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  • Morning Bell: New START, New Slogan ... Trust But Don't Verify

    In 1987, at the signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), President Ronald Reagan summarized his approach to arms-control by citing an old Russian proverb: “doveryai, no proveryai.” Translation: trust, but verify. When Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev noted, “You say that at every meeting,” Reagan shot back, “I like it.”

    Like everything else the Obama administration does, their approach to arms control is the exact opposite of President Reagan. As the following exchange from this Tuesday’s Senate Armed Services Committee New START hearing shows, the Obama administration approach to arms control might as well be, “trust, but don’t bother to verify.” Here is the crucial exchange between Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and U.S. Strategic Command Commander, Air Force General Kevin Chilton:

    Sen. McCain: General Chilton, do you agree with the unclassified statement in the State Department Verification Assessment that ‘any cheating by the Russians would have little, if any, effect?’

    General Chilton: Senator McCain, I do agree with that…

    Sen. McCain: Well, what this brings to the casual observer’s mind, General, is if it doesn’t have any consequences if they do any cheating, what’s the point in having a treaty?

    Only in the bizarro world of the Obama administration is this country made any safer by signing treaty that the counter party has no intention of following. And that is just the beginning of New START’s many fatal flaws.

    Not only has it been clearly established that New START’s verification mechanisms are completely inadequate to protect our country, but it is increasingly becoming clear that the Obama administration significantly weakened our missile defenses in order to get the Russians to sign.

    From the beginning it was clear that New START’s preamble, which is a binding provision, linked our missile defense capabilities with Russian arms reductions. The Russians also made it clear on the day the treaty was signed that they believe New START limits our missile defenses. Since then, despite Obama administration claims to the contrary, experts have uncovered more and more limitations to our missile defense capabilities throughout the treaty’s other provisions.

    Now there are reports that U.S. negotiators actually told the Russians that the U.S. had no intention of deploying strategic missile defenses in Europe. The Senate cannot in good faith sign off on this agreement until these statements are verified. The full negotiation records must be released.

    Proponents of New START promise virtual Armageddon should the Senate reject the treaty. This is fear-mongering nonsense. As Heritage fellow Peter Brookes has noted.

    Today, the levels of strategic nuclear weapons in the U.S. and Russia are governed by the Bush-era Moscow Treaty or as its technically known, the Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on Strategic Offensive Reductions. The Moscow Treaty is still in force, is currently limiting the size of both strategic nuclear arsenals, and will remain so until the end of 2012, if New START is not ratified.

    But more importantly the Obama administration’s obsession with New START betrays their antiquated Cold War mind set regarding national security. The greatest nuclear threat our country faces today comes from Iran and North Korea; countries not bound by New START and with a proven track record of not caring about what example such an agreement might set.

    The better way to protect America is through a “protect and defend” strategy: allow the U.S. and Russia to reduce operationally deployed warheads below Moscow treaty levels while leaving missile defenses unconstrained. Instead of signing treaties that weaken our missile defenses we should be signing mutual commitment agreements to field cooperative missile defenses against strategic attacks. Finally, we should also pursue bilateral treaties with Russia and others to counter nuclear-armed terrorism.

    New START only limits our ability to defend ourselves while offering no new verifiable commitments from the Russians. This is not an agreement Reagan would sign.

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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: New START, New Slogan ... Trust But Don't Verify

    1. Robert, Edmonton Alb says:

      Recently I member of the Obama administration said, basically, we need to build down to Russia's strategic weapons levels so they feel better about themselves and at the same time it is supposed to make us safer. Needless to say this logic is hard to follow. Does he mean that at a time when we have more launchers and deployed warheads than Russia they might attack us? They are that irrational? But if we present them with fewer targets deployed on fewer launchers and become MORE vulnerable this same irrational Russia will not then attack.

      But when you present the US negotiating team with this premise they dismiss it as ridiculous because Russia is our "friend". Well why are they threatened with the US having a few more launchers and warheads? Does Britain or France feel threatened by the US?

      This treaty is a leftist "dream" to disarm the United States like they have wanted to do since the inception on the Cold War. They have never seen the value of nuclear deterrence and have never acknowledged its' contribution to Cold War stability and ultimately victory.

      New Start is a useless and yet dangerous treaty.

    2. Dwight Baker says:

      COMPLEXITY is the CORE in all CONS!

