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  • Morning Bell: 100 Days Later, Obama Still Failing the Gulf

    Over the last four weeks, The Heritage Foundation sent multiple teams of respected energy, environment, homeland security and response experts to the Gulf to study the federal response to the oil spill. These three delegations, with more to come, have traversed the areas hit hardest by the crisis, talking to response workers, affected oil crews, fishermen, elected leaders and BP representatives. What we found is simple: President Obama’s administration has turned a crisis into a disaster, and someone needs to be held accountable.

    Accountability is in short supply in Washington these days. Fingers are pointed in every direction for our nation’s economic woes. President Obama’s favorite target of choice is the past administration for nearly every problem he faces. Yet, the oil spill has only two central characters: BP and the Obama administration. BP is (very) slowly taking accountability for its creation of this crisis. Tony Hayward was finally dismissed as CEO, and they have promised full financial restitution for direct and indirect victims. On Day 100 of the spill, it’s time the Obama administration followed suit.

    And what exactly does the administration have to be held accountable for? An environmental disaster made worse by federal incompetence. An unnecessary drilling moratorium that has pulled the plug on a Gulf economy already on life support. A claims process that was negotiated in secret, leaving few answers to why claims aren’t being processed and transparency is lost. A slow response that wasted clear weather days as hurricane season fast approaches, and a decision-making structure led by politics rather than duty.

    Environmentally, the President and his eco-left echo chamber consciously chose to ignore the damage caused by the oil in favor of focusing on future tax increases that would expand government largesse. The President’s initial push for cap-and-trade taxes as a response to an oil spill was so disconnected and oblivious that it was quickly brushed off by the Democrat-controlled Senate. Even so, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said yesterday cap-and-trade taxes were still possible this year if any energy legislation passes the Senate and the bill goes to conference.

    Details of the Reid-Boxer bill the Senate will market as a response to the oil spill released last night confirm that increased taxes are the Majority Leader’s first priority regardless, with a “drastic increase” in the price of oil per barrel that will be paid at your local gas pump, breaking the President’s promise that taxpayers would not foot the bill for the oil spill. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) also said the bill would create a permanent “jobs moratorium” in the Gulf.

    And while focus in Washington has remained on legislative matters, the President’s administration failed to issue emergency permits to protect Louisiana’s fragile coastline. Paid-for barriers were delivered, only to sit on the sidelines, as federal bureaucrats spent months debating three-year old emergency operations plans, only to decide not to implement protective measures.

    Efforts were stopped to divert oil into more easily skimmed areas. The problem of skimming the oil was made even more increasingly difficult by the questionable dispersants, authorized by the EPA, which either drove the oil under water or diluted it into impossible-to-clean droplets. And even if the oil could’ve been easily skimmed, the skimmers simply weren’t deployed, whether by ignorance of the Jones Act or an unbelievable rigidity to emergency placement. Skimmers sat in ports across America waiting for another disaster while this one went ignored.

    The drilling moratorium takes what is a terrible situation for Gulf residents and turns it into a long-term economic catastrophe. President Obama is not listening to any oil and gas experts as he implements a moratorium that could affect our energy production for a decade. Two federal courts have blocked the moratorium, yet the President ignores the rule of law and proceeds with a de facto moratorium regardless. Ports are cutting rental rates, jobs are being lost, rigs are leaving the Gulf in droves and confidence in American energy contracts is being shattered. Meanwhile, this doesn’t affect rising demand, meaning an increasing dependence on foreign oil.

    Jim Funk of the Louisiana Restaurant Association told New Orleans Fox 8: “You’re looking at figures as high as 30,000 high paying jobs are gonna be lost as a result of this moratorium.” And that’s just the restaurant and catering business. Layoffs in the offshore transport business have already begun. John Henry, who runs a cement company that services offshore rigs, told Forbes they’re already slowing down operations. And CNN reports, companies as far away as Ohio, Tennessee and elsewhere may also lose work as a result of Obama’s jobs moratorium. These reports are all in addition to the jobs already lost on the fleeing rigs.

    The complicit media chose the President’s negotiation of a secret liability deal with BP as proof he was in charge. But while his strong-arming produced a supposed $20 billion payout, it was settled behind closed doors. Americans never saw any contract that was agreed to between our government and BP, yet that didn’t stop the media from celebrating it.

