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  • Morning Bell: Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law

    Hours after yesterday’s decision by President Bill Clinton judicial appointee Susan Bolton to preemptively stop enforcement of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law, Thomas A. Saenz, president of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), told The New York Times: “This is a warning to any other jurisdiction.” Just in case the message from the Obama administration and its leftist allies was not clear, Obama appointee U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke told The Associated Press: “Surely it’s going to make states pause and consider how they’re drafting legislation and how it fits in a constitutional framework.”

    But no amount of pause by states and localities could ever possibly satisfy the Obama administration, its amnesty allies, and activist judges like Bolton. In a textbook case of judicial activism, Judge Bolton rewrote the Arizona law to her own needs, invented her own facts and ignored clear federal law. President Jimmy Carter appointee and immigration law professor at Yale Law School Peter Schuck told The New York Times: “She rushed to judgment in a way I can only assume reflects a lot of pressure from the federal government to get this case resolved quickly.”

    The Obama administration’s case against Arizona sought to preemptively stop enforcement of Arizona’s new immigration law. The legal term for this is a “facial challenge,” and federal precedent is clear that facial challenges “must be careful not to go beyond the statute’s facial requirements and speculate about ‘hypothetical’ or imaginary cases.” But that is exactly what Judge Bolton did. First, she ignored Section 2(B) of the law as written and completely ignored the section’s first sentence that required an officer to have “reasonable suspicion” that a person was in the country illegally before their immigration status should be checked. Then, she invented a completely hypothetical case about a Chilean dog walker detained by a completely fictional Sheriff Smith. Finally, despite the fact that 8 U.S.C. §1373 clearly requires the federal government to “respond to an inquiry by a…State, or local government agency, seeking to verify or ascertain the citizenship or immigration status of any individual,” Judge Bolton concluded that the Obama administration’s decision not to enforce this provision was as good as rewriting the law itself.

    Taken alone, the White House’s behavior on this issue is troubling enough. But put into the broader context of the first 18 months of this Administration, a truly pernicious pattern emerges. First, there was the Obama Justice Department’s decision to dismiss voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panther Party. Then there was the Obama administration’s use of TARP to bail out its union allies in what bankruptcy law scholars have called “so outrageous and illegal that until March of this year [2009], nobody even conceptualized it.” Then there was the Obama administration’s shakedown of BP in the White House’s Roosevelt Room. Less than a week later after a federal court found its first oil drilling ban to be “arbitrary and capricious,” the Obama administration issued a second oil drilling ban that was wider and killed even more jobs than the first.

    Americans cannot be cowed by the Obama administration and its La Raza and MALDEF allies.  Giving into bullies only encourages their behavior. Finally this lawsuit should be a permanent reminder to everyone who wants to call themselves a conservative that any and all claims about an amnesty deal are complete fiction. La Raza and MALDEF will fight every enforcement measure in any such deal tooth and nail while administrations like this one will simply choose not to enforce them. Meanwhile, the amnesty provisions would be instantaneous and permanent. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has vowed to fight this decision all the way to the Supreme Court, and she deserves support.

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    142 Responses to Morning Bell: Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law

    1. Jake says:

      The only thing Judge Bolton left out in her hypothetical was she was getting an ice cream cone for her dog.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Obama has been in Office for over a year and a half,

      in ALL of that time have YOU ever heard HF, Murdoch, WSJ, FOXNEWS or Rush –

      ever give him credit for doing good?

      ALL they do is say BAD about him.



      is a FRIEND OF HF and MURDOCH.



      Surprise? Not in the least.This is standard operating procedure for the left.When will it stop, In November I hope!

    4. Mary.... WI says:

      This president has definitely created such conflict within our own borders amongst different classes of people, different races, legals and illegals…..again I say it is the perfect storm. He knows what he's doing and that is to bring this country down to it's knees and turn this country into a something the MAJORITY of Americans DON'T WANT. But he doesn't care. I hate to think what might happen down the road the next couple months. I not ashamed to admit I'm scared folks.

    5. toledofan says:

      Every American should be really pissed off at this judge, the Administration and Congress for turning this into a political debacle more about race than about immigration. I guess it's easier to talk about immigration rather than talk about high unemployment, foreclosures, jobs not being created, humongous deficeits, a failing Afgan policy, and an economy on the brink of another recession. But this judges decision reflects what this administration thinks about the majority of people in America, that we are too stupid to manage our own lives, we don't get the 'big picture' and that laws that don't fit their agenda don't need to be followed because they say so. It's clear that this decision was politically motivated and it will only fuel the fire rather than drench the flame.

    6. Ron Derry NH says:

      This is a step in the direction of feudalism where justice is the opinion of the ruling elite and ignores the reality of the laws laid down by the people!

      No country can survive the dismantling of its laws when the words are used to defraud the previous agreed upon language.

      Anarchists rejoice…Obama is bringing in the full weight of defrauding worth whether by money or by legal standing; his agenda is sacred, government by the people is disposable. We must defend our nation or be lost to history.

    7. james ochs says:

      What can patriots legally do in the face of an outlaw Federal Government? Where are all the lawsuits that have been filed by constitutional scholars? Why are the republicans so silent about this criminal administration? I am sorry I have no answers, only questions. If somebody has answers to these questions,then I will respond with possible solutions.

    8. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      We need the rule of law. Without the rule of law, we're a mob. What Obama fails to recognize, is that the Founding Fathers didn't set up a democracy, like Athens, they

      set up a republic, like Rome. This country is a REPUBLIC, NOT A DEMOCRACY!

      When will our leaders realize that? when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever


    9. Larry P., Pinellas P says:

      I have a new slogan I am using—"P & V" Pray and Vote. If we simply follow that premise we'll be okay.

    10. Prudent Man, CFA says:

      When I read Bolton's reasoning my first assumption is that she pilfered her decision from Obama Talking Papers and she didn't read the law or, if she did, she ignored it or doesn't understand it. Too much work for the Feds to enforce the law? What if our military thought that way?

      The decision is obviously a political one and has nothing to do with the law. Local governments enforce Federal Kidnapping, Drug, Counterfeit, Criminal Flight, etc. laws. What differentiates Illegal Immigration from any other Federal Law enforced by local law enforcement?

      Why would a legal immigrant protest a law that supports them? Are they that brainwashed?

    11. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Surprise? Hardly, if you look at the judge's other decisions or how liberal judges who will not follow the Constitution or hold federal officials accountable. November can't come soon enough to begin to stem the erosion of the Constitution.

    12. jim Parker says:

      While I agree with much of this post, you and others further the public's view that the judiciary is just another political arm of government when you highlight that this judge was a p Clinton appointee. We will not strengthen the public's commitment to the rule of law by continuing to imply that the judiciary

    13. Chris Kay says:

      "Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law" LOL!!! C'mon, everyone knows that the "rule of law" is whoever makes the rules makes the laws. God help us – the president and 1st lady are lawyers and know the "rule of law", as well as how to use "lawyer speak" to rewrite the laws so they take aways more and more freedoms while they read like they don't. The wolves in sheeps clothing have taken over church and state ever since the church and state became weak through separation from one another.

    14. RobertR, Musella GA says:

      I remain amazed that the Obama administration's abrogation of their constitutional duty to protect the border of America is, somehow, Arizona's fault. My recollection is that Federal immigration law is less protective of individual rights as it has no language relating to profiling. I plan to send additional money to http://www.keepazsafe.com.

    15. Alarmed Patriot, Ohi says:

      I am very alarmed by the lawlessness of this administration. But HOW do we stop it? Will someone from the Heritage Foundation please tell me? Obama and the Democrats have shown themselves very adept at stealing elections. Obama has no intention of upholding our constitution – indeed he intends to defacto abolish it. Even if Republicans win a majority in congress in the fall election, HOW do they stop the Executive orders and the continued illegality of this administration's ways? HOW???

    16. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      "Justice delayed, is justice denied." We've got a partial off button available November 2nd. Let's hope it still works. The ultimate test is Nevada. If Reid can win by spreading his seditious lies, about Angle, based on her truthful Conservervative values, then "we" are toast.

    17. West Texan says:

      I do agree with Judge Bolton's view that Arizona is overstepping their jurisdictional boundaries. Whao folks!!! Allow me to explain. The federal government is tasked with securing our borders, any failure is purely due to weak leadership at the highest levels. One thing the Judge had completely wrong was the burdened party, which is not the federal government but rather the state of Arizona. Here in Texas our state and local peace officers actively collaborate with Homeland Security. But these personnel and resources are there to enforce laws. More is needed to secure our international borders. This role clearly falls to defense. Secretary Gates and state militias should be major players. It's that straight forward. To Mr Obama, stop campaigning and DO YOUR DANG JOB!

