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  • Morning Bell: What's Attorney General Holder Hiding?

    Imagine arriving at your neighborhood polling place on Election Day and seeing two men guarding the entrance, dressed in paramilitary uniforms, wielding a deadly billy club, shouting racial epithets and menacing voters. Would you walk through the door? Now imagine political appointees in the Department of Justice (DOJ) refusing to pursue the case, the U.S. Attorney General stonewalling and refusing to enforce lawful subpoenas in the face of questions about that decision, and the mainstream media remaining silent on the story for a year.

    This isn’t a case of pure imagination. This is, in a nutshell, the true story of the New Black Panther (NBPP) voter intimidation case, and it’s one dramatic example of the increased politicization of the Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama’s administration.

    The story begins on Election Day 2008 in Philadelphia, when two Panthers engaged in a “textbook case of voter intimidation” in violation of the 1965 Voter Rights Act. Their actions were caught on video, and witnesses offered sworn statements that one of the Panthers called poll watchers a “white devil” and a “cracker” who would be “ruled by the black man.”

    Enter the DOJ in early January 2009, which sued the two Panthers, the head of the national NBPP and the party itself (on the grounds that it endorsed the intimidation in Philadelphia and planned to deploy 300 of its members on Election Day, as The Weekly Standard reports). The defendants didn’t respond to the lawsuit, the DOJ won a default judgment against them, and it appeared to be an open and shut case – until Obama’s political appointees got their hands on it.

    In May 2009, acting Obama political appointees inexplicably ordered career lawyers in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division to dismiss the case against all but the billy-club-wielding defendant, Minister King Samir Shabazz, who is now under a joke of an injunction that allows him to intimidate voters anywhere except at polling places in the City of Philadelphia. And the NBPP, which is an identified hate group, has suffered no consequences. (Read our timeline of the case and a summary of the parties involved for more details.)

    The Justice Department’s decision not to pursue the case against the defendants is shocking considering the clear cut facts at hand. As the DOJ trial team of career attorneys who prosecuted the case noted:

    We strongly believe that this is one of the clearest violations of Section 11(b) [of the Voting Rights Act] the Department has come across. There is never a good reason to bring a billy club to a polling station. If the conduct of these men, which was video recorded and broadcast nationally, does not violate Section 11(b), the statute will have little meaning going forward.

    So why was this open-and-shut case all but dropped? Some very revealing testimony might explain why. On July 6, J. Christian Adams, one of the DOJ attorneys who brought the lawsuit against the Panthers, testified under oath before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission of a culture of hostility to the race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws at the DOJ Civil Rights Division. The most dramatic example came after the suit was dismissed, when Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes gave instructions that no more cases would be brought against black defendants. Ironically, Fernandes, who is an Obama appointee, is responsible for voting rights enforcement.

    There is more to the story. Much more. Thomas J. Perrelli, the associate attorney general who approved the decision to dismiss the NBPP defendants, visited the White House nine times when key decisions about the case were being made. What did he discuss with the Obama White House officials? The DOJ has ordered two of its attorneys who were subpoenaed by the Civil Rights Commission not to comply, even though a separate statute requires all federal agencies to “comply fully” with Civil Rights Commission requests.  Why is DOJ acting like it has something terrible to hide? Why was the award-winning career attorney who led the DOJ effort against the NBPP relieved of his position and transferred to South Carolina? There are also other examples of a highly political Justice Department being openly hostile toward enforcing the Voting Rights Act fairly, in a race-neutral manner. The Civil Rights Commission is continuing its investigation, and The Heritage Foundation’s Todd Gaziano – a member of the Commission – is playing a leading part in the effort.

    In Sunday’s Washington Post, ombudsman Andrew Alexander lamented the paper’s long silence on the NBPP story, said that “ideology and party politics are at play,” and noted that the paper’s national editor “wished The Post had written about it sooner.” Alexander concluded, “Better late than never. There’s plenty left to explore.”

    He’s right. It’s about time this story gets the attention it deserves. Voting rights enforcement is no laughing matter, politics should be put aside, reporters, Congress and the American people should start asking questions, and Attorney General Holder better have some answers.

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    125 Responses to Morning Bell: What's Attorney General Holder Hiding?

    1. Joe says:

      guess this gives us more reason to support and defend our second amendment rights

    2. Rhonda, Texas says:

      So why are we surprised by this??? It seems like everything this administration does is illegal, forced upon us or done behind closed doors in total secrecy. Everyone needs to write their Senators and Congressmen to open an investigation and get this fixed or our voting rights will be in jeopardy for as long as Obama is in office.

    3. West Texan says:

      It's clearly evident who the guilty parties are promoting racism. And it's NOT Tea Party participants, white conservatives or other hated groups and individuals targeted by far left activists.

    4. Knowsit, Reno says:

      The corruption in this administration is directed from the very top, is not reported by the LSM, which is as corrupt as the Administration.

    5. Lin Hodges - Chesape says:

      When is the Democratic Party going to wake up and realize that our Country is being taken over by radicals in the current administration. Don't we have any Democrat Statesmen left in congress. Wake up and smell the coffe before we lose our Country.

    6. James A - Longdrycre says:

      In Philadelphia and elsewhere, voter intimidation amounts to a lynching, a denial for the right of a citizen to vote. The New Black Panthers are modern KKK dressed in black.

      Obama and Holder protect the modern KKK as surely as law enforcement long ago protected and egged on the old KKK.

      Will anything come of this? No. The MSM does not see themselves sooner or later as victims of intimidation. They are.

    7. Dwana Townsend Harve says:

      What a joke Holder has turned out to be. Is this a racial issue or not? Had it been men in white hoods do you think the main stream media would have reported on it? Do you think Holder would have made sure a full investigation along with prosecution would have already happened?

      As long as there are no consequences to their actions don't you think the NAACP, SEIU, as well as the NBPP will be out in force during the Nov elections?

      I will not be intimidated by any of these people and I will vote.

    8. toledofan says:

      This administration shows the race card at every opportunity and can you imagine the outcry if you had a couple of white guys in white robes doing the same thing? Instead of this administration being the great unifiers they are the great dividers and are doing more damage to create a greater rift between the races. It's all about Obamas ideology and the fact that they have to have a class struggle to maintain their power. It's sad that we have an administration, the first in my memory, that cares little about the country but thrives on their own politics and power.

    9. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      It's like the KKK doing the SAME THING back in the '60s. Eric Holder's attitude is that

      "blacks are incapable of racism because they didn't have the reins of power." That's

      complete and utter bullcrap. Racism is racism regardless of whether the perp is black,

      white, red, yellow, orange, or purple.

