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  • Morning Bell: White House Admits Obamacare's Individual Mandate is a Tax

    Throughout his presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama promised the American people: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes.” After he became President, Barack Obama reiterated that pledge, promising the American people in his September 9th health care press conference: “The middle-class will realize greater security, not higher taxes.” But Obamacare does contain tax hikes. Tons of them. From taxes on tanning beds to taxes on employment and investments, Obamacare is a certified job-killing machine.

    None of these taxes touches the lives of every American as closely as the individual mandate to purchase health insurance. For the first time in American history, Obamacare forces all Americans to purchase a product or face sanction from the Internal Revenue Service. This is clearly a tax, as pointed out by ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos during a September 20th interview with the President himself. In an exchange that can only be described as “Clintonesque” Stephanopoulos pressed President Obama to admit his individual mandate was a tax. But President Obama refused to acknowledge reality and denied it. Stephanopoulos was forced to read the definition of “tax” straight from Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. But even then Obama refused to come clean: “George, the fact that you looked up Merriam’s Dictionary, the definition of tax increase, indicates to me that you’re stretching a little bit right now. … Nobody considers that a tax increase.” Well nobody but President Barack Obama’s Justice Department.

    The New York Times confirmed Friday that in preparation for defending constitutionality of the Obamacare individual mandate in court, an Obama Justice Department legal brief argues that the penalty used to enforce the mandate is “a valid exercise” of Congress’s power to impose taxes. Mr. Obama’s own Justice Department further repudiates the President’s earlier statement by noting that the penalty is imposed and collected under the Internal Revenue Code, people must report it on their tax returns, and that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will cost Americans $4 billion a year. Yale Law School professor Jack Balkin told a meeting of progressive activists last month that President Obama “has not been honest with the American people about the nature of this bill. This bill is a tax.”

    The fact that the Obama administration and their allies are now admitting the individual mandate is a tax betrays their very real fear that the Supreme Court could find Obamacare’s individual mandate unconstitutional. In the bill itself, Congress identified the Commerce Clause as the source of their authority to force all Americans to buy health insurance. But as our legal team has made eminently clear, the mandate does not purport to regulate or prohibit commerce of any kind. To the contrary, it purports to “regulate”—and penalize—inactivity. If the Supreme Court allows the Obamacare individual mandate to stand, then Congress could do anything it wanted. They could: require us to buy a new Chevy Impala each year to support the government-supported auto industry; require us to buy war bonds to pay for the Iraq and Afghan wars; or force us to eat our vegetables.

    But even if the Obama administration is now admitting the individual mandate is a tax, that still does not make the law constitutional. Rather than operating as a tax on income, the mandate is a tax on the person and is, therefore, a capitation tax. Therefore the 16th Amendment’s grant of power to Congress to assess an income tax does not apply. The Constitution does allow Congress to assess a capitation tax, but that requires the tax be assessed evenly based op population. That is not how the Obamacare mandate works. It exempts and carves out far too many exceptions to past muster as a capitation tax. The Obamacare mandate is still unprecedented and unconstitutional.

    But perhaps more importantly, what does the episode say about the integrity of the White House? The President went on national television and insisted in unequivocal terms that his individual mandate was not a tax. Now his administration is saying the exact opposite. At what point do the American people lose all faith in this President’s word?

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    87 Responses to Morning Bell: White House Admits Obamacare's Individual Mandate is a Tax

    1. Roy Southard; Athens says:

      Conservatives should be bringing the term "trillion" before the public all the time, defining it in various ways–since most people (including myself) fail to get or have a grasp of the enormity of a trillion. The lack of this simple understanding will be devastating.

    2. Pete Kleff, Cypress, says:

      Are you serious? You mention the words "White House" and "integrity" in the same sentence. I suspect a large percentageof Americans simply assume that anything Barry Obama and his cronies say is in the minimum a lie.

    3. Dennis Georgia says:

      One of obamas team players stated on national TV the show was Meet the Press, "his rule begins on 1/20/09" and we the people let it happen. We the people have the power, for now, to change all of this, we must get off our butts and vote in November, or we can sit on our butts and let this countyry go down the tubes. As we all can see the Constitution means nothing to obama, he only wants power and absolute controll over all.


    4. toledofan says:

      I think that we already have lost faith in this President and I think his Presidency is lost; he will go down as the 'worst ever'. I guess if you're a die hard Democrat, you'll never see or accept that Obama has failed, but, if you put everything into perspective starting with TARP, the way iit was managed, through the most recent debacle, the oil spill, everything has been a crisis unsolved or ignored. Unemployment is getting worse just because so many people have stopped looking; there aren't a lot of jobs available anyways, so, throw in about 2-3 trillion more in debt and all the expected new taxes and if you can't see the devastaion, you must be as blind as a bat. It's sad because many are.

    5. Mark Boabaca, Vero B says:

      The last two links in the first paragraph should be http://www.foundry.org/2010/2010/04/15/obamacar… and http://www.foundry.org/2010/04/28/obamacare-no-… respectively.

    6. janetta_d says:

      "At what point do the American people lose all faith in the President's word?"…

      I'm still trying to figure out at what point and WHY the American people EVER had in faith at all in this man's word! He never fooled me, not for a second, and I am by no means alone.

