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  • Morning Bell: Let's Get the Gulf Back to Work

    Last night after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) pulled his oil spill response bill, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) told reporters: “The key question is, whose side are you on? Are you on the side of Big Oil, or are you on the side of citizens in coastal communities?” Menendez does not represent any constituents who live on the Gulf Coast, so we should forgive him for not knowing that thousands of Gulf residents recently packed the Louisiana Cajundome to protest President Barack Obama’s oil drilling ban, a policy reinforced by punitive regulations in Reid’s oil spill legislation. If Menendez wants to know how actual “citizens in coastal communities” feel about oil, he should pick up a copy of Lafayette’s Daily Advertiser where Louisiana Oil & Gas Association President Don Briggs recently wrote:

    There remains a public sentiment and misconception that companies operating the Gulf of Mexico are comprised of large transnational conglomerates, or “Big Oil” companies. This could not be further from the truth.

    The president, media and policy makers in Washington all overlook the most important aspect of oil and gas operations in the deepwaters of the Gulf. Those most threatened by this moratorium are the independent oil and gas operators. Independents produce and drill nearly 50 percent of all wells and represent 70 percent of all lease activity in the Gulf of Mexico.

    A recent study conducted by IHS Global Insight notes that independent oil and gas companies currently account for about half of the nearly 400,000 jobs, $70 billion in economic values and $20 billion in federal, state and local revenue generated by the industry in 2009. …In Louisiana alone, the deepwater drilling moratorium could eliminate more than 17,500 jobs in the coming six months. Overall, this detrimental policy will threaten the jobs of more than 200,000 hardworking Americans in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

    But lifting President Obama’s job-killing oil ban is only the first step toward economic recovery in the Gulf. The region, and our country, are also in desperate need of oil spill liability reform that sufficiently aligns risk and liability with individual behavior. The current system, which caps economic damages at $75 million, socializes risk by spreading the costs across the entire industry. Simply raising the cap without more comprehensive reform, as the Reid bill would have done, would fail to fix the systemic problems and could effectively shut down offshore drilling entirely. The Heritage Foundation has outlined a new “Oil Spill Liability Plan for Reform” that employs a market based approach that both protects taxpayers and allows private industry to get back to employing unemployed Gulf residents. Specifically, the plan calls for:

    • A multi-tiered insurance and liability system that removes the $75 million cap, relies on private insurance to cover liability for normal operations, creates a voluntary insurance pool for liability exceeding $1 billion and protects companies from frivolous lawsuits.
    • An industry-established Organization for Offshore Safety Operations that would reduce the likelihood of spills by setting and enforcing safety standards at individual sites, monitoring real-time safety data, sharing best practices and sharing information with government regulators.
    • An industry-established preparedness and response capability, certified by an independent organization, to deal aggressively and effectively with accidents if they do happen, as well as a more robust and integrated federal oversight and national response.

    Remembering the suffering caused by the 1986 oil price collapse, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry president Dan Juneau recently wrote: “The minute I heard the words ‘six-month moratorium’ leave President Obama’s lips, my mind went back to the economic miasma of 1986. I realized instantly that if he carried through with that policy, it was going to pummel our economy, eliminate thousands of jobs and disrupt the lives of many families. … The difference between 1986 and today lies in causation. The damage to Louisiana’s economy in the 1980s was brought about by economic factors. The danger today is entirely man-made. It is derived solely from a government edict. If there is a bright spot in the current crisis, it lies in the fact that a government edict is easier to turn around.” Let’s lift the ban, reform the liability system and get the Gulf back to work.

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    33 Responses to Morning Bell: Let's Get the Gulf Back to Work

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:




      NOT GOOD.


    2. Noralee Patton-Louis says:

      The "explosion" in the gulf was the result of "human error". One or more humans made an error in judgement with disasterous results! You cannot legislate "human error"! PERIOD! All the talking heads that have "ideas" about correcting the situation, have no clue as to how a drilling rig works or what safety precautions were taken. This did not happen because of equipment failure! It was a decision made by someone on the rig as well as someone in "the home office".

