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  • Morning Bell: The Rationer-in-Chief

    When Linda O’Boyle was diagnosed with bowel cancer, her doctors told her she could boost her chances of survival by adding the drug cetuximab to her regimen. But the rationing body for Britain’s National Health Service, the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), had previously ruled that the drug was not cost-effective and therefore would not be paid for by the government. So O’Boyle liquidated her savings and paid for the drug herself. But this is not allowed under NHS rules. When government bureaucrats found out that O’Boyle had purchased the drug with her own money, she was denied NHS treatment and died within months.

    Defenders of Britain’s health care rationing system may try to claim that this tragic death is an outlier in an otherwise acceptable government run health care system. They are wrong. It is the point of the system. As socialized medicine and infanticide advocate Peter Singer has argued in The New York Times, the NICE bureaucrats must ration care or else free government health care would bankrupt the British economy. “NICE had set a general limit of £30,000, or about $49,000, on the cost of extending life for a year,” Singer writes. Following this logic, Singer supported NICE’s decision not to allow British citizens the kidney cancer fighting drug Sutent. As a result of this, and many other rationing decisions Britain, has one of the lowest cancer survival rates in the Western world. While 60.3% of men and 61.7% of women in Sweden survive a cancer diagnosis, in Britain the figure ranges between 40.2% to 48.1% for men and 48% to 54.1% for women. And NICE’s rationing has not just hit cancer patients. Doctors have warned that patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under the NHS rationing scheme. And according to the Patients Association, one million NHS patients have been the victims of appalling care in hospitals across Britain.

    Most Americans would find this harrowing. But not President Barack Obama. Yesterday he bypassed the Senate confirmation process and used a recess appointment to install Dr. Donald Berwick to be the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS is the agency that runs the Medicare and Medicaid programs). Dr. Berwick said of Britain’s health care system: “Cynics beware, I am romantic about the National Health Service; I love it.” And his love for Britain’s health care system is not in spite of its rationing, but because of it. In 2009 Dr. Berwick told Biotechnology Healthcare: “NICE is extremely effective and a conscientious and valuable knowledge-building system. … The decision is not whether or not we will ration care – the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

    The fact that the White House chose to empower Dr. Berwick by recess appointment is particularly audacious. The recess appointment power was intended to be used for occasions when the Senate is out for months at a time. The Senate is currently out of session for just 11 days. Worse, the Senate majority has never even scheduled a hearing so that Dr. Berwick’s rationing views could be given an “open” forum. In fact, Dr. Berwick has not even returned Senators’ written questionnaires. The White House defends the move by claiming “there’s no time to waste with Washington game-playing.” But then why did the Obama administration wait until April 2010, a full 15 months after President Obama was sworn into office, to nominate Dr. Berwick? Is it because they did not want Dr. Berwick’s well known and public support for rationing health care to affect the debate over Obamacare?

    In a 2005 interview with Health Affairs, Dr. Berwick said: “(G)overnment is an extraordinarily important player in the American health care scene, and it has inescapable duties with respect to improvement of care, or we’re not going to get improved care. Government remains a major purchaser. … So as CMS goes and as Medicaid goes, so goes the system.” And that was before Obamacare gave far reaching new powers to government bureaucrats.

    In June of 2009, President Obama told the American Medical Association that “identifying what works is not about dictating what kind of care should be provided.” Moreover, the president has assured the public time and again that the government will not get between patients and their doctors.  His nomination of Don Berwick for Director of CMS, however, tells a different story.

    Quick Hits:

    • Arizona Democrats who have to face voters this year are lining up against the Obama administration’s suit aimed at stopping states new immigration enforcement law.
    • According to a new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year.
    • According to Gallup a majority of Americans believe the government’s main focus should be on halting the flow of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S., not developing a plan to deal with those already here.
    • The Obama EPA proposed new regulations for coal-burning power plants yesterday that would cost consumers nearly $3 billion a year.
    • Also according to Gallup, only 38% of independents approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, the first time independent approval of Obama has dropped below 40%.
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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: The Rationer-in-Chief

    1. M says:

      Typo: the Senate is out for months at a time.

