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  • Morning Bell: Anti-Business Obama

    It looks like the Obama spin machine is at it again, this time launching a concerted effort to rebut reports this week that President Barack Obama is anti-business. But given Obama’s record of stoking government intervention in the private sector and creating an environment of uncertainty poisonous to business growth, hiring and expansion, it’s no wonder the President is branded with an anti-business scarlet letter.

    The storyline began in The Washington Post, where columnist Fareed Zakaria endeavored to find out why America’s 500 largest nonfinancial companies are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash, rather than spending it on expansion (which would mean new jobs). Business leaders told Zakaria that it comes down to economic uncertainty surrounding new laws, regulations and taxes; the expansion of federal agencies’ authority; and the unknown implications of Obamacare, financial reform and cap-and-trade. And the kicker? Zakaria notes that most of them had voted for Obama yet all of them now believe he is “at his core, anti-business.”

    Others joined the chorus, too. Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg said, “By reaching into virtually every sector of economic life, government is injecting uncertainty into the marketplace and making it harder to raise capital and create new businesses.” And then there’s Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric, who reportedly said of Obama, “business did not like the U.S. president and the president did not like business.” The only surprise here should be how long it’s taken business leaders to speak out about Washington’s runaway train intervention in the marketplace, all in the name of creating new jobs.

    Under President Obama, that intervention began with an $862 billion stimulus, and it was joined by a failed Cash for Clunkers program, a government takeover of the domestic auto industry, a bailout of Fannie and Freddie that may hit $1 trillion, a visceral attack on private sector compensation, a government takeover of health care and, now, financial regulation reform which is said to be riddled with unintended consequences. What next? Cap-and-trade hangs heavily on the horizon, as does the prospect of a value added tax, which Heritage’s J.D. Foster says will “recast the nation into a full state of dependency on Washington.”

    And what has all of this produced? The economy has lost 2.3 million jobs since President Obama signed his stimulus bill, leaving him 7.4 million jobs short of what he promised the American economy would support by 2010. Is it any wonder corporate America is shaking in its boots?

    There are things Congress and the President could do to encourage businesses to grow, expand and create jobs. Heritage’s James Sherk writes:

    Increased federal spending will not spur the private-sector investment and risk-taking necessary to create jobs and reduce unemployment. Congress should instead reduce government spending to free up funds for private investment while committing to not passing any measures — such as card-check, cap and trade, or the health care mandates — that would make creating new jobs more expensive.

    Instead, though, it looks like the Obama administration is trying to convince businesses that the President is on their side. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said this week:

    Now, this president understands deeply that governments don’t create jobs, businesses create jobs. And our job as government is to try to make sure we’re creating the conditions that allow businesses to prosper so they can hire people back, get this economy going again.

    In reality, this President has done the exact opposite. He has attempted to use government spending to create jobs, failed miserably, and has only succeeded in creating an environment where businesses — the real job creators — are afraid to put America back to work.

    Quick Hits:

    • Despite the facts that the Deepwater oil well has not been plugged yet and the unemployment rate is 9.4%, President Barack unveiled a new campaign slogan yesterday: “Yes, we did.”
    • According to a payroll services firm, small businesses made fewer hires in July than in any month since October.
    • White House spokesman Robert Gibbs evaded questions yesterday about whether Obama agrees with his new Medicare director that the health care system must redistribute wealth.
    • The Venezuelan workers of beer-and-food giant Polar are opposing Hugo Chavez’ attempt to nationalize the private company.
    • Today at 2 p.m. EST, Heritage Action for America CEO Michael Needham will host an online chat with former Senator Jim Talent and The Heritage Foundation’s Vice President for Foreign and Defense Policy Studies Kim Holmes about the dangerously naive New START with Russia
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    89 Responses to Morning Bell: Anti-Business Obama

    1. Grace says:

      And I don't think businesses will put Americans back to work until this president is out of office. I heard him say unemployment is going to be around for quite some time – that's probably true but why did he make the empty promises of jobs creation and turning the economy around during his campaign? He like to tell us he didn't realize the scope of the economy and it's problems – if he didn't realize it he didn't do his homework. He made empty promises and people bought into it and now we all suffer because of his inexperience and arrogance. Let's get rid of this guy and get back to work.

    2. Turner, Massachusett says:

      excellent article, but i saw this months ago. what i see going forward you won't print. be prepared America, Obama is about to go rouge!

    3. Gary , Chicago says:

      This is shoddy journalism at its best. You do not use quotes from someone and then use the word 'reportedly'.

      The biggest reason the banks are not lending money is because they are gutless. They got caught with their hands in the till with the easy money mortgage mess and are now protecting their ass.

