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  • Summertime Blues for the Taxpayer

    Sens. Tom Coburn (R-OK) and John McCain (R-AZ) have put out an excellent report on the 100 most wasteful projects funded in President Obama’s $862 billion Stimulus plan.  The report, Summertime Blues, is important for conservatives to read from cover to cover.  This report contains some of the most egregious and wasteful programs ever recorded.

    One project that has been the subject of much discussion is a Wake Forest University Study on how Monkeys react under the influence of cocaine.  This project received $144,541 in Stimulus funds and produced only a fraction on a job created (0.43 according to Recovery.gov).  The Coburn-McCain Report stated the following about this project (Coburn-McCain Report project 28):

    Researchers at Wake Forest University think that, in at least one case, it is good to monkey around with your stimulus dollars. The Department of Health and Human Services has sent $144,541 to the Winston-Salem college to see how monkeys react under the influence of cocaine. The project, titled “Effect of Cocaine Self-Administration on Metabotropic Glutamate Systems,” would have the monkeys self-administer the drugs while researchers monitor and study their glutamate levels. When asked how studying drug-crazed primates would improve the national economy, a Wake Forest University Medical School Spokesman said, “It’s actually the continuation of a job that might not still be there if it hadn’t been for the stimulus funding. And it’s a good job.” He added, “It’s also very worthwhile research.”

    The left is defending this project as important research on substance abuse, yet this seems to fall outside the category of what an average American would consider an essential element of an economic stimulus package.  This may turn out to be President Obama’s Bridge to Nowhere, because this program has not shown evidence of efficient and effective job creation.

    This is not the only project that will provide a moment of levity and shock to those who follow how our federal government is spending our tax dollars.  There is a 1.9 million grant to the California Academy of Sciences to send researchers to the Southwest Indian Islands and east Africa to study Ants (Coburn-McCain Report project 6) and a $141,002 grant to Montana State University to send students to China for the study of Dinosaur Eggs (Coburn-McCain Report project 76).

    The Coburn-McCain report also contains evidence of Stimulus moneys being used to promote the President’s agenda.  A Public Relations firm based in New York, Ketchum, Inc., received $25.8 million in Stimulus money from the Department of Health and Human Services to promote health information technology (Coburn-McCain Report project 32).   Two Texas Universities, Rice University and the University of Texas at Dallas, received $193,956 in Stimulus funds  from the National Science Foundation to study voter’s perceptions of the Stimulus (Coburn-McCain Report project 45).

    This is merely 4 programs in the 100 documented by the Coburn-McCain report.  Americans should demand an explanation from elected officials on why they allowed tax money to be squandered on these projects that don’t save or create jobs.

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    52 Responses to Summertime Blues for the Taxpayer

    1. Aaron M. Norcia says:

      Conservatives are absurd and draconian to say the least. The stimulus saved thousands upon thousands of jobs. Just ask the 32 Repubs who called it an atrocity & voted against it then in local newspaper articles were photographed handing out giant checks to small business owners and quoted in saying it saved their communities. Get a grip. If a 41 vote minority can gridlock the legislative process, no matter WHAT Democrats do, then we're screwed.

      The Republican party wouldn't piss on this country if it were on fire.

      Blocking jobs, unemployment, stimulus, etc……

      Give the tax breaks to the richest 2% so they can put it in their offshore account, rather than giving the breaks to the middle class who are 2 or 3 months behind on their rent/mortgage. Whose electricity is going to be shut off in a 110 degree summer. To people who will spend it, circulating it right back into the economy immediately. The rich don't create jobs, revenue does.

      Common sense, or so you would think.

      If you make $500,000 or more a year then I can see exactly why you're in support of Republican philosophies. If you're a middle class American, the only other reason (other than obviously loving poverty) that I can possibly fathom is you're a racist and the tea party is the closest in tuned to your beliefs.