    2. Homer N. Jethro says:

      If we do not vote in enough members in the House of Reps to defund this health care legislation totally, It won't be long before we're longing for the "good old days" when we had 80/20 insurance with a $20.00 co-pay. It will become the amazing but true story we tell our grand children.

      BTW, what is so "right" about England that we want to be like them? Didn't we just celebrate Independence Day 234 from their sort of government?

    3. Cynthia Geisler Poin says:

      Why haven't we started impeachment proceedings? Shouldn't killing human beings and playing god be enough? Why can't the ants take over the queen? Let's get it done Impeach Barack Hussien Obama! Where is the outrage? We are all sitting on our hands waiting for some one else to do something. We must not be victims of the bystander effect.

    4. yeoldgrump says:

      As I see it, "Rationed Health Care" is another form of population control. Abortion is a form of population control. By letting those that are sick die and by not letting children be born, we control population. Both are abominations.

    5. Barry Rice, North Ca says:

      This is a blatant abuse of the executive powers. It is time for the Senate to get some xxxxx and get this guy before them and put his feet to the fire. Someone needs to spearhead this effort in the

      Senate. Who among them would be willng to risk the heat from Obama.

    6. David, Washington St says:

      This would be unbelievable coming from anyone but this president.

      Time to not only vote out the fools attempting to bankrupt the country, but also put out a vote of ABSOLUTELY NO CONFIDENCE in Obama.

      November can't get here soon enough for me.

    7. Mary, WI says:

      Obamacare must be repealed!

      What a coincidence that baby boomers are now at the stage of possibly needing more healthcare. I see Obamacare as almost a genocide of babyboomers. I know it's extreme but anyone that believes there will be no rationing is dillusional.

    8. Tim Wisconsin says:

      Rationing is already happening here with innovative and curative pharmaceuticals.

      The Institute of Medicine, run by the National Academies, has pushed hospitals to close the doors to pharmaceutical companies and their innovative products. The result is the latest technology is either delayed, under-utilized, or more importantly, incorrectly utilized for patients. Although this rationing is not stated, it doesn't have to be. If physicians rely on only what they read or hear from a colleague, they are eliminated from an important source of information and the safe use of a product- the inventor!!

    9. Leon, Jackson, Missi says:

      Isn't this what the Obama supporters knew he was going to do and yet they voted him in anyway because of other reasons???? Why is anyone suprised???

    10. Anne, Madison WI says:

      Why should this surprise anyone, our president has never revealed his true agenda until it is too late to do anything about it, and then POW right in the kisser. We try to warn the sheep that follow him, but even though we eventually are proved correct, they never listen. I am getting tired of throwing pearls before the swine. We need to stick together until November and kick their sorry butts out of DC, and take back the city. Assuming, of course, BHO doesn't steal the election or heaven forbid, cancel them for some reason. Power to the people!

    11. Carla Layman- Milwau says:

      This is just another example of our corrupt goverment, and their ghetto politics. Repeal healthcare, and republicans need to highly object to Berwick! The healthcare debate is what was the ahaa moment for the American people that started this whole pushback agains this administration. Repeal healthcare! Bring the debate back to public debate, back to the front page.

    12. Fred Atlanta, GA says:

      Doesn't Sweden also nationalized health care? I commend you for the fine article but think a comparison of cancer survival rates with the USA would have been a more compelling statement.

    13. Mike, Chicago says:

      Patients are dying prematurely due to rationing here too, except the rationing is being done by companies like Blue Cross, Unicare, and Humana. Patients are also dying due to the drug companies preventing the release of lifesaving generic pharmaceuticals in order to preserve their record profits. The US is at the top of cost list and bottom of the results list for a reason, and the Heritage Foundation wants to keep it that way.

