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  • New Black Panther Party: Will Justice Department Investigate Julie Fernandes?

    On May 14th, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held a hearing to investigate the Justice Department’s decision to completely drop charges against the New Black Panther Party and two of its members for alleged voter intimidation in violation of the 1964 Voting Rights Act.  The remaining defendant who wielded a billyclub at the polls on election day 2008 got a proverbial wink and a slap on the wrist that he shouldn’t do it again …at least not in the City of Philadelphia … for a few more years. The crux of the Commission’s investigation centers on why the Obama administration decided to drop and reduce the charges after the Bush administration had already won a default judgment against the defendants. During the hearing, Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez and Commissioner Todd Gaziano (who is also a colleague at Heritage) had the following exchange:

    COMMISSIONER GAZIANO: If someone came to you and said that someone — someone in your Division, … a supervising attorney or a political appointee–made the statement that the voting rights laws should never be enforced against blacks or other racial minorities, you would investigate that report, wouldn’t you?
    ASST. ATTY. GEN. PEREZ: I would take a look at the person who made the statement. I would take a look at the statement. And we would have a conversation about it.
    COMMISSIONER GAZIANO: You would want to interview the people who were supposedly present when that statement was made, wouldn’t you?
    ASST. ATTY. GEN. PEREZ: Yes, sir.

    COMMISSIONER GAZIANO: Let me ask my final question. If we uncovered strong evidence that a current supervising attorney or political appointee senior in your Division made statements that this administration will never bring a voting rights case or, to this effect, will never bring a voting rights case against blacks or other minorities, I hope that you will seriously investigate. And I hope you agree that it would be highly relevant to this investigation and that we should have access to the witnesses to such a statement.
    ASST. ATTY. GEN. PEREZ: If you have such a statement, bring such a statement to our attention.

    Well, this past Tuesday, Commissioner Gaziano brought such statements to AAG Perez’s attention. In testimony before the commission, former Justice Department attorney Christian Adams said that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes ordered: “Never bring another lawsuit against a black or other national minority, apparently no matter what they do.” Watch Commissioner Gaziano recount the testimony above.

    So far, the Obama Justice Department has refused to allow any current DOJ employees like Julie Fernandes to testify before the Commission. Will they allow more transparency now?

    There are many other justifiable lines of inquiry. For example, this January Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky asked:

    The more the Obama administration fights the subpoenas from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and denies congressmen’s requests for answers concerning the inexplicable dismissal of the voter-intimidation case in Philadelphia against the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), the more reasonable people wonder what the administration has to hide. And so it is appropriate now to ask: What did the White House know and when did it know it?

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    27 Responses to New Black Panther Party: Will Justice Department Investigate Julie Fernandes?

    1. juandos says:

      Well the problem was the formation of the Civil Rights Commission in the first place…

      Totally useless outfits like their's is the reason we see a push for political correctness today instead of seeing the facts come out…

    2. Billie says:

      Mr. President, why do you hold the white people on a pedestal of expected perfection? Anybody else you hold nothing to.

      there is a definite trained mind set that has obviously been going on for years. Obama has the same one. Their minds won't even allow them the ability to accept the truth.

      I personally can't stand it when any government member, (obama, Julie Fernandes, etc)) puts words in the mouths of individuals,. "no voters were intimidated."

      Skin color isn't intimidating! Loud threatening mouths are! Government is pushing for a race war! They're the inducers of all these problems. And the weak follow their lead. I pray for this hater, that he will build the strength to see his own ignorance. That he can break free from his limited trained thoughts.

      God Bless you, Mr. Hater and all others who hate by trained thoughts. May you see the error of your induced ways!

    3. eugene reed,brooklyn says:

      Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, William Ayers et al. What else could we expect from an administration that states it will fundamentally transform our nation? EVERYDAY there seems to be another assault on the very fabric of our society, our institutions, and most importantly, our constitution.

    4. eugene reed,brooklyn says:

      saul alinsky,cloward and piven, william ayers et al. what else can we expect from an administration that promised to fundamentally transform our country? we really do have radical activists running nearly every department of our goverenment.the press is in the tank and that is why we have joined heritage. keep up the good work. god bless.

    5. Jim, Ohio says:

      The incident with the New Black Panther Party sheds light on the glaring reality that society equates the term "racism" with "white on minority" racism. The actions of the NBPP and the Justice Department show that racism is not exclusive to whites.