      As the wife of an oil field proffessional(retired after 50 yrs), I pretty much know what I'm talking about.

    3. David Houston says:

      It is time to stop thinking of Barak Obama as president and realize that he is a sabaoteur.

    4. Dennis Georgia says:

      I do agree that we need an alternative to oil and the mess it can cause through human error. At this time we do not have the alternative means of energy. Oil is and will be a necessary part of our culture for the future, so a band on drilling is not the answer. We must keep drilling to bring down our dependance on other countries, at the same time we need to be looking for a better way to get energy. When the oil is stoped this country will close up and go away, our goods that we need will no longer exist, jobs will be killed and industry will close up. I do believe this is eactly what obama wants to happen to this country. Our way of life will be eneded, our culture will cease, we will just be a puppet to foreign powers and their desires.

      We the people have the power to stop this junk, we must turn out in November vote to change the direction of this country, vote to stop the rape and plunder of our way of life. Let Congress know we will no longer be sheep lead to the slaughter by the "tree huggers" and the liberals.

    5. Mary.... WI says:

      The HF plan appears it will cover all the essential questions and concerns floating around oil drilling. Too bad BO and the administration won't partner with HF and pursue the goal. I suppose it's not destructive enough to this country…. afterall, that's what their agenda seems to be, destruction of this country.

    6. Rich Buckley, Califo says:

      I haven't read Reed's oil spill bill. It is doubtful anything Reed might offer would be something worth pursuing. Yet three points are worth making, (a) we see the world differently after the BP Deepwater Horizon event, (b) I posted a series of comments and suggestions (Part I through Part X) on United Methodist Church Unofficial Layman's Open Forum worth some investment of time to review.

    7. Tim Lucas Siloam Spr says:

      I'm so tired of this "penalty" president I'm not sure I can make it two more years. He doesn't like anything about this country so why work for this country when you hate it and want to destroy it. 37% of others just like him. Most of us when we find something we don't like, move on, new job or new residence. Never had the want to move on to another country but this is exactly so in Obama's situation as 63% of us liked this country just fine. I'm of the belief all radicals are mental and in need of shock therapy and "I could help". Love to throw that switch and do America a favor and could be a job I might really enjoy.

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      How are we to heat our homes, get the kids to school(buses take gas), How about all the by products we use daily. Did any of you know that the bags hung with the IV are a by product??, How about the hypo needles to give the shots, the pads on the beds, I could go on and on, and these things are used in MASH as well. BHO does not think he acts as he says "THe way I see needed" stated last week on the View. Funny I thought it was Congress that drafted the laws the the house voted and then the Senate and the President signed or vetoed them. Seems this administration does things backward and in his audacity ignores the will of the people, he wants this country to be socialist and for him to be ruler for life. NOV. 2, VOTE, AND GET OTHERS OUT THERE TO VOTE.

    9. Backgammon, Bonita S says:

      I would be suspect of anything Reid does, says or even hears. He certainly does not hear the people.

    10. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      It would be nice if this country and this administration would get their heads out of their buns and DRILL everywhere imaginable so gas prices can go back down and refineries can get back to work and help this economy FAST. All you idiots that don't understand that we NEED the oil to keep this country going since people need gas to heat their homes, run their cars, cook with etc. etc etc. Work on finding other ways BUT at 65 I've heard all this B.S. that Obama and his morons are spewing out of their mouths and they themselves are doing nothing except trying to destroy this country so we can all be like other socialist country's (NOT).

      I believe that this oil spill was a set up. Sobatage—because it happened only a few weeks after Obama lifted the ban and then we went backward and have people like idiot Reid passing idiot bills like he did so it puts more and more people out of work. These politicians—career politicians have NO idea how the people that make this country work live………they don't care as long as their pockets and pocket books and families are taken care of by other big business and deals that they make with co. and each other. NO MORE BILLS!. Stop, think, listen to the people that actually pay their bills and those that matter in this country NOT FREE LOADERs or ILLEGALS No more

    11. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      Barack Hussein Obama's doesn't care about the gulf and its people. He seems to thrive on his day by day, action by action dismantling and destruction of our freedom loving capitalist republic. Our country was warned many times about his agenda during his campaign and based on his past and the country didn't listen. Now you have it. He will not stop until we are all socialists.

