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  • Oh What a Tangled Web Obamacare Weaves!

    Want to see what Obamacare really looks like? Take a gander at this dazzlingly complex chart mapping out America’s new health care system (the chart was developed by the House Joint Economic Committee).

    It’s no wonder that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in March said of Obamacare, “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” Well, the health care monstrosity passed and we’re left with a confusing fog of new government agencies, regulations and mandates.

    Is there a way out of this messy maze? Yep. Congress should repeal Obamacare forthwith.

    Click here for a full version of the chart.

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    26 Responses to Oh What a Tangled Web Obamacare Weaves!

    1. Billie says:

      If obama is going to speak for Americans, then what Americans want this? The more complicated the more corrupt. This is individual health. individual lives! Nothing but costly corruption with government growing more. Go back to the same ideas that are fair for all. Free Market.

      Do what is right for the good of American people. The majority speaks loud and clear.


    2. Bethany, Washington says:

      I think I need reading glasses (I'm 24!) to see the lines between all of these efficient government offices!

    3. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      At the risk of being considered a heretic, I don't believe that even Mr. Obama is smart enough to make this work, even with the help of the brilliant minds of Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid.

    4. Ron, ND says:

      It is so efficient that it needs to ration my health care because of my age and ast a higher price!

    5. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Most of us knew exactly how bad this bill would be just by the "deals" that were made and the bribes that were paid to get this monstrosity passed the crooks

      and thieves in Congress. Now, our worse fears are materiilizing almost ever day.

      Yet, the Dems and the media continue to defend ObamaCare through their

      normal practices of lies and distortions. These same pracities will prevent ObamaCare from ever being repealed despite the overwhelming majorty of

      American against it.

    6. WHICH WAY says:


    7. Tim AZ says:

      I doubt even Rube Goldberg could have imagined such a complicated working. Most likely the individual that attempts to access this type of health care will be dead before the request makes it halfway through this sausage making process. We may need a lot of back alley practitioners and do it yourself books if this mess is allowed fully be implemented. The other option would be to just throw on the towel and leave this mess behind.

    8. Warren, Mesa says:

      When you let a problem fester like a cancer, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

      We ignored health insurance reform for so long that there is no right answer. In addition to the costs for insurance, folks not in employer sponsored plans have very few options.

      The percentage of individuals in employer sponsored plans is now less than 50% down from a high of over 75%. What sane person would leave a good job with benefits to start a new business?

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    10. Bruce Henderson Wayn says:

      The socialist agenda is forging ahead in spite of a slight majority of Americans who have enough saavy to vote against it. Exponential growth of DOE and ObamaCare, along with thug Czars performing end-runs around the Constitution on immigration and taxes, is, believe it or not, just the tip of the iceberg. Centralization of every aspect of our lives is here, not just "coming soon". Add the creeping Islamification of America, and America is finished. There is your "Hope and Change". I hope you enjoy it. I sure won't. The Republicans had a great chance to deliver back in the early nineties, and they wimped out. They will again. Money and bribes rule most governors and state legislatures, regardless of party.

    11. MomsUnite says:

      Um…yeah….good luck with that! I'm blowing this up and putting it in my office so all the dolts who voted for this guy can see what a mess they've made. Not one of them have any clue about economics or base their opinions in factual reality. Keep buying designer everything though girls. Obama will see you through…..he's the biggest sugardaddy out there!!! Can't wait for you to see how much you're really going to pay to have everything FREE!!! Doh!

    12. Barry Cimperman says:

      Kill them all but one, then maybe he would lesten to the people and be a bit more honest!

    13. Hank Osborne, SC says:

      Most people don't even need health insurance. In most cases employers could give employees the employer paid portion of premiums and then the employees could exercised some good old fashion individual responsible. Folks could save the $12k plus per year of what would have been premiums for incidental doctor visits and prescriptions and save the rest for a rainy day.

    14. Eugene Kupstas, Kins says:

      This chart looks like a highway map, or a circuit diagram for a TV. It's way too complicated to look like tired eyes. Will our health-care expenses go through a sort of Pachinko game before we can be reimbursed? We'll have the slow application process of Social Security combined with the nit-picking of the IRS, just for starters.