    18. STEVE, MASS says:

      This is a perfect example of how the Soviet Union court system works: it is staffed by the state, it is run by the state, and it rules by the state. I do not want to go down that path. So, get out in November and vote this left wing liberal/progressive radicals out of office.

    19. Mikie Henderson, Roh says:

      I really appreciate all the good information you provide. What would be nice is some suggestions as what we can do about this. It seems like this regime is getting away with everything they do. Isn't there any way to stop it? I find myself not able to get through the articles because it seems hopeless and we all need some hope with this ballistic bunch of renegades no one is stopping.

    20. Kevin Jensen South D says:

      I mourn for those have paid for our freedom with theirs lives, and for their families, for it has all seems to have been for nothing. We did not need to lose those lives if the end result is that our leaders have become lawless tyrants. Who are we anymore? Is there no one left to stand for freedom, the Constitution and the rule of law?

      I mourn for our Country; which seems to be slipping away from us while the population only pays attention to reality TV and celebrity's personal problems.

      When States can not enforce federal Law that the Federal Government will not, we are no better than the foreign regimes we have fought to save others from.

      It is time to bring ALL our soldiers home, and cave into the will of the socialists. If we are not willing as a nation to continue the fight – give up now.


    21. Bonnie, FL says:

      I have just sent in a $100 donation to help Arizona http://www.keepazsafe.com/ We must support the state of Arizona and demand that the border be secured. Instead of protecting our borders, this Administration if opening them up and wants to give amnesty to anyone that comes into our country illegally.

    22. Jim Jensen, Grants P says:

      I'm told there are ten states ready to adopt Arizona's law SB 1070. Can you say "Civil War"? The United States is being attacked. What happened to "… protect the US from enemies foreign and domestic"? US citizens are being attacked and killed on our side of the border. Obama's nose is too far up in the air to see what's going on. There is a federal immigration law. If the feds choose not to enforce it, the states have no choice but to protect themselves any way they can.

    23. patriot77 says:

      How much more of this will the American people take? It is going to come to a head at some point. We're in dangerous territory at this point in our country's history. God help us!

    24. Wendy Hankins, Green says:

      The Arizona decision was, at its best, disappointing. But this article is correct — the O Administration is on a fast track to destroy the America that was founded by our Forefathers. As a civil society, we should be very concerned and we need to no longer be silent because it is "politically correct." In a respectful and intelligent manner, we need to stand tall for American principles. Duty is ours, but results are God's.

    25. Steve Hunter, Tucker says:

      France declares war on Al Queda; Obama declares war on Arizona. Can't wait for 2012.

    26. Tbird - Houston says:

      I agree with Michelle Malkin who stated that every state should pass it's own laws. Obama's minions can't sue everybody.

    27. Southern Hoosier, Gr says:

      No where in the Constitution is the federal government given control over immigration. Arizona is not attempting to control the federal borders or even their own state borders. They are not sending State Police to any border. They are simply responding to an internal state matter, crime. I think the government of Arizona should exercise their authority as a sovereign state under the 10th Amendment, ignore the federal judge and order that the law as written be enforced.

    28. Ed Herold says:

      Impeach them all – The President and Congress will not live up to the Oath of Office they all took. Enforcement of the law is required by their oath of office. This is an Impeachable act by ALL. We the People have rights under the Constitution of the United States, We now are ruled by a dictator. I believe this may come down to a civil war if it continues

    29. MARJORIE BRIMHALL, H says:


    30. David Farnum, Roanok says:

      It's simple: Never Give In, Never Give Up. If the Founding Fathers had, we would still be honoring Queen Elizabeth, II. And I don't for a minute want to be honoring King Barack, though that is what this Administration wants us to do.

    31. GEORGIA Dreyer Cinci says:

      WE need to wake up this not going to be the United States of America before long it will be the OBAMA World Universe. He is the ANTI CHRIST!!!! All he wants is votes he doesn't care where they come from. He is scary

    32. Southern Girl, MS says:

      It is appalling what this administration has done, is continuing to do, and is getting away with it. Their unlawful shenanigans are so blatant and arrogant they may as well just spit in everyone's face. Missouri has strict immigration laws but they have been left alone, at least for now. I suppose because they aren't on the border and probably only have a fraction of illegals that Arizona and the other border states have. To think the Mexican thugs can come over and seize someones ranch and the owners can receive no Federal help is a travesty. I've never been so scared about what our country is becoming.

    33. TJones says:

      At what point will his non-compliance with the oath he took to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" be considered an impeachable offense?

    34. Earl Sarasota,Florid says:

      It could not have been made clearer during the campaign that Barak Obama was opposed to the structure of The Constitution and its limits on government, yet he took and oath to protect and defend that same Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

      First, this speaks to his oath to God. Second, it speaks to his word. Taking that oath and his actions since raises the questions of his commitment to God through his word and to the country to his word. His inaguration was just paying "lip service" to the tradition, with the intent on not keeping any of it given his documented disdain for the Constitution in the first place.

      Why is anyone surprised?

    35. KLIMAX Baltimore, Ma says:

      The big losers of this ruling in Arizona is the 25 Million Unemployed American Citizens (counting the Millions like myself who have given up) and we will continue to loose until NObama and his puppets Pelosi, Reid, and Holder are held accountable for their deliberate efforts to undermine the rule of law and continue to ignore OUR constitution !!! When groups like the Black Panthers are allowed to thumb their noses at White America because they got away with a crime that is equal to the murder of OUR judicial system while Nobama is pushing Civil Rights back to the 50's and 60's !!! It's just wrong no matter who it is happening to !!!

      NObama's "catch and release policy" regarding illegal aliens is a different type of murder of OUR judicial system !! He is killing OUR children's chances for a good education every time a teacher has to ignore the native born children to spend EXTRA time coaching the illegals in the class who don't speak English or speak very little !!!

      NObama's "catch and release policy" and "lack of border security" is how he is murdering the tax system which requires American Citizens to pay for (through taxes) all the entitlements illegal aliens receive that should only be available to OUR Citizens!!! This costs OUR Citizens is over 130 Billion dollars per year and this is a conservative number !!!


    36. Earl Sarasota,Florid says:

      It is fair to say that we can say "good-bye" to the last baston of the Checks and Balances system. When the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our system fall on the same page the system is dead. No one will correct the legal aspects of The Constitution. Instead, they will judicate without the spirit of the law, replacing it with a political interest and customized interpretations of the law.

      Where justice was once blind, it will peek to see just "who" its serving.

    37. David Houston TX says:

      Article II, Section 4……………..

    38. Jason Eastman says:

      Gov. Brewer, I, Jason will support you! Thanks for your hard work and willingness to protect the people of Arizona.

    39. Maria Price californ says:

      as regards our present pres: "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" thomas jefferson

    40. ThomNJ, New Jersey says:

      At what point will his non-compliance with the oath he took to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” be considered an impeachable offense? – TJones

      I agree. If and when the Republicans win in November, I pray that we have the numbers and the courage to impeach obama.

    41. Stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      This is the result of the different views of the law from liberal judges to those of the constitutional judges. What concerns me is if you read what previous administrations (Wilson, FDR, JFK) have done in our history it shows that liberal judges give more weight to the progressive model that holds collective rights over individual rights. History shows clearly the faults of where this justice system goes.

    42. Deborah in Florida says:

      IMPEACH this pathetic excuse of a leader. Maybe if Americans get a bellyfull of his clear, calculated attempt to make this country a socialist/communist state they will get off their butts and VOTE before that right disappears too! IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH and for God's sake VOTE WHILE YOU CAN!!!

    43. trilipush, Tucson says:

      When will this regime declare martial law? Border problems are a very good excuse.

      Then, the November elections could be suspended or postponed!

    44. Carol,AZ says:

      Thank You America for your donation to AZ's legal fund!.

      All 50 States have contributed , numerous Buss. and many anonymous donations in large amounts.

      AZ is prepared for this out-come.

      We are prepared to go the disstance.

      It will go to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and depending on that out come, to the Supreme Court.

      There are other tenents yet to be decided still pending by Judge Bolton.It is hardly over here in AZ for court rulings.