    12. Bill Grant, New Jers says:





    13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The best way to get the Gulf back to work is to have Obama lift the fraudulent six-

      month moratorium he imposed over the objections of his scientists to appease the

      enviro-Nazis in his base,

    14. rockingg says:

      Simply put, based on reports and ideas from those that live and work in the area. However, simplicity is not in the government's vocabulary. Simplicity would force them to admit they are the problem in the first place, simplicity would promote prudent decisions which would be just that simple. Totally unlike the intricate web of rhetoric that explains absolutely nothing, takes 2000 or so pages to explain and in the end is detrimental to those it will affect. Politicizing everything creates the issue, it should be what is best that will do no harm and benefit those it is targeted for. Oil is an vital part of our lives, nothing is wasted when it is put to use. Just because we are stopped from drilling off shore doesn't mean other countries will be stopped and they won't fall under our "regulations" yet we could be endangered by their enterprises, in more way than one, i.e. economically and the potential for oil spills such as we have just experienced and yet there would be no recourse, except of course law suits against foreign entities, just what the lawyer driven society we have today would love. Litigation, litigation, litigation. We get it.

    15. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Since Norelee knows "what she is talking about", I want to ask her and her husband, how many times have they heard of a BOP failing? Not why the well blew which is somewhat common. Was it "human error" or was it something or someone else? No one is asking those questions.

      Regardless of what the HF, or anyone else proposes, Obama has and agenda to stop all drilling, offshore or onshore, to appease his radical environmentalist voters. Reid and Menendez are putting on yet another kabuki dance to continue

      the Obama deceptions policies.

    16. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      I disagree with Mr Jarvis from Las Vegas comment, he should look at the actual spillage rate for wells in the Gulf before making such an ill-thought comment. The spillage from offshore drilling is miniscule compared to the productivity, convenience and the quality of life people around the globe enjoy because of these efforts. Think where we would be without oil production, it is unthinkable.

      I like the ideas presented by Heritage as far as offshore drilling, however the list is incomplete. We also need to move in the legal area to remove the problems caused by the EPA whenever we attempt to access drilling in other areas such as on land, NWAR, etc. and also get some new refineries built. Their court actions have essentially crippled our ability to produce our own oil. This is criminal in my estimation and they only block, misusing the court system rather than working with oil companies to come up with safe solutions so that we can access these reserves. I have to say I'm suspicious as to who is funding their efforts. They certainly have no intentions of finding solutions for their concerns.

      We also need to look into the obvious blockage by the Obama administration when immediate solutions were present to block most or all of the oil from ever coming ashore during the first 55-60 days of this problem. I believe the blocks from allowing these measures to go into place immediately after the incident began were intentional in an attempt to gain political points with certain groups of constituents and perhaps offshore companies that supply oil to America and line political pockets. I think it has legal connotations and that there may be legal action that can be taken against the federal government and specifically whoever came up with the ridiculous idea of "conducting studies" instead of going ahead and putting blockades, berms, etc. into place immediately.


    17. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Socialist such as Ken Jarvis always amaze me. No drilling, no oil, no gas,

      no 70% of all products we all use that are made because of petroleum. Of course, ten of thousands would not have to jobs to afford those products. thus turn to the government for support. Hey, that's socialism. What a surprise!

    18. CW, Conyers, Georgia says:

      What are we coming too? Arizona is heavily loaded with illegal aliens and the crimes and other problems they bring, which would hardly exist if DC would do their job. Also, Louisiana suffering from the oil spill and the shutting down of the drilling platforms putting even more people out of work. Twice Obama was turned down by the courts but his attitude appears to be — Screw the people, screw the states, screw the courts, I'm going to do what I want to do. God, I never thought I'd wish my life away by wanting time to pass quickly where as we can vote these people out and bring some sanity back to our country. Though very significant. This is just a small portion of the problems brought upon us by the progressives.

