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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Elite vs The American People

    This Tuesday voters in Missouri, by a 40-point margin, approved a ballot measure rejecting the individual mandate at the core of President Barack Obama’s health care law. Asked what the vote meant to the White House, press secretary Robert Gibbs said: “Nothing.” Yesterday in San Francisco, federal judge Vaughn Walker gave the exact same weight to a California ballot measure that affirmed marriage as an institution between one man and one woman. Specifically Judge Walker overturned the California Marriage Protection Act after concluding, as a matter of fact, that the majority of Californians who voted to protect marriage were bigots who had no rational basis to define marriage on their own terms. Here are just some of the “facts” Judge Walker found:

    • Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians.
    • The campaign to pass Proposition 8 relied on stereotypes to show that same-sex relationships are inferior to opposite-sex relationships.
    • The Proposition 8 campaign relied on fears that children exposed to the concept of same-sex marriage may become gay or lesbian.
    • The genetic relationship between a parent and a child is not related to a child’s adjustment outcomes.
    • Children do not need to be raised by a male parent and a female parent to be well-adjusted.

    How did Judge Walker arrive at these “facts”? By agreeing with everything the same-sex marriage proponents’ “experts” said while ruling that the traditional marriage witness was “unreliable” and “provided no credible evidence to support any of the claimed adverse effects proponents promised to demonstrate.” In so doing, Walker not only ignored the views of millions of Californians, but by basing his decision on the 14th Amendment, he also ignored the factual determinations of every single popular vote that has been held on the issue in the past two decades. According to Judge Walker’s reasoning every single one of these Americans is a bigot whose opinion on marriage has no place under Judge Walker’s Constitution.

    From the beginning, it was clear that Judge Walker was more interested in making a political statement than upholding the rule of law. That is why after Judge Walker ruled that the trial could be broadcast live, the Supreme Court took the remarkable step of overturning his decision, writing in January: “Not only did [Judge Walker's court] ignore the federal statute that establishes the procedures by which its rules may be amended, its express purpose was to broadcast a high-profile trial that would include witness testimony about a contentious issue.”

    Clearly that Supreme Court would have rightly viewed with great skepticism every sentence of Judge Walker’s spurious ruling. But that Court will not be deciding this case. Today the Senate will vote on whether to confirm President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. The same Elena Kagan who manipulated the law and facts to deny military recruiters equal access to Harvard law students because she did not personally approve of our military’s personnel policies regarding same-sex relationships.

    The same Elena Kagan who was simply ”not sympathetic” to the claim of a petitioner that his 2nd amendment rights were violated, and was actively involved in President Clinton’s gun control agenda. The same Elena Kagan who advised President Clinton that it would be a “disaster” if the full medical truth was revealed about partial-birth abortion, endangering the gruesome procedure.

    The facts are becoming quite clear. Kagan, Walker, Gibbs, and Obama all give the same weight to the will of the American people as expressed at the ballot box: “Nothing.” We’ll see today if the Senate agrees.

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    82 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Elite vs The American People

    1. David Farnum, Roanok says:

      As Laura Ingraham said on her show this morning, any Republican who votes to confirm Kagan votes in favor of gay marriage and Obamacare. To that list, I would add they also vote in favor of the abolition of federalism and any other expansion of federal power that can be conceived or contrived. Somehow, someway, these RHINOS need to be held accountable the next time they stand for election. How the good folks of Maine can continue to send these two Senators back to Congress is a mystery to me, as is the case with Lindsay Graham of South Carolina.

    2. Dennis Georgia says:

      So goes oabam, reid, pelosi, and the federal courts. They all have their federal pesions, and pay at the expense of the people. The judges are appoinmted for life, we have no recourse to get rid of a bad one. The will of the people will always be ignored by this bunch. It has been plainly stated and demonstrated by all the above mentioned, that we the people do not a right, or the education to make decisions for our own lives. The "guvment" is in charge, we must "do or die" according to the will of the "guvment". VOTE


      Every american should be appalled by the arrogance of this administration and its courts(jestors) of fools.this is the price you pay for letting the "camel"get its' nose under the tent.To extricate this "camel" it is going to cost this citizery a painful amount.The process will start this November!

    4. Bill Dayton, OH says:

      We know who the enemy is.

    5. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      Re-writing God's commandments and laws doesn't mean His commandments and laws are no longer true. All it means is that those who are "changing" His meaning and intent are bound to eventually pay a huge price in terms of consequences. Keep in mind that the "road to perdition" is littered with half-truths, untruths and just plain lies.

    6. Thelma Kettunen, Wes says:

      This judge did not rule on law but opinion.


      Every american should be appalled at the arrongance of this administration and its courts(jesters) of fools.This is the result of NOT defining those that do not fit under the "Big Tent"of democracy.This is the price we will pay for allowing the camel to get its nose under the tent.We will pay even a higher price to remove it.I pray the extracation will start in November!

    8. D.Nero Willoughby, O says:

      First of all, our basic laws from our forefathers where based on the Bible which is the word of God whether people like it or not…!!

      So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Genesis 1:27

    9. JungleCogs, Wisconsi says:

      Seems like the judge based his decision on his Progressive opinion rather than law. Should be an easy overturn or the SCOTUS.