      By Dwight Baker

      July 23, 2010


      Moving out and away from any good moral and honorable core of common sense and reason will be those that insist that complex issues have not been addressed. Thus the likelihood of crooked and perverse things that will pop up as if closely akin to the original pure honorable core can will and has brought about difficult treaties to try and explain how those things fit into the original good and honorable core of common sense and reason. And that produces a rub for most of us for that is conversely opposite from the defining principles from which our democratic process was conceived to be morality based.

      Therefore, we in America are living proof of such misguided agendas trying to set a right the many things needed for us to work and co-exist with our Local State and Federal governments. And that has brought about more intrepid resentment against those empowered to oversee our people prosperity and property that have proven them to be many times the worst offenders of all.

      Therefore if a cure does exist what is it?

      Simple yes or no’s have long since gone, those having a need to hide real motives for doing thus and so have created devious derelict driven breaches in our system of Democracy for us to try and co-exist in.

      And far too many escape mechanisms have been put in place by political CON ARTIST to take their leave away from the pensive probing investigative eyes of the general public when exploratory questions needs to be answered with a simple yes or no. Then when the water has got too hot for them to swim in an escape mechanism kicked in and off they went.

      Now another crux in the many hoaxes of un-American jokes is that our many more times than not is that our crooked as hell media has only the rights to probe away at those thought to have done wrongs against us as the people.

      Who in their right mind could believe that the media has only the rights to find out about the truth, when most of the media has proved conclusively that they lie, spin color things leaving out the real truth. And that way often is the way of the ones who have the money to pay for what they want to be aired or published.

      The media has the rights and privilege to report on what we the people demand be done and the facts of what has occurred, but for any of them to assert they have the rights to be the leader of inquisition is just wrong.

      I have not taking leave of my personal responsibility to lean on and push against those whom I think and believe to be crooks in our Local State and Federal Government. Those things are yours and my personal responsibly to be tended too and done to protect and insure our continued communed sovereignty.

      Therefore I submit that the grilling and grinding down of those that impose on us hardships for selfish reasons should be held to account by our Duly Empowered Constitutional Rights residing in our County Seat Town Hall Courts and those presented with summons should not be allowed to leave until all issues have been cut through and down to the original honorable core form whence it originated.

      Therefore, we do have the right to summon any one in our Local State and Federal Government to come and testify before us as their piers. And we do have the rights to point the finger at those guilty of wrong doing along the way by their testimony only. All of us live or are convicted by our words, simple as that. No other proof needs to be a fact of discovery to declare one as a con or not.

      Last light must come to bring about the change needed that we all seek for. And discovery into all the lies being told today is the only way.

    3. Randa Perry, Tenness says:

      what the hell !!!???.. We must must must vote out as many of the Progressives as we can in November… Then, in the words of General Patton… , we will begin to SLOG (I say slog) our way out of this mess the Obama Marxist regime has gotten us into.

    4. Joe Ruffino says:

      It does appear from the McCain exchange with the Air Force General that we have a new generation of Military Generals and etc, called politically motivated.

      Strenghts are weakness and Weakness is fine. Begining to look like that our President is really the Manchurian Canidate with a hand picked support staff or just plain old queslings.

    5. William White, Ph.D says:

      How much more will be necessary to prove that this President is compromising America at every step? How much more is needed before the grandjury convenes and impeachment proceedings begin? Enough is enough!

    6. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Weaken America as fast as possible, in case the "Giant" still has some life remaining.

    7. Tom...Texas says:

      In any other country, this Pres. would be brought up on charges of treason…..

    8. Diana Key West, FL says:

      There is nothing about what the Obama Administration does that Reagan would approve of or sign!

    9. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      from the HF.

      WHO would ever "Trust" any of the HATE they post?


    10. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Dear, "Ken"

      when Grandma thinks you might be going for her grandbabies, then you'll know what "hate," truely is.

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    12. Judith in Michigan says:

      Mr Jarvis, I am one who Trusts The Heritage Foundation. Every issue they report on is backed by through research, investigations, facts, figures, names, dates, places, sources, etc done by scores of experts and hundreds of staff personnel.

      Instead of throwing out vague accusations of the HF posting hate, why not detail exactly where the HF is incorrect. Specify the facts, details, etc. You are obviously a person well educated in economics, national security, policy matters, and missle defense, so list your findings and I'll be more than happy to study and research them myself.. We all want the truth, don't we?

      In the meantime, I will continue to believe that this current administration is deliberately weakening America militarily, economically, and on matters of national defense.The new START TREATY is another appeasement by the Obama administration to our adversaries. It must be rejected.

    13. Leith Richmond says:

      Political correctness has infiltrated the military. The Fort Hood murders were an example of that. Some of the military were too weak and scared to speak the truth about the killer's bizarre behavoir, because he was a radical Muslim. No courage at all.