      You do not have profession journalists reporting these stories if this is all they can come up with to justify their preconceived notions.

    4. Matt, York, PA says:

      When will this man be called exactly what he is? A socialist. A liar. A deceiver. A manipulator. There is no middle ground with this guy. He is either the single most ignorant man on the planet or he is intentionally trying to destroy this country. Timothy Geithner should be brought to task to explain exactly what "deep" understanding the President has about job creation when EVERYTHING he does is anti-private sector and, in a demonstration of just how "locked in" his supporters are, anti-consumer; because everything he heaps on the private sector is going to be passed onto the consumer. Then we stop buying, they stop producing or send jobs overseas for cheaper labor, and we die as an economy and a country. It's really not much more complex than that.

    5. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Whenever Obama and his Progressives speak strongly in one direction, turn your mind to the opposite direction and you will see their true intent!

      They are 'for' only one thing – socialistic control of everything while decimating the USA in the process..

    6. migaluchi, IL says:

      sigh…i lived in this state all my life…and specifically in chicago for over 40 yrs. our beloved president is nothing more then a typical chicago/illinois politician…just look at blago….i rest my case.

    7. Sharp Alaska/Nevada says:

      What a shock!! You mean these guys are realizing that socialism only works when you can be a parasite on success. And exactly like a parasite, when the "host" starts dying when it has no more blood to give, it sucks harder, demanding "social justice." it dissects the "Golden Goose," shaking their fists, demanding the the missing golden eggs. These Marxist rocket surgeons want to destroy the most productive economic system ever seen in human society, and turn it into a despotic nightmare. November will test to see if our voting system has been compromised. "It's only important WHO counts the votes " –Josef Stalin

    8. Mary, WI says:

      It IS up to We the People but when you have cheating at the polling places it's hard to even think the majority might have a chance to vote all these progressives out of office. Lord knows they ALL have to go. Until then keep praying folks that all the damage done to this country can be repaired and we can once again live in the greatest country in the world because of our FREEDOM. God Bless America!

    9. allen says:

      like the bumper sticker said it is "WE THE PEOPLP" not "Me the President" we are tired of his evil ways, he wants to bring the USA down….. get him out of office

    10. MJF, CT says:

      Mr. Obama does, in fact, understand business! He has done his homework and knows that his constant government intervention of every aspect will destroy the very framework that built this Country. Yes, Mr. Obama knows that in order to kill the United States, he must first kill business. This will put people out of work making them dependent on the government for assistance. Once you put the People in a dependent status, control is easy. We are now paralleling 1936 Germany. The process has started and the control will slowly begin. Mr. Obama's actions are putting us on a road that will be our demise unless we all wake up very quickly.

    11. JOAN, HILLSDALE, MI says:

      Grace has it right! Vote the Bum Out!!!! (Unless, of course, he succeeds in rigging the electoral process so that American will never again experience a free and fair election.

    12. James - Longdrycreek says:

      Barry S a.k.a. BHO burned the bridge to business and small business and wonders how to rebuild with words and illusions. He must think American business is as stupid as his voters. Most are not.

      He has no creditability.

    13. Prentice, Weatherfor says:

      It is a mistake to assume that Obama is simply incompetent. His agenda has nothing to do with employment and prosperity for the US. He is an activist, and a committed statist. He will not go quietly and he is far from done with efforts to "transform" the US.

      The real danger is that far too many Americans are still in an uninformed trance, waiting patiently for the promises made by Obama to materialize and the economy to take off. This makes the nation vulnerable to the spin machine that Obama and the mainstream media will roll out for the 2010 and 2012 elections. If we wake up on Nov. 3d and realize that nothing changed in Congress the day before, that will be the true definition of "depression".

    14. Brian says:

      Grace, as you have probably surmised he is a practiced and competent liar and socialist but lacks competence in virtually anything else. With this slippery eel one must watch his actions and not his words.

      He has lied, obfuscated, skirted and deceived on every major initiative he has promoted. He lied as a candidate and he has continued to lie as a President.

      What is horrifying is how much damage a committed Socialist with a willing house and senate can do to our beloved country and economic system in such a short time.

      This coming Mid Term election will have more significance in the saving and restoration of our republic and our liberty than any other mid term election in US History.

    15. LeRoy says:

      Obama is trying to take this country down…. What is so hard to see what he is doing??? Once the government takes over we will have given up everything!!! I believe he is a communist!!!!! End of report!!! We hear this about him everywhere we go!!