    10. Mary.... WI says:

      Megalomania pure and simple. If you don't like what's being passed today wait until tomorrow to see what's passed……you'll hate it even more.

      I always thought majority ruled but not any more…not in obama's world. Liberals don't care what the majority of legal Americans think or want. They have their own agenda and they will pass whatever they want no matter what the cost. Hopefully the cost will be their seats in congress this Nov.

    11. Edju Tampa bay says:


    12. Ed Benson, Brevard N says:

      Unfortunately, I think that Ms. Kagan will be confirmed. Our system of government seems to have been hijacked at almost every level. It appears that the American people no longer have a say in their government. I'm beginning to doubt that we'll ever be able to gain back control of our government through elections and peaceful means. Things have gotten so far out of control. How exactly did our government become infiltrated with these people? Where did they come from? More importantly, how do we get rid of them?

    13. Bruce, Long Beach, C says:

      When marriage can be legally officiated by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, I have big doubts about the "sanctity of marriage". The fact is, a legal union between two individuals has nothing to do with their genitalia.

    14. toledofan says:

      Well, again, we get what we elect and those we elect decide what we can or can't do. Activist judges, singularly, deciding on issues like Prop 8, ignoring the facts and basing their decisions on their own opinion is just wrong. Who made this guy the 'expert' and does what he said really reflect the rule of law or is it just a personal opinion. Children do not need to be raised by a male parent and a female parent to be well-adjusted; are you kidding me, look at the drop out rate, crime, and problems among black families. Do we really think one parent familes are the answer? The genetic relationship between a parent and a child is not related to a child’s adjustment outcomes, again is this guy for real, what happens to a child that is put in isolation with no love, positive stimulus or adult influence. Ever here of if you do the crime you have to serve the time. Enough

    15. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      Yes, the approach by President Obama and the secular-socialists, the present ruling class, is to make the central government supreme, to determine what we say and do with our educational institutions, our energy resources, and our healthcare. This approach runs roughshot over the rights and freedoms of individuals, intermediate bodies, businesses, and corporations. Yes, it becomes clearer and clearer each day: the people mean "nothing".

      Thank God, we are waking up: the attorney general in Missouri, the tea parties, the movements toward conservatism, Freedom Force, Faith and Freedom, Heritage, the people of California on marriage–all the way to a little town in the Upper Pennsula of Michigan, Baraga, where a private fraternal organization is moving against a state law that infringes on its freedom.

      Go tell it on the mountain: we are waking up to what the "elites" are trying to

      do to our country. We will be very active during the next few months and beyond. We will take America back.

    16. Carol says:

      I truly admire Missouri and hope other states will follow their lead!!!!

    17. Gary, California says:

      With the president and his Regime not caring one whit about the will of "American Citizens", because they do love illegals, I agree with the many thousands of other statements that you can find on the net. That is, I really don't see anyway out of this without a second revolution. The decay of our legal system and the morality of our politicians will force this hand if Patriots want our Constitutional America to survive. And its both sides of the isle. Just look at "Rino Meg" (Whitman) in California. She has already turned 180 degrees from the positions she espoused prior to the primary. The Country looses again as a whole because there is now no chance for a Conservative to win the California Statehouse. There is not enough time left for voting out the deceitful. The fall of this great nation is now at light speed. "The British are coming, the British are coming". Patriots, stand tall, and may "America Bless God".

    18. Neil Goeckerman, Tay says:

      From the tower they rule. During the campaign oboobma, indicated the Constitution was defective in that it said what the Gov't couldn't do but did not specify what the Gov't should do.

      As a progressive marxist this statement makes sense. But as a citizen of a nation founded by those who recognized the danger of a gov't that thought itself the decider of domestic social activities it smells of government intrusion by the eliteist hegemony.

    19. KB in PA says:

      In closing, you write, "The facts are becoming quite clear. Kagan, Walker, Gibbs, and Obama all give the same weight to the will of the American people as expressed at the ballot box: “Nothing.” We’ll see today if the Senate agrees."

      I think their opinion of us weighs less than "nothing." I think "the facts [that] are becoming quite clear" plainly show us that they regard us as something to be gotten out of the way. Elected representation no longer seems to matter two hoots. They just giggle, "overrule," and continue along their course of "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead," laughing all the way.

      Their agenda is not just eighteen months long. It's decades and decades long. Surely there is an awakening in our country, no question, but there are still so many, especially the younger among us, who seem entrapped in a bizarre sphere of mental and psychological malaise.

      The amount of work that must be done, even if we were to win, say, both a majority in the House and the Senate, come November, is staggering to contemplate, even under the best of circumstances. But the circumstances will not be the best, since there will still be a crippling number of RINOs with whom we must contend.

      The danger, and the risk they pose, must not be overlooked. After all, it is because of the RINOs that Kagan will be confirmed today.

    20. jaafar Thailand says:

      Gee, the bad old days are back. Does anyone else remember "Judge" Rose Bird, who overturned every death sentence she ever saw?