      Thank you Heritage Foundation, for continuing to blow through and expose the lies and immense danger of this current administration and their lackeys in Congress!

    7. Linda Goodman Texas says:

      I think most American people realized soon after he took office that he does not represent main stream America. He is bent toward socialism and leading us down that path at an alarming rate. The slippery slope has become even more tilted!!! And of course he lied, all politicians will say ANYTHING to get elected, and we just keep acting surprised. When will we wake up and hold them accountable!!!

    8. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      More and more we hear the lies come out and yet there are those who still hold BHO up as the supreme savior. If the people do not take back this goverment in Nov., this nation will be lost and we will become like Russia was when the communist took over the Kremlin. The news is talking about how much money this canidate or that canidate has, it isn't money that counts it's VOTES and keeping them HONEST. We need to make sure our votes are counted and that "DEAD MEN" don't vote. ACORN, SICU, etc will be there to sway the votes, everyone that is working the polls should be scrutinized to make sure they are not part of these organizations. ONE VOTE per person and only by citizens.

    9. James A - Longdrycre says:

      There is a near time point when the entire tax system [local, school, county, state, and federal] taxes burden the individual, small business, farmers and ranchers, and corporations to such an extent that the system of governance fails.

      I keep wondering when that day comes? What will be whirlwinds or dust devils that protend the system of governance's failure?

      I am interested to know if any one has historical and economic data that is relevant to these questions.

    10. Jose says:

      The man is a liar to say the least. When he won't tell us where he was born, won't open his college records because they would prove he is a foreign born usurper, and lies about health care on national television. What would you expect? The truth?

      And, what about the "White Tax" on caucasians? That tax should be repealed immediately as it is discriminatory in it's essence. How many African-Americans, Illegal Aliens, or even Asian immigrants, for that matter, have you seen in line at a tanning booth? The tax is unfair and discriminatory and should invalidate the entire bill. But, Ms. Pelosi didn't read the bill.

    11. Grace says:

      Personally I never had any faith in his words. Hopefully the nation is waking up and seeing him for the fraud he is.

    12. Mike Gabel. Westfiel says:

      Dear Ed:

      Thank you for your articulate analysis regarding the "tax" that is inherent to Obamacare. The issues are well presented and they affirm what many conservatives have said during the malpractice of legislative process that resulted in this disingenuous attempt at health care reform.

      Your last paragraph, however, is the most pertinent. For eighteen months, we have watched this man lie, manipulate, bribe, blunder, bully, race bait and otherwise soil our great nation's institutions and standing. That, in addition to their profligate spending have me wondering if the Obama administration has been inserted as a prank to be aired as a reality show.

      Sadly, its not a joke. However, I believe in the beauty of our nation and its resiliency. We The People have begun our work with the elections in NJ, VA and MA, but it is just that, a beginning. November is key. Going forward, let this time be a constant reminder that tyranny is always knocking on our door.

    13. Steve, Rockville, MD says:

      I have been in the insurance business for over 43 years and feel that I understand the principals of insurance. I have been involved in the sale of healthcare benefits during my entire career. Although I feel the legislation passed does nothing to solve the problems and what is causing the costs of health care to rise, I cannot accept the opposition that continues to brought against mandatory coverage. If anyone who chooses not to participate will sign a statement agreeing to pay for any charges that may be incurred if they get sick, have an accident or need any care provided by a hospital facility, ER or any medical facility and also agrees if they make this election, they will not be able to obtain healthcare coverage for a period of five years after this original election, I would find this acceptable. We cannot continue to have a program that would allow for the availability of benefits at will as the overall financial viability of the system will fail. You cannot buy auto insurance after an accident, homeowners insurance after a fire, life insurance after you have had the heart attack, disability insurance after a disabling event. People obtain these benefits or do not knowing the risk. Why is healthcare excluded from this equation? The current healthcare program will be a debacle and should be thrown out and started anew. Access to all should be provided, no pre-existing limitations and at least a minimum stardardized benefits program be available to all citizens or legal residents of the US.

    14. LeRoy says:

      We hope people remember this in November!!

    15. Joan Baumgart says:

      Now his administration is saying the exact opposite. At what point do the American people lose all faith in this President’s word?

      Everyone with a shread of intelligence has lost faith. The others make up the bottom 20% or so that will always think Obama is doing a great job in the polls; and the useful idiots who just can't see what is coming.

    16. Pat D, Enfield, CT says:

      Oh, you mean Obama stretched the truth? Hard to believe. What a hypocrite!

    17. John Reilly, Vermont says:

      While I don't disagree with the nuisance of mandates, the examples provided could certainly help with some large national problems:

      The mandate for Chevy Impalas would help the national unemployment situation considerably, and would drive down the cost of replacement parts for all driving consumers.

      The mandate to buy war bonds for our unpopular middle east wars would force the voters to more quickly get us out of an area where our presence will bring no lasting change.

      The mandate to eat our vegetables would work against our national problem with obesity and help the farmers with their livelihoods.

