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  • Morning Bell: Cap and Ban

    The front page of USA Today claims: “President Obama’s attempt to use the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to help propel comprehensive energy legislation has failed.” Don’t believe it for a second. On Monday the Obama administration reissued a ban on offshore oil drilling in the gulf after federal courts twice invalidated the first ban, calling it “arbitrary and capricious.” The new ban is, if anything, more restrictive than the first, thus guaranteeing even more job losses for the already devastated Gulf region. Meanwhile, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is set to introduce a bill that will cap greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Taken together, the President’s Cap and Ban approach to energy policy will accomplish exactly what he set out to do from the very first day he was sworn into office: decrease the amount of carbon the U.S. economy emits by drastically increasing the cost of energy.

    The mechanism Sen. Reid will use to cap carbon emissions is Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s (D-NM) renewable electricity standard (RES) legislation (the American Clean Energy and Security Act), which caps carbon from power plants by forcing them to produce a growing percentage of the electricity they produce from government-approved renewable energy sources every year. This is essentially cap and trade but without the trade. If these new renewable energy sources were actually cost effective, there would be no need to mandate them. Cost-minimizing firms would adopt the technology on their own to stay competitive. But renewable energy is not cost-effective. It is significantly more expensive than traditional fuels, hence the need for the government mandates which will raise everyone’s energy costs. The ultimate victim of these higher energy prices will be you the consumer and the American economy.

    Taking the full cost of wind and other renewables into account, the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has found that an RES would: 1) raise electricity prices by 36 percent for households and 60 percent for industry; 2) cut national income (GDP) by $5.2 trillion between 2012 and 2035; 3) cut national income by $2,400 per year for a family of four; 4) reduce employment by more than 1,000,000 jobs; and 5) add more than $10,000 to a family of four’s share of the national debt by 2035.

    And that is just the “cap” half of President Obama’s Cap and Ban approach. The first Obama oil drilling ban already caused some oil rigs to leave U.S. waters entirely. The threat of a second moratorium effectively created a de facto oil drilling ban and, even if they lose in court, the Obama Interior Department can further the de facto moratorium “through tough new safety regulations and by extending the time it takes to review drilling applications.” Studies show that more than 200,000 jobs are tied to the offshore drilling industry and 35,000 workers are directly involved each day when the rigs are in use. The American Petroleum Institute forecasts that if the drilling ban continues, more than 120,000 jobs could be lost in the Gulf Coast and key resources abandoned or moved elsewhere.

    Worse, CNN reports that shallow water drillers say the Obama administration has not issued any permits since April 20, effectively creating a stealth ban on all offshore drilling. Heritage analyst David Kreutzer has crunched the numbers and found that a full Obama administration ban on all offshore drilling would be absolutely devastating to the U.S. economy. Between now and 2035, an offshore drilling ban would: 1) reduce GDP by $5.5 trillion; 2) reduce job growth by more than 1 million jobs by 2015 and more than 1.5 million jobs by 2030; and 3) increase the total expenditures for imported oil by nearly $737 billion.

    After listening to locals testify about the economic catastrophe President Obama’s energy policies are already creating in the Gulf, former Democratic Sen. Bob Graham said he was disturbed by a “disconnect between Washington and the Gulf region about the sense of urgency needed.” There certainly is a disconnect between Washington and the rest of America. At a time of 9.5% unemployment, now is not the time to be inflicting costly Cap and Ban energy policies on the U.S. economy.

    Quick Hits:

    • The National Rifle Association is urging opposition to Elena Kagan’s nomination, and Senate conservatives are pressing her to state whether she will recuse herself from any Obamacare cases that make it to the Supreme Court.
    • The financial regulation bill set to pass Congress Thursday will create massive uncertainty for storefront check cashiers, city governments, small manufacturers, home buyers and credit bureaus.
    • According to a new Bloomberg poll, more than 7 out of 10 Americans say the economy is mired in recession, and more than half say the deficit is “dangerously out of control.”
    • According to a new CBS poll, just 25 percent of Americans say the economy is getting better, and 74 percent say the Obama stimulus either damaged the economy or had no effect.
    • Locked in a labor dispute, Oakland, Calif.’s, police chief says his force will no longer respond to 44 situations, including grand theft, burglary, car wrecks, identity theft and vandalism.
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    69 Responses to Morning Bell: Cap and Ban

    1. James - Longdrycreek says:

      Obama's world view is fogged by idealogy. Only the central planners of the Democrat party are to be trusted, so he thinks, and he is leading the herd of Marxists/Leninists to the ruin of the US.

      The Democrats are anything but. I watched yacht building leave Florida in the 1986 or 1987 as Lloyd Bentsen [D-TX and also senate majority leader] levee a tax on yacht and boat construction. 7,000 jobs left for Spain and elsewhere.

