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  • Romney: New Treaty is a Non-STARTer

    Mitt Romney, the once and future presidential candidate, is the biggest gun so far to come out against the New START arms control agreement. In a no-so-subtlety titled opinion piece “Obama’s worst foreign-policy mistake” in The Washington Post, he flatly states, “[t]he treaty as submitted to the Senate should not be ratified.”

    Sure, other conservative stalwarts had already jumped on New START. According to John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., “there is no compelling reason for the Obama-Medvedev treaty, and there are many reasons to fear its impact.” But, Bolton, as far as I know, isn’t planning on asking for Obama’s job.

    It’s a bold move for Romney. The White House has been all-high-fives over such Republican supporters as George Shultz, Howard Baker and Colin Powell.

    Even in the ranks of the Senate, most of the honorable gentlemen and gentlewomen are holding off rejecting the treaty outright. Sens. Jon Kyl of Arizona and Jim DeMint of South Carolina have expressed a pretty high degree of skepticism. At best, however, most of the legislators on the right have confined themselves to demanding the White House give up more background information, demanding “reports on Russia’s compliance with a nuclear arms control treaty that expired last December,” and requesting “the record of negotiations that led to the New START agreement in a letter to President Obama on May 6.

    By coming out and saying the treaty is unacceptable as it is, Romney finds himself standing pretty much to the right of the Right.

    Admittedly, it’s a hard position to defend on a bumper sticker. Who would be against cutting nuclear weapons?

    Well, no one — and that’s pretty much Romney’s point. By constraining U.S. missile defenses, America loses a potent argument for dissuading enemies that nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles are weapons worth having.

    In the case of Russia, there won’t be much cutting. New START allows for higher levels of weapons than would have been permissible under the combination of START and the old Moscow Treaty. These treaties also had better verification measures. Furthermore, Russia can actually build more delivery systems under the agreement, and there are no limits on modernization or tactical nuclear weapons.

    It might not fit on a bumper sticker, but it’s hard to argue with Romney’s conclusion: “By all indications, the Obama administration has been badly out-negotiated. Perhaps the president’s eagerness for global disarmament led his team to accede to Russia’s demands, or perhaps it led to a document that was less than carefully drafted.”

    Of course, others have argued: “What’s the big deal? At least it’s something” Well, it is a big deal if you believe that New START is a bad deal and the U.S. could and should negotiate a better one; that it is a bad precedent to let the Russians and the world think we are patsies; that it’s bad to hamstring the future of missile defense; and that it’s wrong to sign a treaty that doesn’t actually advance U.S. interests.

    It’s a big deal to Romney, obviously. Maybe he thinks standing in a lonely place will set him apart from the pact. He has done that — for now. Perhaps when others start to take a harder look at what New START might mean for the future security of America’s and its allies, he will get a lot more company.

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    6 Responses to Romney: New Treaty is a Non-STARTer

    1. JEHopkins, Albuquerq says:

      Brilliantly written. I agree with Mr. Romney 100% on this issue.

    2. Big R Provo, Utah says:

      Romney’s a Hawk when it comes to National Defense. He knows that the only true respect we will get from the World is to be Militarily strong which commands the respect of these thug dictators throughout the World. No Apologies from this guy, not after all the good AMERICA has done in the World.

      I have followed Romney for a few years now he is a proven master in getting positive results. Look what he did with the 2002 Winter Olympics. Those Olympics were ridden with bribes and corruption and on the verge of becoming a total failure. Romney was selected to take over the mess which he did and totally turned it around into becoming one of the most successful and respected games in Olympic History, which made America proud instead of shamed.

      Romney knows how to streamline and make things efficient. He’s done this in business and he turned Massachusetts financial crisis into a big financial State surplus. Mitt Romney also knows the world stage better then most in that he’s worked in the International arena with his many business dealings. He has a very unique perspective on how we can make this great Country of ours strong and competitive against the likes of China and the emerging India. etc.

      I like Romney alot. He’s a moral man with a great family. I would hope that he would inspire this Country to get back to higher moral standards that we had several years back, before immorality, sexual perverseness and pornography had penetrated many facets of our society. I long for the day when I was a kid and you could turn on the TV and watch all channels (3 at that time) and see nothing but good decent shows and programming. Now I panic whenever I see a kid turn on a TV not to mention the unbelievable pervasive acts that are available for all to see on the internet. This, my friends concerns me more than any Economic downturn or Terrorist threat because the soul of our Nation and the Souls of our Children are being poisoned by this evil and when are morals are gone there goes our country; In my view Romney is a true beacon of hope in this darkening world.

      May God Bless this Great Country of ours ….

    3. G-Man, Chesapeake, V says:

      Mitt is on target! I maintain – facts from 1) our Founding and 2) History support the assertion that America is more trusted to possess nuclear weapons than the former Soviets. Because of the Christian values that America was founded upon a case can be made that America places a high/er value on human life than Russia. It is possible to cite examples where America has gone astray [E.g. Roe v. Wade], but in that case the sanctity of life was denigrated by an un-elected, activist Court – NOT – by the majority of Americans! Compare our founding and history to Russia’s where contained in their historical record one can point to genocide (I.e. Stalin’s) greater than the Holocaust! Even though I don’t trust the Obama Administration, and even though America is the only country to employ nuclear weapons in war, this we know from history – the former Soviets cannot be trusted!

      If we continue to reduce our numbers to a point that we cannot guarantee Mutually Assured Destruction, then we lose a strategy that has proven to work for over half a century and put our country at greater risk – NOT – strengthen our security. Giving the former Soviets advantages by removing the constricting language of START I, and volunteering Missile Defense limits, we enter into a lop-sided agreement with a country with a terrible human rights record. The former Soviets understand one thing and one thing alone; STRENGTH!

      Additionally, this International oversight committee, the Bilateral Consultative Commission (BCC) smacks of globalism. Just think of it, an International Oversight Union with the credibility of the U. N. We are NOT safer by New START, we are more vulnerable and weaker. No one would argue that this a good deal.

      American Senators, you vote to weaken American nuclear arsenals and anti-ballistic missile defenses at your own political peril! Get it? No deal!

      America, let's stop this liberal-progressive takeover of our country. Contact your Senators and tell them NOT to ratify this bad deal…I can't wait until November!


      “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth (America), or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.” – Ronald Reagan

    4. Ken Massey says:

      I love Mitt—Go Mitt in 2012 !!! Let's get an experienced leader at the helm. Forget his religion. Odummer is a muslim and no one seems to care. I trust the Mormons must more than the Muslims.

    5. paul Agostino wilmin says:

      since the voters in this country elected the Manchurian canidate what else would you expect from the individual who promised too change us too a population that is slowly being subjugated by the elected people who have betrayed us. I will not be ruled by a communist radical that now occupies the white house and his minions in the senate and congress

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