    10. ReCon USMC says:

      Believe me …… Black Racist Eric Holder did not make this huge decision all by himself .

      Remember Eric Holder a 18 months ago called Whites Cowards for not standing tall against racism .

      So what did he given the perfect chance to stand tall against racism ?

      He Acted worse than any coward since a run of the mill cowards do not have his power .

      The Decision ?

      It had to come straight from Obama and one suspects his racist wife as well .

      In Nov I want some Skin Heads to go to the same Voting Station in Philly and act the exact same DECRASEFUL way the Black Panthers did .

      All Hell would brake lose lead by marches from Big Al and Jessie J. while whites would stand by and say nothing … It's called White Guilt sadly not owned by this former ReCon Marine .

    11. WEC, Pa. says:

      Good catch: gotta watch those mouldering "racial epitaphs," John Brown.

    12. jan says:

      This is but one example of the new "reverse racism" that I see in our country, imagine the media frenzy and Headline News if the nightstick-wielding and name-calling were done by whites towards blacks What, exactly, can we as a people do to make this a very public issue, one that this "transparent" administration must answer to??

    13. DavidT says:

      Imagine the rage there would be if it were Christians instead of the NBPP? ????

    14. Prudent Man, CFA says:

      What more does Holder have to do that he is an incompetent racist who doesn't have the ability or morality to run the Justice Dept.?

    15. mary joyner, waldorf says:

      i just don't understand……. why are the laws that are on the books and have been for so long, just ignored. what is going on…… i know one thing God is in control. that is the only person that helps me contain my sanity. thank you Lord for all that you do. i pray thy will be done!

    16. Mary.... WI says:

      Clearly, the odds will be stacked against legal Americans voting Republican in the Nov election if this kind of corruption is not stopped.

      As far as I'm concerned the most racists people in the USA are majority of blacks. And, it is the democrat party that keeps them needy and dependent for all their needs…..all for their vote.

      Eric Holder should be made to resign for his inabiltiy to understand right from wrong not only in this matter but other situations as well. Stupidity is not a virtue!

    17. Cindy, Philadelphia, says:

      Welcome to politics in Philadelphia. These types of incidents, as well as hate-mongering and race-baiting are so common that we usually just walk on past. This was not my polling place, but you can bet I'd not have been intimidated by anyone to not cast my vote.

      Holder MUST address how he came to the conclusion to drop this case. Who instructed him to do so…and why. If this decision stands I hate to see what will happen here in 2010 and 2012!

    18. Bette Overk, Bridgew says:

      Do we have grounds for impeachment yet ?

    19. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Is it any wonder why 91% of blacks voters still support Obama and his administration, including Holder. This is exactly what they voted for and support to this day. It's all about "reparations"!

    20. Terry Myers South Pl says:

      When is this man holding the Office of the President position going to held accountable for anti-American and anti Constitutional beliefs and actions. I'm beginning to believe that there is no honesty/integrity in the Whitehouse. I can only hope that the Republicans/Tea Party can put someone in front of the public worthy of the Presidency position. Tired of the conflict, tired of the what's best for me attitude, tired of the congress not addressing the concerns of the American people. More to follow…

    21. PJ, Covington, LA says:

      If the persons at the entrance had white hoods on, they would already be in prison. If they were from the tea party they would already be in prison.

      Eric Holder is an incompetent political hack!

    22. Gilbert Kelley Oklah says:

      We need to remove all of the trash in this administration starting with Obama, Holder, and all Czars appointed!! What a joke we have as an administration!!! One thing if we can impeach this president that would be a good start!! We can,t do any worse than we have now!!

    23. Ronald Stolpman says:

      This story reads like something going on in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez or Nicauragua under Danny Ortegva. I believe if international poll watchers witnessed this in a third world country they would decrie it loud and clear. Our government's practice of selectively enforcing the laws of the land is anathema to democracy.

    24. Dennis Georgia says:

      Does t5he word RACISM mean anything to anyone???? Sure looks like it is alive and well in the white house, and obama is the one in charge of all of it.

    25. Al Reasin, Conowingo says:

      When the Bush administration dismissed politically appointed federal state's attorneys all heck broke out, but when a civil sevice protected manager is disciplined for following the rule of law, silence from the same ones who called out against Bush's actions. Digusting but what I expected. No honor in congress on the Left.

    26. william says:

      The conflict between black and white is here to stay. The latter must learn to stand up with courage and conviction.

    27. patriot77 says:

      Are they trying to start a civil war?

    28. Rits Tadema Spokane says:

      Fox News would do well to stop their stream of revitalizing the question about Tea Party's

      racist involvements and instead probe the method of judicial stalling of Black Panther

      voting booth disturbance.

    29. John Indiana says:

      I think I see some real racist, here's to eqaulty.?

    30. Clearhead says:

      Anyone ever thought of starting a NWTP ? (New White Tiger Party)

    31. joe del guercio says:

      I am not surprised by this at all. Like the other comments, if it had been a group of whites doing this we would all be in prison long before now. It is the Obama agenda to turn this country into a socialistic black power country. I am surprised that the blacks in this country do not stand up against the NBPP. This organization is doing more harm then good for the blacks in this country. The only thing they have been successful at is raising racial tensions. As far as Holder is concerned, he is a man without a back bone. The people in this country better wake up fast before it is to late.

      Thank you Hertiage for all you do to keep us informed and fight for our freedom.

      I am one greatfull member.

    32. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Holder? How about Obama, since that's the beggining of the crime. Met over THIS issue nine times? Well it shows he's got his priorities straight, in some bizarro world, that is. If these people don't WAKE UP!! The sleeping giant, then the giant is no longer with us. The Giant Imperial

      Dragon of the East IS waking up, and there is no doubt on his mind to whom this Earth belongs.

    33. Russ Sebring Fl. says:

      ? The basic principles of the three branches of government was that each branch would ride

      herd on the other two in order to keep our freedom and prevent our side into tyranny.

      I am losing my faith in the supreme after the five to four decision on gun control. Maybe

      they should take a refresher course on the constitution. Where does the constitution say that the

      supreme has to have a “regress of grievances” before they take action. Will the supreme court sit

      in their ivory tower and watch the country go t hell in a hand basket and do noting?