      What the rest of America must understand, is instead of Pres. Obama and his appointees sworn ot protect us, and you, to secure our broken border he is blocking all avenues legally and morally.

      The message he has sent to Cartel backed cells with known ties to terroism , continue to allow our borders to be overmore dangerous than ever thought to be possible.

      To: West TX…THe FEDERAL GOV't is not doing it's job!

      If TX thinks they have it all under control there then clean-up all your Sancturay cities.

      It is law in AZ . That is one tenent of our law that Judge Bolton did not enjoined . The entire is now under the same law with regards to the status of Sanctuary. ( which is also against the Federal LAW) 70 have been identified as Sanctuary. .

      The recent attempt to blow-up the Falcon Dam ( ref. Houston Chronicle) certainly is an overt act of terrorism on your Rio Grande TX/MX border.

      Or did you forget about that sir?

      Servered head continue to show up as a clear message by the cartels.Or did you foget about that sir?

      Mass grave sites have continued to be discovered in border areas where the cartels fight for transfer control at key locations..

      All articles for this type of Intel maybe verified on http://www.BorderReport.org.

      Last night in Metro PHX during an undercover drug bust three policemen were shot. One died, two are recovering. Four suspects were shot as well.

      Illegal under all law still means " against the law" and as a nation of laws, AZ and we hope the rest of America, will understand that.

      Thank YOu Bonnie from FL for your resolve and support. Thousands of us from all over AZ are woking so hard to support the men and woman who have our backs here under unspeakable conditions most of the time.

      Nov can not come soon enough..


    45. Albert, Vallejo, CA says:

      This "ruling" illustrates just how disastrous the Clinton Administration really was. Bill Clinton thoroughly corrupted the Federal Judiciary with political appointments like Susan Bolton. The rule of Law be damned. The power of the People be damned. The Constitution be damned. Clinton spent 8 years pissing on the Constitution and yet people still speak fondly of the 1990's under Clinton as some sort of "golden age." But when confronted with the facts of Clinton's judicial appointments (who will go on for decades corrupting the Law) and with Clinton's treason (selling nuclear weapons technologies and missile guidance technologies to the Communist Chinese in exchange for illegal campaign contributions) Clinton's supporters simply ignore reality, deny facts, and go on in a haze of worship for the man they consider "one of America's greatest Presidents," in the words of AlGore. Elections have consequences. Electing Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996 continues to bring corruption of Law, and the Chinese are using what they bought from Clinton to build the largest military in history. Electing GW Bush did little to alliviate this (save for Bush's Supreme Court appointments. Thank God for Samuel Alito and John Roberts!) And now we have President Bozo, the biggest dunce in American political history, and an obvious puppet for international socialists. After 8 years with Reagan, America and the World stood on the threshold of a golden age of freedom and prosperity. After 4 years of Bush the Elder, 8 years of Clinton, 8 years of Bush the Younger, and now President Bozo, America and the World stand on the threshold of the Abyss. Our economy is in ruins, our rights and freedoms are being lost to Clinton's corrupt judiciary and to communist activists who are running the White House. Wake up Americans! Remember Susan Bolton in November and every election thereafter. [Note: another Clinton appointee, Mariana Pfaelzer, illegally blocked California's Propisition 187, also an attempt to control illegal immigration.]

    46. Cindy says:

      I was really hopeing that Judge Bolton was a true American Patriot and not one of Obama's minions. WRONG !!!!! From the sound of it she did not even read it correctly if she read it at all. ( seems to be something the left does or doesn't do, read things first ) We as Americans need to vote them out.

    47. Richie Naples says:

      Thank you for the truth of what is going on it just a shame that the ignorant people

      who do not really know about government do not read this. That is a big problem with what is going on.

    48. Jacqueline Candello, says:

      The president and his cronies up on the Hill create a "Clear and Present" danger to our country and out way of life. They all need to go as do career politicians.

    49. LeRoy says:

      Is this whatwe the people want????A dictator???? I'm afraid that is whatwe are going to ge if we don't vote them all out!! The only only ones who will want this sort of government is the ones who do not want to work and expect everything to be given to them, as they think it is owed to them!! How stupid is that??? Talked to one person at the gym, today,who said he never signed up to vote until now (he is about 40 or so)so he could vote all of them out!!!! Hopefully many more feel this way. He also said , he never thought he would see anything like what is going on in our government By the way, he is Mexican!!! He agrees with the Atrizon law!!!!!!!

    50. michael/wichita,ks. says:

      all those liberals and progressives aka(communists) they should be dragged out of their offices tarred and feathered placed on top of a plank of wood and paraded around while news cameras are recording the great event because of all the damage they are doing to the united states. every member of the senate and the congress as well as the supreme court and the president and vice president they must be made to read and learn and know the constitution the bill of rights and the declaration of independence and they should be tested on it as well. if they fail the test then they will be on suspencion until they retake another test. they must recieve a score no less than 90% to get a passing grade.the test should be given to them every 6 months. no excuses or they will be suspended.whenever they break the law they would get double the time any ordinary person would get sentenced in this country. no free rides especially for them they must be taught a lesson at their own expense.and no country club type prisons for them..

    51. Give me a Break- Ida says:

      Obama is nothing but a control freak when it comes to his leadership, period! This guy wants to control us and influence us in a way that places him more like a dictator, than a president, who wants to rule, not govern the people. One example is the stunt he pulled on The View. This was only to try and boost his ratings whitch are going down, and convince the Ameican people that anyone who opposes him is the enemy and is trying to destroy America. The reality of it all is that Obama is deceiveing America with his fancy talk and lame promises, and a lot of people are listening to him. This has got to end! We are a nation with pride and self motivation, not a nation of followers who only worry about what their entitled to!

    52. Walter Legg says:

      Walter Legg Florida

      Preident Obama cooked his goose with the "View" What a love fest, he was preaching to the choir.

      THis is the final straw for we that really hoped for a change in the past corruption of government. The President and his gang of America haters are now a real threat to a free and decent society. Lies, audacity from the left is sickening and it may be too late to reverse it.

      But we have one more chance, and only one. VOTE 'EM ALL OUT. Elect a bunch of Boy Scout Eagles, they honor God and their country.

      Please vote this Nov.and talk to others and promote our constitution. Speak up !

    53. Major Donald D. DeHo says:

      The republicans do not have the votes to stop Obama/Islamic endeavors (they are one and the same). If their efforts prevail and amnisty and pardons become the law of the land, no future elected democrat will, for the forseeable future, be able to look their constitutants, spouse or kids in the eye, and say, "I won my election fair and square",not with the "zillion" votes by those illegals who put them in office. I hope this will make the more honest democrats reflect and remember while they are democrats, they are Americans, First! It will take only a few democrats to turn the tables and let us get back to our American way of life. If amnisty and pardons prevail, both parties will disapear from our country as the Muslim/Islamic way of life is controlled completly by self appointed, uneducated and untrained religious fanatics. They might, for PR purposes let the parties and the federal court system remain but their duties will consist of handling traffic tickets, etc. Wake up America, we can solve our problems by votes now, or be forced later into a "blood in the streets" approach.

    54. M.C. Gremaud, St. Lo says:

      Instead of trying to survive the Obama assault on the Constitution, etc., shouldn't we Conservatives be trying to crush the assualt and restore our country?

    55. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      Since judgment seems to have been decided on the basis of what MIGHT happen if the law were implemented, let’s use OUR imagination for a moment.

      Instead of writing a simple four page explanation on how Arizona intended to help the president enforce his existing immigration laws to the letter in her state (note: he didn’t have time to read it but spent days in political reaction aftershock when it was passed) perhaps Gov. Brewer should have written thee or four hundred pages and used Obama’s political queen’s method of law enforcement policy and just said “WE HAVE TO ENACT THE PROPOSED LAW FIRST IN ORDER TO SEE HOW IT WORKS.”

      Obama heaps praises on that kind of activism!

      And to think there are still those who want to beleive this ramrod administration and the 11% approval democratic controlled congress are God's gift to the nation.

