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  • Morning Bell: Blaming Bush Doesn't Create Jobs

    In January 2009 after it became clear that the leftist majority in Congress would pass President Barack Obama’s $862 billion economic stimulus bill without a single vote from a Republican, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended her partisan approach, telling Politico: “Yes, we wrote the bill. Yes, we won the election.” Last Friday, some 19 months after the stimulus bill became law, the Labor Department issued its monthly jobs report showing the U.S. economy shed 131,000 jobs and unemployment tread water at 9.5% as 181,000 workers left the workforce entirely. These numbers are so terrible that the Federal Reserve is expected to downgrade its assessment of the U.S. economic outlook when it meets tomorrow. Desperate to shift blame away from her economic policies, Speaker Pelosi released a statement Friday blaming President George W. Bush for the economy’s anemic recovery: “Today’s report shows our teachers, police officers, firefighters, and nurses are still feeling the worst of the Bush recession.”

    Notice how Speaker Pelosi is only concerned about the economy’s effect on government and unionized workers: teachers, police officers, firefighters and nurses. If you happen to work for the government, Speaker Pelosi is prepared to move heaven and earth to make sure your pay isn’t cut. But if you work for the private sector, Speaker Pelosi has nothing to offer you but higher taxes. That is why she is calling back the House to vote on another state government bailout. This time the price tag is $26.1 billion, funded in part by $11 billion in tax hikes on U.S. companies that compete internationally.

    Speaker Pelosi can try to play the blame game all she wants, but the facts of her economic record are rapidly catching up with her. Since becoming Speaker in 2007, Pelosi has embarked on an unprecedented deficit spending spree, including a $700 billion financial bailout, a first $186 billion stimulus, a second trillion dollar stimulus, a $1.5 trillion health care expansion, a $447 billion omnibus spending bill and a $15 billion doc fix/Medicaid bailout. All told, since Speaker Pelosi first took the gavel, discretionary spending has jumped 25%. The results of the Speaker Pelosi Spendapalooza? Since Pelosi became speaker in 2007, the nation’s unemployment rate has risen from 4.6% to a high of 10.2%, to today’s 9.5%.

    What Speaker Pelosi and her leftist colleagues in Congress just do not understand is that government spending does not reduce unemployment. The resources the government spends do not materialize out of thin air—they are taken from the private sector. Government spending substitutes for private sector investment; it does not supplement it. Increased government hiring does not increase the total number of jobs in the economy. Money spent on government jobs creates new jobs in government, but it also takes jobs away from the private sector. The result is fewer jobs overall. Studies of Sweden’s labor market show that for every 100 new jobs the government creates, 114 jobs in the private sector are eliminated. Other studies have shown that countries with greater government spending and larger public sector payrolls have higher unemployment.

    The only thing worse than Speaker Pelosi’s accomplished spending spree is her hoped-for record tax hike. Despite a 9.5% unemployment rate, Speaker Pelosi wants to raise taxes on those businesses that earn 72 percent of all small business income and pay 82 percent of all small business income taxes. Speaker Pelosi doesn’t seem to care that small businesses generate about two out of every three new jobs during recoveries. And why should she? As long as unemployment remains high, she’ll just blame Bush.

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    52 Responses to Morning Bell: Blaming Bush Doesn't Create Jobs

    1. RG, St Simons Is says:

      Does anyone else think that we might not be in this mess if we had not enacted the 17th amendment? The House and Senate should be a check on one another; not holding hands and skipping merrily down the yellow brick road together.

    2. Pat-San Antonio says:

      Does "Speaker" Pelosi know that of which she speaks. I personally think that she is a person whose mouth is bigger than her brain. How can this woman validate any of the worthless things she has accomplished? Lets bring back sanity to government.

    3. Mary.... WI says:

      Nancy Pelosi, Obama and his administration and the democrat party are all living a lie. They all lie constantly in order to convince Americans they are right. They're too weak and incompetetent to admit they've been wrong. But then again, destruction of this country is what tops their agenda.

    4. Bob H Syosset N.Y. says:

      Neither Pelosi or Obama are that stupid. They both know exactly what they are doing. The scheme is to destroy the private sector so as to foster a complete government takeover, in other words a transformation(in obama's words} of the American economy. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT'S TO LATE.

    5. susan w. horne says:

      Bush is yesterday we can not change yesterday it is done. Obama is today he has his chance now.

