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  • Side Effects: Premium Hikes for Arizona State Employees, Courtesy of Obamacare

    Arizona v. President Obama. This time it’s not about immigration but health care. A recent letter from the Arizona Department of Administration to 135,000 state employees informed them that, depending on their type of coverage, they can expect their monthly health insurance costs to jump by as much as 37 percent. The letter cites the President’s health care overhaul as “responsible for all increases for employee premiums.”

    The Department points to two provisions of Obamacare as the primary reason for the premium increases: a new requirement for plans to cover children as dependents until age 26 and a ban on lifetime coverage limits. Both of these changes sounded popular during the health care debate. However, as citizens, like the Arizona state employees, begin to see the associated premium hikes go into effect, the highly unpopular new law will not likely gain more support.

    Obamacare imposes a top-down approach to health care reform, requiring that insurance companies meet new requirements. Though some of these provisions are intended to protect consumers, what they don’t tell you is that it will inevitably mean higher premiums.

    Increased premiums aren’t expected to hit state employees alone but will likely be a widespread effect of Obamacare. The Arizona Republic explains, “Because the state is one of Arizona’s largest providers of health insurance, its estimates could provide an early glimpse of how large employers will pass along health-reform costs to their employees.”

    A better way forward would have been to put patients—not insurers or the government—in charge of their own health plans. By choosing what works best for them and their own personal situation, Americans would have been able to secure greater value at a better price. Heritage expert Ed Haislmaier explains here what a real consumer-driven market would look like.

    President Obama promised that his health plan would lower premiums for American families by an average of $2,500. As we learn more about the new law, it becomes clear that this won’t be the case. As it turns out, there’s still no such thing as a free lunch.

    This post was co-authored by Joshua Wade.

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    11 Responses to Side Effects: Premium Hikes for Arizona State Employees, Courtesy of Obamacare

    1. Tim AZ says:

      Mao-Bama's approval rating in the great State of Arizona is at 28 percent and falling. I have to wonder if the regimes own policies will eventually turn the unions against them, or cause the demise of the unions and the regime. I suppose we could witness a division among unions that blindly support the regime and those that choose to look out for their own interests. We could have a whole new spectator sport just watching the two react to each other.

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    3. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      You don't do what Obama wants, Obama going to punish you! Look what happened to at all the GM and Chrysler dealerships that contributed to the Non-Obama side when he bought those Auto Manufactures! They gone! Next day, they gone!

      You got a dime and he's going to take eleven cents! Now if you ain't got no job, four babies, no man, no money, and you here illegal like, then man, you his friend!

      You get a free home, free food, free baby sitter, free money, free medical care, free transportation, computor, (supposed to help you find a jog-right?), and a TV (help entertain them kids, so cable come too), kids in school, baby sit on the side and make more money, no tax, free kids' meals with education, you get a education and Obama, he give you matching money for what you earn! No tax neither! America, I tell you is great if you ain't American and you poor! Oh, you can be rich, but you can't be American, and don't piss Mr. Obama off neither!

    4. Karen, NJ says:

      This is not news. Fox News was telling this all along. And as usual Fox News was right.

    5. Karen Ki New Jersey says:

      This isnt news. Fox New Channel has been reporting this for a year. And as usual they were right

    6. Karen AZ says:

      Told you so, over and over and over.

    7. Monte, Prescott, AZ says:

      When you consider the threats, the bribes and that outright lies used to "pass" health care, is it any wonder that "We the People" are now the recipients of false hope and radical change in which "We" were promised we could believe? "We" do believe that the euthanasia of America is exactly the health "care" planned for a flowering Obamanation.

      George Orwell missed it only by nearly three decades, but his vision of 1984 is being proven daily in 2010, as is Saul Alinksy's, and Trotsky's, and Marx's, and even Franklin's and Jefferson's prophetic warnings. There are signs, however, that enough of "We the People" are awakening in time to do as Jefferson admonished by retracing our steps to our Founding Principles and Practices of Freedom and Liberty. "We" can still recover and give the powers behind the anticipated throne hope and change they never saw coming.

      Thank God for nearly daily ghastly views of the Obamanation "planned" for us. I know that God will still bless America.

    8. Norm Klevens says:

      The truth was not supposed to surface before the November 2010 election. Its great that it is coming out now. The increased premium is just the beginning. Reduced coverages will follow. And while Fox News is better than the rest, it is not the authority and has not conducted the studies that Heritage has and previously discussed here. Obamacare will adversely affect all of us that pay for health insurance, on our own or through our employers, while the less fortunate among us will pay zero [which was the purpose in first place].

    9. michael, Houston says:

      It will only get worse. With the financial reform he will now be able to close those insurance companies down if they raise their rates.

      Other states that have worked to find a solution for their citizens face financial disaster. Indiana had a good deal for their citizens including a good deal on prescription meds but Obamacare threw that agreement out the window.

      We have not yet begun to calculate the increased costs of Medicaid to each state due to the mandated addition of new people being added to the rolls. When Obama's people calculated the costs they reached an average. Some states will however pay more than others. Most likely the states with the highest unemployment and therefore the lowest tax revenues.

    10. Audrey Keisacker says:

      This is truly frightening. Please God, HELP us.

    11. Audrey Keisacker says:

      This is truly frightening. Please, God, help us.

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