    21. JIM- OHIO says:



    22. Salverda says:

      No ones rights are being violated if everyone who wants to marry has to marry someone of the opposite sex. All marriages are under the same rules. Both hetero- and homosexual men have to marry women, there is no discrimination here. Any man can get married, or not. I have been married for 32 years, I was given no choice to marry another man if I had wanted to. I have brothers who did not marry, they could not abide life with a woman. I would like to smoke pot but it is not legal, it is legal for others to smoke tobacco, but I don't like tobacco, why can't I smoke the substance that I enjoy? Maybe I could argue that my rights are being violated in that I am not allowed to smoke what I choose, pot. All smoking is under the same rules. Pot and tobacco smokers, if they want to smoke at all, have to smoke tobacco. There are lots of cases where we are not allowed to do something just because we want to do it.

    23. Russell,. Spring Tex says:

      I hope the expectations of the midterm election do not let down the American people. The anticipation of the lame duck session tied into the return from summer recess frankly concerns me greatly. Inclusive of the Progressive Democrats in my opinion going out of their way to further denigrate this country thru derisive legislation further wounds this country. It will be the responsibility of the incoming congressional freshmen led by those seasoned conservatives to repeal or defund all Bills, Laws and vote down or filibuster current legislation that goes against the will of the People.

      This President and 111th congress that angrily and intentionally goes around the U.S. Constitution and sees it as an obstacle should be viewed as a culturally destructive and all should be held accountable for their continuing efforts to destroy a once prosperous nation.

      FDR style legislation from the bench should be also targeted and the person or persons who continually do so as in this case as well as the 9th Circuit should be disbarred and themselves thrown in jail… These people scare me and the conservative groups are to slow to work as “we the people” will be caught behind the proverbial eight ball. My guess, anger will rise and violent actions taken in an attempt to put things back in order. This should be avoided at all costs….

    24. D. Louiso Cincinnati says:

      When will the "educated idiots" come to the knowledge of the United States of America's Constitution?

    25. BobPDX says:

      You see here in clear english, how this administration feels about voters and Americans in general.

      If we vote opposite of the way they want, we are biggots, racists or just stupid.

      This is how my friends, that healthcare, cap and hoax, and the other 25 tax increases they have in store for us, they will begin to control all aspects of our lives, no matter how we vote. With every tax or tax increase comes a reduction in our civil rights and freedoms.

      They must be stoppd at the poll's in November.

      They pretend we don't matter now, but they know we do.

      They want us to give up and not vote anymore.

      They picked the wrong country, the wrong people and the wrong constitution to pull this great lie off.

      By the way Gibb's, following a 1940's propagandist might not always work in modern age of internet, am talk radio and blogs like this one.

      Silly boy, America is for Americans…

    26. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      We can no longer stand for such tyrannical actions by the elected and appointed ones. In short the Ruling Class. Citizens have lost control of our government by the lack of necessary actions to maintain a true government of the people, by the people for the people. In short it’s our fault.

      We can correct that and it has now become necessary to take back our country and freedoms using whatever Constitutional Rights we haven’t given up or haven’t been taken by tyrants that we might preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    27. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      When will the people realize Obama, and his ilk, have an agenda to drag this

      country into socialism. How many times must they crow that they will "do or

      say anything" to get the Obama agenda passed. That includes totally ignoring

      the will of the American people.

    28. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      "Consent of the governed" seems to be missing in this adminstration. Please support Dr. Rob Steele, the Republican candidate in the 15th Congressional District now occupied by Dingell (D). Dr. Steele will return "consent of the governed" to Congress. Steele is the real deal.

    29. Bob H. Syosset, N.Y. says:

      Regarding the ruling class not following the will of the people, we have a republic in this country not a true democracy. The founding fathers were very much afraid of the tyranny of the majority. they gave us a remedy for today's congress ramming unwanted laws down our throats, that remedy is called voting the bums out..I hope we do that in November.

    30. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      I can't understand how Federal Judges can twist the laws and the constitution to fit their opinions and get away with it ???!! Judges like Walker who think everyone who's opinion is against theirs is a bigot should be impeached before their crazy ideas take hold or their rulings go unchanged !!! It is more than obvious that NObama has more puppets than I originally thought and all the Judges who are in NObama's pocket and lean hard in his direction when reviewing a case NObama has a interest in should come under some type of Judicial Review to stop this socialistic type rule NObama is trying to put into place !!!

    31. Norbert, Ohio says:

      I think that the voters of Missouri gave President Obama a wonderful birthday gift.

    32. Lynn, Austin says:

      Based on this and the articles on "Quick Hits" on the right at the top of Heritage's Home Page (about the DOJ giving tax payer money to leftist groups, about the Senate passing more money for unions, etc.)

      I say every tax payer in the US (remember that's only 50% of us) NOT pay our taxes next year. Let these thieves figure out how they are going to give our money away when they don't have it.

      Geitner, Dacshel, Rangal, Kerry……..why not do as they do?!?!?!?

      There should be an uprising in this country lest we stand by and watch an illegal immigrant steal from us and our children and their children……….

    33. Robert says:

      The "Obama elite" are the same people we have been fighting since the founding of the nation.The same people who gave us Civil War; the same people who were

      "communists" in the 1930's and 1940's. The same people who are behind the hedge funds that have wrecked havoc in our markets. I still read comments about the $ 2 trillion the Federal Reserve "loaned" in late 2008. The only 'hole' big enough to need $ 2 trillion was the hole created in large hedge funds when oil dropped from over $ 140 per barrel to $ 30 per barrel in late 2008. Did Obama nominate that judge in CA who is trying to overturn Prop 8?