    Now we learn that BP is claiming a tax deduction worth roughly $9.9 billion. This means that American taxpayers are either now on the hook for part of the costs of cleanup, if costs truly reach $20 billion, or that another negotiation is necessary. Congressman James Oberstar (D-MN) called the development “reprehensible.” David Desser, managing director of Juris Capital said: “You would have thought in advance of that meeting, [the White House] would’ve thought of all those issues…” Yes, you would think. If the $20 billion number was anything more than a guess, than the White House should have grossed it up to account for the value of the deduction. Additionally, the claims process itself is operating in the dark, with state and local officials unable to track individual claims.

    As Tropical Storm Bonnie approached last week, emergency and elected officials in Louisiana mobilized. The federal government did not. The clean-up operations halted, yes, and plans were in place for re-deployment. But Americans along the Gulf coast did not hear from the Secretary of Homeland Security what the government’s response would be to a potential storm that would be made only worse by their own delays in the clean-up. Leadership was obvious at the state and local level. It was absent in Washington.

    President Obama has made it clear he couldn’t care less about the oil spill or Gulf residents. He has barely mentioned the crisis since he gave a forced Oval Office address over a month ago. Amid complaints surrounding his three vacations this month, most recently to Maine, he reluctantly is taking his family to Florida in two weeks for a photo-op.

    Florida is hospitable to this visit, since Governor Charlie Crist–formerly a Republican, now an Independent due to the pressure of primary politics–has been proven a better ally than Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal. Louisiana residents deserve better than to have politics come between them and a responsive White House. Their share of this disaster is overwhelming, and to be so ignored is unacceptable. Yet, even leading Florida Democrats, like gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink, charge the administration with being “out of touch with reality” when the White House does visit.

    Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, FEMA Director Michael Brown resigned due to public pressure over the federal response to the crisis. It has now been 100 days since the deadly Deepwater Horizon accident. The clean-up efforts have failed. The moratorium is simply kicking a dying man while he is down. Who is accountable in President Obama’s administration? Apparently, nobody.

    Quick Hits:

    • The CBO released a report yesterday on the risk of Greece-like debt crisis here in the U.S. concluding: “Unless policymakers restrain the growth of spending, increase revenues significantly as a share of GDP, or adopt some combination of those two approaches, growing budget deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels.”
    • More than 550 union members are taking 11 buses from L.A. to Arizona to protest that state’s new immigration enforcement law.
    • Despite boycotts from leftist activists, tourism is actually on the rise in Arizona over the last two months.
    • Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is considering a “down payment” approach to amnesty pressing for passage of AgJobs and the Dream Act.
    • The L.A. County D.A. is investigating allegations of voter fraud in the suburb of Bell where city council members voted themselves $100,000 salaries.

    Updated: 11:35 a.m. est, 7/28/2010

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    53 Responses to Morning Bell: 100 Days Later, Obama Still Failing the Gulf

    1. Turner, Massachusett says:

      I heard there is a organic solution. There are organisms in the gulf that literally eat oil, in fact they thrive on it and it makes the whole food chain thrive. In warm water the results are even more dramatic. In every area of warm water that has had a spill the marine life snaps back very fast. They can even dump these organisms into the area. The problem appears to be with the dispersants. That can kill everything. The organic solution is being underplayed by the Obama agenda to run the Cap and Trade bill through and there is a certain cover-up going on regarding the short term and long term effects of the dispersants. News groups need to focus on the dispersants and why the organic solution is not being pursued.

    2. Harriett Moorman Aur says:

      If Obama and his crony government are responsible for the reprehensible negligence in the oil spill crisis, responsible for the loss of thousands of jobs, responsible for no leadership in the crisis, he should be impeached. His attention is focused only on himself and his 'plans for America' – with which a vast majority of Americans disagree vehemently.

      Why are we sitting on our hands and not getting rid of this president and his minions in Washington? Why are we not impeaching him for the lies he tells over and over about responsibilities for the problems HE has created?

      I'm sick of this mess – sick at heart at what's happening to my country under this man's arrogant orders, secret dealings on important issues, lack of transparency and total disregard for the will of the people.

    3. toledofan says:

      I don't think anyone in the Obama Administration will be held accountable and this is another clear indication that if a 'crisis' isn't politically an advantage to the Administration it's given a low or no priority. I think that this President and Congress, in the short period of time they have been in charge, have created the most devastation to our country since the long gas lines of the Carrter Administration. I guess the only hope we have, in the short term, is to vote as many of the Democrats and Republicans out of office in November, so, at least, we'll have a chance of saving what freedom we have left.

