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  • Obama's Oil Spill Commission Criticizes Offshore Drilling Moratorium

    NEW ORLEANS — In an ironic twist of fate, the chairmen appointed by President Obama to study the impact of the Gulf oil spill turned their attention to Obama’s own offshore drilling moratorium as a significant factor causing economic harm.

    Commission co-chairman Bob Graham, a former Democratic senator from Florida, bluntly declared Tuesday that there’s a “disconnect between Washington and the Gulf region about the sense of urgency needed.” The Republican co-chairman, former Environmental Protection Agency chief William Reilly, said the moratorium should be shortened.

    After a federal court struck down the Interior Department’s first moratorium, Secretary Ken Salazar issued a new ban Monday that lasts until Nov. 30. It was greeted with strong disapproval in Louisiana, where businesses throughout the region have suffered. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) testified Tuesday before the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling Commission against the moratorium.

    The commission’s two-day public meeting in New Orleans marked the start of a review initiated by Obama to gather information on the oil spill cleanup and its associated impacts.

    When the meeting started Monday, Graham and Reilly didn’t expect to do much about the moratorium. But that changed by Tuesday afternoon, when Reilly acknowledged he had a different perspective.

    “I come to this experience with a much greater sense of the economic dislocation being experienced here than I had three days ago,” said Reilly, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “It’s not clear for me why it should take so long to reassure oneself about [safety] considerations on those rigs.”

    The commission heard testimony about the inspection of drilling rigs from Michael Bromwich, director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement. He didn’t rule out a shorter moratorium, but also spoke about the need for a more thorough review. Reilly made sure he understood the economic consequences of the inactivity.

    “If there’s a single point of consensus as we’ve been down here, it’s that the moratorium is doing very significant economic damage to this area,” said Reilly, according to the Times-Picayune. “As Sen. Landrieu said there are only 33 rigs. How hard can it be to put inspectors on each one and draw conclusions that will allow a resumption of activity?”

    Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolph offered a local perspective on the moratorium. She made no secret of her disdain for commissioner Frances Beinecke’s critical comments of offshore drilling.

    The meeting also gave local citizens an opportunity to speak out — both inside the Hilton Riverside Hotel and outside. The Pelican Institute for Public Policy reported about a number of protesters, including the New Orleans Regional Black Chamber of Commerce and Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster.

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    27 Responses to Obama's Oil Spill Commission Criticizes Offshore Drilling Moratorium

    1. West Texan says:

      This whole off-shore affair and the White House's response to it would seem a parody if it wasn't for the tragic reality. Time to stop Obama and company's clownish antics. Fill congress with constitutional conservatives this November. He'll be a lame duck to the end of his term in 2012.

    2. Dan Murphy, Tampa FL says:

      Mr. Graham feels the drilling moratorium is causing economic harm? I say fire him from the commission. Economic harm is not the current problem. We have a twenty billion dollar fund to assist people harmed financially. The real problem is that there is a monster still loose in our swimming pool and most likely others lurking at the bottom. That should be the concern of this new commission.

    3. Corky, Howey in the says:

      I haven't posted anything in a few weeks and the FOUNDRY AGAIN tells me I'm posing to fast, slow down. Do they just not like what I have to say about the Present administration?

    4. CORKY, Howey in the says:

      November is coming and we can start to "CHANGE" it for the better. obama has done enough damage……

    5. Dennis Georgia says:

      This administration does not care about the people of this counry, they are only after power and controll. The ways and means of getting this power and controll is nothing to them. Hook or crook, only gve me power and controll. VOTE IN NOVEMBER TO PUT THEM OUT IN THE STREETS.

    6. scott fisk , barstow says:

      to anyone in the development of alternative fuels. RIGHT NOW, TODAY do whatever you can to set-up shop (think tank) in lets say that oyster co. or fishing co. to throw them into the forfront of thease NEW COMPANYS so they have something to look forward to because I, WE , ALL OF US , must demand and follow through to make sure that they are not forgotton !