    34. jill -Maine says:

      I live in Maine and I do not have a choice when it comes to voting. The Maine people are sweet but very naive. They are supposedly proud of being independent but they are the most dependent and empty headed voters I have ever witnessed. Collins and Snow have to go but I can't imagine that happening. I call this state the People's Republic of Maine.

    35. MarkJ says:

      "The fact is, a legal union between two individuals has nothing to do with their genitalia."

      Or apparently in your case, Bruce, the LACK of it.

    36. steve, arizona says:

      The rule of law is dead. We will only understand this when it has become too late. Beware the law of unintended consequences my liberal friends. Someday your vote may mean nothing.

    37. VoteOutIncumbents says:

      The American republic is pretty much over.

      Our new rulers are Obama and his minions like Pete Stark and Barney Frank…they make up an over class over whom we have no electoral control. We are going to have to find another way of going after these thugs.

      We need a new constitutional convention. It takes two-thirds of the states to call for one. It's time to begin working on this.

    38. West Texan says:

      This reminds me of the self-righteous, self-serving click in my property owners association. Doesn't matter what the laws are regarding property rights, their attitude is we're going trespass on your land forcing you to be a good neighbor. This even though my dues are paid on time, I've never violated a covenant and I'm always looking out for the larger community. I feel it's happening again at the state and national levels. Doesn't matter what the law is, we're going to force y'all to accept marriage between same sex couples. Judge Walker might want to cite some longitudinal studies showing the wholesome benefits gay couples provide to children's emotional well being. And contrary to the gay/lesbian complaint of discrimination, there's nothing discriminating about honoring a moral standard that's recognized by most societies worldwide.

    39. William W. Fraker, 8 says:

      A homosexual judge decides in favor of homosexuals wishing to marry?




    40. John Calomiris says:

      In BO`s strive to have the US look more like Nigeria and Ecuador,he is entcing a more militant responce to his direction of the US Government.His unilateral support of the thugist unions and his support of personal armed groups speak for his intentions in this direction

      It is unbelievable to see the huge support he gets from Catholics and Protestants even as he thimbs his nose at their beliefs!

    41. Anne, Irvine says:

      Marriage is a sacred Sacrament between a man and a woman and it holds society together where moms and dads teach their children the laws of God like the 10 Commandments. The federal government can make any law they want, but we the people know that at the end of the day sodomy is immoral and unnatural.

      Just because the government says marriage between two people that cannot propagate is okay doesn't make it moral. I will continue to teach my children the difference between natural and unnatural laws of nature so they can see why this is laughable at best. Two bulls cannot mate.

    42. Michelle, Venice Bea says:

      I am just dissapointed as a Californian that the people's vote is not longer enough. Why vote? It is hard enough to get the American people to vote at all and now when they do it can be overturned by ONE person. Distressing.

    43. M. Simon says:

      The Judge who made the ruling was appointed by Reagan. Three times. Twice as a recess appointment and finally confirmed.

      When he says the State didn't prove its case – perhaps he has a point. Maybe the plaintiffs actually had evidence on their side.

      Cato has a bit on the Judge:


      and I have a bit on the case:


      Here is a typical bit from the case:

      " When asked to identify the evidence at trial that supported this contention, proponents' counsel replied, "you don't have to have evidence of this point."

      The difficulty in review will be that the facts presented at trial by the State are meager. "Everybody knows" is not a fact. But perhaps the State of California was trying to lose.

    44. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Politicians see themselves as a Ruling Class and not as a class of Public Servants. Obama and his progressives view themselves even higher, as a Super Elite Class representing Progressivism (Socialism). They are the smart people, the rest of us are stupid and need their guidance.

      Their wish is to tear down American tradition in every way possible and impose their will.

      They use the Constitution behind which to hide ,while they are out to destroy it,

      They want Globalization, therefore borders are a hindrance; they want us to worship the government, therefore religion and God are hindrances; knowledge is to be replaced by Progressive thought. Our health is to be decided by them! Everything must subsumed to the govenment. The government must be supreme. The people must submit!

      We must all show our opposition by voting for freedoms to be restored and only for thise candidates who are for States' Rights and the supremacy of the individual. "Collectives " are for animals!

      They have become so arrogant that they can blithely say: "Nothing", when asked what our opinions are worth!

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    46. MN J says:

      Unfortunately, the SF ruling started a long time ago. Too many Americans slept or at least ignored politicians who started removing their rights in the 1930's. Couple this ignorance with a planned attack on our school systems, the removal of conservative professors from universities beginning in the late '50's and continuing forward, and the attacks on religion – we are now here.

      This fall's election is so critical. I belong to a consortium of conservative groups who are beginning to work together – we need more of this. None of us will get everything we want but we've got to stop getting ticked off b/c of one item about a good voting politician. I know an individual with a superb reason to not vote for a particular incumbent but it's personal; she'll vote for the incumbent b/c he's the right person for the job.

      We need to elect on principle – O and his crew have very few, if any, principles. We've simply got to stop this train wreck. THEN, we stay on the officials.

