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  • Obamacare Loses Big in Missouri; Voters Reject Individual Mandate

    Missouri voters dealt Obamacare a significant setback yesterday, approving a statewide ballot measure with an overwhelming 71 percent of the vote.

    The vote was the first time citizens had an opportunity to cast a ballot on the unpopular health care law. Missouri’s measure prohibits the federal government’s enforcement of the individual mandate to buy health insurance. The victory sends a strong message about Obamacare in a bellwether state.

    “We’re excited and proud to be ground zero in the battle against this misbegotten federal health care reform,” said Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder in an exclusive interview. “We had the first vote in the nation in the Show-Me State. And we’re showing the nation the way to repeal and replace this big government, big bureaucracy, one-size-fits-all law.”

    The vote in favor of Proposition C came despite a well-funded campaign from the Missouri Hospital Association to oppose the ballot measure. Contrary to a myth spread by the left, opponents had a sizable advantage in resources. The Missouri Hospital Association spent more than $400,000, while Missourians for Health Care Freedom estimated its funding would total about $100,000 in support of Proposition C.

    Yesterday’s vote came just one day after a federal judge allowed Virginia’s case against the individual mandate to proceed. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli challenged the Obamacare provision on the grounds that the federal government cannot regulate a person’s decision to purchase a product such as insurance. U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson rejected the Obama administration’s request to dismiss the case Monday.

    This week’s events are symbolic in the quest to repeal Obamacare. Missouri is one of four states to put Obamacare on the ballot this year. The other three — Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma — have constitutional amendments up for consideration in November.

    The statewide efforts stem from the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act. The model legislation protects a patient’s rights to pay directly for medical services and prohibits the federal government from imposing penalties on individuals for declining participation in a health care plan. Five states have already enacted statutory measures: Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana and Virginia. Lawmakers in 38 states have introduced the model legislation and three other states are planning to do so soon.

    The American Legislative Exchange Council holds its annual meeting later this week in San Diego. Kinder will be on hand to discuss Missouri’s efforts to halt Obamacare. Reps. Rob Bishop (R-UT) and John Shadegg (R-AZ) will join him for a session on federalism. Another group of health care experts will debate repeal vs. implementation of the health care law.

    In addition to the Missouri ballot measure, the Republican Kinder is also challenging Obamacare in court with three other plaintiffs. He said passage of the ballot measure will bolster his lawsuit.

    “My case will be strengthened,” he said. “It will strengthen the multi-state effort to roll back this federal law.”

    One of the plaintiffs in the Kinder lawsuit is Dale Lee Morris, a 74-year-old enrolled in Medicare Advantage. She argues cuts to Medicare Advantage will reduce her access to health care. Obamacare mandates deeps cuts to Medicare Advantage, prompting a sharp reduction in enrollment in the coming years.

    Kinder’s lawsuit differs from other states because he’s pursuing the case without the support of the state’s Democratic governor or Democratic attorney general. He said that hasn’t dissuaded him.

    “Fortune favors the bold,” Kinder said. “We need to be leading out front on this. We need other states to put it on the ballot like we did. Or pass it through their state legislatures. And continue the grassroots uprising that’s spreading like a prairie fire all across America.”

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    18 Responses to Obamacare Loses Big in Missouri; Voters Reject Individual Mandate

    1. John, Millington TN says:

      The question going forward is will Congress listen to the voices of the 71% or continue to ignore them.

    2. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      My bet is they will continue to ignore them, after all, they know what is best for us. More government, more taxes, more spending, more regulations, and the promise of a nanny state. We need to get rid of all of them, and like Pelosi said, we need to drain the swamp. We need to demand term limits and campaign finance reform. There should be no such thing as a career politician.

    3. Brandon, Arlington T says:

      The 111th might not, but the 112th damned sure will!

    4. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      John: take heart. Dr, Rob Steele won the republican nomination for the 15th Congressional district now held by Dingell (D). Dr. Steele's platform is for Congress to "read the bills, defund Obama care, and put the power back into the hands of citizens." Dr. Steele has accepted the empty challenge from Dingell to debate Obama care. Now that Dr. Steele is his opponent, Dingell has no choice but to debate. Stay tuned………

    5. Dennis Georgia says:

      It is a welcome sight to finally see that a federal judge woke up, as well as seeing that the Citizens of Missouri have had a positive say in their fight to stop the socialist one from ruining this country. The Constitution is still alive and well in the minds of people, much to the shame of obama as he feels the Constitution is not valid in todays society.