    7. S. Smith Richmond, T says:

      Get this issue back into the courts and over turn it one more time. It is so obvious he wants us to be totally dependent on foreign oil. Also not discussed is no drilling permits are being issued-we could lose all the rigs in the gulf unless this is corrected immediately! At a cost of $500,000 a day, you can't blame these companies for wanting to move them with all the bs coming out of the White House. And BTW, othert countries are still drilling-go figure!

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    9. Scott, Chicago says:

      Remember the Rick Roll?

      With the Gulf spill disaster it's time for the Slick Roll: http://sjmdesign.com/yougotslickrolled.htm

      Directions: Add http://bit.ly and enjoy:)

    10. Richard, New Orleans says:

      Mr. Murphy – The oil spill which presumably was NOT intentional, is causing limited economic harm, BUT those directly harmed are entitled to compensation from BP.

      The intentional moratorium is harming not only the oil companies but multiple vendors in all 50 states, governments and citizens, and arguably BP is NOT obligated to make any of them whole, as the damage to them was NOT a direct result of BP's actions.

      Although BP was strong-armed into helping unemployed drilling rig personnel ($20B), there is no sign of any help to the boat companies, fuel and parts vendors, car dealers, grocery stores, hardware stores and local governments that depend on the oil industry for economic survival.

      While the impact of the oil spill on fishing and tourism is bad, it is flat stupid to add to the misery by placing a moratorium on drilling. That kills all 3 major employers in the Gulf region!

    11. Anna says:

      This is so heartbreaking….How did we get to this point is the real question.

      Another take on the spill with Dr. John, musician and activist.


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    21. Capt Lee - Josephene says:

      This is just another Obama knee jerk reaction to a situation with little thought as to the consequencies to the people of America. Only his ongoing agenda to break down America to total dependence on the gov't and force us into a socialist country is served with this plan. Funny how '' all'' of his administrations decisions ultimatly lead in the same direcrtion.,

      Socialism has never worked for the people, only the power Brokers benefit. Wake up America! Time is running out !


    22. jai, u.s.a. says:

      Obama is either criminally incompetent, extremely devious, or an enemy agent. And whatever he is, it is time we took our country back. And we can't wait until 2012. Just look at the damage done by this regime in barely one and one half years.

      One can only imagine what he will wreak on our country given TWO and a half more years. Even if we flip the house, we're still in trouble. The rule of law apparently means nothing to the Obama regime as is evident in the way they march forward regardless of the direction given to them by their BOSS, the American people. They work for US!

      Impeachment is one option, but then we'd be stuck with Biden or Nancy which couldn't be as bad, but might not be much better.

      Furthermore impeachment is too good for man who flagrantly broke the law to get himself elected. If our Supreme Court has any integrity at all, they would file criminal fraud charges against him. They would use the force of law to demand hard evidence of his stated qualifications and if not produced in a timely manner and/or if incriminating, put the jerk in JAIL. We deserve to know the TRUTH about this man.

      Since Bush was not legally replaced, he can serve as a temporary administrator until we can hold an emergency election for someone to replace Obama.

      STALLING is how Obama took control and WAITING is how we let him.

      Let's NOT let him Stall a moment longer and let's NOT Wait another minute. We are the employers here. We have both the right and the obligation to make demands! Let's get this enemy OUT of office NOW before some radical group starts a bloody revolution!!

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    25. gulf says:

      My name is Brian and i work in the gulf. I was a power lineman before this and all over the lower 48 states men and woman got killed by accident's doing line work and nobody even gave it a look or thought about it. Now here in the gulf another accident ocured and now the whole world is loosing their minds. The local's here in the gulf as you know are now about to loose thier jobs and much much more because of a accident. I think the ban should be lifted and do indavidual safty should be in place. I have a family and I cant aford to loose my job because if i loose my job i loose my house and everything I have worked so hard for. I am sorry about the people that were lost but life goes on and we can learn from our past but we should not let our past hender what is still our goal. I have lots more to say but i know my chances of this reaching you is little to none but if by chance you do read this and want to hear what i as an american has to say then email me if wish.

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