    34. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      This was a criminal act. The cover-up & obstruction is also a criminal act. Voting in America is already under direct & indirect assault by those who would degrade our system to facilitate its transformation into a socialist or Marxist state. Many will say that is a conspiracy theory. Think again folks. Those 'motor voter' laws were designed to allow voting by many who have no legal right to vote, especially the dead voters! These folks represent the 'vote early & often' crowd, except today they are part of the global socialism movement.

      Our vote is truly the only 'stick' we the people still possess. W/o a legal election, we can be subjected to any form of governance &/or official, that those controlling the votes wish to impose on us. In Minn., they recently discovered nearly 1,000 :felons" voted in the recent election of Al Franken as that states newest Senator. The constant & selective recounts, in those districts where the illegal votes were cast, gave Franken the election by just over 300 votes, since the majority or all of those illegal votes were cast for, Democrats. In short, Franken's election is a fraud. I doubt anyone will put up a fuss. I know the opposing candidate does not want to rock the boat & the governor supports Franken's election. With DOJ & the Federal Election Commission firmly in the majority hands of Democrats, & with hyper partisanship now the order of the day, no career federal employee can do anything & no political appointee of the current majority party, wants to do anything.

      Many are already preparing for the November 2010 elections. Massive voter fraud is expected. Poll watchers will be extremely vigilant this time around & there will be many immediate vote challenges, since many expect huge attempts at voter fraud to steal the election. This is especially true now that Democrats economic efforts have been proven to be pathetic & a failure as was predicted. Democrats fear a huge voter backlash & so their operatives are planning to pad the counts to try to protect as many incumbent Democrats as possible. Some are now predicting Democrats could lose as many as 50 seats in the House & no one is sure how many in the Senate. Pelosi will be out as of November. The worse part of that is she is already planing a parting shot at America by trying to ram through legislation that would never stand any chance at all, under most circumstances. But once many Democrats have nothing to lose, Pelosi figures they will vote for some seriously controversial legislation.

      Since Holder blocked legal actions on the New Black Panther Party poll violations in Philadelphia after the past election, its probable he will do nothing &/or facilitate the same or even more egregious activities come the November 2010 elections. Democrats now realize they far overstepped their authority & the will of the people on Health Care reforms, & now that they must pay the price they plan to vindictively retaliate against the voters who have the temerity to assert they know best, when this crop of condescendingly smug socialist Democrats believe they & they alone know what is best for this nation, since they are so supremely intelligent, as compared to most rube citizens!

      The election results are known. Only how many seats will be lost in the House is at issue. What is not known is what will Democrats try to get away with once they are lame ducks. Knowing Holder will act to protect them, I suspect the nasty shenanigans will be incredible.

    35. Thomas Stevens Auror says:

      This country,the people of should cry out for the impeachment of Obummer and get rid of all his hacks before they ruin the greatest country on this planet

    36. Anita Metairie says:

      Holder and obummer needs to be impeached.

    37. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      This is really a SAD state of affairs. Sad because main stream media is backing it and not speaking out against it. Sad that this administration is going backwards in HISTORY. I'm 65 and remember the black panthers movement way, way, way back in time. SAD

      BUT, when are politicians EVERYWHERE going to get their hands out of the pockets of these people and DO THE RIGHT THING for AMERICA.

    38. Arthur Cortis, Taylo says:

      Just the tip of the iceberg……………………………!!!

    39. Cheryl Woodbridge VA says:

      I have worked polls for years. The rules are incredibly simple to comprehend. What a pitty the Attorney General of the US doesn't seem to understand them. WHAT can we do about this? WHO do we go to in order to have justice served?

    40. Bobbie - AL says:

      This is such an unfortunate matter. As a white voter, if a white man committed the same act as the Black Panther – I would expect the white man to be prosecuted. Mr. Holder is himself, exhibiting the racial attitude. I now feel that I have to categorize Mr. Holder as a racist. He should be prosecuted for this!!

    41. Arthur Pavis says:

      Put this administration action or in this case, corrupt inaction, on the ever increasing pile reasons to vote the left wing anti-Constitution administration out of office!

    42. KLIMAX Baltimore Mar says:

      And the NAACP calls the Tea Party racist !!! The Whitehouse from NObama on down are more racist than the KKK when they push this type blind justice along with the fact they are Sworn to Uphold the Laws of the Land but look the other way !! If people of European descent did something like this the Dept. of Injustice would ask for the maximum punishment not dismiss the charges !!!

      NObama and Holder are violating my civil rights when they allow illegal aliens to vote in OUR elections!! I have the right not to have my vote canceled by someone who is not a citizen but is encouraged to vote anyway !!! Has anyone looked into this problem ???!!! I would bet if someone in the Dept. of Injustice tried they would be stopped and told not to pursue it !!!!!

    43. Russell,. Spring Tex says:

      Wish They would come stand at my polling location, Welcome to Texas….

    44. Ron Lundgren, Louisv says:

      The Answer to all of this is very simple Pres.Obama and Eric Holder are racist otherwise this kind of action would never happen. Remember when Obama said the police acted stupidly.in Mass. a year are so ago same outcome.

    45. ann kitay fulton, tx says:

      As for walking through the door, you can bet your sweet bippy I would – then the AG would have real evidence – my cold dead body..

    46. D. Eicher, Denver says:

      Perhaps there is hope, now that the Washington Post has "discovered," though belatedly, this story. And perhaps Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif. – who last week was asked about the case by a constituent and avowed no knowledge of it, later saying "major sources of information which I rely upon most did not mention it" – will get himself up to speed.

      One tiny beef about your story: I don't believe the Panthers were "shouting racial epitaphs"…isn't an epitaph what we put on tombstones? I believe they were hurling "epithets."

    47. ThomNJ, New Jersey says:

      Just wait until the SEIU thugs also get rougher prior to November – they will miraculously escape any judgement as well.

    48. KC - New Mexico says:

      Eric Holder and BO are both hacks – and this is the change that many voted for. Wow – did the voters get the shaft!! Not only are the NBPP and others in OB administration out of touch but I am sure they are bringing in the Latinos as well with the law suit against Arizona. Note that I live in New Mexico and thanks to our Governor – Richardson, we are a sanctuary. I now must take additional identification when traveling in our country because Richardson gives drivers licenses to the illegal aliens.

    49. Bob Russell, Texas says:

      Just following through on the promises made during the campaign. Who could be surprised? Only those who were not paying attention.

