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  • There Really Is a Racist Scandal at the Justice Department

    Gavel and scales of justice

    At last! It took a year, but The Washington Post and The New York Times have finally done (grudging) stories about the Justice Department’s scandalous dismissal of the voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.

    Indeed, even The Los Angeles Times editorialized about the testimony of former career lawyer Christian Adams before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, going so far as to admit that the Department’s handling of this case “raises larger questions,” although they then claim that “so far the case hasn’t been made” that this was handled inappropriately or that “the department is hostile to white voters whose right are violated.”

    The Los Angeles Times is wrong that the case hasn’t been made. Adams’s testimony is both credible and shocking, but more importantly, it has not been refuted at all by the Justice Department . DOJ has told the press that it is only “conservatives” who are concerned over this matter, which is beside the point, and not true in any case.

    Adams’s testimony is also completely in accord with my own experiences as a career lawyer in the Civil Rights Division of Justice for four years (and other former Division lawyers who were interviewed by Pajamas Media). In fact, I filed an affidavit with the Civil Rights Commission today confirming parts of Adams’s testimony of which I have personal knowledge. That includes the overt hostility that was shown by other career lawyers in the Voting Section, including its former chief, Joseph Rich, to the first ever Voting Rights Act enforcement case the Division filed against black defendants, when I was still at Justice.

    That was the case of U.S. v. Brown, in which a federal district court found that the defendants had engaged in intentional and blatant racial discrimination to deny and dilute the vote of white residents of Noxubee County, Mississippi. This case, which was affirmed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, was one that most of the lawyers in the Section did not want to investigate, work on, or file. They harassed the few career lawyers like Christian Adams and Christopher Coates who were willing to work on it, simply because the defendants were black (as were some of the victims).

    The animus shown towards the race-neutral enforcement of voting rights that Adams testified about was present among the career lawyers when I was at the Division. So was the opposition to enforcing Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, which requires states to regularly clean up their voter rolls and delete individuals who have died or moved away. It is a scandal that has been brewing for years but that no one was willing to talk about. The difference today is that the political appointees in the Obama administration agree with those policies. The political appointees that I worked for in the Bush administration were not willing to put up with this attitude, as the Brown and the New Black Panther cases show, as well as the NVRA cases that were filed against states like Indiana and Missouri for violating Section 8. And contrary to the claims by those on the Left who say that the Bush administration was only interested in protecting white voters or only enforcing Section 8 of the NVRA, the Division filed literally dozens of other cases under the Voting Rights Act from 2001 to 2008 on behalf of racial and ethnic minorities — almost 60 cases in all, compared to less than 30 during the Clinton administration — and 12 cases under all of the provisions of the NVRA, including Section 8, compared to only eight during the Clinton administration.

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    18 Responses to There Really Is a Racist Scandal at the Justice Department

    1. Zack says:

      "At last! It took a year, but The Washington Post and The New York Times have finally done (grudging) stories about the Justice Department’s scandalous dismissal of the voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party"

      That's a typical Heritage opener. Blaming every other media outlet for bias coverage but their own. Also, that the "liberal media" is trying to protect the Justice Department. Please, this "liberal media" claim is pitiful at best.

      One member of the Black Panther Party was released and no doubt in my mind do I hear direct racist remarks from that person and I likewise condone that 100%. And yes, any other remarks, by other members of the Black Panther Party, which I guarantee exist that say the same things I condone as well.

      What about voter-intimidation cases against the tea party? Hey, if conservatives want to take a few people and use the guilt by association spin then lets! I keep hearing that the tea-party is a diverse group of people made up of many different races and politics. That is an outright lie. It's 99.9% angry white people, is it not? I've been, seen and heard many tea-party events and unfortunately I've seen and heard many, many racist signs, remarks, slogans and conservation.

      I do not thrive in this fact. I wish the tea party events didn't have these things but they do. The most confusing part is what exactly are they upset about? Taxed enough already? What about the 12 years of congressional control, 8 years of the Bush administration, the 5.5 trillion added to the national debt, .5 trillion for unfunded military contracts, 2.5 trillion for both bush tax cuts all under conservative/republican power? Or that this recession was WAY in the making and started before Obama even touched the White House steps. Are they mad at that as well?, I sure hope so. And don't tell me to stop blaming Bush and Republicans, why would I? It happened.