    6. Ron Derry NH says:

      the left has no grip on reality and are leading the country into demise. I half wish it was a plan then they could change it but instead I do actually believe they have no clue as to how an economy works and have spent 40 years proving it with their destruction of value and earning by scheming and social engineering.

      We are hopelessly lost if the American UNIONS continue controlling the vote with their blind ignorant government workers that are proving so selfish that they will bankrupt a nation to subjugate it to their communists ideals.

      The arrogance and total lack of respect of monetary worth gained by individuals laboring across this country, and to deceive them and the currency with such ineptitude should be treasonous. If a CEO of a company invested so poorly, and lied so often about the future results of his incompetent knowledge he would not just be fired but arrested for fraud!

      This Pelosi Reid and Obama combination is executing a death spiral on America out of sheer ideological incompetence and should be brought up on charges of delinquency of intelligence and arrested for fraud.

    7. Mark Boabaca says:

      I think your headline is misleading. It should read,"Blaming Bush Doesn't Create Jobs in the Private Sector".

      Obviously, job growth has been steady and unemployment low in the public sector. The unemployment rate is unbelievably low at under 4%.

      In my Florida county, where the service industry relies on tourists and snowbirds, our unemployment rate is 14.2%.

      I think people on both sides of the aisle are tired of hearing that this is all Bush's fault.

    8. MJF, CT says:

      When President Bush was in office, we had jobs.

      When President Bush left office, the deficit was in the billions of $.

      In less than one year:

      Mr. Obama put millions of Americans out of work.

      Mr. Obama infiltrated the private sector.

      Mr. Obama's deficit rose to over $1 trillion.

      Yeah…. it's all President Bush's fault!

    9. Prudent Man, CFA says:

      In 2007 Obama, Biden and Hillary were in the Senate and the Democrats controlled Congress. We then went into recession. Any correlation here?

      Obama now states didn't understand how bad the economy because it wasn't as bad as he made it. His collectivist Transition Team was loaded with clueless academics and leftist who have no knowledge how Competitive Free Enterprise functions. Like FDR, they poured kerosene on the economic fire.

      What legislation in 2007 and 2008 did Obama, Biden and Hillary introduce to prevent the recession? We are probably fortunate the answer is none as they would have just made it worse.

      If and when the dysfunctional Republican Party and its incompetent RNC wake up they may try to propagate the facts to voters. They never stood behind Bush when he was criticized on Iraq or when he wanted separate trust accounts for social security so why should anyone think they would show courage now. Dole and McCain as presidential candidates; how awful.

      Once again I will have to vote for the less incompetent politicians as no person can change our politics as our politics change the person; proof we need a Referendum for Congressional Term Limits. Only the elite in politics, foundations, academia and the media oppose them.

    10. Turner, Massachusett says:

      $26 billion Federal dollars earmarked specifically for teachers for bailing out states is simply buying votes and putting state sovereignty at greater risk via the use of debt (no doubt this is something Pelosi learned from the Chinese and political donors.) The entire government complex, state and federal, needs to take a pay cut, a reduction, until they balance their budget all the way down to their constituents. As such, each and every employee can make adjustments in their personal budget. Individuals will make cuts that will trickle down and trickle up. Cutting jobs so certain people can maintain salaries bloated by the excesses of yesterday's bogus economy created under the supervision of worthless and corrupt politicians will only overburden the remaining workers and in this case our kids suffer and the security of our future is put at risk. The economy those salaries were based upon was bogus and I pray it is not coming back. WE ALL MUST SUFFER AS WE COME BACK TO REALITY. Pelosi, be trendy, take a pay cut!

    11. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Since Jan. 2007, over 3-1/2 yrs. the Dems have controlled congress and the spending, to blame G.W.Bush is rediculous. Congress is out of control, the Pres. and his family spending is also out of control when it envolves tax-payer monies. We need to enact methods that will incourage businesses to start, stay, and grow here in the USA. Ms. Pelosi has put herself above the average citizen, a private plane at taxpayers cost, refusal to even listen to the average American, this Congress and Administration are so out of touch with the general public.

    12. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      Government jobs do not eliminate unemployment but only add to it. Government jobs are paid for with tax dollars they don't contribute any wealth to our economy. Government jobs don't really pay any taxes as their wages and benefits are all paid for with our taxes.

      One must a look at any and all government jobs only costing the tax payer more taxes, adding nothing to the economy or any tax revenue.

