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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Tax Tsunami is Here

    The American people are already well aware of President Barack Obama’s historic expansion of government spending: his $862 billion economic stimulus that has completely failed to keep unemployment below 8% as promised; his still-expanding health care law which the Congressional Budget Office now admits will cost more than $1 trillion; and an Obama budget that increases government spending by $12,000 per household. But all that spending is just the first half of President Obama’s game plan.

    The second half of Obama’s attempted transformation began last night when the Senate rejected Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) effort to end the Death Tax. This year is actually the first year since 1916 that Americans do not have to pay any federal taxes when a family member dies. But thanks to the way Congress had to pass the legislation that phased out the Death Tax in 2001, it is set to go from zero percent to 55 percent at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2010. The Death Tax is but one of many government taxes on capital and entrepreneurship, and its reinstatement will be yet another job killer from the Obama administration. It rewards estate tax lawyers, insurance companies and big businesses at the expense of small family-owned enterprises. According to a study by the American Family Business Foundation, a full repeal of the death tax, like the one rejected by the Senate last night, would create 1.5 million jobs. Before the vote, Sen. DeMint described the tax as an “unfair, immoral double tax on property and assets that folks have already paid taxes on throughout their lives.” He added: “The Obama death tax is just the latest example of this administration’s assault on small businesses.”

    Sen. DeMint is dead on. Last night’s vote to raise the Death Tax is just the beginning of the Obama administration’s historic tax hike campaign. Unless Congress acts to oppose President Obama’s agenda, everyone’s taxes on personal income, capital gains and dividends will rise. Married couples will see their taxes rise even higher, as will families with children. According to The Tax Foundation, a family of four with two earners making $85,000 a year would pay about $1,800 more in federal income taxes in 2011. Tax Foundation president Scott Hodge tells MSNBC: “I’m hard pressed to think of another moment in the history of the tax code in which we have had so many provisions expire at the same time impacting so many Americans all at once.”

    For two generations after post-war reconstruction, Europe and America have pursued different economic models, and accordingly,  moved in different economic directions. The American model was low tax, low spending and small government. It favored growth, income and vibrancy. The European model is high tax, high spending and big government. It favored fairness, equality and stability. It also featured unemployment rates double those of the United States, often hovering around 10 percent. Now that is no longer the case. Under Obama’s economic leadership, U.S. unemployment rates are surpassing Europe’s.

    Last night’s vote was just the beginning of a larger choice the American people must make: do they want to continue down the Obama path of high taxes, high spending and high unemployment? Or do they still believe in American exceptionalism, in limited government and in a vibrant U.S. economy? Last night’s vote was a step in the wrong direction.

    Quick Hits:

    • While the Obama administration continues to kill thousands of jobs in the Gulf with its oil drilling ban, countries like Norway, Brazil and Canada are increasing their deep-water oil drilling.
    • While the oil spill has been an economic disaster for the Gulf, like everything else in the Obama administration, it has been a boon to Washington’s economy as energy and environmental groups spent millions to shape any energy legislation inspired by the crisis.
    • According to The New York Times, the TARP inspector general has called the Obama administration’s mortgage modification program “one of the greatest failures” of the Treasury Department.
    • Thanks to unemployed older Americans, illegal immigrants and an increase in the minimum wage, the teen unemployment rate in June was at 25.7 percent – about three times the national rate of 9.5 percent.
    • According to Gallup, only 11 percent of Americans say they have a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Congress, placing them dead last out of the 16 institutions rated this year
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    75 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Tax Tsunami is Here

    1. Dan Westerbeck, Hilt says:

      You should prepare a list of all the tax increases coming 1/1/11 from Obamacare, expiration of the Bush rates, what's hidden in the Dodd-Frank fiasco, etc., leading with the INDIVIDUAL tax increases and fees The average Joe will not read all the policy papers, but he will scan a list (the longer the better) to find the taxes that hit him. I could then paste it or the link and email it to my friends.

    2. Mary.... WI says:

      Vote out the dems in 2010 and vote out Obama in 2012. It will be the last chance to save this country. If the dems win in Nov it will be all over folks with no chance of ever winning back the USA we once knew. Very serious politics.

    3. toledofan says:

      So, how can so many smart people be so stupid? It's obvious that those making the decisions for the rest of us, mainly, the Democrats and this Administration have no real clue of how the world works or what it takes to make their version of Alice in Wonderland work. It's sad, that because of all the blood shed for our freedom, that so many have to suffer because of a groups ideology and stubborness to turn right and get back to the center of the road and start to do what is right for America rather than what somebody things is right to embellish their egos or satisfy their need to gain more power. This November is, probably, in my life time, the single biggest mid term election and if we don't ban together and throw these tax and spend big government thinking Democrats out, then we are lost for maybe ever.

    4. Lin Hodges - Chesape says:

      Extending unemployment benefits yet another time is a big mistake. As a small business owner, I have seen people start looking for work again (during the past month when benefit were on hold). I guess they will go back to their couch and not worry about looking for a job again. I realize there are some people earnestly looking work, but they are many that will take the unemployment check forever if you will let them.

