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  • Government Fears Bungled Crisis Might Traumatize Children

    One of the persistent disappointments of the government’s response to the Gulf oil spill has been their refusal to immediately rescind the drilling moratorium. The tragedy of the initial spill and the resulting damage has only been magnified by the President’s decision. The moratorium has had a devastating ripple effect across the local Gulf economy with suppliers, service industry and port personnel joining their neighbors in the oil and gas field in the unemployment lines. Rigs have already left the Gulf as a result.

    Several weeks ago, we reported that the President sent the Surgeon General to the Gulf to educate the public on the mental health problems which could result from spill-related stressors (including, no doubt, no longer having a job due to the President’s moratorium). Now, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has followed suit, producing a new guide, Tips for Talking to Children & Youth About the Oil Spill Disaster (PDF), which lays the blame for your children sucking their thumbs or trying to get out of chores on the possibility they heard the news of the spill. Next time your teenager begins to “resist authority” or “become disruptive or aggressive at home”, two of the listed “symptoms”, you’ll know the culprit. It’s not teenage angst, it’s the oil spill.

    Whether or not you place much stock in the government’s diagnosis, the point remains that it will do little to help those in need. This guide simply exemplifies a typical government response to a problem: a waste of money that fails to provides solutions to real problems. If the federal government is really concerned about the stress on families affected by the Gulf oil spill, the President could immediately put an end to the drilling moratorium. Watching their livelihoods evaporate as a result of the President’s overreaction is probably a greater source of anxiety. Ending the moratorium and pursuing smart reform can provide something no government pamphlet can: real, lasting solutions.

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    5 Responses to Government Fears Bungled Crisis Might Traumatize Children

    1. Jameson Lewis III, A says:

      There are several documentaries on this very subject: Leave It to Beaver, Rebel without a Cause, Father Knows Best, On the Waterfront, The Twilight Zone, Westside Story, Easy Rider, et cetera.

      They are in stark contrast with "Happy Days", which made a mockery of the good old days.

    2. Billie says:

      and I suppose everybody elses puberty was the potential oil spill? Keep this government out of your child's mind! They cause an illusion for crisis and another government hand holding…

      Federal government education is and will continue to destroy the child's ability to think free to reach their fullest potential. The government is overstepping their bounds to indoctrinate. What other reason would there be when the people point out, it's not the federal government's job? And it's not in the interest of the people. And government is creating an illusion for a useless, fraudulent need to increase taxes. But the deaf and blind, who yet lead, create all kinds of wastes of jobs and force the taxpayers increase taxes. One tax paid expense is children's problems, the government has interfered, as they supply a tax paid counselor for any problem, with or without the parents knowledge, which should be a violation of ethics as a or the parent(s) should be the counselors of their own children and the government should never be permitted to counsel with influence, anybody's child but their own.

    3. Billie says:

      referring to student counselors. sorry about that.

    4. Roger, Boise Idaho says:

      I skimmed through the "Tips for Talking…" guide. What an absolute waste of time and money! How about we do something to fix the problems rather than talking about how we feel and letting us know there are no bad emotions. I may need a "Tips for Coping with Incompetent Government Leaders" guide for my mental health.

    5. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The only lasting effect on the childern and people of this area is the absolute hatred for Obama and his administration. They now realize just how Obama used them as pawns for photo opts for the national media. The now know Obama deliberately delayed and prevents steps to minimize oil damage to their marshes. They now know local politicians were threatened with withholding fedreal funds if they complained in public. They will recover because they are tough enough to do so. But be assured, it will be generations before they forget what Obama did to their way of life.

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