    50. Matt Reinhard Stamfo says:

      Unfortunatly the day has come that none of us ever thought would, the day where the current administration has publically and without apology decided to enforce the laws of the United States,selectivly,not equally. If people do not know about this story I blame liberal news organizations who have never had our best interests at heart.This story should rock your core beliefs and frighten all of us like we have never been frightened before.Enforcing laws selectivly is unconstitutional,dangerous and puts the United States of America in real jeopardy.I would like this administration to explain its action of selective enforcement of laws to the men and women of our armed forces who fight against governments in foreign countries to stop the very thing that is now happening at home.The big question now is,how do we stop this? Allways remember,No Justice No Vote

    51. Judith in Michigan says:

      There certainly is "much more to this story". And it is much more than increased politicization. We are in the middle of a bloodless coup being engineered by radical leftists on all levels of American society, Voting rights,or lack of voting rights if you want to be honest, is just one of their avenues tof attack.

      Of course Holdren & Mr O & Co have something terrible to hide. If the true story were to come out, and I think it will, the effects will be cataclysmic. The American people are starting to add 2 and 2 together and are not liking to answer this administration is foisting on us. Besides voting in Nov, the most important thing we can do is to put constant pressure on our congress people to stop covering up, and demand answers.

    52. Mike Arthur, Peoria, says:

      I think the U.S. Marshals Service and the other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies had better get off their fat behinds and start enforcing the law or we (the states) can start enforcing federal election laws as well the immigration laws.

    53. Timothy Wiedman says:

      When the Dept. of Justice turns a blind eye to voter intimidation and fails to investigate voter registration fraud, it undermines democracy. Apparently, fair and open elections are not on Attorney General Holder's agenda. It is truly a sad day if Americans can not trust the Dept. of Justice to enforce our election laws.

    54. L. Gardner Northern says:

      You/we will splash around and make a few waves and then NOTHING will happen. The left absolutely ignores the right and the right does not have the fortitude to do anything about it.

    55. CAROLE says:

      This is so unreal, the left wing news and political leaders, knows zero about this black panthers movement. They all should all be locked up for their bullwhips at the polls. If a white person had done this, they would have been locked up and the left wing nut news media would have rode this forever. Are all left wing media a member of the black panthers and the naacp?

      Since the black president was put in office, the blacks have become more militant. This includes all blacks and their acorn, seiu, naacp, black panthers, eric holder, obamba.

    56. Editor, Tucson says:

      Thanks for the good piece.

      As a service to your readers, please instruct the writer on the different between "epitaph" and "epithet"

    57. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Chicago politics as it has always been. Here's a spelling lesson that shows hope

      the last four lettere of AMERICAN are I CAN

      the last four letters of REPUBLICAN are I CAN

      the last four letters of DEMOCRATS are rats

      Now let's get out the exterminator Nov.

      Everyone When you go to the poll in Nov. if someone tries to stop you, use your cell phone and call 911 and ask for police or sheriff to escort you in the door. If we all do this the local police will remove them under arrest.

    58. West Texan says:

      Correction: " … or other groups and individuals targeted by hateful far left activists.

    59. DANNY, HERMANN says:

      This country is in the bottom of the ninth with three balls and two strikes. If we don't turn this around this November the game could be over.

      Never in my life have I seen such blatant disregard of our Constitution and the laws of the land. It started slowly and now is at a point where they don't even seem to care what they throw at us becasue there is no one in congress standing up to the criminals. The way I see it, we have our best chance to rid this country of this disease but it is going to take everyones effort to make the difference. We have too much to lose to let them win.


    60. Carol,AZ says:

      "Imagine the Government of the USA" and the Justice Dept sworn to protect America , with Eric Holder at the helm,

      just Imagine,

      The entire American justice system slamming a lawsuit on your State.

      Imagine that there are now troops on the borders of TX, CA,and New MX.

      Imagine, that in AZ,without troops

      we have Cartel operation inside of AZ's borders, occupied by a foreign counrty, allowed by our Justice Dept. to continue to operate, their billions in profits.

      All aspects for intervention by the the Justice Dept sworn to protect us and the National Security of the USA, Ignores.

      Imagine if you asked for help?.

      The mere" silence by the press"…you say . Ignoring all Intel for months…..Imagine tha!


      Don't imagine it, we are living it,

      It is happening right now, today , and every day that we don't get help in AZ to secure our broken borders.

      We are now bending over for one last kick in the butt facing two lawsuits by the Dept of Justice,

      and fight a full blown War of terror on our borderwithout troops.

      Homeland Security has refused to utilize the word terroism.

      The press has refused all honest reporting allowing this word to be even whispered

      Eric Holder has described AZ as," Toxic."

      Imagine, where you are ,

      that Cartels are beheadings their victems, as their message of terror.

      The Catels beheadings are in higher numbers, than any other country in the world, all silenced by the press.

      Imagine that PHX is the second highest kidnapping capital in the world ( including all Arab nations) with MX City being #1.

      Silenced by the press.

      Imagine all the other horrific Intel we have givento the dept of Justice, all silenced.

      Kind of sound like terrorism?

      Imagine the spill-over in every corner of America for all drug related crimes and gang related violence.

      Multiply that by thousands of illegals living here of various ethncity spitting our budget to the broking point and our Gov. wants amnesty. .

      Ask yourself, how can this be happening in America?

      It has, it continues, and the time is now, to get rid of the snake oil saleman and his gang of corrupiton.

      As stated in the H.F,Morning Bell brief,

      " Holder isn't hiding."He is the impetus of control and doing exactly as he has been told to do.

      Where is the Supreme Court ? .

      Az, wishes to thank all 50 States and numerous Buss organizations that have donated, and continue to donate money in support of our legal defense fund.

      You have made such a difference and will continue to make a difference to us here in AZ on every level.

      AZ, wishes to also thank the numerous volunteer groups who continue to show-up each weekend, helping our under manned agencies and stressed to the max, men in woman, who have our backs, and yours as well, as we continue to do what is necessary.

      Thank You America for supporting us.

      You did hear us,when we asked for help and we won't let you down!

    61. walter says:

      Stand up for the constitution and defend our country from these socialists.

    62. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I was reviewing this entire event from the video of the two New Black Panther Party members obviously intimidating voters at the entrance to the polling station to the former DOJ’s attorney who decided to leave rather than combat this from the inside and then something else came to light concerning this situation. Think back to Imus on the radio who made a disparaging comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team members albeit without the intimidation factor and the “Justice Brothers” were all over it. You know, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

      Well, where are they when this actually happened in November 2008 and since then with the resignation of the DOJ attorney, the statement identifying the DOJ official who not only directed the dropping of the criminal case but then directed not to bring any more such cases in which blacks as well as other minority members would be the defendants and then the new video that clearly shows one of those same individuals spewing his ill conceived thoughts of “killing white crackers and cracker babies”? I don’t recall seeing them anywhere or even hearing a peep out of them about these specific racially charged situations involving one of the same people and the obvious reverse discrimination, have you?