      Why not require everyone getting an unemployment check to report to a duty station every day and cut grass, pickup paper and do all of the cleanup jobs that cities are having a hard time done with their own reduced budgets. You would then find out how many "are really looking for work."

    5. clif byrd says:

      This President has got to go down as the worst President ever in this country. His term can't end soon enough, and also that of every person in congress that allows this new financial act,and new taxes to pass. They all must be insane! November 2nd can't some soon enough for me, as I intend to vote everyone out of office that has been in office, regardless of party, and start with a new, and perhaps a more intellegent group of people who want America back. I have never witnessed such non-sense in this White House. I know Obama is just a face and his followers or advisors are all out to destroy this Great Country. He's a hand picked pupet for a greater agenda of those wanting to destroy this country. He speaks without knowing as does his pupets. Gibbs is an absolute joke. I don't know who he can hold his hed up with any pride working under this President. If I were him, I'd resign. He'd have more respect in doing so.

    6. Nathan Tyler, Pensac says:

      When will the American people stop going along with this wicked tyranny?!

      The sole purpose of our government is to be God's ministers for GOOD and to punish evildoers! (Rom. 13) Anything beyond that is usurping what is not theirs and an insidious attempt on their part to force people into an idolatrous relatinship with them to seek their consent for performing and excercising even the most basic God-given rights and responsibilities.

    7. Billy Wilks, Moss Po says:

      What America needs: "FAIRTAX" now, and eliminate the IRS

      What America does not need: OBAMA & FRIENDS, lets "take out the trash" in September and in 2012

    8. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      My dad used to say, Never take your hand off your wallet when the Democrats are in power. I thought he was joking, sadly he was a prophet.

    9. Dennis Georgia says:

      It is not a suprise that the death tax has come to an end, obama is intent on pushuing this country into ruin and desolation. The working people are being saddled with more and more debt, yet those that have always lived at the hand of the "guvmnet" are wanting and telling the "guvment" they want more. Those of us that have worked and continue to work are looked at as if we are fools. Those that have managed to be sucessful in their business or work will be punished for their work, those that refuse to work will be rewarded for their lazy ways.

      I can remember a time when I was taught that hard work paid off, well the obama clan has a different view, lazy and refuse to work is now the answer for being seen after. If obama and clan continue on their way we will be in the same shape as Greece and the rest of Europe, or uinder the controll of some muslim group.

    10. L.C.Lawless Eaglevil says:

      b o doesn't know his a– from a hole in the ground

    11. Scott, Montana says:

      Time to start getting busy, I guess. We've seen this coming, and think we're helpless to stop it until November. Wrong. Everybody over the age of 18 needs to get on the phone to their state and national represenitives and tell them that this has to stop and stop now. Remind them that even if their seat isn't up for election this year, doesn't mean that they are safe. They work for us, and if they don't do the will of the American people, we do have the option to fire them. If not by the general election in November, then by pushing for a referendum to remove them from office.

      We need to remind them that if they pull a lame-duck session after the election, they will be held accountable by the constituancy. And remind them that when they are removed from office, sooner or later, they will be subject to the same laws and regulations as the rest of us. They won't have their political office to protect them any more from oppressive taxes, job killing bills, and taxes on every aspect of their lives.

      We need to get it through their heads that what they do affects everyone, including them. Because I don't believe that most of them have thought that far ahead.

    12. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Choice! What Choce? Voting polls do not give us the "choice" we must have to stop this destruction of our nation. Obama and his Marxist lackeys in Congress, and the main-stream media, know full well Obama has become a dictator. Yet they work hand in hand to shove his socialist agenda down our throats. They conspire to hide any and all signs of just what Obama is. Much more that making a "choice" in November and in 2012, must be made to stop this insanity.

    13. Tom Hall, Columbia, says:

      I was reminded yesterday of this country's rich, treasured, and great history. I took a moment and really thought about things like – the Civil War and the absolute hopelessness and despair that so many thousands must have felt. I thought about the lives of ordinary farmers, shopkeepers, and shabby clothed and fed militia that defeated the biggest and most well-equipped army in the world in 1783. I thought about two World Wars, Korea, the "Red Menance", Vietnam and our current two battlefronts in the Middle East. All of which were and are times of trepidation and fear, tremendous sacrifice by so many Americans in so many different ways.

      We have been and continue to be a great nation; forged with the deep-rooted bonds of resiliency, God, tradition and honor.

      Mr. Obama and the far left can not, will not, be able to take our history from us. We have been through difficult and challenging times before and today is no different than the battles of the past. We can, and will, persevere through this to again be the nation that sets the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as its guiding light – for all the world to see.

    14. David Christian, Dor says:

      In the same way John the Baptist was the reappearance of the Spirit of Elijah, then Obama ( I like to call him Obamadinejad), is the reappearance of the spirit of Rehoboam, the son of King Solomon.