    4. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      The problem is obvious…. Obama knows well whose "butt to kick" but alas, it's humanly impossible for him to reach it.

    5. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      The problem is obvious…….Obama knows well the "butt to kick" but he has found it to be humanly impossible for him to reach it.

    6. KLIMAX Baltimore Mar says:

      Just another of a long list of reasons to Impeach Obama, Reid, and Pelosi and fire along with bringing charges against Holder and his flunkies at the Injustice Dept. (let Holder see what it is like to actually have the law enforced) !!!!!!! I know it will never happen but it would be nice if the American Citizens would wake up and demand action for NObama's inaction !!! The illegal aliens in OUR Country demand "RIGHTS" all the time when they have none, what ever happened to OUR Citizens making demands when they have the "RIGHT" to do so (or was the 60's only time we made demands) !!!!!

    7. Hans, Pennsylvanie says:

      First, I agree with Harriett in Texas in principle. Obama should be led out of the White House in shakles. However, impeachment procedures are formulated and pesented by the House Of Representatives of the U.S.Congress. Therefore, if we want to impeach this 'president' we need to put extreme pressure on the folks in the House to get it started. And then once that is done we need to put the same pressure on the Senate during the actual 'trial' (impeachment hearing). So, folks, LET'S GET STARTED!

      As for the BP disaster I have two questions: Who do you think is going to pay for this unmitigated disaster? BP has already let it be known that they will take a 10 BILLION dollar tax write off for the losses incurred due to this disaster. That will mean a 10 Billion Dollar shortfall in revenue for the U.S. Now my second question: Who do you think is going to be stuck with making up this shortfall? WE, THE TAXPAYERS!!!!!

      So, Folks, stand by to see Obama point his finger at GW and blame him and then boldly step forward and hit us with another tax increase. Oh don't worry, he'll find some way to squeeze us to the last drop……..

    8. Arvid Myhre says:

      Your comment back to me that I am commenting too quickly makes me think I am donating too quickly.

    9. Knowsit, Reno says:

      And the MSM, that so furiously jumped on Pres. Bush's flyover, when first visiting New Orleans after Katrina, is totally ignoring this incompetence, even malicious intentions on display by Obama in the oil spill accident.

      As the recent Journolist debacle makes clear, the LSM is not interested in what its function is supposed to be, reporting the truth no matter where it leads, but it has its own agenda of protecting this man from the consequences of his shortcomings as a President, even if this destroys America.

    10. Mary.... WI says:

      But hey, Obama has time to appear on "The View"!!!

      I agree with Harriet…it's time this president was impeached. Problem is which elected congressperson will take up the cause to pursue this man's removal from office. And since the house and senate are dem controlled what are the chances.

      Many of the only people supportive of Obama are those receiving freebies from the government while the rest of us serfs work to support this "policy". What happens when more and more folks lose their jobs and there is less and less tax money coming in to pay for all the free stuff. What kind of plan will elected Obama supporters come up with next?……..I think we all know the answer to that question…… But if I wanted to live that way I would move to Cuba, Venezuela, or Europe.

      This country is disintegrating quickly. The dems MUST be voted out of office this Nov. and Obama MUST be voted out in 2012 in order to save this country and repair her to her greatest asset which is freedom. We are the majority for goodness sake! How is it the minority is governing our every move. Voting is our only civil tool to change things around. Let's pray voter fraud is held to a minimum. Maybe we need to do what Iraq did their last election…fingerprint all voters…..wouldn't that be sad.

    11. GDRN, FL says:

      Remember, you not only voted for Obama, you voted for the Progressive, Liberal, Socialists that he needs in order to get his plan of destuction implemented. If you did not vote for these liberal fools, then good for you, but to those who did, I ask, when he said "Yes We Can", what did he mean? Yes we can what, destroy this country from within without firing a shot? And thumb our noses at you while we do it? When he said "Hope and Change", what did he mean, other than the fact that he was going to pull off the greatest Hoax in human history that would put all of us in Chains. Elections have consequences. Do your part to help fix this by getting it right this November.

