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  • Coal an Alternative Fuel? Yes, According to Reid’s New Energy Bill

    Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)

    As many predicted, Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D–NV) new energy bill contains neither a cap-and-trade program nor a renewable electricity standard (RES). But in a complete change of direction, the bill has made coal, the nemesis of the cap and trade/RES crowd, an alternative fuel. So now, to the list of politically correct alternatives such as wind and solar, we can now add coal.

    In addition to the bill’s plethora of subsidies, tax credits, and other “incentives” to increase the production of electric vehicles, the bill, according to a draft summary, Section 2115 of the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act:

    directs the federal government to count electricity used to refuel a plug-in electric drive motor vehicle as an alternative fuel.

    In other words, when you plug in your brand new, $41,000 battery-powered Chevy Volt, that affordable, reliable electricity charging your battery will be considered “alternative” energy. There’s a good chance that you will be juicing up with electricity produced from burning coal. In fact, 47 percent of our electricity comes from coal generation. In states like West Virginia, Kentucky, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Indiana, it’s over 90 percent. The provision to include coal as an alternative fuel demonstrates the hypocrisy and short-sightedness often found in congressional legislation. But these knee-jerk reactions have long-term economic consequences.

    American energy consumers should be thankful that cap and trade and renewable electricity mandates are not included in this bill. But Reid’s bill is not consumer or economy friendly. By attempting to subsidize certain technologies and energy efficiency programs, it’s more of the government “we know what’s best” mentality: attempting to change Americans’ choices by footing a portion of the bill with taxpayer dollars. These are decisions best left to the marketplace. Consumers are in a much better position to determine how to be energy efficient.

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    3 Responses to Coal an Alternative Fuel? Yes, According to Reid’s New Energy Bill

    1. Steve W., Chesapeake says:

      Hate to be a cynic but…Coal's in so that they can later come back and justify amending the law to add Cap and Trade type elements. Similar to what they're ding now with the new push to add "Public Option" to the recently passed Health Care Reform.

      It's all just "boiling frog" type trickery. There are no leaders or representatives, any longer. Just political gamesmanship banking that the average American doesn't care or is too ignorant. What I am beginning to fear is that they may be right.

    2. Matt says:

      Let's see if the voters remember this one:

      Feb. 10, 2009 – Las Vegas Review-Journal

      Reid applauds NV Energy for shelving Ely coal plant



      NV Energy on Monday announced that it is postponing development of a $5 billion coal-fired power plant at Ely until technology for capturing and storing carbon dioxide pollution becomes commercially feasible, probably for 10 years or more.

      The decision ends a three-year battle with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and environmental groups, which complained the coal plant would throw off massive quantities of carbon dioxide leading to global warming.

      Reid, D-Nev., and environmental groups welcomed the announcement.

      The Ely center was expected to create 1600 jobs


      Nevada leads the nation in unemployment. Yucca's closing will also kill 700 jobs. And Harry has the audacity to run commercials asking nevadans to thank him! You can't make this stuff up.

    3. Tim - Dallas, TX says:

      Harry's time is almost up… were counting the days, hours and minutes till he's gone. This man is so two faced – he can lie to his right hand and his left hand will not know what or why he said it. Deny-ability is something that thanks to today's technology is getting harder and harder for the left to get away with. Keep the tapes running – keep utube busy – let's make sure the world knows what these crack heads are doing to America and our future generations… God help us – we need it as long as these fools are in charge!

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