    16. West Texan says:

      The Obama administration has proven the antithesis to federal government's proper role and its dependence on free market generated prosperity, made possible by independent states. He's turned the business world and the Republic over on its head. Obama is dragging our nation through a Donner pass at its worst. November is crucial to stopping Obama and company's abusive relationship with the American people, including all who voted for and/or continue to support his misguided social fantasy. Twentieth century Europe suffered greatly having ignored such a tragic lesson.

    17. Robert Turnage, Miss says:

      It's about time they spoke up. Imagine that, companies holding on to cash because no one knows what arbitrary rule or take over is coming next from an interventionist government. It's deja vu all over again.

      The left have become fond of saying it's "1937 all over again" because of fiscal conservatives calls to stop out of control spending…they're right, it is shaping up to be 1937 all over again, but not for the reasons they state. The depression in a depression of 1937 was not caused by decreased spending in 1937. It was due to what happened in 35-36 (eerily similar to what we have seen from Obama).

      Namely, a Supreme Court no longer standing up against FDRs New Deal anti-business laws, an increase in ant-business rhetoric by FDR that caused, get this — businesses to hold onto cash rather than re-invest it. Sound familiar?? And FDR's response to these businesses doing that: the undistributed profits tax on money held by corporations due to their uncertainty. Not to mention all the other tax increases that were enacted from 35-37, including the introduction of the payroll tax.

      Obama and company are repeating those same 1935-36 mistakes – from the ant-business laws & rhetoric to the increasing of taxes for companies (healthcare) and individuals (allowing Bush tax cuts to expire). If they continue, you can bet we'll be right back into a double dip like '37-38.

    18. David, Ohio says:

      Misinformation on the executive level should be considered a high crime.

      He (Obama) works for us, the people; not the other way around.

    19. Jack P., Lansdale, P says:

      I am a small business owner, physical therapist. I own three offices. Not only have I not hired any new staff which I need, I am looking to sell my practice. Obamacare has created a concern in the insurance industry that their days are numbered. And so, insurance companies are reducing reimbursements as much as 31% (Medicare) to providers like me, while increasing premiums, deductibles, and copayments to the patient (employee/employer). The net result is that I can't stay in business with 25-31% reduction in income, while at the same time, having less patients knocking at my door because they can't afford the copayments and deductibles.

    20. Barbara, LA says:

      and what scares me is the comment Obama made saying that come next year, he will b making a lot of "difficult" decisions that we (the American people) are not going to like….does anyone have any idea what he is talking about?

    21. Edward J. Turk Ohio says:

      Obama is anti-America. I strongly believe it is his Madrassa learning in Indonesia that is part and parcel of his very being. How can one not believe that he is a Muslim when he does not go to a christian church anymore, tasks the head of NASA to reach out to Muslims which is the job of the State Department and disrespects America on foreign soil at every opportunity. Who is he? Obama does not care about Americans at all.

    22. Red Dwarf says:

      Never, ever focus on what Obama says. He is what he does.

    23. Ron Lundgren, Louisv says:

      Obama and all of his radical appointees are not interest in growing the economy if they were they would get out of the way and let American ingenuity do what they do best. Obama wants to control everything and everybody. It is a classic marxist move which is a major power grab. We cannot let this happen everybody please wake up and pay attention to what is happening right before your eyes.

    24. TJW - TX says:

      I know the English language can be a bit hard to understand at times, SO, do they really think that saying the opposite of what they are doing will help us to understand what they are really saying???? I am referring to the statement by Geithner! Do they really believe that by sounding like a lamb??? They can hide their vicious wolf growl??? Do they really believe that by pretending citizens are not over taxed/regulated that some how the American will just roll over and play dead???

      If the American citizens and businesses just all stood up and said NO! Could we make them go away????

      Instead, though, it looks like the Obama administration is trying to convince businesses that the President is on their side. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said this week:

      Now, this president understands deeply that governments don't create jobs, businesses create jobs. And our job as government is to try to make sure we're creating the conditions that allow businesses to prosper so they can hire people back, get this economy going again.

    25. TeaParty says:

      Even Obama'a Vice-President Biden (the three ring Circus Clown) stood before the camera and said that 8M jobs lost in the last eighteen months would never be replaced. Swallow that if you can!!!!

    26. toledofan says:

      It's really too bad that it took so long for many to really see what was going on; I'm convinced that Obama is the most left leaning President we've ever had and although he's creating some serious heartburn, he's also showing us first hand what we don't want to become and why the far left ideology doesn't work, will never work and doesn't fit with our Constitution, so, the laws of the land get decimated. Everyday there is a created crisis and each is intended to deflect attention from the others. The mode of operation becomes more apparent each day. So, the first chance at making any changes will be in November; nothing will get better until the regime is changed in Washington.