      The Dames from Maine will lose their clout if conservative Rs control the agenda in the US Senate. Even if we get a majority this year, it will be tough but it can be done. Let's get out there an do it.

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    48. Judith in Michigan says:

      Too much is being pushed quietly through Congress before the American people catch on. This is symptomatic of the radical leftist agenda & procedure. Such as Dodd's Livable Communities Act bill quickly & quietly going through procedures that will allot $4 BILLION for grants to develop communities that central planners deem you should live in. Has this been publically discussed? We all are aware of the other laws and rulings that have been forced on us with little or no debate, Bills passed without being read; Backroom deals & bribes– wheeling & dealing; The recess appointments being made to avoid congressional scrutiny. Ruling by fiat; Executive orders, etc Minority rule, whether we like it or not.

      Welcome to Totalitarianism.

      The biggest concern we face now is making sure the November elections are not corrupted. Acorn ,The New Black Panthers , the MSM (JournaList), and George Soros played a major roll in the 2008 elections. Just how far will the Obama Elites go now to stay in power? They have nothing to lose and will probably "go for broke".

    49. L.C.Lawless Eaglevil says:

      Do think the judge is QUEER ?

    50. Keith, California says:

      Once again, the courts have said "to heck with the people"! America is in real trouble, thanks to an apathetic people, corrupted educational system, and a judicial system that has "legislated" from the bench.

      For years, the Left got from the courts what would never pass Congress. If we are to survive as a country, this Leftist agenda has to be stopped.

    51. Nick, Los Angeles says:

      I do believe that we live in a Republic where 99% of the people cannot take away the rights of 1%. However, it seems more and more that our government is turning a deaf ear to the will of the people. It has stopped being, of the people, by the people and for the people and has instead become in spite of the people. This continuation of the erosion of our nation is going to come to a head as the communists continue to push we the people into a corner. It has become not a matter of if, but when the next shot heard round the world will come.

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    53. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I think Bill Clinton, though I disagreed with him, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush,

      and George W. Bush, were good presidents. History will bear this out. Jimmy Carter,

      is right now, the WORST president we've ever had. And Barack Obama? He's a close

      second, if not neck-and-neck, with Jimmy Carter. So what will happen next? Our

      debt rating will probably go to junk status. Good. I hope it does. Obama can't go on

      blaming Bush forever can he? Can he? CAN HE? Well, yes. The Democrats continued to blame Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression for over fifty years. They

      claimed that Ronald Reagan was the second coming of Herbert Hoover. That was in

      the 1980s. Why? Because they saw Ronald Reagan as a danger because he wanted

      tax and spending cuts. He got the tax cuts but Congress refused to cut spending.

      The old joke's right. The opposite of progress is Congress.

    54. Tricia says:


      Tyrants can turn peaceful citizens into ranters. One citizen, who is fed up with the depraved nuts and devils running America these days, was heard to shout: "John Hinckley Jr. and Eric Rudolph, now that we REALLY need you, where are you?" For insights into some of the worst tyrants, Google or Yahoo "Obama Avoids Bible Verses," "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Obama's Re-Election Promise," "Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham," and "Imam Bloomberg's Sharia Mosque."

      [just discovered the above web feelings]

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    56. Tom, Canada says:

      I never thought I'd live to see the USA fall into the pit like Canada did in the 60's-70's-80's under an Obama-like Liberal Party leader called Pierre Trudeau. We don't have term limits so for 22 yrs they lied & stole their way to power and broke the spirit of a once Proud nation with radical social engineering and dependence on government cheques/programs. Ever wonder why Canadians are so polite and calm…well we got beat down a long time ago….first by Kings & Queens then by self-anointed Czars. All is not lost yet “if” the silent American majority wakes up to the lawyers & bureaucrats pillaging the house by the back door.

      Excerpt from Merle Haggard’s “Are the Good Times Really over for Good” lyrics

      …..Let’s sing it again.

      Stop rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell !

      Stand up for the Flag and let`s all ring the Liberty bell.

      Let`s make a Ford and a Chevy,

      That`ll still last ten years, like they should.

      `Cos the best of the free life is still yet to come,

      An` the good times ain`t over for good !

    57. Maggie, Virginia says:

      Do not be surprised about what the future brings. The bottom line is – how long do we defy our Creator and not suffer consequences. We put God out of our homes, schools, places of business, but especially, and I know the majority of the people won't agree, it is the contraceptive mentality. In Pope Paul VI "Humanae Vitae" he predictated all of this for allowing contraceptives. One thing led to another. And here we are. I used to agree with contraception, but though prayer and reading TRUTH, the Good Lord allowed me to see and believe.

    58. stevo says:

      Conservitives buy definition at least have a life outside of work and politics. Liberals can see no further than the end of their nose and are in my opinion the most closed minded bunch of boring and I am better than you people on the planet. That said, the liberal nature supports the Book of Romans that says paraphrasing," that their is NONE who is good No NOT ONE." So in that sinse we are truly all no good, morally speaking. When we face God in our passing we will all come to the same table and be asked, "Why should I let you in." Frankly I do not know, nothing I did qualifies me except to acknowledge God as God. Do not take my work for it. Read Romans 7, prove me wrong.

