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  • Hidden Cameras Reveal Border Remains Porous

    In its latest hidden camera video release, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows the continuing porousness of America’s southern border. As CIS notes:

    The hidden camera footage, acquired from a variety of sources, indicates that there is an unfortunate lack of federal law enforcement presence on Arizona’s federal land on the border in Nogales, in the Coronado National Forest (15 miles inside the border), and the Casa Grande Sector (80 miles inside the border).

    Also significant to the story are responses received as part of Freedom of Information Act requests made by Janice Kephart, the Center’s Director of National Security Studies, in August 2009. Featured in the film is a 2004 federal government PowerPoint showing the near-complete devastation of a borderland national park due to illegal-alien activity, highlighting the disconnect between the situation on the ground in Arizona and Washington rhetoric.

    Instead of spending valuable resources trying to intimidate states from enacting laws to control illegal immigration within their borders, the federal government would better spend its resources satisfying the promise it has made to the American people that it would secure the border.

    As stated in “Time to Stop the Rush for ‘Amnesty’ Immigration Reform,” instead of fighting with the states, “federal authorities need to cooperate and collaborate more with state and local law enforcement.” By focusing on appeasing interest groups, the federal government undermines its very own aim to solve the illegal immigration problem, as the American people will not entertain reforms measures until the border is really secure. The CIS video is another timely reminder that our border security remains a glaring problem. After all, if illegal immigrant workers can so easily come across the border, so can terrorists.

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    9 Responses to Hidden Cameras Reveal Border Remains Porous

    1. Billie says:

      This is appalling, Mr. President. What is more egregious is your pride in supporting it. If these are the kind of people you want to lead then give us a ticket out at your expense, since we are not of the same criteria. Mr. President has no respect to the laws or people of America and he only supports those of the same. America the beautiful? Not with the uglies running it.

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    4. Carol,AZ says:

      Porous you say?

      or an international crisis of a human tsunami invading the unsecured S/Western borders 24/7.

      Our government's answers to all requests for help here in AZ is to DO NOTHING.

      But Kudos for your little video!

      If America is wondering how we are doing here in AZ based on this run away freight train.

      We are losing.

      You know that,

      Potus and his appointees from every Federal Agencies sworn to protect America after 91,1 have turned their backs on us and the rest of USA. .

      AZ as a border, has asked for boots on the ground for months.

      The duplicity over this issue cuts so deep on both sides of the border, and the deep pockets extended to MX is a deceit that few can imagine outside of all border states.

      That sir is the article I have yet to read from any mainstream media.

      Please keep up the good work since one out ten are indicted here.

      As reported that's best we can do the way things are.

      Certianly at some point they will arrive where you are.

      You can all figure out what your going to there and realized that this issue will be the tipping point in all States in NOV for States Rights .

    5. Janice Kephart, Wash says:


      Thanks so much for supporting the video. Providing a foundation for discussion of the current state of our borders is a main goal of this film, and I am glad folks like you, and your readers, are taking it seriously.


    6. Bruce Henderson Wayn says:

      Among those who are crossing our seemingly disappearing 'borders' in order to breathe free, Muslim terrorists are infiltrating, often as posiers who speak Spanish and who are enclaving in select areas across the US. Millions of dollars in drug money are laundered and spent to buy politicians, or to threaten them. However, the terrorists need not bother to use these means, as our administration and congress are dysfunctional and stultified, or, better yet, secretly planning the establishment of a brown, secular, socialist society that will ultimately be amenable to the ulitimate imposition of Sharia law. Wake up, America. When we dispensed with Consitutional Law, and gradually regressed to electing and supporting an America-hating culture in all three branches of government, we lost the foundation upon which the country was established. Keep your eyes on Germany, Spain, France, and Great Britain, and see your future and that of our innocent, poorly educated children.

    7. Carol,AZ says:

      Yes , Bruce it's called social engeering. One thing I'll share with you there, is an act of defile by protectors during the demonstrations here in AZ after Judge Boltons ruling. They were bused-in from CA, backed by unions there.

      One act was to drag our flag to the ground and place a tiolet seat on top of our flag.

      That is the place we have come here in America.

      Your comments about terrorist backed ties with the Cartels is accurate.

      The word that has filtered down hereto thoseof us who are working to get the truth out, is the press has been disallowed to speak the word on all public venures when taking about all issues based on FACT.

      Yellow Journalism that would even allow Mr Hearst to roll overin his tomb.

      Do not stop pounding the press into submission.

      And yes, money in the billions flows freely form dirty banking from us to there, every day 24/7. Any other dirty secret this leadership will cover-up as laong as we allow it to continue.

    8. Rev. Stephen A. Sieb says:

      The report on illegal immigration–their entrance through the Arizona/Mexican border–by Janice Kephart was easy to listen to and understand, thorough and alarming. I am a Catholic priest who works with Catholics from Mexico. In fact, I was ordained a priest in Tijuana, Mexico in 1994 (having lived their for 7.5 years). I love and support my parishioners, those who are citizens, those who are legal immigrants, and, yes, those who are here illegally. Would that the–the illegals– could return to their homeland and start the process over for legal entry into our country. At the same time, enough is enough. That is, we've crossed a line, and it is clear that we are not able to successfully support the droves of illegal immigrants in our school system, medical service and prisons. But looking beyond the many hard working families, men and women who are here illegally, and whose hope is to establish themselves here in the U.S, and perhaps one day become citizens, the war on the border needs to be addressed front and center by our government, beginning with President Obama. It would seem that the issues surrounding the border are for this administration like the proverbial "white elephant" in the living room of our beloved country. Thank you, Heritage Foundation, for your work of informing us on vital issues that concern the citizens of this fine country. Keep it up! And, may God bless you and yours! Sincerely, Rev. Stephen A. Siebert/ Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church/ Greeley, CO 80631

    9. Karl W Hoffman, Arivaca Arizona says:

      When Humanitarian aid really does become a crime!

      After 4 years of in depth investigation into two faith based humanitarian organizations, here is the truth about subversive anti government behavior that goes back decades , powerful activist groups, unions, organized crime, people smuggling on on two continents and a threat to national security, the story that mainstream media will not tell you and politicians won’t touch.


      Karl W Hoffman

      Documentary Film Producer
      Freelance Photojournalist
      Multimedia Reporter
      P.O. Box 759
      Arivaca, Arizona 85701-0759
      For information on photography exhibits and prints, lectures,
      interviews, photo usage, border tours and to order the documentary
      on DVD and view Living on the Border documentary trailer
      please visit: http://www.livingontheborder.com

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