    2. Dr. Edward Kimble says:

      Bypassing the peer reviewed granting authorities is the danger. This is an area that has been researched extensively on almost every level. So about the only justification is to provide funds to keep open existing labs for other drug research. NIH is the group to look to for determining that importance, not some board of governors or senator foghorn. If NIH says go, I would tend to believe them. Otherwise, shut it down,…

    3. Aaron, San Jose, CA says:

      Government = FAIL

    4. Kristie Carlini says:


    5. Beda Diaz says:

      stop monkeying around w/taxpayer money. We live on a fixed income, need our medications and this morning, I don't even have a drop of milk for cereal. Obama

      please spending money for foolish things. Thanks for keeping us informed about

      the foolish things and spending that goes on in Washington.

    6. Lorraine says:

      I think the monkeys in Washington better stop using the cocaine- it is having serious affects on our Country.

    7. Tom A. Funke says:

      Ha yet another pathetic waist of our hard earned tax dollars, and for what a stupid monkey hmm. What the hell does a friggin monkey have to do with medical research?? Why not use the money to find a cure for cancer, or drug rehabilitation programs etc. Not waist it on stupid animals, yet again our government fails us here in the USA, you all should be embarrassed and ashamed of yourselves.

    8. Theressa Blohm Audub says:

      Why is it that our government is letting so many people go hungry when they can afford to throw money away on such foolish things. I think our government needs to take a step back and spend a couple of years not allowing things like this so that we can fix our defficit instead. That would improve the people of the United states attitudes more then this kind of foolish spending. I could have understood it if it had been how it effects people and not an animal more. And I know that there would have been applicants for something like this because of the additions in our nation. Many addicts would have been willing to do a survey type thing or study for the drugs alone and that would have helped to put a stop to some of the crimes in the country. So why use an ape when you can use and help people?

    9. Bettyann Marx Bethel says:

      This spending madness must stop! Our county is in BIG trouble and we need to elect officials that will stop this financial irresponsibility.

    10. Gary says:

      This is only one example of the current administration's stupidity and proves that the monkeys could do a better job at governing. At least they would work for bananas.

    11. joe-------albany,ny. says:

      if anyone wants to see the effects all they have to do is pick out a politician and watch him/her.

    12. Nilynn, Wisconsin says:

      Why can't they think about doing a return on investment analysis before they fund a project just like you do in business. If it has no value at the end of the day, it is a waste of money. If there was a competition for the funds it would help but since the government seems to have an unlimited supply….

      Please think about what good the research is going to do for our society as a whole? None? Don't spend the money.

    13. Brad Knight, Elk Cit says:

      Dr. Kimble, you Sir have single handedly demonstrated why, otherwise well educated and intellegent people can just be dumb. You miserably fail to grasp the entire point of the article…

      … monkeys on crack have nothing to do with creating jobs or stimulating the economy. Period.

      You have, however, demonstrated why this country is in such dire straits. You… whom I would presume to be a well educated intelligent person… have no issue with our government spending us into oblivion You have no issue with politicians today spending our children's inheritance… more than their inheritance, they're running up credit card debt and leaving our kids with the bill. They're commiting child abuse on a national level…

      … and the Doctors says that it's okay as long as it's peer reviewed??

      What world do you people come from?

    14. Stephen V says:

      So, let me get this right Dr. Kimble if NIH says go then they should go? I think not. It's this sense of entitlement in academia that's very dangerous. How about some restraint.

    15. Beverly, NC says:

      Just another reason WHY NOT to re-elect Obama and all of the politicians up in Washington. Research is important and vital however how many times has drugs been studied on primates? MANY times….

    16. Joe, Michigan says:

      Maybe I could get 25million to test the effects of alcohol on the unemployed?! How the heck do these people think that this wasteful spending is ok?

    17. Dan Budlong says:

      When are we going to require common sense as a requirement to hold Public Office?

    18. Jerry madsen says:

      you know im a disabled nam vet trying to get some help & oboma spends money that we dont even have come on people lets get our act together!!!! been fighting va for 47 years how does that happen took me about 47 min. to pack & go to war & i was just a kid!!