    14. Renny. Middle River, says:

      Being there are no impeachment proceedings in process, I would like for "SOMEONE" please step forward and say why not!!!!! This would help people to eliminate that avenue of hope!! The hope for November voting process I would not bank on because the chicago gang is in charge and anything goes!!!

      I don't know about anybody else, but I'm voting for "JESUS!!!!"

    15. Mike, North Carolina says:

      With every passing day, including now with the Obama gang acting as if, with such as the so-called "New START Treaty", their new slogan is "Trust but don't verify", and other ever more evident and increasing ways, both the Obama gang and the Russians are showing and proving who and what they are…Statist Marxists/Communists/Socialists mutually committed and dedicated to their Statist agenda to such as "fundamentally transforming" (to quote Obama) both the United States of America and the world into a Statist so-called "utopia" where such politicians, their bureaucrats, and their cronies, actually have all the power and money to be free to do whatever they want, at the expense of the people.

      And how do we know this about the Obama gang and their Russian Comrades, for example?

      First of all, to quote Obama, "I went out of my way to associate with (among other things) Marxists", and (to quote Obama again) "You want to know who I am? Look at what I surround myself with". And what does Obama surround himself with? Statist Marxists/Communists/Socialists, a number of whom have flat-out identified themselves as such, and others who yet try to be such “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and "fool the radar" by calling themselves, or acting the same as, so-called "Progressive" Statists.

      As for the Russians, such as Putin, not only is Putin a so-called "former" top U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) KGB, who, like Gorbachev, is showing and proving himself as an unapologetic, unrepentant Statist power-grabbing Imperialist at heart, but he is, of course, making sure that those under him, including the Russian so-called "New START negotiators" act accordingly, in ways which "just happen" to match or assist a Statist agenda which both the Obama gang and the Putin gang share.

      All of which makes any misleading claims to the contrary rather like any misleading claims to the contrary by another (National) Socialist named Hitler about his Communist/Socialist counterparts in Russia, with whom he shared a Statist agenda which was far more the same than it was different, including a religion supplanting Anti-Semitism.

      So where's the surprise in the Obama gang acting as if a slogan of theirs is "Trust but don't verify" and make sure the Russians limit themselves, in every way, as much as we are being limited? There shouldn't be any surprise! The Obama gang and their Russian counterparts are, after all, Comrades!

    16. mary summit nj says:

      GOD help us because the obama crew sure is not and no intention of doing so…..

    17. Scott, Montana says:

      This is just more proof that the Obamanation Adgenda is to reduce the Untied States to the rank of a third world power, just like his beloved Africa.

      Face it America, if we don't stop this maniac, and stop him soon; there won't be an America as we know it left. Take the House, Take the Senate, and then impeach the whole lot of them. It's our only hope.

    18. Donald G McKeighen L says:

      From his earliest days in politics culminating in his signing of the most monstrous 'reform' package to date in a room made signinficant by Ronald Reagan, this disaster of a president has made it abundantly clear, his is NO Ronald Reagan and in fact loaths the greatest President this country has had to date, he and his party are little more than criminals with the legislation they've been forcing on We the People, I can only hope there are enough principled Patriots out there who when elected to office will steamroll REPEAL on everything this antiAmerican president has ever done since his election.

    19. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      I'm sick and tired of our leaders who have an IQ of 30 who believe that you have to pass bills to know what's in them, that unemployment insurance is a job creator, (did

      Nancy Pelosi really say that with a straight face?) Yes, unfortunately, she did. How about this? A job is a good indicator of another job. Catwoman, I have a question for you. How about just the opposite? Why not we have to READ the bill to find out what's in the bill? Can you believe Bill Clinton is more popular than Barack Obama?

      And Congress? Well, Congress is right down there with lawyers, snake oil salesmen,

      and used car salesmen.We have a bunch of retards, (yes, I said the R word, but it's

      how I feel about our misleader), who are ruling us. Is Congress made up of public

      servants? No, it's not. Congress ceased to be our servant in 1933. Congress is now

      our master. We have a Legislaturist class now. Obama, for all intents and purposes, might as well be President for Life. Too bad there's the Constitution preventing him from being able to emulate his idol, Hugo Chavez. Welcome to the People's Republic of Haven.

    20. Blue Dog - Michigan says:

      First: Grand Juries do not initiate impeachment proceedings, the U.S. House of Representatives does.

      Second: If impeached by the House the Senate then convicts, or not.