      Rehoboam said that if his father's taxes were like a little finger, then his taxes would be like a thigh. Further, if Bush chastised us with whips, Obamadinejad will chastise us with scorpions. (1 Kings 12:4-16)

      David C from Michigan

    15. TC, Greenville, SC says:

      Since Januray of '09, we've heard how the dem's and the administration were going to change America, life as we know it, and make the playing field more equal. It has happened and continues with Helath Care reform, Financial Reg's and soon to be an tidal wave of new and increased taxes. All this on the backs of the working class, the people who go to work everyday, pay the taxes, pay their mortgages and put food on the table. We hear a lot of fusing and fighting between parties and a lot of noise about how our side's going to repeal these oppressive new regulations and a lot of lip service on how things will change once "we're" back in power. Lots of folks are getting rich from dabate and fight for power; the talk show hosts, the book – writers, the commentators and especially, the politicians. There are a few faint voices that make sense, but their ideas never seem to get the momentum necessary to actually make a difference. The closet anyone has come has been through the efforts of the American People with the Tea Party movement. Now they're in jeapordy of loosing ground because of the opposition's efforts, with the help and complicity of the liberal media, to discredit them and plant the seeds of suspicion and mis-trust in their intentions.

      "We the People" have the right idea, but when put up agaisnt the established network of career politicians and special interest groups, we are acknowledged, and usually discredited, but not taken seriously. Where are the leaders we need to stand up to this insider network. We need a loud and creditable voice to stand up now and take this force and momentum to greater heights. Until we demostrate our real strength and show that we are a force to be reckened with, it will be generations, if ever, before we get our country back. The biggest weapon we have is our vote. If we can get the voters to the poles, we can truly make a difference, and hopefully stop, the direction this rogue administration is taking our country.

    16. Guy Shannon, Fresno, says:

      The Constitution allows only two types of taxes: A direct Tax, which must be apportioned among the states – the states were billed for this tax; and an indirect Tax. A direct Tax is compulsory but must be apportioned. An indirect tax is not compulsory, and can be avoided by not conducting a specific act, such as investing in stocks, property, business, or purchasing. A tax on income is an indirect Tax. The tax is on the income and not on the person. The Supreme Court has ruled several times that "income" means profits or gains derived from business or investment. Income is that which is derived from "gross income" after credits and expenses are deducted. Income is not compensation for personal services as the High Court has ruled. All taxes must be uniform as well. There is no constitutional mandate allowing the Federal Government to tax that which has already been taxed. The inheritance tax is on the value, or property of that which is handed down, not upon the person. This value or property tax is paid each year by the owner as required, but there is no privilege of the Federal Government to place an additional tax upon the inheiritance because there is no constitutional law to supoort it. The person reponsible for the lawful tax is merely being changed from one to another, such as would occur in a sale or trade. Ther person receiving the inheritance has not gained because that which is received will be annually taxed, has already been annualy taxed, and no tax becomes due merely becuase of a change in ownership. It is neither lawful or just to place an additional tax upon inheritance. There is no constitutional mandate for it, and there is no jurisdiction granted to the federal government in the consitution to extend Congress's taxing powers.

    17. paul, the villages,f says:

      Under this format I cannot view other comments on this subject.I have always been availale to on previous postings.how can I accomplish this.

    18. Suzanne-Florida says:

      I do not have enough saved to fall into the new windfall death tax. My children will equally share what is left of my savings when I die, assuming there is anything left after future tax penalities accrue over the next few years.

      The unfairness of this tax on individuals who have worked and saved for years to hand on a business to their children and are now told that big government will take at least 55% of that business is unconscienable.In reality the general rule is that the heirs will have to sell the business to settle the taxes. I continually marvel that those who vote for these new laws have the gall to show their faces when they travel home begging to be reelected.

      This morning I heard that Congressional approval is now 11%. What a surprise!

    19. Edward Kimble, 46725 says:

      For millions of family businesses, this means the end of hope.. The government is taking controlling interest and selling off the assets! We should do the same to government. When government allowed states to tax train right-of-ways it meant the end of many train companies. Over 80% of the rails in the US were torn out and the property sold off, even though just a few years before the US had declared those rail right-of-ways a national treasure worthy of protection! . Look to see the same happen to family businesses all over the nation. If you steal from a poor man he could starve to death. If you steal from a rich man, a,man in whom people have invested their trust, an entire city could starve to death. Well done Mr. President, robbing from the cooperative is always a wonderful socialist policy.

    20. Jane Merrell says:

      we are being taken over by the government every day. communism is already taking shape. the president is not for the U.S. A.

    21. Chrisann, UT says:

      I hate what our government is doing to our country and its people. Why is it that they pass laws in the middle of the night? It is because they don't want us to know about until it is passed and we can't fight it. I hope that when November gets here we'll be able to repeal all of these bogus bills and put POTUS on house arrest and trial for treason to our country, our founders and our constitution. We are in serious danger of losing our Republic if we don't get involved in removing people from power in Washington.

    22. Kelly, Nevada says:

      Is anyone really surprised by this? When government spending increased the way that it did the logical consequences are more taxes. Unfortunately this president refuses to admit the government cannot fix everything, and that not everyone can work for the government. Here is the question, how many people will call their congressional representatives in an outcry over this? Few.

    23. Erich, st.paul,mn says:

      Impeach the bastard. Knock his pay down to $100,000 a year and then he can feel the sting too. Pretty soon the US will be as bad as the UK in taxes…isn't this why we broke away from the UK in the 1700's?

    24. Dennis Mack, CA. says:

      People in this country have got to wake up to what this CHARLATAN in the oval

      office is trying (and succeeding) to do to this society. We have got to do something before it's too late. Hopefully November will be the turning point.