    14. mary jane fryer says:

      this recent stealth appointment of head of medicare during summer recess is a disgrace to this president…your article was right on… why did they wait if it was so doggone important?

      during the campaign i wondered what they story would be if our first black president turned out to be too cunning by half…many people will not be so trusting next time…his tactics have besmirched his presidency and made it very hard for future untried candidates

    15. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      Here yet again is Mr. Obama's bypassing Congress and doing whatever he wants. He again believes himself to be the self appointed dictator of the United States of America. The other 2 branches of government be damned. Wake up America! There should be a huge outrage heard far and wide.

    16. Gary Alaska/Nevada says:

      November will test whether or not our voting system has been compromised by, "those who count the votes," -Stalin

      the most important message will be the Senate race in Nevada.

    17. T Ferris says:

      Obamas pick of Berwick is just another example of his contempt for the citizens of this country. Hopefully we can return to sanity in 2012 upon his reelection defeat

    18. Ethel Ruck says:

      Obama needs to be impeached now!!!!!

    19. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      When is America going to stand up and realize just what Obama is doing to distroy our way of life. He has appointed Czars, that are not answerable to anyone except Obama. He has used "executive orders" to by-pass the courts.

      He has used "recess appointments" to by-pass Congress. Now he is openly attacting the conservative members of the Supreme Court. Obama has become

      a dictator. If he is not stopped now, we will not have an America left in 2012.

    20. Diane, NJ says:

      Watching the news, reading factual information and observing the posturing of our citizens should forewarn all of us about the intention of the current administration. Death must be invigorating to these third world trolls. I have so much to say about the type of "people" who purchased the oval office in '08, but it would not be politically correct to voice those thoughts.

    21. Rick says:

      Great information for the "choir" … but it really needs to be shared with the public in fora such as the Washington Post, New York Times, and other mainstream media channels.

    22. Bette Overk, Bridgew says:

      I truley believe Ombama should be brought up on charges of sedition and be removed ASAP.

      The most important job of a president is to protect our borders and not cause us harm in any way.

      He has done the opposite.

    23. LCM, Waco, TX says:

      Is this author suggesting that the government plans should not ration care and that Medicare and Medicaid should pay for whatever a patient or doctor requests? So much for fiscal discipline.

      What this article calls "rationing" is actually comparative effectiveness. If drug A is a more effective treatment than drug B, then the government is not going to pay for drug B. Conservatives should appreciate such discretion by a government. The most effective treatment will be covered on a government plan. Less effective treatments will not.

      NICE may get it wrong, but to insinuate that comparable effectiveness efforts amount to "rationing" is misleading.

    24. Dennis Georgai says:

      The liar and theif work best under the power of darkness, just as obama and the dems work best behind closed doors and during the recess for Congress. They then do the deals that put the screws to each of us. This fool thaty he has appointed is just that, a fool. I would like to see him apply rationing to one of his family members, then he just may be that cold and hard hearted.

      We the people4 need yo remember all that has happened since 1/20/09 and in November we must change the course of this country and rebuild the government to be one of the people and by the people.

    25. Jerry Kearns, Maine says:

      He Lied, You may DIE!

    26. Bob Hoffmann, Oaklan says:

      The use of a brief recess to make this appointment to the position of Medicare Administrator which has been vacant since 2006, but is now so urgent that it cannot wait to be voted on, is more than slightly suspicious.

    27. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      Obama needs to be placed as Numero Uno on the new health care lists, after he is delisted from the health care system which the US Gov't. provides its employees.

      What a poltroon.

    28. Bert Schwitters; Loo says:

      Obamacare is not based on the Brtish NHS system, but on the Nazi model, known as the T4 project. It places the government, i.e. those who are who are being appointed because they are psychologically and ideologically attracted to a nazi-type approach to who shall live and who shall die, in control of each citizen. The right to the pursuit of happiness is thus taken away from American citizens and as such Obamacare constitutes a blunt violation of the Declaration of Independence.