    27. EON, Stillwater says:

      Government at all levels are doing their best to destroy business. Goverment regulations on the construction industry from new appraisal rules to lead inspections are killing the new construction, remodeling and resale market. 30 percent of the economy is running at 25% of it's capacity. Oil drilling regulations, Obamacare, tax increases, energy bills, financial regulation, union and gender requirements are decapitating a businesses ability to plan and grow. It's time for the political parties to give us a better choice than: Obama, Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Gore, Kerry, Dole, Gingrich, Romney, McCain, etc. It's almost like the controllers of the strings want incompetents in office. May God once again Bless America.

    28. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Not just anti-business, Obama is anti-America. Will we ever wake-up and realize how dangerous this person is to America and American's?.

    29. Joe Minor, West Palm says:

      Smoke and mirrors. No substance, just rhetoric. He will do lots more damage in 2 years. Forget recovery.

    30. MJ, Atlanta, GA says:

      The entire Obama campaign team counted on Americans listening to him and not judging him by actions. There were so many signs that were ignored in the beginning. Mainstream media continues to focus on style not substance. There was a rare few that predicted this disastrous economic outcome and yet polls still show favorability of mid-40 percent. Why? Who are these people that are so ignorant of the damage done to this country by this administration?

    31. Wanita Twigg,Mo. says:

      I wonder where is the Senate and Congress. Since when does the president think he can and does do what-ever. Why can he not be impeached? He is doing nothing but dismanteling our Constitution, and does not do a thing he said he would do, just the opposite.

    32. Stephen Peele, Cinci says:

      The people of this country make me proud when they stand up for what makes this country exceptional. If we wanted a European-style leader, we would either still be under British rule or we would have recruited someone from the EU to run this country…we did not. So, God Bless America, lets get back on track stop electing people because of what they look like, but what they believe!

    33. Randy, NW Missouri says:

      Each time I read or hear that some businessman now under assault from the Obama administration "supported" or "voted for" this man, Lenin's apt term, "useful idiots," comes to mind. Were it not for the pain and suffering to which increasing numbers of our fellow citizens are daily subjected, not to mention the unravelling of our freedoms and the very foundation of our nation and culture, I would call it poetic justice.

    34. Kathleen Henderson 2 says:

      Good morning. I should not speak because I live on SSD; however I still have my opinion. I think that it is time to take action against the entire Obama administration, before we have an all out war right here in the USA. With the hot summer upon us, and millions of people out of work, now the stopping of the unemployment for many people, in my opinion Obama has done nothing to help the people, and I am afraid of riots (like Detroit 1967). Someone with a level head must step up and take control of our government, before we completely fall apart and are unable to recover. We are the people of the United States of America and we fight For Our Freedom and our Right to Be FREE. We need to take back our government and find the path that will save us rather then allowing Obama to continue to destroy us. Our fore fathers worked and fought and died to make the USA free and we above all costs need to preserve it, for our kids, grand kids and their grand kids. It's time to tell Obama you had your chance and you through it away, now step aside and let those that want to save, and can save our country, save it.

      God I pray, please remove Obama and appoint someone who can, and will show us how to lead us back to an America that we are proud of, that our kids and their kids can grow and prosper in. Amen

      Kathleen Henderson

      I love my country

    35. SMITH GA says:

      Ever think about a war? What you would do to start one! How too undermined a country,or the world, or its people? First let us look at 911 the world trade center, it involved the worlds money in trade. Start taking away the trade to all parts of the world and its MONEY! What do you get! the world not working, the euro falls.

      WELL! it was a little slow in coming. SO! we put a long range plan into action ( A SLEEPER) to get as any spies and interloofer into that govenment as we can and to pay off the other higher ups. hire actors, and people in the news! for the cause. to push the media and govenment to get the people brainwashed and acting in the right frame of mine to fit the cause.

      We've took control… we've got the govenment body and soul!!! we start changing the laws of the land, we take over business, insurance, healthcare, most of all the money. we hate this country. spent the money! put it in debt make the poor more valveable then the rich! raise taxes so the rich will have to stop hiring and laid off the companies employees, open the boraders, so we can get are people in to cause choas and bring drugs in so we can control the minds of peoples to work with us. Cause choas!!!! so people will think about it!!!! than what we are doing behind the backs of the people

      SO! it's here. the day we've hope for. we got the world by the balls. we are controling the money, the trade, the jobs, we've put countries in debt, we've put the world in the toilet! push alittle harderrrrr! it will go down. the war is on! and a life not losed. lonely the souls of a great nation and the world.

      sound alittle like todays new's

    36. STEVE says:

      Thanks for the news

    37. STEVE says:

      More tax breaks for the rich, they'll save us all

    38. BobPDX says:

      President Obama fully realizes what he is doing.