      There has been a surprising interview or two on different Fox News shows with some rather heated exchanges between the current leader of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and Megyn Kelly and even more so with Geraldo Rivera. In fact, that leader of the NBPP was accompanied by three or more associates during his interview with Geraldo who appeared to be there for the sole purpose to intimidate the host, Geraldo. It didn’t work but it did demonstrate their true philosophy and accepted tactics as their standard.

      Add to these revelations that a tried and true Democrat film and documentary maker has now complied a series of these types of voter fraud and intimidation from multiple points across the country detailing a wider range of improprieties including the NBPP even intimidating other black voters who were NOT going to vote for Obama. While this documentary maker originally went to these locations to prove them wrong she quickly learned for herself that it was much worse than reported to her and appears that Obama supporters (official campaign workers and others including the NBPP) may have stolen the election from Hillary Clinton!

      Have we now met the criteria required to appoint a special prosecutor to look into these inter-related matters? I’m concerned it is either that or that we are about to the “lock & load” method as the Second American Revolution begins this summer whether or not we are ready for it!

    63. boyd, so. calif says:

      dear sir:

      "shouting racial epitaphs", in the first paragraph should be "racial epithets".

      when one displays unfamiliarity with the language in which a document is written

      it tends to cause the reader to give the whole paper less credibility than desired.

      i totally agree with the premise of the article, however. thanks, boyd.

    64. Pete, Delawre says:

      I work in construction and am non-union. We get greeted by big Union construction workers all the time having to walk through picket lines to go to work. I'm called all kinds of names and as close to being physically assaulted as you can get. Sure it is a tad intimidating but I have a family to feed. why share this?

      I do not believe this to be as big a case as it is trying to be made. If voting is that important (and it is) then you make your way past them and vote. You simply can't intimidate you- being called names shouldn't stop us.

      this is minor when in other countries people are beaten and killed for their beliefs and it is government approved.

    65. Sam, Fulshear, Texas says:

      This is a perfectly scripted piece for CBS's 60 Minutes! I haven't watched one since the Couric – Palen interview Maybe they will – IN OUR DREAMS!

    66. Drew, Los Angeles says:

      Epithets not epitaphs.

      ep·i·taph? ?/??p??tæf, -?t?f/ Show Spelled[ep-i-taf, -tahf] Show IPA


      1. a commemorative inscription on a tomb or mortuary monument about the person buried at that site.

      2. a brief poem or other writing in praise of a deceased person.

    67. Pat says:

      I am so tired of racism being thrown at the whites. Look in the mirror Holder and you will see the real racist.

    68. Drew Page, IL says:

      Why did Eric Holder backoff the prosecution of the NBPP thug in front of the Philadelphia polling place? Obviously because those who filed the complaint were blatent racists who "acted stupidly".

      I am much more concerned with Mr. Holder's response (or lack thereof) about the alleged instructions given by Ms. Julie Fernandes, Deputy Asst. Attorney General at the DOJ, given to attorneys at the Civil Rights Division of DOJ, not to prosecute cases of voter intimidation where alleged perpitrators were black and alleged victims were white. I am also interested to know why the DOJ refused to allow the Commission on Civil Rights to issue subpoenas to Ms. Fernandes and to the former direct boss of Mr. J.Christian Adams, who testified before the Commission that Ms. Fernandes issued those instructions and that his former direct boss at DOJ would confirm this. Mr. Holder's silence on this issue is almost as deafening as that of Mr. Obama.

      I am pleased that the Washingto Post has found time among its many other important stories about Mel Gibson's recent rant and Lindsey Lohan's latest court appearance to look into these matters at the DOJ.

    69. Pat says:

      Hey, where's Jimmy Carter. Doesn't he oversee wrongdoing in voting in suspicious countries? Come on Jimmy, we need you now. Ooops, I forget, he is on their side.

    70. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      There is no excuse for not following up on this case; there is no excuse for stonewalling this case; there is no excuse for the lack of media coverage. This all smacks of Hitler's Kristallnacht in reverse.

    71. joel, Long Beach, CA says:

      The issue over non-enforcement of voting rights infringement during the 2008 Presidential election is a clear example of the corruptness of the Obama administration which seems to be laughing at American values, ignoring Federal laws that might have a negative impact on the rights of non-black voters.

      The DOJ's decision to drop criminal litigation of the new Black Panther Party, which I believe was mandated by President Obama and Eric Holder, has also unjustly attacked the state of Artizona with a lawsuit for passing its own legislation that enforces existing federal law relating to the prosecution and deportation of illegal aliens while at the same time the DOJ refuses to prosecute states that have passed laws that provide sanctuary for illegals.

      This prejudiced behavior by the Obama administration and the DOJ provides evidence once again of the corruptness of the administration and in particular Eric Holder who should immediately be fired for his role in these decisions. And President Obama should be impeached for his involvement in these decisions and for his refusal to enforce Federal law and the Constitution of the United States.

    72. Chris Baker Californ says:

      If they did that to me I'd leave… And come back armed and ready to repel any attacks on me or anyone else.

    73. Paul P Bailey, CO says:

      One does not prosecute ones constituency.

    74. Pingback: Rule of Law and Voter Intimidation | Preserving Democracy

    75. John says:

      The article asks: " Would you walk through the door?" Damned right I would, and if challenged I have a 12 gauge that would effect a citizen''s arrest, and while my neighbors held them for the police, I/we would vote.

    76. Paula, Pensacola, FL says:

      "Holder better have some answers" or what??? What are we gonna do? How do you get rid of this arrogant administration? No one will hold him accountable. The president is WORSE than all of them, combined. These people are embedded deep into our government and NO ONE is stopping this lawlessness.

    77. Jerry L Smargo West says:

      Tell the panthers we will be voting this Nov. and expect to see them in WV

    78. Roger L. Cooper Vero says:

      Holder isn't hiding. He's following his orders!

    79. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., is a coward who will not openly discuss race questions, much less prosecute the glaring hate crimes committed against white people, coming from the Mexican Reconquista, black-on-white crime and the NBPP.

      Such is the state of affairs in a Marxist paradise, which allows the perpetrator to point the finger of blame toward the victim.

      This "administration" deems it prudent to define all questions of racism as pertaining to the white race alone and in this weltanschauung, loses all credibility with the American people as an arbiter of final reckoning.