      Obamacare will also deeply disturb the pharmaceutical market, because decisions regarding drugs that will and drugs that won't be granted entitlement to market entry will depend on Obamacare's administrators. Not on FDA-approval, medical doctors' skills and patients' freedom of choice.

      The good side of Obamacare is that, to avoid ever having to make a "Sophie's Choice," it will incite people to seek nutritional (non-medical) ways of staying healthy. But, given the fact that Obamacare is not about care but about control, it won't be long before Obamacare's administrators will begin discussing food rationing and setting market entry terms for foods and food supplements.

    29. Southern Girl, MS says:

      This story is disturbing! That Obama again circumvented the Senate and appointed this man to oversee CMS is appalling. God help us all that we do not get cancer or any other serious illnesses and depend on Medicare. We have got to get Obamacare reversed. They have created a monster that the American people do not need or deserve. We do not want to end up in situations like this poor woman in Great Britain. To think that Dr. Beswick "loves" Britain's health care system is also very disturbing. People, please share this with everyone you can.

    30. Stan Fox says:

      This is a disgraceful way for the " Leader " of great Country to operate and needs to come to a grinding halt.

    31. Eddie MacIsaac, San says:

      Demander and Thief has a much more accurate ring to it!

    32. Norm Klevens says:

      Another Czar appointment and an Abuse of Power. This doctor will organize the "death panels" that Obama said will not exist. Beswick will write the rules. And he will distribute the aspirins, while declining to allow life saving surgery. I guess legs will not be amputated so a surgeon cannot make a couple of bucks. Another example of hope and change. Please extend our thanks to the citizens who voted for Barrack Hussein Obama and a part of those 38% who still support him.

    33. Jill, California says:

      Sarah was right. Death panels here we come.

    34. toledofan says:

      This entire healthcare debacle is going to produce so many unintended consequences it's going to make the average guys head spin. The other point that everyone should be very concerned about is the way this entire process has been handled, one party, behind closed doors, back room deals and no one with any stiones to tell the truth about what's in the bill or how it is really going to work. It's sad because, I believe, it's all by design; the process of socializing America. The only hope that we have is to vote enough of these Democrats, that continue to support this Presidents agenda, out in November.

    35. Drew Page, IL says:

      The death of the lady in England, from cancer, is not called rationing in countries with socialized medicine, it's called COST CONTAINMENT. It's ok when the government does it, but not when an insurance company does it. Of course when the insurance company does it, you can count on the government demonizing the insurance industry. But at least when the insurance company does it, you can still pay for the drug yourself without jeopardizing the rest of your health benefits.

      I hope the public will remember one of Obama's infamous interviews when questioned by a lady about whether under government health care consideration would be given to a patient's "zest for life". The questioner personalized her question, revealiing that she had a mother well into her 90s who badly needed a pacemaker, which would involve serious heart surgery. The questioner said that her aged mother had been very active up until the time she experienced sudden chest pains. Based on the mother's age and seriousness of her condition, Medicare did not want to approve the risky and expensive procedure. Asked how Mr. Obama envisioned her mother's need for a pacemaker would be treated under a government run health plan, Mr. Obama opined that many times it is simply "better" to provide patients like her mother with pain medication instead of expensive surgical procedures when the outcome is so uncertain, due to age and infirmity.

      You see, that's not rationing, THAT'S COST CONTAINMENT.

      The countries with socialized medicine have come to the conclusion long ago, that resources were limited and therefore decisions had to be made about how best to allocate those limited resources. If the decision does not involve you or one of your loved ones it's called COST CONTAINMENT. If the decision does involve you or one of your loved ones, IT THEN BECOMES RATIONING.

    36. Jennifer, Acworth, G says:

      What is even more disturbing is that we will never hear about this on the national news stations and the powers that be in Washington know that. Pass the story on wherever you can. Otherwise, it will be the arrogant leading the blindly obedient….what a shame.

