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  • Live From the Gulf: Obama Sends Top Doc to Study Damage He Inflicted on Gulf

    President Barack Obama’s decision to ban oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the federal government’s bureaucratic delays are exacerbating the nightmares already tormenting the torn region.

    Now, in a bitter twist of irony, Obama’s surgeon general, Regina Benjamin, this week visited the Gulf to warn residents about the mental health problems caused by oil spill-related stress (that her boss is likely making worse).

    See if you can connect the dots on this one:

    1. President Obama’s moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is causing job losses and financial hardship throughout the region.
    2. The federal government’s unnecessary delays are making environmental and economic protection throughout the Gulf region impossible.
    3. President Obama’s appointee, Kenneth Feinberg, still has not distributed any of the $20 billion meant to aid those suffering financial hardship from the oil spill.
    4. Job losses and financial stress related to the BP oil spill are reportedly causing mental health problems for people throughout the Gulf.
    5. President Obama’s Surgeon General Regina Benjamin visited Alabama and warned that stress and sadness caused by oil spill-related financial strife could develop into serious mental health problems.

    In short, President Obama took executive action to halt oil drilling, is thereby causing folks to be out of work, is overseeing a bureaucracy that is slowing relief efforts, and is now having his surgeon general warn people about the dangerous effects of the very problems he’s causing.

    There are solutions to the problem that won’t require psychotherapy: lift the ban on drilling and cut the red tape.

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    12 Responses to Live From the Gulf: Obama Sends Top Doc to Study Damage He Inflicted on Gulf

    1. Kevin Habib says:

      Here's a novel idea – how about we get this right before jumping right back into it? Remember the saying about knowing history or the danger of repeating it (sort of like the conservatives calling for extension fo polcies that got our country into such a mess)?

      As usual, the neocons that have taken over Heritage blame Obama for everything.

      They blame Obama for the future debt and deficits, while Bush era policies are responsible for 90% of the projected deficit/debt over next decade.

      How about we make sure this doesn't happen again? How about we require drilling relief wells at same time as main well? I thin kthe oil companies can afford it.

      And now you point fingers because Feinberg has not paid anything out yet? Please look back and see how long it took for him to start paying out after 9/11 – i guess that was fine when GW appointed him but not fine when Obama does.

      If only you blamed GW and Repubs half as much as you do Obama and Dems, no one would ever vote for a repub again.

      Got to stop letting the neocons run rabid on the blog.

    2. Don Curnes Yuma AZ says:

      My God, you people really ARE insane!! Wow, you block as long as you can all Obamas political appointess after 8 years (30 years) of deregulating and letting oil industry police themselves and somehow this is Obamas fault. I doubt it but evil hypocrites like you crap make me hope God does exist so you all will be punished for your crimes against humanity. Filth, subhuman garbage—-the worst of the worst……..I wish the terrorists would figure out that YOU are there real enemies!

    3. Zack says:

      They either enjoy getting a rise out of us, have no clue or just intentionally lie. The real problem with this conservative attack is their legislative history from the 103rd-109th congress and previous congress majorities with republican/conservative control. Safety precautions, preventitive measures, liability caps, drill baby drill! The list goes on and on.

      Guys, do not fear. Any person on the right-wing going after Obama and his administration for this oil-spill is guaranteed political suicide. It's so simple. This is British Petroleum and the unregulated oil industry. I understand mistakes happen and not everyone at BP is to blame or all republicans in congress that voted for keeping these private companies to themselves, but you can only stick your head in the sand for so long.

      And Heritage is upset about the 800-900 oil rigs workers that will be out of work for "maybe" a few weeks. They will work elsewhere. What about the worst environmental disaster in history? What about the thousands of fisherman, the shrimp industry, thousands of jobs gone, the entire ecosystem of the gulf destroyed and damaged for decades to come? Does that matter to Heritage? The entire gulf coast?

      But don't worry because Heritage will provide links from other Heritage payed opinion makers from other opinionated blogs from Heritage itself! It's like pathetic partisan cannibalism! You better post this comment. You have not posted way too many for no reason at all. Respect my first amendment boy!

    4. George Harrison , Ho says:

      @ Habib & Curnes:

      simple truths are hard to refute. did Obama, or did he not, put a halt on drilling in the Gulf in water deeper than 5oo feet?

      did Obama stall on calling for environmental remediation / cleanup until AFTER the oil reached sensitive areas?

      did Obama reject offers of help from European countries?

      has it not been the work of environmentalists to ban drilling from shallow waters over the past 30 years?

      Bush had his faults! no argue there! this problem was made worse by leftists & Obama policy/decisions.

