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  • The Bill With No Name

    This Congress has broken a lot of ground, but for all the wrong reasons. Now it has another ridiculous notch to add to its belt: Congress is poised to pass a major piece of legislation without bothering to give it a name.

    To recap, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told us that health care reform would have to pass before we could find out what’s in it. Then, for the first time since the modern budgetary process was enacted, the House decided not to pass a budget (avoiding one of its principle duties). Now, as the Cato Institute reports:

    H.R. 1586 has adopted the name, the “______Act of____,” apparently because of the haste with which the Senate wanted to pass the bill last week.

    The Senate’s substitute amendment on this $26 billion spending bill had a placeholder bill name, and it could not take time to replace the placeholder

    What’s in the bill is even scarier than Congress’ flagrant laziness. It’s a $26.1 billion bailout for state governments, funded in part by $11 billion in tax hikes on U.S. companies that compete internationally. That piles on top of the $862 billion stimulus and a long list of massive deficit spending.

    Have some suggestions for what the bill could be called? Feel free to post your ideas in the comments below.

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    52 Responses to The Bill With No Name

    1. George Colgrove says:

      Government Employee Bailout II

      - I have to say I am getting very concerned about the diminishing energy of the Tea Party and the conservatives. We are running out of gas. The nightmare situation will be in November when we are just too exausted and overwhelmed of all of this sheer disregard to reality that they and their ruling class RINOS stay in office. There is much work that has to be done to:

      1 – reverse these bills

      2 – Reduction and elimination of domestic programs, agencies and departments.

      3 – Overhauling the federal workforce (as well as state workforces) so that it no longer becomes an attractive place for "get rich" and "live high on the hog" mentalities.

      4 – Bring pensions already in place under control

      5 – limit the power of unions

      6 – open the government once and for all so that we the people can know what has gone on since FDR – we need the truth!

      7 – Get our intellegence comunity under control and under a budget – we need it to be lean and mean

      8 – remove waste, redundancy, overlap

      9 – Make federal employees accountable for their job performance. If they oversee other feds or contractors, they should be held accountable for the performance of those two entities.

      10 – I could go on

      We have had 70 years of government abuse. It has been pushed on us by war tactics – we need to use strength and conviction to overturn not only legislation, but government practices that have robbed this nation blind.

    2. Grace McGovern says:

      Call it the EYPTHICA (empty your pockets taxpayer, here it comes again) Bill.

    3. Typaldos, Nixa, Miss says:

      I would like to suggest "Another Act of Stupidity"!!!

    4. Simon, San Jose says:

      Delicious Act of Pork

    5. John H. Jackson, Mic says:

      "What the hell, its not my money" Act of 2010"

    6. Lynn Prince, Maine says:

      "Latest Act of Stupidity"

    7. Mr. Potato Head - Mi says:

      "Money for nothing and your tricks for free"

    8. Janet, Alabama says:

      I would call it "Another Act Of Deafness"!

    9. Rick Toronto says:

      The Second Act of Blackballing the Taxpayer

    10. Andrew, Abilene, Tex says:

      The Flagrant Misrule Act of 2010

    11. Hank, MI says:

      That way when someone challenges her on the bill she can say "What bill are you referring to?"

    12. Mark OKC OK says:

      The bill should be called

      The Continuing Act of Irresponsibility

      ________ ____________

    13. James Tomlinson says:

      Reckless act of Idiots

    14. S. Chunkman, Atlanta says:

      Considering the current leadership's tendency to vote of bills that haven't been read, much less even written, the fact that they vote on one that just has no name is sadly an improvement.

      I sure hope Pelosi and Reid don't get too attached to their prime location office space. Hopefully they each may be needing to acquire some moving boxes soon.

    15. Kevin, San Leandro C says:

      How about Another Act of Indecency.

    16. Gary - Michigan says:

      The "we'll scratch your back if you'll scratch ours" bill. This is to help fellow government employees isn't it?

      How about "Keep that stimulus money coming" bill?

      "What me worry?" bill.

    17. Kristen, UT says:

      "The Umpteenth Act of Bilking the American People"

    18. Billie says:

      "THE COLLAPSE ACT OF AMERICA." But that only gives it real meaning.

      …goose bumps on the song!

    19. Alf, Marietta GA says:

      In 1586 Sir Francis Drake plundered St. Augustine, FL

      "The Plunder America Act of 2010"

    20. Michael M. from Simp says:

      the Gift to Democratic Delegates in the National Education Association and other Unions Act of 2010

    21. Randall Eddings says:

      The "Another Bail-out for the Unions " they hope no one notices!

    22. Robert Kimm, Crestvi says:

      H.R. 1586 should be called the Tax and Spend Act of Liberal Democrats

    23. Kevin Short Lubbock, says:

      It should be called the Screw America Act of Pelosi.

    24. Aging Hipster, VA says:

      Clearly, the Left has won the culture war when The Heritage Foundation — The Heritage Foundation! — cites a song that was inspired by a Salvador Dali painting and is sometimes interpreted as an ode to heroin. Far out, man!