    18. West Texan says:

      Of course it's a tax. Obama lied. He also twists the meaning of the commerce clause to fit a far left socialist agenda. Bottom line, he's a darned liar from the political back streets of Chicago. My military oath was to never lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those that do. My view of Obama and company? You guessed right.

    19. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Obama slithered into the White House because of lies and deceptions (that the

      national news media supported) by hiding facts from the American people. Today, a year and a half later, Obama continues his devious ways to force his socialist agenda through Congress. Obama and his lackeys recognize no such term as "integrity". The "ends justifies the means" is the creed socialist, Marxist, and Communist live by. They have continued to make it clear they will do or say anything in order to get their agenda passed. Until the people wake-up and understand just what Obama is (despite the media continued protection),

      the lies and deception will continue.until it's too late to save our nation.

    20. Susan, DallasTX says:

      The man has done nothing but lie since he was born. What a traitor to his country.

    21. NeoConVet says:

      Barry's nose seems to grow longer by-the-hour!

      Truthfulness by this character is no longer a question of verasity, but rather the degree of spin and convenient forgetfulness of past commitments.

      Obvioulsy his teleprompter has again "mislead and betrayed" his socialist/marxist lean.

    22. John, Wisconsin says:

      "At what point do the American people lose all faith in this President’s word?"

      It's already happened for most of us. Dr. Martin Luther King has asked us to judge a man by the content of his character. Whatever character/integrity he had is quickly evaporating with the American public.

      Thank you, Heritage, for keeping the pressure on this administration and exposing the hypocrisy that has invaded the mindset of our leadership.

      May God allow us the time to turn this around before it's too late.

    23. John Roane, Sarasota says:

      This is what Socialism brings and you can't stop until all the money is gone. But by then so will all your other Constitutional Rights be gone. Then Totalitarianism will rein and only good men can stop it. However, by now you the People have killed off all the good men and only the Ruling Class remains. What does that make you? Whatever it is you did it to your self, enjoy.

    24. david bright says:

      I hate obama he is sooo bad for this country and I cannot wait for nov to vote

    25. Tater Salad says:

      Every member of Congress who voted yes on this stupid bill, Democrat, Republican or Independent should be brought up on charges.

    26. Jackson, Denton TX says:

      George HW got hammered and eventually lost his bid for re-election with his "READ MY LIPS – NO NEW TAXES" statement. My money is on Obama getting a free pass from the broken left-wing media on this debacle. I sincerely hope "we the people" do not forget this, and other busted promises in 2012. THIS person will not, Nov '12 cannot come fast enough.

    27. Betty McKenzie, Colu says:

      This so called President has lied to the American people just about everytime he opens his mouth. 1. He did earn his wings with Rev, Wright's brand of religion

      and his buddy Bill Eyers.. 2. His middle name does matter. 3. He said he was a Muslim more than once on video. Once in Cairo. The evidence is there with Muslims gathered on his lawn to pray with him. 3. He has done more damage to this nation than anyone in the history of this nation and Orin Hatch still insists he is a good man. Senator Hatch did the same thing when he supported Ginsberg. God hates the double minded. Hatch agrees with me that Obama has done things he doesn't agree with but bottom line he has a good heart. He and the Antichrist!

      It has come to my attention that the Founders, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison made a way for the American citizen to Nullify the Federal Government when the evidence is that they are acting in an unconstitutional manner. There is enough evidence to tar and feather everyone from Robert Gibbs to Van Jones and all in betweeen. And for God sakes put Pilosi and Reid and Schummer at the front of the line! What they have done and are doing is evil, down right demonic according to Pope Benedict.

      Jefferson and Madison penned the Kentucky and the Virginia Nullification Resolution of 1798. Bill Clinton threw a soiree at the White House in 1998 to celebrate 200 years of those two Resolutions. They have been used before but sparingly. They were created because these men knew someone would come along and try to take America down to her knees. AND HE HAS!!! See what you can do to start a petition to the Gov. of your state and get all your constituents to sign on and present the petition to the Gov. or Governors. I have notified several Conservative leaders but I have no idea who is doing anything.

      Glenn Beck at least 3 times. Rush Limbaugh 3 times, Pastor John Hagee, 3 times, Senator Jim DeMint and my Representative Joe Wilson. They can pick up the phone and call all of the above. All need to get copies of the Resolution amd then figure out what and how to go about doing it. The frustrating thing for me is that we the people have no access. Who can I call? Who can I email with out putting up money to join one of these programs for "insider" listeners and groups?. I spend 24/7 at this computer reaching everyone in my address book to pass on your information and theirs and they do the same. That is how the Tea Party people got started. They have groups in almost every state. I had no idea the Tea Party was formed and here in Columbia and on line until last Friday. Glenn Beck, God bless him, just discovered DR. Charles Stanley for goodness sake. I thought everyone knew who Pastor Charles Stanley is. I thought everyone knew the late Dr. D James Kennedy at Coral Ridge Ministeries. We were the conservatives and out-spoken 30 years ago. We had the K-9 sniffer dogs sniffing the flowers and fire men checking under the pews and cameras in the Cathedral in Ft Lauderdale way back then. That was the best place to be, bomb or no bomb, on a Sunday morning. We got our marching orders from one of the greats. Oboma doesn't know the meaning of the word elloquent. Kennedy is gone to his reward but in repeat sermons he makes more sense than Oboma ever has and he knew there would be a day like today!

