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  • Live from the Gulf: Jindal's Four-Point Plan for Revitalizing Coastal Louisiana

    NEW ORLEANS — With the Gulf oil spill approaching its 90th day, Gov. Bobby Jindal outlined an ambitious plan Wednesday to restore confidence in Louisiana and revitalize its oil-infested coast. His four-point plan puts the federal government and BP on notice for their role in the cleanup.

    Jindal was joined at the Port of New Orleans by 10 local leaders, including Jefferson Parish Councilman John Young, who will headline a Heritage Foundation event today at 2 p.m. They came with a clear message: Louisiana isn’t going to rest until the coast is fully restored and its citizens are back to work.

    The wide-ranging plan comes at a critical time in the cleanup. Fears are mounting in Louisiana that once BP caps the leaking well and finishes its relief wells, people will forget about the Gulf. Jindal is determined to keep it in the forefront.

    The work is far from over. We will absolutely not rest until every drop of oil is off of our coast and off of our shores, and our fishing and oyster industry and our ecosystem is 100 percent restored. And let there be no doubt. We will be restored. We will be revitalized. 

    The governor’s plan includes:

    1. Implementing a coastal restoration plan by securing funding from Congress and other sources.
    2. Certifying Louisiana’s seafood and getting fishermen back on the water.
    3. Lifting the federal government’s offshore drilling moratorium before it devastates the Louisiana economy.
    4. Holding BP accountable for damages until Louisiana’s wildlife, air and marshes are restored.

    None of the objectives will be easy to fulfill. Funding for coastal restoration has been authorized, but not appropriated. Fishermen continue to face challenges before returning to their livelihood. President Obama shows no signs of backing down from the moratorium despite skepticism from his own commission. And there’s evidence BP is slowing its claims payments.

    Jindal remains determined, however. He has taken a hands-on approach to the cleanup, a stark contrast to Obama. Jindal recognizes the impact of the spill and moratorium extends beyond fishermen and drill workers. Businesses large and small are hurting, leaving citizens in a fragile state of mind less than five years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region. That’s one reason Jindal is asking BP for $10 million to cover therapeutic and psychiatric services.

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    8 Responses to Live from the Gulf: Jindal's Four-Point Plan for Revitalizing Coastal Louisiana

    1. Jean Knight, Louisia says:

      Governor Jindal has shown himself to be a LEADER, is that why the Obama Administration is targeting Louisiana, i.e. Federal contracts with Louisiana to build ships at Avondale Shipyard are being canceled. The work is being sent to Mississippi. Reason so far stated is that the Department of Navy want to consolidate. Why not consolidate in Louisiana? Louisiana needs the jobs (5,000 jobs will be lost). What is going on? Why is the Obama Administration targeting Louisiana?

    2. Linda Maddox, Carlsb says:

      Gov. Bobby Jindal looks like he is fighting for his life. How frustrating for him to try to protect his state from the oil, while fighting the federal government.

      I have a lot of respect for him, as for Obama, no respect!

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    4. Monica Unangst, Slat says:

      Bobby Jindal for president! He's someone who can get the job (any job) done and understands the heart of the people.

    5. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      BHO favors states that are mostly Dem. La is a Reb. state with a Rep. Gov. Today's news on NBC even shows how much the country distrust BHO and it's going to get worse, he hasn't the slightest idea about business and he is HE__ bent on ruining this country. He is a muslim by his heritage and it's doubtful he is intitled to sit in the WH. Along with that he is a follower of Alinsky's and the ilk. IF WE do not STAND up in Nov. and vote like we are fighting for our lives(and we are) then we ONLY have ourselves to blame. All of us who read the Heritage papers need to incourage all we can to vote Nov.2, offer rides to those who need them, babysit for neighbors, anything that can help people vote.

    6. Billie says:

      Governor Jindalhl shows true compassion for the welfare of the people. Obama does not. Governor Jindahl has the intelligence of logical reason. Obama does not. Governor Jindahl speaks with truth and honesty, true integrity. Obama does not. Governor Jindahl sees what needs to be done and although needless government obstruction and fear mongering, he stands strong and barrels through. Obama does not.

      We're behind you, Governor. Thank you for your fearless drive to do what's right for America and Americans… thank you for doing what Obama won't.

    7. Carolyn McMullen,Mid says:

      It is so great to see a leader who truly loves his state and his nation and needs no nod from anyone to get the job done.And yes!Jindal for president!!

    8. mike swann carlisle says:

      Mr. President doesn't want anything to work in the gulf. For one thing, he wants to break this country. Check Cloward and Piven method. Keep people on welfare to bring America down. These were 2 Marxist professors, a 60's radicals, anti-establishment, anti-America, anti-free market. Ms. Piven was one of Bill Clinton's advisors, Imagine that. Obama wants the cap and tax thing to succeed in breaking us more. He doesn't like our Constitution and does what he pleases and ignores it. Nothing swill be done because the House andSenate will back him up. Thanks to American voters, they wanted it this way. George Soros is behind Obama and much of he Democrat Party. He will tell you he hates capitalism, free-market, and broke the bank once in england and is kicked out of england and france for inside trading. Soros is evil and doesn't mind admitting his money ($8 billion) was all ill gotten. Soros helped put Obama in senate and presidency among other afr left radicals like Kerry. The Demos are dancing to hlis tune, obama invested $10 billion of our money in Petrobas, Soros owns most of it. They are drilling in Brazil waters, giving Brazilians work. Soros is a Hungarian by birth. He admits , quote "the present financial crisis is the culamation of years of my efforts". This man is friend of Clintons, Ayres, pays the media, has made propaganda commercials llllling on the Republicans. He said Bush was a thorn in his side and invested $56 million to try to prevent him from winning the election. Mr. Soros is an atheist, wants drugs legalized as he owns land and crops in Collumbia and several banksthere. The media kept his social security fraud quiet. His nest thee was in Florida. Soros wans the one world system and wants to end the value of the dollar. Just as Barry does. Then wae can have the One world Order that Obama wants. The UN hates America andthey will be calling our tune them. Obama knows all he has to do is lower the corporate tax, capital gains tax, lower interest rates so smal business men cdan start hiring. Incidentallly, he cancelled a $30 billion small business fund that never got off it's feet. Anything to kill jobs. The gulf need not have benand he refused help from 13 countries and this would have saved the water and beaches animal llife. All righs moved out to India, China giving them work. O is an evil man. Mike Swann

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