    12. LisaC, Texas says:

      The lack of competence combined with the dangerous ideology of the current administration has been completely demonstrated with the Gulf oil spill crisis. This has also been evident in all things since Obama was elected.

      With overwhelming evidence that our elected leader attained his position through illegal, corrupt means, I cannot comprehend why measures have not been taken to put an end to this madness. I don't know anyone who holds more contempt and disregard for our nation than our White House officials. It is as though we have surrendered our God given blessings without so much as a fight.

      How can we allow our rich heritage to be re-written to 'better serve' our childrens' future?

    13. J.NormanSayles, LODI says:

      The Gulf oil spill will be just another Albatross to be hung around the President's neck,, along with Arizona and the straospheric national debt.. We had better never see his like again, assuming we survive this encounter.

    14. NanaSatchell,Richmon says:

      Where are Bernstein & Woodward when we need investigative reports of WhiteHouse cover-ups?! Corexit (toxic dispersant banned in Europe)has been used in Gulf. NALCO chem.dispersements &water purification Assoc.connected with U of Chicago Argonne which rec'd $164 mil in Stimulus funds and Goldman Sachs ,

      Warren Buffet,Soros,Apollo,Blackstone,Goldman Sachs increased their holdings in Nalco last nov. Gen.Atomics & Honeywell involved in contracts with Pentagon for using jet bio fuel (Darpa testing for production of refined "algae"into jet fuel) Dept of

      Defense Sec.Gates on board of SAIC when Gulf of Mexico Loop current Report 2009 done…is Gulf being set up for an Bloom Algae farm?!

    15. ThomNJ, New Jersey says:

      Hans and Harriet in Texas, I agree. This man is guilty of multiple "high crimes", and the complicity of the press and Congress has been astounding. If are able to win a clear majority in the House and Senate, we have just got to impeach him and then also file charges against a whole host of others. The czars are just another aspect of this horrific treatment of our country. It is bad enough that the Congress over the years has given too much power to unelected bureaucrats, but when the president does it and bypasses even the Congress with 35-plus apppointees, then we need to shut them down. They are serving their AGENDA, not the PEOPLE of this land. GOD willing, if we get a clear majority, those elected better have the stones to impeach (and to enact economy friendly policies). If we don't demonstrate that the people are in charge, we will not win in the long term – at least not at the ballot box.

    16. Arky 01, Arkansas says:

      Is it possible that the Cloward-Piven-Saul Alinsky Crisis Strategy has replaced the US Constitution rendering We the People voiceless and powerless?


    17. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      People still don't get it! Obama knows exactly what is happening in the Gulf. Just yesterday he again pushed his Crap and Tax bill. He has delibertly allowed this spill to become a "crises" to continue to justify his push. In addition,

      it is more that apparent his radical left environmentalist supporters want all offshore drilling to end, thus his moratorium. Those that continue not to recognize that every aspect of this problem, including BP, USCG, EPA, USFWS, etc. are all being manipulated like pawns in order for Obama to accomplish his socialist agenda.

    18. KC - New Mexico says:

      BP was effective in moving its CEO to a new but lesser job. May be it is time for America to do the same – move BO back to a Senator or lesser job in Chicago! Unfortunately, not enough Americans really see this issue or hear about this issue. The media service is supporting BO! May be Heritage should use Facebook, Twitter, etc. consistently in getting the word out to America.

    19. Rick says:

      Republicans –

      Be very wary of passing ANY version of "climate change" or "energy" legislation.

      As I read Secretary of All Things and Expert-in-Charge Gibbs' comments linked to this article, I see eerie parallels to the approach that was used with Health Care legislation.


      1. Pass one bill in the House (Done)

      2. Get a second and almost totally unrelated bill – a mere skeleton – passed in the Senate.

      3. Incorporate cap-and-trade in committee, bringing the "best" from the House bill into the Senate's skeleton bill.

      4. Jump up and down to state that passing the final bill from committee will require only a "simple majority" in each chamber.

      5. Line up these majorities – make back-room deals as necessary.

      6. Stick it to the American public.

      Yogi, are you there? It's deja vu all over again …

      Republicans remember: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    20. STEVE, MASS says:

      The United States citizens were deceived about Obama….and now we all know that. That is why although we have a president, WE DON'T HAVE A PRESIDENT THAT IS PRESIDENTIAL. Talk about political warfare, class warfare, economic warfare.