    56. Ruth, St. Helena Isl says:

      We have one very dangerous domestic enemy; our president and his cohorts(absence of capital letter for president denotes my degree of disrepute I feel for him). Those of you who suggested impeachment; who do you think will do that? The lady who said that the division of church and state was the problem has never read about the Roman Popes or Cardinal Richlieu of France, mixing religion and politics is just about as bad as we have now. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing. As for a suggestion. I maintain that we send every cent of our federal tax money to the Treasurer of each of our states to be held in escrow in an account that will generate interest. Once this is done, we must pressure our state officials to secede (but not until after November 2). One cannot be the President of the United States when the states are no longer united. He will have no jurisdiction over us and we would be able to revert to States Rights. If, after he is no longer a threat to our country and we wish to unite once again, we will have to consider changing the way a candidate is elected so that we can include a third party for the people who hold this nation together with their industry. Even if we reach November and he hasn't completely destroyed us yet, we will still have to worry about groups stopping us from voting unless we all request absentee ballots. There is no way to police that and if for some reason there is a problem with the election then, we will know that those people who are counting the votes are in league with the devil in the White House.

    57. Tommy Brasher says:

      This man is scary. I would like for Arizona to have the opportunity to do this thing right. Give them a chance to enforce this law fairly and honestly. It's wrong to assume that they would enforce this law in an abusive way. I fear that Obama will do more damage than we can repair in my lifetime. He wants things his way, and he doesn't really care if it's legal or not, and that's what scares me. The other thing that scares me is that our democrats in high offices cannot all agree with some of the things that are going on, but they lack the courage to stand up.

    58. JP Bernhardt, Montre says:

      All these phoney manoeuvers from the fed will eventually bring cessation within the country as the states will get fed up.

    59. Ruth, St. Helena Isl says:

      The only domestic enemy we have is our so-called president and his cohorts as we have all (with the exception of the uninformed) seen from early on. I guess Mr. Jarvis you don't mind high tax bills until the end of your life. As for church and state separation being the problem, try reading about the Popes of Rome, then top it off with Cardinal Richlieu of France. No, our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they divided the two. Impeachment proceedings can only be started by the House of Representatives and must be a special vote and carried by 2/3 vote of Congress and the Senate. Good Luck!! The only solustion I can see is to send all IRS monies to our state Treasurers to be held in escrow in an account that generates interest. We must then pressure each of our state officials to secede from the union but only after November 2. No union, no president (that goes for the other unions as well). If after the man and his cohorts are gone and we decide to re-unite, it MUST be with a major change in our voting system. We need to make way for a third party, one that works for those of us who are supporting the rich and the poor through our industry. Go to a Tea Party meeting, I've been to two and they are not racist in fact there were two black men running for office in the Georgia one I attended. As for voting on November 2. If you are in any way afraid that you might be harassed, start now to request an absentee ballot. No one can police that venue easily and if then we, as a nation believe the voting process was tampered with, the blame will be with those people who are counting the votes. Good Luck and God Bless.

    60. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      America, meet your new Dictator, Barak Hussein Obama. He is in the process of over-riding the Constitution of the United States and replacing it with the Obama Manifesto.

    61. West Texan says:

      Carol in Arizona, Thanks for making my point about the need for a military presence along the border with Mexico. It's the only way to stop the invasion of potential and real threats from stepping on our respective soils. The travesties you presented are manageable only if our borders are secure. If not, all efforts by Arizona's finest will only overpopulate your jails while doing nothing to close the southern border's revolving door.

      Ken of Las Vegas, you need to let go of Obama's liberal progressive coat tails and get some fresh air. Hopefully your thinking will clear enough to see the world as it really is. Not some Kool-aid inspired two dimensional social fantasy promoted by the far left.

    62. Ronald, Illinois says:

      I agree with all the comments. The "Rule of Law" was not even thought about by the Judge. She just wanted to get it done with and on to her cocktail party. We need to make sure that this person gets removed soon. We also need to IMPEACH the man who is in the Presidential office and get all of the Career Politicians out. It was never meant for them to be in the office for life. Our Founding Fathers meant for them to serve a term and then go back to their farm and let another person serve. All who have been there over one term need to be "ousted" this year or next and WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOMS AND OUR GOVERNMENT…..OF THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE. The politicians need to learn that they work for us and us alone.

      GO AZ. do what you need to make your state safe and i support you for it.

    63. chas atkins - Cincin says:

      Were it not for the WSJ, Heritage, American Spectator, Limbaugh, Beck and several publications and persons, little of the despicable, illegal tours de force of executive corruption (heartily followed by the Dodds, Franks and Miss Nancy's (aka the House Witch), convoluted, ill conceived bills ("We won't know what's in it until we pass it" -! Pelosi) to wreck the American public, this news would ever come out of the political closet. If the public does not take a firm corrective stand and rid us of as much of these forces as possible in an off year election – then you 'got what you didn't ask for' – probably irreversibly – and we the people are all the worse for it. Remember – November! ACT – VOTE!

    64. Mikie Henderson, Rohnert Part, CA says:

      I really appreciate all the good information you provide. What would be nice is some suggestions as what we can do about this. It seems like this regime is getting away with everything they do. Isn’t there any way to stop it? I find myself not able to get through the articles because it seems hopeless and we all need some hope with this ballistic bunch of renegades no one is stopping.

    65. Jackson Pearson, CA says:

      I read judge Susan Bolton's Arizona SB1070 ruling and IMO, do not see how it can hold up on appeal. She cited hypothetical-s, maybe, could be and but not actual law broken. Moreover, other than lip service, the government produced no evidence whatsoever to prove "irreparable damage." Yet she gazed into her crystal ball and wrote 36 pages of…nothing. Yep, judicial activism!

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    67. Jerry Fulk says:

      Now that the judge has made it clear that it is the responsibiliy of the Federal Government to enforce the laws. Now we need to sue it for not doing what they are supposed to do.

    68. Joe Tunkel, New York says:

      Looking at the list of obviously illegal things the administration is doing, isn't this grounds to pursue an impeachment action?

    69. Ramon Espinosa says:

      Social Progressives are lighted candels;once lit they burn brightly and then its wax and dust;Americans get out and VOTE in November 2010 ;we need new people who

      say and do the right moves for our [people) and sweep the wax out the door.

    70. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Earlier this year I was worried about voter apathy and that Obama would back off with his agenda as the mid term elections approached. Man, was I wrong. Keep up the good work Obama. With each day he generates more anger and intesity in voters – at least where I live. The primaries are in Michigan next week. It will be interesting!

      OBTW Ken – when Obama does something right he will be praised – it just hasn't happened yet.

    71. Bob, Westwood, NJ says:

      It seems to me that the Federal Government (if it is, in fact, its responsibility) is derelict in its duty and responsibility to protect the United States from foreign intrusion…whether from countries who are our enemies or those who profess to be our friends.

      If this Government selectively excludes certain foreigners from entering our borders but allows others are they not being discriminatory? Are they not performing a level of profiling? Or, do we now have a policy of “open borders”? Or, are they just playing political games with people’s lives?

      I hold this administration fully responsible for all of the hardships caused and yet to be caused by their lack of responsibility!

    72. Dan TEXAS says:

      Impeach the BIOTCH

    73. Chris - Orange Park, says:

      If the Federal government interdicts the Arizona law that is in line with Federal law, then border states (at a minimum) should file a class action law suit AGAINST the Federal government for having failed to carry out their sworn and jealously guarded responsibility to enforce the EXISTING immigration laws.

      Simply put, if Washing D.C. cannot or is unwilling to perform their sworn duty, they have forfeited their RIGHT TO DO SO period.

      Sue the executive branch of the federal government for the costs incurred for NOT enforcing the current immigration laws.

      Of course with Federal court judges legislating from their appointed benches this would likely fail but it is a start.


    74. L. Ryan. Chandler, A says:

      What is it going to take for us to perserve legal citizenship and protect our borders? All the federal government is doing is encouraging the chaos we're experiencing today after the judge's ruling in their favor! What part of the word "illegal" do the leftist liberals not understand?

    75. Pingback: Morning Bell: Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law | The … « President Barack Obama

    76. Taum Bossier City, L says:

      Richie Naples,

      Not so much as ignorant but they don't even watch the news to see what is happening. My wife's niece is a liberal. We ask her about certain things… Her response, "Oh, I don't watch the news, I don't want to know what is happening."

      as others have said we need to get the current regime out before there is a real civil war in this country. This regime is dividing this country more than any president ever has.

    77. Elle Seymour, Connec says:

      Impeach the anti-American Kenyan born Obama — NOW – he is out to destroy America and Americans and so far he has been allowed to have his way.

      How is it that he can get away with his criminal disregard of our Constitution and his absolute disregard for federal law ?

      We vote these people into office – when they turn out to be rogues we should be able to throw them out — and now, not at the next election.!