    19. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      The suggestions by HF to improve the safety of off shore drilling using capitalistic principles is doable and removes big government to an oversight role where it should be. Unfortunately Harry Reid and the other socialists will not consider the proposal. Big government can not stand the scrutiny and challenge of competition because they would rarely come up with the best solution. The refining fire of competition is one of the engines of capitalism.

    20. C Knight, Falls Chur says:

      I agree with you! Let's make people (and companies) responsible for their actions instead of shooting the wrong targets. We all still need oil, or forget about driving your car or having all those lights on.

    21. tdg54 says:

      Drill Spill Kill NOT GOOD.

      New chant, or a new Raffi song?

      How quaint.

    22. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Obama wants one thing for America, and that's it's destruction. Create chaos on as many fronts as is possible, it's called "Conditioned Response " Does the name Pavlov, ring any bells?

      Intentionally increasing racial animosity, amnesty for illegals to destroy the vote, destruction of American based oil energy by moretoriums that cannot be set aside by the court, destruction of our economy by taxation and inflation. On and on. What more proof do Americans need?

    23. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Dennis George and Mary – Right on!

      Ken Jarvis – Phhhhht!

    24. Drew Page, IL says:

      Reid's question "Which side are you on?" is just so typical of Obama and his administration. To every issue they want their to be "sides". "Sides" means there has to be a "contest" and with every contest, theire must be winners and losers. Of course Reid, Pelosi and Obama are always on the "side of the people" or the "side of the little guy", fighting against the side of, you name it:

      * Big Oil

      * Big Insurance

      * Big Pharmacy

      * Big Banks

      * Big Wall St. Brokers

      * Big Auto Makers

      Yeah, the politicians like Reid would like us all to believe that we have to take "sides" because we are all being taken advantage of by all the "BIG" industries. The fact is that millions of Americans work for and earn their livings by working for these "BIG" industries. Those jobs help us support our families, pay our taxes, buy our homes, cars, possessions and support the economy.


      Without these industries, we are out of work, of of money and out of luck.

    25. Karen Newton says:

      The chaos that Obama is causing bourders on the criminal. I can no longer believe that he and his advisors are this stupid

    26. Dan DeLallo says:

      I agreed with Gary from Alaska. It should be clear by now to all Americans; of any political party, that the Obama Administration and the extreme Left in Congress have one objective – destruction of the private sector operating in key industries that impact the lives of every Citizen. If we accept this as a truth, we will understand that everything accomplished by this Administration and Congress to date, since January 2009, has either directly seized control of critical industries or indirectly advanced toward this end. Why? What is to gain?

      Since Obama entered office with a liberal majority, we have lost the broad insurance industry, banking, and health care; to include medical insurance coverage, medical care, medical device manufacturing, medical research, as well as other industries. Simply look to the details of the legislation for confirmation of these claims. The energy sector is next on the list. Can the Obama Administration nationalize the energy sector? Is this where some of the revenue will be derived to pay for the social programs forced upon us? Oil could be the first step, but watch the developments in other areas of energy.

    27. Norm Klevens says:

      The cause of the explosion, which lead to the spill is still not known; whether human error or mechanical equipment maintenance or improperly used or designed equipment. All wells, including those that have been dismantled & moved to other countries, were inspected and judged to be operational. No, this ban is at least partly about Republican governors and Obama's 2012 campaign. With high unemployment in AL, MS, and LA, Obama can say look at those states. For history or track record, Obama sent the so called stimulus funds, what has been expended, to 2/3rds democrat states, [not to mention the stings he put on the money]. Look at the walk on the beach in FL where the now so called Independent Christ and Obama did their walk. of course on camera. Did Obama let the cameras in when he met with Governor Jindal [R] ? Now they have the press photos of the damage along the gulf; we will see those. as a part of TV ads, when the campaigns get going. The explosion was integrated into the Obama – Emanuel Plan.