      I suggest that for every job that OBAMA creates a moratorium on, that 5 times that number be reduced in force from the Federal Government Payrolls. Obama has no idea of the burdens placed upon the U.S. economy, the region of the Gulf States , and the disgust and contempt that the U.S. citizens have for the OBAMA AND HIS inicompetent administration.

    21. Shirley, Carrollton, says:

      With your thorough reporting that we can rely on as fact, this only confirms my suspecting that it is all contrived:

      - $2B loaned to Brazil for offshore drilling weeks before oil spill

      - Stopping our own offshore drilling

      - Almost $1B Soros invested in Brazil state-owned oil weeks before oil spill

      - China is now investing in Brazil state-owned oil

      - Taxes on our own oil production to cripple us further

      - What other conclusions can you draw?

    22. R.H. Lee, Cambridge, says:

      Has anyone heard anything to the effect that against BP's advice, the Coast Guard insisted that the fire be extinguished. BP wanted to let the rig burn evenly down, thereby precluding the possibility that it would topple and break off the pipe far below the ocean surface. Pouring water on the rig led to its collapse as BP predicted.

      A Canadian oil rig engineer relayed this story to me last week….had heard nothing in the US media about it…..any comments to confirm or deny this story???

    23. Tom, Mississippi says:

      Politicians do not fix problems. They just talk.

    24. Richard Irish, Edmon says:

      Even NOW, Heritage will not rise to the challenge of addressing Obama's lack of eligibility to actually BE President of the United States of America! This man, with the help of his fellow Marxist "Chicago thugs" and aided and abetted by a gutless RINO minority in Congress is out to destroy our energy industy, our economy, our security, our very way of life and possibly our sovereignty as well.

    25. H.L. Kuhn says:

      It should be apparent to all Americans that Obama's election was the triumph of mindless enthusiasm over common sense and critical thinking. He is a narcissistic, incompetent, indecisive individual playing at being president. Without a doubt he is the most dangerous individual in the world. Left unchecked, his irresponsible actions will destroy our way of life and have a profound negative impact on the rest of the world. Hopefully our Nation will soon reach a point of critical mass and resolve the "Obama Mess".

    26. Lynn, Austin says:

      We must vote in conservatives in November to start the proceedings for impeachment. They can't start that until there is a majority in the House/Senate. We must convince our new voters (teens), apathetic voters, everyone must go to the polls in November and change the majority. THEN the articles of impeachment can be drawn and we can impeach these criminals/communists in DC. Michelle Bachmann said if the majority's change, subpoena after subpoena should be served to investigate the illegal doings happening in the WH. Then all these horrible laws can be defunded and reversed.

      Please vote, and please give if you can, to further aid in the reinstatement of our Constitution!

    27. Zack Hill says:

      Nothing Rory Cooper mentioned had the slightest bit of evidence to back up anything mentioned. It's all talking points. Where is your proof?

      "President Obama has made it clear he couldn’t care less about the oil spill or Gulf residents"

      -that's quite a bold statment to take. Again, can you back up your rants? I just love the hyperlinks from other Heritage blogs and conservative bloggers or articles…is that your Heritage research and analysis at work!? A lie is a lie. Dishonesty is Dishonesty. Just because you repeat something over and over does not make it true. It seems to work for the people that left comments above. Not suprising in anyway.

      try this one…

      -Legislative History from the Conservative/Republican Congressional members have already made it clear they couldn't care less about preventing an oil spill or offering any solutions to fix a problem that already happened and continue to want to drill, drill, drill and expect this would never happen again?

      -Constantly protecting oil companies for the last 2 decades(specifically from the 103rd-109th congress), blocking any and all regulation or oversight for the oil rigs including (preventitive measures, safety precautions…no, lets just leave it up to the oil companies because they care more about safety then profit right!?

      -asking to drill closer to shore(because shallow water has more oil and oil would reach the coast slower in the case of a spill????????)

      -Conservatives feeling bad for BP.

      -Conservatives feeling bad about the few oil rig workers out of work but not for the thousands of jobs off shore, fishing, shrimp industry or the fact that this is one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

      Heritage, you have become so pathetic I find it hard to even bother debating with any bloggers or followers of this website. Ya know, I really thought most republicans and conservatives would run as far away as possible after this oil spill. Attacking President Obama and his administration for this is the worst form of political suicide and will effect the november elections. Does Heritage really think people are this stupid? We have a memory of your party, legislation and your actions. Sometimes I feel embarrased to be in the same species as some of the people on this website, bloggers and comments alike. Look at what your writing! It's either simple ignorance or intentional partisanship. Blogs like this and the comments that follow are why this country is in trouble.