      God bless you and keep up the good work. Follow up please on the two resolutions that were created for such a time as this.

      Bets McKenzie

    28. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      "I never had sex with Monica." Just because it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck doesn't mean its a tax, I mean duck. My liberal friends don't want to talk about Obama any more because if they begin to praise or defend him I pull out my list of quotes and broken promises. This latest trying to defend the constitutionality of the bloated health care law by saying the forced requirement of buying insurance is just a tax, is a tax on credibility.

    29. DON MARSH says:


    30. Lwesson, Tejas says:

      Please quit leaning on your Mac OPTION key when you type. I could lean on my Mac too ©ƒß®¶øµ but choose not to slouch down on the key board.

      Per the required health care purchase. Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised that THEY change the parameters when ever they want to. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights means even less to them than it did to the previous administration who found that it could not find it profitable to simply secure the border from illegal alien invasion and also wanted to grant amnesty to tens of millions of violators of US immigration laws.

      The only hope is the resounding resonance that The Tea party has with, We The People, not, We the Subjects nor, We the Citizens, to call to task the two Parties that have moved the nation ever forward to the brink of a socialist police state. The death of the First Republic in 1865 where the sovereignty of the Free and Independent States were tossed away has gradually led to this impending disaster. The brave State of Arizona has now led the way to facing down the Federal behemoth, led now, by the horrid likes of Obama and his sycophants.

      In short, the Free and Independent States need to say, "NO!" against this "health care" non constitutional nonsense.

    31. Dave in Tennessee says:

      If he utters, he lies. Pathologically.

    32. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Obamacare was a lie from the get-go. During the campaign, he promised that "if you

      like your health plan, you can keep your health plan." LIE! He also said that "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." LIE! He also said that there wouldn't be any funding for abortion. LIE! He also said that the individual mandate wouldn't be a

      tax. LIE! Everything Obama says is a lie. So when Joe Wilson, the South Carolina

      Congressman, shouted "YOU LIE!" and briefly interrupted Obama's vaunted health care speech last September 9th, that was the truth. Obama lied about health care,

      he lied about everything pertaining to health care. That included the price tag which

      was a mythical one trillion dollars. That's TRILLION with a "T", folks. So what's the limit on the cost of Obamacare? How about the sky? Remember the Jim Carey movie

      Liar, Liar? Too bad there wasn't a five-year-old boy who could make a wish before blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, that for 24 hours, ALL POLITICIANS


    33. Barb Zakszewski, Apo says:

      I never had faith in anything this arrogant, smug Socialist-Marxist has ever had to say.

    34. Rebecca Gardner, Col says:

      At the end of the article, it asked when Americans will lose faith in President because of his (and his administration's) lack of integrity. I lost it before he took the oath of office. While I couldn't quite base all of my suspicions (then or now) on verified facts, there was always that "too good to be true" sound that we are warned about for various scams. No one can promise the world to anyone and say that they won't have to do something to earn it or maintain it.

      This was my first time reading an article by the Heritage Foundation. I found that the article was well written. It also helps that it was inline with my impressions and beliefs on this topic.

    35. Kevin Aldrich, Buena says:

      Obama is a LIAR. He lied to get his lunatic Obamacare passed. That's what he does. HE LIES. ALL liberal's LIE. There cannot maintain power and get elected without lying. Obamacare is CLEARLY unconstitutional. Anyone with a thinking mind can see this. The federal government CANNOT force American's to purchase health insurance.

    36. Bryan, KIng George, says:

      Steve from Rockville. Your premise especially as a health insurance salesman is especially distrurbing because you have elivated insurance to a right. Insurance is a luxury. You may sell it as a "need" but in reality it is organized gambling in that you are betting the insurance company that nothing bad will happen to you or your property. I would gladly take that bet. But here is the crushing reality and that is like me who can not pay out all claims neither can the government or anyone else who gambles this way. All insurance companies are playing a game of russian roulette. If all those insured made claims they would clean out the insurance companies and you would have similiar instances as those that happen when a hurricane comes through "reputable" companies deny obvious claims and others just quit selling policies in that area or go out of business. This is the future of "Universal Health Care."

    37. Lil, San Diego says:

      How could anyone have faith in this man? His entire public persona has been mythologized and fictionalized by a conspiring media. November will be our chance to re-take this nation and put an end to Obama's schemes!

    38. West Texan says:

      Steve in Rockville. That Beltway Kool-aid has taken its toll. You've missed the whole point. It's not about insurance but rather federal government overreach into states' affairs and private markets. You most of all should know that health insurance is no more a right than is personal police protection. Such latter service is only provided by paid body guards. If states' voters and/or local entities choose to offer public coverage to their respective residents, that's their call. Constitutionally speaking, it's never been the federal government's darned business nor should it be today. So please understand what's at stake here.

    39. Mike in Kokomo says:

      Why aren't the President's pants on fire?

    40. Richard Harrison says:

      Well, we all can see that he lied to us. So when can we see a impeachment process to begin?