    25. Kevin Habib says:

      Don't believe the hype that Heritage and conservatives are spewing. This will affect no family businesses except for owners of major corporations like Walmart. Please go ahead and try and find a single home that was lost do the the etsate tax. Please find a family farm lost to the estate tax.

      Sure, you will get the scare tactics thrown at you by those with special interests in protecting the wealthiest .3% of Americans, but they are patently false.

      If the estate tax will destroy millions of family businesses, farms and homes – show we proof. That's just it – there is no threat.

      As a married couple, the first 7million dollars of you estate are except. That means zero taxes on first $7,000,000. ZERO. So a family that had $8,000,000 in estate value will pay rougly $250,000 in taxes.

      I don't understand why conservatives want to go back to the monarchy system of old England, where kinds passed down their castles to their bratty kids who did nothing to earn it. I'm sorry, but income is income. When you get billions handed down to you for doing nothing – in no way earning it besides being born to oen of the wealthiest families in America, you have to pay yoru share of taxes on that income. I don't understand why we think Paris Hilton deserves all that money that she in no way earned.

      You are the same people screaming about deficits and debts, but repealing the estate tax would add a HUGE amount to the deficits and debt – why are you not concerned with that?

    26. Joe Ruffino says:

      What can be done to have a recall of the so called President, VP, House Speaker and so on. Can something in writing be prepared and have signings over the internet. As an alternative to the internet, door to door signings through out the country with proof of the right to vote being necessry evidence. Is it my imagination or what we are experiencing now similar to what Germany went through after WWI. We have Himmler (Holter) Brown Shirts, Black Shirts making their own law. The so called President is all for National Socialism and so on.

    27. Sharon Myers-Durbin says:

      Why is congress so afraid to go against what Obama wants to do. Isn't there an imeachment process that can be followed? If so is someone starting it, and if so where can I sign up?

      I am tired of all the taxes. The estate tax is just another way to tax something that has already been taxed. That person made money, invested, saved, whatever, paid taxes on it, then died. Now the family has to pay tax on already taxed material?

      And to Kevin, I don't want a monarcy, I want a government that does not expect us to pay their bills, I don't want to pay for someone elses free ride (when they have not earned it), what my family earned during its lifetime does not belong to the government. It is NOT up to the taxpayer to fix the problem the government started. Even the constitution is being ignored (what a shock). Apparently the first amendment is just ink on parchment.

    28. Michael, St.Petersbu says:

      While I am not necessarily opposed to the death tax I do have some thoughts concerning the logic used in your argument. Firstly, I would like to say that I too favor the European model of government that is focused on fairness, equality and stability for all the obvious reasons. The majority of Americans will agree with me that we dont receive fair representation as it is. This in turn leads to a flawed system from the get go. All the rhetoric aside, I think the better model would be a hybrid of the two. It is evident that our current markets are so volatile there is no chance that we will ever have any stability for the common man/woman in America. This is a very big part of the problem. Unemployment is not nearly as impactive with fair and stable governments. I favor qulity of life over quantity of extra cash. Most people who I talk to tell me the same thing. Everyone knows money doesnt buy happiness.

      Oil is not the solution and will be phased out by 50% over the next 10 years. Clean renewable energies will be brought in because of our growing demands for energy and our desire for independance and security. This will provide countless jobs to replace the ones being lost and help save our natural habitats and all the economies surrounding a clean healthy biospohere.

      Its time to tax carbon now! Time to put a price on pollution emissions. Time for big businesses to be held accountable for the damages they cause to our planet. I hope that it gets all the way to the individual level in the next 10 years. We have no time to delay. As of now there is no way to repair damage done to the Ozone. So this means the further we let it go the worse it will be for our future generations.

      I read a report not long ago that told me how much methane gas was being released by the oil spill. It was an incredible amount, which directly impacted our Ozone and the temperatures we faced in June, across the world, were recorded as the hottest ever to date. I like warm weather but I am not a fan of alot of nonstop unbearable heat.

      It wont be long before this happens again somewhere in the world. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize the enormous negative effect that our oil usage is having on our planet. If we truly want to prosper for future generations we must first take care of our earth and that starts with reduction as resulted in taxing carbon emissions.

    29. lkan says:

      I left my home country a decade ago running away from Chavez. Now, this is a dé·jà vu, twilight zone or an up side-down world. I do not know what else to say, think or do about what is going on in this country and in the entire world. Is there a place in the world, where you do not have to deal with the stupidity, ignorance, clueless and mostly lack of common sense and rationale of people? More I read, more furious I get of governments taking what belong to my family to give to those who have not worked for it. This is simply, Theft at its highest form.

    30. Kristopher, Texas says:

      When a soldier is inducted into our armed forces he takes an oath. Part of this oath is that he or she swears to uphold the constitution and defend this country from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. I believe that as American citizens we all have that same duty. If the people in power are not doing as we would have them do(they work for us, not the other way around) then we have not only the right but the duty to rise up and remove them from office. Why do you think the Revolutionary War was fought? What this country has become is not what our forefathers had in mind when they signed the Constitution.