      With the Obama "vision" in place, jobs are leaving with the drilling rigs for Congo and other points. Capital is mobile, a concept the Democrats cannot understand or deliberately do not wish to understand. I hope for the second.

      As for human suffering along the Gulf imposed by this ban, Obama could care less. He has no feelings, no sympathy. Never ride in a boat or fly in a plane with him on board, because after Obama getting out of a tight place, you would be trash.

    2. Dave, Colorado says:

      Your credibility is zero. You should complain just as loudly about oil and gas government subsidies and tax breaks and a default mandate that the fossil fuel industry has profited from for decades. But you don't.

    3. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      President Obama is acting like a dictator, overriding the people, our constitution, and court decisions to fit his agenda, before the eyes of the nation. Will we let him become a full-blown dictator?

      Call your senators! Join the tea party movement. Learn about the candidates in your state and congressional district.

      Vote in November. Ring the alarum bells. Save America. Turn the tide.

    4. West Texan says:

      Am I to suppose it'll cost me money each time my poor old horse emits carbon tainted wind? Must be that darned wished for legislation from Obama's congressional "board of directors".

    5. Mary, WI says:

      Does anyone know how a person or organization can begin impeachment of this president on the grounds of treason?

      Does anhyone know why George Soros hates the USA so much AND why the American people can't see how BO is willfully being used by this puppetmaster to destroy this country? It can't just be BO's contempt of the USA because there always seems to be a time lag before BO makes a major statement on issues etc.

      The whole democratic party and members of this administration are nothing but bobbleheads…….too chicken and perhaps too threatened to make up their own minds on issues. They are all a disgrace.

      And the black panther leader Shabaz Zullu or however his full name is pronounced, is a disgrace to the black community stirring up such hatred against caucasians and spewing lies about everything. He is the most racist person in America right now and I do wish he would stop before things get too out of hand and needless people get hurt…..but maybe that's a crisis BO/Soros want to further SNEEK in the rest of the destructive agenda of the USA.

    6. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      I ran out of words to describe this adminstration's traitorous actions months ago. Their policy decisions are just one abomination after another. November can't get here soon enough.

    7. Lloyd from Florida says:

      Obama and the Democrats must have a mission to destroy the country. How else can you explain the take over of car companies and giving them to unions, their attacks on the financial industry, now attacking energy in all forms, runaway spending making our dollar worthless, attacking the oil industry makes us more vulnerable to shortages, increasing taxes during a recession is just stupid, a spending spree that was supposed to increase jobs has not worked, attacking a state for trying to enforce US immigration laws when the US will not do it's job. This could not have happened by accident

    8. Jim Uberti--New Have says:

      It's mornings like this that I feel discouraged. If the media in this country did their job, none of this would escape the average American. Problem is, after a national election, too many of them go back to their sit-coms and could care less about what this administration is doing to their country. Thank God for the Internet!! I do beleive that a lot more people are onto the Obama admin. because they take the bother to go on line and read HF, etc. Hopefully, enough voters will be awake between now and Nov. 4th.

    9. John Major, Edmond O says:

      All this news and results on the polling are prime indicators that the time is ripe to take back our country. What I am constantly frustrated by as a conservative is that the RNC has no front runner or strategy on how to counter this culture to convince independents and other conservative voters that what they have is worth voting for other than the party line against anything Obama. Something insightful like the contract with America. Or commitments from the party not to take another earmark and to publicise the earmarks, real transparency, its a good issue that people really want and what the Dems promised but have never delivered on. Lets turn it back on them and pull off every sane idea that they promised by lied about. If we take back the Congress and the Presidency and just run partisan politics as usual we will be no better off. Any good conservative or independent can believe in that type fiscal responsibility. That is what the Tea Party is all about. But when you have Republicans doling in earmarks and catering to the lobbyists the time has come for stand up type people to charter the halls of the House and Congress. In addition we need equally exceptional leadership in the Speaker's position as well as the Presidency who has to project that leadership and tie it directly to constitutional processes and fair debate. None of this backdoorr, misdirectional moves to avoid the issues. The plan has to be put down on paper that people can read and hold their elected officials to. Speeches are just jabber-jawing and more often comments are dismissed as misquotes taken out of context. RNC take the lead and write it down and guarantee some goals. Be willing to work in bi-partisan channels (without earmarks) if that cannot be done then we have corrupted the democratic process beyond all repair and are doomed to our loss of freedom and liberty.

      All we are expecting of our officials is to be honest, ethical, and responsible. Is that too much to ask???

    10. Bob S Goose Creek, S says:

      As a consumer with little income means I dispise this Cap and Trade idea.