    37. CL says:

      How can 300 million people sit back and let a few hundred people at Captial Hill DESTROY this nation !

    38. Alan Harris, Centenn says:

      In the Morning Bell the socialized medical system of Sweden was compared favorably to that of Great Britain. Does this imply we should follow the Swedish model? Why not compare the cancer survival rate of Britain to that of the U.S.?

      How does that of the U.S. compare to Sweden's? The British system is obviously flawed but are you recommending Sweden's?

    39. Suzanne-Florida says:

      Disgusting but not surprising. We have been in CRISIS mode since the '09 swearing in. If anyone had carefully listened pre-election to his speeches rather than listen to the liberal press we wouldn't be in this situation. However it's too late for anything but a strategic change in November.

      It appears that the Obamacare law will not be easy to cancel; however the defunding could be started along with EPA defunding and a multitude of other Obama inititives as soon as a new Congress is seated.

      Nothing that has happened in the last nineteen months has to do with the good of the country. Everything that has happened in the Whitehouse & Congress has to do with POWER regardless of the destruction of our society.

    40. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    41. Sharon, Washington says:

      Is there a mechanism for the removal of appointees appointed by the president other than removal by the president or resignation?

    42. vladimir louisiana says:

      I hope we get a solid majority congress and we can impeach and arrest for treason the kenyan and vice criminal biteme.

    43. Robert J Caesar,2915 says:

      I have believed for some time , that Obama needs to be impeached . He skirts every rule that is meant to protect us from the likes of him. It is not meant to be this way. I think that he sees himself as sort of an Emperor of the US and can do as he pleases..I have never felt as angry with a person as I am with him. I keep wondering what he will do next to hurt us.

    44. Freed, pa says:

      If we don't get rid of the dems in Nov., we deserve whatever hell we get! And if we re-elect this marxist pig, bend over and kiss your butts goodbye! Our country as we've known it will be gone, and we can only blame our moronic selves! People better wake the hell up, get their heads out of their butts and make their vote count! People are in some sort of la-la land of fantasy, they just don't get it! In Philly over the weekend it was jammed, people spending money like drunken fools! I'm doing my part, trying to educate friends/family, but I can only do so much! Standing in front of Independence Hall at the Proud to be an American rally on Sat., made me profoundly aware of what our founders created and what this administration is doing to it! GOD BLESS THIS COUNTRY AND OUR BRAVE TROOPS!!!!

    45. Michael Severs says:

      Does Art. 2 Sec 2, para 3 limit the recess appointment of Dr. Berwick to the CMS to Jan 2011, i,e, at the end of the present Session? Mike Severs

    46. ChuckL, NV says:

      I wonder how the AARP m,embers are taking this institution of the "Death Panels".

    47. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Ins. companies can be argued with, If still denied you can buy medication on your own and not lose your health care. I had medication denied and my doctor CHOSE the substitute med. With this fool now in charge (Ibelieve illegally) we might see rules like England come to be. The people of this country need to wake up and unite like they did in the 1700's, BHO's paper need to be supeoned and I mean them all, from a certified birth certificate( not a live birth registration), his papers on how he paid for college, his adoption by his step-father, where he became a citizen of USA when his Indonesia school papers show otherwise. FYI a certificate of live birth can be issued to a child born outside a hospital or the country. My father was born in Denmark to Danish parent who were naturalized USA citizens, his birth is recorded in NY as a certificate of live birth, his BC is in Ringkobing, Denmark. I said previously we need to clean the hOUSE AND THE sENATE, I think we need to clean the WHITE hOUSE And Cabinet (Zsars) as well.