      The nation which elected a black “president” was insulted on the world stage, when Resident Obama apologized to Red China–the worst human rights offender on the planet–for the alleged "racism" of Arizona, in her resolve to secure the border of the the United States of America, from the crime wave coming from the Second Mexican War.

      Obama’s decision to publicly embarrass the United States of America in the international arena, is hardly conducive to an atmosphere of constructive dialogue in matters pertaining to race questions, as this quisling Obama, is clearly prejudiced in favor of Mexico’s open race war against America.

      The Manchukuo puppet emperor sitting in the Oval Office, is a fifth column in the national house.

      The hallmark of this administration has been the kowtow, bowing and scraping before foreign potentates. This modus operandi of conducting international diplomacy to publicly embarrass the United States of America with spurious charges, is hardly conducive to an atmosphere of constructive dialogue in matters pertaining to race questions.

      The cowardice and condescending attitude of both Obama and Holder, is simply a byproduct of their overt treason against the nation, in directly colluding with the Mexican invasion of America.

      If the people of the United States of America are to come to terms with the grand question of racial equality, they must first define the parameters of the equation, lest a fuzzy math ensue.

      America is an Anglo-Saxon nation, with an Anglo-Saxon patrimony. All minority races must recognize this basic fact and pledge their allegiance to the Founding Fathers as divinely inspired men who formed a beacon of freedom for all oppressed peoples of the world.

      American culture and demographics must remain intact, by ensuring that the Anglo-Saxon race remains a “silent/vocal majority,” as this country belongs to the American people–not the Third World.

      This nation was NOT founded to turn it into a “safety valve,” animal farm, or petri dish in cloning proles for Big Brother’s New World Order.

      America is in no way obligated to submit to the Mexican Lebensborn movement, which in truth is cultural genocide of the white race, delivered by the brown race which would annex American territory for Mexico.

      America is the pole star for all revolutionary movements; past, present and future. Anyone who would redefine that vision in favor of Marxist revolution, under the rubric “Change,” is a direct threat to the national security of the United States of America.

      America is not a dumping ground for a tangle of squabbling nationalities, a flophouse for itinerant Marxist revolutionaries; nor is it a human petting zoo for serfs of the Third World.

      Anyone who would label this nation’s founders as genocidal slave masters and believes that the “New World Order” takes precedence over the nation-state, is in direct violation of the freedom of all men. That entity is the ultimate slave master, based on philosophy–not skin color.

      The United States of America is Supreme Shogun of the high seas and must never submit to vassalage under the phony storefront of the international bankers; the United Nations.

      This country stands for the future existence of the nation-state, so that it may never again submit to rule by oligarchy. This is the legacy bequeathed to the American people by the founders.

      The current melodrama created by the DOJ, is a transparent display of acquiescence to the Mexican incursion and betrays the true agenda of treason committed by the Obama regime. It is the smoking gun of ill-rule.

      The states of the Union must now complete the Civil War, by uniting to form a more perfect union of secession from the New World Order of the international bankers. They must form a “common security perimeter” which boxes-in the degenerate government of Obama, so that it may be “harmonized” away into the dustbin of history.

      The American people are resolved that that noble experiment in human freedom. Of 234 years duration must continue to exert its influence over mankind.

      The communist government in Washington must be toppled by military coup, so that our country may survive.

      The race question has now been fully presented before an incurious world.

    80. Marvin Gordon says:

      This government, for the congress and senate leaders, NOT the WE the common middle class people and the retired as we, believe we will VOTE OUT every one of our representatives. Even the good buys and gals that say they are doing something, but have YET to do it.

      We are sick and tired of the government knowing everything and treating US as idiots, they will be the idiots this November, God Willing!! Can I say this? I guess so as we still have the First Ammendment, thank GOD!

    81. Patrick Napier, Tocc says:

      How can our government oppose such blatent voter intimidation and call it justified? The evidence viewed on Glenn Beck at Fox News, clearly made the case to millions of Americans. Why can't our congress investigate the Department of Justice and the Attorney General? How can they be justified in the dismissal of an open and shut case? Where is American outrage and leadership? An investigation is imparative and this matter must be explained. The timing of this case is causing intimidation of voters just before elections, could this be intentional ? Patrick Napier

    82. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      To understand Holder and his decisions you need to study his record. Checkout these activities: graduate of liberal Columbia Law School (1978), lawyer for NCAAP, US Justice department under Clinton & Reno (against death penalty, circumvented SOP to get Mark Rich pardoned, then the Puerto Rican terrorists), with private law firm helped Blagojvich with a scheme, volunterly joined Reno to support DC gun ban, assistant AG under Bush. This points to a very liberal radical who is soft on criminals and terrorists. Not surprised at his actions, not surprised at all.

    83. Old Corps, Oregon says:

      Holder is a hand-picked damage control agent intended by Obama to cover the adminstration's actions in legal system manipulation. Holder, Fernandes, and the rest of his political appointees and staff should be disbarred and fired for legal malfeasance, but that's the fallacy of this administration – denial, and when faced with persistence, simply dismissing concerns with indifference. That's what happens when you allow the three branches of federal government to fall under the control of an ideology. Face it, people – we sat and watched this coming, head-on. Think about that when you cat ballots in 2010 and 2012. We do this again, we deserve what we get. You know the old adage: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…". Understood?

    84. Alan Robbins, Pinckn says:

      What is doubly irritating about this case is the progressive's endless ranting during the Bush adminstration that the DOJ had been politicized.

      They really can't blame this on Bush Appointees can they?

      It seems that once again they prove to be the masters of "Do as I say, not as I do"

    85. David, Denver, Co. says:

      Any liberal reading this won't get beyond the first paragraph and the spelling and grammatical mistakes. They'll think all us conservatives are ignorant Tea Party boobs. "Racial epitaphs." You mean epithets…I hope. "Wielding deadly billy clubs." "Shouting menacing voters." An editor, please!

    86. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Holder's only job is to UPHOLD the law, he has it backward – HOLDING UP the law. Lose this loser…NOW.

    87. Jeff, California says:

      Interesting that in the late 1950s and early 1960s Kenya, Somalia, South America and other third world countries leading dictators utilized the Unions and bullies at the voting booths as the norm to get elected.

    88. GREG JONSSON says:

      Epithets, not epitaphs!

    89. Nancy Covington says:

      A thumbprint should be required for every vote and run through computers—throwing out all unvalidated voters—dead ones, double or triple Acorn votes, illegals, felons, etc.