    78. Ralp Sinamon, Bremer says:

      To the first poster, Obama is NOT being supported for what to thinking, rational people IS OBVIOUS.

      Since the evidence is there for ALL to see, WHY is this person in the Oval Office NOT being taken to task for his BLATANT disregard for the WILL of 'WE THE PEOPLE'?

      November has a day that has come to be known as Correction Day! We must UNITE and put people in office that work for US, not we for them. Democrats OUT, Incumbents OUT, Obama supporters OUT, those of 'The Political Class that think they KNOW better….OUT! Enough of this DESTRUCTION of MY HOME!

    79. t p, Colorado says:

      Return to our Founder's legal principles – separation of powers.

      President Obama now controls both US Houses of Congress and the US Supreme Court. We must prepare all citizens to fully participate in our legal system. Most high school students are capable of learning our laws and should be offered elective classes so that they may present for the bar upon graduation. To me it's all too obvious our President, armed with degrees from both Harvard Law and Columbia, has little or nothing to offer through thoughtful debate of civics, history, literature, math, science, economics, law, medicine, etc. I am confident even the most average of high school students could be, with 4 years of high school electives in law, better prepared to lead constructively in the private and public sectors and much less likely to become victims of our all-too corrupted legal system. If President Obama passed the bar than I bet most anyone could.

      Lawyers and judges, many operating outside of our laws, are afforded special privileges that can only be taken away when everyone can "practice" law.

    80. Don the realist Ok says:

      NO ONE CAN BE IMPEACHED FROM THE PRESIDENCY —unless—THEY ARE A REAL BONA-FIDE PRESIDENT.ntil the issue of where mr obamas birth

      occurred is resolved,we do not have a legal president.

      Criminal charges can/will be the result if a legal birth certificate,showing natural

      born applicant for the job.

    81. KERRY MARVIN says:

      Dear Congressman and senators:

      A federal judge has now stripped from Arizona the right of this state to protect itself and its citizens.

      The judge ruled that, even though the obama administration refuses to enforce immigration laws, Arizona cannot do so, either.

      Were is the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment applicable in this Case of and, for that matter, IN ANY CASE with this administration?

      What and Where will this Out of Control Administration go Next to take away Our Rights? The Disclose act and Hate Speech bills have Ripped the 1st Amendment OUT, Now they want the UN Small Arms Treaty to Dispose of the 2nd Amendment. If you Give them The Right to OVERRULE The States? NO 9th or 10th Amendments.

      Might as well Just Put everyone of US the Citizens in your FEMA CAMPS and Let the ILLEGALS Have Our PROPERTY, and RAPE and PLUNDER the NATION

      All for WHAT? For the Gain of Mr. Soros and Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party PERIOD! For there will be No Recourse for the American, PEOPLE! UNDER THE LAW!

      Thus, Arizona ¡V along with all other states ¡V will be further overrun by a horde of illegal aliens who come here to suck our system dry through welfare fraud, crime and drug sales even while they are sending billions of dollars to foreign countries monthly.

      Now, in America, it is no longer the rule of law.

      With this Administration and the DOJ; Whether in the case of the Black Panthers, or the SEC abetting the Generational Theft of OUR TAX Dollars,


      It has become the rule of the jungle ¡V who ever is in power (in this case the anarchists now running the Obama administration) has the ability to destroy our culture, institutions and law just because it is politically convenient for them to do so. The obama anarchists will not quit seeking to destroy America until they have succeeded.

      Remember this Also in November.





      I, as a citizen of State and of the United States, DEMAND that you ACT NOW to pass HR 5002 empowering states, like Arizona, to protect themselves from the invasion of illegal aliens each one of them is now suffering.

      Here is what HR 5002 by Congress Member Dan Burton (R-IN) will do:

      „X Eliminates anchor babies

      „X Bans sanctuary cities

      „X Mandates that building fence is top priority

      „X Mandates prison terms for deported aliens who return to the U.S.

      „X Requires state and local law enforcement to notify ICE when an alien

      is arrested.

      „X Mandates permanent deportation by an immigration court when an alien

      is arrested.

      „X Cuts off federal funds to sanctuary cities

      These steps are a bare minimum of what must be done to put America back on track.

      I also DEMAND that you begin this work immediately!

      The entire country will be watching your every move!

      Please do not tarry! Please move forward on this bill immediately.

      Protect Our Borders is a group of very concerned Citizens across the United States of America wanting to protect our way of life and our country.

      We are Citizens and lawful permanent residents just like you.

      We are of every race, creed, color, sex, and age across this great nation.

      We are your neighbors, your friends, your relatives and many times your families.

      We want what all Citizens want, and work hard for our entire lives.

      We want safety, Security, Our Customs, Our way of life, and the same future for our children and their children.

      After a federal judge ruled the essential parts of Arizona's illegal alien law, all of America is now at risk. AMERICA CANNOT EVEN DEFEND ITSELF NOW!

      If you simply wait to see what will happen, you may lose what you have come to work so hard for and hoped to have later in life.

      We are a Nation of Laws and we can't simply decide when to enforce laws and when to ignore them at the risk of both our physical safety and economy.

      With the disastrous ruling from U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton, denying our states the right to protect themselves from illegal criminals,

      the only recourse left – aside from outright rebellion – is to get our Congress to finally act AND ACT NOW!

      2010! NEVER AGAIN, 2012! WITH RESOLVE!

      Addressed to:

    82. mr norman says:

      The way I understand things, and whether or not the supreme court even thought of it, if the arizona ordinance was allowed to stand, it would require that every American citizen in every state would always need to carry proof of citizenship or risk arrest. This would be ok with me because I am against illegal immigration. Although we all admire the work ethic of most of these immigrants, the previous administrations created the problem by ignoring the problem long after it became a problem. I am white, born and raised American that has concern for the common good of this bungling nation, but unless he is deliberately obstructing resolving the problem, I can't understand why Obama gets the entire blame. If someone has proof of malfeasance lets hear it, but no accusations without proof. He is not the only person in DC that can impact this decision. The democrats have been passed another barrell of lively snakes, freshly dumped, and no instructions as to try how to herd them back into the barrell.

    83. Nick Bush says:

      Wasn't it Andrew Jackson who said this United States need to have a Civil War every so often to keep this kind of thing from happening? This country was formed " By the People for the People" not by the people for government intervention… Time to take back our freedom..

    84. Denise, Utah says:

      Judge Bolton has clearly shown that she is bought and paid for by the progressives. As a legal, law abiding, tax paying American, I am livid with the Obummer Administration for using MY hard earned tax money to sue Arizona. What a slap in the face!!! I have come to realize (after listening to his speech at the Urban League) that he is not my president because he's working overtime to dismantle the fabric of America to level the playing field. Since I'm not part of a free loading, parasitic, law breaking minority I will not be protected by the Federal Government. Governor Brewer needs to sue the Federal Government for breaking the law by NOT protecting Arizona's border. Governor Brewer needs to run for president in 2010. She's one of the few patriots in government left.

    85. mjr,Auburndale,FL says:

      Just another example of this "sensitive" executive branch, via justice department, ignoring any and all laws they don't like. But gotta' stomp on the states too as one more power grab toward a world wide Marxist/socialistic society, headed by Obama of course. How could they become big heros if they don't give all the kidnappers, murders, home invaders, drug peddlers, etc., a free ride! Because the end is a REWARD of citizenship for all these lawbreakers (so they'll vote for the Democrats, right?) Pathetic!

    86. Robert says:

      Hello out there,

      Has any body but myself ever noticed that obama always starts an address with, "Good Evening" not "MY FELLOW AMERICANS". There's all the proof you need.

    87. Robert, White Plains says:

      Is any body out there?

      Just to quote Pink Floyd, but here's my drift. I am a combat vet, a proud American so I ask of you people, Has any body besides myself realized that obama starts his rhetoric with, "Good Evening." not "MY FELLOW AMERICANS." That says it all in a nut shell. Wake up America,

    88. James in Atlanta says:

      I am with –james ochs– Why are the Republicans so quite, There is this "Snowe" that is suppose to be a republican that is voting right in step with all the Democrates, these kind of Representives have got to go, I have been talking to my Senators and telling them :I CAN"T HEAR YOU" you are our Voice we depend on you, WASHINGTON IS NOT LISTENING TO US so we are depending on our Senators and Congressmen to make OUR voice heard. We are sick and tired of obama and the clowns he has surrounded himself with, NONE of them have ever worked a day in their life, Hopefully soon they will have to get a real job. But to tell you the truth I wouldn't hire any of them to clean the toilet.

