our representatives didn't bother to read? What is their purpose?

      America better wake up because something is happening while we're all distracted by everything else he's doing. I don't believe Obama is about socialism, and he isn't about the environment either. There are mosques popping up everywhere. Our border is leaking terrorists who are setting up shop on Fed land while they prepare for Jihad in America and Obama is protecting them while they do it. Ask yourself this… why was his very first act as President to stop the trials at Gitmo and bring Terrorist leaders to American soil? The horrors that happen in other countries are about to happen in America. Please prepare.

    59. Lisa Beaufort says:

      Interesting.. You decline to post my comment? That really makes me wonder…

    60. Chad- Iowa says:

      The government is way too large and still growing. Wrong Wrong Wrong! It was never intended to be this way and is a huge drain on the private sector. Look at the billions that the post office keeps losing as an example. Complete insanity. Blaming does nothing. Vote the buzzards out that are doing this. Take the time to find out who's voting for these bills. Stop taking the handouts and thinking it will never end. Stand on your own two feet like our forefathers did. Stop being lazy Americans and engage. Put down your iPhone and shut off Ellen and start caring about your country before it's gone completely.

    61. Bobbie says:

      Cindy, if all of us are government employed where would our check come from? You chose to work with and for corruption. Government obligates as much as they want from the private sector so you can have a nice living. Your job, certainly overstaffed, isn't worth it's salary. Private sector businesses use their own money and do business honestly, it's their money and they are held accountable. Private business is run efficiently, government runs the opposite because it isn't their money! If government corrupts, oh well, no one is held accountable. Because today's federal government makes it an added hardship and more difficult then it's worth, the private sector will be gone. Where will government checks come from? We'll be a third world country before that happens. The bigger the government the less freedom of the people. Please stop promoting socialism.

    62. Larry Gillihan, Arka says:

      What else can we expect from crooks? The government is full of them, including the president. We 're not going to do any better until we throw them all out. I say we should file charges against them for violating the constitution. It is illegal, and they can be thrown in jail for it. We should start with the president.

    63. Lorne Marr (Toronto) says:

      Not fun. While acknowledging that federal employees should be rewarded well and according to the type of their work, there is one thing that could be done – and that is to make do with fewer of them. Sometimes technology can do the work just as well, and sometimes just a remodelling of a system or work flow can save the time of everyone involved.

      Mr. Obama should press hard for each state to simplify their bureaucracy, centralize operations and invest in technology that actually helps decrease the necessity to hire new government workers.

      On the other hand, at least something remained stable during the crisis, even though I don't think this is the best form of "government spending".

      - Lorne ( http://lsminsurance.ca )

    64. Tina, Minnesota says:

      Since I first voted in 1979 my vote counted. In our last Minnesota senatorial election the democrats fraud showed me that was not always to be trusted. The papers reported that Franken really lost but he is still a government employee on my dime. He will hopefully lose the next time but I bet he gets a nice pension for the six over paid years his ACORN buddies helped get.

      Labor unions up in the range got themselves a winner in Dayton in the primary for governor. It will be really interesting to see how many Minnesotans who remember the last government caused depression will vote. He has pretty deep pockets and has his pension from his six years as a fed so he will be okay if he loses. Some dems I have talked to think he is a little too far to the left to win though.

      We have a 5 billion dollar deficit that the dems in charge of both Minnesota houses didn't pay for this year. The cuts will be hard and deep because we are also one of the most unfriendly to business states out there. Lower revenue means more taxes or spending cuts at the state level. The federal teat will dry up and we will be on our own.

    65. Mike on Lawn Guyland says:

      After nearly 20 years in the free enterprise system (supervisor in a brokerage firm, retail sales, telecommunications), in 2001 I chose to take a $12,000 pay cut to leave a major telecommunications firm to go work for the Department of the Army. Had I accepted a similar position to my DA job with a private firm, I would have been making well over TWICE what the government paid me. There were no howls of outrage then over 'underpaid civil servants' nor should there have been-I made my choice. Yes, there are civil servants who are lazy slugs-just as there are rude store clerks and unreliable business owners. Working in the free enterprise market does not sanctify an idiot, nor should civil service demonize a decent person. Most of us a hard working and do our best to be responsible stewards of taxpayer money-but we can only operate within our limitations.

      Incidentally, I have also been a small business owner (a franchisee, we had a store that served as an auctioneer on e-bay) and part-owner of a restaurant, as well as being a union member (NOT by choice!) and supervisor of union workers.

      I expressed these same sentiments in a polite and reasonable manner to a World Net daily columnist and in reply he essentially spit in my face-which is why I no longer read WND.

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