      Third: Obama is a Democrat. Both houses of the legislature are controlled by the Democrats. Impeachment of this guy will never happen under these conditions.

      Fourth: It lies with We the People to cure this malignancy on the land.

    21. John, Colorado says:

      Why should I not believe he is a spy? The best one in history?

      A man who would not be able to get a security clearance to be someone such as an Army interpreter, is commander in chief.

    22. Charlotte in Centerv says:

      It is sooo evident "someone" intends nothing good for America. He won't be happy until our Constitution etc. is totally wrecked. Check out & watch

      "The Howards of Virginia" with Cary Grant. That should put some starch into someone to get things rolling in the right direction. And I don't mean the Rev.

    23. Gabe, Houston, Texas says:

      As a person just learning to crawl in my political awareness, I find myself increasingly appalled at the state of this Union. How did we (you all and I) allow this current scary situation to develop? Then I look in the mirror and remember I am 35 years old and just now opening my eyes to the political and governmental reality of my nation. We let this guy and his crew be elected, and then blame him for what he is. That's like the parent raising the child then standing back in shock when we observe him being rude to his grandparents…oh wait..we do that too.

      Well, may we be equal to the challenge of correcting our country's erratic course.

    24. Drew, OH says:

      It is almost as if the Obama administration were working from within to intentionally defeat the USA so that it could be overtaken by our Communist enemies.

    25. Scott Stevens says:

      When will Congress get on the stick and IMPEACH this guy?

    26. Jackson, Denton TX says:

      Good point Judith in Michigan. Typical liberal modus operandi; they have no basis in facts so just toss out vicious hollow accusations to see what "sticks". Good on you for calling out that lame message for what it really is – pure hate speech from someone who disagrees with HF but really doesn't know why.

      We can't blame the military for gravitating to political correctness, I can tell you from my military experience these guys and gals serving our country are sworn to obey ORDERS from their superiors so in this case, the buck really does stop with Obama as commander. The ultimate blame lies with the folks that voted for the Fox to tend the hen house…Let's Fix It In 2010 and 2012.

    27. Mike, North Carolina says:

      With almost every passing day, including now in the case of the so-called "New START Treaty" with which the Obama gang acts like their new slogan is "Trust but don't verify", and other ever more evident and increasing ways, both the Obama so-called “Administration” and the Russian regime are showing and proving who and what they are…Statist Marxists/Communists/Socialists orchestrating, among other things, the reducing, or "fundamentally transforming" (to quote Obama), the United States of America and other countries into merely regions of the world where such politicians, their bureaucrats, and their cronies rule, at the expense of the freedoms, resources, and security of the people.

      And how do we know this about the Obama so-called “Administration” and the Russian regime?

      For one thing, Obama himself said that while he was in college (quote) “I went out of my way to associate with (among other things) Marxists", and for another thing Obama himself much more recently said (quote) "You want to know who I am? Look at who I surround myself with". And who does Obama surround himself with? Marxists/Communists/Socialists and other Statists, a number of whom have identified themselves as Marxists, or Communists, or Socialists, and other such Statists who yet try to escape identity as such by calling themselves, or acting the same as, “Progressives”.

      As for the Russian regime, Obama’s Russian counterpart is showing and proving how he is an unapologetic expansionist of Russian power and control who is likewise of course determined to make sure that those under him, including the Russian so-called "New START negotiators", act accordingly, in ways which of course "just happen" to make possible things for the Russian anti-freedom and Anti-American agenda with which the Obama so-called “Administration” evidently agrees with, as evidenced by such as the so-called “New START Treaty”, more than they may claim to disagree.

      So where's the surprise in the Obama so-called “Administration” acting as if they are determined to "Trust but don't verify that the Russians limit themselves as much as we are being limited”? There shouldn't be any surprise, since the anti-freedom and anti-American agendas of the Obama so-called “Administration” and the Russian regime evidently agree, as shown by the “New START Treaty!

    28. J. R. Stephens, Texa says:

      Obama told us prior to his election all we needed to know about his beliefs and Marxist leanings. For God's sake, he wrote it all down for us to read! How stupid it is to see and hear people whining about him as if he's somehow doing unexpected things. The fools, like those who voted for Hitler, are now understanding the horror of their mistaken trust, but now the nation is forced to deal with him and his insanity. Votes, like bullets, have consequences. The fool's chickens are on the roost. Time for cleaning out the chicken coop with a grand BBQ. Failing that, time to call in a team of foxes.

    29. LoisLane, Flyover Co says:

      Can someone find out if the info in the following link is true? If so, it's big.