    25. pe17415, Louisiana says:

      "Another Act of Stupidity"

    26. Thomas Clements,Brou says:

      Called It The :

      Destructive Act of Economy

      Wreckless Act of Money

      Pity Act of Ridiculous

    27. Stephanie Barone, Ka says:

      how about "the financial rape act of Americans future"?

    28. Rolland, Oregon says:

      Let us distribute your money Act of the USSA

    29. Chuck, Carbondale IL says:

      "The Last Act" (for all that voted yes).

    30. BOBBY,GEORGIA says:


    31. Pam Hansen says:

      In my opinion, the best name so far is that put forth by Mr. John H. Jackson of Michigan. Hilarious! :)

    32. Alex, Lakeland says:

      How about the Tax Payer Decimation Bill……..or……Economic Assasination Bill……………….

    33. Neal Palmquist OH says:

      Leaving it to be known as the bill "Who's Name Cannot Be Spoken" seems to be accurate enough for this Congress. Why don't they just go ahead and pass a whole bunch of empty bills with no names in advance and fill in the details after.

      We have to pass it before we know what is in it and we have to vote on it before it gets a name. This seems like the perfect cover for Democrats. In elections they can be accused of passing specific laws and the Democrats can deny accountability by just looking stupid and asking, "What bill?"

    34. Kim, Northborough, M says:

      It should be called the "Kill More Jobs Act of 2010", imho.

    35. Phyllis in Texas says:

      H.R.1586 has adopted the name JOE WILSON…..Act of; YOU LIE

      No other words needed!

    36. Jeff, Rehoboth says:

      I like the idea of calling it CRUD or the Campaign Redistribution Underwriting (for) Democrats.

      The money goes to the states, and then to the public service unions, who pay their dues to the likes of SEIU, who in-turn make massive donations to Democrat causes.

      What's the incentive to reduce the size of State Government: Zero. In fact it's growing. What's the fastest growing segment? Union workers. Go figure. I wonder if Heritage can tell us exactly how much of the $26B will end up as Union dues.

    37. George, North Caroli says:

      Like most left wing spending I would call it BUYING VOTES!

    38. debby, new york says:

      Since it seems what is, isn't; and what isn't, is…let's call it the "the emperor has no clothes – summer wardrobe funding bill". (And not whisper amoungst ourselves about what we see, but clearly and loudly point out the deception being promoted.)

    39. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Union Empowerment Act of 2010

    40. Jim - Ohio says:

      "KILL AMERICA – [ACT V.] They've GOTTA GO !!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Tim Az says:

      The Money Laundering Act of The Desperate to Get Re-elected.

    42. Linda, Placentia says:

      BOHICA — Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

    43. Brian - Glendora says:

      "The Intolerable Act – Part VI"

    44. Lynne says:

      Democrat Union Money Bill or DUMB

    45. LARRY FLYNN TAMPA, F says:

      The "Wealth Redistribution Bill" Or the "Negative Incentive Bill"

    46. Curt Baxmann, Sugar says:

      The Crass Act of Arrogant Spending 2010

    47. Dave K, Tucson, AZ says:

      A nameless law is lawless by name.

    48. John S, Orlando, FL says:

      Call it the FINAL Act of BETRAYAL. We hope so, anyway.

    49. Joe the Plummer says:

      Not long after this bill passes (if it does) they will suddenly find a name for it: Take All Your Money, An Act of Leaving You For The Wolves.

    50. CHERYL , NE says:

      I'm partial to "Another Act of Stupidity"

      Or how about "I Can't Hear you and you wouldn't Understand this Anyway"

      VOTE THEM All out ASAP. ALL OF THEM!!!! We All know More than they do! Hopefully they will find out who is Stupid on Election Day! Since the Country is already bankrupt, one would think, they may have noticed. Budget anyone?? I do! I notice when my banking account is empty, guess he is too busy on vacation and golfing! Guess he will need to have another career when he loses this one! so can't begrude him that I suppose. Pro-golfer is as good as anything. Look at Tiger!

      Not to mention, I just can't get my printing press for money to work! (Darn) His seems to click right along night and day!!! Just not fair! and therefore, he thinks all our rich. No jobs, no nothing! Wants us to become a third world country and we are almost there. I'm just wondering who is gonna make the bread while we all are waiting in bread lines? Nobody will be able to afford the flour, will they???

      Maybe the illegals can bake the bread, between killing and robbing and raping! Perhaps that is his plan and has nothing to do at all with votes!!! Just a thought. Am trying to be informative like the rules said is all!!

      "Nothing but a Kid in a Candy Store for the first time" is perfect description for him!

      Oh and his shrine in Kenya honoring his birthplace is almost ready to open. So guess we need to pack and go see where he was really born! Anybody want to organize that tour? and go visit???? I just can't wait!!! ….. Yea right????

    51. CHERYL , NE says:

      dear Heritage, Am I supposed to moderate this or are you still reviewing?

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