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  • Heritage in Focus: The Bush Tax Cuts and the Deficit Myth

    The leftist majority in Congress likes to blame their trillion-dollar budget deficits on the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, but The Heritage Foundation’s Brian Riedl disagrees. Brian’s research has been the subject of contentious debate, with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) responding directly to his claims. Riedl has since picked apart every one of the CBPP’s points.

    Now you can listen to Brian discuss his research in the latest Heritage in Focus podcast: listen here.

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    7 Responses to Heritage in Focus: The Bush Tax Cuts and the Deficit Myth


      I did understand that Mr. Obamas polices prior to electiion were anti constututional and against states rigths. I am also member of heritage foundation. Never got involed in poltics. But its time to make people understand. Obama does not care of our economy. Or our constution. If he refuses to extend tax cuts, he may lead us from a ression to a depression. And health care is another joke. All he has done since in office is pass his way out liberal agendas. But know real money from stimulus to create new jobs. But unfortunately American people are very complacent till it hits home. And most of media does not present all the facts. He has divided the country more then any other leader. Has now real plan for economy, except to go back to blaming Bush. That is no leader. But someone whom can only scapegoat since he is not willing to take responsiblity for his actions. And if any one is playing race card he is in his subtle way. Jimmy Carter was a disaster but I do not think had a marxist philoshy as Oabama does. I wish to remind heritage foundastion this man knows what he is doing and not to underestimate him and . his colleges. Unfortunately if congress is changed for benifit of USA he still has poweer of veto. THe money Peolsi, Ried and Obama is wasting on programs that will hurt our country He can not compromise as far as I have seen when his polices our not working. We have had record earning on many corporations its holding markets up. But this can not go on for ever if no consumer. If intersests. are 0 what differnce does it make if consumer is not employed. If we do not go back to fundamentals our nation was built on I feel we are in for some hard times. And my opinion Obama does not care he has accomlished his mission . First African American president. Past polices for left progressives along with his Friend Nancy Pelosi and Harold Reid. As when health bill was being voted on which I feel is unconstional. But Obama was just chosen by left by people such as George Soros. More money at education is another joke since Jonhsons great society. So much money has been wasted on education trillions I would bet with are children not more educated but less educated. Just a example how progressives have slowly gotten contol of Supreme court judges. Example just recently judge ruled againt will of people in California on gay marriage. I always thougth it was beteeen a man and a woman for ovois reasons. But he overrules this propsition in calfornia against gay marriage. He should have disqualfied himself for since he is a confirmed homsexual. Now it goes to circuit court in San Fransico outcome is assured to be to be upheld. It will end up in supeme court now they have one more judge there whom shopuld have never been confirmed since she does not have qualifictions. Never tried a case to begin with. But she will be rulling against will of people on theese matters that is why Obama niominated her. Now she ows him. I really do not care what two consulting adults do behind closed doors. But why should the homsexual lobyists have so much clout only 2 % of population. Unfortunately ever since Johnsons great society liberals or progresives Whom are so far to the left not even in the ball park. My opinion they are basically marxists as Obama is. I could go on on these subjects rigth a thesis. But maily if American people do not wake up our nation is in grave danger in loosing our constutional rigths and states rigths. A far as tax increases if Obama does not at least extend them till we have unemplyment down to at least 6% and for length of time and economy is strong again. WE will may go from a ression which we still our in into a possible depression in the future. As far as I am concerned when bills like health care our proposed they should be put on a ballot and voted upon by the majority of people. Since it seems are elected officials do not listen to will of majority. Since they are voted in office for representing what majority of people would like , not special interests corrup polticians. This should be put as a amendedment I feel should be put in our constution. THe housing crisis started as because leaders such as Barney Frank pushed proposals everyone is entitled to own a home. Which is fine if they can afford it. Yes some republicans pused this idea alsdo for votes in certain states. But they were foolish for they will never get lefts vote because they are brain washed only democrats are for people. I do not have the answers except whom controls the press has many ways of promting line of thinking of liberals. And do not give equal time to both sides of the subject at hand. Unfortunately american people are very complacent. Just for arguments sake if I ran for senator was elected and was told we would like to run you for president, my anser would be no. I do not have the experience. To lead our nation. Mr. Obama was chossen for his gift of speech and his charisma. By powerful and wealthy people such as George Soros. And many more like him and his philoshies. It is a shame what they have done to our constution over the years and states rigths. When so many people fougth in war of delaration to be free nation. I do not think these people have any respect why this occured for taxation without represntation. And wrote the declaration of independence. And these so called leaders have no respect for that document also. My opinion is that we need people to be better educated by powers be the press. And both sides should be presented equally in time and accuracy. As my Uncle whom was a senator in Italy told my mother back in the forties. And no t.v. or internet then. You can contol 90 percent of population by the press. So if this is not some how corrected we are in for rough times. Forget the bill of rigths they have no way of even using that as a guide. So in final anaylis if population is not informed of all that is going on without bias. Not using press as means of brain washing our children and uneducated adults. With out that it will always be a biased opinions that mostly liberal press does in getting all facts out. If some how this is not accomlished are democracie will always be in jepordie. Its a shame people of usa have basically forgot 9/1/1 and what there goal is they seem to have forgotten this. Unless effected directly. More people died that day innocent civilians than pearl harbor. Its a disgrace. So republican or democrat just a statement if they do not repersent will of majority should not hold office. And our constution. Sincerely, Vincent Pasqualichio

    2. Danny Florida says:

      The tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 were necessaey to pull us out of the post 9/11 recession and to keep our economy growing and I saw nobody complaining then but now that the dems are in trouble they need somebody to blame and bush is an easy target and if the dems want to lower the deficit cut spending starting with bailouts and the several useless deparnments such as the education deparnment which is managed poorly by the President Obama.

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    5. Katie McElheney, 5th says:

      "Riedl has since picked a part everyone of the CBPP’s points."

      Please change "a part" to apart and "everyone" to "every one."

      And please don't publish this comment. Just fix the grammar in the blog post.

    6. Drew Page, IL says:

      As long as the name of George W. Bush can be remembered, the Democrats will always have someone to blame for everything.

      I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm willing to bet a decent peice of change that come November, all those who are unemployed and can't find work are going to decide that they are NOT better off today than they were two years ago.

    7. Garland Jones says:

      Used to hearing Bush being blaimed–but now the blaime game has

      extended to Sasha Obama. Apparently, the trip to Spain was just

      Michele trying to be a good parent

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