    6. Brad, Chicago says:

      [heavy sarcasm] You see, John, that 71% against healthcare reform doesn't mean anything. It just means that there was a low voter turnout, skewing the numbers.

      I apologize for using sarcasm to make a point, but that is the way they justify everything. It's not that most of the country disagrees with them; it's just that we're only hearing from the radical nutjobs and not the "normal" people. Well, if the normal people don't care enough to get involved, they deserve what they get. Our REPRESENTATIVES should take into account the strong feelings of the people who do care to get involved.

    7. Blue Dog says:

      Missouri went appx. 50/50 for obama in the presidential election. Evidently, some of those have seen the light and awakened to the coming nanny state if things aren't reversed. Hopefully, this is just the begining and the voice of the people will be impossible to ignore.

    8. Don, Kansas City says:

      Yes, judging from the local news and talk the independents in Missouri and even some Republicans have awakened to the machinations of the One and the DemoCats. This may not be the shot heard 'round the world, but you better believe it will be heard in the wood paneled halls of DC. It's just the beginning..let freedom ring!

    9. Riverside, Californi says:

      Regarding term limits and campaign finance reform: We the people have the right to vote, the greatest individual human right on earth. Our elected reps, federal, state and local (the City of Bell, California comes to mind right now) do what they are doing because the voters have gotten apathetic and have removed themselves from the process. In plain English, they are doing this because they can and because we have allowed them to get away with it. If we put all our elected reps on term limits, where is the incentive for them to do the will of the people? Certainly not to work hard and do what is right to get re-elected! Don't you pay attention to who is running for office in your state and local elections? Check it out sometime. It's all the same people, running for this, term limited out, then they run for that office, term limited out… It is the same people, making the same bad decisions and keeping the cycle of the destruction of freedom alive. Term limits only removes the voter further and further away from the process so we have less and less input on what is going on with what these perverts are doing with our rights, our money, our taxes, our freedom, our country, etc. It allows political hacks to be less responsible for their actions and their votes. Hence the rise of activist groups, which, no matter what their intention, are based in theory and practice on Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals. And term limits are a death sentence to freedom. Reps will have nothing to stop them from taking huge special interest payoffs, campaign contributions, slush money, shakedown cash, what have you. They say who cares what the people want when I won't have a job in two years? I need to make it while I can! Campaign finance reform is meant to silence the First Amendment. Just ask John McCain why he sponsored the bill in the first place. He should be reason enough alone to vote against campaign finance reform and term limits. It is definitely time, however, to drain the swamp.

    10. florida says:

      The sad truth is that the analogy of "draining the swamp" is too weak. It more properly should be expressed as the need to "drain the cesspool" of politicians who have caused our Constitution to be shredded & our financial solvency to be destroyed for our descendants. I prefer to see the " taxpaying people" drown these disgusting politicians in their own waste come Nov. 2010.

    11. Fred, L.A., Calif says:

      Two years ago, Mr. Obama misled a large number of our fellow citizens and won an historic election. Less than one year into his administration and after a wild swing to the far left, most of those in the middle that were bamboozled have realized the great error of their choice.

      While their were many insults from the man in that first year, undoubtedly his greatest socialist provocation was healthcare, "lovingly" and quickly tagged by Americans as "Obamacare". Those with an IQ above 80 looked at the machinations of the concoction, the skullduggery and fraud involved in passing it by the White House and Congress and felt sick to their collective stomachs that the country they love had fallen to such a low level of ethical indifference.

      Now comes the backlash of the American people. Virginia and Massachusetts were early warnings that trouble was brewing but Missouri has fired the first cannon. This was not a landslide…..it was SUPERslide.

      And of course, the mass media is ignoring it. Oh, you see small stories. But by and large, they want it to go away 'cause their guy has been sent to the wood shed for a major whuppin'. But make no mistake, 71% is huge in a 50-50 Obama state. And it would have been 5 points larger had the language been a bit more straightforward – a little more understandable.

    12. dannyroberts Phoenix says:

      God bless America and all the people that really love freedom and democracy and good riddence to Obama care, his plans for us will wind up in the dust heap of history, he will only be remembered as a radical

      left winger, not as a real Comander and Chief,but as a community organizer from the south side of Chicago, who hung out with all the wrong people , and had the audacity to talk down America to our good friends in the Middle East, while we are at war no less, what a fool he is.

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    14. Tom_Beebe St Louis says:

      Proud of my neighbors. This will hopefully take the steam out of the socialist agenda. Now to zero in on the corruption of that same team.

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    18. Michaelgates says:

      It is going to be a long fight, but hopefully this will be seen as the impetus that wakes people up.

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