      Reading on the subject for the last few years, Carbon Credits and the like will only inhance the wealth of the rich, principly Mr. Al Gore, who has invested most of his fortune in the Carbon Credit scheme.

      No wonder Mr. Gore has traveled the globe expounding the theme of greenhouse emmissions, it only is a self serving gesture to enhance his financial fortune. Any individual can plainly see what direction this Cap and Trade plan is going. If given the chance, all voters should remove from office, those politicians of any party which are buyng into this crazy notion of Cap and Trade legislation.

      It appears that those politicians voting into such Cap and Trade legislation have lost touch with reality, and are not thinking about the consuming public which has voted them in, nor of the financial hardships that the consuming public will face in the future.

      All the literature coming from " neutral " sources, say that this whole idea of greenhouse emmissions, and its' relationship to Cap and Trade is a farce, and those " Green People " have yet to place a compelling case on the table.

    11. Will, Texas says:

      Obama's single goal is redistribution of wealth, if necessary by improvishing the USA to give to those who choose not to be productive.

      The entire "Global Warming", environment, clean energy is aimed at eliminating Big Oil,

      Had we not been fools 30 years ago we could have abundant energy from Nuclear Power Generation, a safe, cheap, reliable source of power.

    12. Tom, Pennsylvania says:

      This is another example of a government out of control. The President does not have the Constitutional authority to ban drilling, especially those leases already contracted out. When are the Federal Courts going to start enforcing the law. Pres Obama is going to ruin the energy production in this country and further destroy our economy unless something is done. When people begin to feel the pain in their wallets, who will the Democrats blame then?? I am sick and tired on these Progressive/Socialists blaming G. Bush and ruining our nation in their attempt to transform America into something we do not want. If we combine all the alternative energies we now have at our disposal it barely produces 10% of our energy needs. Liberals and their enviromental wacko friends have all but destroyed expanding Clean Nuclear Energy and now refuse to have solar and wind farms put up in their backyards. This is Hypocrisy at its worst. With ABC,NBC and CBS all committed to the Progressive/Socialist agenda of the White HOuse and their far left liberal friends in congress, the American people are being force fed only one side of the issue. Yet, Liberals berate Fox for showing the other side of the issue. I guess freedom of the press only matters if you agree with the Progressives and their far left liberal agenda. November elections cannot come fast enough. This progressive/socialist nonsense needs to come to an end before it is too late.

    13. Fox Hunter, Californ says:

      Why is this administration attempting to socialize (destroy) the US free market system and consequently our economy?

      Every attempt at socialism (government ownership and/or control of resources, labor and means of production) has failed on a colosssal scale every time it has been attempted. Ancient Rome collapsed partly from its inability to sustain government largesse and now Greece is demonstrating the futility and foolishness of it. North Korea and Cuba exemplify the disaster that awaits.

    14. Mark, Spokane Wa. says:

      when will the public understand that obama is nothing more than a common criminal and get rid of him! by any means! his agenda is to destroy this country, and even a third grader can see this, why can't everyone else i wonder? at any rate he is succeeding. what is so difficult about disposing of this piece of garbage, not to mention his henchmen? simply act people! take back your country! how can the business of government even move on when even his legality is in question? excuse me, but shouldn't we be dealing with one thing at a time?

    15. Karl Andrews, Loxley says:

      In my opinion the Cap and Ban Policy intent is to destroy oil company ability to make any profit; and, the government take over of the oil companies, and raise the price of oil to fund their political regime and redistribute the your wealth. They are masters at disguising the right hand in doing it's destruction as you watch the left hand doing somthing else–the old shell game.

      I am convinced that this regime; and, many in Congress and the Senate knows exactly what it is doing–destroying our country and we are fast becoming a socialist/Marxist system of government. We have got to hopefully find some legal way of stopping this regime and their minions; however, it appears to me that they (the regime and minions) have no respect for the Constitution and law. This regime is not stupid; and frankly, I think they should all be tried for treason.

      Everything they are doing is deliberate; and, the more they can create problems and confusion in what they are doing to the American people is OK with them; because, they want to create as much havok as possible to allow them to gain more power over our free market system and us. Freedom and liberties will be lost if we do not stop them!

      This Regime in Washington is hell bent on destroying our economy, the free market system and our independence; and, their goal is to ultimately control every aspect of our life. It is time to wake up America; and, stop the destruction of our country!

    16. Dennis Georgia says:

      Vote in November or for ever hold your piece. We the people still have the power to bring this "ruler" to his knees and save this country.