      But, back to the real debate here. This new conservative uprising against a few idiots at the NAACP and the Black Panther Party is not working. If someone like me who is a registered Liberal Democrat that did vote for Obama can condone actions by people in a group like the Black Panther Party, can conservatives complete the same task for the tea party.

      I try so hard to not use guilt by association with conservatives, republicans, tea partys, southern militia groups, succession, etc. but its damn hard. Why, because I hear and see it every day. People tell me not to use the race card…why?…I say stop giving me direct reasons to. All you have to do is go knock on some of the doors in my Neighborhood in Northern, VA and ask people what they think about the President and you would hopefully be disappointed in the remarks people have.

      Heritage blogs like this going after the justice department go nowhere. It's useless. It's not working. The "liberal media" claim is not working. Its funny, because I would like to know where I can find liberal media these days, even in Washington, DC in the area close to where I reside!

      Strike down and condone the actions of racist people in your political parties first and they you can gain a little more credibility but for now, its all hypocrisy. I have nothing against conservatives or republicans or the tea parties, im just not stupid enough to deny physical and tangible facts.

      But if you must, go forth and personally attack me for stating facts!

    2. Zack says:

      you don't have to post this comment but post the other one about the tea party. don't be a coward moderator….don't be a coward!

    3. victoria_29 says:

      Thanks for speaking up….God knows someone needs to.

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    5. Billie says:

      Zack, the tea party is filled with people who will be effected and or who love the principles and values of this country that unite under equal rule and protection.

      Everybody is invited to this party! No signs, words or actions omitting anyone!

      For those who attend, use freedom of choice. No hands are held and no one gets paid. You and government members are the ones putting race on it and you're right but in a way you won't look at and government authority won't admit.

      The government is directly focused on the removal of liberties and freedoms and those who attend the tea parties are fighting to keep them. Why is government authority threatening and abusing whites? The tea party is for all who are effected and or love the principles, freedoms and individual rights this country established. Skin color irrelevant.

      And Heritage can do what they want, IT'S THEIR MONEY! You talk negatively about Heritage alot. Why do you come here? You only write the same rhetoric the leftists and government spews. Can't you think for yourself?

      talk about a coward, just because many don't attend, you think so low of people who aren't white?

    6. Zack says:

      -you stated…

      "Why is government authority threatening and abusing whites?"

      -that could possibly one of the dumbest things I have heard.

      Please, please, please explain in specific detail how that is happening in any way, shape or form?

      Is that your response? Borrrrrrrrrrrrrring. The tea-party is not racist, but many many many people that attend the tea-party "get togethers" are very very very racist to the bottom of their hearts. I know, because I see and hear it every single day. I go after Heritage because websites like this are the true problem with people in this country. It is one of the most dishonest, bias, partisan websites in existence. Also, 99.9% of the people that do go just happen to be whtie christian conservative and they talk about "small government" and "lower taxes" which is the exact opposite of what happens when they vote these "conservatives" in office. Need I repeat what I wrote in the last comment about spending and debt with conservative republicans?

      You guys are hypocrits that hide behind your false interpretation of "freedom", "liberty", "small government" and "the constitution" when your conservative party history has actions that speak louder then words.

    7. Knowsit, Reno says:

      @ Zack.

      You obviously have not gone to a single TEA party rally, or you would know that there are members of all races protesting the failed policies of the current administration.

      Singer / Entertainer Markus Lloyd, a black man, was part of every TEA party rally across the country, and the stops ones I attended, received the loudest applause of all the speakers. Blacks are also part of the leaders in thus organization, and most attendees are just plain freedom loving Americans.

      So before you try to comment, get the facts

    8. patriot77 says:

      Zack, have you ever heard of the term "useful idiot"? Didn't think so.

    9. Zack says:

      -you stated…
      "You obviously have not gone to a single TEA party rally"

      -As a matter of fact I have gone to 3 different Tea Party events just to see what they are really all about. And guess what, the same things at all 3, espically in Fairfax, Virginia. These are just some things I heard- "Take the Kenyan back to Africa", "Minorities are too lazy to not only work, but vote!", Out the Hitler President, "Show us the Birth Certificate", I also heard the N word about 10 times while moving back and forth through the crowd, amongst other things. As I said before, The Tea Party is not Racist, just alot of Racist people in the Tea Party and I would say that right in front of your face and in front of the largest Tea Party crowd without a second of hesitation. I do not and WILL not tolerate that garbage in MY country. The problem with people like you is that you turn a blind eye to what some White/Christian/Conservatives at these events stand for.