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    60. Ralph Roshto, Lacomb says:


      The singular most important action recently tendered by these 'useful idiots' has been the forwarding of Elana Kagan as a Supreme Court Justice. This one person can turn an already teetering Constitution into the ash-heaps of history. The Tentacles of Tyranny run deep into the fabric of American Constitutionality, and this justice will begin to pull us into the maws of Tyranny. This singular justice has already attempted to partially damage our own Military, so there can be no doubt that now she is given ultimate power for life, she will not forward the same agenda with a more feckless zeal. There are no repurcussions to her decisions, so why not just make up the law as you go along to fit your elitist socialist ego?

      Her stance on the first ammendment will endanger our Rights of Free Speech. Venues such as this forum will instantly disappear.

      What is MOST important, her stand against the Second Ammendment, will remove our right to bear arms, an action that will render all other Constitutional laws null and void.

      I fear that blood is soon to be spilled. If called up to join a new American Revolution, I am armed, willing, and able to participate. Something must be done. Civil war is what I fear will be that something.

      Let Freedom Reign

    61. eugene reed, brookly says:

      can anyone explain to me what happened behind closed doors with the 5 rinos that voted for kagan? it's obvious that she is a radical to the nth degree and that politically, she has a worldview that is the polar opposite of the constitution. i cannot imagine anyone, with all the information revealed during the confirmation hearings, voting for her. again, what happened behind closed doors?

    62. Robert Wolf, Minoa, says:

      Every day,as I read the Communist Left's latest move to destroy the rights guaranteed by our Constitution, I hope and pray for the Impeachment of Obama and the dumping of his Czars. The sooner this happens, the better.

    63. John, San Bernardino says:

      This country was founded on the basic premise of liberty and independence!

      Because of the liberal flood of great sin and degradation upon the American people, those of us who believe in Christianity/Judaism can rest assured that God is in control and the Bible states, That every knee will bow before Him, our Lord and Saviour. He will eventually unleash His wrath upon those unbelievers who are masquerading as President, Congress, and yes even on the Supreme Court of this land. No Muslim was involved in the founding of this country. This is the next great Ideaology facing this nation, which eventually will stop at nothing short of gaining conplete control of this country! Wake up Americans! Vote your congressman/congresswomen oout come November 2! Such a dis-grace to this nation.

    64. anne NH says:

      I just returned from San Fran . a trip needed for a family emergency. How my family decides to stay in the city of filth, gays and lesbies all over the placeI do not understand. Even medical science has no answer.

      Yet these people prefer one of their own sex but need a man or woman to have a child so nature or God decided to propagate marriage must be between a man and a woman . These strange people are not normal. The judge himself is possibly a gay man

    65. Billie says:

      Phony Judge exposes pathetic weakness of his own and insistent of others, the same:

      * Religious beliefs that gay and lesbian relationships are sinful or inferior to heterosexual relationships harm gays and lesbians:


      Personal sensitivity, blasphemy and intolerance of religious beliefs who's lifestyles gays and lesbians don't live and a definition of a word.

      * The campaign to pass Proposition 8 relied on stereotypes to show that same-sex relationships are inferior to opposite-sex relationships.


      same-sex relationships? Inferior? Who stated that? keep you inferiority complex to yourself. It's more like same sex relationships can be just that but to include with the definition of marriage, is in conflict and intolerant of the definition. It only shows cowards to include one titled judge, unwilling to accept what already exists.

      * The Proposition 8 campaign relied on fears that children exposed to the concept of same-sex marriage may become gay or lesbian.


      Behavior is influential. Without heterosexuality there would be no choice for homosexuality. People wouldn't exist at all. Homosexuality is a preference as sex is not a necessity to survive. It's what makes heterosexuality natural and homos not.

      * The genetic relationship between a parent and a child is not related to a child’s adjustment outcomes. Huh?

      * Children do not need to be raised by a male parent and a female parent to be well-adjusted.


      Better adjusted children have a balance of the genders that brought them into the world.

    66. Tom, Florida says:

      What does it take to impeach fools?

      When the lid finally blows it's going to be ….??

    67. Daniel, Cranberry Tw says:

      Please help a conservative with money or your time to get elected. Encourage all your CONSERVATIVE friends to get out & vote when the time comes. Do NOT get overconfident and PRAY that our Lord helps us turn this nation from the decadence and corruption that has become so common. Don't argue with liberals arousing them to want to vote. Pray that they stay home this fall and vastly more republicans & conservative Americans dominate the polls.

      Refrain from violence, it is NOT the time. Be prepared to stop any who use violence. Protect our polling places. Do not allow liberal intimidation to sustain at any poll place. Do not do anything stupid.

      We must win control of the house and one by one replace these criminals with citizens who will represent us. What is happening in this government is TREASONOUS. Many of them should be convicted and jailed. Judges that injurously disregard our constitution and break their oath to uphold it should be impeached and replaced with judges who will.

      WE must never sleep on this nation again. We must pay attention and separate th TRUTH from the lies. Stop suporting media who lie to you! Do not buy newspapers that lie and mislead. Support good people to represent us. We MUST TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK. America, under God, is the world's only hope.

    68. Ted@ethcpa.copm says:

      It sickens me. Things are so out of whack. You have to ask how they got that way.

      I have to believe in the gullibility of a lot of the American people. Obama and his crew did a great job there. I hope all the lies and Alinskyism come home to roost.

