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  • Better Late Than Never: LA Times Recognizes Arizona Isn’t the Only State Battling Illegal Immigration

    According to The Los Angeles Times many states have enacted laws similar to the Arizona law aimed at curbing activities related to illegal immigration. Though late at coming to that conclusion, the Times is right.

    As extensively cataloged in Controlling Illegal Immigration: State and Local Governments Must Do More, over the last six years most states have enacted legislation in the areas most affected by illegal immigration: driver’s licenses and identification, public benefits, higher education benefits, voting security, criminal sanctions, and employment.

    When pro-illegal immigrant groups have sued, the courts have upheld most of the legislation, the best example of which—having surviving the liberal Ninth Circuit—is Arizona’s employment law. One of the obvious aims of the Obama Administration’s legal assault on Arizona is to chill other states from taking additional action. So far, that political move has failed, as more than 18 states are considering legislation similar to Arizona’s illegality law.

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    3 Responses to Better Late Than Never: LA Times Recognizes Arizona Isn’t the Only State Battling Illegal Immigration

    1. Carol,AZ says:

      “18 States are considering Leg. for AZ’s..”

      My last comment was deleted from your site..I will try again.
      18 States get it.
      They have the social consciousness based on what they know is happeing to AZ, also realizing they will be next.

      !8 States also know without enforcing State wide E-Verify that 17 million unemployed Americans also our tax base, need our help for re-employment.
      Imagine that supporting Americans!

      From the L.A. Times and the State of CA……
      …..where is Arnold’s public apology to the unspeakable damage CA did to our State bashing us for weeks over a little law which how has enpowered the entire justice system to come after AZ like a pack of wolves.
      Ca has always had a simular law but never enforced it like numerous other laws ,ignored there on all issues of illegal immigration.
      Now there seeeen the light!
      Oh my gosh Least we forget that Governor S.did revoke the ability for illegals to drive in CA.
      70 cities have been published as Sanctuary.

      Maybe the L.A Times will do an indepth report on,
      “HOW” Sanctuary, outlawed under Fed Law, has been twisted by CA, receiving millions in Federal Funding,under that status.

      That’s an L.A. Times review all America will look forward to reading..
      If Ca is looking for redemption it’s only because they finally have come to the understanding that backlash has a way of moving in both directions.
      They fail to stand up firmly on any level in support of AZ who is fighting for it’s life with NO HEL.P from any direction.

    2. theponderer, usa says:

      The immigration debate boils down to a struggle over future voter demographics. Democrats attract poor immigrants into Americas urban areas and entice them to vote democrat with the promise of taxpayer funded social services and entitlements. Republicans are fearful they will be made irrelevant on the national stage if current demographic changes continue and democrats become more successful in mobilizing poor voters.


    3. Carol,AZ says:

      RSVP Pondering.

      Certainly we know that…Certainly we are being punished for shoving the problem into the laps of the imept Federal Gov.'t ignoring all requests of help .

      Our desperation in AZ and TX with a full blown NARCO war being fought by the Cartels who are fighting for control over the shipping points on all border towns,which includes CA is certainly NO surprise.

      Ca has never openingly discussed the same problem.They tried to shuts us up by boycotting AZ.

      Like New Mexico, CA "has everything under control."

      Well think again .

      America will never forget this giant mistake to protects it's, "Porous Borders, when they vote in NOV.

      Other States have learned by example becasue of AZ, and are passing laws and enforcing existing laws as fast as they can to prevent becausing us.

      Imagine passing E-Verify as the universal search engine to check all people in America against using stolen I.D's for employement.

      'Imagine re-employing some of the 17 million Americans who are now looking for our help.

      Imgaine expanding our tax payer base.

      Imagine a law passed making English the primary language.

      Just imagine kicking out all those illegals living in your back yard OFF all incentvie programs and reinvesting that money in your State for Buss. development to grow your State in all ways.

      Just imagine ?

      Illegal MEANS against the law. I do not fee4l guilty about enforcement.

      I also support legal immigration as all of us do here in AZ.

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