    48. Dianne St John, PO B says:

      Open your eyes people, healthcare started going downhill in the Democratic days of President William Clinton when HMO decided who would live and who would die. The diagnosis of cancer gives insurers for citizens under the age of 65, having a chance to survive with newer technologies and pharmaceuticals, a reason to DENY these services to them. HMO's provided physicians with kick backs that had the lowest numbers of procedures performed such as MRI, CT, Experimental drugs, etc. Your provider had no motivation to encourage these procedures for you when he was getting paid for you not to get them. Many patients and their families sued the insurers but often lost or received some compensation for lost after the patient was already deceased. Insurers had made it so all outpatient medicine is paid for by the patient with higher and higher copays and deductibles/out of pocket expense as well as paydowns in the medicaid system that cannot be afforded by it's recipients based on the income formula. Since Medicare now will only pay for an outpatient procedure if it is malignant, it is a "crapshoot" for the patient, good news you pay, bad news we pay". It sounds like Dr. Berwick may intend to take this "bad news scenario to another level for in-hospital patients, good news you pay, bad news you don't get sevice! We have to turn medicine around now or all of us baby boomers are in for a much shorter life span.

    49. Billie says:

      it is unconscionable, it is inhumane, it is a direct way to deplete the population and by choice. All run within the control of GOVERNMENT! My heart goes out to Linda and her family.

      Free Market Insurance will keep the people's freedom of choice and within individuals control. Alot healthier without government influence manipulating personal health, killing us.

      Obama and the bunch must have been thinking this take-over for many a years!

    50. craig Sacramento says:

      Indeed, vote the Democrats out, lock,stock and barrel in November. Just stop and think "the life you save may be your own". Perhaps if we get big enough majorities in the House and Senate whereby we could get Obamacare repealed and perhaps even impeach Owebama and cure some of our financial ills!

      Lots of things are hazardous to our health and Owebama care is right at the top of the list!

    51. Leith Richmond says:

      The best news today is that BO's approval rating is 38. The American public is catching on to the emporer's plan for its country and his total, arrogant disregard for their wishes and they are mad as hell. May the ratings keep moving down, until BO is out in 2012.

    52. Judith in Michigan says:

      M Severs: You are correct. The Recess Appointment clause reads : " The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session." There have been several interpretations of the phrases "Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate."' and "shall expire at the End of their next Session." But the bottom line is, do you really, truly think this administration will abide by the laws in the Constitution? Their goal is to nullify this Founding Document. I'd say they are off to a good start, don't you agree?

    53. William Jackson, Val says:

      This Regime is like cancer! We better stop it before it become systemic!

    54. ThRegulator says:

      In my lifetime this is the first President that I actually HATE. For all of Carter's failings and ineptitude at least the man did not have a hatred for this country. Same may be said of Clinton. He may have been a liar and a scoundrel but he did not hate this country and when he was scorned for his agenda-he moved to the center. Barack Huessin Obama is about reeking as much damage to this country as fast as he can. We all know this man has the mindset of a dictator, he is loathe of the Constitution and has clearly stated he means to "fundamentally chane" this country. Rather WE LIKE IT OR NOT ! How is that being any different then a dictator ? His "justice department" or shall we now call it Jive Department is failing to bring charges on folks who have clearly broken laws soley because of their skin color ! He is doing EVERYTHING contrary to actions that would stimulate the growth and production of the job market.This being done purposely ! He means to destroy the middle class. With the economy is shambles he is letting the Bush tax cuts expire and odds on will institute a VAT tax as well after the Nov. elections. In his mind this maniacal man (who may not even be elligible to be President) has some scores to settle with the American folks. Why has this man spent 1.8 million dollars on lawyers to keep ALL his records sealed ? ! Any rational person would say because he has a lot to hide ! I do not understand how this man is allowed to get away with this ! Are there any real MEN left in this country who will stand in the Senate or the House of Reps and demand the American people be told the truth about this man, are there any politicians who give a damn about this country or are they simply willing to let it sink to the level of a 3rd world country ? !