      You have to wonder how much damage will have been done.

    69. Drew Page, IL says:

      When will it sink in that Obama and his supporters in Congress don't give a damn about what the majority of people want.

      Marriage has been defined throughout history as a union of a man and a woman, who pledge to love, honor, cherish and support each other, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as they both shall live. How can it be that one openly homosexual, activist judge can negate the will of 7 million Californians who voted to maintain the traditional and historic defination of marriage? Something is wrong with the system when one judge can ignore and overturn the will of a majority of voters in a legal election. Why continue the pretext of calling ourself a democracy when a majority vote means nothing?

      The California vote was not a matter of denying homosexuals their civil rights. No one is saying that two people of the same sex should be prohibited from making the same promises. Call it a civil union, have it recognized by law for purposes of property rights, inheritance, and tax exemption, but don't call it "marriage".


      One other comment when press and left went after Sarah Palin. Youdid not see women libers go out in her defence. In any way shape or form. Since its become another left wing part of democratic party. Of course a women should be paid as much as a man and have equal rigtgs also. But these so called womans liberal groups have drifted away from the goal of what the reasoning behind it. But know only support it seems women whom our to the left. Not all women . But it seems to be the case. For reasons I believe many our homsexuals and there agenda is not equality for women in our society the way it was meant to be. And hoolywood is a joke it seems they only stand up for liberal points of view. One famous example a good actress but very liberal. Jane Fonda went to North Vietnam. And spoke on behalf of North Vietnam. Since it was undeclared war she could not be charged with treason. Since wearther vietnam war was rigth or wrong. You do not go to there country and knock your country. I admit she is a good actress. But this was a disgrace. President Jonhson esculated war but you never hear about that only of President Nixon. Whom listened to will of people and brougth our troops home as majority of poulation wanted. But went one step farther He also did away with draft into armed forces. But made it a free will to enlist. He never gets credit for this. But war of terror that islamic fanatics did declare war on us. In word and deed.

    71. Fay Di Falco, NC says:

      Obama is interested in OBAMA only and whatever he can get out of this country for free! He thinks he is (a) God to this country and the world! That everyone should bow down and kiss his feet!

      The Left is totally trying to destroy this once great country! To turn it into a Socialist country!

      I disagreed with some of the stuff Bush did, BUT he was NOT trying to destroy the country!

    72. RICHARD CANARY says:

      It will be real interesting if and when some Muslim brings suit to defend Shari'ah Law concepts of beheading homosexuals for engaging in their Walker-protected marriages. Let's keep an eye on this jerk and watch him cave in to Muslims and basing it on Political Correctness. Judge Walker would be eligible for the beheading sentence if he were to rule otherwise. See what stupidities come from liberalism when several different situations demand conservative thinking and outcomes?

    73. kebozarth, californi says:

      Thus far this is a bloodless coup. This is tyranny rearing its ugly head and the overthrow of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our federal government by an elite few who have made themselves the supreme authority – God.

    74. Hank, MO says:

      This decision is a travesty– one of many recently. And, yes, it will be wonderful if we all go vote in November and throw the bums out. But what then? Even with a majority in both houses of Congress results will be minimal because 1.) A Democratic minority can filibuster just as well as the Republicans; 2.) Obama will certainly veto any measure passed that doesn't agree with his agenda; and 3.) and most importantly, any bill that does get passed will at least be partly akin to those currently being passed but will forever be labeled as Republican bills. The RINOs and "ruling class" wannabes will be tripping all over themselves trying to gain the approval of the good old boys and acceptance into the club, so you can bet they'll be breaking their arms trying to reach across the aisle and prove how fair and open-minded they are. The result can only be worse and more of the same crap that's currently being generated. It is unfortunate, but I believe this situation can not be rectified peaceably. Oh, I read and hear all about how we must refrain from anything that even hints at violence… yeah, yeah, yeah. That would be just wonderful if it would work… but it won't. The very word "power" implies the use of force. "Taking power" certainly holds that implication. It is a fearsome prospect to think of, but do you really think you can change the mindset of those who have been working for decades to socialize this nation without the use of fear and force? Powerful people like Soros and Blumenthal and Obama and Schumer and Frank and Reid and Durbin and Leahy or even wimps like Liebermann and Graham? You cannot; they will never surrender their power peaceably. They may give the appearance of doing so, but it will only be a ruse to suck in the gullible while they play dirty tricks and bide their time until the populace tires of crisis and goes to sleep once again. Nothing will have been accomplished; at best it will have only been delayed a bit. All this blathering will have been for naught because the people really aren't willing to pay the price required. They still want to get THEIR government check; cut any social program EXCEPT my program; crush all those damned unions EXCEPT my union; fire all those lazy SOB's except my brother-in-law– I don't want him to lose his job. To even begin to "take back our country" would require fifty years, and that presumes that you could rid the schools of all the damned liberals and loafers and instill a sense of pride in the upcoming youth and a desire to actually work and produce something of value. That won't happen because they like their video games too much and can't get off their phones long enough to actually do anything except play some type of sports activity for those still physically fit enough to do so. Additionally, it would require the elimination of safety nets– unemployment compensation, social services, workmen's compensation, welfare programs, school lunches… the list is endless. Unfortunately, there will be no "taking back" of America as the "ruling class" damned well knows. Every time I hear somebody say, "This is America, the land of the Free" or hear the national anthem sung or see some patriotic display such as a Fourth of July parade I want to vomit because I know it is all such a farce. None of that means a damned thing anymore– it is just something we do to fool ourselves into believing that this is still a great and proud nation when in fact it has become a pornographic cesspit. The "ruling class" allows and even promotes these things because it placates the restless natives and engenders a sense of specialness among them. It's just a tool used to control the masses. The "ruling class" has the power, but the "country class" has the numbers, and so it is necessary to control them in this way for if they should ever really "take back America" it would be a bloody spectacle much like the "killing fields" of Cambodia in the mid-70's and there would ensue a long period of strife and lawlessness during which time much suffering and tribulation would be endured by all. No, my friends, we will not "take back America" in November. The best we can hope for is to set out upon a path that may allow our grandchildren some small slice of the freedoms we have enjoyed; but, truthfully, the prospects are small and the future is dim. As a nation, we are doomed by our own inventions and the laziness and immorality resulting from them. Doomed, as surely as the natives were doomed when Europeans first landed upon these shores. What a sad and awful thought.