      One exception to this is our US Military, if not for them we wouldn't be here. They should always come first in our spending unless we want to surrender to those forces looking to dominate the USA.

    13. Rod Stanton, Cerrito says:

      Blaming Bush has created many jobs the last 6 years. Jobs for politicians

      Defending Bush on the other had is a job killer..

    14. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      If the people of this Country want to turn the Greatest Country in the World into a Welfare State and a Third World Country run by the current Communist King and his Court Jesters, then vote for House and Senate Communists that vote on Legislation that they DON'T READ. Otherwise vote the Bitches and Bastards out of office, this is not a DemoCOMMIE ReubliRAT issue its survival of our way of LIFE. Stop being DEMO and REPUB and start being an American. Next time you drive by a Military Cemetary remember those men and women thought enough of our Constitution and Republic to give their lives so we could live free from COMMUNISUM AND A GOVERNMENT OUT OF CONTROL.

    15. m powell lakeview, o says:

      I would like to be able to read the comments

    16. Tim Lucas Siloam Spr says:

      The deficit was "one sixth" of the current amount when Bush left office and "Obama" took over. He started at the doorway and painted America into a corner. They will spend as much of the funny money as it takes to take down what was "America the Free" and transform it into what has never worked anywhere, socialism. Another form of communism. Blame Bush is old, we are tired of it, it's your baby. You created this mess, "you", the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Case in point, fair housing act operated by house democrats Dobbs, Franks and a couple others all responsible for poor decisions and should be fired yesterday. I suggest get the vote out and get rid of as many democrats as possible given the lesser of two evils.

    17. DANNY, HERMANN says:

      Don't cut her short. Pelosi and her henchmen know exactly what they are doing. Their goal is not to grow the country, it is to take it down. Complete control is the goal and they only way they can get it done is by complete collapse. Everyone has an opinon and that's mine.

    18. George Barthel, Peac says:

      If you watch many of the programs such as C-SPAN over the past weekend and a few of the other shows, you can get a sense that people are frustrated by BOTH political parties.

      So, we can waste a lot of time blaming each other or we can work on solving the problems we have now.

      Finding solutions to our silly tax code and entitlements would be a start. They are the reasons for the massive debt and the future deficits that we will be able to control.

      Thank you.


    19. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Communist countries always blame the USA for the woes in their coutnries. We are the bad ones causing all the evils in the world. This is done to distract the people to an outside source for their misery.

      Obama, Pelosi. Reid, and all the other progressives blame Bush and the wealthy capitalists. They villify anything and anyone else that they can blame for their own failures. Unfortunately, some stupid people believe this and buy into their propaganda. Especially evil are the media that acts as the means for them spouting their lies.

      November is probably this Country's last chance to begin the process of restoring America to the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is our opportunity to send as many progressives and other incumbent hacks packing. Unfortunately, these anti-americans will receice fat pensions for the rest of their lives at taxpayers' expense!

    20. Harry, Georgia says:

      I am 75 years old. i said to a friend the other day, "I think it is so sad that our children will have to put up with this." His comment was, "Well, it was our children and grandchildren who voted this adolescent into office." It's just so sad!

    21. Greg Katz says:

      The Obama disciples can blame Dubya all they want; however, until they have aplan in place and let it run, they're just mouthing off. The Dems are scared about losing seats in November, as they should be.

      Obama and those who put him in office are working towards a complete transformation of the United States from being the most powerful country in the world, economically, standard of living, militarily and politically, and to are working to bring us down the to Socialist Marxist level of an already failing Europe.

      Ya know the New World Order thing that we've been hearing about for 20 years? It's already here and in control of our country. Unless the kids in our colleges start mobilizing and demonstrate on campus about the failing of this country, we're all screwed. The kids are the ones who have the power to bring us back.

      The 'redistribution of wealth" is going to ruin us for the next 20 years if we don't vote out the Dems in 2010 and Obama in 2012.

    22. Thomas Kenney, Ligon says:

      Why the surprise with the highest filing for Social Security? This year is the the leading edge of the "Baby Boomers" qualifying for benefits, even if filing a year or 2 early.

    23. Judith in Michigan says:

      It's very simple, really.

      Hign unemplyment, more people on the dole, more people dependent on the government for their very existance.

      Food stamp usage is at an all time high. Unemployment in many areas of the country is in the mid-teens. Here in Detroit, it is over 14%. It is 45% for black youth.