    19. sara Brumfield says:

      Are these govt, officials crazy or have they been smoking the virgin peace pipe? Cut their pay and let them see how it feels to be a real Ameican and hurt like we do with what they did in office feel the pain, when you have no money to go to the doctor or store. And you see all these non speaking Americans (cough)get your cut)I worked and payed into it to received what I now get. Get with it congress and Senate! get God in your activities and you wouldn't have to work so hard haven't you firded that out yet ? Yyou took God out and you have had nothing but problems!


    20. Dave Terpstra says:

      We are spending $42,000,000,000 annually and increasing to prohibit marijuana use. Professor of economics at Jon Gettman of George Mason University studied the black market of marijuana and valued the market at $131,000,000,000.

      Meanwhile Wisconsin dairy farmers are producing milk at 12 dollars per hundred pounds of milk and able to sell it for eight. The local school district is cutting teachers and doubling and tripling class sizes, the district cannot afford to fund a chess club the kids have set up. Teachers are losing their jobs, bridges are falling down. All this while we spend 42 Billion dollars on feeding Mexican drug cartels 131 Billion Dollars in the marijuana market.

      Our farmers should be reaping this harvest not Mexican drug cartels.

      In terms of what 42 Billion dollars annually could be spent on instead any one of these is a better use of funds:

      560,000 teachers

      100% clean solar power for almost 1,000,000 households for 25 years

      5,982,905 – 4 year college degrees

      210,000,000 square feet of new bridge infrastructure

      Let's collect the 31 Billion in taxes from potheads, save the 42 Billion in prohibition costs and use that money to build our country up. The potheads are not making our country stupid, poor fiscal policy and wasted money on failed policies are making our country stupid and vulnerable.

    21. H.L. Davin Wright says:

      Well, I'm a math major, so maybe I'm looking at this a little weird. Let's do a little math and see how the numbers stack out.


      That's a big number. Now lets say the average stupid plan out of these 100 stupid plans is $1,000,000.00 times 100 stupid plans equals $100,000,000.00

      Now lets subtract that from $862,000,000,000.00

      We get $861,900,000,000.00

      Hmm.. now lets say I was off by a factor of 10, and it was actually 10 million per stupid job.

      That would be a BILLION dollars wasted!!

      That would only leave $861,000,000,000.00

      Somehow I'm not caring yet.

      If we are going to talk about stupid waste, lets talk about the $500,000,000,000.00 that were spent ousting Saddam Hussein by tricking us into thinking he had WMD's or had something to do with 9/11

      Lets look at the hundreds of millions of dollars PER DAY this country is still spending on this war. What could we do, to help create jobs, feed the hungry, care for the sick, with $450,000,000.00 per DAY!?

      you are arguing about $200,000.00 for a research project that will last several years, and provide data. I don't know anything about this project, and it sure doesn't make sense to me. But you know what.. it's peanuts compared to the real problem. Can we stop fighting over table scraps and go after the main dish please?

    22. Janet in Columbia, S says:

      Why is there a need to watch monkeys on cocaine? It speeds up their heart, they act out because of the drug.

      People in the United States are starving, and we are watching monkeys get high.

    23. Lorin Crosby // Alpe says:

      WASHINGTON D.C.is an oxymoron for LACK OF COMMON SENSE. So many reckless spenders. They disgust me to no end.

    24. laurie says:

      On the bright side, I think the monkeys on cocaine could be a real money-maker for the government if they took enough footage and get it properly edited!

    25. SLStine says:

      Simply pathetic! Stop blaming Republicans. Stop blaming Democrats. START blaming irresponsible spending…no matter WHO did it! Who cares what a monkey does?! Who cares about dino eggs?! It's not right to fund crap like this even if the economy was good. Ask the average person who is having a hard time putting food on the table, or is about to be foreclosed on if they give a sh&t about a monkey or a dino egg in China! Here's an idea…give a REAL PERSON the final say on whether a project needs stimulus money or not. I guarantee you that monkey won't be shooting up again any time soon!

    26. Danielle M says:

      I find Aaron to be completely ignorant and buying into the media's push to turn the Tea Party Movement into a "racist" party. God forbid that the Americans are getting tired of sending more money overseas when we have so many problems here in the US that need addressing first (and actually trying to do something about it).