    41. Sam, Harrisonburg, V says:

      To John Rielly from Vermont,

      Mr. Rielly, your views and opinions are the root of all the problems we face. The answer to the economic issues we face is a prospering private sector which is responsible for the creation of most of our jobs. I suppose your in favor of open borders…. Your liberal views are not unusual for someone from Vermont or New England as a whole. Let me guess your work for a university right? By the way how would you enforce a mandate on eating veggies? Would we have a government representative at every dinner table? Wake up you fool!

    42. SC, NJ says:

      Folks, just remember how this clown got in. A lot of it was entertaining and bamboozling your kids. Please educate them. Sit them down and show them what he and his clown posse have done in the last 18 months and how it has adversely affected all of your lives and even more theirs. Mom & Dad's savings are gone and perhaps their jobs. Show them the bleak outlook for their careers, etc.

      Back 30 years ago a Republican-oriented friend and I tried to convince another Democrat-oriented friend earlier on in their life to think twice. We warned him how things would look very different once he got a job and started seeing his wages eaten up by increasing taxes, etc. Once he got a job, I don't know if he even made it through a month before saying "You guys were so right".

    43. dyskjockey, Californ says:

      Many of us knew he was an empty suit before the election. Now we know that he is a liar. Let's hope many more wake up soon regardless of political affiliation.

    44. Suzanne-Florida says:

      WAKE UP FOLKS! Most of us belong to the same anti-Obama Club. When he speaks we automatically realize it means nothing. What is more important at this time is the Congress. The full House is up for election in November. Important seats in the Senate are also in the mix. Without the 60 votes he has gotten for each of his demonic bills nothing would have happened. Include the two or three reliable votes he receives from the other side of the aisle and we are watching our world transformed by a small minority of leftists, socialists and gullible souls expecting government to take care of us.

      Days are short so if you are not registered to vote, please, please take care of it now.

    45. Mike, Chicago says:

      Obama’s health care is also discriminatory because some people won’t have to pay for it.

    46. RonB, Phoenix says:

      The only faith I have – and really the only faith anyone can have – in Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama is faith that he will lie. Not being sarcastic, he has proven himself to be a pathological liar who has gone back on every promise he made to get elected: can anyone tell me when he has said anything that was not a lie? Starting with his spending 2 mill to hide his personal information, it is most obvious that he has much to hide. He IS NOT EVEN A US CITIZEN,let alone Natural Born like the Constitution mandates. Neither the man nor anyone in his administration can be trusted. The Chicago mafia has moved to Washington – just look at what's happened – the bribes, back door deals, dismissal of cases against his guilty-as-hell "brothers," and most of all his totally ignoring the will of the American people – an important premise on which our country and its values were established.

    47. John says:

      I hope and pray that America can be repaired and her citizens don’t do such a stupid and selfish thing again as voting in a Marxist.

    48. Pingback: White House Admits Obamacare’s Individual Mandate is a Tax

    49. Tom K says:


    50. Drew Page, IL says:

      To Steve in Rockville, MD — At last, someone who understand health insurance. I've been in the business for 42 years, the first seventeen as a group underwriter and the last 25 as a group benefits broker for a major national brokerage firm.

      How many mandates have the state and federal governments issued with respect to group medical benefits (both insured and self-insured) over the past 43 years? Dozens, if not scores of them. Can you think of even one that reduced benefits or eligibility for benefits? I can't. And these same politicians that keep mandating these expansions of health benefits and eligibility are the very same who point their fingers at the "greedy" insurance companies that increase premiums to cover these expansions of benefits and eligibility.

      I agree with you that the system can't allow people to buy insurance only when they need it and drop it when they don't. Any insurance company that would allow someone to pay one or two months of health insurance premium in order to cover what could amount to several hundreds of thousands of dollars of claims would be insolvent in a matter of hours.

      It would be great if there was a way to get everyone to pay for their medical insurance. The government can try to force everyone to buy insurance, but I'm not sure the Supreme Court would back that up. But even if they did, how do you squeeze blood out of a turnip? Where are the people who are unemployed going to come up with medical insurance premiums? Will the government deduct such premiums from their Unemployment Compensatiopn benefits and/or their welfare checks? Not likely. How does the government get illegal aliens to make insurance payments, many of these don't have fixed addresses and are paid in cash when they work. These people show up at emergency rooms and by law must be treated.

      For those who work for an employer or who are self employed, and who choose not to buy health insurance for themselves and their families, a government plan could be established and these people would be covered by it. The same could be done for those who aren't eligible for group health insurance through an employer, or who are self-employed, but can't get individual health insurance because of pre-existing conditions. Premiums for this government health plan could be assessed in the form of taxes to those individuals, based on income levels.

      For those who are too poor to pay for their health coverage, they should be brought into Medicaid.

      For those who can show that they have health insurance, they should be allowed to keep it.

