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  • Live Video from the Gulf: The Moratorium In Their Own Words

    One of the many questions Heritage’s team in the Gulf asked locals when they visited last week was how they thought the President’s drilling moratorium would affect them.

    We have highlighted some of the many concerns they shared in a new video. They were roundly critical of the composition of the President’s oil spill commission and the devastating effects they expect to see from his drilling moratorium.

    As Ted Falgout, Former Director of Port Fourchon, says in the video, “We’re going to start losing rigs quickly and they may not be back for several years.”

    In fact, Falgout’s predictions have already begun to come true. Reports came this week that oil rigs currently in the Gulf of Mexico would be moved to Egyptian waters and to the Republic of Congo. But as a new Heritage paper explains, this does not have to be. As repeated court decisions have confirmed, the President’s bans were an overreaction. We need to clean up this spill and move beyond it in a way that does not ignore what happened but instead addresses in a proactive, rational way. As Heritage’s Ben Lieberman explains:

    The Deepwater Horizon spill is the first significant spill from a well in American waters since 1969. In the meantime, offshore oil production has become a significant source of domestic energy and jobs. Fully a third of American oil comes from offshore, and the potential for additional growth is great. The U.S. can and should respond to the spill but in ways that do not jeopardize the benefits of tapping America’s offshore energy.

    The Deepwater Horizon spill is already a tragedy—for the 11 workers killed, for the fisherman and others who have lost their jobs, and for the damaged environment of the Gulf. Washington should not compound the tragedy by imposing an unnecessary and costly offshore ban.

    Read more from our ’Live from the Gulf ’ blog series here, as well as research on the oil spill here, brought to you by our team of energy, environment, homeland security and response experts on the ground.

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    8 Responses to Live Video from the Gulf: The Moratorium In Their Own Words

    1. Drew Page, IL says:

      Obama and his Democrat majority cannot be accused of being unfair. If the Louisianna fishermen and resort and restaurant owners are out of work, it's only fair that the government put Louisianna oil workers out of work too.

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    4. John, St. Louis says:

      Drew obviously believes that redistribution of wealth is the way to go. Wake up bud! If everyone sits around waiting for a handout, who's going to provide it?

      Regarding your comment: "Obama and his Democrat majority cannot be accused of being unfair." It is definitely not the responsibility of 'Obama and his Democrat majority' to decide what should be done in this situation (or many others over which they want the power). That group needs to decide whether the want to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

      Fair has nothing to do with it. Life isn't "fair". It simply is.

      You can choose to make things happen, you can choose to simply ignore the fact that things are happening, or you can continue to remain oblivious of the fact that things are happening. Yes, I think you fall into that latter part.

      You have the choice both to believe as you obviously do and to speak your opinion, as do I, because America is about freedom. Why do you have those choices Drew? You won't understand the answer, but I will provide it nonetheless. You have those choices because the people of America fought for them and will continue to do so.

      If you respect your freedom to speak out, say thanks to a veteran.

      If you can read this plain English response, say thanks to a veteran.

      If you don't like this or the other things implied by it, move to another country.

    5. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      The Deep Water Horizon was not a spill! Leaving your water hose on all night is not a spill. tipping a cup of coffee over on the table cloth is a spill.

      That being said, the fault lies with the Obamites, fore they allowed BP to drill when the Agency in charge of permit issuing denied BP.

      One way that seemed an excellent solution was to have a governmental watch on each drilling rig with the power to shut the project down, 24/7. Although this is very much like the fishing fleet of the old USSR, where each ship had a Catain of course, but it also had a KGB, and guess who ruled everyone, and kept notes!

      Not my idea of the American Way exactly, but for an emmidiate bandaide, it will do.

    6. Jim Taylor says:

      As usual, President Obama and the Washington bureaucrats have done more harm than good in the Gulf oil spill crisis, The original spill was bad enough, but the Presidents ill thought out, shoot from the hio reaction, has caused more hatm than good. His desire to look decisive has created more promlems than they have cured. Hia political grand standing have proved economically disasterous to the Gulf coast economy. He continues to prove his incompetence to lead America at every turn.

      A citixen disgusted with the Presidents formula for cbange.,

    7. Jim Taylor - San Ant says:

      Once again the President has proved he is incompetent to effectively lead the nation. His shoot from the hip appoach has proved to be more harmful to the Gulf coast economy than the original oil spill. His politically motivated grandstanding is just one more example of his ill thought out change for America.

      A disgusted Gulf coast citizen voicing his first amendment rights.

    8. todd, down in the he says:

      Short and sweet, straight to the point. This moratourium is affecting all of us, our work has slowed down a considerable amount. we haul oilfield equipment for oil companies and service companies. We sit around the house right now more than we are working, and i am struggling to pay my bills and take care of my family, after looking forward to this year being a step forward compared to the decimation that has came in the last two years, because of the economy. i am sorry to be biased or liberal on my thoughts, we were working , busting butts before the dingaling democrats came back into the office.

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