      I like the idea of having a project that would create jobs; however, do we not think that it would be put to better use in an area that doesn't seem to be a complete waste of time? (I am finishing a degree in college, but knew at the middle school level that cocaine has a negative effect on people or any other primate)!

      When are we, as Americans, going to get so tired of this useless waste and do something?? It sounds like, for the most part, most of you agree on the fact that it is wasteful and pointless, why don't we actually band together and fight? Oh wait, does this make me one of those racist Tea Partiers?!?

      And as for being a low middle-class-starving college girl (that's no where close to making $500,000), I am proud to be a republican and happy to think that I would be conservative in our fiscal policies. Heaven forbid that we are the ones that work while others are out partying while we are working on bettering ourselves and our opportunities for changing the world we live in today vs. letting others ride on our coat tails and then blame us for not wanting to help them. Ignorance pure and simple.

    27. Tom, PTC, GA says:

      Why are any of you surprised by stupid government spending? Remember the Golden Fleece Awards? 50K spent on a study that concludes that children fall off tricycles because they lack muscle control. AKA they are clumsy. As long as people in this country view our government as a Santa Clause with a bottomless bag of goodies to be grasped at there is no reason for restraint. DC politicians know they can buy votes by tossing money around. Americans are too busy to keep a watchful eye on how the money is being spent. So the cycle of insatiable taxing and spending continues. To the bureaucrat there is no such thing a wasteful spending, if it protects THEIR job. Protect they must! Most of them are not qualified for anything else outside of government. They are masters of paper pushing and regulation passing all designed to build little fiefdoms of control and power. The free exercise of commerce must be centrally controlled and the biggest, baddest and best way to control others is to control the money bag. Until We The People take back control of the bag nothing will change and the centralization of control will continue unchecked.

    28. Steve Hibbard says:

      @ Aaron M. Norcia :

      "The Republican party wouldn’t piss on this country if it were on fire"

      You are right they would roll on it. I bet you piss on this country in between flag burnings you tool bag.

    29. Nancy Sanders says:

      Being informed is the best defence. American citizens owe it to ourselves and our children to stand up, and stop governments wasteful spending….There has been too much of it for too long (past admin. included) It is only through sites like this that the truth can be heard. I urge you America to please pay attention, research, and listen to different points of view, and learn the truth…..God Bless America! Thank you for being here for us….Nancy Sanders

    30. Darlene Crosby says:

      I'm in awe at how outrageous this is, I say impeach this so called President. He has NO CLUE what he's doing !!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD STAND UP AND SAY "ENOUGH… YOUR FIRED !!! Then re-vote and put the rightful canidatesw in place,…….. BUSH AND PALIN……..Boy did the ones that voted this ?????? really think it would work? MY MY what a mess,

      We NEED GOD IN AMERICA AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    31. Aaron says:

      Aaron M. Norcia – You should think about what you say. Even a little would suffice.

      "Get a grip. If a 41 vote minority can gridlock the legislative process, no matter WHAT Democrats do, then we’re screwed."

      That IS the legislative process, laid out in something called the Constitution. It was written by these really cool people called The Founding Fathers. Just because you think something should be doesn't mean everyone does.

      "The rich don’t create jobs, revenue does." Possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. The guy making $20,000 working the gas pump down the street is making jobs, you're right! The rich make jobs, revenue perpetuates the need for the job. If you don't believe me, go find the largest employer in the United States (Hint – It's the government of richest country in the world).

      "…the only other reason (other than obviously loving poverty) that I can possibly fathom is you’re a racist and the tea party is the closest in tuned to your beliefs."

      I'm not sure there is an intelligent point to be found here. Typical retarded liberal rhetoric. "You don't agree with my party, and we have a black guy somewhere over here, so you're a racist!" Please choke on Marx, for me!

    32. Matt, Farmington UT says:

      Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.

      The main problem shared by all the stimulus projects is that they only created temporary jobs. For instance, 14 million to repair a lakeside nature trail. That employed about100 people for 6 weeks. The rest of the money was spent on equipment, materials, and surveys. Now there's a pretty trail to show for it, but zero net jobs created.