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    7. VINNY...FLORIDA says:

      where does the New Black Panther Party get its money from?

    8. mark saichek, salt l says:

      I wonder if any of the pinciple actors in this case, at the justice department, have considered the implications of this fiasco for the next election.

      Some white supremacist, who may be equally as warped and ignorant as Mr. Shabbaz, may conclude that there is no equal justice at the "justice department" and decide to enforce hs own standards of compliance with the voting rights act.

      The potential for mayhem would be explosive and if someone is injured or killed, the responsibility will fall directly on the head of Eric Holder and his "political

      appointee" ideologues at the justice department.

    9. Toby Reese, Aiken, S says:

      I am shocked at the Democrat Party, for seemingly selling its soul to an elitist socialist minority. They have thrown their patriotism in a dumpster, if they can stand by while this injustice is perpetrated on US citizens. Support for any Democrat this November and in two years will be an endorsement of tyranny.

    10. Harriette Stormfeltz says:

      Would you please get in touch with Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio, TX. He is having a seminar in Washington, D.C. They are against the tyrant ways the Obama administration is treating Isreal and our government Letting stuff like the Black Panthers getting away with this is just what Pastor Hagee is against and is going to Congress to tell them. Help spread their truth. txtelleh@windstream.net

    11. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Well, now that we know who the “devil” is that issued such an unlawful order, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Julie Fernandes, we can take more specific action.

      I had seen several Fox News reports, national and special news shows either interviewing the former DOJ attorney who left after she issued that absolutely unlawful order but I was unable to ascertain why he would not identify who specifically directed his (and others) to drop that case. In fact I still don’t know why he wouldn’t identify her. But then to learn here, as well as what I remember the former DOJ attorney relating that the entire DOJ (therefore the Obama Administration) directed them not to bring any more such cases to their attention as they would not be pursuing any cases of voter intimidation against any black American or any other minorities as well.

      This Julie Fernandes cannot claim executive privilege as she does not serve directly in the inner circle of the Oval Office but is however far enough removed to be effectively subpoenaed by Congress and compelled to answer their questions. Now if she reveals that she was simply following orders from whomever than we have an adequate and reasonable basis establishing probable cause to demand a special prosecutor to fully investigate this highly sensitive and probably widespread case of abuse of authority.

      Who knows, it may lead us right into the White House or even into the land of the Czars or the financial backers of this “Post Turtle” president.

    12. ejike okpa ii says:

      This is no news. Voter violation with attendant Civil Rights violations are what makes America's democracy what it is – questionable. I wondered what happened in 2000; was it an election or [s]election? Minorities have suffered and now that there is attempt to do something, there is cry of foul. Until we see politics as an exercise to better serve our country and NOT the exclusive preserve of any one ethnicity or a political party, this level of adult deliquency will persist. It is often petty what we in America indulge in all in the name of doing and or getting it right. Nonsense. There are no angels in US version of democracy. The large outcry now is because it is Obama, and he must be seen and painted as doing things that are less than desirable. Well, it comes with the territory. Every president before him used the office to advance issues no matter what is. America will get better when we respect each other and see reason to accommodate and ignore certain trifling situations that have nothing to do with the price of milk.

    13. Tony, Connersville , says:

      so is the DOJ now actively supporting voter intimidation and/or corruption?

      why isn't this story splashed across every web page, newspaper, and magazine?!

    14. Tony, Connersville , says:

      good link on this story that's a little more in depth:


      apparently the DOJ wants counties to stop cleaning the voter rolls of the dead, illegal, and incarcerated. i can't help but think this will create a massive hole for corruption that many will eagerly take advantage of.

      and the reason? their goal is "to increase voter turn-out", and cleaning the rolls doesn't encourage that.

    15. Greg Hedgepath, Atla says:

      I have done some more on this story and found video of Julie Fernandes talking about voter ID law and trying to get around it as well. These people are disgusting.


    16. Brad Curtis, Rosevil says:

      Apparently the Obama Administration thinks that by controlling the main stream media they can spin every assault on The Constitution, and we will just accept what they do as " the way it is going to be".

      Well before Obama takes control of the Internet, I believe the American people will rise up and demand that this "Socialist" madness stops and we will take back the government and throw the bums out. It's mostly the obnoxious Democrats, but there are enough bad Republicans as well. So we have to get people dedicated to supporting the Constitution, and replace the bad guys.