    30. SPARTAN says:


    31. Ted Stein says:

      Please correlate the above to the nuclear arms situation in Israel and the "arms for hostages" event during the Reagan administration. Thank you,

    32. Felix Nunez, Joplin. says:

      You are right, Reagan would have never sign a treaty like this one, but you have to remember this president is not Reagan; so far his agenda has not resembled Reagan in any way shape or form.

    33. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Ted Stein…What is that, as if to defend the Obama and Russian regime for scrathing each other's back with their anti-freedom and anti-American agendas through such as, but certainly not limited to, the so-called "New START"?

      If so, that has "desperate diversionary tactic" and desperately reaching for anything, including in the past, written all over it, not only as if two wrongs make a right but also as if to assume and speciously attempt to equivocate as if other things, which neither are nor address the issue and situation at hand, in the here and now, and wrongs being perpetrated, both defends and justifies the wrongs being perpetrated, when such accomplishes neither…Since, after all, two wrongs don't make a right, and no diversionary tactic of reaching for other things helps.

      If not, then I apologize for misunderstanding a so evidently easy to misunderstand agreement with rightly condemning, in the here and now, wrongs being perpetrated by the Obama and Russian regime, in the here and now.

    34. Bob Jones says:

      What has this country done to itself?

      If the voting system was in place correctly, voters must show ID, verification of voters & only 1 vote per person, well Obama wouldn't be in the White House, would he? Between voters fraud & ACORN, here we are, worrying about our countries security from border to border & thinking about treaties that weaken the U.S. We need to do something about the voting system NOW before the next elections are held.

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    36. Takeadeepbreath says:

      The accusations made in this and related articles are laughable. I'm not even going to start on the comments. You should read the Congressional testimony on the Moscow Treaty and the original START for some context. The political accusations against New START have reached the absurd. COME ON, guys.

      Sen. Lugar trumpeted the fact that the Moscow Treaty didn't have verification protocols during his opening remarks on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee back in 2002, yet it halved the number of weapons we deployed. There have been well over a dozen and a half hearings on New START on the Hill, not to mention as many closed door briefings, and yet some critics still claim they don't know what's going on. Do you know how many hearings there were in the treaty that halved our deployed nuclear weapons? A total of six in the Senate. Six hearings in 2002, where we halved our nuclear arsenal.

      "This is not an agreement Reagan would sign." Really?

      Lack of verification in the New START is not accurate.

      Complaints about missile defense in New START are grand standing.

      As for cheating on the Russian side, it would be a political problem, but would not change that we could respond militarily.

      To top it all off, arms control (fewer nukes and material) leads to less opportunity to steal, so there is a link between disarmament and nonproliferation.

      If you haven't read the New START, the accompanying documents, and the Congressional record thus far, I strongly suggest you take a look. The fear mongering on this issue would EMBARRASS Reagan.

    37. Joan Neel, Brighotn says:

      We are being led by the most INEPT government possible ….. This is totally insane at a time when we are being threatened by North Korea and Iran, and if the terrorists in Pakistan get their hands on those Nukes, how are we supposed to defend our country. How can we have any credibility in the world when we promise Israel and Western Europe that we will defend them against Nukes, when we are destroying ours ….. INSANE!

    38. Flem D Willams, Cent says:

      Let it be known on this date, that Mr. Kevin Chilton, a U.S. Air Force

      General, and all of his cohorts are rapidly approaching the entry gates of hell if he's anticipating an empty response from a Russian nuclear attack upon this country.

      Please, please, let it be knows that he and his cohorts will be treated with the same respect as the top Russian military apparatus during the Stalin era, where Joseph Stalin slaughtered hundreds and possibly thousands of his country's military might so he (Mr. Stalin) would feel more safe and comfortable. He was afraid of any man who stood tall over him, thus, he annihilated them one by one.

      If Obama is entertaining the thought of being elevated into the Russian hierarchy after a successful nuclear attach, he'd better think again! He'd be taken immediately to the nearest hanging rope!

      As we all know: Fools rush in where angles fear to tread!

    39. patrick looney,bear says:

      it's a sad day when the Russian president VLADIMIR PUTIN, LOOKS BETTER PERSONALLY AND POLITICALLY, THAN THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT! Personally in a race between the two- i might just vote for PUTIN! I don't think Putin would have any difficulty dealing with the illegals.

    40. S.F. Canyon says:

      I used to thing that liberals/progressives just wanted to exsanguinate this nation, the last four years have shown that they will not be truly sated until they have sucked the marrow from the bones then ground the empty husks to dust…

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