      Now, go ahead and attack, attack and attack and keep using talking points with absolutley nothing to back up anything you say. That seems to be all conservatives do these days. Again, pathetic!

    28. Jim, MN says:


      1. Focus on the Nov elections to get the House & Senate back in Republican control.

      2. In 2011, once there are majorities in place in both Houses of Congress, House Mgrs. must file Impeachment proceedings.

      3. Repubs leaders must have the "Stones" to take the unrelenting fire from LMS.

      4. Obama and his henchment know this scenario is coming and coming fast. Watch for Biden to make announcement of his resigination on Dec 31st.

      5. Hillary Clinton will Resign her Sec of State job and be appointed to the VP slot before Jan 20th 2011.

      6. Hillary becomes the buffer for the lesser of two evils as President.

      7. Bill Baby back in the Whitehouse.

    29. Lil, San Diego says:

      This is beyond reprehensible, this non-response should be the focus of the media, the dolts, but they won't cover this because they are complicit in this clown's presidency! How can anyone say this man, Obama, is smart? Surely his political savvy would, at the very least, demonstrate a scintilla of care and concern! Fortunately, more people are awakening to this fact that this man has not a shred of care for this nation. November cannot come soon enough! This disaster should be the wake-up call for another Obama gem—Obamacare. Can you imagine these bureaucrats in charge of health care especially Berwi

    30. Sue Marie from Detro says:

      Obama and his administration will never be called on the carpet because of the propaganda microphones cover for him. Maybe some day a thruth sayer will write the correct history on progressives expecially Obama and Soros. The only reason the truth is out there is because of heritage and other internet bloggers. My husband repeats this phrase daily " I wonder how many people will die today because of liberalism or progressive theory". I truly believe these individuals are evil and have no care or concern the harm they inflect. The gulf oil spill is no concern. The only thing that matter is that George Soros make his billions when the oil rigs go to Brazil. George has energy investments in Brazil.

    31. Silverpoodle,Ca says:

      Re: Shirley, Carrollton, Tx

      Good recap of facts. FOLLOW the MONEY and who will benefit from Obama's actions.

    32. Zack Hill says:

      for all house and senate republican members and Bush administration officials who voted against oil rig regulation go to… Look into MMS. Do your own research instead of realying on pathetic Heritage Blogs. Or you can just use common sense and ask yourself which party hates regualtion for almost anything and relies on private industry to take care of themselves. What a joke.

    33. Nan R, Alpine, Tx says:

      You got it right! Obama and Administration are using this oil prill crisis to make a growing and extensive disaster well beyond the Gulf area. It is time to boldly tell the truth that their agenda is exactly to bring America to her knees and then knock her out with their socialist goals. Wake up America. It is the 11th hour.

    34. The Sooner, Stockton says:

      In my non-expert opinion, it appears to me that the difference in the response, from the Federal Government, to Hurricane Katrina and The Gulf Oil Spill are just shades apart. The Lame Stream Media shaded most of the faces of the Katrina victims black and downtroddened. Almost every victim of the Oil Spill that we see on T.V. are white. Many are also portrayed as successful business people who have owned their businesses for generations. Some of them may also be descendants of people who owned slaves or fought for the right to own slaves. Is this more payback?

    35. Bob H. Syosset,N.Y. says:

      With regard to Crap and Trade. Here are the numbers. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is .036 percent. That means 360 parts per million. If all energy using items in the US would stop for 1 year. I mean everything, there would be 0 effect on the amount of CO2 in the air,because of world wide fossil fuel usage.Furthermore if one were to ask an envirocook if they would like to cut the CO2 in the air by 50% they would say yes.If that were to happen then all Imean all life on the surface of the planet would die due to the end of photosynthesis.