      There are enough good people in this country, we just have to all move in the same direction.

      God bless

    17. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I was reviewing this entire event from the video of the two New Black Panther Party members obviously intimidating voters at the entrance to the polling station to the former DOJ’s attorney who decided to leave rather than combat this from the inside and then something else came to light concerning this situation. Think back to Imus on the radio who made a disparaging comment about the Rutgers women’s basketball team members albeit without the intimidation factor and the “Justice Brothers” were all over it. You know, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

      Well, where are they when this actually happened in November 2008 and since then with the resignation of the DOJ attorney, the statement identifying the DOJ official who not only directed the dropping of the criminal case but then directed not to bring any more such cases in which blacks as well as other minority members would be the defendants and then the new video that clearly shows one of those same individuals spewing his ill conceived thoughts of “killing white crackers and cracker babies”? I don’t recall seeing them anywhere or even hearing a peep out of them about these specific racially charged situations involving one of the same people and the obvious reverse discrimination, have you?

      There has been a surprising interview or two on different Fox News shows with some rather heated exchanges between the current leader of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and Megyn Kelly and even more so with Geraldo Rivera. In fact, that leader of the NBPP was accompanied by three or more associates during his interview with Geraldo who appeared to be there for the sole purpose to intimidate the host, Geraldo. It didn’t work but it did demonstrate their true philosophy and accepted tactics as their standard.

      Add to these revelations that a tried and true Democrat film and documentary maker has now complied a series of these types of voter fraud and intimidation from multiple points across the country detailing a wider range of improprieties including the NBPP even intimidating other black voters who were NOT going to vote for Obama. While this documentary maker originally went to these locations to prove them wrong she quickly learned for herself that it was much worse than reported to her and appears that Obama supporters (official campaign workers and others including the NBPP) may have stolen the election from Hillary Clinton!

      Have we now met the criteria required to appoint a special prosecutor to look into these inter-related matters? I’m concerned it is either that or that we are about to the “lock & load” method as the Second American Revolution begins this summer whether or not we are ready for it!

    18. Drew Page, IL says:

      I am having trouble expressing my feelings about the DOJ's stonewalling the Commission on Civil Rights request for subpoenas of testimony from Ms. Fernandes and from Mr. Adams direct supervisor at DOJ, who, according to Mr. Adams, would confirm the statements made by Mr. Adams.

      The word "outraged" has become so overused, it's almost meaningless anymore. "Disgusted" doesn't sufficiently convey my level of anger. "Heinous" and "atrocious" are better discriptors of crimes of mass murder and genocide. Perhaps contempable is the better adjective to describe the actions (and inactions) of the "Department of Justice".

      Is this behavior of reverse discrimination on the part of the DOJ some misguided attempt to right the record of past wrongs or social injustices? President Obama's silence so far has been deafening. Does he condone the refusal of DOJ to allow testimony of Ms. Hernandes and Mr. Adams' former immediate superior at DOJ before the Commission on Civil Rights? Or is it something more sinister? Could it be that Mr. Holder's actions are being dictated by Mr. Obama?

    19. Richard Vettraino,Ph says:

      Its a shame people can't follow the lead of Dr.Martin Luther King.We have not learned to much since the days of the first Civil Rights Movement.Two wrongs don't make a Right.We have a President & a D.O.J.,following the same path as a 50's & 60's type of a Grand Dragon and the KuKluxKlan,the same kind of hate just directed at everyone of non-color.It never fails when you have a Black Mayor or this time a Black President there are those around who polorize the people,and they are the Hateful minority.

    20. BJ Ft. Myers Fl says:

      There is no reason for not appointing a special Prosecutor to this incident. It is quite obvious that the DOJ and the Adminstration is not only NOT being transparent but is hiding behind whatever cloud they can find to avoid the truth from coming out.

      As I had mentioned in a previous missive that if in fact the group had been wearing white sheets and a hood they would have been locked up and the media would have had a circus at the "White Racism". Unfortuneatly, the Media and the Admistration or the DOJ cannot see "Black Racism". If the admistration is to be truley transparent then they would allow these persons to testify before congress.

      However, should they continue to hide their activities, MAYBE, the new congress will have the guts to do so, if they can get the votes in November.