      Rising taxes keep companies from investing & growing. or even keeping their doors open.

      Ms Nancy is quite the little Socialist, isn't she?

      The more people are dependent on government, the more voters the Democrats are buying. Quite a dandy set-up.

      Sounds like "The Perfect Storm" to me.

    24. Dennis Georgia says:

      Spend is all pelosi, reid and "ruler" obama understand. Their fourtunes are secure, their power and controll is a stake. We all must remember this in November and VOTE.

    25. Alan says:

      The current oval office occupant does not know how to accept responsibility and can only substitute blame in for that word. Whether is a strategized use of words or a psychological tick born of some insecurity I cannot tell. The truth remains the country is still losing jobs and thereby fewer people are paying taxes to support ever expanding government expenditures which drives the republic deeper into debt. The social engineers have been proven wrong, decisively. It has taken well on 75 years of this sort of policy to learn this. I think we have gotten the message by now.

    26. Jackson, Denton TX says:

      Of course blaming Bush or anyone else isn't solving anything. Truth be known, it is the insane spending by this congress and potus which is at fault. This is a desperate last-ditch effort by the Oblameya machine to continue finger pointing and hope some of this tripe will "stick" – they are going to get a huge wakeup call in NOV…

    27. Carolyn Irwin says:

      I think it's time to vote the bums out and retake the house and senate in November.

    28. Jackson, Denton TX says:

      What's your point Thomas of PA? Would you just "walk away" from an investment program into which you were FORCED to contribute for 45 years???

      Given an option I suggest an overwhelming majority of workers would choose to participate in a private retirement fund and tank SS. But the govt will have none of that, it would put a damper on their ability to rape and pillage the funds for "general" spending. These funds were NEVER intended for anything but to pay back the investors (all of us). They violated that and now the $$$ is evaporating fast. Your kids and mine will probably never see their SS stipend. That is JUST WRONG.

    29. Alton Drew, Atlanta, says:

      Mrs. Pelosi's administration of the nation's purse strings since January 2007 makes me paraphrase Ross Perot's great sucking sound analogy. Mrs. Pelosi and the Democrats are ferociously puncturing the tires of the economy. Rather than seeing cars pulled over on the side of the road, Mrs. Pelosi should have written the stimulus legislation such that more infrastructure would be spent on.

      We all appreciate what teachers, police, and firemen do, but while they deliver a noble service, what we need in America is more production of stuff that can be put into the stream of commerce. Only private sector jobs do that.

      Alton E. Drew

    30. toledofan says:

      I read an article today that says we may need another WPA to get the economy moving? Holy Toledo, are you kidding me, does Pelosi and her cohorts really think that they are doing the right stuff, I think if they do, they must be from another planet. I just can't buy the policy that these people are trying to bring the country down so they can fix it, I just don't think they are that smart and I really think they don't have a clue of what they are really doing because they have no common sense. I think they are just doing what they know, spend and when you need to do something else, spend some more. It doesn't matter if we don't have the money, worry about that later. The only record Pelosi and company can boast about is failure.

    31. Noreen Shorey burlin says:

      It's too late to blame the past administrations. It's time to Do the job to fix things NOW!!! It should not be on the backs of people who are barely getting by now. It should be on those in office lining their own pockets and they need to put their piroties in order. This is America lets keep it that way. If you don't like it leave.

    32. Anita Metairie says:

      SEE Plastic Face Pelosi, the Repubs were right the stimulus is worthless, your obummercare is worthless, your job increases are worthless; I can go on and on. You demos (this is the correct way to pronounce your party's name because you all are demolishers of anything you touch) are right the Repubs are the paryt of KNOW.

    33. Joel, Long Beach, CA says:

      Being a retired teacher, I find the attacks on teacher unions and teacher pensions to be very unfair. To begin with half of the funds in teacher pensions come from the teachers themselves through payroll deductions which are matched by the state.

      Secondly, teacher salaries in the U.S. are significantly lower than those in the private sector despite the years of education including bachelor degrees, graduate studies and credential programs AND required continuing education. Additionally teachers spend their own money to help fund the cost of supplies and materials for their classrooms.

      Thirdly, only those in education have any idea how many hours of work are spent each week by teachers. For myself between the time spent on campus and in the classroom and time spent working at home and during vacation periods was easily 70-80 hours a week.