      He is intentionally holding down our economy and his continued interventions are the mechanisms he is using to do so.

      This is textbook socialism and the first chapter of every economics book worth it's salt discusses the damaging effect that government intervention has on a free economy.

      Our economy will not recover until two things happen, one is in November and the other in 2012.

    39. Alan Robbins, Pinckn says:

      Excellent summary, Mike, and right on the money. Every day in Obama Land is opposite day, where up is down and down is up.

      A committed Marxist, "pro business"?

      I would be laughing hysterically if the future of the country was not at stake.

      Government does not create wealth, it consumes it, voraciously, taking every penny it can get its hands on.

    40. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      I no longer post here, to be posted. I'll just be writing to the one foot in the Obama camp moderator.

    41. SGee, Texas says:

      How will we ever recover from this period in government? It looks increasingly gloomy. From giving away the blue collar jobs to immigrants, to putting growth of jobs by the private sector on hold, there is no end to the "anti-business" and "anti-American" politics. How can our elected representatives ignore our well being? I am constantly amazed at the corruption in both parties, and sad for the country.

    42. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      It's perfectly clear that Obama's anti-business. That's the one thing he's been truly

      transparent about. Obama's pro-union stance, even his support for card check, proves it. Whose name appeared most in the White House visitor logs? Andrew Stern

      of the SEIU. Let's face it, the unions are Obama's storm troopers. The SEIU was responsible for using tactics similar to those of the Nazis and the communists. Obama's not only anti-business, he's also anti-democratic.

    43. Dennis Davis Auburn says:

      I have an idea and a dream that I would like to share. The big three,

      ABC, NBC, CBS are just a three legged stool if one leg is knocked off the other two will fall. The Idea is to get as many outlets, blogs, other news carriers and political Republicans to attack one of the three and concentrate on that one. Making honest accusations that they can't be trusted, they are liars, they are nothing but water carriers for the democrats, that they support Anti American news and will not report news about Obama and the democrats if it is negative and truthful.

    44. Fox Hunter, Californ says:

      Do NOT underestimate Obama or his administration. His agenda has been, and continues to be, the Socialization of the US which means destroying or controlling of all means of production, resources and labor with the end goal of creating economic and social "equality" for all i.e. Communism.

    45. Steven mass. says:

      Wake up people, Obama is nothing but a political terrorist!

    46. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      AMEN Grace…it is up to “we the people”

    47. Les, Cincinnati says:

      It makes no difference what Mr. Obama or any of his cohorts state. The truth is that there is no believable truth in their statements, as all their credibility is gone. At this point, all statements they make must be analyzed to try to determine what new lies are being set up by the telling of the latest lies. We prove our believablity by our actions, not our words.

    48. cynthia overland san says:

      In relationship to Obama's comment, "Yes, we can is now yes we did." Frankly, Mr. President, you can roll a turd in powdered sugar, but it's still NOT a Krispy Kreme.,

    49. Vicki, NY says:

      Dear All, especially SGee, I feel your sadness too! But, even though I will never, in this life, see you and most of the people who've commented on this article, I am encouraged by reading such amazingly perceptive comments! Most of all, it's comforting to know that there are so many patriots who understand what's at stake–our entire way of life. Let's stay true to the "founding principles" that made our country great, and be ready to vote the bums out in November and 2012!

    50. Paul Safranek, Omaha says:

      He is like the Emperor of Rome, deceased Nero, who partied while Rome burned. It just makes me sick, but why should this small businessman care, I now have the best health care that I ever had, Obamacare-death coverage.

    51. Norm Klevens says:

      Once is in a while the MSM gets it right or close to right. How can anyone refute the assertion of this article ? Look at all he has done. Timmy Tax Cheat Geitner was interviewed on one of the MSM outlets. He said Obama was taking action now that may be unpopular so that in the long term, another catastrophe will not occur. The interview totally side stepped the cause of the Fall '08 collapse, just as the so called Dodd reform bill does. The response to the oil explosion should tell anyone that all of this is purposeful. The response in the gulf is let the coastal areas be damaged, destroy more jobs and further reduce the oil supply, thus increase costs. We must elect a Republican majority in the House and Senate in November to limit the continued destruction of our country.

    52. walter says:

      God please help us get this sorry excuse of a human out of office before we have nothing left.

    53. Terri says:

      Spot on article, appreciate the honest, unbiased article.