    36. Pingback: Morning Bell: 100 Days Later, Obama Still Failing the Gulf | The … : PlanetTalk.net - Learn the truth , no more lies

    37. Zack Hill says:

      Not only did Heritage not post my previous comment that was completely within the moderators request of being civil, they actually cut up the comment above. Are you kidding me! I feel sorry for the moderator that did this. I guess having an opposing point of view or just simply stating facts against the ridiculous blog by Rory Cooper and the ignorant comments that follow is not allowed here at Heritage. Seriously Heritage? Let me try this again. Look up house and senate republican members for the last 2 decades, specifically from the 103rd-109th congress and see the constant opposition to oil-rig regulation(safety precautions, preventitive measures and the constant support for big oil). opencongress or votesmart. I assume im not allowed to link other sources, even though Heritage bloggers can. So put www. infront of each and a .com after. haha, maybe that will get through. To summarize, Republicans and Conservatives seem to forget these companies care more about profit then safety and that's the entire point.

      Lets hope Heritage lets me offer my opinion with this comment……

      "regulation go to… Look into MMS."-that's my proof.

      Heritage cut out an entire section of my comment…..pathetic.

    38. BRISCOMBES, San Carl says:

      How is it that NOTHING is being done to get this guy out of office?? Talk about proven failed policies! He has proven that each and every one of his policies has been a total failure. He is the ONLY president in office who has never disclosed his past history and yet continues to harp on everyone else's past history. All he does is speak eloquently…even that needs prompting. His wife continues to spend tax dollars on her more-than-adequate staff of "helpers" and vacations. The media has become a joke to behold. The coverage of Arizona's law and the spill is so one-sided it becomes ludicrous. We continue to watch ABC, NBC, CBS just for a good laugh and to see if there be any hint of objectivity in theirs reporting. Even NPR is becoming one-sided. Very sad to watch.

    39. Warren Lyckman Hills says:

      The above comments are the best I have ever read regarding the Heritage theme published today. How far these comments will go is questionable but they are at least there for the general public to pereuse.

    40. Drew Page, IL says:

      So Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer have come up with a bill to increase taxes on a barrel of oil that will be passed directly on to us consumers. All the while Mr. Obama continues his string of broken promises (lies) declaring the American taxpayer would not foot the bill for the oil spill. Just like he isn't going to increase taxes on anyone with a family income of $250,000 a year or less. Just like he isn't going to raise taxes to pay for his "health care reform". Just like his "health care reform" will reduce the deficit. Get on "Google" and look for "health care reform new taxes" and see what we are all in store for.

      Anyone who believes Mr. Obama's promises is a fool.

    41. Ed Foster, Brevard, says:

      I am concerned after reading this article, that in an attempt to be "politically correct," The Heritage Foundation has lost sight of its core values. By law, BP's liability is limited to $75 million yet The Heritage Foundation apparently approves of the Federal government blackmailing them into accepting unlimited liability. One might argue that $75 million is an absurdly small amount of liability, but that was what the goverrnment accepted when issuing the permit to drill, and in a society ruled by law, not men, that contract cannot be changed ex post facto. The federal government takes a large bite out of the revenues produced by off-shore oil wells. Their take should have been used for oversight (which they failed to do) and to pay for the cleanup should an accident occur. (A portion of the state's take is dedicated to potential cleanups.) However, money being a fungible commodity, it is apparent that the federal government's take was used for other purposes. In the final analysis, the federal government is responsible for everything over $75 million and BP should have so stated and taken the political fallout!

      I've seen the data logs from the last two hours before the well blew. I am not a geologist, but I am a physicist. It seems likely that mistakes were made, but mistakes are inevitable in any high-tech endeavor and BP had reason to believe that the BOP would hold if the well started to blow. After all, it was inspected by the federal government was it not? (The latter said tongue in cheek!)

    42. Virginia says:

      No Time Like The Present! What are we waiting for? I want them all out!

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    44. M. Serota says:

      When the right-wingers of today tell a lie, to them – it is the truth, for they are like their father the devil who is the father of lies and confusion.

      Conception does not ever create a soul. God made us in God's Image, Spirit. God would Never force a woman to go through an unwanted pregnance or force her to give birth to a child she does not wish to mother. In a fetus, no-brain = NO-SOUL. God is pro-people = GOD IS PRO-CHOICE!!!

      Genesis 1:19 and 1:20 – God caused Evolution – it is in the Bible!!!

      Republicains serve money.

      Republicains serve money for thier own gready intrests and for the 'special intrests' who give to them. Thier silos are bursting with illgoten, immoral wealth.

      "You can not serve two Masters." Republicains have chosen thiers – $$$$$.