      I would gladly give my thumbprint as would any law abiding citizen of the US.

      Why is this so complicated?

      Truth is Democrats depend on deceit, dishonesty theft and thugery to win elections.

      Wouldn't we all like to know what Obama held over the heads of those blue dogs who voted for health care… those who chose to bow out of elections?

    90. Nancy Covington, LA says:

      thumbprint should be required for every vote and run through computers—throwing out all unvalidated voters—dead ones, double or triple Acorn votes, illegals, felons, etc.

      I would gladly give my thumbprint as would any law abiding citizen of the US.

      Why is this so complicated?

      Truth is Democrats depend on deceit, dishonesty theft and thugery to win elections.

      Wouldn’t we all like to know what Obama held over the heads of those blue dogs who voted for health care… those who chose to bow out of elections?

    91. Arthur E. Oringderff says:

      Why is it that level headed, common sense, intelligent Americans cannot see the forest for the trees ? There are simply too many happenings that favor the Obama administration over the last 18 months for these happenings to be coincidental. I realize folks don't like to admit the potential that the majority of our governing officials are criminals, but those are the facts. Overt spending, health bills and others don't just happen; horse trading is a fact of life in DC, but horse trading in DC is more a kin to horse stealing in reality. Our officials are trading/stealing America's future right down the toilet to the point of no return. And, when the desired outcome can't be accomplished overtly, its accomplished covertly while other check & balance officials are in recess. And as if that isn't enough, we need to realize that totally covert, off the record, happenings to support such difficult to sell agendas as killing all off-shore drilling must be handled in yet another fashion. Do you seriously believe the "oil leak", platform explosion just happened, do you really believe the capping process was "that difficult". Not even ! The time for self denial and blind faith in general and basic "good" in our elected officials has ended. Wake up, coincidences don't just happened, they are "engineered" and until we wake up and throw "all the bums out" and re-establish new blood and honesty in both parties we can expect to see more of the same and probably deserve what we get.

    92. Axel Anderson, Santa says:

      Obama is a failed President. Eric Holder is racist. How could the American people have been so duped into placing a Marxist in the White House??

    93. Tom Kansas City says:

      Pamela in Lincoln

      I think an appropriate action against the lame stream media and the leftist newspapers is a boycott. Wait until after the election, since we are going to have to be rebuting their lies prior to election, and then have a mass nationwide coordinated cancellation of the leftist papers and e-mail to the big four leftist tv media to tell them that we no longer care to listen to their distorted view of the news and to what we know are lies. So we won’t be watching their stations anymore. There is a weakness in that threat, that being, that it is possible that no conservative person in the US is watching them any more anyway, but I don’t think that is the case and it would seem to me that is the only way to bring integrity to those in that media. Unemployment of so called journalists would go up but the H cares about them. They have taken the first amendment and made a mockery of it.

    94. WM, La says:

      This case should be made a public issue in the mainstream media. It may start turning people's heads in the right direction.

    95. Joe (Slidell, LA) says:

      Shouldn't we be looking at obstruction of justice charges against some in the DOJ? Of course, Obama and his cronies seem to be immune to it all.

    96. Michael , Gahanna says:

      I hope and pray, that in November, that America wakes up and let's get these people voted out. We need to take our Nation back.

    97. Gary Arlington,Texas says:

      We all know the answer. Socialism and I mean Black led Socialism. If the brave leader of the NBPP wants to come here on election day, he needs to let us know whether he prefers chocolate or glicyrin ,so we'll know where to shove that stick he carries.

    98. Don Strickland says:

      I think I will have a can of pepper spray with me when I go to the polls this November and if accosted I will defend myself with it just like I would for any other mugging.

    99. John Rockwall, TX says:

      What happens if a guy decides he doesn't like the intimidation of the Black Panther with the billy club and decides he is going to kick his butt or uses his registered hand gun and is authorized to carry…we are allowed to protect ourselves if bodily harm is insinuated or at least used to be. Guns are forbidden at the polling place, bet he'd go to jail right then and there….

    100. Steve, Los Angeles says:

      Yawn, just another exercise in hand wringing and wrinkled brows from Heritage.

      Wake me when they actually come up with a plan.

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    102. Steven Coy Westminst says:


    103. Daezy, Santa Cruz says:

      If this abomination is not righted soon, every non-Obama voter will be subject to voter intimidation in November, thanks to this administration and its Department of Justice giving the Black Panthers the okay on voter intimidation.

      We are all in harm's way!

    104. Pingback: For Farmville harvested from an organic farm real

    105. robert sargent new j says:

      its what our founding fathers feared.destroy the republic from the inside.look out there is more coming.till we stop it in nov.vote the obama gang out and take back our country.who ever voted the party line with obama must go.

    106. Robert Pszyk Miami says:

      Long before the Civil War broke out Abraham Lincoln then a young lawyer in 1837 wrote something that still can apply to todays political dilemma. "When shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some transatlantic giant step this earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia could not by force take a drink from the Ohio, or make a trac along the BlueRidge in the trial of a thousand years. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be it's author and finisher. As anation of free men, we could live forever, or die by suicide.

    107. Scott, Montana says:

      The thing to remember about this come November. NOBODY can intimidate you unless YOU let them. Stand up to these punks. And when you see someone else standing up to them, go over and support them. Remember, no matter how many thugs they send, WE, the patriotic American Citizens, outnumber them 1000 to 1. Remember that, and vote your consciense come November.

    108. Anton Hunter says:

      Once again, the far left shows its lack of understanding. They so quickly forget that the policies they enforce, or choose not to enforce, will one day come back to bite them. They show no understanding of human nature…that it will seek vengeance, politically, for the agregious over-stepping of their policies. Do these people actuallly believe that they are untouchable? The next Administration and/or Congress may decide to prosecute these upstarts and then where will they hide? So, go ahead, Mr Holder, and do your worst! But remember, you will pay for it…and "Payback's a Bitch" doesn't even begin to describe the righteous indignation which will certainly be poured upon you and those who follow your lead.

    109. Pingback: WoW can you say thanks OBAMA???? - Northwest Firearms Community

    110. KEN, TEXAS says:

      SCOTT FROM MONTANA, You are right we (faithful Americans) outnumber them. We need to act like men and women of faith! Live out our beliefs. November is coming!! Pray and tell all your friends/neighbors to get off their butts and vote for people of character who you would ask to hold your wallet or purse. If there isn’t someone like that running? Why aren’t you? We need to BE people of charater in our everyday lives no matter what others are doing!