    17. toledofan says:

      It seems like the vast majority of us realize the negative impacts of this Administrations policies and the devastating effects to our economy, so, what's the answer, how do the policies get reversed or what mechanisms are allowed by the Constitution to challange these types of decisions. Other than voting these Democrats and RINO's out of office what other recourses are there; do we just sit on our hands and do nothing and watch the country disintergrate? So, who's takes Obama to court because he issued another moratorium on the off shore drilling, isn't he or Salazar in contempt?

    18. Kenneth Kok, Richlan says:

      I do not believe that we need to restrict the emmission for CO2. That said; the wording that must be put into any restrictive bill must allow credit for any electric production method that does not emit CO2 which would allow utilities to take credit for nuclear. I live in an area where all of our electric power comes from nuclear, large hydro and some wind. Our communities can not get credit from the state of Washington for being "green" because we do not have enough renewable energy in the electricity that we use. This is crazy!

    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      It is painfully obvious that Mr. Obama couldn't care less what the courts have said about his initial ban on drilling in the gulf. He couldn't care less about the additional thousands of people his ban will put out of work, or about the additional financial hardships this impose on Louisianna. This, from the guy who says he wants to "reduce our dependency on foreign oil". What a bunch of bull.

      In his dreamworld, Mr. Obama would love to see all Americans, except for him and his important friends, do without automobiles and use public transportation or bicycles to get around. He would love to see everyone, except he and his government friends, heating and airconditioning their homes with solar panels or wind power instead of gas or oil, regardless of what it cost, or even worked. So what if it increases the cost of energy? The government will subsidize it through higher taxes. What difference does it make if his energy laws impovrish Americans (except for him and his friends) as long as these laws reduce non-existent "global warming"?

      Just like national health care, Mr. Obama knows what's best for all Americans, except for him, his family and of course all federal employee, especially those Democrat politicians who shoved this down our throats, who are exempt from this travesty.

      Yes, Mr. Obama knows what's best for everyone — ELSE.

    20. Ron Derry NH says:

      We have yet to see any Obama administration ideas repair our economy, fix any congressional corruption or result in anything more than the destruction of American value, lives and future worth.

      There is little evidence that Obama cares one iota about America, his obligations to defend her or the desire to speak honestly. Almost two years of deception, bate and switch, clever ploys and reckless spending have opened an economic wound that is only being further exasperated by every new passing of legislation from these usurpers.

      This is not business as usual this administration is hell bent on unwinding the clout of Americas economic abilities and in short her independent nature. Most unimpressive congress to date, and the most unimpressive president perhaps of all.

      The colleges that produce such intellectual terrorists should be investigated and defunded immediately for the sake of our countries future…if it isn't already too late.

    21. Roseann Schleis Barb says:

      leave are oceans alone God must be telling you that go find another source for oil

    22. patriot77 says:

      No, I think Mr. Grahm is wrong..If you are Obama, this is EXACTLY the RIGHT time to be imposing these regulations. That's because it's his goal to destroy capitalism. Are these politicians so stupid that they believe Obama is not aware of what he is doing??? Obama's goals are so transparant and yet the politicians and intellectuals don't see it. Is it denial, complicity, or stupidity? I'd vote for one of the last two!

    23. joel, Long Beach, CA says:

      I find myself receiving daily requests for donations to various Republican candidates running in the November elections as well as from a million other various Republican organizations.

      And I'm putting my money where my mouth is. If Dick Morris has indicated that a Democratic congressman or senator can be defeated in November, I'm making a contribution. Same thing with television ads. I can't give a ton of money but I am definitely giving my fair share.

      Obama and chronies HAVE to be defeated.

    24. Norm Klevens says:

      This is being done, just like the NAACP pronouncement, to further their own re-election chances, pleasing the environmental wackos [a major constituency]. It is a part of the long range plan; this element to increase gas prices. Obama was not upset about the $4.00 gas price; just that it increased too rapidly. Some think the oil and gas industry is the only group that receives subsidies. Just where else do these people think our energy comes from. Or do we just turn our computers on and wallah, by magic, the power generates. Ever heard from agricultural subsidies ? November cannot get here soon enough. I hope many o f us do not get so discouraged that we give up and let all of this continue.

    25. Andy, NJ says:

      The #1 THREAT to this NATION is the MUSLIM TERRORIST in the WHITE HOUSE trying to DESTROY the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      With all the articles lately saying Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen it's time that he produce the Legal Documentation to prove he is, and if he cannot obama should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and Jailed.

    26. Robert Sands, Blanch says:

      I have yet to understand why they haven't started impeachment proceedings on this man that all of the democrats and large city people seem to think is the next coming of CHRIST!! The man is either an educated idiot or an individual that has totally mesmerized people to his Marxist beliefs. People Are actually starting to make me feel that maybe they really are beyond stupid!