    28. randydutton says:

      What would Menendez's position be if there were a chemical leak at a facility in New Jersey and we advocated all the NJ plants be shut down indefinitely? I'll bet he would demand they be reopened.

      Gulf Oil brings $128,000,000 of revenue into US economy every day. Without it, the US economy collapses faster. Some progressives relish the collapse, conservatives argue against it.

      Remember, after oil is shut down;

      down come the dams and cheap hydro and water retention;

      the trees will be protected from harvesting and the timber industry ends;

      land is being tied up by the government and mining ends;

      with the end of mining America doesn't have the resources to produce domestically, so manufacturing ends;

      as water rights are being denied, so goes farming;

      as progressives start dictating diet, so ends the livestock industry;

      as fish become more protected, so ends recreational and commercial fishing;

      and as taxes go up, so go the intellectual property producers – to other countries.

      Already, expatriots living oversees increasingly are dropping their US citizenship to avoid US taxes.

      It will get worse when chaos collapses America and anarchists and elitists claim control over our impoverished country. UNLESS you Vote The Bums Out!

    29. randydutton says:

      ALL (non government) UNION MEMBERS should vote to support America (and their jobs). Vote conservative because the Progressives are doing everything possible to destroy private industry.

    30. M. Btok says:

      The reasons why, we must vote out, Establishment Government Representatives, whether they are Left or Right – Incumbent or Candidate!

      Make sure they do not belong to any of the Global Elitist Organizations: Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, Canadian Council of Chief Executives,

      Harvard Elite Players, Goldman Sachs, International Monetary Fund, The United Nations, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization.

      The reason we must vote out Establishment Government Representatives whether they are Left or Right, Incumbent or Candidate is explained on this 2 minute News Clip below:

      TWO Party Paradyne System News clip:

      Re: Americans' who wish to stop the thieving and robbing, of your income and resources in your country, by the Globalist Banksters need to, "End the Fed"!

    31. Mike, North Carolina says:

      The facts and analysis in the article "Let's Get the Gulf Back to Work" are all right, true, and accurate.

      Alas, unfortunately, both particularly for the people, including employers and employees, throughout the "Gulf States (Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas), and the rest of us, the people of the United States, too many politicians, such as Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), are evidently so arrogantly and recklessly determined to demagogue and pander for more power that they will even speak as if in need of a serious lesson in geography (New Jersey is not anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico, for example) as they so presume to speak as if they are from among and representing the people in any locality or region of which they speak, when they are not, and what they say could not be further from the geographical and other facts of the matter.

    32. Rebecca, Scottsdale says:

      The left is getting easier to read. They mock us, try to misdirect us, not to mention that they don't care what we want or what we vote for. Well, I'm wide awake, ready to stand.

      I would like to see the Gulf Back to Work, but your right Mike it's about power, they don't even try to hide it anymore and it's stunning what I hear come out of their mouths.

      We have a chance to change this with our vote, if we are I pray we oust him.

      In Arizona, we are dumbfounded that we can not get the Federal Government to do their job, criminals are let lose by ICE, we are trying to secure our boarder and stopped at every attempt. Again, they make it a racial issue, I just had to laugh as my daughters are 1/2 Mexican. They carry a certified copy of their birth certificates, just to show they are willing to provide their status as American Citizens. They are not afraid to show I.D. But to be honest, they get stopped and if speeding, get a ticket. Never have they been singled out and discriminated against by the Police or the courts.

      I would like Obama to go down with the sheriff's and see their routes. I've seen them since I was a teenager, but from a distance and they were drug routes when I saw them. I'm glad I was kept away far enough to keep me out of danger's way, but I saw a lot of that activity way back then in the 70's.

      This clear cut course the extreme left and radicals are on needs to stop. From our side we need to be peaceful and united. Arm in Arm, Vote for Vote. No one will ever intimidate me or my husband and children to not vote.

    33. ROBERT E. SQUIBB NAP says:


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