    75. kebozarth, californi says:

      We are living in serious times.

      I appeal to you to peruse Dr. Francis Schaeffer's classic treatise on the case for Civil Disobedience in his work entitled: "A Christian Manifesto" (1981)

      It is required reading for those of us who instinctively / cognitively realize the impending need and duty for all God Fearing and Patriotic Americans to exercise civil disobedience against those who are using our federal government to do that which is evil, unconstitutional and unlawful.

      Our federal government is now scorning the sovereign expressed will of the American people and States' sovereignty. Each Sovereign State in our Union has the right and power to secede when our federal government doesn't do what the States told it to do by their delegates in constitutional convention (1787) and as ratified by the States. Our federal government exists for our pleasure and the pleasure of the States not the other way around.

      On August 2, 2010, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu told CNSNews.com, to wit: “Our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help,”

      Our federal government has abrogated its authority by its lawless and unconstitutional actions.

      We must now renew and restore our federal government.

      We must now bring it into compliance with our Constitution and Bill of Rights and those laws consistent therewith.

      We must bring it into compliance with those limited and specified constitutional powers expressed in our Constitution for these United States of America and Bill of Rights as originally intended by our American Founding Fathers.

      Let it be done or forever hold your peace for our federal government is now ready to impose martial law upon us and then we come to it, don't we.

      God help us all.

    76. gotch says:

      the people in this country have never in my life time.had something like this internet. where people all over the country can talk to one another about what is wrong in this country and try to get to a way to fix it for all of us.we are all are in the same boat.and need to pull in the same way if we are to fix it. out of many one.go tea party for the usa.

    77. Verities, Tennessee says:

      Every person from Obama down the line to Judge Walker should be removed from office, and anyone else who is complicit in this completely illegal and immoral process of removing all things moral and constitutional from our society. They are abusing the offices they are supposed to be using for the good of the people they represent.

      Kagen should also be disallowed from serving in any capacity that has to do with government or public service, as it's obvious she intends to promote her agenda and nothing else.

      Judge Walker's actions are a prime example that they see these offices as tools to get their own agenda across. They are not acting as public servants but public controllers. They want power to wield as they see fit. They have no interest in serving the public interest.

      We The People, in all our respective states, need to get going and not just vote in November for those up for re-election, but also do a massive recall on the rest of those that aren't supporting public interest.

    78. Bob says:

      I fear the answer to the question how roung is it going to get before it starts improving. Given "they" have infiltrated nearly everly level of Government and are putting us under international control, it could be "less than pleasant" soon.

    79. Henry says:

      I have a deep respect for my horse. We understand each other. Is it possible Judge walker, kagan, and the rest of the left wing nuts will pass a bill to allow me to marry my horse. My horse needs full health benefits. We can adopt a few children and a few horses. Our union will be complete.

    80. shirley williams says:

      Obamas Adminastration is not interested in the Peoples Votes our what we the People Want Anymore then what they Are interested in What Congress,s Openion is on any of the Unconstatutional Bills the Obamanation Dictatorship wants to Ram down the throtes of the american public they the Democrates Will do as they Damd well please Ither Behind Closed Doors or at the Bilderberger Meatings the Grate Eleats.the Secrate Socities that John F Kinnedy was Killed Over His Brother Robert Kinnedy also was Elimanated for the Book he wrote Named To Seek a Newer World Was to Write Another Exposing Corupt FEd Officals By Name Befor long He to was Assanated in California.

    81. Barry N. Schmidt says:

      The long and short of it is that Judge Walker is a lesbian; no wonder she favors gay marriage. This is just another example of passage of laws by a judge, rather than by the will of the people. Gay marriage is NOT marriage, never was marriage in the traditional sense. By the stroke of a pen, the above activist judge has merely stepped on tradition that has been in effect for thousands of years. I have no problem if gays want to live together, but not at "husband and wife." It cheapens the word, "marriage" for those of us who are truly "married."

    82. john parry, KS says:

      just another lawless judge !!! don't forget to take out the trash on November 4, 2010.

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