    31. lkan says:

      @ Kevin Habib:

      your are ABSOLUTELY wrong. Who do you think you are to tell others how to spend their money ? What makes you think that governments are entitled, much less people like you, to what my husband makes? If Paris Hilton wants to through the HER money in banalities, that is her decision. The problem is thinking the way you do. My freedom to do what I want to do with the money I make or get from family inheritance is my business and you have no say or part of that. You simple represent the envy and class resentment of those that have never achieved nothing but misery in life and think the have to get a piece of the others that have.

    32. rosemarie douglass says:

      i`m an immigrant from a socialistic country, it is sad that a president, that, was not born on american souil , is allout to make a 3td world country out of the usa,

      we have to impeashe him now , ore it will be to late, it is just a baby step to communism , actuily it is already starthing,

      howe sad that people are so gullable and idialogists, and also greedy , give me give me , sad , sad

      you will se howe it will be , just like cuba , and putton is having a good time loughting

    33. Jeff K,Phoenix says:


      That $8,000,000 you speak of is $1,000,000. So that means that if your parents owned a small business, did moderately well and had built up an estate of $5,000,000 which INCLUDES real estate, then the "bratty heirs" would forfeit over $1,000,000 to the federal govt to "pay their fair share". Never mind that the monies accumulated have ALREADY been taxed.

      Handing down a family business will often turn into liquidating a family business to pay for the tax bill. That is the small business hit that you don't seem to get.

      Let's say they were a 25% tax bracket family – since they likely did not accumulate this estate in 1 or 2 years. The $5,000,000 started out as $6,670,000. In your thinking, the income taxes of $1.6M paid in should be followed up with another $1,000,000? The result will often be liquidation of assets just to pay the tax bill.

    34. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Obama loves, L-O-V-E-S, loves, taxes. As Reagan used to say, "The Democrats never met a tax they didn't like." Obama's never met a tax he didn't like. Let me make

      this perfectly clear, he's going to raise taxes on the middle class. He wants to redistribute wealth. This is the same Barack Obama who said that the Supreme Court, during the Civil Rights era, didn't go far enough. It's the same Barack Obama

      who said that the Civil Rights Movement didn't go far enough. Obama was hoping that the Civil Rights Movement, and the Supreme Court, (the Warren Court at the time, didn't call for the redistribution of wealth). Why? Do you want to know the best

      way to redistribute wealth? Tax cuts. Keeping the Bush tax cuts in place would create

      more jobs, and stimulate the economy, than the $800 billion that have been thrown into the black hole of the economy. We need to get with the program. Britain's cutting it's budget but it's also raising taxes. We have a choice to make. Do we be more like Britain, or do we become more like the PIGS? Last night, on

      the PBS Newshour, they were talking about Greece. Greece has the highest rate of tax evasion in Europe. A Greek journalist told their economics correspondent, that his wife is pregnant, and due in October. He said that a doctor in a state hospital wanted fifty euros before he could see her. What happened in Greece? A

      financial meltdown. 5o% of the Greek economy is nationalized. As Ronald Reagan

      once said: "I'd say Congress spends like drunken sailors but that would be an insult to drunken sailors. Drunken sailors spend their own money." :)

    35. Joe Colliins, Bremer says:

      I agree with Mary, Novemeber we must clean house.. I do usually vote Republican, because their platform indicates they are for smaller government and conservative values.. While that said, it seems today that even Republicans (some) don't get it.. The Democrats are a failure….We need people in office that first repect our Constitution..and follow it (it is the law of the land).. and we need people in office that really love this country and value our sovereighty…People that most likely need to take a course from the Heritage Foundation….end. Joe Collins

    36. Scott Boise ID says:

      The "death tax" is not only immoral, it is presumptuous and arrogant. The audacity of putting Government 1st in line to impound peoples property (and therefore their liberty) at their death – AFTER multitudes of layers of prior taxation against those assets – is an OUTRAGE against all that is right and proper.

      We need a Constitutional Amendment to abolish the current corruption of that tax code and put Gov back where it belongs: at the END of the line.

    37. Karen, Indiana says:

      Ok, so let's just all live in sin, have our children, report them as children of single mom, collect welfare for said offspring, cheat the government any way we can. Wake up people!!

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    39. HighlanderJuan, portland, ME says:

      There are two apparent trains of thought with regard to Obama and this democrat controlled congress.

      The first train of thought is that what he is doing is the best thing for America, and any mistakes he makes are simply because this is the first time these programs have been tried in America, and so mistakes are part of the long process of ‘hope and change.’ But he’s doing his best for America.

      The second train of thought identifies Obama as a Marxist, working with progressives, other Marxists, and the Muslim community in an effort to destroy the Judeo/Christian constitutional republic of America and replace it with a communist oligarchy.

      If, instead of giving Obama and his minions a pass, you question or challenge his background and his actions, you get closer to the truth behind his actions.

      Obama is a trained lawyer, as is his wife. Neither are practicing the law at this time, but they both are extremely well aware of the federal constitution, U.S. law, and U.S. history. Neither have any business sense at all, having given up the idea of entering business in favor of doing ‘community’ service. Acknowledging this, Obama is consciously competent as far as our laws are concerned, and so when he breaks a law, or avoids a restriction of the Constitution, he knows exactly what he is doing. He is breaking our laws intentionally.