      Also, in answer to the first commenter, Republicans are not for giving tax cuts to the rich, they are for giving tax cuts to small businesses, which are the most likely to create stable, permanent, growing job markets.

    33. Tom NJ says:

      There was a post a while back about being for the republicans because those making $500,000 a year are the only ones who benefit by their philosophies. This statement is untrue, First of all people who struggle to make ends meet, who choose to work to provide for their children, only to get shafted by the system are tired of funding a government who pisses away our money. Whether it is for monkeys on cocaine, or those who choose not to work only to get a handout. The liberals in office continue to spoon feed individuals in order to get their vote. They stay in office, and the vicious cycle continues, without an end in sight.

      My wife and I make too much for any government programs or college grants. I am a teacher and my wife is a registered nurse, and we are considered wealthy based on liberal standards. However, we continue to struggle. I am not a fan of the current administration, and resent the racist label applied to those who are sick of seeing are economy, and are way of life going in the wrong direction. Get a better argument then playing the race card, and labeling those who disagree with the way this country is headed as being anti black. I would have voted for Alan Keyes for president, unfortunately we ended up with an unqualified candidate, and the country is suffering because of it,



    35. Patricia says:

      How many foolish studies were done under a Republician administration that you don't bother to tell us about….????

    36. charlie, arizona says:

      america wanted change, they got it!

    37. Joseph Frazier, Sats says:

      This is just one of the many projects that our tax dollars have been wasted on since the first "Bailout" in late 2008. I am a conservative small business owner who has watched businesses get bailouts for poor business decisions and contracts. Why should the American taxpayer have to pa for their mistakes?

      There was a comment made earlier that you are a racist and in the tea party was closest o my beliefs. Son I grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Alabama. I have earned a college education, own my business, and everything including my house and the government didn't give me a thing. I watched people get government assistance which included welfare, section 8 housing, etc and they still live in that neighborhood today. That is why I am a Conservative Republican and not a Liberal Democrat. Not because I am a racist or for any other reason.

    38. Eve says:

      wtf….what the hell matters how monkeys act under coke? its summer time and i need airconditioning! I can imagin how many elderly people are doing with out because of his fetish of monkeys and coke! Lets get over it~!

    39. Eve, Mountain Home, says:

      WWTF? How is it the monkeys rate higher than humans? I need a Airconditioning Unit and cant afford it….imagin how many elderly need the same. You would think they are more important than the monkey fetish? Get the man out of there so we can get down to real life business!! We dont care how the rest of the world lives, we dont care how monkeys fly, we dont care how much his public party spends on vacation!! We care that we can not afford to live in America with people like this running it and We are tired of what we have to deal with trying to live!

    40. Steve Hemet ca says:

      Aaron your an idiot,, you think spending 114k on saving one job is smart money get a grip dude , go waste your own money not mine,, and oh yeah he created 150,000 jobs with the stimulus package but lost 4 million ,,

    41. Kenny, USA says:

      Oh, and we send $10,000,000 to Pakistan for flood relief! And $24,000,000,000 to Africa to fight AIDS of which not one cent is spent on AIDS but rather the moneies are horded by the warlords and spent on weapons. And who knows how much more money we send overseas to countries who just laugh at us for sending them FREE MONEY, all why taxpaying Americans, who are unemployed here in the USA after 40 weeks are no longer eligible for benifits and are no longer recorded as unemployed and forgotten by the very government we've been paying taxes to for the past 30 years!

      What exactly do we get for all the monies we send overseas? Nothing! How much money has the African nations sent us to help clean up the gulf oil spill? How much money has the rest of the world sent us for Hurricane Katrina? NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!

      Get off your asses, all of you in the House and Senate, and start doing what the people that pay your salaries need for you to do for them, after all these years they contributed to make you rich!

    42. David, Selinsgrove, says:

      I am tired of people trying to blame the previous administration and republicans in general when wasteful spending comes up…….Which branch of government is responsible to balance the budget?? I'll give you a hint………..It's not the president!! Congress has the authority and control over our monies. How it is collected through taxation and how it is spent by laws and policies. We have been under democrat leadership for over 4 years!!!