      I am of the firm opinion that when insurance companies can no longer include pre-existing conditions limitations in their individual health policies they will no longer sell this coverage. This may have been part of the master strategy all along. The new health care reform law requires employer groups who drop health coverage for employees to pay a fine of $2,000 per employee, per year. This is peanuts compared to what an employer pays for group insurance, where annual premiums can be $6,000 to $7,000 a year for single employees and $18,000 to $20,000 a year for employees taking family coverage. Even if employers require employee contributions of 25% to 50% of this cost, it is substantially less than $2,000 a year. And if an employer drops health coverage, he gets out from under endless government regulations, requirements, reporting, no longer needs to hire lawyers, brokers, consultants and Humean Resource specialists to manage his health insurance. He doesn't have to deal with union representatives constantly complaining that the plan isn''t good enough and that employee contributions are too high. And perhaps best of all, he doesn't have to listen to endless complaints from employees who don't think their claims were paid fairly.

      An employer would be a fool not to drop his health insurance plan, pay the $2,000 per employee fine and wash his hands of the whole mess. If and when this happens, combined with insurance companies getting out of the health insurance business, and you have no other alternative but national, government run, health care. which, in my humble opinion, is what Mr. Obama and his liberal progressive friends wanted all along.

    51. Jerry Venlet, Byron Center, MI says:


    52. Dee Dee Guajardo, Texas says:

      John Reilly Vermont:

      YOUR CAR: http://www.mauer.jp/mauer3/e011.jpg
      YOUR WAR BONDS: http://www.virginiamemory.com/docs/09-03-1862_08_1048_018.jpg
      YOUR VEGETABLES: http://www.disgruntled-of-writtle.co.uk/Festive_gruel_pics/Finished_bowl.jpg

      I just can’t believe that’s what you’d really want. And that’s all it will be in the end.

    53. G-Ma. Houston says:

      What do all of you people who cast your"intelligent' votes think at this juncture of the presidency? You better think and feel fear, but not defeat; concern, but not combat. You better get what is left of your paycheck, if you have one, and get that pittance to any legitimate organization who can defeat this presidency. If not, then be prepared to explain it all to your children, their children, and your elderly parents who will all be out in the cold soon! We cannot sustain this administration any longer and we must use our resources to unite and come to a conclusion it is all a mistake and then set out to rectify what has been done to our country, our morals, our very core.

    54. Richard Vettraino,Ph says:

      I want to remind everyone,that you can't blame everything on our President.He is a puppet on a string and some of the blame goes to the voters who put him in office.They believed all of his hype,fainting [actors] people in his audience etc.Now he wants to devide and conquer by bringing up the race card.We the people must unite and try to save this great nation for our children.

    55. catwoman says:

      Ok so now Obamacare is now a tax. So according to Obamacare bill, you portion of the company paid healthcare will be grossed up and included in your 2011 w2 to taxed. Therefore Obama is putting a tax in your gross pay to be taxed again. What are you not getting here?? Corruption big time by our federal government, all of them. And, all of them need to be voted out. This is the first time in american history that being alive you have no choice. Either you pay for some kind of medical care or pay a fine or go to jail. If you don’t want to pay taxes don’t work. If you don’t want to pay car insurance don’t drive. But the fact that you are a living entity you need to do one of the following three: pay for healthcare, pay a fine or go to jail. You just lost your freedom and don’t even know it. How stupid can we be???

    56. Coastal Eddie, San Diego, CA says:

      ObamaCare is a tax by another name,
      Dumbocretins want the road to recovery paved with more Taxes and more Spending,
      Their road has/will lead to less government income and sky high debts.

    57. Bill Sr. Jacksonvill says:

      I posted early today but it has never been listed. Any reason why?

    58. Amy Charlotte, NC says:

      Unless we do something about motor voter fraud, people like the New Black Panthers push in voter intimidation, felons voting ( remember Al Franken, ) we are sunk. These people will lower themeselves to just about anything in order to win an election. We need to get rid of all these old timers and get some new Conservitive blood back into the US congress!. We have no real News media to guide the average uninformed, lets not loose our listening rights to a new fairness doctorine. We need out talk radio hosts and Fox to not be silenced.

    59. Judith in Michigan says:

      I worried about BO as soon as he gave his debut speech at the 2004 Boston Democrat convention. Too slick, Too arrogant. Lying seems to be a natural extension of these traits.

      And don't laugh about the government making us eat our vegetables. The new policy initiatives unveiled by Jill Biden & Michelle Obama seems to be setting us up for just that! Even the WH cook, Sam Kass, is getting into the policy act. The Body Mass Index for each & every American citizen shall be included in the new mandated electronic health records to be made available to the entire country. Wow! Too Fat? You aren't eating enough veggies. We will assign a "Big Brother" to monitor you.

      I wonder if heavier people will have to pay an "overweight surcharge" on this

      tax-bill-that-isn't-a-tax bill?

    60. John Manning says:

      I can only hope and pray that, as more of this type of information becomes public, that those that did vote for Obama now realize that voting for a president is a hell of a lot more than just going to a rock concert. I think America is starting to wake up. I just hope that the damage done is not to the point where it can't be undone!

    61. Dave Wooldridge, Indianapolis, In. says:

      While I agree w/ the writings, and stances of the Heritage Foundation, and am working through grassroots organizations in my area, I just get the distinct feeling of a big disconnect between the Voting class, and the Legislative class.
      We can lay down proof of what’s going on, who’s doing what, and talk of consequences all day long, but we don’t hear anything from the people in the seats of power doing something about it.
      Talk is all well and good, to a point; when will it be action time for those in the opposing parties seats?

