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  • The Left Wants You to Sweat

    Woman Sweating

    What would you do if the government forced you to turn off your air conditioning? Could you still live where you live or work where you work? Probably not. But that’s not just a bug in the enviro-left’s high energy cost future, its a feature! Stan Cox makes the case in yesterday’s Washington Post:

    In a country that’s among the world’s highest greenhouse-gas emitters, air conditioning is one of the worst power-guzzlers. … A.C.’s obvious public-health benefits during severe heat waves do not justify its lavish use in everyday life for months on end. Less than half a century ago, America thrived with only the spottiest use of air conditioning. It could again.

    In a world without air conditioning, a warmer, more flexible, more relaxed workplace helps make summer a time to slow down again. Three-digit temperatures prompt siestas. Code-orange days mean offices are closed. Shorter summer business hours and month-long closings — common in pre-air-conditioned America — return.

    Doesn’t the AC-free enviro-dream world sound wonderful? Daily summertime siestas, shorter business hours, even some days completely off! But as with all enviro-leftist schemes, the heavy costs of their low energy utopian dream are being ignored. Slower workdays means less productivity. Shorter hours and closed offices mean lost profits for employers.

    This is just the latest way the left wants to control our lives under the banner of global warming. They also want to control what we eat, how we travel, and where we live. Even how we go to the bathroom.

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    37 Responses to The Left Wants You to Sweat

    1. DaveR, St Paul, MN says:

      I propose that Mr. Cox be the first one to turn his AC off. After all, anyone who advocates something like that should lead by example. I, on the other hand, will continue to enjoy my AC and gladly pay the utility bill associated with keeping my house at a comfortable 75-78F.

    2. Chris says:

      Heh, shorter summer hours? Where does this guy work and how can I get his job? Oh wait, this is the WP, they all probably "work" only 20 hours a week on average. My dad works with a HVAC crew at work and trust me, before their team got there, things where miserable because the last team that was there didn't do their job so the AC didn't work efficiently. The workers didn't get any shorter hours, they were all expected to work whether it was comfortable or not.

      I think for the heck of it, I'm going to run my AC extra long today. Mmm, feels good.

    3. Tony, DC says:

      One author is not "the left." In fact, here's a lefty who disagrees: http://dissentingjustice.blogspot.com/2010/07/wor

    4. jana...Ca says:

      OMG! I live in The Central Valley of California where it's going to be 105 degrees this week….I will NOT turn off my ac…I have heart problems and other health issues! The smog is terrible here!

    5. Julie O., Texas says:

      Yeah right….let them try to shut it off here in Texas. The Alamo will rise again, and this time, it will turn out differently.

    6. Patricia Ruffner, Ge says:

      I have congestive heart failure and can't handle temperatures over 80 degrees or under 40 degrees. So, what do you suppose I should do?? Maybe move back to Ireland where my ancestors are from!! I think more American's should start thinking about getting out of this country before the government starts "reprogramming" us into whatever they are conspiring to use us for. :(

    7. Kendra, Kentucky says:

      Yep…if Mr. Cox thinks shutting off A/C is such a great idea, he can shut his off first. And the businesses where he needs to do business can be the ones to have shorter hours and close for a month. Oh you're not comfortable and it's not convenient for you? Too bad.

      These uber enviro-weirdos need to practice what they preach. Until they live in a shack with no electricity and ride a bicycle everywhere, then they have no room to criticize. And until someone comes and physically removes my A/C unit, I will continue to run it at 78 degrees so I can live and breathe comfortably.

    8. Patriot Momma, Goody says:

      This is what I have thought is another truth behind Cap and Tax. They want to make in unaffordable for the little people to run their A/C. Well, we keep our A/C at a much higher rate than most people. Not because of Global Warming, but because as the wife of a disabled veteran that is all we can afford. Due to his health we can not keep our A/C off in the summer, especially here in Arizona. Where it isn't a heat wave for the temperatures to be 109 that is normal for most of the summer. These people want to make energy more and more expensive. All under the guise of saving the world…

    9. Wineplz, DC says:

      To continue the thought thread, if employers have lower profits due to office closings (instead of running the A/C), then there's less $$ to pay their employees, which will mean less $$ for the economy. Add on the increase in taxes on businesses and the idiotic health care scheme congress passed, a lot of businesses just holding on would have to endure further layoffs or close altogether. The Left needs to get a grip on reality. I'm all for being a prudent and responsible caretaker of our planet, but there are better options than what they're offering.

    10. Mary, So. Texas says:

      Have they shut down theirs!? Probably not…the people who advocate this kind of stuff will be the last to follow their own advice! What next? Should I drain my pool too…it is a big waste of water! Unbelievable!