      Yeah George W Bush, couldn't bring himself to veto any budget that wasn't balanced in his last 4 years, and hence part of the reason we're in this mess…… he didn't do it alone though either, he had a lot of help in the form of Nancy Pelosi and company!! ……..So where is all this hope and change we were promised?? Hot air as usual from a politician!!

    43. Fred Sheely says:

      The govt.gave G.M. bail out money from your tax payer pockets.

      Well success..they are building a brand new plant and will be hiring many people……….in MEXICO!!!!!!!!

    44. aunetti smith says:

      Yea that's all good, BUT our kids have to suffer and the older people have to suffer , there is not enough books, and supplies in the schools . and the older people that have worked all there lives have to worry about whether they pay a bill and buy some food or get the meds they now need. The workers can not get a raise to support there family's.BUT yet the price of things are going up . Our own oil is not even ours any more.. Our Goverment sold it to other country's. SO whats fair here?

    45. Jason - Medford,OR says:

      I can't seem to keep my score card straight. Most of the time, righties,Pubs, and conservatives seem to be up in arms about social programs and the very notion of welfare, food stamps, medical, etc.

      But several of the comments in this thread, are moaning about not having food (a drop of milk??!) and venting about "waste" programs in DC. Are you suggesting that the Federal Government find a way to buy you groceries? Don;t get me wrong, that's fine – and is strong of you to ask for help. Let's just keep our rants and cries for help from over lapping, shall we?

    46. Lucy, Salt Lake City says:

      I do not own a business…..but like many of you I do work for one. (for now) It seems the government is trying to force them out of business with excessive taxes and regulations that make it impossible to create or keep jobs. This seems pretty simple to me. Helping business is vital to job growth in our country!

    47. Sharon Sloan says:

      Response to Aaron Norcia:

      Oooooo… That's it? That's all you've got? "You're a racist!" I'm so upset. As is usual from the left, your facts are wrong, you can't defend your position, if you even know what it is, so everyone you disagree with is a racist. As if that term has any meaning anymore, since it's become the mantra of the Democrats and the current administration (and all of their apologists): "You disagree with me! You must be a racist! I can't argue with facts – you must be a racist! I don't like the color of your shirt – you must be a racist!" Yeah, yeah, whatever. Idiot.

    48. Myrna, Homedale, Ida says:

      Jason, We too are retired on fixed income. We do not want a handout, we do not want money for groceries. However, like yours, ALL of our costs – fuel, taxes, food, clothing, heating, power, medical care and insurance, etc. have gone up considerably this past year. But the government, in it's great wisdom, decided thiere was no cost of living increase this past year, nor will there be one this year. That means no increase in Social Security to cover greatly increased bills. This also means no increase in our small pension since it's also based on cost of living. Yes, we are College graduates w/Master's degree, Conservative, Republican, and earn under $60,000 a year. We have yet to see how bankrupting the country helps businesses provide more employment.

    49. wes Boise, Id says:

      The current problem we have is due to Gov't spending. Before I go on, I want to say I'm a staunch conservative. I'm 61 years old and out of work. I'm either to old or over qualified for everything I've applied for.

      I have ran out of unemployment, and I am about to lose my house. We need to look back to the past. I hate to go back to F.D.R., but he at least created jobs instead of welfare. the T.V.A, was his creation. It created jobs and much needed electricty to the middle of our country. He had several other projects I won"t go into that pulled us out of the 29 depression. F.D.R. was a conservative liberal and he had a job to do. He did it. Today if Obama would look back and use the same principles he would know what to do.