    62. Kenyon FL says:

      "At what point do the American people lose all faith in this President’s word?"

      The moment he opens his mouth.

      We the People deserve this. We have fallen asleep at the wheel (or just too lazy to care) and let this government get out of control. Like hitting the rumble strips before going off the road, I hope we can regain control before we hit a tree or worse.

    63. Wilma Garcia, Jackso says:

      There are so many issues that Obama administration has made worst and has ignored our concerns: (I had reservations of Obama and continue to not trust Obama and the White House.)

      1. the continued growth of our deficit

      2. the bailouts of the the banks/auto industries

      3. illegal immigration–fence not installed to protect our borders

      4. Obamacare will really burden all of us and affect the deficit–past illegally

      5. Cap and trade (tax), etc.

      6. Audit Federal Reserve

      We must stand up and protect our country and the U.S. Constitution. We must support Honorable Governor Brewer of Arizona. We need to communicate to the Obama administration our support of Governor Brewer. Anyone entering the U.S. needs to abide by our laws and assimilate (speak English). We cannot continue giving handouts to everyone coming into the U.S. illegally especially with our financial situation.

      We must protect the U.S. borders especially now that there are hateful individuals wanting to destroy our country. It’s time for the White House & Congress to stand up and protect our borders and follow our immigration laws and support each state.

      Let's get out the vote in November!

    64. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      What’s next that won’t be Obama/Holder/Shabazzes fault? A terrorist attack on American soil? October would be a good month, just before “elections!” We could call it the “October surprise.”

    65. Martin Beaulieu says:

      I was't fooled,but, I had no idea this negative activity from that handful of self obsorbed lunatics in DC. How could they have expected to shove this crap down the throats of the American people in such an obvious manner !!! And,theres no one there to stop them? Where are the checks and balances? Stealing in this state is a felony if the amount stolen is $250.00 or more,well,so far my loss adds up to more than that!!!!!

    66. Martin Beaulieu Myrt says:

      I was’t fooled,but, I had no idea this negative activity from that handful of self obsorbed nitwits in DC. How could they have expected to shove this stupidity down the throats of the American people in such an obvious manner ? And,theres no one there to stop them? Where are the checks and balances? Isn't the government supose to look out for us? Aren't they obligated to stop changed that HURT the people of the U.S.?Stealing in this state is a felony if the amount stolen is $250.00 or more,well,so far my loss adds up to more than that!!!!!

    67. Anita Metairie says:

      Eveerything that comes out his mouth is a lie. I believe the opposite of what he says. That's the only way I know what the truth is.

    68. Bob Godwin, Jarretts says:

      All faith has been lost for about the past ten months.

    69. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Thank you, Heritage, for bringing more correct news to us. Often times we miss information on the news programs and this keeps me informed. I’ve never seen a person who could lie so well, be caught in a lie, then lie again, and never acknowledge. I’ve never wished so hard for a President to be impeached as I have for this one. I find it hard to believe how he is able to manipulate people and various things, but he is doing it every minute of the day. His Justice Department is corrupt, and so is his entire cabinet and aides. I’ve never heard of so many people getting by with evident crimes as what is happening in this administration. Surely, something can be done. If November elections do not change things, we are headed straight to Hell in a Handbasket, and “sliding fast on a banana peeling.” This is ridiculous. The entire nation knows what is taking place, but nothing is being done to stop this man who is turning into a dictator. Opportunities for comments allows us to let off some steam, but, is it helping anything? I think not.

    70. Thomas from Raymondv says:

      Even I with half a brain tied behind my back, can see that this aadministration is taking the country DOWN.

    71. Oscar says:

      Existing Health Care in American, in its imperfect state, is the best in the world.

      The next step America needs to take inorder to improve heatlh care is NOT THROW IT OUT and apply a universal care system, but set mile stones to incrementaly improve and ensure more are covered in creative, steamlined ways capturing the American ingenuity spirit. The whole country must be tasked to help and solve this problem little by little, pharmaceutials, hosptials, insurance groups etc., all involved must be mandated with deadlines to lower costs, and expand services to needed, possibly 80% full care payees to support 20% partial care payees etc., traveling clinics, etc. etc.

    72. J. Adams, Houston TX says:

      November will be be here very soon. Wake up America!!!! God Bless America!

    73. BTinNY says:

      "At what point do the American people lose all faith in this President’s word?"

      'Scuse me, but this american lost all faith in *all* members of the Political Class a LONG TIME AGO. Doesn't matter whether they carry a (D) or an (R) after their name, they're all a bunch of lying, economic ignoramuses. Witness the present state of our economy – brought to you courtesy of gunvernment intervention.

      It's way past time to demand an end to this nascent experiment in socialistic 'democracy' and bring back the Republic under the Rule of Law – wherein such Law is the Constitution of the united States of America. If our modern 'rulers' ( who're not supposed to be our "rulers" at all, but our "representatives" (In Congress, assembled)) were actually faithful to their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the united States of America from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC, then probably somewhere north of 90% of what they're doing would be illegal.