    27. Let Freedom Ring in says:

      God save America, Land that I love! How can we stop this seemingly never ending barrage of brutally destructive policies from the Obama administration? Capitalism is not perfect, but it is profoundly superior to anything else out there. STOP trying to destroy it! And those of you who can see the light, get politically active

      and help us change course in November.

    28. Paul Rinderle says:

      No one can be this ignorant of economics.

      I am totally convinced its on purpose.

      We might get rid ( unless voting polls are rigged) of the Prince of Fools but we cannot get rid of the fools that voted for him and that's the scarriest

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    30. Judith in Michigan says:

      Former Senator Bob Graham SHOULD be disturbed about the apparent disconnect of Washington and the urgency needed in the Gulf region. But, there is no "disconnect" as Graham thinks, but a blatant campaign to take down and take over the energy industry in the United States. A "disconnect" is not the issue.

      Today, as BP is trying to cap the gushing well, the government steps in and "stops" the process (again) because more studies, testing or whatever excuse they want to call it, needs to be done. The government claims they are using "an abundance of caution". Right !! Of course they are !! Another stall tactic.

      Perhaps, soon the Gulf state residents will have to take matters into their own hands as Arizona has been forced to do. Let's see if the feds have the gall to arrest US citizens from trying to save their land and jobs. Don't think the government will come out the winner.in this battle.

    31. Bill Jones, Fond du says:

      Interesting comment by Paul above.





    32. Thomas Kansas City says:

      Senator Bob Graham thinks it is a disconnect? Hey senator read the comments above, the American people know far more than you, This is no disconnect, this is a connect to something that is not American in any way, shape or form. Senator if you think it is a disconnect please get out of the way of those trying to save this country.

    33. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      Americans are preparing for something, as fast as they can, which is a real good idea since once the USD is collapsed that will it for buying equipment. "We" couldn't be any more forewarned.

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    35. CL says:

      Obama's puppetmaster George Soros has said : "The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States." This is all you need to know about the Obama "agenda".

    36. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      I am waiting for someone to come forth with the REAL TRUTH about BHO. He is going to ruin this country if we don't vote and get control in Nov. My son in Fla. just lost his job and there will bemore, we need to stand as the patriots in 1776 did and turn this nation around and seek justice against this administration, he is evil and crooked.

    37. virgil snyder fairfa says:

      There is no doubt in my mind there is a intrepid agenda within the spirit of the democratic convention,but not all.There is also no doubt we have federalist traitors among us in all monopolies-from the central finance ministries,that is there plan,Obama is only a utilatarian pinnochio.There are many applications that were submitted to prevent this disaster! ! THEY WERE IGNORED in fact the one design they used my friend submitted to there board of egineers.No matter what party you believe in there are traitors in both,and has been for quite some time.Instead of us arguing about the ban on drilling let us also look at the international law aspect,such as choice of forum clauses that B.P. are protected under.Let us also review in are own principles If we are still permitted to the treatise of Rome, foro interno foro externo ab initio…………. The European Union

    38. Timpclimber Provo, U says:

      Why expect any thing different from a president without a single advisor with any significant business experience. He wouldn't last a month in a real job requiring good business and management skills let alone make a profit, pay his employees, taxes, follow all the government's rules, etc. He would never listen to his customers because he would always be right. We voted in an elitist filled with liberal victim clap trap and socialist ideas. We the common folks have to take back our government or lose both our freedom and earning power.

    39. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Cap and Ban Obama and his followers!

    40. George, Lancaster, N says:

      This president is delivering exactly as promised..hope and change! Hope for all the people on welfare and government hand outs that their benefits will keep rolling in. And, change from all the wonderful things that made this country so great to now becoming a socialistic platform where "we the people" doesn't mean squat and they will tell us how to run our lives, our business, what doctors we can see and when, how much salt we can use in our food and what deserts we can't eat. This regime already controls the auto industry, health care, banking industry and who knows what else they will claim in the next year or so at a cost of a mere trillion dollar deficit. Please tell everyone you knoiw to get out and vote in November so we can return this country to its rightful owners…us!

    41. wallyblu USA says:

      Will the ban on deep water drilling stop deep water drillingor only stop deep water drilling by the US?

      Alternitive energy would be great but only when it is economically feasable. I don't know many people who would pull up to a fuel station and say "well this pump says $3 and is fossil fuel but this pump says $6 and is green" I think I'll pay $6.

    42. Renny. Middle River, says:

      What happens when a corporate executive "lies" and fails to do what he says he is going to do??

      What happens when a person does not obey a federal court order??

      What happens when sockholders see their corporation going down the tubes???


