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  • Wikisteria: Don’t Take Anti-War Bait

    The aim of releasing thousands of classified documents on the Afghanistan war on the WikiLeaks Web site was apparently to undermine American public support for the war. The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, said he wanted the world to see the “true nature of the war” and equated the WikiLeaks Afghanistan archive with the release of the secret files of the East German police following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    But an initial look at a handful of the thousands of released reports reveals no shocking information but rather a mix of both operational battlefield information and unverified spot reporting, the credibility of which is impossible for the average U.S. citizen to determine.

    Commentators are essentially using the so-called “Afghanistan War Diaries” to re-emphasize their own positions on the war. The reports provide details and context on the day-to-day conduct of the war, but they are only pieces of information that do not lend themselves to sweeping generalizations about the efficacy of the overall war effort.

    While a major Afghanistan war funding bill still managed to pass Congress earlier this week, the anti-war drum beat is unmistakable. Even some conservatives are succumbing to the defeatist attitude that it is impossible to succeed in Afghanistan. This is highly unfortunate. Stabilizing Afghanistan and ensuring it does not again become a global terrorist hub is the surest way to guard against another type of 9/11 terrorist strike on the U.S. homeland.

    General David Petraeus, commander of U.S. and NATO forces, just released a new set of counterinsurgency guidelines for coalition forces on the ground in Afghanistan that call on the troops to “fight hard” but “be a good guest.” He is following through with the sound counterinsurgency strategy first laid out by General Stanley McChrystal last year.

    It would be a mistake to give up on the war effort now, just as thousands of additional forces and civilian resources are pouring into the country and before the talented General Petraeus—who is largely responsible for turning the Iraq war around three years ago—is given a chance to succeed. Rather than taking the anti-war bait, Americans should support our dedicated troops in the field, focus on protecting vital U.S. national security interests, and avoid getting caught up in the current Wikisteria.

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    9 Responses to Wikisteria: Don’t Take Anti-War Bait

    1. Greg, South Jordan says:

      What is the definition of "success" in Afghanistan. With "11,000 intelligence workers per al Qaeda member in Afganistan” and 140,000 troops in the country at a cost of $17 billion a month, "success" is ill-defined. (Wikileaks and American Empire).

    2. West Texan says:

      Success means the destruction of al Qaeda's operational and support networks, which have proven a viable threat to our national security. Greg of South Jordan needs to ask the question, "What was the cost to Americans on September 11, 2001?" America's victimized citizens have had enough after decades of mayhem and murder from unprovoked Islamist attacks. I believe the Almighty called upon America to bring its just might down on these Islamo-fascist thugs. Our military personnel and warriors have well earned their country's deepest respect and gratitude for the challenging task they've faced. Let not politics squander their hard lived successes and sacrifices.

    3. Ellen, Washington DC says:

      One can also view U.S. “success” in Afghanistan through a more regional or global lens. U.S. “success” in Afghanistan (and Iraq) is crucial, but even after “success” in Afghanistan, the U.S. will still have to contend with other issues in the Middle East. For example, the U.S. will need to consider the extent to which the Arab-Israeli conflict impacts military and diplomatic missions. James Kirchick, in a well-written and insightful piece (http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/articles/2010-JulyAugust/full-Kirchick-JA-2010.html), argues that even solving the Arab-Israeli conflict would not rectify all other issues in the Middle East.

    4. Alex, Chicago says:

      Why doesn't this author focus on writing pieces which actually engage their topic rather than just trying to spin the debate using jingoist rhetoric?

    5. Michael Skowronski says:

      Being pro-war is the same as being pro-murder.

      Yes Americans should support our dedicated troops in the field BY BRINGING THEM HOME!

      Yes Americans should focus on protecting vital U.S. national security interests BY BEING INFORMED AT HOW ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT OUR GOVERNMENT IS AND TO ELIMINATE THAT CORRUPTION.

      Yes Americans should avoid getting caught up in ALL PROPAGANDA being pumped out by mainstream media and articles like this.

      I just find it utterly unbelievable that people can write articles like this. How is it that you can support going to a foreign country and killing people? What did they do to us?

      If you say 9/11 then I tell you to do the research. The US government's official story about that day is a lie. And that is a provable fact. Do the research. They lied about reasons for going into Iraq, that too is a fact. And now they are lying about going into Iran which they will do soon and then we will all really need to watch out. Because if we do go to war with Iran, we may just have foreign troops an bombs and terrorists coming to kill us.

      So our government is NOT looking out for our national security when they go to war in other countries. They are stealing the resources of those countries, destroying their resources and killing their people, including children, and making US Citizens out to be the enemies of the world…AND THOSE ARE THE FACTS! Provable, accurate FACTS!


      Michael Skowronski

    6. Jackson Pearson says:

      I wonder when the Obama administration, if ever, will be issuing an arrest warrant out for creep Julian Assange?

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    8. West Texan says:

      @Ellen in DC, Islamic teachings are rooted in Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism. This is why its radicalized fundamentalist element fit perfectly with fascist ideology. Until these attitudes change, which won't occur so long as their religious leaders continue to preach their hateful doctrine under the cover of Koranic law, peace will never come to the Middle East. The Arab and Persian world, like Europe's Dark Ages, is ruled by the church and not the weaker secular authorities.

    9. Kevin, Wyoming says:

      So, Michael, what you are is saying is the troops in the war are murderers? You don't seem to mention the schools that were built when saddam was taken down, or the millions of people who now have jobs, AND get to keep the money they earn, oh yeah and the ones who were able to move back into the houses that were stolen from them by the saddam military. So maybe you need to get your facts straight! Kevin

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