      When high taxes, VAT taxes, healthcare taxes etc. really kick in the stupid useful idiots who voted for this con man will have their heads spinning as they will be effected and made even poorer. But of them being filled with racial resentments will simply say he is being picked on because he is a black man and a white population was never going to let him be successful ! You know that is coming.

    55. Brenda Cregor, Centr says:

      " President Obama told the American Medical Association that 'identifying what works is not about dictating what kind of care should be provided.' Moreover, the president has assured the public time and again that the government will not get between patients and their doctors."

      Men, like our president, do not care if what they say is not congruent with what they do. Their "morality" is in a different realm altogether. To them, the end justifies the means.

      As a public servant in the bankrupt state of California, I have accepted my private healthcare plan, which I now enjoy, will eventually be swallowed up in the healthcare halocaust which will eventually come. I just wonder if prisoners will continue to receive the same level of care they receive at present, (which is quite good)? Oh yes, of course, otherwise, their "punishment" would be cruel and unusual—that's a principle the liberals seem to always adhere to.

      It's ironic that the same limited level of $39,000-49,000 NICE ( such a deceptive name) provides for their patients annually is about what it costs per year to feed, house, clothe and provide medical care for some of the most vile human beings the world has ever cared to care about…. California prisoners.

    56. Dwana Townsend Harve says:

      Disgusting isn't it. Lies all Lies!!!! There must be a way to have him removed from office just on his lack of comptetence as well as the stealing from the American Citizens he vowed to protect.

    57. Tom Georgia says:

      Most of the articles concerning rationing of health care services miss a very important point.

      An incidental denial of care may result in very little systemic savings and could result in no savings at all! The result could be that the doctor or clinic or hospital or lab have one fewer opportunities to pass on costs that have been created and already exist in the delivery system.

      There is a real reason that liberals tend to bankrupt with greater frequency than non-liberals.

    58. Don says:

      You can bet that Dr Berwick will not apply those 'cost containment' principles to himself or his family or his loved ones. But, he sure will apply it to your and yours.

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    60. McLaughlin, KY says:

      It would be wise to check the corporate sponsors of The Patients Association; nearly all of whom are huge pharmeceutical companies. One has to wonder how unbiased this organization can be, given that they receive significant financial support from these companies. Very interesting. Always check sources.

      Having said that, I agree that US is already rationing health care and you can only expect it to get worse under the new health care bill. And, has anyone discussed how we are supposed to PAY for this monstrosity?

    61. Wes Frommack 14001 W says:

      Our country was founded on the basis of love, care, and help to our fellow man at all times of life. That the potential of medical rationing is about to be legislated upon a free and courageous people seems most appalling .

    62. Pingback: Spirited Reaction To Berwick Recess Appointment – Blog Watch

    63. Chas, Santa Rosa, Ca says:

      I work in a hospital's radiology department. The death panels are a far right fantasy. Do you really think America's docs and nurses would allow death panels? If you do, you don't know my coworkers at all. Conn Carroll has typed another poorly researched piece of garbage that twists logic into a pretzel. From thePRLog:

      "The American Medical Student Association Supports Dr. Donald Berwick Appointment as CMS Director. “Dr. Berwick has dedicated his career to serving patients and providing quality care. This compassion, along with his commitment to improving the health care delivery systems, makes him an excellent nominee, and a role model for all future physicians,” says John Brockman, AMSA national president."

      Dr. Berwick is helping med students become excellent docs. Conservatives help med students by making education more expensive and more difficult to obtain. Do you really think med students are getting into medicine so they can kill their patients?

    64. Colleen Indiana says:

      It would be interesting if one of the Obama children or others in his immediate family contracted cancer or another catoshrophic disease, God forbid. Wonder if their care and meds would be rationed. Vote this snake out of office.

    65. Chas, Santa Rosa, Ca says:

      Conn Carrol writes: "The Obama EPA proposed new regulations for coal-burning power plants yesterday that would cost consumers nearly $3 billion a year."