    43. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      It's time for Obama to wake up and smell the oil. Or would it be more appropriate to

      say it's time he woke up and smelled his presidency going down in flames? Did you hear they plugged the spill in the Gulf? They put a wedding ring on the well and it

      stopped producing. :)

    44. Tom K says:

      This guy would not even be in this office if it weren't for the phony judicial system in this country right now,we need to start there first,their bank accounts should be audited,they had plenty of chances to force him to prove he was an AMERICAN and they didn't do it.Looks like some body was on the payroll,

    45. mr norman says:

      There will be problems with a drilling ban because we may not be able to stop other governments and countries also bordered on the gulf from drilling. The Carbon cap has been kicked around for years. Neither would be news of such a high priority if not preceded by a legacy financial crisis and a historic environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that we will not soon recover from or it may never recover from. I felt for GW Bush after 911, and I feel for Obama with the recent monumental disasters. B.O. seems to care, but education or experience couldn’t prepare either one for either event.

      Phasing in nuclear energy to replace carbon fuels needs to happen and we need to use less energy by phasing in mass transit. According to my dad’s preaching while I was learning to drive, phasing out of the automobile should have started in the 1950's to be replaced by mass transit and rail freight. The conversion process will take years and replace many jobs lost.

      Once alone and in control I still tried to burn rubber with dad's Buick Dynaflow, however I eventually got his message. Had we done better with energy management as a nation there would not have been many rich out of control sheiks like Bin Laden and Sadaam or despot "heroes" like Chavez. We created these monsters. Valuable farm land wouldn't be covered with concrete and convenience stores either. Life would have been different, but it would probably have been better.

      We all might be healthier and happier if those in Detroit and the oil patch had not been bent on keeping our butts behind a steering wheel and if the medical community hadn't been so focused on keeping us sick, drugged and paying.

      Over the years I began to thoroughly agree with my dad’s preaching, so please don’t try to convince me that any sneaky quiet combination of a gas engine and a corrosive battery to power a vehicle is a good or complete answer. You will still be able to own one if you want, but it will still pollute when created, operated and disposed of. It will still require both hands to be operated by a sober and clear headed driver who is not texting. It will also quietly sneak up on pedestrians and can still create traffic jams.

      Whether Obama is out of touch or not, we have been living like there is no tomorrow and we need to do something about it. Everyone that is bitching about the situation should be spewing answers instead of fomenting doom and hate. Let’s stand for something and sign our real name to our comments. Stow the negativity and get busy finding good answers. Let’s prepare for the next elections by seeking out and electing responsible people that are tough enough to take all the negativity but also smart enough to put us on the right track.

      Our present Texas governor has done well (as far as I know) and probably better than the last one. Bill White appears to be intelligent and well organized. That is what we need, and I hope he has the opportunity to do for us in some capacity what he seems to have done for Houston. I only recently moved to Houston from a suburb, so I wasn't watching closely, but Safe/Clear was the most obvious to me. He apparently resolved some serious financial problems too, and left the city with a balanced budget. Bill White will never be elected FFA Beau and for president he would be a stretch. We need someone like Mitt Romney seems to be for our next president. We need leadership that could put us on a different path without irreversible problems. Any future president will need a brain pool to redirect and maintain the nation we envision(ed).

      I am sorry something or someone put Ross Perot (never elected FFA Beau either) out of politics. We needed brain power focused on solving problems, resolving international conflicts without destruction, and giving us quality of life, stability and peace. Much of it has been overlooked and we still need it. The previous administrations surrounded themselves with brain power that was not used to make us conservative consumers of anything, especially energy. The oil patch presidents had no energy policy that didn’t increase our appetite for fossil fuels and it has and will cost us plenty.

      Norman Girouard

    46. George Streib, Washi says:

      Reality check Message!

      • Present government intends to expand its capabilities under the guise of helping people. The driving force behind this ruse is the government believes people are incapable of taking care of themselves. A belief that really implies that it is easier to control weak government dependant people than people who are independent and self sufficient. Benjamin Franklin once said, "A government big enough to give you what you want is big enough to take it away." Under the guise of helping people the government can dictate to citizens all aspects of their life with impunity(what car to drive, where to live, what medical care you are entitled to) to name a few.

      • Government has no wealth of its own, only the private sector accumulates and possesses wealth. Every time the government helps people (only those who support their agenda) it first has to take money from the private sector (you and me) in the form of taxes or borrow the money. This year alone the government deficit exceeds one trillion dollars that we tax payers now owe.

      • The ever expanding government has violated the Constitution it swore to uphold. The constitution limits the power of government! The present government fired the CEO of a private company (General Motors), muscled financial institutions to heal to government dictates, has full control over all Student Loan activity & the mortgage industry. It has instituted government health care with mandatory enrollment with non compliance resulting in fines or imprisonment.