    11. Skip, Sunny Texas says:

      There is little doubt that this drakonian approach to mandatory power saving will ultimately fail in congress – at least post 2010/11. However, let's not forget what happens when whackos fail in congress, they TAX TAX TAX.

      Look at cigarettes. Rather than ban them, the "guys who know better how to save us all than we do" are trying to TAX smokes out of existence, 'for the greater good'. They will do the same to our utilities, all in the name of conservation and our welfare.

      This won't stop until all of us are on government welfare protection – for the greater good.

    12. S. Atkins says:

      Maybe more people will stay in there cars longer, opting for the cooling affect of the auto A/C, thus creating MORE GH gases because of car exhaust!

      No A/C would devastate the southern economies. One of the main contributors for recent (last 85 years) economic growth in the south is due to the comfort of Air Conditioning. Thanks to Willis Carrier and others like him.

      Why can't we enjoy the convenience of our modern world instead of trying to "live through" our miseries of the past.

    13. Karen Blank Louisian says:

      They have really gone NUTS! Are they all willing to give up their A/C? I bet Congress or Obama won't turn theirs off.

    14. J Young says:

      i'm sure the government will be happy to issue you a waiver if you need to run your a/c for medical reasons. never mind that the waiver will take 3 months to get approved and you'll have to wait another 6 weeks for an a/c safety inspection…

    15. Jim Gaffigan Southam says:

      When can we start beating the crap out of these lefties. I think if we scare them enough that way they'll shut the heck up and go away, perhaps move to France.

    16. Jeff Gross. Wrightst says:

      Computers fail in heat usually above 80 degrees. It will never happen. This is just an opinion float to raise anger. Or perhaps it's an overton window effect where the end result won't be quite as bad.

    17. paul, Pullman,WA. says:

      Here comes another tax. Probably tax each household, business, and etc. on the number of A.C. units one haves. In time, we are going to be taxed on the air we breathe.

    18. David Lively says:

      Deodorant sales will skyrocket…..

    19. Kris, Kansas says:

      I think Mr. Cox should start using less electricity by shutting down his computer and asking his employer to stop running their servers. There's a great deal of "gas" coming out of there. I'd be moderately satisfied if they simply turned off the ac in the server room, for that matter. Save it for the people, or for websites who put out accurate info.

    20. Jennifer, Fort Walto says:

      Okay, government–listen closely–Stay the hell out of our lives!!!!!

      I bet the White House, Congress, and the House of Representatives won't go without AC…

    21. Ight R. says:

      Mr. Cocks is a moron. He wrote a book or two and now he's an authority. "Business suits are out. For both sexes."<—another idiotic statement. Hasn't he ever heard of seersucker? He probably dresses like a child and believes less clothes=cooler. Before A/C, people wore temperature appropriate dress that covered the full body. Look in a photo, Cocks. How about demonizing a true threat to the world: economic tyranny in centralized governments.

    22. Patricia Stephens says:

      I have MS and am very sensitive to heat. I also live in Missouri where it can be 60 degrees one day and 105 the next day. There will be a huge fight and lawsuit on their hands if they try to turn off my air conditioner!!

    23. Gary, Bisbee, Arizon says:

      Less than half a century ago, America thrived with only the spottiest use of environmental groups. It could again.

    24. Grace, Tennessee says:

      I grew up in the days before ac. Funny, I don't remember shorter work days, afternoon siestas. Think he has us confused with Mexico!

    25. Kathie, Ill. says:

      let's do a test run-hmmm.. how about ALL government offices turn theirs off for a summer and see how it goes- then they can suggest it again

    26. Chris, New York, NY says:

      I'm certainly not for the government forcing us to turn off the AC, but I don't see the problem if we each decide to do it for ourselves — if we can. I understand those who have health problems or elderly folks living at home. But the general population can probably find a time to turn it off.

      I'm in New York City (where the heat is not only physical…but try being a conservative here!). Last week, we reached 103 F with HIGH humidity. The AC was running then. This weekend, with lower heat and humidity, I made due with a window fan. Why not? The junk in the AC probably harms the environment a bit, and the electricity skyrockets.

      If Cox leaves it up to my choice (I see nothing else in his article), I'm fine with that. If my company decides to take a day off (and still pays me), I'm fine with that. If they force me to do it, no way.


      Even if we could pull this off in our homes, being naked with wet cloth on our head and a fan blowing on us…Our office buildings don't have windows like the building of old. Will we have to use that one square toilet paper rule also?

    28. Kate, Utah says:

      Nobody's saying that AC shouldn't *ever* be used. Just that it is highly overused in our current society, far beyond necessity or comfort demands.

      I live in an area where the temperature regularly gets into triple digits in the summer, and I don't use AC at home. I actually don't like it. I adapt to the heat, and feel downright cold in anything under 75, while most buildings are kept somewhere around 70. As I type this, my house is 82 degrees, it's 91 outside, and cooling off for the night. I'm comfortable. I open windows at night and close them in the morning to keep the heat out; it's as simple as that.