    5. George M. Oro Valley says:

      Habib & Curnes. Suggest you look at the facts before blowing hard.. The well was allowed and inspected under the Administration of Obama. Numerous foreign countries immediately offered their expertise to stop the oil spread and this was turned down in order to pay back the unions until the spread had contanimated the coast (70+days). Jindal requested approval to drill in 500 ft. but was denied and the drillers were required to go farther out (5000ft). Several of the deep well drillers are already on their way to Africa where the political climate is more welcoming and these jobs will be lost to Americans for a good long time, if ever to return. These wells are projected to be at depths down to (18,000ft) The debt that we are saddled with is a result of policies going back to Johnson and pushed by both Clinton, Dodd and Franke "forcing" banks to make loans that no prudent banker would ever make ie. liers loans with nothing down and negative amortized loans. It is very well documented that McCain and Bush tried to enact regulations to prevent this travesty of "uncommon" common sense. Recall the Democrats were in power the last 2 yrs of the Bush administration. The Congressional budget committee in June forcast a 15+++ trillion budget deficit by 2015 which at a payoff rate of 1million dollars a day will take only 40,000 years to pay !! That is the path that your idol is leading America on.

    6. Doug, NY says:

      barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama, I mean barry soetoro. cares NOTHING for the American People !! He goes on his merry way doing WHATEVER THE HELL he wants to do because he knows that NOBODY HAS THE NERVE TO STOP HIM !!!!

      The "man" is in the White House ILLEGALLY using a FAKE birth certificate and it's imaginary "authenticity" is backed up by THE WHOLE LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY, who are in on the WHOLE DAMN THING !!!!!

      George W. Bush was 10 TIMES the President, and 100 TIMES the MAN that barry soetoro ever will be !!!!!

      "ONCE we had JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope & Johnny Cash"


      "We have OBAMA, NO HOPE & NO CASH"



      GOD BLESS George W. Bush !!!

      GOD CHERISH Ronald Reagan !!

      GOD BLESS Rush Limbaugh !!

      GOD BLESS Arizona !!!

      GOD BLESS John Voight !!!

      GOD BLESS Garry Sinise !!!

      GOD BLESS The Swift Boat Veterans For

      Truth !!!!!!

    7. Gary Krock , Bellefo says:

      You Liberals make me sick, you still blame Bush for everything that goes wrong. No the oil spill is not Obama's fault; he is to blame for his response to the cleanup. The spill happened on his watch. BP messed up for sure, but Obama should not have left the cleanup and plugging the hole entirely to BP. Our government had offers for help from several countries and we turned them all down. It's almost as if Obama wanted the situation to get as bad as it has so he could use it to his advantage to pass Cap and Trade. He and the Democrats will have to answer for this and Health Care in 2010 and 2012 elections.

    8. Billie says:

      Habib, Curnes and Zack, if you don't put your faith in God, you will be deceived…

      keep coming, the truth will eventually open your mind, if you want it to.

    9. NoSocialism, Delray says:

      @Kevin Habib

      Getting it right? How about this, why did Obama's Administration NOT approve this well at 500' and instead forced them to do it at 5000'? How about the fact that BP, a company about 20X smaller than Mobil, have a safety record 10X worse than Mobil? But an accident at BP shuts down Mobil???

      That's like saying that if Spirit Air crashes we should shut down all the other airlines? How does that make sense to you?

      You say the Bush era policies are responsible for 90% of the projected deficit/debt over next decade? When Obama came in, the TOTAL deficit was 11Trillion, a 50% jump from 8 years of Bush. Obama's projected to have that at 15 Trillion by the end of this year! 20 Trillion by the end of his FIRST term!?!

      If conservatives are running "Rabid" as you say, it's because we can't believe the INSANITY that you would go at lengths to defend.

    10. Dan, Australia says:

      you guys are pretty confusing.

      If we are all for the creativity of private enterprise, shouldn't private enterprise be the best way to solve the cleanup?? If we're serious about this Obama and the feds shouldn't be involved at all. Anyone who has been affected by the spill can sue BP.

      and why would Obama ask foreign countries to help – Get it straight. America doesn't need help!!

    11. Zack says:


      yea, because drilling closer would not ensure an environmental disaster alot faster becasue its closer to shore and because oil is located more in shallow water then deep water right!

      pardon the sarcasm but come one guys, you gotta at least try!

      you guys are truly pathetic and George, your still kicking that dead horse blaming democrats for the housing crash/bad ecomony are you? Tell you what, all you have to do is ask for a debate about that right here right now. Please, ask. Please, please ask.

      I don't know where to start with you guys…

      -now you want the government to help with something?

      -shallow drilling is better how?

      -I don't even know how the housing crisis got in this blog?

      -Obama blocked other countries from helping? because they could do it better how?

      -Obama waited to make the situation worse!?

      I did notice that nobody wanted to touch the legislative history of conservative republicans that tie into off shore drilling and regulation but I beg a debate, I really really really do wish someone try! Perhaps a Heritage blogger? anyone, anyone Bueller?

      again, pathetic at best.

    12. Billie says:

      there is more potential danger to the workers and ocean life, the farther down you go. If your brain can't conceive this by pure logic, drink some more kool-aid. shallow drilling is less dangerous and much more efficient. Spending dollars on equipment that allows drilling 500 feet below the surface when it is not necessary, IS WASTE. Especially when the unnecessary manufacturing of this equipment directly contradicts the governmental brainwashing illusion of man-made global warming. At least they consider mandating the private sector manufacturing jobs in America and in the name of man-made global warming. A man with common sense and logic would see this up front. Gosh Zack, I hope you have some of your own ability to think for yourself, left…

      for your own sake, stop drinking the kool-aid.

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