      And lastly, very few people have what it takes to be a teacher. Perhaps that is why the average teacher lasts only four years. How many of you consider how awesome the responsibility is of passing knowledge on to the next generation?

      European and Asian countries understand this. Perhaps that's why teachers in those countries are highly respected and compensated.

    34. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      I’m sorry to have to make one minor correction to your article as to “….Congress would pass President Barack Obama’s $862 billion economic stimulus bill without a single vote from a Republican….” It should’ve read the “House” as there were 3 Senate votes for the wasteful failed porkulus bill – (then Republican) Benedict Arnold Spector, and the 2 RINO senators from Maine. But don’t worry. I agree with the rest of this article. I also agree with MJF, CT. That’s the question we need to ask all the drones, leeches and naïve liberal morons who continue to support this leftwing regime we currently have in D.C. If Bush was so bad, why was the economy so much better during his tenure – especially before the Demo-rats took back Congress in 2007…..The reason they lie about so many things and falsely blame Bush is they know so many Americans are dumb enough to believe their lies!!

    35. taitoirlwk says:

      The main goal of the oval office is really the redistribution of wealth, re: entitlements, freebies, and handouts to freeloader. And this what makes the nation in a bankruptcy situation. To save face, Obama and his cohorts just blame Bush for everything Yup! Bush was even the reason why Katrina had happened! huh?

    36. Neal Palmquist says:

      I'm not so sure that Americans will suffer at the hands of the Democrats and then turn around and ask for even more socialism. If that is what the destruction of America is intended to achieve, then the the Democrats are mixing a batch of "blow up in their own faces."

      In some ways, Nixon's scandal gave birth to Carter. Yet Carter's incompetence gave birth to Reagan who may never been elected without America's voter remorse. This socialist plan to bring Americans down to their knees and bow before the god of generational national debt may prove to get them all chased out of town. I hope then we all spend the rest of our lifetimes reversing the damage done.

    37. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Virtually every move this Congress and Administration has made has been on very shaky Constitutional grounds. We have skated on and skirted the constitution for almost a century. In addition, the amendments made in this time frame have been almost 180 degrees away from the intent of the original document.

      The 17th is a classic example. The founders were very specific as to intent, the Senate was to be elected by the State Legislators. The House as an organ of the people and the Senate to express and be subject to the will of the States.

      Income Tax and the Federal Reserve were items specifically discussed in the Federalist papers and many private correspondences by the Framers. The bulk of those discussions were by way of warning of the pitfalls that came with these concepts.

      The Judiciary has altered and "amended" the Constitution numerous times with judgments that were based on mere wisps of constitutional findings, legal abortions/infanticide and "legal" illegal immigration are examples, a footnote (added to a ruling) by one Supreme and a complete misinterpretation of an amendment by a Court majority in the other.

      It probably is about time to seriously look at what mechanisms are available to amend the constitution and/or to convene with adequate restrictions a Constitutional Convention. With the numerical preponderance of attorneys in all sectors of our society a Constitutional Convention is a truly scary thought.

      But, perhaps the time has come.

    38. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      OK, so WHAT good do you think

      Blaming Obama for Bush Mistakes,

      HOW will that help?


    39. Leith Richmond says:

      Please Ms. "Nasty Play Loosely", be a big girl and own what's going on.

    40. Ted Stein says:

      Jobs are jobs. If public sector jobs are preserved, they put money directly into the economy through purchases, reduce unemployment payouts (would you rather these folks collect unemployment, or work for their wages), and reduce the number of unemployed workers competing for the same limited jobs.

    41. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      This is unprecedented. Reagan didn't blame Carter for the recession he inherited in

      the early 1980s, Clinton didn't blame George H.W. Bush for the recession he inherited in the early 1990s, and George W. Bush didn't blame Clinton he inherited in

      2001. So what happened? MMM, MMM, MMM, Barack Hussein Obama! happened.

      Obama, like FDR, and the Democrats from 1932 to 1980, when they beat up on Herbert Hoover. The Republicans had no defense against the Democrats' vast left

      wing conspiracy. All Republicans at this time, were treated the same as Herbert Hoover. It took the Republicans twenty years to recover from the Democrats' perception of Republicans. Republicans are racists, for the wealthy, and are in the

      pockets of Wall Street and Big Oil. Obama loves to use predecessor, George W. Bush, as a whipping boy. Why? He hopes that Democrats will do the same thing with Bush that they did with Hoover. They want to make sure that Fannie and Freddie get bailed out at taxpayer expense ad infinititum. They're printing money

