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  • The Cost of a Seat at the Table

    President Barack Obama recently announced the appointment of 20 private-sector members to the President’s Export Council. Although the President promised to provide Americans an “unprecedented level of openness in Government,” the White House announcement did not mention the numerous financial connections between President Obama and his appointees.

    To correct that oversight, here is a breakdown of the $2.1 million in campaign donations provided by individuals associated with the business and labor interests now represented on the President’s Export Council, as reported at opensecrets.org and fec.gov.

    Topping the list? United Association, the giant plumbers union. A member described the appointment to the Council as “a toy bone for all the money donated to Obama’s election.” Now we’ll wait to see exactly what the plumbers are going to export!

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    14 Responses to The Cost of a Seat at the Table

    1. Melissa, California says:

      You know, I think Clinton sold nights in the Lincoln bedroom for much less. Guess the price has gone up!

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    3. Eric, VA says:

      I find it amusing that President Obama is leaning on an executive from a corporation that is actively laying off thousands of (union) employees to help guide him in anything. Wouldn't this move be one that would infuriate many of his supporters. Oh, this might be part of that whole transparency thing he liked to preach about.

    4. John, Rhode Island says:

      No president ran for office promising a more open, transparent, and accountable method of governance as Obama did. I guess he forgot to mention the cover charge.

    5. Michele says:

      Now I KNOW I need to change my cell phone provider from Verizon!

    6. kenny dey says:

      it never ends with this guy. it's something new every single day. it's not like he's even treating us as morons anymore. he just simply doesn't care what we see him do. the epitome of arrogance. i can't wait to see the look on his face come 2012. (or, maybe sooner, if we can get someone with the nads to prosecute him for all the crimes he's committing while in office).

    7. Mark, Minnesota says:

      Maybe by "open", he meant that he was open to take pretty much anyone's money?

    8. Patrick, NJ says:

      See this in NJ everyday … this is why my state & this country is so screwed up. Instead of the best & brightest we always get stuck with the dumbest & richest. Until we make these practices illegal by Federal Law and enforce it with fervor we are doomed to be led by stupidity.

    9. Flora Michigan says:


    10. Hendy, Walla Walla V says:

      Wow folks, it's the EXPORT COUNCIL being written about, so ease up a little.

      The United Association, a union, what do they export?

      I'd like to get access to the President's Teleprompter, I'd put some real facts on it for him to speak about so he would not have to have all that "Snake Oil Salesman" stuff spewing out!

    11. NORMAN J. AKINS, LIN says:


    12. Matt, Chicago says:

      now the money from UPS is that Union or Non Union employees?

    13. William G Jensen, II says:

      We all know who Obama really is. He is a sleeper cell Islamic Muslim blended with a communist nut job. He is all the evil in the world rolled into one whatever to heck he is. We don't even know the liars real race. He has lied about everything. I guess we will always have the stupid liberals around to vote trash in. they can always blame Bush for all Obama does wrong.

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