      It's not the current president, or the present administration, that's the problem, at all. It's "a" problem, to be sure. But rather it is the system which has arisen over the course of the last hundred or so years. The belief that it can be fixed if only we can get the "right" people elected is no different from the socialists believing that Socialism could finally work if only the "right" people are in charge of it. There ARE NO right people. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (thank you Lord Acton). Everything they do that is contrary to the plain intent of the Constitution (it was written at an 11th grade level) is null and void – judicial decisions to the contrary not-with-standing, because the idea that the entity created by the document is the sole arbiter of its meaning and intent is ludicrous.

    74. Tim Wiedman, Lincoln says:

      I often refer to Barack Obama as "The Pretzel President." Given obvious, but inconvenient, facts about his policies, he will bend and twist those facts into a completely different shape — one that might seem attractive to an uninformed supporter. And, unfortunately, Obama may have taught Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and others his "pretzel" recipe, too.

      While Steffy did a fairly good job in this particular interview, most members of the mainstream media remain silent on the logical inconsistency and factual error embedded in Obama's rhetoric. So is it any wonder that so many voters were deceived by slick-sounding oratory read from a teleprompter?

      I believe that the Obama-Biden campaign refuted a time-worn bit of advice. You CAN put lipstick on a pig — and a great many people will pretend not to notice!

    75. Brad Smith, Mesa, Az says:

      I am glad to see there are organizations that expose the Obama lies. We all remember the words no taxes for those under $250,000 and in the next breath, redistribution of wealth. When are really going to wake up America and see that Obama and his cronies play to win and winner takes all, literally.

    76. Mggie - Washington says:

      Obama health care. What a joke.

      This whole program (in the liberal's and Obama's mind) was for the people who support him – that being the 40% of the population or more who dont pay a dime in federal income tax. My rates will go up while his supporters, except for the lame hollywood crowd and millionaires who voted for the color of his skin, will get a check (another) in the mail.

      Just as an FYI, hidden in the health care bill is a requirement beginning in 2011 for anyone purchasing more than 600.00 from an entity in services or products to issue that entity a 1099. If it were not so silly it would be funny. The billions, yes billions of 1099's will only increase the IRS's ability (loosly stated) to track what Americans are spending money on from whom.

      As for Barry being a traitor? Who in their right minds, other than the weak of minds, would ever have believed this man with such a Marxist past, one who openly stated "spread the wealth around" that he would be interested in the mainstream America? How foolish many where. But hey, they still believe in the guy because they don't have to work, they don't have to pay for their food, they now will not pay for health care while we sit in the same doctor's office. One pays, the other does not. How "universal" is that? Blatent discrimination against the working American class. Pay for the lazy, the stuipid and yep, pay for however big of a family they wish to have and oh yes, pay for the illegals.

      Please remember this in November. We simply have to stop this insanity before we are all so tax broke that we have no choice but to join in.

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    78. Lynne S says:

      The simple fact that Obama plans to tax people who either can't afford or choose not to buy health insurance is ridicilous! If you can't afford it, what makes him think that we could pay the fine??? (Speakin from experince….)

      I plan on making an animation to expose facts like this and to broaden the awareness by involving a young adult age. Is there any suggestions that I should include for my animation?

      If so, I'd be grateful.


      Lynne S.

    79. frank, Hagerstown says:

      The insanity of our Orwellian government recognizes no legal or constitutional bounds. The federal government is incapable of reforming itself. Stands to reason that abject failure and revolution are only a matter of time.

    80. Janice Rios, Hawaii says:

      Thank You so very much for this wake up call… Now I will go in my bedroom and cry my eyes out and pray like I never did before. BTW .. I did not vote for this "monster".

    81. Dirk Stronck Santa F says:

      I think some of these posts are disturbing. President Obama has passed legislation that is helping people in my community right now. Yes, there is work to be done on both sides of the isle, yet making partisanship the issue will still have its drawbacks with resistance from the liberal side of the isle just the same. I would like to think that we are able to discuss our differences of opinion, get facts, be able to clearly annunciate our arguments, and have the correct channels for communication. Let us act like decent humans towards each other. I know that I was hospitable towards my Republican counterparts while G.W. was in the office. These are issues and this is life. Let's work together to make positive from all situations.

    82. Elizabeth G, Santa F says:

      We lost our country in 08. It's time to go back to values that our forefathers set this country to. God Bless America and lets take our country back from these liberals.

    83. Jerry says:

      Did anyone really believe he wouldn't raise taxes on EVERY individual that is capable of paying a tax?

    84. Sandy Jordan, Fresno says:

      In reading a comment made on July 20, it brought to mind just how much a trillion dollars is, and it really is staggering to me when put in a context I wish more Americans could hear. It is this: If you spent a million dollars a day for 2,000 yrs., you still would not have spent a trillion.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've figured this over and over again, and come up with a figure of $736,000,000,000.

    85. VVV says:

      Obama is Carter 2.0

    86. Peter Balsam Titusvi says:

      Obama and his hundreds to thousands of minions are simply thugs who bamboozled the simple and some of the powerful alike to put them in office. The terms socialists and marxists are meaningless as are the terms republican and democrat. Just like the rest of the thugs throughout history, they have come to power and will say and do just about anything to catch and retain power.

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