      like the Weimar Republic in the 1920s and Zimbabwe today. In Germany, before

      Hitler came to power, it took a wheelbarrow full of worthless Reichsmarks to buy a

      loaf of bread. What we need to do is to cut spending back to what it was in the 1980s. Then we should buy back our national debt from the Chinese and tell them

      to stick their lead toys, pesticide-;aced pet food, and failed communist ideology,

      where the sun don't shine. We should attack Iran and North Korea, if they don't

      give up their nukes, we should lower income taxes, lower corporate taxes, and eliminate the "death tax," in order to encourage people to save money for a rainy

      day, and that governments, like families, SHOULDN'T live beyond their means.

      That means you sacrifice. That means, Mr. President, that you don't go on ten vacations on the taxpayer's dime. It means you shut your pie hole, quit your jaw

      jackin',, and get to work on solving our problems abroad. Let the states figure out

      how to get out of the hole they're in, and you take care of the headaches that beset

      us with countries like Iran and North Korea. Shut your pie hole deal with the more

      important problems like the Somali pirates. From 1785 to 1794, we suffered similar

      depredations from the Barbary Pirates, why? Because we didn't have a navy. We

      were so broke that we sold off the last ship of the Continental Navy, the USS Alliance, because we couldn't afford it. When Lee Iacoca was the President of

      Chrysler in the 1970s, he asked the government for a bailout because his cars weren't selling and at the time, the average price of gas had risen from .50 a gallon

      to $1.00 a gallon. By 1980. the year I graduated from high school, it was $1.25 a

      gallon. Speaking of Lee Iacoca, after he paid back the government bailout money

      in 1981, he ran ads on the three networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC, thanking the American people, and ending with the following: "In business, you either lead, follow, or get out of the way. It's time for Obama to get out of the way.

    42. Kathy, South Carolin says:

      Maybe we should require anyone running for office to have had a course in economics or at the very least take a course on how to balance a checkbook.

    43. Pablo Alto, NYC says:

      The commentary here is interesting to read, though it is no more grounded in reality than stuff you hear from Pacifica radio. It seems to bother all of you immensely to hear that the former administrations policies contributed so much to the current malaise, but it is true. The response to Hurricane Katrina just being one example. President Obama was elected because the people looked at the alternatives offered by Senator McCain and the former Governor of Alaska, Ms. Palin and though the better of it.

      The current climate of finger pointing and intransigence on the part of the (not very) loyal opposition is not helping the country to move forward. On the other hand, it sure seems to help ratings on Fox News and donations to the (so called) conservative institutions. It would be great if all of the hyperbolic verbiage spewing forth here could be converted into positive action, but if things actually improved, what would you have to complain about?

      Have a nice day!

    44. Billie says:

      …and only government wastes time and money creating worthless jobs. This country would be alot better off had the government rightfully held the businesses accountable and no government bailouts existed. But where there is a will to waste and destroy, there is a way to cover and continue…

    45. bill san diego ca says:

      Pelosi and Reid think the way to save their jobs is to spend more money and buy more votes. Term limits are needed especially on the 100 Senators, They are totally out of touch with the citizens of the USA.

      Neither party is especially ethical but the one in power is the worst.

      A big change in the Congressional membership is needed in November.

    46. Larry Jasper says:

      I've read all your comments, and believe you are right….Polosi is supporting Obama's vision "spead the wealth", but to be defined it is to the rest of the world not in our country. He is taking Americans hard work, hours upon hours, and giving it to other countries where their citizens only work 20 to 35 hours a week, where our private citizens typically work 40 to 69 hours. This is done by government spending and interest payments, breaking our economy.

      I specifically handed to the federal marshals for the Pres. to be Obama a business plan for the economic recovery of the USA. It included building a maglev rail system (solar conversion to hydorgen powered electromagnetic systemapproved in Michigan) accross the USA using the "right aways" provided on US highways issued in 1961 by the Preesident. It also included a system to incorporate the local small businesses providing them wholesale cost of good, utilities, and affordable technology, using "Green" energy. This proposal supported the creation of 13M jobs within the next 3.5 years. Obviously, this is not what has occured during the last 2 yrs. and it is not what this administration wants, because then the country would actually benifit from new manufacturing and put USA 10 to 20 years ahead of any other nation, reduce our dependence on oil, and CREATE JOBS in technology fields like Nano, Nana, Aerospace, Information and computers data transmissions. These are absolutely what we need, and by changing the time to get to another destination with little cost and security concern would only increase large business profits, thereby, increase the need for small businesses.