      Obama counts communists and progressives like George Soros among his friends, and it is in their best interests to have our republic become an oligarchy, rather than have to put up with the ‘little people’ and their interests. It’s all about power and control to these miscreants. Screw the Constitution!

      So, for everyone who is shaking their head, trying to figure out what is happening in America, you are watching the country being dismantled by internal and external enemies. It’s that simple.

      Now, what are you going to do about it?

    40. William Murray, Lynb says:

      Repealing it is the right thing to do, if I want to leave something to my children that I have paid taxes on already – it is my right.

      You don't understand why Conservatives go down the road you say, I don't understand why you Communists think that what material possessions we have in this world should go back into the pot when we leave it. J.O.

    41. TK says:

      Uh, no Kevin, your confused and do not know what your talking about.

      Currently there is no Fed estate tax. In 2011, as a married couple, the Fed estate has a $1,000,000 exemption, not $7,000,000. So, the total "vaule" of the possessions, property, assets, business, retirements, gifts, etc in the estate beyond this amount is taxed up to 55%, regardless of double taxation , and is due within 9 months of death, regardless if the estate has the money to pay for it.

      So, when you consider a typical farm, with livestock, equipment, land, home, savings, retirements, etc, the estate value could easily be over $1,000,000, as the land alone would be more, not including the business operations of the farm.

      I think the bigger picture is why do you think that the government deserves or is entitled to this? After all, what did it do to earn this? At least the “rich Kids” would have had to participate in the farm at some level.

      The government only acts as a leach, by siphoning money out of other people’s pockets and giving nothing back in return, except for political kick backs, bribes, and projects they deem worthy for public votes. In reality, almost all taxes are unessary, as the government does not need nor dserves the revenue.

      If you feel so strongly that death taxes should be paid, why not you pay it, yourself on the behalf of others. And, if you can’t afford to do this, why are you willing to force others to do so, especially since they don’t have the money.

      If you were to take this farmers property directly, it would be considered theft. Yet, when government does this, you deem it a public good. When God gave the commandment that thou shall not steal, why do you think that he exempted the government and those that run it? And why does this make you feel good?

    42. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Every day, in every way, in every aspect of America, Obama and his Marxist followers, as well as his other sycophantic morons are destroying all they can of America and creating a miserable life of serfdom to the State. May they all rot somewhere!

      All Progressives, no matter the Party affiliation, are evil bearers.

    43. LINDA ADAMS says:

      What the heck can we do with congress controlled by the Dems and the sad fact that a handful of our so called Republican Senator's always side with the Dems. Like Snowe, Brown to name a couple. They are RHINO'S.

    44. Ronald Geskey, Aubur says:

      For every $100 billion taken out of the economy for taxes, we could lose 600,000 jobs. Or, if increased taxes from all sources (income, energy, health, etc.) total $500 billion, 3,000,000 jobs would be lost.

      Simple math: $100 billion lower consumption of goods and services requires fewer people to produce them. If $100 billion generates a $30 billion payroll and the average job is around $50K, that is 600,000 jobs.

      This is probably as accurate as the Harvard models the administration loves so much.

    45. Leith Richmond says:

      Bravo Mr. Highlander. Thank you for writing. Americans must re-do the Congress in 10 and throw out Obama in 12. Europe has told him his way does not work and never has. That does not make him very smart. He knows what he is doing and none of it is good for America.

    46. Jack Mendocha Michig says:

      what makes you think that you will ever again get a chance to vote? there is only one out left in this inning.

    47. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      This is all right on track for the Marxists. American's just can't believe any one would want to destroy something so beautiful for so many people, and the world. More aid, more vaccine than anyone, but none of that matters

      it you listen to Rev(?) Wright. The Shabazzezs, they don't see it that way. Leave no good deed unpunished.

    48. G. Ray Cxo says:

      Is ther any way we can impeach President Obama? If we don't the America as we know it will no longer exist!

    49. Sheldon Silverstein. says:

      I believe the best way to bring our govt. under control besides voting for conservative representation is to have term limits for our congressman and senators ( 2 max 3 terms ). This needs to be done through the ballot.

      We have a tea party movement and organization already in place. This movement with a nationally organized front can begin the petition drive to achieve this goal.




    50. Judith in Michigan says:

      Mr Habib, I'm assuming you are in agreement with a Socialist philosophy of Government. Otherwise, I cannot imagine why anyone would think that a person's money/property/estate in The United States is anybody else's business. Surely, you would not appreciate the government taking what you have worked your whole life for and prohibit you from sharing it with your loved ones. Your statements are confusing and make little sense. (Go back to a Monarchy??) You appear to have a case of class envy. You sound bitter. Very disturbing.

      Yes, I am one of the people screaming about the out-of-control deficits and debt. It is called "Spending more than you have". Do you do that in your own household? SPENDING MUST BE CUT. Taxing families's estates at a conviscatory rate of 55% will not ease this country's crushing, job-destroying debt.. This "windfall tax will NOT be spent on deficit reduction. It will only go toward more entitlements, aka vote buying. You can bet on that.