      • The Constitution requires the Federal Government to protect and secure our borders. The government continues to fail to do this. The motive here is to allow the influx of immigrants across our southern border illegally, provide government support (food stamps, welfare, medical care, and schooling) in payment for their vote (only citizens can vote). The government even supports their demand for fare wages at the same time telling employers they face fines or imprisonment if undocumented workers are discovered working at their facility.

      • This ever expanding government has a dismal track record in running current federal agencies such as U.S. Post Office, Amtrak, Social Security, Medicare and Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack; all are bankrupt!

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    48. Joy, Tampa Bay Flori says:

      Americans are finally waking up! Now we must wake up all of our family and friends. Educate yourselves and vote these communists out!! The Democratic party is not the same that JFK stood for. It is now the progressive, socialist, communist party. We cannot vote another democrat into office. Even if they claim to be a conservative democrat. They are either bullied or bribed to follow the radicals. Make sure you get out and vote November 2, 2010. May god have mercy on us! (2Chron. 7:14)

    49. Girlie58 says:

      Like I said 2 years ago, Obama and Eric Holder are the two radical socialists that have this country strung up. They work together hand in hand and everything they do, they have planned, discussed, and executed together and will continue to do so to fulfill their agenda before Obama loses in 2012. This oil spil is just another form of "not letting a crisis go to waste" It wouldn't surprise me if this was sabotaged. Why did they not reply immediately to the spill? they wanted it to get to where it was irrepairable so they can push their agenda.

    50. Girlie58, California says:

      It is acceptable in the socialist party to lie if the end justfies the means..just like radical Islam, and Obama is both.

    51. Silverpoodle,Ca says:

      If you look back to 08 when OBAMA was nominated, he has been in power of influence since before he became president.

      Be forwarned— LOOK out for the Supreme court AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS !!!!!!

      Obama and his ZSARS will push thru everything they possibly can. No congressional approval needed.!!

    52. Joe Mitchell says:

      The American people need to read the energy bill that was passed by the House(HR2454). It plainly states that ALL structures will be required to have an energy “label” (that the property will be valued and taxed by) showing the efficiency of the structure. Older homes, most occupied by older citizens, will be penalized for not being rated high enough. Most likely higher taxes and diminished values will be the result of such labels. How about being penalized for lack of trees or improper placement?

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    54. Steve, Los Angeles says:

      Jim Uberti–New Haven, Ct. on July 14th, 2010 at 9:22am said:

      It’s mornings like this that I feel discouraged.


      I agree with you, Jim, but here's the thing, and I hope Heritage is reading this, though I doubt it, what is the point in constantly, day in and day out, publishing one disaster after another? It is depressing!

      What is your goal, Heritage? To get everybody riled up about this administration? OK, mission accomplished, now what?

      If Obama's goal is to systematically dismantle the liberties we fought and died for, and has no agenda other than to re-write our constitution, then, I, as well as a lot of other conservatives on this board want to know just what you intend to do about it? Nothing? Just publish what he's up to and hope it riles us up enough to … vote?

      What will voting in a new congress do? You yourselves have told us more than once that he is going to ram rod legislation through congress that can never be overturned, or at least very difficult to overturn.

      I signed up for your email updates for solid conservative information, but lately it seems that the only information you post is bad news, after bad news, after bad news! Every day it gets worse. You're depressing everybody. How about some good news? Is there any news of conservatives planning a rally, or defying one of Obama's many tyrannical laws, or conservative lawyers and organizations filing a series of lawsuits designed to at least slow down this socialist diesel that threatens to flatten all of us. Give us some news of what the GOP strategy will be to stop this man, or is there a strategy? We would like to know one way or the other.

      Are conservatives really that helpless? Come on Heritage encourage us a little!

    55. tamara, colorado says:

      Obama knows exactly what he is doing which is to destroy capitalism and make us dependent on the government.

    56. John says:

      As seems to be typical of the leadership in government nowadays, federal or state, it is by a pack of criminals. They don't follow the law. They do what they want. They cover for each other. The citizens are ignored, many even by the courts when they seek justice. Corruption runs rampant. One begins to even wonder how much of the deficit is just money pocketed by these people.

    57. Harry D. Hillsboro Beach Florida says:

      Today’s article contains the following: “The first Obama oil drilling ban already caused some oil rigs to leave the U.S. waters entirely.” Upon reviewing the article cited as authority for this statement one finds that the Ocean Endeavor will leave the Gulf soon and that it is the first to do so. Why then publish an article saying “…some rigs… ” have left? Although it may seen like a minor point this is just the kind of rhetoric that we keep getting from the Obama, Reid, Pelosi gang. Out and out disingenuous statements that are simply not true. Let’s not stoop to that level!