    111. dsuds says:

      the actions of this administration get more and more disgusting every day. until the mainstream media gets the balls to report on some of this stuff, nothing will happen, because the sheeple out there only believe what their favorite talking heads tell them. and if they're never told, they'll never know…

    112. Randy,New Orleans says:

      Raceism is Raceism no matter who it comes from and I deplore it. It is clearly obvious that Obama, Holder, the Main Streme News Media, etc. have given this vicious Racist Group of the New Black Panther Movement a pass, protecting them agaist prossicution. By law, under the Hate Crimes Legistation, this group should be in Jail and Obama has done nothing. Remember how quick he was to respond to the Massachusetts incident calling the Police stupid and the phoney "Beer Summont" that followed. This is just one of the Chapters of "Rules for Radicals " that Obama has plagerized.

    113. Diane St Louis says:

      Mr. Holder is not fit for office and should be forced to resign just like Van Jones. It appears Mr. Obama has either bad judgement or a hidden agenda which drives him to appoint such flawed individuals. I'll let others make up their own minds which they feel it is, if not both!

    114. David Yoder South Pl says:

      I personnaly invite the black panthers to come and "guard" my poling place, in south plymouth new york. The volunteer fire dept to be exact. We won't be so intimidated. I live just 1/10th of a mile from there. They are invited to camp out in my yard overnight.

    115. Ed Middletown, CT says:

      After the elections in November when the Republicans take over the House it will be time to start impeachment proceedings. Obviously it will never work on Obama but it should work on Holder. He doesn't seem to be as revered by the Democrats anyway.

    116. Elvin, IL says:

      Yes. I remember similar outrage when the BUSH DOJ dropped criminal charges against these guys 18 months ago because there were NO reliable eye-witnesses, despite what TWS says.

      This article is a joke.

    117. John L Coll says:

      wht do you expect from this administration – they ignore the people and do what they want – Holder has to go, he is a joke now and will always be in my opinion. I knoiw i would have gone through tthe line and exercised my right to vote uder the constitution of the great country United Stqates of America

    118. Jim HJohnston, Kirkw says:

      This is no more about racism than was the Kirkwood City Hall shooting by Cookie Thornton over two years ago. It's about A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT at the top, and destroying the soul of our heritage.

    119. Drew Page, IL says:

      Read Obama's books, "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope" then make up your own mind about Mr. Obama's attitude toward the white race. Consider the comments of his spiritual advisor and pastor for 20 years, you know the one, Rev. Wright, the guy who ruefully acknowledged that the 9/11 attack was "America's chickens coming home to roost" and who said "God bless america? No, no, no, God damn America". Yeah, that guy.

      Mr. Obama was the President who was going to transend racial politics in this country. Not long ago this same President accused white Massechusetts police for "acting stupidly" for arresting a black college professor for trying to break into his own home. This President has nothing to say about black on white voter intimidation, allowed by his hand picked Attorney General. This President has even less to say about the Deputy Attorney General's hand picked Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Ms. Julie Fernandes, issing instructions to the attorneys at the Civil Rights division of the DOJ, that cases of black on white voter intimidation are not to be prosecuted. This is the President who selected, as an appointee to the SOTUS, a women who saw no discrimination in the promotion of black firefighters to higher positions over white firefighters who scored higher grades on their qualifying tests. Thankfully, the members of the Court, into which she apparently will be placed, saw things differently – unanimously.

      I may be wrong, but I think that Mr. Obama's slip of the tongue in front of "Joe the Plumber" was very telling. Mr. Obama said "What we are going to do is redistribute the wealth". I believe this was political speak for reparations.

      If you are against:

      * Illegal immigration; government run, national health care; Cap & Trade and higher energy costs; a $1.3 trillion deficit, unbridled government spending and massive tax increases; government takeover and control of private sector business; government telling you what kind of car to drive, or what kind of food to eat, or how you should be parenting your children; prohibition of talk radio programs; government condemnation of Fox News; a mosque built in N.Y. City at "Ground Zero", where islamic terrorists murdered 3,000 men, women and children; an American President apologizing for what he calls American "arrogance, dismissiveness and derisiveness"; America sending $400,000 in foreign aid to Hamas, in order to negotiate with the "moderates" in Hamas; indeed, if you are against anything proposed, adopted or defended by Mr. Obama and his administration — YOU ARE A RACIST.

    120. Maralynn Johnson says:

      It is so discouraging to see the direction our country is going. I PRAY that we can hold on until Nov. and that perhaps the elections will change things. That can only happen if there are candidates with integrity, Judeo/Christian/Constitutional values. If we get more RINOS on the ballot, nothing will change. November is a long way off in political terms and we all need to pray. I believe in the God that allowed this nation to be the greatest in the world and the American people who are the greatest in the world. Here's hoping November will bring about real change.

      Now….please forgive my being critical, picky and petty but I must respond to a "little" error. In the piece that was written up top, the writer talked about "racial epitaphs". An epitaph is something that is written on a grave stone or said about someone who has passed on. What that person meant was "racial epithets. Again, sorry. Don't mean to be critical but I notice these thing. Otherwise Great piece!

    121. Linette, Boise says:

      If he can bring his billy club to a polling place, I'm bringing my tazer! It's only fair!

    122. art williams says:

      holder is going to have to live with himself after obamas house of cards come tumbling down.he joins the thinning ranks of thousands who sold their personal integrity to climb aboard the destroy america express.their downfall will be reminscent of the toriys flight from new york after the british surrender at the conclusion of the revolution.

    123. Glenn Butler in Cent says:


      For the history books, the Progressive Liberals (both democrat and republicans) all being Communist has from within destroyed the only FREE NATION in the WORLD! A nation who had a constitution/bill of rights that Guaranteed their Freedom is now only a memory! The founding fathers warned the citizens their freedom would always be under attack and they would have to fight to keep it!

      There was plenty of warnings for the past 100 years but few paid attention. Those that did pay attention and tried to recruit a defense were ridiculed and made fun of. Thousands were jailed and literally 1,000's were murdered by a government gone mad!

      I personally have/still do try to awaken the PATRIOTS of their peril, but very few show any interest, I wonder why that is? Cowards no doubt!

      The question is can we retake AMERICA and return her to the GLORY of having the constitution/bill of rights as secured by our founding fathers.


    124. Jeff Spring, Malibu says:

      It appears to me the the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (new hate crimes bill) signed by Obama last year only applies to white perpetrators. Don't you think that Shabazz's comments that were caught on video are a good example of hate? Why hasn't this been mentioned by anyone in the media.

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