      I would trust the research and analysis of The Heritage Foundation. Their reports are always backed up with hard facts and data. To be truly well-informed, it is in your best interest to investigate all sides of an issue. Check out facts, figures & sources. Then you can be confident the statements you throw out are, in fact, accurate and based on the truth.

    51. Richard Vettraino,Ph says:

      I really do not know what to say anymore.We have to vote these people out of office in November,maybe we can start to save the country.Its not going to happen overnight thats for sure.The USA is in debt.so bad its going to take generations to fix.We may not even have the money to support a decently equiped military to protect our country from its external enemies.This mid-term election is the most important in our history.

    52. Tom K says:


    53. Don Lloyd says:


      Taxes on income are NOT the way to finance government! And neither are VAT or consumption taxes. There is a BETTER way! Individual retirement accounts can eliminate ALL state, federal, employment, and corporate income taxes and give individuals more retirement money than Social Security

    54. Elaine, Central Flor says:

      Do not agree with any of your statements. Obama has done very well as he entered the presidency having to deal with Bush's horrors to the economy

    55. Robin McMeeking says:

      I recently spent a few weeks trying to understand the world view that motivates the liberal/progressive mind. I think I figured it out, and decided to put it in writing. I wanted to show how we got from the founders world view in 1776 to a progressive view. It is a fairly long read, but will have some surprises for most of you (maybe not the Heritage Foundation staff). Check it out at http://www.cedarstrip.wordpress.com

    56. Ben C, Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Kevin is correct, but the tax will affect 1/3 of all estates filled with the IRS. It is the mindset "other peoples money" that I find offensive from the left.

      Elaine – perhaps you forget that Congress was controlled by Democrats during his administration. Congress writes the checks, not the President.

    57. Kemp says:



      Have anouther shot of koolaide

    58. Pingback: Crazy Kate Ring… The apple does not fall too far from the tree! LOL | Car Dealer BDC Pro Trainer Mindy Cutshaw

    59. Greg, Cobden, IL says:

      During the course of human events, this current and ongoing concerted attack by the Left on the rights of American citizens and principles of our founders is the most egregious abuse of power against our citizens since that of King George. The time is short. The deed is clear. Do not waver, and pursue every avenue at your disposal to depose this hateful regime.

    60. Ron Derry NH says:

      that is beautiful not only is Obama and the democrats willing to sacrifice our children to maintain their lies they are now going to steal from the dead……..he is the most unscrupulous person on earth ; him and his fellow Democrats.

    61. Timothy warren Lucas says:

      All the radicals are out of the box this year. Seems like they could of waited till Halloween, a more fitting time for them to show their ware's and stupidity. Today they danced around the campus in Georgia and around the golden calf. Everything is so wonderful under Obama and Joe Biden. They have no intentions of stopping those tax's from taking effect. I really have a problem when those that can't hack it, commit suicide due to foreclosure or debt due to what ever reason. These deaths I have put on Obama's door step due to those decisions that he made which put alot of people in trouble along with the democrats in charge of freddy and fanny. As long as they allow him to make those end runs around the football post, nothing stops in November. He has nor does any radical have a use for any normal behavior and will continue to pass anything anyway they can.

    62. Tim Lucas Siloam Spr says:

      Elaine, Central Florida: Shouldn't you be watching Criss Matthews (your hero)?

      Speaking of horrors Elaine, see you Oct. 31.

    63. Mimi Ryun says:

      I think it is time to start impeachment proceedings against Obama and his band of "radical socialists"! I don't think we can wait until

      2012. Our only hope is that the Rep. taking the House and Senate!

      If that doesn't happen the we will have no choise but to impeach as he can do much more irreparable damage in the 2 years and 3 months that he has left in his term.

      WE need to get busy as get him stopped!

    64. Nathan, Dayton OH says:

      "You are the same people screaming about deficits and debts, but repealing the estate tax would add a HUGE amount to the deficits and debt – why are you not concerned with that?"

      Explain how this would be done. I guess you still believe that any money that the federal government *doesn't* control adds to the federal debt.

      The only way this economy will have a chance at recovery is with tax cuts, coupled with the elimination of unnecessary government expenditures. Entrepreneurs and the private sector will always be the source of new jobs and revenue. Unfortunately, this current administration wishes to continue copying the failed economic policies of Europe.

    65. Peter Goesinya says:


      Who said these peoples were smart? I Have a less educated group in their current position of power. This November it is time to clean house and get rid of these idiots that think they know what is best for us.

    66. Ben, SC says:

      If the majority of Americans share the same philosophy as Kevin Habeeb and Elaine, then this nation deserves what it gets.

    67. S. Ruger, Michigan says:

      Kevin Habib, you make a good point for a very small family business. Now do the math for a moderate-sized business worth, say, $20-50 million. The business would have to be sold to pay the taxes. It would be hard to find a buyer in this economy, so bankruptcy and dissolution of the business would likely follow in order to settle the estate. If someone could buy the business, there is a much higher chance of it failing once it leaves the family than if it stays in the family. Either way, jobs are washed down the gully to join all the others that our mega-government is cleansing from the nation.