      First don't bail out banks. Guarantee home loans. We wouldn't have 30,000 repossentions a month. Next instead of bailing out G.M. and chrysler give the same amount to people in need allowing them to buy a new car. Accomplishes the same thing, but the people with a new car are going to vote for you. Good politics Huh. Now the bailout of G.M. is building a new plant in Mexico. There's a great job creation. My suggestion is put people to work,instead of welfare and unemployment, on projects like Interstate Highway repair i.e. Interstate I84 between Caldwell and Boise, Id. have been under constant reconstruction since 1969. One would think 41 years should get something fixed. Throw a thousand people on this job and watch what happens. I'm sure every state in the union has an example like this. We need to stop pork barrel spending and spend on real issues. One more thing on unemployment. I believe illegal imigration needs to be stopped!!!! We are losing hundreds of thousands of jobs to illegal immigrants. They sneak into the country, work, and send most of the money made back to their families in other countries.How does this help our country?? I know the liberals say they take jobs we don't want. I say b.s. I'm old but I've picked fruit and done farm work before and can do it again. Any job looks O.K. now but they are hard to find, and seasonal.

      In conclusion I wish Ronald Reagan was still our president and had the 4 time term F.D.R. had. I dont believe we would be in this condition if he had'

      Bless the conservatives. They should bail us out.

      Vote conservative!!!

    50. Bobbie says:

      I am deeply sickened by the neglect and incompetence of the federal government stealing money already paid for a service that is now dwindling due to the money being put in the wrong hands (government) and going to the wrong causes (government select.) It's punishment to the people who are innocent. Rewarding those who aren't. It brings tears to my eyes to empathize the burdens government is imposing on the law abiding, good people of America who's money was taken by forced obligation for a government service that will soon be gone.

      "i will keep what works and "change" what doesn't." He could've changed this problem by putting ss back in it's intended and expected lock box. But that would show intelligence and productivity.

    51. Gail, TX says:

      Jason says that righties/conservatives are up in arms about social programs such as welfare, food stamps, etc. He goes on to say that people in this thread are complaining about not having food and venting about waste programs in DC. He then concludes that means we conservatives are asking the government to find a way to buy our groceries. And he thinks that's wonderful, but that means conservatives are hypocrites.

      No Jason, what we conservatives are suggesting is that instead of DC taking money out of our pockets so they can use it to make monkeys high, DC should leave all those tax dollars in our pockets so we can buy food. Golly, I thought that was obvious; only a liberal could possibly conclude that if a person complains about the government wasting money then that means he wants a handout!

      People are struggling to make ends meet, and yet the government is spending our tax dollars to make monkeys high on cocaine. Jason, do you get it yet? That simulus money came out of OUR POCKETS. That 862 BILLION dollars was taken directly from the pockets of Americans and then spent on ludicrous things like making monkeys high on cocaine!

      Worse still is that the deficit is now so high all DC can talk about is raising takes. Instead of cutting spending on drugged-up monkeys, DC figures the solution is to just take even MORE money out of the taxpayers' wallets. Of course, that will put even more people on welfare and food stamps, which will drive up government spending even higher, and of course DC will just conclude they need to raise taxes again!

      If they would LOWER taxes, everyone (middle class and rich) would have more money to spend. Not just on necessities, but on luxuries. Middle-class luxuries such as new clothes, a nicer car, a jalopy for the teenager, DVDs, restaurants, makeup, toys, new furniture, new curtains and blankets and towels, a new ironing board, etc etc etc. Plus many middle class people are small business owners, and if they have more money in pocket, they can hire more employees to grow their businesses. And the upper class would spend their money on luxuries such as cars/yachts (which creates jobs to make the steel and then make the parts, and then build the car/yacht), but also on expanding their businesses.

      All of the spending done by the PEOPLE is what creates jobs. If the people send all their money to DC in the form of taxes, they have nothing to spend on themselves. And therefore the business owners don't sell anything and people get laid off and then tax revenues fall so the deficit grows. If DC lowers taxes, the people have money to spend and they go shopping which means businesses expand and tax revenues skyrocket.

      But when DC spends, the economy goes further into the tank. The only way for DC to spend money is to take it from the people first, and that slows down the economy.

      So Jason, do you get it now? Conservatives aren't looking for a handout from Uncle Sam. We want the government to lower taxes and stop wasting all those tax dollars on things like druggie monkeys!!

    52. charlene johnston says:

      I believe glutamate is involved in the issues with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Many of our soldiers returning from the Persian Gulf have had a higher incidence of this disease, as well as some increase in athletes. While on the surface this research may look foolish, I believe it is not.

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