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  • New Black Panther Case Takes Bipartisan Twist; Democrat Asks Holder to Review

    U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman last week became the first Democrat to ask Attorney General Eric Holder to reopen the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case, according to the Washington Times. Sherman wrote a letter to Holder to request that he re-file “criminal” charges against the New Black Panthers involved in the case.

    Sherman’s July 19 letter to the Department of Justice stated:

    It appears that a decision was made in May 2009 to not use the full force of the law with regard to those members of the New Black Panther party who engaged in racist and wrongful behavior at a Philadelphia polling place. It is my understanding that certain civil charges have been downgraded for the main perpetrator and dropped for the other individuals involved. I urge you to review the matter and pursue the criminal case that your department did not originally pursue.

    Two weeks ago, the California congressman had not even heard of the original lawsuit.

    “As to the Black Panther Party, I’m simply not aware of that case,” Sherman said to constituents at a July 11 Town Hall meeting in California.

    Sherman’s constituents were outraged at his statement — and Fox News later claimed Sherman was negligent to not know about the incident of voter intimidation or the troubling potential policy of the Justice Department that led to the dismissal of the case. Sherman responded in a press release: Less than one page in 50,000 from the “sources of information which I rely upon most,” he said, dealt with the issue.

    With the letter to Holder, Sherman also accuses the Bush administration of “flagrantly ignor[ing] its constitutional responsibilities in white washing [sic] cases involving voter intimidation” and demands that the Department of Justice reinvestigate six Bush-era voting cases.

    The Washington Times says there’s an important distinction, however:

    If these six cases cited by Rep. Sherman were not even serious enough to pass preliminary review by line attorneys, they hardly rise to the level of the Black Panther case, which already was effectively WON by DoJ before the Obama appointees stepped in at the last minute and pulled the plug on the case. Forget apples and oranges; the Panther case is the size of a pumpkin whereas the other cases were sickly plants that bore no fruit at all.

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    11 Responses to New Black Panther Case Takes Bipartisan Twist; Democrat Asks Holder to Review

    1. steve, tampa fla says:

      would eric holder protect boy scouts if they were to intimitate voters like black panthers

    2. Billie says:

      Incompetence shouldn't earn more then the people forced to deal and pay for it. Everybody but the congressman being paid by everybody, knew it. Extremely overpaid and disingenuous. Who's leading who?

    3. Howieincvil, Coppers says:

      It sems strange that the moment this incident involving the NBPP happened that the whole of the USA heard/seen it via the media but a liberal congressman in D.C. knew nothing of it and took two years to repond! "Liberal Congressman" in D.C., that answers it all!

    4. BILLY PURCELL says:

      Ends justify the means, inaction speaks louder than words, change you can believe in..

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    6. Don, Kansas City says:

      He had 1 page in 50,000 pages of information from sources of information which he relied upon most, and only had this brought to his attention by concerned citizens? Those sources of information wouldn't have any bias of any sort, would they?

      It points out that forcing these blindered prima donnas to confront their constituency face to face is incredibly healthy!

    7. Harry Schell says:

      Brad Sherman got his head taken off in a meeting with constituents a week or so ago. He claimed at the time not to know anything about the NBP case. He came off as either incredibly stupid or a liar, probably both.

      The move is welcome, but absent that meeting and a stiff kick to his rudder, he would not be likely to make trouble for his superiors in this way. He is just trying to get in front of where he thinks the parade is going, not acting on his beliefs, IMO.

      I am a cynic, and perhaps this is a change of heart. Nothing he has done in the past would indicate so, but I would love to be wrong.

    8. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Well, at lease Sherman didn't say, as others have, "I was on vacation", and didn't know about this case. Dems have been taught to follow the Obama exaple, lie and distort. It's all political posturing. Yet there are still those out there that actually believe in the Obama socialist agenda thus trust what those like Sherman say. This is a prime example as to why this country is in the shape it is today.

    9. Paul Rinderle Fairfa says:

      Its been reported that the existing cultural within the Justice Department is not to bring cases against minorities.

    10. NAtive says:

      The only problem they have not seen yet with socialism is eventually they run out of everyone elses money. Ive seen a socialist country first hand. Shity roads, horrible police, bad products scores of humans sleeping in the streets. Families of 8 to 12 living in 2 bed room houses while one poor idiot works to feed the rest. You have no idea where this country is really headed, Best get up off the recliner and take it back.

    11. John Doe, Anywhere U says:

      Bet they would have been arrested on the spot if they were White. Anyone agree?

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