    21. JimmyLynn, Texas says:

      TITLE 42 > CHAPTER 20 > SUBCHAPTER I > § 1971

      Prev | Next

      § 1971. Voting rights

      How Current is This?

      (a) Race, color, or previous condition not to affect right to vote; uniform standards for voting qualifications; errors or omissions from papers; literacy tests; agreements between Attorney General and State or local authorities; definitions……………..

      (b) Intimidation, threats, or coercion

      No person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, shall intimidate, threaten, coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, presidential elector, Member of the Senate, or Member of the House of Representatives, Delegates or Commissioners from the Territories or possessions, at any general, special, or primary election held solely or in part for the purpose of selecting or electing any such candidate.

      [ What part of this law does Obama's DOJ not understand. Rosenbaum, Holder, Loretta King and Perez should all go. The Congress should demand it. If this edict not to prosecute minorities for breaking our laws is found to have come from Obama himself, he should be impeached. How can the top law enforcement department in the country be guilty of legalizing reverse discrimination by selectively enforcing our Voter Rights Laws? This is way beyond a Water Gate moment. ]

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    23. A. Vic Poillucci says:

      Eric Holder is a "whimp" who is shrugging his duties.

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    25. SteveP, Alabama says:

      How do you like the 'changes' ?? How do you like Obama 'bin Laden's' interpretations of 'transparency' ?? I ,for one American citizen, am disallusioned, disappointed, depressed, disenchanted, and mainlt plain old pissed off.

      What we have in this country today is the furthest thing possible and imaginable from a 'Government of the people, by the people, and for the people'. We have a Government….out of control, arrogant in their 'powers', and taking care of number 1.

      Take away their private health care, their private social security, and each and every other 'private' benefit that they recieve as a perk of their position as members of Government.

      If the 'People' don't have it or get it, by God Almighty….they don't deserve it either !

    26. Zoon, Columbia SC says:

      Any responses to the following?

      As Adam Serwer pointed out:

      "(A)ccording to the Raben Group, a progressive PR firm Fernades worked for prior to the Justice Department, she didn't leave her job with them until June 22, 2009, more than six months after the criminal case against the NBPP members was dropped. Even if she did say that — and none of my sources in the Voting Section ever heard her say anything of the sort — it wouldn't have had any bearing on the NBPP case, because she wasn't there when it was dismissed.

      All of which kind of puts a rather large wrinkle in the right-wing fantasy that the decision to pursue a civil rather than criminal case against The New Black Panther Party members was a racist decree handed down from the racist leadership of the Obama administration. None of the Obama administration's political appointees who have been attacked as having mandated this decision were even working at the Department of Justice at the time the case was downgraded!

      Perez testified that the decision to pursue a civil case was a matter of 'career people disagreeing with career people.' The facts would seem to support that account."

    27. Zoon, Columbia SC says:

      More quoted from the Left:

      Here's some more FACTS the right doesn't want you to know about:

      1. Department Of Justice closed The New Black Panther case because nobody came forward to indicate a pattern of intimidation. The law requires that witnesses come forth to indicate that there was a pattern of voter intimidation. No witnesses did so from this polling place. None. Nada. Zip. The Department of Justice can’t just go ahead with a prosecution because they feel like it if they lack the required evidence. It would in fact be an abuse of legal power to do so.

      2. An injunction was filed against the New Black Panther Party member with a nightstick. The only weapon at the scene (conservative media has tried to claim there was a gun there, there wasn’t) was a nightstick wielded by a New Black Panther Party member. The DOJ did file an injunction against this man.

      3. The “kill ****” video is from before the election. The National Geographic Channel video of a New Black Panther Party member yelling about killing “****” and white babies was made before the 2008 election, not after as Fox and other outlets have falsely promoted.

      4. J. Christian Adams is a GOP hack and his testimony is all hearsay. In his testimony, J. Christian Adams cites a lot of hearsay but nothing he directly observed. In other words, office gossip at best, possibly completely fabricated stories at worst.

      5. There is no connection between President Obama and the New Black Panther Party. President Obama has no connection to the New Black Panther Party. He does not support their mission or their rhetoric. President Obama has repeatedly denounced racial hatred. The only (false) connection between Obama and the New Black Panther Party is that outlets like Fox News keep trying to connect the two in a cynical, dangerous attempt to play racial politics to aid the Republican party.


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