    89. Henry Bowman, St. Lo says:

      We need to remember that Judge Bolton is a Federal Judge. Historically, most Federal judges have come down on the side of the Federal government. In other words, the states be damned. In other words, when a conflict between a state and the Federal government arises, we can expect that all branches of the Federal government will align with one another.

      Probably the only methods of dealing with judges such as Bolton are (1) for the states to ignore the rulings of Federal judges or (2) for citizens of such states to eliminate such judges.

    90. William, Illinois says:

      Recall them. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it. Recall is legal,and going on in New Jersey of Menendez. Google Recall Congress Now . Org and American Civil Rights Union and get informed about recalling your Senators and Reps.

    91. JOHN says:

      ALL YOU OBAMA SUPPORTER Its that Time for you all to take the Pledge….Repeat after me

      I Pledge Allegiance To Obama

      And the Socialist State of America

      And to the Collective

      For Which it Stands

      One Nation

      Without God


      With Poverty

      And Misery

      For All

    92. Charles Gibson, MO says:

      "I read judge Susan Bolton’s Arizona SB1070 ruling and IMO, do not see how it can hold up on appeal." Jackson Pearson

      You do know that the appeal goes to the 9th Circus, right? There is a snowball's chance in AZ that the ruling will be overturned.

    93. tom dudley---winches says:

      I think the state of arizona should SUE the feds for violation of their duty.And all these other states that are backing them up ,should join them.Show mr.Obama that we will not give any more of our rights to him or any one else!!!The people of tennessee are behind you. This is my home and I will not leave it for any radical bunch of crooks!!!!!!!!

    94. Mike in Michigan says:

      I hope Michigan's new governor is watching and learning what must be done when elected. As for the final outcome, Arizona is a state with a steel spine of resolve. Fight the good fight Governor. Brewer, thanks,

    95. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      Want to end this Bastar_s blatant disreguard of our Constitution and our Laws, IMPEACH THE BASTAR_D. WHERE'S THE PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP?? Why are we not forcing him to resign or better yet Commit Suicide save us the trouble. I really don't think November will really change things that much, greed and power is hard for these people to give up on either side, Lindsey Graham for one Snow for another and it goes on and on.

    96. Karen, San Diego says:

      Now I hear that Obama may grant "administrative amnesty" to the illegals without the Congress even having to vote on it. If that happens, we have lost the November elections because the illegal immigrants will swarm to the polls in thankfulness to BO for giving them amnesty. If that truly happens, we are doomed. There is no way out when the ruler of the nation rules with impunity.

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    98. Michael Bowin Gulfpo says:

      It is clear that the Federal Government will not enforce the laws that protect its citizens. More states need to pass sovereignty laws and put a restraint on the Federal Governments foolishness. It is time to tell them "NO!".

    99. Ray Burke, Houston T says:

      Unless we REALLY clean house in November, people, we may not HAVE the vote on election day 2012. I fear we are very close to the tipping point. Goodbye freedom, good bye Country.

    100. Norm Klevens says:

      I hope many other states move forward with their plans and deluge the administration. The court decision was bogus and unworthy. We need to be prepared to out dual the money coming in November to put them on the shelf until we can put them out in two years. Richard Nixon, as shameful as he was, must be turning over in his grave. It is the same abuse of power.

    101. Rae Tatum MO says:

      Jackson Pearson. the judge's decision may hold up on appeal. You forget that it must go before the 9th district. By far the most liberal anywhere.

      Send money to Arizona and pray the Supreme Court makes the correct decision.

    102. Ray Burke, Houston T says:

      We had better REALLY clean house in November, people, or we may not HAVE the vote on election day 2012. I fear we are very close to the survival tipping point. Goodbye freedom, goodbye Country!!! Let us pray.

    103. GraceUnderFire, US says:


      1) " The decision is obviously a political one and has nothing to do with the law. Local governments enforce Federal Kidnapping, Drug, Counterfeit, Criminal Flight, etc. laws. What differentiates Illegal Immigration from any other Federal Law enforced by local law enforcement?"

      Since the Feds don't want State assistance on immigration, then we can assume that they no longer want or need State assistance on any OTHER Federal law. I would wager that there are no formal contracts between State governments and the Federal government to cooperate on these matters; ergo, the States should simply STOP. Period. If an "excuse" is needed, they can point to overstretched budgets. State funds are needed for law enforcement pertaining only to State laws.

      2) "Now that the judge has made it clear that it is the responsibiliy of the Federal Government to enforce the laws. Now we need to sue it for not doing what they are supposed to do."

      Absolutely correct. I made this comment to a friend of mine this morning.

      By abdicating their (now extremely clear) responsibilities, the Federal government has "caused harm" to the State of AZ. Included in this would be the costs resulting from increased crime, increased education costs, increased medical costs, increased costs of social services, etc.

      Additionally, each AZ citizen that has specifically been harmed by the unstemmed invasion of illegals — criminally or civilly — needs to participate in a class action suit.

      Have illegals failed to pay their rent? Did they skip town or force you to spend money to evict them?

      Not showed up for work and harmed your business productivity?

      Robbed the household they were hired to clean?

      Have your children been kidnapped, or perhaps killed or injured by a drunk illegal?

      Was your business revenue impacted because illegals demonstrating against SB 1070 blocked the entrance to your establishment or scared your paying customers away?

      If you were a waitress, did they fail to leave a tip, causing a decrease in your income?

      Did you have to spend an extra hour or two in the E.R. because there were lots of illegals in front of you seeking medical care? Did you endure pain & suffering because of it?

      Did your child receive a sub-par education, because his classroom was crammed with extra "illegal" kids?

      You get the idea. Go at it!

      They think they are very clever… but if you calculate the combined IQs of THEM and compared it to the combined IQs of US … they'll be left in the dust.

    104. Bobbie says:

      HHHEEELLLPPPP!!!!1 The big "secret" Mexico thinks they own half of America? What makes them think that? If that is so, then why does the country speak English? And what's behind the "secret" and why do they take it out on the people innocent of this "secret?" And if they know it, why aren't they paying for it?

      The government and the people behind this "secret" is putting human life at a dangerous risk. Without law and order there is no freedom and the president obviously doesn't want either, he's promoting civil unrest.

      The racist, government funded LaRaza members have the indecency to wear the cross of our Lord as if they know anything about Him. They mock the Lord…

      May those who are behind the name LaRaza, come to know the truth in peace of mankind through the Lord, Jesus Christ, find respect within themselves to live in peace of their fellow man under the rule of civil law derived by the Lord and Brother, Jesus Christ. .

    105. Jill, California says:

      Obama should vacation with his family on the Arizona border.

    106. art williams says:

      I knew what he was soon as I learned about Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and his wife,

      Rezco and his own admissions of seeking out Communist, Maoist and left leaning friends in college.We are known by the people we hang out with.Now his staff is infested with every ism and ist in the country. The question is how to get rid of him and his enemy friends. We can't wait until 2012.By then he will either take over whatever isn't already gone and the country will be bankrupt.

    107. rhurt, California says:

      Come November all of the curtains will come up and we'll either be a free country for the first time in 100 years, or there will be hell to pay, and thats all we'll say. I hope I'm wrong, but I feel that the courts will steal the election away from the people and when the sate's rights are nullified, there will be no other alternative but hell fire. If only the Democrats would wake up and again be patriotic. Besides if they don't wake-up, then they will have only two choices like the rest of us-convert to Islam or die.

    108. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I really don't know what to say, except BS. Judges are supposed to read, understand the law, then make a ruling in an objective way. Why do I tell you that? Everyone knows that, but this Judge Bolton does not. This Administration is sick, sick, sick, in the head. What can be done? Something has to be done. Judge Bolton and President Obama need to go to the worst immigration crossing in Arizona and have to sit there and watch what is happening. How blind can one be? I support Arizona Governor 100%, as do most Americans, but what can we do now. This is "one mell of a hess" we're in. November is coming – if our Nation can survive that long.

    109. Tomi, Hawaii says:

      This attack on our Constitutional Republic and our individual liberty has been in progress for years. The revolutionary groups of the past have banned together and have inserted their perverted doctrines into the mainstream of society and our government in the name of fairness. This is old doctrine that has raised its ugly head repeatedly over the centuries whenever power hungry people attempt to rule for their own greed. It is power of the few over the masses nullifying the individuals freedom to choose. It is truly a "sickness of the soul". You can "see" the plan in their words and deeds. Read the Canada Free Press article: Democratic Socialists of Congress: Meet the members(2009). Then read the Congressional Progressive Causus members and mission website. We the people have become complacent. Anything that someone in our government says or does that does not pass the test of our God inspired Constitution and Ten Commandments then you know that their idealogy is not for freedom. There are only two choices, liberty or bondage.