    15. sharon tritch Torran says:

      I think the Goverment should take their blinders off and take a good look at what they have caused the American people.This Medical Care is being paid for by the tax payers and we are getting tired of getting screwd by the goverment.

    16. Anchorage says:

      Any program can be made to look like a mess. I wonder what the military structure looks like with advisers,funding, contractors, intelligence agencies, and congress. In fact, I wonder what the system would look like if there were no regulation.

      Rich people = Health care. Hmm…that is more simple. Let's go with that one!

    17. Scott Rodrigues says:

      George Soros & the other Obama friends in his Communist Party wrote the ObamaCare Bill. So, NO Obama can't understand this either. This is classic "Cloward&Piven tactics of "Overwhelm The System". These Marxists are breaking down the Capitalistic, Free Market/Free Country system in order to force America to use a new system of GOV'T. The system of choice for Obama and the filthy dems is….Communism & Dictatorship. The average American Dem voted 4 Obama because of his color (& they call Conservatives racist) & cuz they want big gov't to pay their lazy way. Well, Communism is SLAVERY & unjust. So, the very same Blacks & Gays who voted 4 Obama (& have no friggin clue what he and the Fake Dems nowadays r all about) have voted for their own demise. Thanks you stupid asshles. Maybe, you should stop listening to liberals and start listening to Conservatives who believe whole heartedly in "INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS" which is what Black , Gays, & EVERY PERSON REGAURDLESS OF COLOR, AGE, sEXUAL & RELIGIOUS preference WANT. GOD, help us ALL !!!

    18. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      A nest of evil web weaving poisonous spiders infesting every home in America could not have done half the damage in twice the time, as our Three Houses in DC have done without even reading the Bill that they passed.

    19. Josie Short San Bern says:

      Leave my healthcare alone. "If it ain't broken don't fix it" My husbnd and I worked for forty years to get where we are. No, not rich still paying on our house.

      Have a 4 yr.old car and live on a budget. Just like most Americans.

      For people without insurance give them jobs and lower the cost of healthcare by making these drug companies Stop advertising on TV which cost millions.

      And why do Canadians come to the US to get medical care? Sometimes waiting six months can mean life or death when you have cancer.

    20. Wilma Brooks, Florid says:

      AMEN to repealing this monstrosity! But can it happen soon enough? Hurry up November!!!

    21. Hendy, Walla Walla V says:

      the solution is available in November, just send the incumbants packing and vote for folks that have the moxie to ask for RESULTS for all tax dollars that are being spent. The USA doesn't need new taxes, higher taxes, new fees or higher fees, we just need people that are willing to CUT Spending………………….and cut the REGULATION of our lives by our government.

    22. Tom Braund, Palmer, says:

      Defund: If Congress doesn't fund it, it's a nothing.

      Disobey: don't join it; don't use it. They can't jail everybody and this is how the People repeal it, by not joining it.

    23. Tom Braund, Palmer, says:

      Another thing… it's illegal for the government to make you buy something. Let them fume and fizzle and try to intimidate you. Don't give in, no matter what they do. We the People can win this by refusing to partake, which means refusing to join. Civil disobedience has its place; this is it!

    24. FulghumInk says:

      This "fog" was deliberately designed this way so that they can continue to "make up the rules as they go along" (Alcee Hastings) to implement their socialist agenda.

      Allen Fulghum


      Pinehurst, NC

    25. Nicole S. says:

      Interesting if you look at the fine print you will see this was prepaired by republicans. The same party bashing this plan. As a graphic designer I know you can easily make a chart look like a confusing tangled mess. What is hard is to try and be a leader even when you may not fully agree with the outcome. So quit being sore loosers and step up to the plate and help create a graphic that helps the public understand what is in the plan.

    26. Marty says:

      And this is without a gov't option!!! momunite, I am too. I printed out the last version and laminated it. Another treasure for my memory box!

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