    58. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I hate to be disrespectful to the Office of the President of the United States of America, but it is hard to call Mr. Obama President Obama. He has no clue to what he should be doing. He never has and never will been able to figure out that he is suppose to be working for the citizens of the United States, whether it’s protecting the borders of the US or whether it is allowing for the oil industry in the Gulf to continue and put those people back to work. Maybe he needs to sit a while at the worst area in Arizona where these illegal immigrants cross over the border where so much crime is conducted. Or maybe he needs to park the jets in which he flies and conserve fuel. I just wish there was a way to impeach him — tomorrow. He is destroying the Democratic Party and no one has enough guts to do anything about it. He is destroying this Nation and it seems there’s no way to stop him. “God, help us all. Forgive this Nation’s people for kicking YOU out of our homes, our schools, and our Government.”

    59. Harry, Milwaukee says:

      At what point do the actions of this president become acts of treason? He swears an oath to defend the Constitution and the People, but time and again he acts against both of them. His administration defies the courts and costs people they means to life, liberty, and happiness. If his acts are not against the country and its people, then he must be the one of the slowest minds ever to have been elected to the office of president.

    60. george in Louisiana says:

      Couple up the closure of Nasa's Michoud Assembly Facility, the eminent closure of Northrup Grumman Shipyard, the drilling moratorium, and let's not forget the "oil leak" already crippling the economy in South Louisiana and it is really hard to "have a nice day".

    61. Girlie58, California says:

      depressing as it may be listening to all the bad news about the present administration, we need to hear all the bad news to remind ourselves to vote first , then to vote republican because it is the only way to stop the administration from pursuing their socialist agenda. I use to be a democrat and I have switched to being a republican because my conscience would not allow me to support socialism.

    62. Jacqueline Tamenne says:

      Lord give us wisdom to know who to elect to lead us. We have gone way off the way to freedom and prosperity. I pray for guidence. Stand up Americans and be counted! JT

    63. Jack Byers, Houston says:

      Having read all the postings shown as of noontime July 15th, I see that a good percentage of those commenting on the "Morning Bell: Cap and Ban" have made a critical observation regarding the past 18 months of attacks on American liberty and economy as led by the "Treacherous Trio" of Reid – Pelosi – Obama. That observation – which has not yet been made by a large majority of the general public – is that these sequence of attacks by "Obama and company" are not the result of ignorance about what are the best economic principles to follow, and are not due to a lack of knowledge about the liberties and personal sacrifices which made this country great; they don't lack understanding that an open border allows all manner of criminals and saboteurs to flood the country. Anyone would understand that to halt drilling in the Gulf due to a free flowing oil well would devastate a large segment of the US economy. It is because they DO UNDERSTAND those consequences that America is under attack – and not just to "change" the way things are done – but to cripple the country with their un-American agenda! Once crippled – we will more easily be hearded into the New World Order. And it appears that not less than half of all Democratic and Republican politicians have been bought-off or scared into accepting the demise of America. I am certain that the Treacherous Trio will use some "false flag" terrorist event on American soil as an excuse to declare Martial Law, and thereby block efforts by true conservatives to unseat the traitors in the November elections which will never occur. We'll all soon find out just what is the purpose of all those stockades built during the George Bush years, and why the Marines and local police agencies all across the country have jointly practiced Martial Law procedures for the past five years!

    64. David, Ohio says:

      "At what point do the actions of this president become acts of treason? He swears an oath to defend the Constitution and the People, but time and again he acts against both of them. His administration defies the courts and costs people they means to life, liberty, and happiness. If his acts are not against the country and its people, then he must be the one of the slowest minds ever to have been elected to the office of president."

      - Best thing I have read today, that is exactly my question.

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    66. Steven Coy Westminst says:

      Here's the answer to all your questions, when the Republicans take back the House and Senate we all watch what they do not what they say and if they do not do what they say then we know that both parties are too corrupt and we do what Jefferson said to do by using the 2nd Amendment, oil them up boys and pass this little tidbit to all Republicans running for office. Audit the FED.

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    68. ssasd says:

      obviously this is politics..whats new.. every party overirdes decision of public courts etc.. nothing new.. republicans or democrats.. republicans do a cowboy method and brag abt it and democrats doing it in the backend..

    69. Barbara Ramirez Verm says:

      This is just more of the same, and it all fits into ONE category called the United Nation's Agenda 21. COMMUNISM. It calls for the reduction of the Earth's population, (80 to 90 percent), restrictions on everything we eat, do, our mode of transportation, our jobs, where and HOW we live, you name it.All based on the green global warming LIES we have been told. Go to http://www.FreedomAdvocates.org and get the booklet called 'Understanding Sustainable Development-Agenda 21.' We MUST get INFORMED and we MUST get active to stop this.

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