    68. Robert says:

      Obama plans the Perfect Tax Storm that will bring this nation to it's knees. The "financial crises" was the burning of the Reichstag and it's worse after that. Health care and Carbon taxes are simply about "more money for blacks" and where is the protest? Worse, doesn't Obama know that the more free handouts 'his people'

      receive, the less their performance? The non-performers of the inner city will increase and be our ruin; we cannot afford to support them any longer.

      The Age of Prosperity is over.

    69. Mike, North Carolina says:

      (Quoting from "The Obama Tax Tsunami Is Here) "The European model is high tax, high spending and big government. It favored fairness, equality and stability. It also featured unemployment rates double those of the United States, often hovering around 10 percent."

      Something in such a statement reminds of a truism which even our Founding Fathers were evidently aware of and it goes something like this: "You can be so right in so much of what you say, but then speak such glaring contradictions that you hang yourself by helping the wrong hand you the rope to do it with".

      How so? Since when are "big government", "high tax, high spending, (and high unemployment), "fair, equal, and stable"?

      So while we're trying to speak up for what's right (while the wrong also seek to squelch our natural right to do so, for not the first time in history), let's learn and follow the lessons of history, and what at least used to be common sense, by, among other things, making sure we don't hang ourselves and what we say with contradiction and so "help the wrong hand us the rope to do it with".

    70. janet Scottsdale says:

      What else can we expect from the WPE ? (worst president ever)

      this is all part of the Assault on America , the land that we love, the country he will destroy. The progressives and Bill Ayers Manifesto to Assault the Imperalists ..well you should believe that they actually believe this … Vote em out..we have to get these bills appealed………….Remember if it has a D behind it .. it means DUMB AND DUMBER as we have no money, no jobs and our utlties go up…watch them in there lavish homes and handing out more excuses ………..

    71. B.E.D. says:

      @ Kevin Habib – Kevin, allow me to introduce you to a small business owner who will, unfortunately, in the very near term be forced to either: 1) liquidate a small business to pay estate taxes; or 2) take out a seven-figure loan to pay estate taxes. You may now no longer claim that such as I do not exist.

      Roughly 80% of the equity in the relevant estates is comprised of two businesses; the remaining 20% are liquid assets but will cover less than half the expected estate taxes (one parent passed last year, the other will survive to see the amount that can be passed tax-free drop back to $1M).

      Both businesses appreciated significantly over the past few years though it's unlikely that either could be sold for anything approaching the "fair market value" we will be taxed on. Any of: the return of the alternative minimum tax; restrictions on small businesses' ability to effectively expense capital equipment; or a carbon tax would render one business (a family farm) inoperable as the margins are razor-thin and it barely covers expenses now (ROE 4% on average, 50% net effective income / self-employment tax on any profit, post-tax net almost precisely equal to expected capital equipment replacement budget). Regulatory overhead (roughly 75% of hours worked) in the other business and associated legal perils have made the second business almost more trouble than it is worth to operate. We'll sell that one if we can and keep the farm so I suppose we'll fit neatly into the category of family farmers who weren't forced to liquidate their farm to pay estate taxes but I can introduce you to several heirs who've done just that.

      And rest assured that heirs are not sequestering all of the world's wealth beyond your reach. Most manage to squander what they receive in a few short years and that's universally true whether the estate is worth a few thousand dollars or a few million. But look on the bright side: at least the Keynsian multiplier of their foolish spending is greater than 1.0 whereas government taxing / spending consistently carries with it a multiplier of less than 1.0 thus it's a net economic benefit to the country to allow them as much capital as possible. Hint: that's the real reason to repeal the estate tax, it must makes economic sense to do so.

    72. tom,chicago says:

      Elaine, you need to go back to the beginning of the problems, not look at the end. I think you will find that the mandating of giving unqualified minorities loans that they cannot afford started with Jimmy Carter and was further enhanced by that joke Clinton. Acorn threatened to sue the banks for discrimination if the loans were not granted. Smartly the banks repackaged the loans and sold them off. Elaine, you may want to check out Barney Frank and Dodd as well. It is in these places where you will find the real criminals responsible for todays problems….WAKE UP!!!! It is stupid people like you who are destroying this nation.

    73. Dave, SoCal says:


      Comments like this make me wonder what the author is smoking. You lost the election, buddy. Deal with it or move to some country whose electoral system is more to your liking — Iran, maybe, or North Korea. Obama is doing things you don't like. Wow! That doesn't make him a dictator or his supporters Marxists.

    74. Rick, MN says:

      We all agree that this is the worst administration imaginable. Everyone seems to want all of them out in Nov. does anyone know of a website that could help us in recognizing who to kick out in Nov

    75. K, Kansas says:

      Capital remains on strike in this country. This explains record low interest as the "striking" cash is placed in ultra-safe treasury bonds/bills/notes. There is roughly $2 trillion in private funds on the fiscal sidelines according to several recent business publications that I've seen. This strike by private capital is unprecedented and is also benefiting certain commodity markets besides the govt. bond market.

      The level of uncertainty created by the Obama regime has been so severe that the last time that this had occurred in this country was during the 1930's. We are now in the 21st century equivalent of 1931 (2008=1929)–and Barack ain't no Herbert or even an FDR. He's worse, he is working very hard to become the first American Hugo Chavez.

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