    54. Leith Richmond says:

      It is long overdue, but very important that the majority of the press in America be berated daily for not reporting the whole truth, not mentioning BO's lies, covering for him and Congress. They are disgusting and helping to sink this country. Don't buy their papers, speak out against them now. Why aren't people mad as hell with them. Stop being sheep and take back our country!

    55. john Arizona says:

      And yet, on top of all facts that support this administration's failed policies, and support of the unions against businesses, BHO has the unmitigated gall to stand up in Nevada and Missouri, and tell his audiences that his policies are working, the country is headed in the right direction, and his policies will save the nation.

      Even BHO can't be that stupid to make those claims, but then again, there are still a large number of people who agree with him. Apparently there is more Kool Aide in this administration that was thought possible.

    56. Leith Richmond says:

      Why aren't people berating the majority of the disgusting press in America, for not reporting BO's lies? Do your job and report the whole story. Stop buying their lousy papers and think for yourselves. It's our country you'll be saving.

    57. MN J says:

      Yes, it's always been about control. But no Europeans? George Soros made his billions in currency manipulations. He was at many Obama fundraisers in 2008. Hillary knew she would lose the endorsement when Soros switched his support to Obama from Clinton. Now Soros is in Brazil; Obama oks $2 or $20 billion (sorry, can't remember) for deep water oil drilling (3x the depth of the BP rig in the Gulf) – wonder why?

      O is either enormously talented or controlled – I don't know which but we are in deep trouble. My concern is this year's election – what will/can they do to keep power. Yesterday Biden says he expects Reid to win and Dems to keep control – what does he know that we don't? He may not be sharp but does he know something – he's made "off the cuff" remarks before that actually came true.

      Keep on truckin' but….

    58. Sue Marie, Detroit says:

      I never voted for Obama because what this article stated I knew was Obama's plan before he got elected. The media betrayed this country and the good american public are too naive. Hopefully the American citizen learn a very hard lesson 1. vote in primaries 2. vote in regular elections 3. know who you are voting for (vote with a logical mind and not an emotional feeling). 4. Do not rely on the press to give an honest evaluation of a political contender. 5. Watch and evaluate the politician while in office, and hold their feet to the fire if they do not deliver on compaign promises. 6. Vote them out if they betray your trust.

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    61. Don Huber, Willis TX says:

      And we are really suprised at what he is doing???

    62. Kelly, MT says:

      I tend to go with he knows exactly what he is doing…. I questioned his agenda before he was even nominated. And Barbara from LA, his comment about making tough decisions we won't like is scary indeed isn't it? I'm concerned he is going to find some way to take over control of the government and therefore the US. He isn't going to take a Congress not in his control lightly.

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    65. Chas, Santa Rosa, Ca says:

      Welcome to the United States of Amnesia where people not only forget what Bush and Cheney did to the economy but they deny it as well. There is not one economic historian posting here since no one understands what Hoover did to help cause the depression was repeated by Bush Cheney and the rethugs. So had we elected McCain, he would have cut taxes the economy would not have been stimulated and a world wide depression would have really rocked every ones boat. Every one seems to forget how expensive the wars cost. Fixing the damage Bush and Cheney did is not going to happen over night. There is no convenient drive through to fix the economic ills we're facing. There are encouraging signs that the economy is improving such as the housing markets stabilizing in certain parts of the country, But it's more entertaining to the conservatives to ignore reality and trash any honest efforts to make this country better. Returning to the Bush Cheney ways is a recipe for disaster.

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    67. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Our Nation has been betrayed for a long, long, time now. With Wilson and FDR chooseing the word "Democracy" in making the World safe, we have been led away from the knowledge that our Nation is indeed a Republic, and the majority of Americans living today believe us to be a Democracy, and very few know the difference.

      The same holds true with "Political Correctness", in that what we know to be illegal aliens, we have been told that we must call them illegal immigrants.

      This particular phrasing has a deeper hidden purpose. Our Constitution calls forth, that any Child of an Immigrant, meaning a person who legally has entered our Nation to become a Citizen, that is born in America, is an American Citizen.

      therefore, when we start calling illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, we twist the Law of our own Constitution, and have started accepting these children born in this Nation as Americans, which is not the Fact!

      Just as Obama promised that only those earning over one quarter of a million dollars a year will have a tax increase, we find that our benefit of health insurance provided by our employer is to be added to our earnings as income and taxed, beginning January 1, 2011.

      The Federal Government is suing Arizona over their Illegal alien enforcement, without the Federal Attorney General even having read the eighteen pages of Arizona's Law!

      This November, we must vote out all who are IN. We, the People must rid Washington DC, those who are supposed to be our Agent, our Representation for our will of all the inbred contamination that has held us and brainwashed us away from our Republic and our rights as American Citizens. Remember that under our Declaration of Independence, we do reserve the right to replace them all, when they no longer represent the will of the people.