      So in conclusion, I say they know what they are doing, because they are informed and believe they can spin it differently, while the American public sits and watches, but we must stand up now and change the congress so we have a say in what will happen in the near future, or we will simply fade away…..

      P.S. Teacher, I know you worked hard but so did many private citizens who worked hard only to see the government and unions take from them to help you. Thier families are suffering, yours are not, so why then do you get all of the benifits, because your educated. The countries you talk about have citizens being paid .82 cents a day for thier effort, starving the general public, and only those chosen ones get the opprotunity to teach, here you choose it yourself. Thank God your here and not there, because we need good teachers, but also note that our children need to learn about the constitution and all of its benifits to legal citizens. Our issues with illegal immergants is related to thier own government officals stealing the monies from their reserves, the US not wanting a waring nation at thier borders allowed it by NAFTA, supporting and not inforcing immagration, changing the language and wanting to join the two countries to make one continent, but to do that there can be no Constitution. Hmmm…….your educated so you know this, right…..paper is paper, common sense works every time.. I can right a book on the various applications to support these words, but this is only a blog…

    47. john arizona says:

      1. And to think, Ms Pelosi will get re-elected as long as she wants to be in the House. The loons of San Francisco don't seem to know any better. They are very comparable to the loons who will continue to vote for Barney Frank and the rest of the gang of liberal thugs.

      2. Obama and his gang of high brow intellectuals knew exactly what the economic situation in the USA was the day they took office, and promised all sorts of great "change". Now, their "change" has proven to be a disaster, so they look around for someone or something to blame, and guess who they pick on – G W Bush. Why not? The voters in 2007 didn't vote for Obama, they voted against Bush. Looking back, are we better off with the "failed" policies of G Bush, or the disaster that Obama and his gang have implemented?

    48. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      Time for Obama to take the training wheels off his tricycle and GROW UP!

      he needs to be reminded that" Leaders take accountability for their actions while Losers always whine and blame everyone else for their Inadequacies"…Having the USA at 10% unemploiment via the ruination of the Economy does not equate to 8 yeras of unempmyment average at 7% , as low as 4.5% with a market ar 14,000 while having the deficit 4X smaller that the Obama spend, spend , spend with nothing to show but union and Governmant jobs…..

    49. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      It seems to be BHO’s favorite pastime – whining and blaming Bush for everything!! Well, I once inherited a big mess myself. Before going to Florida to finish college, I had an accounting position here in New York. It was a good non-profit organization and a pleasant office environment, but in a somewhat disorganized accounting department. My predecessor(s) left me many incomplete reports and account discrepancies going back further than I could research. HOWEVER, I had to work as best I could to try to correct the matter. I worked there about 18 months (same length BHO has now been POTUS). Of course, had I been like BHO (just whining and making matters worse), don’t you think I would’ve been fired in 18 weeks?? But look what BHO did within 18 weeks – nearly quadrupling Bush’s largest deficit, and signing that failed costly stimulus/porkulus bill. Sadly, unless he can be impeached, we’re stuck with BHO at least until 1/20/2013. Hopefully voters will wise up in 2012 and make 1/20/2013 ‘THE END OF AN ERROR’!!!!!

    50. H. Steudemier, New Y says:

      This is extremely bad news for Obama. He's probably sitting in the White House right now, saying, "'Blaming Bush Doesn't Create Jobs'? But – but that's my whole policy! I got nothin else!"


    51. ckirkland says:

      Obama's actions apprear to be purposeful and those of his cabinet, and that is to destroy this country. His "change" for America has been the worst in my life time.

    52. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      It seems Barack Hussein Odumbo and his democraps love to blame everything on Bush, never mind the fact that GW Bush left office 20 months ago!! Well, if we want to blame Bush for all of America’s ills, here’s the right way to do it:

      ….B…. Bumbling Bigmouth Biden, Barney Frank the Banking queen.

      ….U…. Unlimited government and bureaucracy, Uncontrolled deficit spending.

      ….S…. Socialist Statist democraps, Shmucky Chucky Schumer. Secretary Sebielius.

      ….H…. Hussein Obama, Henry Waxman, Hillary Rotten Clinton, atty. general Holder.

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