      We need to identify these individuals and vote them out, raise our voices and stand for and sacrifice for liberty. Corrupt lawyers and judges have been changing our laws. We need to speak out about any official or law that breaches our Constitutional laws and form of government.

      We need vote no matter what, serve where we can and live worthy of our freedoms. We need to pray to our God and ask for the help to choose wisely. We need to use our forefathers laws for setting this liberty loving union back on the right path. Unity of people, groups and states will work. Just like our predicessors in our Constitutional beginnings….our families and our freedom is at stake.

      The world is watching what we do.

      Tomi – A Constitutional Liberty Loving American.

    110. Tracy, NYC says:

      not to mention "the Amnesty Memo" now circulating on Capital Hill

      —– BO is directing the Citizenship & Immigration Services to enact “meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action” —— with no vote of Congress!

      read about it in the National Review Online

      Mark Levin is right… this is a ROGUE government ! ! !

    111. mac says:

      Your complaints mean nothing to Obama and his accomplices. They respect only force, and that is what it will take to remove them. Prepare accordingly.

    112. LoisLane1951 says:

      1. OUT employers of illegal aliens in your local media.

      2. Let employers of illegal aliens know that you are boycotting their business…whether restaurant, big box store or farm

      3. Contact corporate offices of employers of illegal aliens and cc everyone you know.

    113. Scott Stevens says:

      Write on!

    114. EdinNOLA says:

      People who write these blogs need to stop simply agreeing with the administration's assertions that all federal law is "Constitutionally" supreme to State law. This is simply not the case. In fact the Constitution makes laws which are authorized by it to the federal government, the supreme law of the land. Laws which are not authorized by the Constitution do not fall under this clause. Read the Constitution. The closest to "immigration law" that the Constituition addresses is a "Rule of Naturalization". This is a path to citizenship, not immigration in general, let alone illegal immigration.

    115. Nathan G virgina says:

      heres the thing i dont like obama….. but i dont like him for actual reasons. laws hes passed decisions hes made ect. but nothing irritates me more then ignorance obama is a highly intelligent pawn. you people keep blaming the other party as if left vs right thing has worked… ever…. it hasn't. the two party system is nothing more then a glorified football game. everyone routes for the home team. but instead of playing fair you hate the other team go looking for any information that supports your beliefs ignoring real unbiased data in favor of bill o-rilley or bill marr. cause hearing someone say something you agree with (which you probably told to think by the same people to begin with) and then all those people clap yaaaaaaaaaaaay touchdownnnnnnn. in fact your brain is wired to reject ideas you dont agree with and to automatically like people whos ideas you do agree with. with almost no thought what so ever. i dont even know why im posting this. ive tried telling many people about the sham that is politics. but you see your positive your right and are unwilling to actually check. because your stupid. nifty fact NO CULTURE ADVANCEMENT HAS EVER BEEN MADE BY THE SCIENTIFIC ILLITERATE… every aspect of your life you owe to science. and yes many of these scientists were religious (completely irrelevant anyways) but the thing about science is its concrete for anything ever to be official in science it must be reproducible that means every theory or law has been tested thousands and thousands of times by thousands of different people. AND THEN we new technology develops so they can see even further into their studies they check it again. (lets say someone looks at a cell with a small microscope see the little structures collaborates with all his co workers and through much work they are able to tell what these structures functions are. years later someone invents the electron microscope. they go back and they make VERY SURE that everything they had thought previously was completely rock solid. and if its not they remove it and start over.) but ya im sure all you stubborn sure of your self idiots are not even going to think on anything ive said. but eventually it will be exposed to you. and i was screaming it on the internet

      i bid you good day

    116. Drew Page, IL says:

      The law is whatever Obama and Holder say it is. If there are laws they don't like, by God they aren't going to enforce them. They can even get federal judges to carry out their orders.

      It used to be that legislatures made the laws. Now, it doesn't matter what the legislatures do, or what the vast majority of the people want, judges can tell the legislatures and the people to go to hell. The law id what they say it is.

    117. Mary Sosebee, Atlant says:

      Every state in the union MUST adopt a law like the one AZ is fighting for. The federal gov. IS NOT protecting our nation. We can protect it at the state level. This is not only about the SW border. We are a nation at war. If the fed.gov. will not protect our nation – we must. If Obama grants amnesty to illegals -it will be all illegals (like the 911 terrorists who were here illegally). Is the fed. gov. enforcing any immigration laws? Do we know who is within our borders? Gov. Brewer took an oath to protect the citizens of AZ and uphold the law. We must stand with her. This is our country. We are a nation of laws. If we fail to enforce our laws we become like the nations many of the illegals are fleeing. Secure our border, enforce our immigration laws THEN have a guest worker program.

    118. Matt Matuszewski; Er says:

      This is an excellent article, succinct and directly to the point; it states precisely what many Conservatives must have been thinking upon hearing Judge Bolton's ruling. I personally did not expect anything less from the federal bench. The leftests have so throughly infiltrated the federal government, in all its branches, it's surprising whenever a conservative viewpoint is ever given fair consideration. I am almost positive the Arizona law will have to go to the U. S. Supreme Court before it will ever have a chance of being heard on its merits.

    119. Rich Palm Harbor Flo says:

      A friend of mine who lives in Tucson, Arizona can no longer hunt in southern Arizona because the area has been infiltrated by illegal alien Mexican drug traffickers. Recently, a brother-in-law of his was shot at while in this area.

      Instead of the federal government protecting our borders, it has issued warnings to stay away from these areas. Apparently, our neighbors are free to annex whatever piece of land they choose. Arizona was stopped by the federal government in its effort to halt the overrun of its borders.

      I suppose the drug traffickers could be granted amnesty and/or receive free medical care, free education, welfare, and so on. The profits of their drug business (a very large business) will not even get taxed. I wonder where the Progressives (Socialists) stand on this particular huge business.

      Meanwhile the Dumb-Ass Americans who continue using drugs fund this enormous enterprise. Sometimes I wonder if anybody can connect two fucking dots.

      The American Progressive movement, led by 81 Progressives in Congress, has lots more in store for us.

    120. George Mozzachio, Bo says:

      I have but one question: when does this latest assault by Obama et al, coupled with his lies, racism and, most importantly, his giving aid and comfort to our enemies rise to "high crimes and mis-demeanors." He needs to be impeached, thrown out of office and arrested as soon as possible. This lifetime appointment for federal judges also needs to be re-examined.

    121. charlie ogden Poplar says:

      The thing that puzzles me is that we in Missouri have stricter laws than Arizona and not once has it been contested. I think this ruling is to set a precident where the administration can challange other states and their laws. My cheif question here is " Where is Congress?" This is clearly just a political ploy to influence Hispanic votes. I beleive that an inquiry if not full charges of "Abuse of Power" is in order for the Administration and the Department of Justice.

    122. Sherry McMillen, Ten says:

      I pray that we the people rise up and march on Washington, get out and demonstrate our outrage to those liberal liars in the media that we are here and that we are serious. I watched Fox news report the gutting of the Arizona law and the reporters were playing the "Bolton is a fair judge" mantra just as proficiently as a full blown liberal media rep (while they were reporting what she had gutted from the law.) I am planning to go to the 8/28/10 rally, I just pray that there is a sufficient crowd to call attention to the gravity of the problem.

      Don't delay in contacting your senators to be sure the Kagan nomination is filibustered and defeated. If her lifetime appointment is confirmed. We can expect to see more of this kind of foolishness with no hope of having it thrown out at a higher level.

    123. Bob, Westwood, NJ says:

      It seems to me that the Federal Government (if it is in fact, its responsibility) is derelict in its duty to protect the United States from foreign intrusion. If that is the case, how are we to distinguish whether the “illegal” aliens are from countries who are our enemies or those who profess to be our friends?

      If this Government selectively excludes certain foreigners from entering our borders but allows others are they not being discriminatory? Or, do we now have a policy of “open borders” or are we selectively allowing “illegals” in? If that is the case, are they not performing a level of profiling? Or, are they just playing political games with people’s lives?