      Republicains like Jesus said: "These people honor God with thier lips, not with thier hearts." "Thus in vain do the masses worship God, teaching not the will/doctrins of God, but thier own man-made doctrins."

      Conservitives and right-wingers aquiring the money which they prize, they will spend stollen from another, not giving to those who trully own it and deserve it, thier fondness/gread for money which they have made thier master, makes them unwilling to pay taxes, (with money they have plundered from the 90% who deserve it). They have received their reward, and as Jesus said in : 10 Maidians; Lazareth the Beggar; Etc thier punishment will come. God is the same now, from the beginning and forever. They don't like what Jesus taught because as God said: "an evil tree brings forth evil fruit. Right-wingers have had thier reward, and thier punishment will come.

      Read: 10 Maidians; Lazareth the Beggar; Sermon on Mount; for whom to through a feast; what Jesus told man who asked what he must do to be saved; Etc. Etc. Etc.

      "Thus in vain do the masses(right-wingers) worship God…." "These people (right-wingers) worship God with their lips…."

    45. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      To quote former tennis player John McEnroe, "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"

      Obama is less than incompetent. He aspires to incompetence. The BP oil spill is one

      thing that can't be blamed on George W. Bush. The Democrats are going to lose and

      LOSE BIG.

    46. Alfred, Lakewood, NY says:

      This whole administration from Obama down is a big joke from the top down, run by a bunch of bungling, stupid idiots. They just want to stick it to the people any way possible with their leftist socialist goals and objectives. All liberals and RINO'S are a bunch of incompetent self-serving goons that must be removed in November. Wake up America and let's get rid of them at the ballot box.

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    48. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      The Gulf fiasco is the result of millions of Zacks electing an inexperienced and ignorant ideologue to the presidency. That Democrat from Florida quoted in the article has it pegged, "out of touch with reality".

      Zack Hill, I did a little research and found that federal regulations actually increased under Bush. Not only that, overall regulations always increase at the federal level no matter who runs things. I also used some common sense and realized that a business which does not take care of itself will likely fail on its own. This may be a difficult concept for you, but self-regulation is the backbone of our society, without it we all fail.

      Why do so many people hate freedom? I'm about fed up with the pansies.

    49. paul, the villages,f says:


    50. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Has anyone known Obama and his Administration to be accountable? There are two are three aspects of accountability:

      (1) One has to understand what Accountability means. Obama has no clue to what this means. He holds himself accountable to no one.

      (2) One has to admit he/she is wrong. Obama will admit nothing of the kind. He thinks he is right, all the time.

      (3) One has to know what is the right thing to do; what has to be done to "right a wrong." It is clear Obama does not know what is right. Look at his quick ruling on stopping drilling in the Gulf; look at all the people who will lose jobs because of this; look at all the loss to the economy by drilling rigs locating to other areas of the world.

      I agree on the need for impeachment, but that has to be a better basis than ignorance.

    51. sandy says:

      Do you feel we will have honest elections in Nov. Look at the facts that came out in the MN elections. To turn the vote around, it appears to me the Clintons and their machine arrived and the recounts began again and again until the wanted results came up. Corruption in Washington , in my opinion, is beyond comprehension.

    52. John Murphy, Woodbri says:

      We must get rid of these socialist Democrats who are in charge and ruining this country. Obama dragged his feet on the solution to the Gulf oil leak, so that he could justify his moratorium. Obama is only making things worse, either intentionally or due to incompetence. We will not recover from this recession until we get an administration and Congress that believe in market solutions rather than government solutions. The recession was caused by the government presurring banks to lower their standards so that people who could not afford to buy homes, could buy them. We are currently over regulated with seemingly no end to government spending on solutions to real or imagined problems that will only make things worse.

    53. fort mill s.c. says:

      No!!I don't agree on any of the policies that our Govenrment has implemented as "Change" There doesn't seem to be an end to the OVERSPENDING which is not only hurting us now, but in the distant furture. Many of us who have recently retired, can not even help our children who have families and mouths to feed, because so many of us lost our 401K's. I am so disappointed., and frightend and what future any of us have….under the "Change" For the majority of us who played by the rules, paid our enormous taxes, and held the same job for a number of years, it just seems that the Change is not helping any of us. Is ignoring the horrific oil spills part of the Change!! Ignoring our boys coming home from the Mid-East is that Change? Is the Government going help them?

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