      -you stated…
      "or you would know that there are members of all races protesting the failed policies of the current administration"

      -So why did I see about 5 non-white people out of about 300 people at each event. Nothing wrong with have a majority of white people at these events at all, just don't tell me it represents all races unless you say about 1.0167% of every tea party events since they started. Oh, and please expalin the failed policies?, in detail cause I keep hearing that from conservatives.

      you stated…
      "Singer / Entertainer Markus Lloyd, a black man, was part of every TEA party rally across the country, and the stops ones I attended, received the loudest applause of all the speakers. Blacks are also part of the leaders in thus organization"

      -aside from the fact That Markus Lloyd without a doubt is a strong member of the tea party rise, what about all the rest of the racist lunatics at these events? This is not a diverse group of people no matter how many times you can tell yourself it is. ive been there. Have you seen the blogs and pictures, and art work at teaparty.org(the main tea party sight), have you seen the signs at events, the slogans, comments, the discussions, the words used? Are you really not seeing these things or are you just pretending they do not exist?

      -you stated…
      "Blacks are also part of the leaders in thus organization, and most attendees are just plain freedom loving Americans"

      -again, how many 5? tell me exactly how this Administration is taking away your freedom in any way, shape or form…just one way? What has this administration done to physically effect any part of your life or money in a negative way…just one way? And I want direct evidence.

      -you stated…
      "So before you try to comment, get the facts"

      -so being at 3 tea party events with hundreds of people while seeing and hearing many many many racist things doesn't account for facts? It seems you are on the defense and using comments as debate. What about everything tangible that I experienced at these events or just random people I talk to that claim to be members of the tea party/conservative republicans?

      oh and patroit77, your name says enough. Don't waste my time.

      Folks, let me tell you about this new Black Panther Issue that republicans and conservatives are jumping all over. It is, and only is an attempt to draw attention from the countless issues with racism in these tea party events. As i said before, THE TEA PARTY ITSELF IS NOT RACIST BUT THERE HAPPEN TO BE MANY RACIST PEOPLE IN THE TEA PARTY. Clear enough? Also, you find racist people in the Black Panther Party, no question. The difference is that I condone them.

      Instead of tea party leaders doing everything they can to condone the many racist people involved in their cause they start throwing stones at something else. Condone it! Then and only then will you gain the slightest credibility but for now it and its supporters like you are causing your own damage.

      Aslo, racism is around and I believe even more now. I see it and hear it every single day. I will not tolerate it, or permit it.

      For a debate with real substance, would you like to talk about what the Tea Party really stands for? I'd love to know.

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    11. Billie says:

      Zack, you are pathetic. None of those three signs you mentioned had anything to do with being racist! You're a hairy faced Obamakin. Otherwise known as a bald face liar. Where's your proof, liar?

      They're threatening whites by increasing taxes that directly effect their livelihoods. They're abusing whites by targeting everything they do for themselves to eventually force them on government dependency. They're trying to condition people (like you) to see every attempt of the white man to make things right between all, meant nothing. All the time and money whitey put in, and he's called racist. You're a liar, Zack.

    12. Billie says:

      And another thing, Zack, why would you support holding people back because of racist assumptions with absolutely nothing truthful to support it? I mean think about it. Using "racists" as if illegal? Well, it's only the actions that are illegal. The pink panthers showed us a bit of what illegal actions of racism are. Any ignorant person and you're right, there are racists in the world, can be racist. why would you let that hold you back from pursuing your lifes dreams?

      A mind is a terrible thing to waste, why do you Zack, support wasting it on hating, jealousy and any other weakness? We are fighting a cause and all are welcome.

    13. Zack says:

      because if i say nothing, who else will?

    14. Billie says:

      Zack, none of the signs you mention relate to being a racist! None of them. Look up the word in the dictionary, as it has been redefined by society for the benefit of peoples inner weaknesses. Certainly isn't building inner strength thanks to government sympathies and government's desire to grow.

    15. Zack says:

      keep drowning in your own words, it makes it easier for me not to comment.

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    17. Billie says:

      Nothing but truth you can't debate, holds you back, Zack.

    18. dannyroberts Phoenix says:

      in my humble opinion President Obama is the worst thing that could ever have happened to our great country .i served my country in the navy. where did this man serve his?? on the south side of Chicago??

      i wish the media would print the truth and out this man before he can do more damage. he is dividing america and thats not good.

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