      From the Wash Post:

      "The agency predicted the rule would prevent about 14,000 to 36,000 premature deaths a year."

      Does Conn like dirty air? Does he think 3 billion is too much to spend to save 14,000 lives? Conn if you're going to complain about Death Panels and then endorse the continuation of a system that will cost 14,000 or more their lives, don't be surprised when you're described as a HYPOCRITE.

    66. Eugene Kupstas, Kins says:

      The President moves impercetibly on such matters as the Gulf oil spill/slick/disaster that should be take care of as soon as possible. But on changing our government in a way that gives it much more power, we should be moving deliberately. Instead, the President moves like lightning.

    67. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Not to worry.

      Medicare (and much else of its kind) may well be gone even before Obama.

      After you burn down the factory nothing is ever going to come out of its ashes and you don't need any managers either.

      No need to mount the barricades.

      Once they have all drowned in their own vomit we can rebuild the country.

      Our other enemies will see that we do not have yet another one of their own vulnerabilities — we are a free people, stronger than any of those who would wish to be our masters; the truth that makes us free outshines all that is false which will bring them down too, they have even less power than Obama.

      I will continue having a nice day.

    68. John, Atlanta says:

      I am still waiting for someone from the "right" to propose a health care system which is both affordable and does not include rationing. If you say, "the free market," then I will remind you that the rationing under the free market is simply driven by what someone can afford.

    69. Pingback: Berwick and the NHS – Washington Post (blog) :National Health Plan

    70. Frances Fedor Medfie says:

      This president and his entire group of henchmen are intolerable.

      Where are our representatives and congressmen?

      I agree that impeachment proceedings should begin as soon as they reconvene.

    71. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      Everday I wake up and wonder what this POTUS has done to ruin this country ovetnight. I for one am scared of what might happen to us while we sleep. WHAT IS HAPPENING? CAN WE WAIT TILL NOV.? I'M SCARED!!!!

    72. Wally Pieper says:

      The best we can hope for is a terrible cancer invades the entire body of infanticide advocate Peter Singer, and watch him slowly die an agonizing death because his care was not authorized. I would probably join him in death, but it would be be caused by laughter.

      Wally Pieper

      311 N River Rd

      McHenry, Illinois 60051

      623 695 4654


    73. Ted Stein, President says:

      The issue is not whether healthcare is rationed, all services are finite including healthcare, but the basis by which they are rationed. In our capitalist system, they are rationed based on the patient's ability to receive diagnostic services that can treat illnesses early enough to address them, combined with access to the best treatment once the illness is diagnosed. If you have timely access, you will have better outcomes. If you have access to the best treatment, you will have better outcomes. If you don't, you won't. The debate that this piece is trying to argue is coming from the wrong premise. The legitimate debate should be over the best way to improve outcomes. Outcomes in countries with socialized medicine have significantly better outcomes than the US. Rather than fight socialism in all it's forms, including medicine, effort should be made to determine why our outcomes are so poor. Or put another way, why their's are superior to ours.

    74. O Gwynn, Robstown, T says:

      I am saddened that an insensitive "younger generation" of politicians and folks finds it attractive to complete the process of hastening the death of those of the older generations who gave up years of their lives with their families to serve in the military and others who sacrificed in other ways for the benefit of those very ones who now deem they are not valuable enough to continue medical expenses which allow them a few good years to partially repay their sacrifices.

    75. Arabella/NYC says:

      What do you call the phenomenon whereby US insurance companies were allowed under Bush/Republican rule to throw hundreds of thousands of premium-paying Americans off health care policies if they got too sick or old & needed health services that were costly…leaving them to die painful deaths without care, even those who had paid their premiums for years…like my friend?


      No, you call it government-endorsed MURDER, free market policy, IMMORAL, life in a capitalistic GOP America where taxpayers are the beasts of burden and only Big Business gets privileges, because they donate heavily to GOP lawmakers.

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