      Remember too the History of the Civil War. It may be written into the Constitution that no State may seceed from the Union, but that was never tested in Court.

      Jefferson Davis was never tried for Treason, because he would have been found,"Not Guilty", by reason of the remaining union states had diregarded the Constituion, by the "Taking of Property without remuneration."

      The United States Congress disallowed Slave owners to take their Slaves,(Property), to the new Territories and New States, because at that time only Property owners could vote, and for every five Slaves, the owner got three votes. Congress also refused to buy said Slaves at 'Fair Market Value." Same as any other property.

      History, like the Law, must be read and understood and used without emotion, something our Nation has failed to do since 1812.

    68. Sparkleplenty27 Oreg says:

      It is positively shocking to me that business leaders even voted for Obama, much less that it's taken 18 months for them to finally 'get it' about Obama's agenda. It was clear to any who bothered to look – at his background, those around him, his statements over time – that he was going to sock it to business and all else because his ultimate goal is to bring America down – he told us all that during the campaign, but most were not listening. If business believes Obama is not in their corner – stand by – it's going to get a whole lot worse and Obama is going to be showing his horns before long. We can all count on him to do ANY and EVERY thing he wants, all toward the destruction of America. If 'rumors' and clues are correct he is doing the bidding of some of America's main enemies.

    69. jim, mobile says:

      i hope this country can last until 2012 , this psycho/socialist president we have is destroying this country day by day , hopefully he and his administration will completely disappear come election day .

    70. Alan says:

      The Christian media had it right from the start, but nobody wished to listen. The Christian media was publishing BO's socialist agenda all during his campaign. Nobody wants to listen to the religious right. Not even when they are right.

    71. Alan, Virginia Beach says:

      Those of us from the religious right were ignored as usual. Those in the Christian media including Pat Robertson who is a great businessman as well from Virginia Beach, VA warned people about this all throughout the campaign of 2008. This is a case where the religious right was right.

    72. catherinedeanni,NewJ says:

      Obama is not total against business, he backs business run by unions and his special friends like Mr. George Soros & the Brazil oil co which he owns . He is backing his special interest businesses only the hell with the rest of our businesses.

    73. catherinedeanni,NewJ says:

      Obama is not against business if they are run or owned by Unions & Mr. George Soros which he owns the Brazil oil co.

    74. dave vk says:

      Im trying to figure these buissness men who supported him were thinking when they supported him…he is doing what he said he would do…..and if the Republicans think they are the answer they are mistaken….there will be a lot of new faces in washington next year…I just hope the new faces are more concerned about this country than themselves…we are coming to take back our country…

    75. Tom, Pennsylvania says:

      Freddie and Fannie and Barney and Dodd are so intertwined, I wish a real investigation would go on. However, as long as the Democrats are holding the country hostage, this will never happen. The bailouts we have done so far will eventually be outgunned by Fannie and Freddie. We are in for many years of bailouts due to the protection these 2 politicians gave to F and F. We need congressional term limits but unless the states have the guts to get together and push for an Amendment to the Const. it will never happen.

    76. Drew Page, IL says:

      Of course he's pro-business, just ask the former CEO of GM, or of Chrysler, or any health insurance company, or any health insurance broker, or any Wall Street brokerage firm. or AIG, or of any financial institution that his recent "financial reform" bill allows the government to takeover if they deem that institution to be insolvent.

      Look at how he's reduced unemployment, especially among illegal immigrants.

      Just watch how he will cut corporate taxes and capitol gains taxes, to stimulate economic growth and investment.

    77. my ride says:

      What all of you fail to see is a large number of minorities and unions see him as doing the right thing. They think the only way they can move up is by bringing everyone down to them. Obama says trickle down does not work and seems to think there is a such a thing as trickle up. Never gonna happen, unless you think a stamped to Wal Mart is trickle up.

      You'd better hold on because we are in for a long ride down…..

      How many of you that are complaining voted for him? Well you got exactly what the oppisition new was going to happen.

      I doubt we can turn back what he has done. Once the people start getting their free ride you will never we can never take it back.

      Look at the Unions they perserve non competitive industries. They peremate the Government sector. They are guarenteed raises whether they deserve them are not. That is not capatilism it's socialism through and through….

    78. Troy, Florida says:

      Without a shadow of a dought, Obama hates America and is trying to destroy it any way he can. He did nothing for the gulf for 50 days because he wants it destroyed. Every word out of his mouth is a lie. He ia a deciever, a divider, and an anti-american socialist who wants to redistribute our nations wealth to other countries who he feels are "more deserving". Hopefully he will not be re-elected in 2012 so America can recover from the damage that obama has done.