    124. charlie ogden says:

      These comments are all soooo nice so what are we gonna do about it. I say starting in the november election lets take back what has been stolen from us.

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    126. Gray Ryder, Southern says:

      Very little can be posted, that has not already been posted twice over.

      The very answer to solving the existing problem is prepare yourself for the next coming election. It is no secret on how to stop the current administration dead in their tracks. Vote his closed door cronies out of office. Clean house with your vote. All of his cronies are well known by all. Every registered voter should come out in force to stop the destruction of our America and the shredding of our Constitution. Stand up for your country and clean house of the career political parasites. The problem is with the career politician. Those offices havng no more than two of three consecutive terms in office provides little opportunity to get into a long term , back scratching relationship. There should be term limits on all ploitical offices. If the office of President has a term limit, so it should be in the Congress as well.

    127. Larry Gillihan, Arka says:

      Violating the constitution is illegal. Why are we not arresting and charging these people in the government who have violated it, including the president? These people took oaths to uhold the constitution, and violating a sworn oath is illegal. Force is the only thing they understand. If we'll throw a few of them in jail, the rest might start behaving themselves. The president and the whole congress are corrupt, and they need to be taught a lesson…that we, the people, are in charge and are tired of this nonsense. Our employees in the government can be arrested and tried…they are not exempt from the law. I suggest we start punishing them for breaking it.

    128. Deborah, Texas says:

      I stand with Arizona!

      I'm sorry, America at war and leaving the borders unattended is CRIMINAL!

      Of course, being that we have a muslim, marxist, illegal alien in the White House explains a great deal!

      He is a criminal and needs to be charged, tried and sent back to his "homeland".

      Arizona and the other border states should start pitching these illegals out as soon as they find them. They are criminals under our laws that have governed us long before O f'in bama and should be taken to seriously.

      The entire government, from local to federal agencies, should be audited and the criminals tried in an HONEST judge's court room. Not likely to happen.

      I don't want to be muslim. I do not want a muslim church on the 9/11 sight where muslims killed our people.

      I do not want to be taxed for illegals to be well cared for.

      I do not want to pay for abortions.

      I can not afford the price of forced medical insurance. Nor, do I want my medical records of any kind sent to the freakin' federal government to be used and or published to keep me in line. I don't have anything to hid, but still, if O doesn't have to prove his Natural Born Citizenship to Americans…why would I have to furnish my private business?

      Nearly 350 billion dollars are American Exempt and meant for immigrants only.

      The 2011 tax budget is riddled with Anti-American laws, check out the new hiring laws they've put in there!

      I stand with Arizona. I will always stand with Arizona. Otherwise, we are paying 42% interest on 13 trillion dollars, most of which is not for the Americans.

      Homeland security…that is just a pretty way of saying Foreign Troops to be used against the American public as deemed fit by an unconstitutional, illegal president.


      USA ALL THE WAY, COMMIE RED BETTER DEAD! (Protest cries from our past, anyone remember?)

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    130. Susan Barkley, Haywa says:

      If the Republicans in Congress would stop being bullied and push back, the only exceptions being Sessions and King, then maybe the American people would have a sense of hope. One right after the other tucks their tail and gives in. It is disgusting, like he is the second coming of Christ, it is so frustrating. Good example is that criminal Rangle or these so called conservative morons who have said they are going to allow Kagan to sit on the Supreme Court. It is very difficult to remain positive.

    131. lowe utah says:

      I support Governor Brewer in her fight.

    132. Scatcatpdx says:

      It seems to me "rule of law" is conservatism as racism to a leftist. Something thrown out when one doesn't gets its way. The law was bad to the core. We do not need an expansion of state powers.

    133. Gwen NC says:

      Our present Government is so corrupt now that we will have to use a big broom to clean out the House, the Senate, and all of the appointed Czars. Of course we can't get anything done! The deck is stacked by hand picked appointees. Holder will not allow any lawsuits to see the light of day, by hook or CROOK. Sorry if the truth hurts.

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    135. SLY SI says:


    136. Colleen, Louisiana says:

      Don't you see what Obama and his thugs are doing? He is intentionally causing strife and unrest between the races…black/white/hispanic/whoever. This is so he can declare martial law and usurp the Constitution prior to the 2012 elections. Count on it, he doesn't give a happy hoot about anyone or anything except his retention of power and control over this country he hates so much and yet gave him so much!!

    137. Jim Neff, Kingman, A says:

      You're missing the point. Bolton had no more jurisdiction than Mickey Mouse. My Cato pocket Constitution is very clear. This was a Supreme court case (Art.III, Sec 2) and should never have been filed in this court or Fed. Appeals court. I am missing something? I believe this has all been political theater and peopel are sick of it. If the sheriffs of Az. want to ask, upon reasonable suspicion if someone is a citizen, the Feds have no jurisdiction to tell them they can't. They need to stick to ports of entry and the borders, period.

    138. Don Loper, Milwaukee says:

      Explosive new evidence shows ruling of AZ judge illegal


      "Article III, Sec. 2, clause 2 says: "In all

      …Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and

      those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have

      original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the

      supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction."


      other words, the Judge in the Arizona case has absolutely no

      Constitutional jurisdiction over the matter upon which she ruled. As

      the Constitution makes abundantly clear, only the U.S. Supreme Court can

      issue rulings that involve a state.

      This means

      that neither Judge Bolton nor the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San

      Francisco, to which the case is being appealed, have any legal standing

      whatsoever to rule on the issue. Thus, U.S.

      Attorney-General Eric Holder filed the federal government's lawsuit

      against the state of Arizona in a court that has no authority to hear

      the case.

    139. bgstrong, Conroe TX says:

      The "Show Me" state has once again showed us how it should be done. They need more publication and exposure on this. Let's pass it around.

      1. In 2007, Missouri placed on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment designating English as the Official language of Missouri . Nearly 90% voted in favor! English became the official language for ALL governmental proceeding in Missouri. It also means no individual has the right to demand government services in a language OTHER than English.

      2. In 2008 a measure was passed that requires our Highway Patrol and other law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of any person arrested, and inform federal authorities if the person is found to be here illegally.

      3. It allows Missouri law enforcement offices to receive training to enforce federal immigration laws. The bill makes it clear that illegal immigrants will NOT have access to taxpayers benefits such as food stamps and health care through Missouri HealthNET.

      4. In 2009 a measure was passed that ensures Missouri 's public

      institutions of higher education do NOT award financial aid to

      individuals who are here illegally. The law also requires all

      post-secondary institutions of higher education to annually certify to the Missouri Dept. of Higher Education that they have NOT knowingly awarded financial aid to students who are unlawfully present in the United States .

      5. So while Arizona has made national news for its new law, it is

      important to remember Missouri has been proactive in addressing this growing problem.

      6. Missouri has sent a clear message that illegal immigrants are NOT welcome in our state and they are certainly NOT welcome to receive public benefits at the cost of Missouri taxpayers!

      Article in "The Ozarks Sentinel" Editorial Opinion –

      Nita Jane Ayres,

      May 13, 2010

    140. Christine Nelson Bla says:

      Here is a simple spelling lesson:

      REPUBLICAN ends in I CAN

      AMERICAN ends in I CAN

      DEMOCRAT ends in RAT

      DEMOCRATIC ends in A TIC(K)

      Let's get rid of all the vermin and the varmints in November!

    141. J S Taylor says:

      The TARP bailout was to help unions? IMHO, it was all about protecting Big Finance ( Goldman -Sachs, Citibank, etc) from the full weight of their gambling with other people's money. And I should cry for BP?? Get real – prudent p, beclanning, such as drilling a relief well prior to/concomitant with drilling a deep-water well, or having a Plan B in case something fails (Murphy's Law will never be repealed) is a cost of doing business. If you were real patriots, you'd be after companies that twist the knife in America's wounds by saying."Oh, we can't make the outrageous profits we're used to, so we'll take our jobs to [Nigeria,Brazil, Russian Arctic]." Excuse me, we give businesses the benefits of operating in an environment that is stable and protected by the rule of law. And too many of them could care less about the stability of our nation – love of America isn't even on their radar. It's all about the money. Bet you don't print this Obamaphile's comment…

    142. D Kunz Salt Lake Cit says:

      Good for you Govenor Brewer. There is a war going on in your part of the country and shame on Obama and the Federal government for not only not supporting you, but interfering with what needs to be done. Amnesty would only compound the problems we have now and cost us a great deal more.

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