      So yes, I could still live and work where I do. I'd prefer my work with a little less AC, in fact.

      Humans are remarkably adaptable, but we forget that when we become obsessed with perfect comfort and begin to think that we "can't live" without all the conveniences of modern life. Conveniences are great and all, but there are drawbacks as well. Like, for instance, dependance on foreign oil (which is a problem of its own, regardless of the reality or fiction of global warming).

      There are zealots on both sides of any debate; I'll be the first to admit that, and condemn nonsensical arguments from the "enviro-leftists" as well, but it's easy to see that this article is extremely biased. Think about it for a second. The government is not "forcing" anyone to turn off their AC. Some do it by choice. Some simply don't have AC to use. But no one is policing AC use, or, as far as I'm aware, even suggesting such a thing. Certainly not the author of the original article quoted here. Yes, it's a little overly enthusiastic about the "no AC" thing, but I don't see one word about making any sort of AC-banning law. The man is simply stating his opinion of an ideal society. Note the points in the quote mocked in this article: "obvious public-health benefits" and "lavish use in everyday life". Clearly, AC has its uses. Show me someone who denies that, and I'll show you an idiot worth mocking.

    29. Raphaela Keohane says:

      This may be the most ridiculous thing I have heard since the proposed soft drink tax in NY State!!!!!! Please stop protecting me, I am still able to decide things for myself………………..

      Why don't we stop using cars and go back to the horse and buggy? Shut down the computers and use paper and pen to write letters? I am 59 years old let's effectively reduce our standard of living to the childhood of our parents. These people need to be stopped "Remember November".

    30. Rich Stewart says:

      So this guy's agenda is to expand the role of government further into controlling when we can and cannot run an air conditioner and he just assumes that any quote that he picks up from the New York Times will support whatever enviro whacko drivel he is peddling. Maybe he should have read the quote before he cited it in his article. Benefits of shutting down Congress for the summer according to NYT columnist quoted included fewer laws being passed and less time to hatch schemes to expand the Federal government. While those are excellent reasons for returning to part time legislators (with substantially reduced salary and benefits) fewer laws and time to come up with more ways to abscond with what few rights individuals still have would seem to run counter to his half baked agenda.

      Best of all, Washington's biggest business — government — is transformed. In 1978, 50 years after air conditioning was installed in Congress, New York Times columnist Russell Baker noted that, pre-A.C., Congress was forced to adjourn to avoid Washington's torturous summers, and "the nation enjoyed a respite from the promulgation of more laws, the depredations of lobbyists, the hatching of new schemes for Federal expansion and, of course, the cost of maintaining a government running at full blast."

    31. TonyfromOz, Coomera, says:

      Look at every high rise building higher than two/three levels. The skyline of every city.

      Every single one of those buildings has air conditioning. Every one of them.

      They are looked upon as air conditioners per se, in other words that they cool and warm the air inside the building.

      However, their major operation is to actually circulate breathing air throughout the building. You cannot just open the windows and breathe the outside air in those buildings, because they are sealed in the main, as part of the structure.

      Those huge conditioners up on the roofs of those tall buildings must run 24/7/365 to actually circulate that breathing air inside them. You can't just turn them off, ever, or even turn them off overnight, as they need time to do what they are designed to do, and the air just has to be fresh. The cooling and warming facility of them is in the main preset to optimal levels all year round, so it feels warm in Winter, and cool in the Summer.

      Those vast buildings on the skyline of every city are the bulk of air conditioning, not those systems in a residential application.

      Look at all those buildings.

      Without quality breathing air, they are uninhabitable, both as residences, or more importantly, as workplaces.

      This is supposed 'feel good' spin aimed at totally the wrong target by fools who haven't even thought about what it is they are saying.

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    33. jboy says:

      Forrest had it right, studid is as stupid does. What about bablies and small children out here in the desert. I know what the bottom line its a need to ruin the A/C industry just like there destroying the rest of our economy. Guys we need a change and it ain't liberalism……dah….

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    35. Nead Digger says:

      The left aka the Communist Kosher Mafia needs to be KILLED! These worthless eaters are finishing off the United States of America. I stand with my fellow Patriots and proclaim DEATH TO COMMUNISTS AND THE KOSHER MAFIA!

    36. Pooh, Dixie says:

      Patriot Momma, Goodyear, Arizona on July 12th, 2010 at 1:00pm said:

      "They want to make in unaffordable for the little people to run their A/C. "

      Tea time!

    37. Phyllis Hobbs, Hatti says:

      I would be willing to cut back on my AC if all government agencies would do the same. The White House, Congress and Senate especially!!!! Al Gore too!!

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