    79. trubluamerican, hous says:

      Obama is more destructive than probably any American realized. They say he is charming(I don't see it!), well-spoken(able to lie thru his teeth) and capable (of ruining our country in record-breaking speed). It is quite something to see him laugh about John Boehner's remark about the ant & the atomic weapon..HYPERBOLE-ever hear of it Mr. President?..he refuses to see that his financial reform bill is a huge over-reaction to the economic meltdown. IF all the regulatory bodies that already exist had been doing their jobs, the entire collapse could have been avoided altogether…answer–pile on another couple of hundred government agencies that also won't do their jobs! conveniently forget to address the disastrous GSEs —FannieMae & FreddieMac in the bill. Oh yeah—-that's BRILLIANT.

      Obama likes to compare Republicans to a teen-ager driving the car into a ditch….WE, THE PEOPLE must realize very soon that Obama is pulling a "Thelma & Louise" on the American citizenry…HE & DEMS will put us all right over a cliff.

      The REAL PROBLEM in this country is the gerrymandering of congressional districts. So long as our representatives get the 'correct' demographics in their districts, they will continue to be re-elected every time they run. Have you ever looked at some of these districts on a map??? Crying out loud—they draw the districts any way that they want–so long as it includes the proper number of party constituents. how about a little rhyme & reason to the process?

      We should all hope that Robert Byrd will never relinquish the distinction of being "the longest-serving" public official in our history. Tom in PA is right! We need term limits as a constitutional amendment brought by the PEOPLE. Congress will never do it for us, because that would require them to vote themselves out of jobs…..NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Get informed & Go vote~~throw the bums out!

    80. Joyce, Texas says:

      I believe the only for the people to actually take back the power, is to stop all work, and refuse to participate in or make any money! If we, as the people committed and acted in this manner, say, for about three to four weeks, (no civil unrest or damage, only total stoppage of everything) would we the people cause such a disruption in government, that perhaps, we'd get their attention. What is the worst the government do, invade our homes, and arrest us for not workiing? just some thoughts.

    81. Scott Stevens says:

      Thank you for an inspiring article.

      This just brings out all the more that President (?) Obama is at least a socialist at his core. Why is he acting so foolishly? He Knows what he's doing! His end goal is obvious, a godless socialist state. If he can pull it off, where will freedom reside on this planet? Hello One World Government. But we can win America back. Stand UP for Truth whatever and wherever it is, decide that the ultimate price and everything in between is worth it, pray and unite with others. More than America is at stake. It's always been that way.

    82. West Texan says:

      Wish I had more time to comment on Chas of Santa Rosa's misinformed claim. Bush tried to warn democrat's that their highly touted subprime scheme was so volatile it was destined to collapse. Please look beyond the left's mean spirited propaganda and learn the facts.

      PS: I'm an independent voter supporting no particular party. My choice reflects the abhorantly unconstitutional overtreach backed by both parties throughout the twentieth century. Obama is simply the cherry on top.

    83. liberty4usa,usa says:

      We are all waiting for the oil to wash over us with this administration. We know it will be bad, and hope it is not permanently damage to our country. The people that populate his circle are all experts of academic theory on what ought to work in their idealized and radicalized thinking but in practice is always a disaster for mankind. Business has gone into survival mode against cold hard reality. Spin it as they may but we are seeing a reaction to his policies. Hopefully those that are buying into the mirage have shrunk significantly in numbers and realize now they were burned.

    84. Bill says:

      Is it a coincidence that Orzag decided to leave the Obama "team" at the same time he received this letter? Maybe he knows the gig is up!

    85. Jim Patterson says:

      Now the "kicker" is all of them voted for obama. Please tell me, Mr. Big Businessman, if ANYBODY with his resume came to you for a job would you hire him? We knew a TON about this guy before he was elected and YOU SUPPORTED HIM?

      Lenin was right. The capitalists will sell the hangman the noose to hang him with. Just like these big business "leaders." They walked the plank with these hard core socialists openly and willingly and took us all with them.

      No no. I am a conservative "republican" (only because there is no other major party for conservatives) who will never ever trust big business interests.

      Follow the money indeed. See who they spend their millions on in campaigns. And they call the republicans the party of big business? That is hilarious. Remember BP? Check to see who they spend millions on in political campaigns. They also bought into that global warming nonsense hook line and sinker. Yeah, I bought BP stock 3 days before the spill, too (honestly, I did).

    86. MH says:

      now if we could only get it through HIS head….

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